21 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/20/2019

Archpriest Chaplin sees the birth of a new totalitarian system in Russia

At a meeting of the Communist party in Moscow made Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. He spoke about the situation in Russia.

“Now even honest liberals see that such a totalitarian system is being born, which no Stalin dreamed of,” Chaplin said.

It’s all about total electronic control. Chaplin said that the plans of introduction of digital control should criticize the faithful Orthodox people.

The state Duma created a Commission to investigate interference in the internal Affairs of Russia

The state Duma created a Commission to investigate interference in the internal Affairs of Russia because of protests in support of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma, which are held in Moscow since July. About it reports “Interfax”.

The Commission was created at the suggestion of all political factions, it was headed by the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on security and anti-corruption Vasily Piskarev. He asked the Ministry of foreign Affairs, law enforcement and Roskomnadzor for information about the intervention.

According to the Chairman of the State Duma Volodin, the Commission will invite Embassy staff and media representatives who are related to unauthorized actions.

“A unanimous decision was made to recommend the Commission to invite representatives of the media who allowed themselves to make statements, to carry out appeals related to violation of the laws of the Russian Federation and actually interfered in our internal Affairs”, — quotes Volodin “Interfax”.

Russians will impose another tax.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Gordeev instructed the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of economic development to consider the ideas of the Ministry of natural resources, which proposes to increase the standards for producers of recycling of goods and packaging to 100%.

The Ministry of natural resources expects to increase the collection of eco-collection by increasing the standards to 136 billion rubles per year (in 2018, 2.2 billion rubles were collected). Most of all, it is planned to get through the collection from manufacturers of electronics (47 billion rubles), paper and cardboard (22 billion rubles), rubber and tires (17.9 billion rubles). At the same time, the document notes that the growth of recycling standards can lead to an increase in product prices by 0.25–1.5%. In reality, the increase will be much higher, but there will be no recycling.

The issue of distribution of funds of the NWF will be decided in the autumn

In July, the volume of the national welfare Fund of the Russian Federation reached almost 8 trillion. rubles, exceeding the threshold of 7% of GDP. According to the law, the funds of the NWF exceeding 7 percent defect can be directed to projects related to the growth of the country’s economy.

The first in the battle for the “surplus” welfare included the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. It proposed to raise the threshold higher than 7%. And it is logical, the money of the NWF is stored on deposits and sets of the Central Bank, why not replenish these accounts. Nabiullina explains his position by the increased economic risks.

The head of the IMF Christine Lagarde proposes to sterilize the “surplus”, not to produce them in industry, and invest in government bonds of Western countries. Given the stakes for Western government bonds and the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, both proposals will introduce to the burning of “Russian wealth” in the inflationary furnace.

Financial Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov and supported his “chief accountant” of the country Alexei Kudrin. They proposed to direct the “surplus” on lending to Western companies-exporters of Russian goods. The proposal also leads to a redistribution of funds not in favor of Russian companies.

State Duma Deputy Mikhail Shchapov proposed not to save excess revenues from the sale of oil coming to the national welfare Fund (NWF), and direct them to the development of infrastructure, the real sector of the economy, education and health

Then there are domestic lobbyists. Alexey Miller and the Rottenberg brothers with the project of the gas chemical complex in Ust-Luga. Behind them, the head of VEB Igor Shuvalov with the project of updating public transport in Arkhangelsk, Makhachkala and Sergiev Posad. Next, with an outstretched hand, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko – funds are needed for the preparation of comprehensive development of territories. And at a distance the head of “Rosgeology” Sergey Gorkov with a request for 100 billion Rubles for 3 years to replenish the raw material base.

Donald trump is sure that Iran wants to conclude an agreement with the United States

Iran wants to conclude an agreement with the United States, but its authorities do not know where to start negotiations with Washington, us President Donald trump said.

“We can do something quickly, but they Iranians do not know where to start»

In his opinion, Tehran would also like to start negotiations on the detained in Gibraltar tanker Grace 1, but does not act as an initiator, because the Iranians — “proud people”.

