19 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/17-18/2019

Who goes to Russia to work …

For the first half of 2019, 2.4 million foreigners said that they arrived in Russia for the sake of work, follows from the statistics of the border service of the FSB in terms of “Entry of foreign citizens into the Russian Federation.” In total, in January—June this year, more than 15 million foreigners arrived in Russia, taking into account all the purposes of the trip (business, work, tourism, study, transit, moving to permanent residence, private, service personnel of vehicles).

The vast majority of foreign citizens coming to work in Russia are from CIS countries. The leadership for the first half of 2019 belongs to Uzbekistan, 918 thousand people came to Russia from this country to work. In second place Tajikistan — 523.9 thousand people, followed by Kyrgyzstan — 265 thousand, Ukraine — 164.6 thousand, and Kazakhstan — 105.3 thousand people. In January—June, 50,2 thousand people arrived from China, Germany (10,8 thousand) and Turkey (10,2 thousand), 3,7 thousand us citizens, and 4,3 thousand British citizens took the second place.

Moscow city hall rejected all applications for free elections on Saturday, August 24.

This was reported by the organizers of the events. In particular, the authorities were not allowed to hold rallies on Victory square near Poklonnaya hill and on Bolshaya Yakimanka, as well as marches along academician Sakharov Avenue and Tverskaya street. The mayor’s office offered to hold a rally in the area of Marino, on the outskirts of Moscow. The organizers were not satisfied with this option.

Orphan from Novokuznetsk Igor Gorlanov decided to fight to the end

Orphan from Novokuznetsk Igor Gorlanov decided to besiege the city hall with the requirements to provide him with an apartment. The mayor of Novokuznetsk believes that Igor Gorlanov “mental health problems”, and the result of his activism were awarded Igor fines and administrative arrest

According to local journalists, the most part of municipal housing in Novokuznetsk is transferred to the city by builders, under these apartments budget money, however not the fact that they appear in hands of waiting lists accustoms.

“On paper, they belong to the municipalities, but there live some [close administration] people, and then these apartments somehow pass to them in the property,” – says Eugene Smekhnov, Deputy of the Novokuznetsk city Council of people’s deputies (LDPR). According to him, if something also give out on purpose, or for public relations, or for bribes. “Here, for example, we had the Deputy head of the city [Andrey] Fedorchuk, – the Deputy tells. – His sister, an ordinary employee of the administration, lived in a municipal apartment in an elite complex worth 5 million. Moreover, it was considered a non-resident, and she even paid for the communal. And like Gorlanov not wait never.”

The cost of medicines is ahead of inflation

Vital and essential drugs cheaper than 50 rubles. for the year rose by 8.9%, experts estimated. This is almost two times higher than inflation: according to Rosstat, for the year (July 2019 to July 2018) it was 4.6%.

Other categories of vital and essential drugs also added to the price, but not so much. Medication cost from 50 to 150 rubles rose by 6.4%, from 150 to 500 rbl. — on 2,2%. Drugs worth 500 rubles. for the year fell by 2.7%, recorded in the DSM Group.

Market capitalization of the top 100 corporations per year

The market capitalization of the top 100 corporations for the year (from April 2018 to March 2019) amounted to a record $21 trillion, according to the rating of Global Top 100 companies, which annually makes PricewaterhouseCoopers.

For the fifth consecutive year, us companies occupy more than half of the global Top 100 rating (54 companies). The share of American companies in the global market capitalization is 63%. Following the US in second place in terms of capitalization of companies is China, the top three closes the EU. For the first time in the ranking were companies from India and Saudi Arabia. Traditionally, there are no companies from Russia in the rating.

Russian investments in US government securities

Russia in June 2019 continued to reduce investments in us government securities, bringing them to $10,848 billion, according to the us Treasury. In may, the volume of Russian investments in us government securities amounted to $12,024 billion, While the volume of investments in long-term bonds increased to $5,296 billion (in may it was $5,250 billion), the share in short-term securities decreased to $5,552 billion compared to $6,774 billion.

