22 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/21/2019

I’m going to oil, let them teach me

Rosstat has made a rating of industries with the highest average monthly salaries for June this year. The results of the study are published on the Agency’s website.

It turned out that the highest wages recorded in the production of crude oil and natural gas — 173 thousand rubles.

On the second line was the salary in the production of tobacco products, which amounted to 113 thousand rubles. In third place is the activity of air and space transport with salaries of 128.4 thousand rubles.

Among the lowest wages were the areas of apparel production — 20,2 thousand rubles, production of textiles — 25,8 thousand roubles and furniture manufacturing — 26,1 thousand roubles.

Putin considered the situation in the primary health care failed

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the absence of modernization of primary health care the number of strokes and heart attacks will not be reduced, RIA “Novosti”. According to the leader, the problem is that there is a failure in the primary link.

Natalia Poklonskaya: “the Saint came in a dream and cured me»

State Duma Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya told her story of the meeting with St. Luke of Crimea, Voino-Yasenetsky. According to the politician, he came to her in a dream and cured her of the disease, which was complicated after a failed operation.

Russia and China convened the UN security Council after the rocket test US

At the request of Russia and China, the UN security Council will hold an unscheduled meeting on U.S. missile developments that violate the terms of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles. This was told by the acting permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky.

The US has been developing ground-based cruise missiles only since February, when it suspended its obligations under the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range missiles, Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Robert Carver said.

“The United States suspended the performance of its obligations under the agreement on 2 February and officially came out of it on 2 August. After the suspension of its obligations, the Pentagon began developing ground-based cruise missiles and ballistic missiles»

Rosstat has counted the expenses of the Russians for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco

In 2018, Russians spent on average 3% of total consumer spending on buying alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. According to Rosstat, most of the funds for the purchase of these goods were spent by residents of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district (5.7%).

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova offers to save

“By quitting Smoking, you can save a lot of money,” said Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. She referred to the story of the “First channel” about a man who saved 1 000 000 rubles for a year, just stopped buying tobacco.

The court refused to return to state ownership “Serdyukov’s dacha” on the Black sea.

The state VIP-residence was sold by the ex-Minister at a low price to his son-in-law Valery Puzikov. The transfer certificate signed stole 2 billion rubles the official Yevgenia Vasilyeva, Serdyukov’s girlfriend

The main achievement of the Republic of Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the Republic’s achievement the absence of oligarchs, governing the country, as well as criminals who could control certain regions. According to Lukashenka, it is the merit of the policy of the authorities and the work of law enforcement agencies.

“We have not created a class of oligarchs in the country, who not only resolve certain situations, but also rule the country. We did not allow bandits and criminals to divide the country into parts, to protect these parts, parasitizing on our people»

In March, Lukashenka demanded that the Russian authorities stop protecting oligarchs. According to the Belarusian President, big business in Russia has merged with the government, which paralyzes the development of relations between Moscow and Minsk.

Against 13 police officers who refused to disperse rallies in Ingushetia, opened criminal cases

In Khakassia opposition candidates are deprived of the right to campaign

In Accesscom district of the Republic, a scandal erupted because of the unspoken ban from the local authorities advertising companies to cooperate with opposition candidates from the Communist party and LDPR. Supposedly given the command to place a banner only on “an United Russia”.

Amendments on women’s equality began to operate in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, amendments to existing legislation relating to the equalization of the rights of women and men had entered into force. Now adult women can travel without the permission of a male relative, as well as play a more important role in family Affairs

Russia has proposed to introduce “September festive mood had embraced the capital»

The Chairman of the Duma Committee for education and science Boris Chernyshov took the initiative on the establishment of a program “September festive mood had embraced the capital.” The text of the address to the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova is available to RT.

The Communist party will appeal to the Moscow city election Commission with a complaint against videos on instagram

Previously, users of social networks drew attention to two videos from the account “Favorite city”. One of them refers to “ordinary patriots”: in the video they say that if the authorities will be “crazy liberal”, then disappear new schools and kindergartens, and the lessons of habitation will be replaced by sex education.

The second video is dedicated to those who adhere to liberal values. Tell them that can come to power, “crazy Communists”, which banned the cafes, restaurants, “the concerts of your favorite rappers,” the barbershop, “Mogol-center” and “Festival Arisha”.