“But their economy is collapsing, and inflation is above the ceiling. Their business is bad, and they do not sell their oil,” he added.

It turns out that Russia’s GDP growth in July accelerated sharply

Up to 1.7% in annual terms after 0.8% in June, in January-July economic growth is estimated at 0.9%, according to the survey of the Ministry of economic development “Picture of business activity. August 2019”. In General, according to the Ministry, economic statistics for July indicates a recovery in GDP growth after a weak dynamics in the first half of the year. At the same time, the estimate of Russia’s GDP growth in June was slightly improved — to 0.8% in annual terms from the previous 0.7%, and in may — to 0.2% from the previous 0.1%.

To withdraw from the election for the shares of foreign companies

The party “Fair Russia” filed a lawsuit in the Sverdlovsk regional court to remove the candidate from the “United Russia” Anton Shipulin from the by-election to the State Duma in the Serov district. He found shares of foreign companies

“We filed a lawsuit to remove candidate Shipulin. The reason is that he owns and manages shares of foreign companies, while Russian legislation prohibits candidates to the state Duma ownership of shares of foreign companies”, – said EAN head of the Sverdlovsk branch of “Fair Russia” Andrey Kuznetsov.

Physicians in Vladivostok there are no

Football player “Ray” Dmitry Kalugin during the game broke his jaw. 21-year-old athlete had a few hours to carry around the city – in three hospitals! It turned out that the hospital has no neurosurgeon and Laura… In other – someone else was not…

Companies that still rely on fossil fuels.

Despite the advances made by renewable energy worldwide in recent years, oil and gas companies are still planning trillions of dollars in fossil fuel exploration and production projects over the next decade.

Beyond the terms of the Treaty banning intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles

The US has tested a cruise missile that goes beyond the terms of the Treaty banning medium-range and shorter-range missiles, the Pentagon said. The launch was made from a mobile installation on the island of San Nicholas, which is used as a military training ground. The missile hit the target at a distance of over 500 km.

Under the terms of the INF Treaty, the United States and Russia, as the successor to the Soviet Union, pledged not to produce or test ground-based cruise and ballistic missiles with a range of 500 km to 5.5 thousand km. The Pentagon indicated that the data collected during the test, “will serve as the basis” for the further development of medium-range missiles.

The study of two foreign languages will be mandatory in schools of Tomsk

The study of two foreign languages will be mandatory in schools of Tomsk From the beginning of the new school year in all educational institutions of Tomsk for all students will be required to study two foreign languages. Students will learn English, German and French.

Mass trade of cloned cats starts in China

Sinogene successfully cloned the animal, after which the management decided to launch “clone production”. It is noted that Sinogene plans not to stop on cats. Mass cloning of carrier pigeons and horses is planned in the future.

First kitten-clone called Garlic. He was born a month ago, but officially it was announced later, when experts were convinced of the viability of the animal. Anyone can “copy” your pet for $35 thousand dollars.

New Saratov airport “Gagarin” took the first test flight

The Deputy punk compared the opening of “Gagarin” with the flight of Gagarin. The General Director of the air carrier “Victory” Andrei Kalmykov claims that “Gagarin” will not be able to take flights even with a little rain. However, the head of the Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko promised that the situation will be corrected in less than a year. In turn, at the opening ceremony of the airport, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin assured that the new airport of Saratov will accept aircraft of any type.

Meanwhile, the local press got pictures of the interior of the new air Harbor, the floors in the toilets of which are tiled with the image of the first cosmonaut in the world. Builders claim that it is temporary.

Results of execution of the Federal budget of Russia for the 1st half 2019

In Russia since the beginning of the year accelerated population decline

Over the six months of 2019, the natural decline in the population of Russia accelerated compared to the same period last year. Such data are published on the website of Rosstat. Thus, from January to June, the number of deaths in the country exceeded the number of births by 198.8 thousand people.