Earlier, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina called the reduction in the volume of investments in bonds of the us Treasury diversification and the issue of reliability of reserve storage. The maximum volume of Russian investments in the us national debt was observed in October 2010 — $176.3 billion In December 2014, they fell below $100 billion.

US sanctions were beneficial to Russian oil companies

Us sanctions against Iran and Venezuela were beneficial to Russian oil companies, which from November 2018 to July were able to earn an additional $905 million in The absence of two major exporters in the market began to buy oil from Russia more often.

According to analysts, the demand and OPEC+ decision to reduce production affected. Against this background, the cost of a barrel of Russian Urals reached its maximum in relation to Brent. In particular, demand for Urals in the Mediterranean region has increased, where local companies previously preferred to buy oil from Iran.

The number of unemployed pretensioners growing.

The number of unemployed Russians of pre-retirement age in the second quarter of 2019 increased to 122.6 thousand people. In the first quarter of this year, about 113 thousand citizens of pre-retirement age were officially unemployed.

The maximum unemployment benefit for this category of the population is 11,280 rubles, and it is received by about 80% of the unemployed. To pay benefits in the budget laid 54,319 billion rubles.

“Ukrtransgaz” expressed readiness to stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe

The scenario of “zero transit” for “Ukrtransgaz” is no longer a problem, assure in Kiev. After completing the upgrade five compressor stations (“Hust”, “Bohorodchany”, “husyatyn”, “Bar” and “Aleksandrovka”), the company behind the new studs will be able to redistribute the flow of gas and to operate in the reverse mode.

“This makes it possible in case of partial or complete stop of transit to ensure uninterrupted gas supply for Ukrainian consumers in the Eastern and southern regions by transporting blue fuel from European countries and from underground gas storage facilities in Western Ukraine”

The Ministry of labor of Russia called for an increase in the minimum wage

The Ministry proposes to establish a subsistence minimum for the country for the second quarter of 2019 in the amount of 11 185 rubles per person in agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of economic development. For the working-age population it is proposed to set the figure at the level of 12 130 rubles, for children — 11 004 rubles, for pensioners — 9236 rubles.

The Ministry recalled that in accordance with the law, the minimum wage should be equal to 100% of the average subsistence minimum in the country for the second quarter of last year. Now the size of the minimum wage is 10 444 rubles. the Only one from the increase of minimum wage will be better, it is the state itself. It doesn’t matter to everyone else.

China conducted the first successful launch of the carrier rocket “Jielong-1»

China conducted the first successful launch of the carrier rocket “Jielong-1”, also known as Jielong-1 or Smart Dragon-1. The missile was developed for commercial use. The carrier had no problem putting three satellites into orbit.

“Jielong-1” — development of China aerospace scientific and technological Corporation (CASC). We are talking about the first commercial launch of a missile that was created by the state. Not long before, the first commercial launch of a similar launch vehicle in the history of the country was made, which was created by a private company ispace.

China refuses Venezuelan oil

The Chinese national oil and gas Corporation CNPC canceled its plans for a month to load about 5 million barrels. Venezuelan oil in tankers because of the sanctions imposed by Washington against Caracas, Bloomberg found out.

China has never refused to purchase Venezuelan oil for more than a decade and has always fulfilled its obligations. Nevertheless, it was noted that the refusal to supply oil now does not mean a complete rupture of contacts between China and Venezuela in the sphere of oil trade. We have not yet found another buyer for the volumes planned for China. The Asian country became the main importer of Venezuelan oil after the US imposed restrictions against the state PDVSA in January.

The us Department of Commerce wants to extend Huawei license for another 90 days

The last license issued by the us authorities expires on Monday, August 19. The interlocutors pointed out that the situation with the license for Huawei, which has become a key moment for the US in trade negotiations with China, remains unstable and the decision to continue the delay may still change until Monday.