Members of the Communist party plan to report them to mothersurname, according to Znak.com with reference to the candidate of Vadim Cumin

Residents of St. Petersburg angered the battle of tomatoes in the city

Users of social networks said that the battle of tomatoes “Tomatina”, which St. Petersburg staged on August 18 at the stadium “Kirovets”, can not be carried out in the city with a blockade past. Participants of the event used 20 tons of tomatoes in “Tomato”.

Every fifth working Russian fears that it will replace the robot

Every fifth (21%) citizen of the Russian Federation already sees a threat to their comfortable employment by robots, according to the figures of the latest study of the state statistics service in Russia, which were published on August 20.

The number of kiosks in Russia increased by a third

The number of objects of non-stationary trade in major Russian cities over the past three years has increased by 27%, writes “Kommersant”. These are the data of the research service “2GIS”.

In June 2016, there were 22.1 thousand kiosks, in June 2019, the number had risen to 28.2 per thousand, the Largest growth recorded in Volgograd – plus 76%, 48% increase in the number of objects in Voronezh, he has a second place. Yekaterinburg is in the third position. In the Ural capital, the number of kiosks increased by 47% in three years. The lowest dynamics in Perm (growth of 16%), St. Petersburg (13%) and Omsk (10%). In Moscow, it is also relatively low – plus 19%, in the capital there are now about 7 thousand non-stationary objects.

The Federal Antimonopoly service fined CNN

FAS fined CNN for loud sound for 200 thousand rubles, the American TV channel was punished in Russia. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) imposed a fine on Turner information programs and lifestyle LLC, which is a broadcaster of the famous American channel CNN in Russia.

In Honduras, the court found the wife of former President Lobo guilty of corruption

Rosa Elena Bonilla, the wife of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, was found guilty of corruption by a court in the capital Tegucigalpa. This was reported by the Supreme court of the Central American Republic on his Twitter page on Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning Moscow time).

China has allocated $1 billion for the toilet revolution

The Ministry of village and agriculture of China has additionally allocated 7 billion yuan (about $1 billion) for the “toilet revolution” in the villages: the mass renovation of rural closets. This is reported by the information service “Russia-China: the main thing.” In the framework of the campaign in 2018 in rural areas has ennobled the order of 10 million toilets in 2019 will be the renovation of another 12 million farm households toilets.

In Bashkiria, the management company refused to build a Playground because of the debts of residents

In Beloretsk there was a serious dispute between the management company and young parents. In the yard located on the street on July 5, the Playground became unsuitable for games of kids: everywhere sickly constructions with sticking out nails and the rotted-through wooden beams. Despite the depressing appearance and constant complaints of local residents, no one is going to change it. It turned out all because of the numerous debts for utilities. According to residents, the management company explained their inaction.

The road began to collapse before the end of repair

Residents of the Urals say that the new road Kurgan — Zverinogolovskoe destroyed already during repairs. This “URA.RU” reported kurganets Andrey Levchenko

“The new coating is worse than the old one, we used to know all the holes, and now the way is full of surprises, — says Levchenko. — The exits from the main road are not landscaped, it is impossible to Park on the side of the road. The asphalt is thin, only three or four centimeters thick, the whole road is cracked, especially badly destroyed at the edges of the roadside.”

The damage from Russian-speaking hackers Silence increased five times

From may 2018 to August 1, 2019, the cyber threat monitoring system Group-IB Threat Intelligence recorded at least 16 new attacks on banks in different countries. The victims of hackers were banks in Chile, Bulgaria and Ghana, Russian banks, banks in Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh and India.

“The damage caused by Silence since the last report has increased five times and amounted to at least 272 million rubles,” the document says.

MTS plans to close 300 cellular shops by the end of the year

MTS company plans to optimize 300 cellular shops by the end of 2019, which implies their closure. This was reported to journalists on Tuesday by the first Vice-President of the telecommunications business Inessa Galaktionova.