Independent trade Union “Teacher” encourages teachers not to work in the Moscow elections

Independent trade Union “Teacher” encourages teachers not to work in the Moscow elections. It is reported by Radio Liberty. Trade Union activists believe that in the conditions of non-admission of opposition candidates and suppression of street protests, teachers should not be members of election commissions. As you know, most polling stations are located in schools and many teachers work there. The Union encourages teachers to think about how they “will explain to children their participation in the simulation of elections.”

There are no major changes, but preventive measures are being taken

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the framework of diplomatic meetings with the President of France Emmanuel Makron commented on the explosion at a military site near Severodvinsk. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. He said that there was no threat of exceeding the radiation background after the accident.

There is no threat there, and there is no increase in the background radiation. Experts were sent there, including independent experts who monitor the situation… there are no Serious changes, but preventive measures are taken to avoid any surprises. — Vladimir Putin

Two monitoring stations in Russia have reported communication failure

Two Russian stations included in the international nuclear test monitoring system stopped transmitting data on August 10 due to communication interruptions. As reported on Monday TASS representative of the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), we are talking about the stations in Dubna and Kirov.

“The international monitoring system received the last message from the station in Dubna 03:16:59 (06:16:59 Moscow time) August 10, 2019, from the station in Kirov – in 06:19:31 (09:19:31 ICC) August 10, 2019,” she said, commenting on the report of the Executive Secretary Of the preparatory Commission of the CTBTO Lassin Zerbo, published yesterday on his Twitter.

Officials of the mayor’s office of Krasnoyarsk again hid the data in the income Declaration

In the mayor’s office of Krasnoyarsk 13 officials from the Department of Finance and the main Department of education brought to responsibility for incomplete data in the Declaration of income. This is not the first case of such violations in the Krasnoyarsk administration, told the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office. Officials were brought to disciplinary responsibility.

The EU Council approved amendments to the visa code.

Thus, a Schengen visa for a period of one year a tourist will receive if he used three short-term visas for two years. Multivisa for two years will give those who previously had an annual Schengen. Those who have legally used a two-year visa for the previous three years will be able to apply for a five-year permit. The representative of the European Commission’s profile Department also said that since 2022, when crossing the borders of the European Union, Schengen visa holders will no longer be stamped in passports

After the entry into force of the code, as specified by EU officials, will tighten the checks on all databases and create a “common identity store” (CIR) in relation to specific individuals. At the same time, as noted, the changes will affect tourists from more than 100 countries.

Wife Netanyahu was thrown to the ground a piece offered in Kiev loaf

The video, published by the TV channel “Ukraine 112”, shows how the head of the Israeli government breaks off a piece of bread and passes it to his wife, after which she throws the piece on the ground. Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to Kiev will last until Tuesday, August 20

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, commenting on the incident during the welcoming ceremony with the loaf at the airport in Kiev, urged not to look at the behavior of his wife Sarah signs of disrespect for Ukraine.

The number of cases of fraud with electronic payments has increased eight times

In the first six months of 2019, 6613 cases of fraud using Bank cards were registered — this is almost eight times more than in the same period of 2018. Also, the number of crimes under the article “Fraud in receiving payments”has significantly increased.

Bank cards offered to block suspicious transactions

Banks can block the card for 30 days if there is a risk of suspicious transactions. And the owner of the card will not be warned. This view is shared by the Association of banks of Russia (ADB).

Tourists in the mountains of Crimea are not allowed on the Great Sevastopol trail

Explain what is happening is always the same: in the area are exercises. Indeed, every year in August-September in the forest on the South coast unfold camp, where supposedly trained soldiers unknown armed forces in the mountains – they go entirely unmarked. However, the sources of “Notes” in General confirmed that they are relevant to the protection of numerous dachas are located along the coast from Cape Sarych to the Landslide. It is in August-September that the first persons of the state, heads of law enforcement agencies, high-ranking Ministers of the ROC like to rest here.

Omsk officials promote domestic tourism only during working hours?

According to the observations of Superomsk, the activity of officials in social networks gives the impression that they promote domestic tourism only during working hours, while in their free time they show other examples. At least, any evidence of the rest of Omsk officials not for the state account in the region could not be found.

