18 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/17/2020

The former candidate for presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski said it was ready to become a national leader of the country. In her video message, she noted that as a leader, she is ready to release all political prisoners, prepare the legislative framework and all conditions for organizing new presidential elections in the country.

“We all want to get out of this endless circle that we found ourselves in 26 years ago,” Ms. Tihanovskaya said.— I am ready to take responsibility and act as a national leader during this period so that the country calms down and gets into a normal rhythm.”

Macron urged the EU to support the protesters in Belarus

When will the European Union stop waiting for requests from the presidents of its member States and begin to actively mobilize support for protest actions in its territory? Hypocrisy as it is.

The government of Belarus has resigned its powers

According to the decree, in accordance with article 106 of the Constitution and article 9 of the law “on the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus”, the government resigned its powers to the newly elected head of state. Earlier Lukashenko instructed to quickly prepare documents on the further work of the government

Rosselkhoznadzor of Russia proposed to tighten measures against sanctioned products

The head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert proposed to tighten measures against smugglers who import prohibited products into the country, as they began to act more sophisticated. In particular, it considers it necessary to introduce liability for carriers and drivers of transport.

The average salary of teachers in Russia is named

The average salary of teachers in Russia was less than 31 thousand rubles at the end of the second quarter of 2020, the experts of the analytical center “Avito Work”found out. The results of the study are available to Izvestiya

Belaruskali has started a strike and is forming strike committees

According to the portal “TUT.by”, on Monday, August 17, workers of the Belaruskali enterprise went on strike, as promised last Friday, August 14. Then the workers made demands to the Belarusian authorities to release all political prisoners and stop violence on the streets of the city, as well as hold new elections. Since the requirements were not met, the factory workers went on strike and began forming strike committees.

The red banner group will be returned to Yekaterinburg in 2021

The red banner group will appear in Yekaterinburg in 2021. This was announced on his Facebook page by Deputy Andrey Alshevskikh. Before that, the authorities will overhaul the lifting mechanisms of the city pond dam.

The Metropolitan excommunicated all participants in the service of father Sergius

As reported by the Ural Meridian news Agency in the press service of the Yekaterinburg diocese, Kirill excommunicated all those who participated in the services of the scandalous father Sergius. In his address, the Metropolitan called such actions a betrayal. Nevertheless, these excommunicated people can return to the fold

Novosibirsk Governor told how not to communicate with citizens

The Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov on Monday at an operational meeting in the regional government forbade officials in response to written and other requests from residents of the region to flood people with quotes from the legislation instead of direct answers to questions.

How we communicate in official correspondence with citizens. Unfortunately, the facts, when we instead of a specific answer to a specific question throw out a large volume of quotes from the legislation, continue… I was approached by a resident of one of the rural areas with a story about the history of correspondence with one of our colleagues, passed a thick stack of copies of appeals and responses… I Felt not even anger at our address, but resentment that he addresses and can not get an answer, – the Governor said.

The man, Travnikov said, compared the situation to how if he came to the car service in a car with a problem, and instead of repairing the car, he was handed a thick instruction and sent to study it.

Hundreds of employees of Belteleradiocompany went on strike in Belarus.

Employees of the Belteleradiocompany demanded to invalidate the election results announced by the CEC (that yakoib won against Lukashenko), dismiss the head of the CEC Yermoshina, release political prisoners, and cancel censorship for the media.

We have always believed that there are honest and decent people among officials and in state media. We can see that they, like many others, are now losing their fear of the system, and they are ready to say what they really think about the situation in the country. Thank you to all the state media journalists who came out and were not afraid to tell the truth. Thank you to the employees of the Belteleradiocompany who are ready to join the strike, – said the headquarters of Tihanovskaya about the events in Belteleradiocompany.

Belarusian channels were left without programs after mass dismissal of employees

TV channels in Belarus are forced to put archive programs on the air after the dismissal of the presenters. This was reported by the telegram channel NEXTA Live. Earlier, journalists of Belarusian state TV channels started to leave EN masse in protest against the authorities.


Khabarovsk Residents on the initiative of the head of Navalny’s staff in Khabarovsk, Alexey Vorsin, announced the beginning of workers ‘ strikes following the example of the Republic of Belarus.


Alexey Vorsin, the coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Khabarovsk, was arrested for 10 days< / strong>

According to the Protocol, the activist allegedly interfered with the movement of pedestrians, while chanting “about the salaries of deputies” over the loudspeaker

Belarus ‘ largest enterprises are on Strike

The Belarusian metallurgical plant has stopped steelmaking furnaces, RIA Novosti reports.

