20 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/19/2019

A new package of us sanctions against Russia comes into force

At the end of August 2018, Washington announced the introduction of a package of sanctions against Russia, consisting in a ban on the supply of dual-use products, the export of all any goods and technologies related to the sphere of national security of the United States, as well as the supply of electronics, components and technologies from the oil and gas industry.

Almost two million people took to the protests in Hong Kong

More than 1.5 million people took part in the protests held last Sunday in Hong Kong. The exact figure of the organizers could not be called, because they believed demonstrators volunteers.

Protests in Hong Kong have been going on for several months. At first, local residents opposed an extradition law that would allow law enforcement to send people to other parts of China.

New rules for baggage inspection at Russian customs have come into force

Some water, air, railway and road customs will check the availability of fruits and flowers in Luggage and hand Luggage. In particular, the weight of the product of plant origin, which should exceed five kilograms, will be checked. Now in Russia it will be possible to carry at least three bouquets, each of which should be no more than 15 flowers. For transportation of additional bouquets and fruits you will need a phytosanitary certificate.

The number of flooded houses in Primorye for the day has almost doubled

More than 500 private homes flooded in two areas of Primorye due to flooding, according to the Central emergency situations Ministry in the region. On Sunday, August 18, there were 300 flooded houses in Primorye. Heavy rains in Primorye stopped

In Tver will sprinkle Holy water diaries and the grade book

September 1, the Day of knowledge, in a number of Tver churches will be held a prayer service at the beginning of the school year. With a offer to take diaries, tests and even notebooks for blessing, that they were found only good grades. After the prayer service, you will be able to take part in master classes.

The CPS called the allowable weight of the school backpack with textbooks

Backpack with textbooks in 1-2 class should weigh no more than 2.2 pounds, reports TASS with reference to the CPS. According to the Agency, also to reduce the burden on the student introduced a standard for the weight of the daily set of textbooks and writing materials of the student in different classes.

The samarians were opposed to the emergence in Samara a new Orthodox temple

As reported progorodsamara.ru Samara players, literally, raised the “rebellion” in the social networks called on the administration to think again..

Why do we need another Church? They’re already at each stop — who to go to? We don’t have as many believers in the city as we have temples. And to build a Church on the Volga — don’t need it. Close all the wonderful view of the temple building, fence. It would be better to build something useful — a children’s development center, a Museum of some kind. Or would give the money to restore destroyed sports facilities. I think it will be much more useful for the citizens. And you can pray to God at home, you do not have to go to Church. – Oleg Melnikov, local resident:

The final decision has not yet been made. In order to allow the construction of the temple on this site, the city administration must hold public hearings, in which anyone can participate and the results of these hearings will be the final decision.

By the way: another temple is planned to be placed at the request of the “Samara network company”. According to the cadastral map, now there is a dining room.

Experts have calculated the cost of collecting the child in school

Analysts compared data on the cost of school supplies in the period from June 1 to August 14, 2019 and 2018. It turned out that most of all to spend on the fees of the child in school this year will have to residents of Moscow. The basic set in the capital is estimated at 3326 rubles.

In second place on the high cost is Irkutsk — 3147 rubles. In third place – St. Petersburg. There, parents will have to spend 3041 rubles (a rise in price by 4%).

The cheapest goods needed for school can be found in Izhevsk and Volgograd — the basic set will cost 2020 and 2170 rubles, respectively.

Russia’s largest debtors

RBC decided to collect all available information about the debts of other countries to Russia. The Ministry of Finance estimated the total debt on Russian state loans at $39.4 billion as of may 1, 2019, of which $15.8 billion is owed by the CIS countries. The General figures were disclosed in June prospectus of sovereign Eurobonds of Russia (.pdf). More than $5 billion of the total debt is the restructured debts of the countries to the former USSR (Vietnam, India, Iraq, Yemen, Cuba), the analysis of RBC showed.

Novosibirsk again noticed the haze and the smell of burning

Residents of the city again complain about the smell of burning. According to The cityair service on August 19, the amount of harmful substances in the air is at an unsafe level. The air is polluted by 7 out of 10.

The expert called the timing of the introduction of unmanned vehicles in Moscow

Fully unmanned vehicles will start driving on the roads of Moscow in about four to seven years, said the Agency “RIA Novosti” on Monday, August 19, the head of the direction of unmanned cars in the Russian company “Yandex” Dmitry Polishchuk.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg there were machines for issuing loans

In shopping centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg appeared the so-called “our loan terminals” machines for issuing loans. The device allows you to automatically issue a short-term loan, it also checks the documents of the borrower. Automata puts legal MFI, which offers loans exclusively through terminals.

Whales and ships will stop threatening each other

The first phase of the creation of an early warning system about the possible collision of whales with ships off the coast of California completed in the Strait of Santa Barbara, said August 16, the Los Angeles Times.

At a depth of two hundred meters, equipment is installed that allows you to capture the sounds produced by whales at a distance of up to 30 miles and determine the direction of their movements. By means of special cables, the device transmits audio signals to the buoy located on the surface of the water, then they are transmitted through the satellite to the control room, where the captains are informed about the potential danger. As scientists have found, whales rarely react to approaching ships. They do not perceive them as a potential threat.