For example, the Deputy Minister of culture of the Omsk region held not on Ebeyts, and not on the “Five lakes” in the Omsk region, and in Armenia, as evidenced by the publication on the page in the social network.

The state Duma proposed to prohibit brawlers to travel by train

In the state Duma Committee on transport and construction think it’s right to punish arranging a riot in the trains as well as aviakerosene. This Agency “Moscow” said a member of the Committee Dmitry Ionin. We are talking about a possible refusal to sell tickets to such people.

Water, which is sold in plastic bottles, often poured from the tap.

The consumer who is sure that he buys some especially pure or purified water, is cruelly mistaken. Misleading buyer enter the name of bottled water with links to various sources or springs. In fact, the manufacturer packs ordinary tap water into a colorful wrapper.

However, according to the expert of the consumer market Valery Samokhin, there are no violations in this business. According to the Russian legislation, the products entering the store shelves must comply with state Standards, and tap water usually meets state standards.

“Two months in the forest without food”: the User denies all the charges

Relatives complained that firefighters have to work in inhuman conditions when extinguishing forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk territory and the Irkutsk region

In rations now two items — canned meat and tuna, and they are not issued. They buy everything at their own expense, and pay the usual salary, without travel. Often there is a non-flying class, when a strong smoke, and can not throw anything. Then they are left without food, you have to go hunting or fishing, if there are ponds. Because there is no other way out, — tell relatives.

As told NGS24.RU the daughter of one of the firefighters, her father went to the fire on July 5. There he had to stay 20 days, but the trip was extended.

Had to work till July 26, then contacted on August 5, said that they will take out in 8 days. The last time I called the day before yesterday and said they want to extend to 60 days. They refuse, but don’t ask their opinion, — the daughter of the firefighter tells.

Relatives tried to contact the Federal forestry Agency, but they were not told when the fire will be released home.

The white house is considering reducing the tax on wages

According to The Washington Post, the White house has recently been exploring various options that would help stop the slowdown in the economy. One option is a temporary reduction in payroll tax. It is noted that this kind of discussion is at an early stage, and the White house has not yet decided whether to promote this idea in the us Congress.

The Finance Ministry wants to block benefits in the Arctic, and Rosneft insists

Despite the moratorium on new measures of state support of oil and gas projects, “Rosneft” insists on the benefits for a project with “Neftegazkholding” in the Arctic “Vostok oil”, threatening to disrupt the plans of the Northern sea route download. Against, as found out “Kommersant”, the Ministry of Finance, which, on the contrary, calls to freeze all decisions on benefits before the inventory of projects, that is, for an indefinite period. The issue can be resolved in the near future at a meeting with the profile Deputy Prime Ministers — Dmitry Kozak and Yuri Trutnev.

Russians spend savings and take loans

Many Russians no longer have enough current income to maintain the usual standard of living. To solve the problem, people take loans, often unsecured, or resort to previously accumulated savings. The share of the first increased from three percent at the beginning of the year to seven, the second — from six to 11 percent. In addition, about 35 percent of borrowers have problems with repayment or refinancing of loans taken earlier.

China will take new measures to stimulate the economy

China will take new measures to improve the situation in the economy affected by the trade conflict with the United States. In particular, the authorities have promised this year to reduce the cost of borrowing for small businesses by one percentage point

In addition, the Chinese Central Bank plans to adjust the way in which it determines the main interest rate on loans. Starting this month, the people’s Bank of China will use market-based reform methods that will help reduce real interest rates on loans. This was reported by CNBC.

The Central Bank of China again lowered the yuan to the minimum for 11 years values

The people’s Bank of China (the Central Bank) lowered on Tuesday the exchange rate of the Renminbi (the official name of the Chinese currency) by 89 basis points to 7,0454 yuan per dollar. As follows from the statistics of the regulator, this is the minimum value since March 24, 2008.

Coal mining in the Kuzbass fell by almost three percent

Coal enterprises of Kuzbass reduced fuel production by 2.8 % compared to the same period last year, while companies are producing more and more coking coal and less – energy.

