22 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/21/2020

Microsoft forbade disabling the built-in Windows Defender antivirus

The company has restricted this option to users after installing a new Windows 10 update. Microsoft has released a new update to the Windows 10 operating system that blocks the ability to disable Windows Defender antivirus. This is reported by the ithome portal.

Moscow authorities again hid information about Nikita Mikhalkov’s income

Moscow city hall today published information about the income of theater managers, but again forgot to disclose the income of Nikita Mikhalkov, drew the attention of “Open Media”. The last time, in 2018, the host of the program “Besogon” and artistic Director of the theater of the actor declared an income of 529 million rubles.

Igor Butman, the head of the Moscow jazz orchestra, became the richest of the heads of Moscow cultural institutions (those whose incomes were published) in 2019. A member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party earned 92.46 million rubles for the year

The Russian restaurant market continued to fall in July

This was announced on August 20 by the Ministry of economic development in the document “Picture of business activity”. However, they still note some improvement in the market situation. If in June, the market turnover decreased by 42.9%, then July showed a decrease of 28.2% in annual terms.

The rate of decline in paid services to the population slowed to minus 25.5% year – on-year from minus 31.4% year-on-year.

In an interview with Trud newspaper, Lavrov spoke about Moscow’s position on a number of international issues:

  • Russia after the decline of the pandemic wants to host a new inter-Palestinian meeting
  • The mechanism for supporting the middle East settlement is de facto paralyzed due to the unconstructive position of the United States
  • Russia has no restrictions on the normalization of relations with Georgia. this is an anti-Russian card that is periodically played in Tbilisi
  • We hope that the resumption of air traffic with Georgia is a matter of the near future
  • Russia has repeatedly suggested that NATO take the path of de-escalating military tensions, but the Alliance does not show readiness for similar steps
  • Russia is watching with interest the discussions in the EU about the approach to relations with it, but does not have high expectations

Biden in a speech after officially becoming a presidential candidate

  • Trump ” plunged America into darkness”
  • Trump abdicates responsibility and promotes hatred and division
  • Because of trump, the US is the worst coping with the coronavirus
  • Promises, if elected, to lead the country out of the “age of darkness” and implement a national plan to combat coronavirus
  • “Under President Biden, America will not turn a blind eye to Russian awards for the heads of American soldiers”

Trump responded on Twitter right during this speech: “in 47 years, Joe hasn’t done anything that he’s talking about right now. It will never change, it’s just words!”

The Kremlin has banned regional authorities from artificially inflating turnout in elections

The Kremlin has banned regional authorities from artificially inflating turnout in direct gubernatorial and parliamentary elections, sources said URA.RU. This is done in order to attract the right voters and weaken the protest electorate. But it is also strictly forbidden to” dry up ” the turnout — it is necessary to emphasize the legitimacy of the plebiscite and to deflect accusations of dishonesty from the authorities, the Agency source added.

The CEC of Russia announced a possible ban on voting abroad.

To reduce the threat of repeated voting by Russians living in other countries, it would be possible to completely abandon the holding of elections abroad. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) Nikolay Bulaev.

About the availability of mortgages for Russians

Three-quarters of all housing currently under construction in Russia is purchased using mortgage loans, said the General Director of Dom during a meeting on the development of housing construction.Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko.

“Today, mortgages are available for 50% of families, but even with a zero rate, this indicator can grow to no more than 60%,” Mutko explained.

March 1, 2018, Vladimir Putin: mortgages should become available for the majority of Russian families, for the majority of working citizens, and for young professionals.

Unemployment rate in Russia

The unemployment rate in Russia, calculated according to the methodology of the International labor organization (ILO), in July 2020 rose to 6.3% of the labor force from 6.2% in the previous month, Rosstat said in a recent report on the socio-economic situation. In absolute numbers, the number of unemployed increased by 125 thousand compared to June and reached 4.731 million people. Over the year, relative to July 2019, the number of unemployed in Russia increased by 40.6%.

Number of applications for unemployment benefits in the United States

The number of Americans who made initial claims for unemployment benefits last week again exceeded the one million mark and reached 1.19 million people. This is evidenced by the weekly data published on Thursday by the United States Department of labor.