All Belaruskali mines have stopped issuing ore, NEXTA reports. One of the largest enterprises in Belarus went on strike.

BelAZ employees walk around the shop and shout “Zhyve Belarus”.

Part of the employees of the national airport Minsk went to the action. They chanted “aviation with the people” and “We are against violence”.

Protest actions are taking place in Bashkiria< / strong>

People do not believe promises of the authorities about the suspension of work on Costao. Recall that a day ago, the head of the administration of the Ishimbay district Azamat Abdrakhmanov shouted to the defenders of Kushtau: “fuck Off!”. It was his turn

The Orthodox encyclopedia of the Russian Orthodox Church will publish a volume with an article about Vladimir Putin in the fall< / strong>

Orthodox encyclopedia published at the expense of the Russian budget is preparing a gift for the 68th anniversary of Vladimir Putin: just in time for his next birthday, another volume should be published, where there will be an article about the current President, Open media learned.

What exactly was written about Putin in the encyclopedia and what will be the volume of the article — the staff of the publishing house do not say. At the time, the publisher devoted only seven pages to an article about Boris Yeltsin, and preferred not to mention Dmitry Medvedev at all, but the publisher allocated 118 pages for an article about Patriarch Kirill — three times more than for a publication about Jesus Christ

In Russia, the AUE movement was banned. The Supreme court declared it extremist.

“The AUE movement was widespread in prisons until 2000, but later became popular in problem localities. From 2015 to 2019, AUE members committed high-profile crimes. For example, in March 2015, there was a riot in the Angara educational colony with the participation of 137 people. The organizers were 15 members of the AUE movement. In February 2016, 16 AUE supporters with iron bars attacked a police station with the slogan “Freedom for thieves” to free their comrade, ” the report said.

Vladimir Putin’s income for the year 2019

President Vladimir Putin earned 9.7 million rubles at the end of last year, according to the Kremlin’s website. In 2018, the head of state’s income amounted to 8.6 million rubles.

According to the Declaration, Putin owns an apartment with an area of 77 square meters and a garage, and in use — another apartment (153.7 square meters) and a Parking space for 18 square meters. In addition, the President owns two GAZ-M21 cars, a Niva and a SKIF trailer.

The head of Barnaul Vyacheslav Frank reported earnings for 2019.

The mayor declared 1.759 million rubles. For comparison, a year ago, the income of the franc was 1.776 million rubles. Information is available on the city hall’s website. According to the document, the mayor does not have any property on the property right. In the use of the dwelling house (230 sq. m) and a land plot (1727 sq.m) that belongs to the spouse. Vyacheslav Frank moves on h-IX35. The mayor’s wife did not declare income for the past year.

410 thousand residents of the Altai territory are below the poverty line

More than 410,300 residents in the Altai territory have incomes below the subsistence minimum. This is 17.6% of the region’s population. Such data was announced by the head of the Altai territory Department for labor and employment Nadezhda kapura.

Income of Gazprom Board members

Within six months, 14 members of the Gazprom management Board will receive a total of 1.054 billion rubles. At the same time, the company’s loss for the six months of this year amounted to 277 billion rubles.

The most affluent state Duma Deputy from the Perm region has become even richer

Deputies of the State Duma reported on income and property for 2019. Among the parliamentarians from the Perm region, Alexander Vasilenko declared the largest income: 46.1 million rubles (last year — 31.8 million rubles). The Deputy’s wife earned 12 million rubles for the year. She owns an apartment and an Audi A4 car.

The richest Deputy in the city Duma was Vladimir Plotnikov with an income of more than 350 million rubles, in the city administration — the head of Perm Dmitry Samoylov.

In Russia, there will be a new article on car confiscation

The draft new code of administrative offences (code of Administrative offences of the Russian Federation) provides for an article on the possible seizure of a car in favor of the state, if the traffic violator faces criminal liability under article 264.1 of the criminal code (“Violation of traffic rules by a person subjected to administrative punishment”) and he manages transport by proxy.
The owner of the car will be confiscated under the new article 34.34 of the administrative Code-it indicates that the owner did not take proper measures to ensure that the perpetrator did not commit a criminal offense, reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The duration of life depends on clean air

Polluted air is not only a real disaster for the environment, but also a serious factor in increasing the death rate of the population. These findings are confirmed by data from the air quality Index (AQLI), published recently in a who report, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Data from the air quality Index (AQLI) showed that particulate pollution has reduced life expectancy worldwide by almost two years compared to what it would have been if air quality had met world health organization (who) standards.