South Korea invests $3.89 billion in new sources of economic growth

On measures to support its economy told today in South Korea. As stated by the Chairman of the government of the country at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the government next year will put the 3.89 billion dollars in innovative industry to create new sources of economic growth

Half of the Bulgarian hotels have reduced prices for Russians

Bulgarian hotels in an attempt to save the summer moved to September prices, that is, reduced prices by almost 50% of the original. Thus, they want to increase the flow of tourists from Russia and finish the season without significant damage to the industry

In the Urals and in Siberia collapsed the price of wheat

The grain harvest of 2019 led to the collapse in the price of wheat in the markets of the Urals and Siberia, this is stated in the analysis of the company “Prozerno”.

Wheat 3 class last week in the Urals became cheaper by 300 rubles, the cost of a ton fell to 10 thousand 625 rubles, reports “Interfax” with reference to the study.

In Siberia, the price for the same volume of product fell to 9 thousand 933 rubles. Prices for wheat 4 classes in Siberia was reduced to 9 33 thousand rubles, decrease and in the Urals. There, this figure fell by 150 rubles, to 9 thousand 813 rubles.

It is noted that the same dynamics can be seen in the prices of wheat class 5.

Ukraine bought more than 300 thousand tons of coal in Colombia

Ukrainian company DTEK Rinat Akhmetov for the upcoming heating period signed a contract for the supply of more than 300 thousand tons of coal from Colombia. On Tuesday told reporters the General Director of DTEK Maxim Timchenko

The US will provide the oil market while maintaining sanctions against Iran

The United States will be able to fully meet the needs of the oil markets while maintaining sanctions against Iran, said us Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on CNBC.

Russia overtook Venezuela in oil supplies to the United States

Since 2013, Russia has reached a maximum in the supply of oil and petroleum products to the United States, surpassing Venezuela in this indicator. About it reports RBC with reference to statistics of the American Management of energy information. Now Russia provides 5.7% of American oil imports.

Russia again ceded the US position of the leader in oil production in the world

Russia at the end of June again lost the US position of the leader in terms of oil production in the world. This is evidenced by the data of JODI (Joint initiative on oil statistics). So, in June, oil production in the US amounted to 12,614 million barrels per day.

A microorganism decomposing oil into carbon dioxide and methane was found

Scientists from the Institute of marine Microbiology of the max Planck Society for scientific research (Germany) found that living in the sea at great depths of the microorganism methanoliparia (Methanoliparia) is able without the participation of bacteria to decompose crude oil into methane and carbon dioxide.

New opportunities for Turkmen gas exports to China

As you know, the Central Asia – China gas pipeline includes three parallel lines (A, B and C), running along the route Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China. The main volume of gas supplies to China – 35– 40 billion cubic meters per year.

China national oil and gas Corporation (CNPC) and joint Stock company Uzbekneftegaz have started to prepare a project for the construction of the fourth line (line D) of the Central Asia – China gas pipeline, the raw material base of which is the deposits of Turkmenistan. It will pass through the territory of Surkhandarya region, connecting the gas infrastructure of Uzbekistan with the Tajik section of the new energy highway.

Italian Prime Minister announced his decision to resign

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced plans to leave his post because of the acute political crisis in the country. His speech in the Senate on Tuesday, August 20, was broadcast by Italian TV channels

The presidents of the United States and Romania opposed the “Nord stream – 2»

The us and Romanian presidents confirmed their opposition to the Nord stream 2 project, the White house said following the meeting of the two leaders. The President of the United States Donald trump met with President of Romania Klaus Iohannis in the White house.

Trump urged Apple to leave China

Us President Donald trump on Tuesday urged Apple to move its production from China.

In the US, the organizer of the “Scam of the century” with eco-products committed suicide

A Missouri farmer Randy Constant, convicted of organizing the largest organic food fraud scheme in U.S. history, committed suicide a few weeks before being transferred to a Federal prison. The death of the fraudster was reported by coroners.

In Britain began checking the property of oligarchs

In Britain plan to seize the property of foreign oligarchs in case of revealing their ties with criminal groups, reports The Telegraph

The ban on wearing a burqa was first applied in Holland

In the Netherlands, the driver was not allowed to take the bus to a woman in a niqab — an Islamic headscarf that completely hides her face. The incident was confirmed by the transport company Arriva, the newspaper De Telegraaf. The woman refused to open the face or to leave the bus therefore on a place called the police. The guards took the woman out of the vehicle.