The Ministry of defense of Japan approved the purchase of F-35B

The Ministry of defense of Japan approved the purchase of the American Corporation Lockheed Martin combat aircraft F-35B with a shortened takeoff and vertical landing. Fighters meet all the necessary requirements. The budget of Japan for the 2020 fiscal year involves the purchase of six F-35B. Each of them stands at 14 billion yen ($humidity 131.6 million).

Japan has become the largest outside the U.S. the buyer of the F-35, first in the lead ahead of the UK. Japan intends to buy about 40 F-35B, as well as another 107 f-35A fighters. the Purchase of new fighter-bombers will cost Japan about $10 billion Based F-35B will be on the Islands in the East China sea.

Fine Smoking employees

The Ministry of health of Russia offers employers to fine Smoking employees, depending on how much time they spend on smoke breaks, follows from the program “Strengthening the health of workers.”

“To develop and implement a system of fines and incentives for Smoking employees,” the program says.

In addition, the Department offers employers to organize assistance for smokers to give up tobacco, including “subsidize treatment”. To identify Smoking employees, the Ministry of health proposes to conduct a screening, for this the employer is advised to appoint a health worker who will conduct a survey and give advice on tobacco refusal.

Where to spend the national welfare Fund

Members of the government, deputies of the state Duma and analysts of the Bank Of Russia in the coming months will discuss what to spend the liquid part of the national welfare Fund.

One of the key ideas of the Ministry of Finance is to direct part of the surplus of the NWF to credit Russian exports. The essence of the proposal is to lend these funds to foreign partners for the purchase of domestic goods. However, the state Duma at the end of July said that the decision should be agreed with the accounts chamber and the Central Bank.

Re-examination of the “theater business” (“Seventh Studio”, Serebrennikov)

According to statements by the lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov Serebrennikov, the experts found that the pieces of silver spent on the Platform 216 million rubles, while the market price of the project is 260 million, excluding taxes.

A dog attacked a woman with a child. The victim faces a criminal case

A resident of Saratov addressed to the editorial office of “Free news” and told about the conflict with the Deputy of the Saratov city Duma from the party “United Russia” Svetlana Glukhova.

Glukhova has got a dog of fighting breed which constantly let out to walk without a leash and a collar, and a gate on a site locked not always. The dog sometimes behaved aggressively, but the Deputy advised dissatisfied neighbors just not to go by its site.

On Saturday, June 22, the summer resident went by a site of the Deputy together with the six-year-old niece and the dog – Spitz. The dog of the Deputy jumped out of the unlocked gate and attacked the little dog, the hostess barely had time to grab him in his arms. Then angry fighting dog lunged at the girl and bit his arm, leaving bruises.

According to the victim, the scene was seen by the Deputy Svetlana Glukhova, but instead of removing the dog and to apologize, she declared that thanks to Deputy immunity all the same will remain unpunished.

“Word for word – pounced on me with fists. Her daughter ran out and grabbed my hair. Her husband, 120 pounds, came out, was hit on the head with his fist,” – said the woman.

She called the police at the scene. Employees of the Saratov district Department arrived in the village, and both sides of the conflict wrote statements to each other. The child was taken to the hospital, where the damage caused by the dog was recorded, and the interlocutor of the news Agency in the end, too, was in a hospital bed: she was diagnosed with a concussion.

“When all was quiet, she (Svetlana Glukhova – ed.) came up to me and says: you know, I am a Deputy, I have parliamentary immunity. You understand that problems will be at you”, – the victim speaks.

What industries are dominated by small and medium-sized businesses.

The number of employees involved in Russian small and medium-sized businesses is 18.3 million people. In many industries, more than half of employment is provided by small and medium-sized businesses. For example, real estate transactions are mostly carried out by small businesses, 95.6%. Among the companies engaged in professional, scientific and technical activities (lawyers, consultants, auditors), 54.9% belong to small and medium-sized businesses, in the field of trade such 50.6%.

