19 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/18/2020

The Belarusian opposition has announced the creation of a coordinating Council. Enter into it:

Olga kovalkova – Trustee Svetlana Tikhanovski
Maxim Znak-lawyer
Maria Kolesnikova-coordinator of Viktor Babariko’s staff
Svetlana Alexievich, the Nobel prize winner for literature
Lyudmila Antonovskaya-Chairman of the Association “Innovative instrumentation”.
Pavel Belous-founder and owner Symbal.by
Ales Bialiatski-human rights defender, Chairman of the human rights center “Viasna”.
Andrey Vitushko-children’s resuscitator, candidate of medical Sciences.
Pavel Daneyko-managing Director of IPM Group of companies.
Svetlana Kalinkina is a journalist.
Sergey Chaly is an independent analyst and economist.
Dmitry Kruk, economist
Anna Severinets-teacher, writer, literary critic
Vladimir Tsesler-artist
Yulia Chernyavskaya-cultural scientist, Professor

The list is being updated.

A website with a common database of detainees at rallies in Belarus has been launched

The site with a common database of detainees at Belarusian protest actions started working on August 18, the Belarusian the Village reports. Who exactly created the resource, the publication does not say, calling the authors “not indifferent IT specialists” and specifying that they “maintain anonymity”.

According to the creators of the site, by August 18, the database collected information about five thousand people detained at the rallies on August 10-16. To create the database, we used data from volunteers, the Belarusian Prosecutor’s office, and publications Tut.by, as well as information “from lists generated in telegram channels”.

“At the moment, the site contains information about people who have been or are in the IVS and TSIP Okrestina, IVS Zhodino, as well as in hospitals,” writes The Village.


In the telegram channel of the state news Agency BelTA, a video appeared in which the protesters are called “bought and sold bastards” who are “ready to sell their own mother for $ 20”. Medusa readers noticed that the video shows footage of protests in Catalonia in 2019


The protesters supported the resigning diplomats

Demonstrators came to the building of the Belarusian foreign Ministry to support the resigning diplomats. So far, five diplomats have publicly supported the protests and left the service.

The Belarusian Ambassador to Spain called for a recount of votes.

In response to a frequently asked question about the events in Belarus, unfortunately not in person or within the bounds of decency, I would like to note that this situation is unacceptable in a European state of the XXI century.

He believes that the results of the vote should be recounted. As well as hold open court sessions against those who beat peaceful demonstrators, provoked the brutality of the security forces, mocked the detainees and threatened the relatives of participants in the events

Moscow mayor’s office evicts Cossacks from the office on Sadovoye.

The Moscow mayor’s office is evicting the army’s leadership from its office on Sadovoye for chronic non-payment of rent through the court, “Open media”drew attention. The Cossacks could not find three million rubles to pay off their debts-and this is despite the fact that the capital’s authorities rent them an office almost 20 times cheaper than the market rental rate, and the same capital’s authorities annually provide them with contracts for tens of millions of rubles

Vladimir Putin’s phone conversation with Emmanuel Macron

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron. The parties discussed the situation in Belarus. Putin in a conversation with the French President stressed the inadmissibility of interfering in the internal Affairs of Belarus and exerting pressure on Minsk, the Kremlin’s press service reports. The conversation was initiated by the French side.

Sechin presented Putin with a bottle of “the world’s best oil”

Igor Sechin presented Vladimir Putin with a bottle of oil extracted under the Vostok oil project. The head of Rosneft assured the President that this is” premium oil, one of the best in the world, the best in the world.”

According to Mr. Sechin, Rosneft is preparing to exit the global economy from the crisis in 2023-2024 in order to bring new volumes of this hydrocarbon to the market. The President believes that the reduction of the Russian economy will be “less than in many other countries.”

American companies are starting to move out of China

4 years ago, 93% of American companies were not going to move their departments and production located in China to other countries. Now there are 87% of them – still a lot, but the number of people who want to “dump” from China has almost doubled.

The share of companies wishing to return to the United States has doubled during this time. True, this is an increase from 2% to 4% – still not very much) And 11% of the companies surveyed want to move somewhere else. So the economic war between the US and China, it seems, is not going to disappear yet

There was no conversation between Merkel and Lukashenko

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has not held any telephone conversations with the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko since August 9, a representative of the German government said, commenting on the information about Merkel’s call to Lukashenko.