A ban on the wearing of garments covering the face, joined in the Netherlands in force on 1 August. It includes the niqab and burqa and operates in public places, including schools, hospitals and government offices, as well as public transport. At the same time, first the security officers must ask the violators to open the person, and in case of refusal can prohibit entry or fine in the amount of 150 euros

Alligator climbed over a high fence and entered the military base

In the U.S. state of Florida, the driver took the camera alligator, who climbed over a high fence and made his way to the air base of the city of Jacksonville. She shared the video with the reptile on her Facebook page.

The US is preparing to use nuclear systems in space

The United States will be able to use nuclear systems in space that will enhance capabilities in space exploration, as well as operational capabilities, the document says.

Trump postponed a meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark because of Greenland

Us President Donald trump postponed a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen because of her reluctance to discuss the sale of the world’s largest island of Greenland.

“Based on the statements of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen that she is not interested in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I postpone our meeting,” he wrote.

Insulted Putin journalist fired from the TV channel “Rustavi-2»

Mr. Salia explained his decision by “inconsistency of the current editorial policy with the interests of the owner”. The number of laid-off — lead author of the program Post Scriptum, and the talk show “Choice” Giorgi Gabunia. He is known for the fact that live cursed obscene words of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Journalist Playboy has filed a lawsuit against trump

CNN political analyst and correspondent for Playboy Brian brown filed a lawsuit against the President of the United States Donald trump and his press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham because of the suspension of his permanent pass. A journalist cannot be accredited to events that take place in the White house and are open to the press. His lawyer Ted Butrus said that it violates the rights of journalists, which are guaranteed by the first and fifth amendment of the US Constitution. He emphasized that the claimant demands to restore immediately action of the admission.

Japan engaged in the development of a new stealth fighter

The government of Japan plans to lay in the budget for 2020 the cost of developing a stealth fighter to replace the outdated F-2, media reported. According to the newspaper “iomiuri”, the cost of the project may exceed 1.5 trillion yen ($14 billion).

Ukrainians angered by a huge motorcade Zelensky

Ukrainian Internet users were outraged by the video with the motorcade of President Vladimir Zelensky, for which traffic was blocked on the highway. On the video, published on You-Tube-channel vnebo.com.ua, the head of Ukraine together with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returns from Babi Yar. Cars of politicians was accompanied by more than two dozen cars of protection.

“Here is your servant of the people, in all its glory,” wrote Konstantin Parko. “Where’s the bike?”— asks the user Maxim novokhatsky. “Probably, the biggest tuple from all Ukrainian tuples which were”, — Ruslan Avramenko added.

North Korea accused the US of disrupting the dialogue

“The constant hostile policy of the United States forces our country to take the necessary countermeasures to strengthen its defense in order to counter potential and direct threats… If tensions and confrontation increase, relations will not improve, there will be no constructive dialogue and no lasting peace…” – said in the publication of the Central North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun

Australia will join us military mission in the Persian Gulf

Australia will join the United States in ensuring the safety of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz and will send a limited military contingent to the Persian Gulf. This was stated on Wednesday by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, speaking to journalists in the Federal Parliament in Canberra

Yemeni Houthis said the destruction of the American drone

The rebels from the Ansar Alla movement (Houthis), who control the North of Yemen, said that their air defense forces shot down an American multi-purpose MQ-9 UAV over the province of Damar in the Central part of the country.

Ukraine is developing a heavy impact drone with Turkey

General Director of “Ukroboronprom” Pavel Bukin noted that the drone is being developed in accordance with the requirements of armed conflicts of the XXI century. UAVs will be equipped with heavy-duty ammunition, which will take it to the new “heavy” class of drones. The novelty is characterized by high-precision strikes.

The cases staged “riots at rallies” in Moscow was taken to court

The investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) has completed the investigation of five criminal cases related to protests in Moscow. This is the case of Daniel the Fugitive, Kirill Zhukov, Evgeny Kovalenko, Vladislav Tits and Konstantin Kotova.