U.S. corporations announced the refusal of the priority of maximizing profits for shareholders

The leaders of about 180 major us companies signed an updated statement on the main corporate goals. Big business in the US for the first time in almost 50 years has declared the rejection of profit maximization as the main and main goal of the companies ‘ functioning.

Equinor has found a new oil field in the Barents sea

It is noted that the extracted resources are preliminary estimated at 20-65 million barrels of oil. The Sputnik well was drilled under license from PL855, about 30 kilometers northeast of the Wisting field, which is located in the Northern part of the Barents sea in Norway.

Iran is negotiating a project to develop the Yadavaran field with Sinopec»

PEDEC is still negotiating the second phase of the Yadavaran field development project with Sinopec, a Chinese oil and gas and chemical Corporation. This was stated by managing Director of Iran’s petroleum engineering and development company Turag Dehqani.

Rubicon Minerals estimated canadian Phoenix at $101.7 million

Canadian Rubicon Minerals received an estimate of the pre-feasibility study of the Phoenix gold mining project in Ontario (Canada), the project is estimated at 135.2 million canadian dollars (101.7 million us dollars), the company said.

The American mining sector was swept by a wave of bankruptcies

The process began in may this year, and, according to experts, it is gaining momentum. Law firm Haynes and Boone LLP notes an active growth of bankruptcies in the extractive sector this year.

Trutnev urged Putin to let foreigners on the Arctic shelf

According to RBC, the letter says that the state-owned companies admitted to the shelf, disrupt the timing of drilling due to lack of competition. Yuri Trutnev warned Vladimir Putin that the Arctic shelf now “does not work for the economic development of Russia.”

According to him, since 2012, when only Gazprom and Rosneft received the right to access the shelf, the government issued 69 licenses for oil and gas exploration and production, obliging them to drill 86 wells in 20 years. But for 7.5 years of development of the Arctic, only five wells were drilled.

Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev proposed to lure foreigners to the shelf on the Norwegian model: the local state-owned company has a 30 percent stake in the project, the rest is received by private companies and foreigners.

But this model is extremely disadvantageous for Russia, because it means the loss of control over the shelf, says the head of the analytical Department of the national energy security Fund Alexander Pasechnik.

There is no ban on the participation of foreign companies in the development of the shelf, but there are sanctions from the US for the supply of key equipment, says the leading expert of the Union of oil and gas producers of the Russian Federation Rustam Tankaev. Output — to produce their own floating platforms, but so far all attempts to make them in Russia ended in failure, said Rustam Tankaev. The establishment of production requires at least five years and impressive financial injections from the state.

Nigerian company NNPC will supply oil in exchange for petroleum products

Nigerian national petroleum Corporation (NNPC) announced that 15 consortia and companies, including Gunvor International, won the tender for oil supplies from Nigeria in exchange for supplies of petroleum products to the country during 2019-2020

The cost of transferred to the escrow Moscow new buildings

Housing sold with the use of escrow accounts turned out to be 10-15% more expensive than similar objects, sales of which are conducted under the old scheme, according to the study “Metrium”. In July, the average cost of 1 sq m in the primary market mass market in Moscow amounted to 168 thousand new buildings, where apartments are sold via escrow, this figure was 6% higher and amounted to 179 thousand rubles. per 1 sq m, according to a press release.

The average cost of an apartment sold under the new scheme is at the level of 10.1 million rubles In new buildings sold in the old way, housing costs an average of 9.8 million rubles (the difference is 3%). At the same time, within the Moscow ring road, the price difference is 14%.

Moscow authorities said that a quarter (25%) of the housing construction of the capital moved to project financing, and the remaining 75% of new buildings will be implemented according to the old rules.

Trump discussed Brexit with Johnson

Us President Donald trump said that he had a “great conversation” on the phone with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the issue of the Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

We discussed Brexit and how soon we will be able to move to a free trade agreement between the US and the UK, — the American leader wrote on Twitter.