“There has not been such a conversation between Merkel and Lukashenko since the elections,” the German Cabinet noted.

On Monday, at a meeting with employees of the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT), Lukashenko said that on Sunday, Angela Merkel called him and wanted to “talk”. However, according to the President of Belarus, he is not ready to communicate with everyone now.


Human rights activists report that Andrei Sudam, an employee of the Minsk wheel tractor plant, was detained.he filmed Lukashenko during a meeting with workers of the wheel tractor plant and the President shouted at him.


Iran offered a reward to the militants of movement “Taliban”

US intelligence concluded that Iran, not Russia, offered rewards to Taliban fighters for attacking US troops and their coalition partners in Afghanistan, CNN reported, citing Pentagon documents and its own sources.

Concern “Kalashnikov” reported that it has created a new AK-19 machine gun in the NATO caliber

According to a video published in the concern’s Telegram channel, the machine is based on the AK-12 in the NATO caliber of 5.56 mm. It is noted that its principal features are a lightweight telescopic butt with improved ergonomics, a new rear sight, and a slotted flame extinguisher with the ability to quickly mount a silencer. Presentation of the product will take place at the forum ” Army-2020″

Group-IB has discovered more than 100 fraudulent websites selling air tickets.

The last month and a half or two has been a boom in creating phishing and fraudulent resources. Some of these sites have already been blocked, the company told RIA Novosti

Democrats opened the Convention, which will nominate Biden as their candidate for President of the United States

The Convention was planned in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but only the production center remained there, and the delegates ‘ speeches were broadcast online. First came, among others, Michelle Obama, Senator Sanders and the Governor of new York state, who called the Federal government dysfunctional and incompetent in the face of the pandemic.

Lukashenko hands out medals

Lukashenko awarded more than 300 Belarusian security officers with medals “for impeccable service” – with the wording”for exemplary performance of official duties”. The decree was signed on August 13.

Acting police Lieutenant Colonel – about elections in Belarus

“The ideological preparation was this: if the current government loses, then each of us [police officers] will be hanged on bitches by the road. Therefore, it is necessary to protect this power by any means and means” – Yuri Makhnach, Deputy Lieutenant Colonel of the police from Lida, commander of the PPS company of the Lida police Department, told about the events of the last months

Ukraine recalled its Ambassador from Minsk

Ukrainian Ambassador to Minsk Igor Kizim was recalled for consultations due to the fact that after the transfer of “militants” of the PMK to Russia, whose extradition was sought by Kiev, a “new reality”has emerged in Ukrainian-Belarusian relations. This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

“This is the first time in history that we have resorted to such a step in relations with Belarus and we do it solely because of Minsk’s unacceptable actions. I assure you that we will strictly protect our national interests, ” the Minister said, as quoted in the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Soligorsk miners announced an indefinite strike

six main demands of miners to power:

  • invalidate the election;
  • bring Alexander Lukashenko and Lidia Yermoshina to justice for crimes;
  • release all political prisoners, cancel all their sentences and decisions;
  • prevent those who strike from being brought to administrative and criminal responsibility;
  • to prevent banks from charging interest on loans;
  • maintain the validity of the collective agreement “Belaruskali” until the expiration date.

Strikes began at sugar factories in Zhabinka and Gorodey, reports the telegram channel “Elections see?”

Radiy Khabirov deceived the defenders of Kushtau and did not come to the negotiations

At the government building of Bashkiria, journalists and public activists were crowding, who were expelled under the pretext of canceling the meeting of the head of the Republic and protesting against the transfer of Kushtau to the development of the BSK. The official version of the cancellation of the negotiations-Khabirov was allegedly set unacceptable conditions for the participation of activists of the extremist organization “Bashkort”in the negotiations.

The model stole 22 million from the Deputy’s safe and got four years

Presnensky court of Moscow on Monday sentenced to 4 years in prison model Olga Sintyureva and her accomplice for stealing 22 million rubles from the safe of the state Duma Deputy from the LDPR Sergei Zhigarev, the model will serve the sentence after her child turns 14, RIA Novosti reported the press Secretary of the court Lela Kokaya. 22 million in cash only in one safe of an ordinary MP.