Materials of criminal cases concerning the specified persons involved are allocated in separate production and with the approved indictment are sent to court for consideration on the merits. However, the investigation into the criminal case of the July riots continues. — Svetlana Petrenko

The opposition has applied for another rally on August 31

To the mayor of Moscow filed two applications to hold a rally on Saturday, August 31, told RBC press Secretary Dmitry Gudkov, Alexei Obukhov. According to him, in as possible options for the meeting with the number of participants to 100 thousand people declared the Sakharov Prospekt and Prospekt Mira.

Guido opposed the presence of Russian warships in the waters of Venezuela

“We did not approve of the presence of Russian warships in the country, as it would be a serious violation of the sovereignty of the country,” — said the Head of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guaido radio Union Radio.

In addition, he said that by inviting foreign warships, the government is trying to show the world that the current government has international support.

Earlier, Russian and Venezuelan defense Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Vladimir Padrino Lopez signed an agreement on visits of warships to Venezuelan and Russian ports.

In Novosibirsk, the roof of the house collapsed into the apartment where people slept

In Novosibirsk August 21, in the house №20 on 2nd street Shevtsova collapsed in the living room of the house. Nobody got hurt. A resident of the apartment, where the roof collapsed, with a young child slept in the next room. They were locked in the bedroom.

As reported, “news Novosibirsk”, the woman herself, problems with the roof of a two-storey house began during the repair of the roof. On the roof raised the materials under their weight shifted to one of the beams that held the ceiling. The day before, on August 20, there was its partial collapse. The Commission from representatives of the city hall, construction control, management company and modernization Fund visited the place. The contractor who was obliged to restore a roof, assured residents that threat of life isn’t present. And at night there was another collapse.

The Ministry of health called ways to deal with stress

Proper lifestyle and healthy diet will help to cope with stress and reduce the risk of heart disease. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the recommendations of experts of the Ministry of health.

Nuts, bananas and ginger, proper sleep, swimming and alternating periods of intensive work with rest will help to cope with stress and reduce the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease and asthma, follows from the recommendations of experts of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Keanu Reeves will return to the role of Neo in the new “Matrix»

Keanu Reeves will again play a major role in “the Matrix”. He will return in the fourth part of the cult film with Kerry-Ann moss. Director, screenwriter and producer will be Lana Wachowski – “a real visionary”, according to the Chairman of Warner Brothers Toby Emmerich.

A new film about James bond was called

The new name of the James bond film was announced on social networks. This was reported by the official Twitter account of the franchise. The new James bond film will be released on April 3, 2020. It was called No Time To Die

Spider-man will leave the movie universe Marvel

The head of Marvel Studios Kevin Faigy will not produce new films with the participation of spider-Man ‒ bosses Sony Pictures and Disney decided to complete the cooperation and not to extend the current contract. Thus, the Spider will not be able to appear in future projects from the marvel movie universe

Dan Stevens will play a Russian singer in the Comedy about “Eurovision»

According to Variety, a wonderful British actor Dan Stevens, star of “Downton Abbey” and the wonderful psychedelic telecomics from Noah Hawley, the Legion, the Beast from “beauty and the beast”, will play in the film one of the contestants. Namely, the Russian singer Alexander Nemcova, the prototype of which was Sergey Lazarev

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will host the film festival “End of the world. East»

The festival “Edge of the world” was conceived as a cinematic forum at two of the most remote points of Russia — in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Kaliningrad.
Solo project of the leader of Rammstein till Lindemann recorded the second album

The second participant of the project – also a cult musician, a man-orchestra from Sweden Peter Tägtgren, also known for his industrial metal project Pain, death metal band Hypocrisy and blacker team The Abyss.

On his instagram page, Peter wrote that Lindemann’s new album was “ready, mixed and produced.” And shared the logo. From outlining other details, however, refraining.”

Released a new trailer for the film “Rambo: the Last blood»

In a network there was a new trailer of the fighter with Sylvester Stallone “Rambo: Last blood”. This is the fifth part of the cult action franchise “Rambo”, according to “Film About”.

The band Little Big will release a joint track with Clean Bandit

This year will be a joint track Little Big and Tatarka with the British band Clean Bandit, — said the soloist of the Russian group Ilya Prusikin. He noted that the group had long planned to record joint tracks with musicians from different countries.