Russian scientists have found a way to fight lung cancer

Experts said that if you act on neuroreceptors a certain kind of protein, you can destroy lung cancer cells. Water-soluble modification of Lynx1 protein was used for the experiment. This protein is planned to be used in the future for the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of lung cancer.

Lynx1 – mammalian protein, is able to inhibit the growth of tumor tissue with proper use. Experts are now developing a drug, by 2024 all their tests will have to be completed, this project has been approved by the President of Russia and allocated funds for its implementation.

YouTube Originals will be free from September 24

The new “freemium” model for the original content provided by YouTube will take effect after September 24, 2019. All series, movies and live events YouTube Originals, which will be presented on the service will be free to view with advertising for all users.

Windows Core is a cloud-based operating system

Microsoft continues to work on its Windows Core operating system for next-generation Microsoft devices, which include the Surface Hub, HoloLens, and upcoming folding devices. At least, this is evidenced by the profile in LinkedIn of one of the Microsoft programmers:

“Experienced C++ developer with skills in cloud managed operating systems (Cloud Manageable Operating Systems). Introduction features and device control protocols based on Azure IOT devices, devices of the next generation on the basis of WCOS (Windows Core OS), desktop, Windows, HoloLens, and Windows Server”.

Garbage reform: the city is buried in garbage

The regional operator “Ukhtazhilfond”deals with the garbage issue on the territory of the Republic of Komi. In each city they have a representative and the company, which in fact is engaged in garbage collection. In Osinka is LLC “tekhkom”. LLC “Untilted” to OOO “Techcom” has a debt and is threatened to stop all work on garbage collection in Usinsk. According to available information, the debt is estimated in millions of rubles and every day only grows. And the city continues to sink in garbage…

The US stimulates global growth in crude oil production.

According to the energy information Administration, production peaked at 12.3 million barrels per day. Inventories were at 470.6 barrels, the highest since September 2017. If you look at the global production of crude oil, it becomes obvious that North America stimulates global production growth. While the middle East remains the largest producer by a large margin, the US has significantly increased production since 2011.

Opposition leader Yashin was detained again in Moscow

Oppositionist and unregistered candidate for the Moscow city Duma Ilya Yashin was detained at the exit of the special detention center after the third administrative arrest. Yashin himself published a video of his detention in social networks.

Tajikistan requires pre-payment from Russian payment systems

As it became known to Kommersant, the national Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) introduces the national money transfer system from September 1. After that, Russian and international systems will be able to make transfers to Tajikistan only within the limits of funds placed in the NBT. This approach is not applied in any of the CIS countries, contradicts Russian legislation and is not agreed with the Bank of Russia. Meanwhile, the change in the rules will affect the market of more than $2.5 billion a year. The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance promise to “understand”, but time for it remains very little.

In Russia plan to compensate the costs of foreigners for shooting movies

Earlier, Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development on foreign economic activity Timur Maximov told RIA Novosti that the rebate program for foreign companies that will make films in Russia will be launched in the third quarter of 2019.

Transaction fees for the URS deferred

Banks participating in the system of fast payments (SBP) again postponed the introduction of fees for transfers. About it “news” told in credit institutions. So, Promsvyazbank planned to introduce a Commission from June 1, but so far the fee for transfers through SBP is not charged

In Moscow, the cost of rental housing

In the Moscow rental housing market in August 2019 recorded an absolute record in the history of observations: the rental rate of one-bedroom apartments for the first time exceeded 35 thousand rubles and reached 36.1 thousand rubles per month.

“Judgemnet” owes “ZHILKOMSERVIS” has more than 125 million rubles

Another 76 million rubles is the total debt of the population to pay for housing, of which almost 55 million rubles – debts that arose more than three years ago. 11.6 million rubles owed to the company JSC “Jutarnji”, 8.4 million rubles – UK “Tabaginsky”.

South Korea increased its consumption of coal

According to BP, coal consumption per capita in the country reached 1.73 TOE. South Korea was the only country to increase coal consumption among key members of the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD), including the US, Japan, Germany and the UK.

The real size of pensions, which receive Kolyma, decreased compared to 2018

Rosstat published data on the dynamics of the average size of pensions assigned to pensions in the Magadan region. According to the data, the average pension of krymchanina – 21 500 roubles

Investors increase investments in biogas production from waste

Investors again turned their attention to garbage, or rather the possibility of processing organic waste into energy, writes the Financial Times. Bioenergy has already experienced a rise in popularity among investors — in the mid-2000s, when oil prices were high, but in the late 2000s, with their fall, interest in such methods weakened.

China surpassed the United States in the armored brigades

Currently, according to the British IISS, our army is probably equipped with 5800 main battle tanks, but only 60% of them are new Type 96 and 99, and the rest are more than 2000 different versions of Type 59.