Lukashenko threatened the protesters with ” Russia’s reaction”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has warned his opponents about Russia’s possible reaction to the unstable situation in the Republic, including in the event of repeated elections. A video clip of Lukashenko’s emotional dialogue with factory workers was shown by the Belarus 1 TV channel.

“We will not review these elections or their results. Because this is not a requirement for you or the workers. It’s a requirement up there. And you will be put in lancug from Vilnius to Kiev to demonstrate that it is necessary to create a cordon Sanitaire between Russia and the West. Consider it against Russia. Do you want Russia to react more? But I don’t want to,” Lukashenko said at a meeting with workers of the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT).

Chairman of the constitutional court Valery Zorkin reported a record income

Chairman of the constitutional Court Valery Zorkin declared a record income of 14.4 million rubles, “Open media” drew attention, having studied the information published on the website of the constitutional court on the income of judges for 2019. Judging by his declarations over the past years, Zorkin has never earned so much

In Russia, the fight against corruption is weak in the Parliament, courts and Prosecutor’s office

The Council of Europe found an unexpected: it turns out that Russia is weak in fighting corruption in the Parliament, courts and Prosecutor’s office. Of the 22 recommendations made by experts from the GRECO group three years ago, Russia has fully implemented only nine, according to the report, which was reviewed by Open media.

European experts were surprised that in Russia there is still no full-fledged public control over the incomes of officials and parliamentarians, and the courts and Prosecutor’s offices designed to fight corruption are themselves opaque and too dependent on the Executive power

Sobyanin’s anti rating reached its highest since 2011

The number of Muscovites who negatively assess the work of Sergei Sobyanin as mayor of Moscow has doubled over the year and reached the highest since 2011. These are the results of the latest study of the Levada center by the Vedomosti newspaper.

According to the results of the survey, 45% of Muscovites view Sobyanin positively. 30% of citizens have a negative attitude to the mayor. However, a year ago, only 12% of Muscovites declared a negative attitude towards Sobyanin, while 57% of citizens supported his work.

The main problems of the city Muscovites consider a large number of visitors and migrants from Central Asia , traffic jams and congestion , rising prices and falling living standards, poor ecology and health problems.

The head of the Belarusian Ministry of health was booed by protesters

Vladimir Kranik earlier said that 158 people remain in hospitals after the Tsips, three – in a serious condition. He tried to talk to the crowd, but it didn’t work. The head of the Ministry of health left amid shouts of “Killer”.

Fired after participating in the freedom March

Actors Of the national academic theater named after ya. Kupala announced that there will be no more performances. Protesters gathered near the building shouting: “Bravo!”

Earlier it was reported that the Director of the Kupalovsky theater Pavel Latushko was dismissed from his post after participating in the freedom March. He told me TUT.BY that the Minister of culture Yuri Bondar informed him about his resignation, who advised Latushko to “refrain from expressing his public position”

Ireland and Canada did not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus.

The head of the Irish foreign Minister Simon Coveney:

The results of the elections are not legitimate, as evidenced by the intimidation and detentions that took place both before and after the elections. Ireland does not consider the election results a true reflection of the democratic will of the Belarusian people. I am deeply concerned about the events taking place in Belarus and strongly condemn the human rights violations that we are witnessing.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada françois-Philippe champagne:

Canada does not accept the results of these rigged presidential elections. We call for free and fair elections and a thorough OSCE investigation. Thousands of people in Belarus took to the streets demanding an end to police brutality, the release of political prisoners and fair elections. We will continue to support the Belarusian people and work with international partners to ensure that their voices are heard and those responsible for attacks on democracy are brought to justice

Putin explained to Merkel Russia’s position on the situation in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that external interference in the Affairs of Belarus is unacceptable. The head of state explained Moscow’s position to German Chancellor Angela Merkel during telephone talks, according to the Kremlin’s website.

The Russian side emphasizes the unacceptability of any attempts to interfere from outside in the internal Affairs of the Republic, leading to further escalation of the crisis, ” the message reads.

“The Chancellor stressed that the Belarusian government should refuse to use force against peaceful demonstrators, immediately release political prisoners and enter into a national dialogue with the opposition and society in order to overcome the crisis,” German Cabinet spokesman Steffen Seibert said.