A third of the British approve of “hard” Brexit

A third of UK residents support the “hard” exit of the United Kingdom from the EU (Brexit), reports the Independent, citing the results of the commissioned edition of the survey. Brexit without a deal, proposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is approved by 34% of respondents.

Saratov airport “Gagarin” was built at the expense of the NWF

VEB financed the construction of a new airport in Saratov from the national welfare Fund (NWF) for 5.4 billion rubles, according to the VEB

The Ministry of transport wants to legalize the collection of fees for the registration of tickets

The Ministry of transport has prepared amendments to the Federal aviation rules (FAP) to change the legal status of the so-called ZZ fee included in the price of the ticket when it is purchased through the system of mutual settlements of PJSC “Transport clearing house” (TCH), writes “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the market.

In Russia tariffs for housing and communal services grew by five percent

In the first half of 2019, the average check for housing and communal services increased by 5% to 3687 rubles, according to the “Izvestia” consensus survey of banks from the top 50. In the same period last year, the Russians paid an average of 3505 rubles.

Banks massively reduce the rate of deposits in rubles and foreign currency

During the first half of the month, the profitability of ruble deposits decreased at least 19 of the 30 largest banks in terms of the population’s Deposit portfolio, and dollar deposits – almost a third of credit institutions.

Investors have invested in marijuana startups

For the first 7 months of 2019, venture funds have invested more than $1.6 billion in marijuana startups, writes Business Insider. This is $ 400 thousand more than last year

Russia is among the five leaders in foreign exchange reserves

For the first time in eight years, Russia took the fourth place in the world ranking in terms of gold and foreign exchange reserves. For the first time in 8 years, Russia has become one of the leaders in reserves, ahead of Saudi Arabia. The first three places are occupied by China, Japan and Switzerland.

The Bank of Russia has published data according to which the volume of reserves is 520 million dollars. Saudi gold reserves for the same four years decreased by a quarter: from 700 billion in April 2015 to 527 billion in June 2019,

Loss Taganrog kotlostroitel ‘ increased by almost five times

At the end of 6 months of this year, the largest debtor “Boilermaker” is the parent company of “EMAlliance”, which accounts for 2.27 billion rubles to 7.3 billion rubles. At the same time, the share of overdue receivables in the whole plant is almost 51%.

Gas production at the Zohr field in the first half of the year increased 3.6 times

Gas production at the Zohr field in the first half of the year increased 3.6 times to 11.3 billion cubic meters, Rosneft said. To date, the project put into operation on 11 wells, 3 of the offshore pipeline, offshore platform management and all the 8 production lines of a plant for the preparation of gas. By the end of 2019, it is planned to increase gas production to 76 million cubic meters per day (2.7 billion cubic feet per day).

The Zohr field is the largest gas field in the Mediterranean sea. The field was discovered in 2015. The project is implemented under the concession of Italian Eni S. p.A (50%), Rosneft (30%), British BP (10%) and Mubadala Petroleum (10%).

Volgograd UFAS announced the growth of retail prices for gasoline

According to the Antimonopoly Agency, for six months in the Volgograd region the growth of retail prices for gasoline amounted to 3.1%. This affected both AI-92 and AI-95. The cost of diesel fuel has changed ten times less – by 0.34 %.

Dependence of health care costs and life expectancy.

Top countries by region relative to CSR:
– Canada – 73.2;
– Costa Rica – 70.9;
– Cuba , 69.9.
– Spain – 73,8;
– Switzerland – 73.5;
– France 73,4.
– Singapore – 76.2;
– Japan – 74,8;
– Republic Of Korea – 73.

Bailiffs will begin to SMS to notify debtors of the ban on departure

Bailiffs from 2020 can be able to inform debtors by sending SMS messages about the restriction of their travel abroad. Relevant amendments to the law “On enforcement proceedings” were made to the state Duma, writes TASS with reference to the Ministry of justice

In the zone of smoke from forest fires remain 62 settlements of the Irkutsk region

On the morning of August 18, 62 settlements in the Irkutsk region remain in the smoke zone from forest fires. This 19 settlements of the Brotherly area, 22 in Nizhneilimsk district, 12 in Ust-Kut districts district, 5 in Ust-Ilimsk area 2 in kirenskom area and one in the Katanga and Mamsko-Chuyskiy areas.