The head of Huawei said that the company is “between life and death»

The head and founder of the Chinese company Huawei Ren Zhengfei sent a memo to the company’s employees, in which he said that the company is “between life and death,” Bloomberg reports.

In this situation, Ren Zhengfei advises employees who are underutilized at their main work to unite in “special purpose groups” to develop new projects. Those who will not be able to bring the company more benefits, can reduce wages every few months, and even dismiss.

Sberbank launched a service to check candidates for employment

As reported in the press service of the Bank, the service “employee Verification” will be useful for small businesses, especially those companies that do not have a security service in the state. So, for ten minutes, the entrepreneur will receive information about the authenticity of the passport, waist problems with the law, fines and debts of the candidate.

Samsung will launch an official online store on Tmall

”The launch of the official Samsung store on Tmall means the expansion of the business model, in which the largest brands will independently manage their sales within the platform. According to a similar model works Tmall in China”, — commented the official press service of Tmall

Casio introduced a new model of smart watches

The Japanese company Casio has announced a new smart watch from the Pro TREK Smart line. The new model is called WSD-F21HR and is based on Google Wear.

Launched a new Internet project for easy reading of scientific books

The Russian state library (RGB) presented a new pilot Internet project “Read where it is convenient”on the basis of the National electronic library (NEB).

Oneplus TV will be presented on September 26

Indian network informant Yishan Agarwal (Ishan Agarwal) published exclusive information about the date of presentation of the first TV Chinese company OnePlus. The company OnePlus should hold a press conference on the announcement of OnePlus TV, in the last week of September, or rather in the period from 25 to 30 September this year. An anonymous, but very reliable source indicates September 26, but so far this information has not been confirmed by the developers.

Apple to launch streaming service in November

American Corporation Apple may launch its streaming service AppleTV+ this November, Bloomberg reports citing its sources. The subscription will cost $9.99, and a free trial period is also provided.

Android Pie OS received two models of Samsung tablets 2017

Samsung does not stop to please users of not the newest devices with the release of updates to the latest version of the OS. Today it became known that Android Pie with all its advantages, including the proprietary shell Samsung One UI, received tablets Galaxy Tab S3 and Tab A (2017).

Lincoln to introduce new phone As A Key technology

Smartphones have proved indispensable to modern life, mainly thanks to innovative and vital applications. In this regard, Lincoln decided to develop a new technology – Phone As A Key, which will debut on the Lincoln Aviator 2020 SUV.

September 2 Xiaomi in Russia will start selling wireless vacuum cleaner

From the second of September Xiaomi in Russia will officially start selling wireless vacuum cleaner Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. In Russia it can be bought for 17 990 rubles. Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner on one charge is able to work up to 30 minutes, and this is enough to clean a small apartment.

The vacuum cleaner works without bags, and it to filter small particles mounted HEPA filter that is able to hold up to 99.97% of dust. Vacuum cleaner suction power up to 100W. Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner will be supplied with replaceable nozzles that will allow you to clean not only the floor, but also to clean furniture, components and the computer keyboard.

HP introduced the premium level headset OMEN Mindframe Prime

HP has introduced a premium-level headset OMEN Mindframe Prime, which belong to the invoice type. The new product is equipped with 40 mm emitters.

IPhone 11 will get a new front camera

Authoritative Internet insider Ming-Chi Kuo once again told us what we should expect from the new iPhone this year. According to the expert, the iPhone 2019 will be equipped with an improved 12 MP front camera that will allow you to take photos of higher definition.

GST Gemini laptop with double touch screen

GST Gemini is called “the world’s first laptop with a dual touch screen”, presents two tablets that can be combined to work in different configurations using “proprietary software”.

Instagram will pay for the detection of programs that steal data

Representatives of the photo hosting Instagram announced the hunt for programs that steal users ‘ personal data. It is reported that the social network will pay remuneration to users who will discover and provide such SOFTWARE.

Facebook will allow users to delete data about themselves from other sites

Facebook will allow users to control and delete information about themselves, which is shared with the social network other sites and applications. This is stated in the company’s message on Wednesday, August 21.

Space radiation was safe for the brain of rats and astronauts

Space radiation does not harm the health of astronauts, but rather has a beneficial effect on the brain and can even increase mental ability and intelligence established by a group of Russian scientists.