He also added that “looking forward” to meeting with Johnson on the sidelines of the G7 summit to be held this weekend in France

U.S. Navy Admiral said he was ready to act against Venezuela

The naval forces of the USA are ready to initiate actions against Venezuela in case the need arises. This was stated by the head of the southern command of the us armed forces Admiral Craig Foller, reports “Interfax” on Tuesday, August 20

“I will not talk about the details of what we plan, what we do. But we are ready to implement political decisions, we are at the start,” he said.

Foller’s statement was made in the framework of joint exercises of the United States and a number of Latin American countries off the Brazilian coast.

Beglov has promised to Petersburg, seven metro stations for five years

Recall, the government of ex-Governor Georgy Poltavchenko promised that by 2035 in the Northern capital will build almost 50 new metro stations. Alexander Beglov during the debate was more modest: over the next five years, he promised only seven new stations.

St. Petersburg officials before the election gave journalists 124 million rubles

The press Committee of the St. Petersburg government distributed grants to the city media a month before the voting day. Only 84 of the project have been released to 124 million rubles. As the correspondent found out Znak.com, in Smolny without embarrassment financed and projects related to the Governor’s campaign, and their own media. However, among the recipients of the money was at least one opposition media

The UAC denied reports of mass layoffs in “Ilyushin»

Earlier, the media, citing unnamed sources reported that in the Aviation complex. Ilyushin planned “mass layoffs” – allegedly lose their jobs about a thousand people, including those engaged in production.

“PJSC Il is optimizing the organizational structure and setting up a professional team of the enterprise within the framework of General corporate procedures. As a result, the number of control levels is reduced. Optimization affects only the administrative,managerial and support staff,” the press service of the Corporation said.

Almost 130 thousand soldiers will take part in the exercises “Center-2019»

Almost 130 thousand people, more than 20 thousand units of military equipment and weapons and about 600 aircraft will be involved in the exercises “Center-2019”, which will be held from 16 to 21 September, the press service of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

Trump posted a photo with the trump Tower skyscraper in Greenland

The President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter posted a photo showing a skyscraper Trump Tower, standing in the middle of one-story houses in Greenland. In the caption to the photo, the American leader promised that this will never happen.

Ukraine intends to start gas supplies from Romania

“It is expected that on January 1, 2020, a constant capacity will be created for gas imports from Romania with a volume of 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year, regardless of the volume of Russian gas transit through Ukraine,” Ukrtransgaz said.

The Russian Embassy called illegal “Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus»

The “Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus”, which appeared in the occupied territory of Cyprus, has no relation to the ROC and is non-canonical. This was reported by the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Cyprus Alla hanaeva. Information appeared in the Cypriot newspaper “Fileleftheros.”

Twitter will ban the advertising of public media

Social network for public messaging Twitter said it would ban the placement of advertising of public media. About it on August 19 reports “RIA Novosti”, referring to the statement of the company.

The Syrian army cut off the Turks access to Khan Shaykhun

Position 500 metres to the North and North-West of Khan shaykhun was occupied by the Syrian army. The Syrian army took control of the highway connecting Idlib and Hama provinces, blocking the Turkish military route to Khan Shaykhun. Earlier, Turkey sent a column to Khan Shaykhun with weapons to help the militants.

Drone Houthis attacked parade participants in Yemen

Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked a military parade of government troops with an unmanned aerial vehicle. About it reports on August 19 TV channel Al Mayadeen. The attack took place in the South of the country, in the military camp of Mas in the province of Marib

Ariete tanks first arrived in Latvia

It is indicated that the American armored unit will stay in the country for about two months, in Addition, the Italian army for the first time deployed in Latvia OBT Ariete

On 14-15 August Russian-Thai Business Forum was held in Bangkok.

The main events with the participation of Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Aleksei Gruzdev took place on August 15. And yet on August 14 a delegation of pharma companies, gathered together under the auspices of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, that was represented by the Director of FSI SIP and GP Vladislav Shestakov, conducted an interesting meeting with the representatives of the largest distributor in Thailand – the Swiss company DKSH.