A tourist cashback program is being launched in Russia:

  • from 21 to 28 August, you need to choose a tour or book a hotel (minimum 4 nights) on mirputeshestviy. RF
  • you need to pay for your trip with a Mir card
  • all regions participate in the program, and travel dates can be any until December 20
  • you can go to the hottest destinations in the program only from October 1 – the Altai territory and the Altai Mountains, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar territory and Stavropol, Crimea and Sevastopol,
  • Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region
  • cashback will be from 5 thousand to 15 thousand rubles

Auchan sacked dozens of employees over suspected corruption

In January 2020, a compliance support Committee was established in the Russian division of Auchan.this is an internal control over compliance of the company and its employees with the law. Dozens of employees of the Russian division of the Auchan retail chain were dismissed due to suspicions of corruption, the head of the division, Johannes Tolai, told RBC in an interview.

The authorities of Kuzbas have published the order about cancellation of construction in Cerise

Head of the main Department of architecture and urban development of Kuzbass Viktor Kostikov signed an order to cancel the permit for the construction of railway tracks to the projected coal loading station near the village of Cheremza. The document was published by the regional government

As I wrote A42.RU earlier, Governor Sergey Tsivilev made a statement that the regional authorities will not support the construction of a coal loading station near Cheremza. The reason is the lack of constructive dialogue between the owners of the Kuznetsky Yuzhny section and local residents, who are not happy with the construction plans.

Capital is being withdrawn from China using cryptocurrency

The” leak ” was revealed by Chainalysis, a company that specializes in developing software for analyzing financial flows. Chainalysis data shows that $50 billion has been transferred from cryptocurrency wallets in East Asia, mainly Chinese, to wallets in other countries over the past year. Analysts cannot say with certainty that all this amount is capital flight from a country under sanctions. However, for Chinese citizens, a restriction on the purchase of currency in the amount of no more than $50 thousand has been introduced. in a year, and cryptocurrency has become the loophole that helps circumvent this barrier.

Export of agricultural products from Russia

Exports of agricultural products in Russia in the first half of 2020 increased by 18% year-on – year and exceeded $13 billion. This was reported to journalists by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Victoria Abramchenko.

Medium-sized businesses will become fully transparent for the tax service

The tax service is preparing to get remote online access to the accounting and tax reports of more than 200 Russian companies. This possibility will be opened by amendments to the Tax code prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

Russians were poorer than residents of the Baltic States

In recent years, there has been an opinion that residents of the Baltic countries live much worse than Russians. However, experts dispelled this myth by comparing wages in Russia and the Baltic States. According to Novye Izvestia, the average salary in these countries is from 1300 to 1600 euros.

In Latvia produced competitive on the world market for electrical engineering, components for computers, printers, engines and drones. Latvian-made tarragon aircraft are the fastest ultralight aircraft in the world. Forestry is successfully developing in the country. Moreover, Latvia receives wood from specially grown trees for this purpose, and not from cutting down natural woodlands.

Ukraine transferred the port of Olbia in Nikolaev to the concession

The specialized port of Olvia in Mykolaiv became the second Ukrainian sea port that was transferred to a concession of a foreign company. This was announced on Thursday the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley, reports TASS.

According to the Minister, the concessionaire of the project-Qatari company QTerminals, which manages the largest commercial port of Qatar Hamad worth more than $7 billion-will invest about 3.4 billion UAH (about $125 million) in the development of the Ukrainian port at the first stage. In total, over the 35 years of the concession, V. Krikli added, up to 17.3 billion UAH ($636 million) of investment will be attracted. At the same time, he stressed, this is one of the largest foreign direct investments in the port industry of Ukraine.

Sberbank, Yandex and MegaFon want to develop the digitalization of road transport

Sberbank, MegaFon and Yandex have declared their claims to the status of operator of the Federal digital platform for cargo and passenger road transport “Superservice 22”. This is reported by Kommersant with reference to sources.

Intel will buy back its shares from the market

Intel, the manufacturer of microprocessors, will buy back its shares from the market for a total of $10 billion. The company said that it will Finance the accelerated repurchase (ASR) with available cash. First, Intel will buy back 166 million shares, and the entire buyout under the ASR agreements will be completed by the end of 2020.

Ukraine has bought back its written off debts

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine recently announced the successful completion of the purchase on the open market of approximately ten percent of the total notional amount of its GDP-warrants-securities issued during the restructuring of the state’s external debt in 2015, the yield of which is linked to GDP growth, and the validity period expires on may 31, 2040.

The size of the national debt of great Britain

The size of the UK’s public debt in July for the first time exceeded £2 trillion (more than $2.6 trillion). This is evidenced by data published on Friday by the National statistical service of the United Kingdom (ONS). Thus the British national debt also exceeded the size of the country’s GDP last month

Link your salary to currency exchange rates

37% of employed Russians would like their wages to be linked to the dollar or Euro exchange rate. 39% are against this idea. Russians, whose salary is already linked to the currency, only 1%.