According to the press service of Lomonosov Moscow state University, scientists could not study the impact of cosmic rays on humans, as manned flights on the ISS do not reproduce the radiation situation in interplanetary space. Experiments were carried out on the Ground on rats.

Hydrogen could be efficiently extracted from oil

Scientists have developed a scalable and cost-effective method for extracting hydrogen from natural bitumen and oil fields. The work was presented at the Goldschmidt conference in Barcelona.

The researchers found that if oxygen is injected into the layers of oil Sands, their temperature rises and H2 is released, which can then be separated from other gases by special filters.

“This method can generate a huge amount of hydrogen, leaving carbon in the earth. Working at the production level, we expect to be able to use the existing infrastructure and distribution chains to produce H2 at a price of 10 to 50 (canadian – approx. Indicator.Ru) cents per kilogram. This means that it is potentially cheaper than gasoline when refueling for an equivalent number of kilometers,” said Grant strem, CEO of Proton Technologies, which is engaged in the commercialization of this process.

The brain map showed the difference between reading and listening to books

For a long time it was believed that audiobooks are perceived by the human brain in a different way and do not carry the same benefits as the printed version. But a new work by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, has shown that whether you’re reading a book or listening to it, the information is processed in your brain in a similar way.

Discovered people, genetically different from all known until now

Researchers from McGill University published the results of scientific work on the Inuit population of the Canadian Arctic archipelago. This people, as it turned out, differs from any other unique genetic factors, some of which are associated with an increased risk of developing a cerebral aneurysm.

“We know that the peoples of the North have certain genetic characteristics that increase the risk of an aneurysm. This is the name of the bulging of the walls of blood vessels of the brain, potentially life-threatening. We analyzed the DNA of representatives of the population of Inuit of the Canadian Arctic archipelago and found some factors, including the risk of aneurysm,” canadian scientists say.

In the skin in the body that helps to feel the pain

Experts have found in the skin of mice previously unknown organ that helps to perceive and respond to certain types of pain. The discovery will help to develop effective painkillers. According to scientists, almost every fifth inhabitant of the Earth is experiencing constant pain.

The cause of memory deterioration with age is found

Researchers at umeå University have created a model that shows why memory can decline with age. As the human body ages, large arteries, like the aorta, harden and lose much of their ability to respond elastically to the sudden increase in pressure as blood is injected from the heart. Such a pressure pulsation is instead transmitted to smaller blood vessels — for example, to the brain. The smallest blood vessels in the brain — the capillaries — are subjected to increased stress, which causes damage to cells inside and around their walls.

Scientists have found out how cigarette butts affect plants

British scientists in the experiment planted a lawn of white clover and chaff. Then throughout these plant specialists scattered cigarette butts. For 1.5 months, the biomass of the roots of the chaff and clover decreased by 10% and 58%, respectively. Also, the upper part of these plants underwent a decrease. The reason for the “murder” of plants was cellulose acetate fiber, which is in the filter of cigarettes. It is not destroyed in nature and heavily pollutes the environment.

MSU scientists have estimated the toxicity of waste olive oil production

The international team of scientists, which included the staff of Lomonosov Moscow state University, studied the chemical composition of the drains after olive oil extraction and assessed their toxicity. The results are published in the journal of environmental problems Science of the Total Environment.

It was found that the waste from the production contain an increased amount of phenolic compounds toxic to the environment and humans. At the same time, the maximum permissible concentrations of zinc and iron ions are exceeded two and five times, respectively. In addition, the ratio of chemical to biological oxygen consumption has been increased, resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions.

American astronaut commented robot “Fedora»

Robots will never be able to completely replace man in space exploration, said NASA astronaut, who lived more than a year on the ISS, Scott Kelly.

Commenting on the upcoming shipment to the ISS of the Russian robot “Fedor”, before sending into space received the name Skybot F-850, the American astronaut said that in General in orbit robots can be “useful if they work” and “ideally facilitate” the life of the crew.

Astrobotic has chosen to send the first module to the moon Vulcan rocket

Private American company Astrobotic has chosen to send the first landing module of its own production to the moon rocket Vulcan Centaur (“Volcano – Centauri”), developed by the consortium United Launch Alliance (ULA).