Maps on which China “given” Kyrgyz land

Users of social networks were outraged by the use at the official meeting with the participation of members of the government of Kyrgyzstan and China of geographical maps, in which the territory of Kyrgyzstan was given to China. On August 15, the former candidate for the post of Minister of agriculture, food industry and land reclamation of Kyrgyzstan Tilek Toktogaziev said on his Facebook page.

“The most outrageous thing is that such a card is used at an official meeting with the participation of members of the government of Kazakhstan and China in the capital of Kazakhstan,” the report said.

Iranian tanker left Gibraltar

On Thursday, Iran’s Ambassador to London, Hamid Baidinejad, said that Grace 1 will soon leave Gibraltar. In Iran, the liberation of the tanker was called a victory of diplomacy and a failure of the White house policy. On Saturday, the US court issued a warrant for the detention of the tanker Grace 1, which was previously released by the authorities of Gibraltar.

Evidence of Russia’s participation in the battles of Ilovaisk found in Britain

London-based research group Forensic Architecture has found evidence of military participation from Russia in the battles of Ilovaisk in August 2014 in Ukraine.

As noted, among the evidence there are satellite images of Russian armed convoys in Ukraine, as well as numerous observations of the T-72B3 tank, which at the time of the battle was owned only by the Russian side.

The publication emphasizes that all the collected evidence against Russia will be used to support lawsuits against the country.

Syrian troops repulsed militants in the city of Khan Shaykhun

Syrian government troops then entered the city of Khan Shaykhun, which came under the control of terrorists in 2014.

Army of Haftarot destroyed the Turkish base near Misurata

The air force of Khalifa Haftar’s army destroyed a Turkish military base under construction near the town of Misrata. The representative of the operational command of the LNA said that the aircraft struck several missile strikes on the territory where the construction of a military facility was implemented.

The British General staff said it was ready to challenge the Wagner group

The head of the British General staff Nick Carter in an interview with The Times said that London needs to strengthen its military presence in Africa to prevent Russia from including this region in its sphere of influence.

The United States are negotiating with the environment Maduro

The US is conducting secret talks with the closest circle of the Venezuelan President. The goal is to increase pressure on the government and to achieve the displacement of Nicolas Maduro. This Agency “associated press” said a representative of the us administration.

Dagestan will subsidize air tickets to increase tourist flow

The authorities of Dagestan plan to subsidize air tickets to the Republic to increase the tourist flow, the head of the region Vladimir Vasiliev told reporters.

“I said that we now need, as far as possible, to regulate the flow of tourists (ed.). There is such a very good idea, I am even sure that it will be a decision when we can subsidize (air tickets – ed.) in the off-season here to us for the tourist flow”, – said Vasiliev.

Russian military will perform an observation flight over Britain

In the period from 19 to 23 August, the Russian military will carry out an observation flight over the territory of the UK on the An-30B aircraft, Which will be held within the framework of the international Treaty on open skies.

In Russia will be punished for the sale of military uniforms

Russia may impose penalties for unauthorized sale of army uniforms. In addition, the authorities plan to toughen the responsibility for wearing military uniforms and insignia.

Kevin Smith shoots for Netflix anime “He-man»

Kevin Smith is working on the creation of anime on the animated series “He-man” 1980-ies. He became Executive producer of the project and showrunner. Fans will be able to see the events of the final battle between Skeletor and he-man. At the Power-Con conference, the Director said that he would bring the heroes back to life with the most “metallic” design.

“He-man” – a very popular cartoon in the United States, which is based on a series of toys company Mattel “Masters of the universe.” This show was released between 1985 and 1987. Evil sorcerer Skeletor and his assistants dream to capture the planet Eternity, and they are opposed by the hero he-man with friends.

In Kaliningrad announced the winners of the festival “Shorter»

VII Russian festival “Shorter” was held from 16 to 18 August in Kaliningrad, the competition was presented 37 films.

The award for “Best film” was won by Alexander Nazarov for the Comedy “Submarine” Alyona Babenko, Vladimir Kulikovym and Sergey Episheva in the lead roles.

The prize for “Best Director” was awarded to Nikita Vlasov for the Comedy “Blank” with Svetlana Kamynina in the title role.

The prize in the category “Best script” noted the authors of the satirical Comedy “Robbery at the rate.”

Anton Mamykin for tragicomedy”White on black” became the owner of a special prize “For honesty and talent”.

“Melody” released a recording of concerts by Vivaldi and Bach

Records of five concerts of Vivaldi and Bach released music company “Melody”. Russian cellist Alexander Zagorinsky has performed two Vivaldi cello Concerto, and the Norwegian pianist Einar Steen-Nokleberg presented three concertos for clavier and orchestra.

Presented a trailer for a film about a Christian executed for refusing to swear to Hitler

In the Internet published the trailer of the film “Hidden life” (“A Hidden Life”) on the Austrian Christian-farmer Franz Gerstetter, who was executed for refusing to swear allegiance to Hitler and serve in the German army.

Maya hawk has released two singles and is preparing an album

According to Variety, she was the author of the lyrics, and the music was written by Grammy award winner Jesse Harris, who previously worked with Nora Jones