There are many more men who want to secure earnings in foreign currency than women: 46 and 26%, respectively. Young people under 24 (44%) and Russians over 45 (45%) were more enthusiastic about the idea than the average age group (32-33%). The higher the income level, the more often respondents say they want to link their income to the exchange rate: 27% among citizens with a salary of up to 30 thousand rubles and 47% among Russians with an income of 80 thousand rubles.

US and Iraq sign $8 billion energy contracts

The US and Iraq have signed energy contracts worth $ 8 billion, the us Department of energy said. In particular, Chevron and the Ministry of oil of Iraq have defined the scope of exclusive oil exploration, development and production in the province of Di-Kar.

Gazprom Neft and Zarubezhneft set up a joint venture

The joint venture will become a platform for developing and testing technologies for extracting hard-to-recover oil. The joint venture’s asset portfolio includes the Salymsky-3 and Salymsky-5 license areas in the Khanty-Mansiysk district of KHMAO-Yugra. The share of Gazprom Neft in the joint venture was 51%, and Zarubezhneft-49%.

Azerbaijan has become the main gas supplier to Turkey

Azerbaijan became the main gas supplier to Turkey, according to data published on August 19 by the analytical website Eurasia Review. From January to may 2020, Turkey imported more than 4.5 billion m3 of Azerbaijani gas. This is 20.4% more than in the same period in 2019.

Gazprom will not refuse to pay dividends due to the growing debt burden

Gazprom does not intend to use a possible excess of its debt load threshold as an excuse to avoid paying dividends in accordance with the new dividend policy, the company said. This year, the company’s net debt to EBITDA ratio may exceed 2.5 x.

The US will transfer part of the frozen funds to doctors in Venezuela

The US administration will send part of the frozen assets of the Venezuelan government for payments to doctors in the Republic who are struggling in the country with COVID-19. This was reported in the Washington Post on Thursday, August 20

Turkey decided to turn the Church of Christ the Saviour into a mosque

Turkish authorities have granted the status of a mosque to another UNESCO world heritage site-the monastery of Chora in Istanbul with the Byzantine Church of Christ the Saviour in the Fields, reports TASS

Ex-uber security chief accused of hiding hacking and data leaks

Ex-head of security service Uber Technologies Incorporated Joseph Sullivan charged with obstruction of justice by hiding from the Federal trade Commission (FTC) cyberattacks on the company that led to the leak of data of more than 57 million users and drivers of the service, according to the website of the Prosecutor’s office of the Northern district of California

The authorities of Geneva will provide tourists with money “for pocket expenses”

The Geneva authorities promised tourists 100 Swiss francs (about 92 euros or 8,100 rubles) “for pocket expenses”. It is clarified, however, that travelers should not rely on cash. According to the latest information, the funds will be held on a special prepaid gift card, with which you can pay in hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Abkhazia has allowed citizens of the LPR and DPR to cross the border with Russia

Since August 1, Russia and Abkhazia have lifted restrictions on border crossings. “In addition to citizens of the Russian Federation and Abkhazia who freely cross the Russian-Abkhazian border, citizens of the DPR, LPR and Ukraine with a residence permit in the DPR or LPR have been added,” the Ministry said.

A new Internet speed record has been set

It is worth noting that the peak speed available to users in Japan reaches 10 Gbit / s.And the maximum speed of the American connection developed by the US energy science Network is 400 Gbit / s. Earlier, it was reported that the new BTS clip gained 36 million views in a few hours.

More than half of the revenue in the global smartwatch market goes to Apple

The largest market player is Apple: the share of the “Apple” company in the first half of 2020 accounted for 51.4 % of total revenue. In other words, in monetary terms, Apple controls more than half of the global smartwatch industry

Apple has revealed the date of the iPhone 12 presentation

As reported by today News Ufa, it was completely by accident that it became known about the date of the presentation of the new line of smartphones iPhone 12 from the famous Apple company. This information is known thanks to one of the users of the AppleInsider resource. According to information from the user, a “test” video has appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel to broadcast the next event for the presentation of models. From the video, it becomes clear that the live broadcast is scheduled for the tenth of September this year. However, after all these events, the video was removed from public access.

Huawei has launched its own search engine Petal Search in Russia

Huawei has launched its own search engine called Petal Search for the Russian Federation. This was a kind of response to the United States ban on using the Google service. Now users of Honor and Huawei smartphones in Russia can download an alternative to Google in the AppGallery app.