Vladimir Putin supported the idea of building a new bridge over the Kama river

Now the authorities are determining the place where the bridge will be built. Its length will be about 1 km without approaches. The estimated cost of the object is about 25 billion rubles

By enriching the land, people are killing the sea

Researchers from the center for environmental science at the University of Maryland (USA) found that global warming caused by human activity increases the negative impact on coastal marine ecosystems of nitrogen and phosphorus. Used to fertilize the soil, but end up in the oceans.

Anex Tour canceled Charter program to Khakassia

Tour operator Anex Tour canceled the Charter program to Khakassia, now tours there are carried out on the basis of regular air transportation. This was reported to TASS in the company’s press service. The Charter program to Khakassia was launched on July 19. According to representatives of the regional tourism business, the demand for the direction decreased immediately after the opening of air services with Turkey, the Russian Union of tourism industry (PCT) said.

Cost of the Kazan-Yekaterinburg highway project

A message about a competition for the design of the Kazan-Yekaterinburg high-speed highway appeared on the state procurement website. Laid out according to the documentation for the project “Avtodor-invest” promises to pay 114 750 000 rubles

Russian banks cut consumer loans in July

Russian banks issued 1.19 million loans in July 2020 for the purchase of consumer goods, which is 30.7% less than in the same period in 2019, the press service of the National credit Bureau said

“ROMIR” reported a sharp increase in personal inflation of Russians

In July, the difference in the dynamics of the ROMIR holding deflator index and Rosstat inflation became a record, according to the holding’s research. During this period, there was a fall in the ruble, which led to an increase in prices for goods that have not yet recovered from the April jump in inflation

“The index showed growth of 1.66%, and inflation — 0.35%, “ROMIR reported. The annual values of these indicators, that is, accumulated from January to July, are equal to 3.5% and 3.0%, respectively.

SIBUR has started construction of a gas chemical plant

SIBUR has launched the construction of one of the world’s largest gas chemical complexes, the Amur gas processing plant, at a cost of about $11 billion, the company said in a press release. Estimated completion dates for construction and commissioning are 2024-2025

Rosneft asked for priority access of gas stations to the Gazprom pipeline

Rosneft oil company complained to the government about obstacles in the development of the gas filling station network, the main one of which was the lack of priority access to the Gazprom gas transportation system, Kommersant newspaper writes»

Russians are less likely to close their mortgages ahead of schedule

The number of prematurely repaid mortgage loans in Russia in the second quarter decreased by 6% compared to the first three months of this year. In monetary terms, the figures are as follows: 364.5 billion rubles against 388.98 billion rubles

Tesla shares hit a new record

Shares of the American automobile Corporation Tesla at the end of trading on Monday, August 17, rose by more than 10%. Their cost exceeded $1,800, setting a new record. In June, the price of Tesla shares exceeded $1 thousand for the first time.

Industrial production in Russia in July

Industrial production in Russia in January-July 2020 decreased by 4.2% compared to the same period last year. Such data is provided by the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat).

According to Rosstat, the largest drop is observed in the field of mining, in which industrial production decreased by 15.1%. The minimum decrease is noted in the heat and power industry, gas supply – by 2.6%.

Import of passenger cars in Russia

According to the Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia, in the first half of the year, 94.1 thousand passenger cars were delivered to Russia for a total of almost 2.18 billion dollars. In June alone, 16.8 thousand cars crossed the Russian border (+52.3% compared to may) for the amount of 321.1 million dollars

Russia has increased its investment in the US government debt

The volume of Russian investments in US government securities in February 2020 increased by almost $ 0.5 billion and reached $5.87 billion. The corresponding data was released on August 17 by the us Treasury Department.

Judges of the constitutional court have published income declarations for the past year

Chairman of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin again became the richest judge of the constitutional court and increased his income compared to 2018. This follows from the published income declarations published on the COP’s website.

In 2019, Zorkin earned 14.5 million rubles (a year earlier, his earnings amounted to 13.4 million). Deputy Chairman of the constitutional court Sergey Marin declared an income of 11.5 million rubles (in 2018-11.1 million). Among the other judges of the constitutional court, Alexander Kokotov declared the largest earnings — 14.4 million rubles. Judge Nikolai Bondar earned 13.6 million, often expressing a “special opinion” Gadis Gadzhiev — 12 million, and Sergei Knyazev — 11.5 million rubles. None of the judges of the constitutional court earned less than 10 million rubles for the year. The most” modest ” earnings can boast Yuri Rudkin-his income was 10.457 million.