Funding for the Artificial intelligence project will be reduced

Developers of the Federal project “Artificial intelligence” (AI) have decided to significantly reduce its funding, writes the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to a letter from Deputy head of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation Maxim Parshin to Federal Executive authorities.

At the beginning of this year, 125 billion rubles, including 89.7 billion of budget funds, were planned to be allocated to the project by the end of 2024. Now we are talking about 27.7 billion rubles, including 22.4 billion from the budget, the newspaper writes.

Turkish Enka acquired the former building of the Ministry of economy

Investors were offered to purchase a complex of two buildings (a ten — story building with a basement and a two-story building) with a total area of about 23 thousand square meters.Enka is one of the largest owners of commercial real estate in Russia. Forbes estimates the company’s rental income for 2019 at $340 million

Warren Buffett sold Bank shares and bought shares in a gold mining company

Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has sharply reduced its positions in shares of financial companies from JPMorgan and Wells Fargo to Visa and Mastercard, and sold all the securities to Goldman Sachs. At the same time, it bought shares in the gold mining company Barrick Gold.

Sberbank has submitted documents for registration of an office in Abu Dhabi

Sberbank has submitted documents for registration of an office in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank Anatoly Popov told reporters through the press service. According to him, Sberbank would like to open this office by the end of the year

Inter RAO’s profit in the 1st half of 2020

Inter RAO’s net profit under IFRS in the first half of 2020 decreased by 12.3% compared to the comparable period, to 42 billion rubles, the company’s report says. The Group’s revenue decreased by 8.4% to RUB 476.7 billion.

Vietnam purchased Russian flour milling wheat

Vietnam’s flour mills purchased 60 thousand tons of Russian wheat with 12.5% protein. According to the Agency Grain Online with reference to European traders.

Coworking network WeWork sells its offices in Moscow

WeWork has started looking for a buyer for its operating business in Russia: the company is negotiating the assignment of lease rights for all its premises in Moscow with several large networks of coworking and flexible offices. Vedomosti was told about this by one of WeWork’s partners, two potential bidders for its assets, and three consultants who worked with different parties to the negotiations

At the end of 2019, the company managed more than 800 offices worldwide. At the beginning of last year, it announced plans to go public and raise about $3 billion from the sale of shares and $6 billion from banks. At that time, the company’s capitalization was estimated at $47 billion

Capital outflow from Belarus threatens the country with default

Capital outflow from the Republic may turn into a default for Belarus, reports Reuters. Mass disposal of Belarusian dollar-denominated government bonds may begin due to the threat of Western sanctions against investors.

VTB finances the construction of a hotel in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

VTB provided medium-term financing in the amount of 2 billion rubles for the construction of a hotel and business complex in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, according to the website of the credit organization.

The Turkish population sells cars and houses and buys gold

Another currency crisis has hit Turkey. The population again rushed to buy up hard assets, however, this time the main object was not the dollar, but gold.

The robotic vessel completed a three-week mission in the Atlantic

12-Max (USV) maxlimer from the UK conducted an impressive demonstration of the future of robotic marine operations, including a 22-day mission to map the area of the sea floor in the Atlantic

Xiaomi and Lamborghini have built an electric supercar

In honor of its own decade, the Chinese company Xiaomi, which in cooperation with the Company Lamborghini has released a special version of its electric card Ninebot karting “go kart” – go kart Pro Lamborghini edition

A memorial plaque was unveiled in Poland

A memorial plaque to Polish soldiers who died in the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-1921 was opened at the memorial cemetery in Kobylka by defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, August 16, the weekly do things reports.

In Spain, Smoking is restricted on the streets

In Spain, new restrictions are being introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, the Ministry of health of the country announced the introduction of additional measures.

First, in Spain, discos and night bars are banned, and cafes and restaurants will only be able to work until 01.00 local time. Second, it was decided to introduce restrictions on Smoking on the streets, and third, residents of the country decided to ban the use of alcohol on the street.

Turkey has threatened the US with payback for actions against Erdogan

The United States will pay if it acts against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This was written by the official representative of the Turkish leader Ibrahim Kalyn on his Twitter page.

Thus, he commented on the statement made by us presidential candidate Joseph Biden about the need to change the policy of the United States towards Turkey.