Where the rest Russians. Research Of Yandex.

Due to the crisis in 2014, the share of requests for most popular foreign destinations fell sharply. Many European countries, such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, still have not regained their positions. The popularity of holidays in Turkey and Egypt on the background of the crisis of 2014 has not changed. But the interest sharply subsided in 2016, after the fall of 2015, Russia imposed a ban on the organization of Charter flights to Turkey and completely stopped air communication with Egypt.

The Ministry of health offered to test workers for alcohol

The Ministry of health of Russia offers employers to test employees for alcohol consumption to reduce the number of accidents at work, follows from the program “Strengthening the health of workers.”

The Minister of Finance of Argentina resigned

The Minister of Finance of Argentina Nicolas Duchovny, resigned on the background of the aggravated economic situation in the country after the outcome of the primaries, according to TV channel TN.

Argentina abolished the VAT on some products

Argentine authorities decided to abolish VAT on socially important food products

Gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia (as of June 30)

For the first time, Russia’s international reserves reached a record level since 2014 in April. Then it amounted to $487.8 billion on June 30, the volume of foreign exchange reserves reached $ 517.1 billion(+10% since the beginning of the year)

Germany plans to deport the refugees leave for home

Germany is going to deprive those foreigners who regularly visit their home countries of refugee status. This was reported by the interior Minister of Germany Horst Seehofer in an interview published on Sunday in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

In the center of Amsterdam will show pictures instead of advertising

Screens that are located on platforms or stations, at this time will not display advertising. Commercial messages that daily attract the attention of travelers will give way to experimental design. This is the only way people will pay attention to new forms of art

Schwann cells are involved in the sensation of pain

Schwann cells were discovered in the XIX century by German scientist Theodore Schwann. They create an electrically insulating shell around the axons — processes of nerve cells, repeatedly wrapping around them. In some cases, the axon may be surrounded by hundreds of layers of Schwann cell membrane.

Chemists have received a new modification of carbon

With the help of a special system, several chemists from Switzerland and the UK were able to synthesize and describe a cyclic molecule of one of the allotropic modifications of carbon — carbine from 18 carbon atoms in the condensed phase. It turned out that the bonds in atoms are not double, as predicted by some theoretical calculations, and alternating triple with single. The study is published in Science.

The Tesla Starman dummy has completed its first orbit around the Sun

Last November, Starman reached the orbit of Mars, and has now reportedly completed its first orbit around the Sun.

Under the surface of the Earth found deposits of diamonds aged 4.5 billion years

Researchers at the Australian national University have found signs of an ancient reservoir of magma, located in the bowels of our planet, the approximate age of which scientists have compared with the age of the moon. Detailed information about the committed researchers opening posted in press release on Phys.org.

NASA received the first pictures of the solar probe Parker Solar Probe

As reported on the website of the Parker Solar Probe mission, the device has already transmitted to NASA 22gb of information, which is twice as much as scientists expected. In addition, experts of the space Agency expect that there are still 25GB of images and videos that will be “downloaded” in the near future.

Philippines enter the race for space exploration

The Philippines is entering a new phase in the field of science and technology with the adoption of the law on the creation of the space Agency, which, according to officials, will have a positive impact on its national security and human well-being, according to ENV. President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Philippine space act on 8 August, which will regulate the country’s policy in the development and use of outer space.

“This bill will bear fruit that will be enjoyed by future generations,” the Minister of science and technology Fortunato del peña said at a briefing Wednesday, recognizing that the data obtained from space technology will have many important applications. land.

First observed absorption of a neutron star by a black hole

LIGO and Virgo previously recorded gravitational waves generated by the confluence of black holes or neutron stars. In April, scientists caught something interpreted as a hint of a rapprochement between a black hole and a neutron star, but the signal was weak and could be a false alarm.