The Turkish Lira has updated its record low

The exchange rate of the national currency of Turkey today, August 17, fell to a new record low against the us dollar. Currently, the Turkish Lira is trading at 7.3880 against the dollar, having sank by more than 0.25% compared to the previous trading session, Reuters reports.

Electricity production in Russia for 7 months

Electricity production in Russia in January-July 2020 amounted to 624 billion kWh, having decreased by 3.3% by January-July 2019, according to Rosstat data

Heat production for 7 months decreased by 4.8% to 703 million Gcal. Boilers released 329 million Gcal (-4.4%), power plants – 319 million Gcal (-5.6%). Industrial recycling plants produced 52.5 million Gcal (-1.7%).

US expands sanctions against Huawei

The US has once again increased sanctions pressure on Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said. The us Department of Commerce added 38 more individuals and organizations affiliated with the company to the sanctions list.

Tax incentives for companies that transfer businesses from China to the United States

The us authorities intend to provide tax incentives to American companies that return their manufacturing plants from China to their homeland, which will lead to an increase in the number of jobs in the country

Ex-CIA employee arrested for espionage in favor of China

The US authorities have detained a former employee of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) on suspicion of passing secret information in favor of the PRC, according to the website of the us Ministry of justice. As specified, the 67-year-old native of Hong Kong was in cahoots with an accomplice who also worked in the CIA.

Washington is waiting for tax payments from Edward Snowden

After fleeing the United States, former NSA agent Edward Snowden earned $ 1.2 million in royalties for articles and public appearances. According to The Guardian, his income was interested in the American Ministry of justice, which has already appealed to the court to collect taxes from him

Liechtenstein suspected fugitive banker Bedzhamov of money laundering

According to the documents, the Liechtenstein fireside (subject to the Prosecutor’s office) found that companies associated with Beganovi and his sister Larissa Markus, former head of Russia in 2012-2015 was transferred to Bank accounts in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, more than $140 million (about 10 billion rubles).

In the TV series “House dragon” looking for an actor to play Prince Damon Targaryen

The description of the role mentioned the dates of filming of the series. The website the Illuminerdi reports that the casting of actors in the series “House of the dragon” continues. It will be a prequel of “Game of thrones”, the events in it will unfold 300 years before the events of the last

US authorities allowed oil production in the Alaskan reserve

The decision was approved by the Ministry of internal Affairs. Interior Minister David Bernhard said that the implementation of this program will be “a new step towards US energy independence.”

California has the highest recorded temperature on Earth

According to the BBC company, the supposedly highest temperature on Earth, namely 54.4 degrees Celsius, was recorded on August 16 in Death Valley (USA), because of the abnormal heat in the region, even the power plant failed.

The US national weather service is currently checking the data. If experts confirm the result – it will become a record of reliably recorded temperature.

Weather historian Christopher Burt, commenting on these indicators, noted that the record is a mark of 55 degrees Celsius, recorded in Africa in 1931, but its reliability is questioned, since the measurements were made in the colonial era.

The last major coal mine in the UK has closed

Deliveries of coal from Russia will allow the UK to completely abandon its production in the UK by 2022 after the closure of its own mines, such as the Bradley Mine, Sky News reported on August 17.

Mali’s military has launched a revolt near the capital

The military of the West African country of Mali has launched a mutiny near its capital Bamako, Reuters reports, citing a report from the Norwegian Embassy and a security source. A source in the security services told the Agency that there was a “mutiny”, adding that “the military took up arms”.

Employees of the Atlant plant joined the protests in Belarus

Employees of the Atlant household and commercial equipment factory in Minsk began to join the strike, according to Radio Liberty — Belarus and telegram channel Nexta. At the entrance to the plant, activists gathered with placards that call on employees to start a strike.

Turkey, Qatar and the NTC in Libya will create a naval base

The agreement has already been signed by three parties. Turkey, Qatar and the Government of national accord in Libya will create a naval base. This was reported by journalists from Al Arabiya, citing their own sources.

The LDPR urged not to send troops to Belarus

Deputy speaker of the state Duma from the LDPR Igor Lebedev in an interview with the national Assembly strongly opposed Russia’s interference in the internal Affairs of Belarus, especially by military means.