Portuguese President saves two girls drowning in the ocean

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa saved two girls who were drowning in the ocean. The incident occurred on a beach in the Algarve . The President was giving an interview to a local TV station when he saw that a canoe capsized near the shore and two girls were drowning

Lukashenko called his rigidity a condition for the existence of Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the country exists because of its rigidity. He said this during his speech to the workers of the Minsk wheel tractor plant who went on strike, BelTA reports. During his speech, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said that there will be no other elections until he is killed.

“You are working people, you know me. You have always supported the President, I also know that,” Lukashenko said. In response, the workers shouted: “Shame, go away!”.

The Belarusian leader ironically thanked the audience. “You can still shout,” he added, responding to calls for workers to leave.

Ukraine has decided to terminate the agreement with Russia on trade missions

The agreement between the governments of Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the mutual establishment of trade missions was signed in Moscow on October 22, 1992 and assumes the operation of trade missions on the territory of the two States.

Lukashenko informed about the work on the third version of the Constitution

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the Republic is already working on the third version of the updated Constitution of the country. According to him, he rejected the previous two options. They differ little from the current Basic law

The German government confirmed the fact of negotiations with Tikhanovski

The government of Germany confirmed that he came into contact with the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski. This was announced on August 17 by the official representative of the German Cabinet Steffen Seibert.

“Yes, such contact took place,” – reports his words “RIA Novosti»

Seibert did not disclose when or at what level the contact took place, as well as its content, and added that “this is not relevant.”

The head of the European Council convenes a summit to discuss the situation in Belarus

“I will call a meeting of members of the European Council on Wednesday at 12: 00 to discuss the situation in Belarus. The people of Belarus have the right to decide their future and choose their own leader”, – “Twitter”. He noted that ” violence against demonstrators is unacceptable.”

The head of the British foreign Ministry said that the results of the elections in Belarus are not recognized

The UK does not recognize the results of the presidential election in Belarus and is ready to apply sanctions to those responsible for using violence against protesters, British foreign Minister Dominic Raab said.

Lukashenko warned that the security forces will respond to provocations

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned that law enforcement officials will respond to provocations “appropriately.” The head of state said this today when talking with employees of the Minsk wheel tractor plant who have declared a strike.

Lithuania considers Russian military aid to Lukashenko an invasion

Vilnius says that Russian military assistance to Belarus will be considered an “invasion”. There is no reason for military support from Russia and no legal or other grounds for this.

NATO responded to Lukashenko’s words about the military on the border with Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on Sunday that NATO troops are “clanking tracks” at the gates of Belarus, there is a build-up of military power at the Western borders of the country.

The presence of NATO in Eastern Europe is strictly defensive, does not pose a threat and is dictated by the purpose of preventing conflicts and preserving peace, according to a statement received by RIA Novosti, the official representative of the North Atlantic Alliance, Oana Lungescu.

The Ukrainian delegation initiated a Declaration on Belarus in PACE

The document says that the presidential elections held in Belarus allegedly do not meet international electoral standards, since they were held with mass violations of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The Ambassador of Belarus summoned to the foreign Ministry of Latvia due to Lukashenka’s statements

Belarusian Ambassador to Latvia Vasily Markovich was summoned to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia because of the words of President Alexander Lukashenko that the protests taking place in his country are managed from the Baltic States. This was announced by the country’s foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics.

David Bowie’s live album, something in the air, is out

Recently released an unreleased album by British rock singer-songwriter David Bowie, something in the air. A live record of 15 tracks was recorded in 1999 at the Elise Montmartre cabaret in Paris. You can listen to the album on the Spotify streaming platform.

The Weeknd shared previously unreleased songs and a Remix of Lana del Rey’s track

The Weeknd presented several previously unreleased demos on Apple’s ” memento mori “radio show. They were made for the 2013 album” Kiss Land”, but for various reasons they were not included in it. Among the tracks presented are “for your eyes”, “one of those nights”, “face of an angel”,” another of me”,”Heavenly creatures”. You can listen to them on YouTube.

Idris Elba to star in spy Thriller

Actor Idris Elba will be involved in a new Thriller about spies. About this on August 15, writes the portal Entertainment weekly. The name of the painting is not yet known. It is assumed that the spy Thriller will have a light romantic touch in the style of James bond films. The film will be set in Africa. The script for the film was written by Simon Kinberg. He will also produce the picture for Apple

Bank apps will stop working on Huawei and Honor smartphones

The temporary license that was issued by the US government to American businesses to work with Chinese companies Huawei and Honor expired on August 13.Because of this, banking and payment apps, as well as a number of video games, will no longer work on the company’s devices. In the absence of such permission from the US authorities, Google cannot work with these brands ‘ gadgets.