Polyethylene can protect astronauts from radiation

Representatives of the Department of radiation safety of manned space flights of the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS reported that a helmet made of polyethylene materials can protect astronauts from the negative effects of radiation.

To this conclusion, scientists came after studying the characteristics of all known substances. It turned out that the best way to cope with the task can be water, plastics and polyethylene.

“Mars-2020” received a multifunctional drilling rig

In addition to the drilling rig, the Rover will receive a range of other devices, in particular 23 different cameras. The weight of the whole device is 1050 kilograms. “Mars 2020” is one of the most important and expected missions of NASA.

NASA and SpaceX worked out the extraction of the crew from the ship Crew Dragon

The American space Agency (NASA) and SpaceX have worked on the extraction of the crew from the newest manned spacecraft Crew Dragon. It was developed by SpaceX by order of NASA and is designed to deliver astronauts to the International space station (ISS) and their return to Earth.

Spaceplane Dream Chaser will launch on the Vulcan rocket

The American company Sierra Nevada Corporation has announced that it will launch a cargo spaceplane Dream Chaser on the Vulcan rocket. Both the spaceplane and the rocket are still in development and should make the first flights in 2021.

The new portable exoskeleton suit will facilitate both running and walking

An international team of scientists from the United States of America and South Korea has developed a special portable exoskeleton suit that allows you to simultaneously reduce the energy costs of a person both when walking and while running.

Scientists have found a microbe that can explain the origin of life

Japanese biologists for the first time brought out an elusive species of bacteria, similar to the one that could create a complex life on Earth. About it writes portal NakedScience.

It is noted that the ancient microorganisms, known as archaea, were originally considered part of the domain (the largest structure in the classification of living organisms) of bacteria, and were called archaebacteria. However, these organisms are so different structure from all the others that scientists have identified them in a separate domain. To date, the majority of the archaea were identified only in the analysis of DNA samples, while they have never been able to create in the laboratory. It took Japanese scientists 12 years to isolate these microorganisms — over the years, researchers collected dirt samples from a deep-sea hydrothermal field called Loki Castle, which is located in the North Atlantic.

Scientists have found a gene responsible for aging

A few years ago, experts came up with a tool that determines the biological age. Thanks to this technology, it was possible to find the nsd1 gene — it accelerates aging. People with this gene have an accelerated metabolism, and biological age goes faster, writes the portal “Territory of news”.

The doctrine is going to remove this gene from human DNA, thereby prolonging his life and significantly slowing aging. Experiments are planned to be carried out on mice.

Created a remote control dog

Engineers from Israel have collected the vest and the remote control dog. In this way the masters transmit commands to the animal via vibration. To date, there are two main ways to control the animal – with the help of training and direct electrical stimulation of muscles or other organs.

Engineers from the Netherlands have developed a unique two-tail airliner

Designers from the Netherlands presented a new project, developing a unique two-tail airliner. This aircraft has a V-shape, which has an advantage over the classic layout of the fuselage.KLM will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary

Hyperloop capsule dispersed to 463 kilometers per hour

It became known that the competition developers capsules for the transport system Hyperloop won the German team, which was able to disperse the capsule to a speed of 463 kilometers per hour.

Artificial intelligence has developed a vaccine

Researchers from the University of Flinders (South Australia) presented an algorithm that is able to independently search for a suitable vaccine compound among the hundreds of millions of candidates who are loaded into it. The program is called SAM (Search Algorithm for Ligands — ligand search algorithm).

The algorithm created by scientists chose from millions of compounds those that can be used as a vaccine against influenza. The product has been clinically tested and is preparing to enter the market.

The extinction of cave bears began with the appearance of man

It turned out that 40 thousand years ago began a sharp decline in the number of cave bears. It was then in Europe there was a man of modern type. Human hunting led to the fact that the population of cave bears split into several small ones, and 23 thousand years ago completely disappeared.