Lukashenko lost the war with the opposition. But I can’t say that it will happen tomorrow. That Lukashenko will leave the government House tomorrow or hand over power to committees that are still unclear. But it is obvious that he has ceased to be the head of state that he was. The people of Belarus are tired. I am tired of seeing the same person in power for more than 20 years. And now the people of Belarus are ready to support anyone: a housewife, a cook, housekeepers, a locksmith, a worker… Just so that there is a change of power. In this sense, the leadership of our country, political scientists and specialists should look and think about what is happening in the post-Soviet space, in the former socialist republics. People get tired of the irremovability of power. They are the same in the leadership, in the Duma, in the Federation Council, and in the government. One and the same person. Maybe the people are ready to support the course being pursued in the country, the reforms being carried out in the country. But we are tired of faces! They want to see new, fresh faces, ” Lebedev said.

Chief of staff Tikhanovski called for a General strike

Moroz notes that if citizens start to strike, it will help deprive the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko of a financial source. According to her, the country’s leader will only listen to the opinion of the people when the economy starts to suffer losses.

The chief of staff assures that people do not have to worry about their finances, since special assistance funds have been formed for them, and there is also support from the world community

Prilepin said that Russians detained in Belarus were beaten by special forces

There, in Minsk, on our boys, already in the bus, Belarusian special forces soldiers literally jumped. Someone’s ribs were broken. Although there was no need for these jumps. Apparently, the order was to work harder. Do you understand?

Earlier, Prilepin said that among the detainees were several people who fought with him in the South-East of Ukraine. We will remind, 33 Russians were detained in Belarus, 32 of which are allegedly fighters of the private military company Wagner.

In Poland, said the possibility of a rapid transition of the borders for Belarusians

For Belarusians who want to leave the Republic, Poland provides an opportunity to quickly cross the border. This was stated on August 18 by Polish Deputy foreign Minister Marcin Przydach on the RMF FM radio station. According to him, the Agency receives requests to cross the border without appropriate documents.

The opposition in Belarus has promised to change relations with Russia

If the Belarusian opposition comes to power, it intends to change the relations between Minsk and Moscow, which have recently been experiencing “tension and conflicts”. This was stated by the representative of the headquarters of the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski Maria Kolesnikova.

Russia is an important foreign policy and economic partner. We understand and appreciate this. We believe in open, pragmatic and consistent relationships based on clear and understandable principles. Unfortunately, recently there have been regular tensions and conflicts in cooperation with Russia. This clearly shows that the current President of Belarus is not able to cope with this task.

Russia starts large-scale exercises of military police

The Ministry of defense says that they will be held throughout the country. It is necessary to test the capabilities of modern weapons, which were received this year in the military police units.

Syrian troops suffered heavy losses after Israeli F-16 strikes

Syrian troops suffered heavy losses after the Israeli F-16 strikes. According to “Reporter”, the damage to local air defense systems reached 30%. Journalists noted that the army of Jerusalem hits targets despite the fact that Damascus has modern systems that can detect and neutralize flying missiles.

Turkey is preparing to seize Cyprus

In the Eastern Mediterranean, a major battle is brewing between Greece and Turkey over a huge gas field discovered offshore. Both sides are pulling warships and aircraft into the area.

Polish film festival to be held in Moscow

The Vistula festival of Polish films will be held in Moscow from August 27 to September 3. The abundance of genres and themes of Polish cinema will be presented in the non-competitive section “Panorama of Polish cinema”

A teaser of the movie “Enola Holmes”

On Twitter, Netflix published the debut teaser of the upcoming tape “Enola Holmes”, which will show the story of the famous genius family from a new angle. In the center of the story will be the energetic and freedom-loving younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

To support Russian films at the box office

The film Fund and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation have approved a grant of 500 million rubles to support Russian films at the box office, the release of which is planned until 2021, Vladimir Tolstoy, adviser to the President of Russia, Chairman of the Board of the Fund, told Interfax.

The Austrian artist presented three paintings to the Tretyakov gallery

The state Tretyakov gallery received three paintings as a gift from the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch. They will be displayed in the main exhibition of the New Tretyakov gallery. The works were created as part of various art events over the past ten years, TASS reports.