The world’s purchasing power

Around the world, developing countries are taking on a large share of global purchasing power, and developed economies find it difficult to keep up.
It is expected that China will retain its first place as the country with the largest purchasing power on Earth. It is also expected that India will only rise from 3rd to 2nd place over this period of time, but will almost quadruple its purchasing power in the process.

The US President, the Donald has accused Google of manipulating the election.

“A report has just been released. Google their manipulation added from 2.6 million to 16 million votes Hillary Clinton in 2016. And this is said by Clinton supporters, not trump supporters. Google needs to be brought to justice. And my victory was even more convincing than we thought»

In August last year, the us President accused Google that at the request of Trump news in the search engine show “fake news”. In response, Google said that it did nothing to manipulate the results in favor of a particular political ideology.

Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok

19 Aug Putin and macron held talks at the residence at Fort Bregancon on the coast of Provence, which lasted more than three hours. The parties discussed the situation in Syria, Lebanon, the Iranian nuclear deal, a meeting in the “Normandy format” to resolve the situation in Ukraine, as well as fires in Siberia. Emmanuel macron at the end of the meeting with Vladimir Putin said about the future of Russia.

“I am convinced that the future of Russia is completely European. We believe in Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” the French President said.

Johnson proposed the EU new conditions Brexit

The head of the British government Boris Johnson sent to the European Council proposals for the UK’s exit from the EU. In a letter to the head of the Council, Donald Tusk, Johnson spoke out against backstop. Backstop provides for a free border between the two parts of Ireland, as well as the preservation of Northern Ireland in the Single customs Union and the single European market. According to Johnson, such conditions are contrary to the “sovereignty of the UK as a state»

Medvedev dismissed the Deputy head of the Pension Fund of Russia

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dismissed the Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund of Russia Alexei Ivanov, who is under investigation.As it is noted in the order published on the official Internet portal of legal information, the official is dismissed with the formulation “in connection with loss of trust”.

Michael rooker will star in “fast and Furious 9»

Recently it became known that Rucker will star in a series of novels by Stephen king’s “Dark tower”. Premiere of “the fast and the furious 9” will be held on 21 may 2020.

Kristen Stewart fights monsters in the trailer for the film “Under water»

The film company 20th Century Fox has published the first trailer for the film “Under water”, one of the main roles played by Kristen Stewart. The video opens with the announcement that the ship with the crew on Board is five thousand miles from land and sinks to the bottom of the ocean

Hbo has extended the “wild West World”for the fourth season.

Details of the plot of the fourth season of the series are not yet known. In the third season, the events go beyond the Park “World of the wild West”. It will premiere in 2020.

The series “the World of the wild West” is an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name. It is a story about an amusement Park for the rich, in which androids perform any whims of visitors

In Japan opened a Russian-Japanese Theatrical Olympiad

The opening ceremony of the IX Theater Olympiad was held on Tuesday in the Japanese capital, the correspondent of TASS from the reception hall “Tokyo Kaikan”. This year the Theatre Olympiad is held for the first time in two countries at the same time – in Russia and Japan.

In Krasnodar will host an exhibition of 3D-graphics “Magic moments»

The exhibition of works by Alexander Savelyev will open on August 21 in the Krasnodar art Museum named after Kovalenko. The exhibition includes about 40 works performed in the technique of 3D-graphics.

Alexander Savelyev is a wheelchair user, he graduated from high school with a gold medal at the age of 13, then received five higher educations and became a candidate of historical Sciences, the press service of the art Museum named after Kovalenko told the Internet portal “Kuban 24”.

Netflix has published the first trailer for the series “Politician»

Netflix has published the first trailer for the series “Politician”. On the tape was the authors of “American horror story” Ryan Murphy and brad falchuk. The series will be a story about a student from a rich family, who from an early age dreamed of becoming President of the country

Viola festival in Moscow

Viola is my Life viola festival in Moscow will bring together contemporary stars of authentic music. Concerts with their participation will be held in early September (10 and 14 September). At one of the performances, the English composer Benjamin Ellin will premiere his work “White Crucifixion” for viola and orchestra. In addition, one of the founders of the movement of authentic music in Moscow Nazar Kozhukhar will present at the festival the reconstruction of the Third Gambian Sonata by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Nokia to reissue another legendary touchtone phone

The company HMD Global, which owns the brand Nokia, intends to re-release the legendary model of the folding button phone Nokia 2720. The release of the remake is expected to coincide with the decade of the original device, Nokia Power User writes.