Special codes for managing smartphones on iOS and Android

Pavel Myasoedov, Director of the Intellectual reserve company, revealed several special codes that will help users find out information about tariffs, services and debts. To use MMI codes, the smartphone owner just needs to form a USSD request consisting of several characters. This will help users avoid expectations when requesting this information when calling the operator.

In addition, some secret codes can be used on Android when there is no Internet. These include request # 06#, which will give information about the IMEI of the user’s smartphone. To disable the gadget in an emergency, you will need to enter the combination *# # 7594##, and to reset your smartphone to the factory settings, you need to dial # # 7780##. For emergency SMS deletion, there is a combination #5376#.

For iPhone users, the *3001#12345 # command will show a hidden menu with full information about the SIM card, the network of the mobile operator, and the signal strength. The combination *#5005*7672# will help you find out the number of your mobile operator’s service center.

WWF scientists discovered new plant species on Wrangel island

For three months, experts collected data on the characteristics of soils, permafrost, took water samples and studied vegetation. In addition, research has touched on snow and sea ice.

The collected data and samples continue to be studied, but it is already possible to say that new species of plants have appeared on Wrangel island. For example, scientists have found large-area thickets of squirrel, which was not previously common in this climate zone.

Experts believe that the reason for the changes was a change in terrain, which occurs when wet rocks freeze and increase in size. The purpose of such research is to obtain data on the impact of climate change on the nature of the Arctic.

Samsung to relocate smartphone manufacturing to India

The Economic Times reports on Samsung’s intention to move the bulk of smartphone production to India in order to reduce the cost of gadgets and increase their competitiveness. At the moment, about 50% of Samsung smartphones are manufactured in Vietnam. Cell phones are also available in Brazil and Indonesia.

Samsung’s research and development expenses

South Korean company Samsung announced that its research and development spending this year reached a record level. According to published data, 10.58 trillion won was allocated for this purpose in the first six months of 2020, which is approximately $8.9 billion.

Facebook has started testing a short video service in India

Against the background of information about the imminent closure of TikTok, many other companies have become more active. Facebook instagram and YouTube, For example, are developing their own short video services. And now the largest social network has launched testing in India

ESET: mekotio banking Trojan steals user data from Chrome

ESET has identified new malicious actions of the Mekotio Trojan. Earlier it was reported that this creature is able to steal cryptocurrency from users.

A new method of therapy helped rodents get rid of multiple sclerosis

Studying the gene will help you learn more about the functioning of the disease. Subsequently, an effective drug can be developed. Multiple sclerosis is more dangerous because after damage to neurons in the brain in the future, they are no longer able to recover

Social connections prevent the development of depression

Scientists from the Massachusetts General hospital (MGH) named factors that will help prevent the development of depression. The study is published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, writes the portal MedikForum.ru. Experts have found that social connections are the strongest protective factor against depression

Plastic was first discovered in human tissues

A group of researchers presented a report at the virtual meeting of members of the American chemical society (ACS) Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo, which reported that they have begun to study micro – and nanoplastics in human organs and tissues.

The researchers examined samples taken from a large repository of brain and body tissue that was created to study neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. 47 samples were taken from the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys – organs that can be exposed to, filtered and accumulated microplastics.

As a result, plastic contamination was found in each sample. For example, bisphenol A (BPA), a material still used for the production of food containers, was found in all the samples, although its harm to health has long been known.

Hearing helped the robot better understand the world around it

In a new study, scientists found that hearing improved the performance of robots, and some of the machines could successfully classify objects 76% of the time thanks to sound.

Electronic batteries will be produced from plastic

Scientists at the University of California suggest turning plastic bottles into electronic batteries. This option of waste management will benefit the environment and at the same time help reduce the overall cost of energy storage devices.

How to tell sciencedaily.com during the experiments, experts worked with a material such AS pet plastic (polyethylene terephthalate). It usually becomes the basis for plastic water bottles and other packaging. The researchers described a sustainable and simple recycling process – they melted plastic in a solvent, then made microscopic fibers from the polymer and processed it in a furnace, enriching it with carbon. The result is a porous carbon nanostructure that can store electrical charges for a long time