Tesla Boy band will perform at the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi

As noted by Anton Sevidov, Creator and musician of Tesla Boy, the concert at Formula 1 will be the first in the history of the group and will be a worthy final chord of the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi Autodrom. As previously reported by the portal “Behind the Wheel of Kuban”, the Russian Grand Prix 2020 will be held on September 24-27

Baikal film festival “Man and nature”

The 19th Baikal international film festival “Man and nature” (12+) will be held online in the capital of the Angara region from 24 to 28 September. The organizers made this decision due to restrictions related to coronavirus infection.

Postage stamps dedicated to Sherlock Holmes

The Royal mail of great Britain has released a collection of stamps dedicated to the works of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, and the stamps themselves in the best traditions of the detective genre say more than it seems at first glance.

The Cannes video festival announced a non-competitive program

The Kansk video festival in the Krasnoyarsk territory will be held online from 23 to 29 August. It will open with a concert by an Israeli orchestra and the premiere of a mini-series by the outrageous artist Sergei Pakhomov (Pakhoma), based on a WhatsApp chat of residents of a Moscow house.

David Bowie’s third posthumous album has appeared online

A previously unpublished posthumous album by British singer David Bowie called Something in the air has been posted Online. The live performance of the musician was recorded in 1999 in the Paris cabaret “Elise-Montmartre”.

In this cabaret, the artist performed 15 songs. David Bowie performed in support of the 21st Studio album Hours, reports RIA Novosti. Some of the tracks, including Word on a wing, Can’t help thinking about me, and Drive-in Saturday, he hasn’t performed in several decades.

Miley Cyrus released a video for the track Midnight Sky in the disco style

American singer Miley Cyrus presented on YouTube a video for the new track Midnight Sky — the first for the pop star this year. In a video released in support of the song, Cyrus, who shot the video herself, immerses viewers in the atmosphere of a bygone disco era: mirror balls, shiny costumes and eye-catching makeup.

Microsoft services stop supporting Internet Explorer

On August 17, 2021, a number of Microsoft services will stop supporting the Internet Explorer 11 browser, according to the next Web portal. These will include Outlook, OneDrive, Office 365, and some others. As for the Teams app, it will abandon IE even earlier — on November 30 of this year.

Lenovo has introduced a frameless 2K-monitor ThinkVision

Lenovo has introduced a new ThinkVision monitor with a 27-inch matrix, which has already gone on sale. The display boasts A 2K resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels) at a very affordable price. The device is almost devoid of borders around the screen. The display occupies 92 percent of the front surface of the monitor. The cost will be $274 at the start of sales. The monitor will first be released in the Chinese market, and in other regions it will appear a little later.

The Chrome browser for Android will flag fast websites

Developers from Google have announced testing a new feature in the beta version of the Chrome browser for the Android software platform. Starting with Chrome 85 Beta, the browser will mark optimized sites that load quickly in a special way.

Huawei has patented a smartphone with two screens

The network got data about a new patent from Huawei. We are talking about the design of a smartphone, which provides an additional display near the main camera module

How to exclude a WhatsApp number from Google search results

The only way out is not to use the Click to Chat function yet, if you want your phone number in WhatsApp not to be included in the Google search index. You can also use a service like Google Voice with WhatsApp if you want to continue using Click to Chat without compromising your personal phone number.

Apple created a secret modified iPod for the US

According to former Apple software developer David Shayer, Apple worked with the US government on a ” secret modified iPod.”

Shyer said that in 2005, the iPod software Director asked him to “help two engineers from the U.S. Department of energy create a special iPod.” In fact, these engineers were employees of Bechtel, a major us defense contractor. At that time, only four people at Apple knew about the project; today, none of them remained working at the company. There is also no documentary evidence of the project’s existence.

The team started modifying the iPod to record data from the added special hardware. The player still had to look and work like a normal iPod, and any additional data written to the iPod’s hard drive should not be detected.

In the US, chocolate is made from food waste

Milk chocolate based on food waste from the production of peanuts and coffee was created by researchers from the United States, said the head of the research group Lisa Dean on August 18, reports. The creators of the product note that during production, the red skin of peanuts and coffee waste are used.

Dead cells will be separated from living ones by magnetic levitation

Working with tissues requires special care, and one of the most important problems for a bioengineer is dead cells that penetrate everywhere and become a serious hindrance. However, scientists at Stanford have come up with a way to separate dead cells from living ones using magnetic levitation.