NVIDIA GeForce Now will appear on Android before the end of this year

NVIDIA has announced the expansion of the cloud gaming service Nvidia GeForce Now. It will be available to Android users until the end of 2019.

Created an OS for smartphones that is faster than Android

The American company Cloudmosa is working on the creation of a cloud operating system Puffin OS, designed for low-cost mobile devices in the price segment up to $100.

Scientists have found out how smartphones affect the brain

Using a mobile phone to distract from some complex mental task leads to the fact that the brain is not actually “rebooted”, and even more tired. Because of this, its performance decreases with further execution of the task.

Company TSMC has introduced the most powerful processor in the world Cerebras

Employees of TSMC noted that the work on the computer chip was particularly difficult, since no one had previously implemented such a thing, and at the slightest error the experiment would have ended in failure, resulting in significant wasted costs

HP has released a laptop on AMD Ryzen

HP has introduced a gaming laptop with AMD Ryzen. This is a very stylish solution with a productive filling and a very attractive cost.

Apple will release a new model of its cheapest iPad

Apple may introduce new iPad models in October, the portal reports Ixbt.com According to the resource, the new generation of tablets, judging by all the leaks and rumors, will not be just a superficial update.

The electric car Porsche Taycan will support Apple Music

According to the source, Porsche and Apple began to cooperate in order to add support for the upcoming electric car Taycan music service Apple Music. Both companies believe that such services are the next step for the automotive industry.

For the first time the structure uniting a particle and an antiparticle is shown

Teams of specialists from several countries were able to obtain a photo of particles that are at the same time antiparticles for the first time. This discovery will help in creating qubits for quantum computers. Two groups of physicists from the University of Illinois and their colleagues from the University of Hamburg worked on the discovery. For the study, a rhenium superconductor was used, which is capable of conducting electricity at a temperature of -256 degrees Celsius, without any special losses

Chinese robot AlienGo learned to do backflips

Unitree Robotics company demonstrated the new capabilities of the four-legged robot AlienGo: he learned how to do a back flip and roll to his feet, being on his back. In addition, the developers for the first time showed how the robot perceives the world with their sensors.

There is a new form of plastic contamination

Plastic is at the highest peak of the Earth and in the deepest abyss. According to new research, now he was disguised as an ordinary pebble.

At night the fish found bioluminescent marker lights

Fish large lantern (Anomalops katoptron) is able to move in flocks even at night thanks to bioluminescent signals that individuals give to each other, according to the journal PLoS ONE.

More than half of the GLONASS satellites was overdue

More than half of the orbital group of the GLONASS system operates outside the warranty period, follows from the data of the site of the information and analytical center of the navigation system. A total of 23 satellites are in orbit. Thirteen of them were put into orbit in 2007-2011.

Delivered from the moon mission “Apollo 14” stone was earth

The stone, which was delivered from the moon in the framework of the mission “Apollo 14”, was terrestrial. This was stated by Professor Alexander Nemchin from the Australian University of kertin, who studied the sample in the laboratory. The scientist found that the stone in question, hit the moon from the earth’s surface 4 billion years ago


Lamborghini sales in Russia increased 4 times

From January to July dealers of the brand sold 86 cars. In the first seven months of this year, sales of the Italian brand in the Russian market increased by 309.5% compared to the same period last year. A total of 86 new Lamborghini cars were sold in 2019.

Toyota introduced a new 10-seater minivan Toyota Majesty

Japanese company Toyota introduced a new 10-seater minibus Majesty. Being a luxury version of the Hiace minivan, the novelty is characterized by rich equipment and expensive interior decoration. In the line of the brand Majesty will stand between Hiace and premium Alphard