Classic Facebook view will be disabled in September

It’s been more than a year since mark Zuckerberg first showed off Facebook’s new look, but soon it will be the only version of the site for PC users. This is the new default standard from may, but users can switch to the classic view for now.

Brand Honor has appointed an event to provide products

The event will be held as part of the IFA 2020 exhibition in Berlin, and it is already known what exactly the brand will present. The company has promised to introduce two new tablets, the Honor Pad 6 and Honor Pad X6, as well as a protected smartwatch called Honor Watch GS Pro

An archive with data from more than 200 million social network users has been published

An unsecured database of 235 million Instagram, TikTok and YouTube users has appeared on the Internet. It was discovered by Bob Dyachenko head of cyber security at Comparitech

Google has released a major update to the Google Maps app

Google has released a major update for the Google Maps app. By and large, the update is dedicated to increasing the detail and usability. From now on, maps in Google Maps will look more detailed.

Google has decided to take over the Indian job search app market

Google hopes to displace the popular social network LinkedIn from Microsoft from the market of services for job search thanks to its application Kormo Jobs, reports August 19 portal TechCrunch

Razer introduced an ergonomic mouse and mechanical keyboard

Previously, the Razer brand produced mainly office peripherals. And now the manufacturer has decided to try his hand in the field of devices for offices. The developer introduced an ergonomic wireless computer mouse for one hundred dollars, and in addition to it – a mechanical keyboard for $ 140.

In China found the remains of the ichthyosaur choking on thalattosauria

Scientists have found in China the remains of an ichthyosaur that lived in the water depths, which died due to its own voracity. According to today News Ufa, the dinosaur tried to swallow a four-meter tall talattosaurus, which ended in death

The oldest rock paintings in the UK have been found

Earlier in India, rock paintings Dating back 30 thousand years were discovered. Ancient artists used green, red and white colors. One of the drawings shows a man over a deer killed on a hunting trip.

Air-eating bacteria found in Antarctica

Most bacteria feed by decomposing organic matter or oxidizing inorganic compounds, but a few years ago scientists found traces of bacteria in Antarctic soils that can not only breathe air, but also eat it. Now genetic analysis of soils in different regions has shown that these bacteria can be distributed not only in the Antarctic, but also in the Arctic and the Tibetan highlands.

Scientists have decoded the genome of lactic acid bacteria

Employees of the research laboratory of Molecular genetics of microorganisms of the Institute of fundamental medicine and biology of KFU decoded the genome of lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus hilgardii LMG 7934. The research team was able not only to figure out the sequence of genes, but also to discover a new type of PII regulatory protein. The results are published in the journal Current Microbiology, the press service of Kazan Federal University reports.

In the US, scientists have created a material for a liquid Terminator

American researchers have developed a special polymer material suitable for creating the t-1000 Terminator from the second part of the cult film franchise. Scientist Frank Gardea notes that the development will expand the functions of unmanned aerial vehicles and various robotic platforms

The structure of the dinosaur bones held enormous weight

According to experts, the trabecular bone of dinosaurs had a special structure that allowed animals to reach gigantic sizes without any negative health consequences

Structures older than the Egyptian pyramids were found in the Arabian desert

Scientists have established the purpose of mysterious stone structures in the Arabian Peninsula. Research has shown that the age of these monuments is about seven thousand years, that is, they are older than the Great pyramids of Giza, reports the Holocene.

Baikal is included in the list of lakes where the water temperature rises

Baikal is included in the list of lakes where the water temperature rises. This is reported by TASS with reference to specialists of the research Institute of biology of Irkutsk state University. The season for covering lakes with ice in the Northern hemisphere has become a week shorter.

A capacitor with an ultra-high energy density has been developed

The resulting device has an ultra-high capacity and fast charge speed. An article about the discovery was published in the journal Science. Capacitors quickly accumulate and release electrical energy.

Scientists expect to create buildings in 3D printers from local soil

Cement production accounts for about 7% of the economy’s total greenhouse emissions, so a shift to more sustainable materials is needed to combat the climate crisis.3D printers allow you to build homes cheaper and faster, so experts considered this technology in their work.

About the situation in Belarus

Putin responded positively to the OSCE’s offer to mediate in resolving the situation in Belarus-macron

Macron said that Lukashenko reluctantly agreed to the OSCE proposal

The EU would not like to see the Ukrainian scenario repeated in Belarus-macron

We will defeat the regime together. Strike continues

Svetlana Tikhanovski released a message to the workers of Belarusian enterprises. She called for continued strikes.

The future of Belarus, and therefore the future of our children, now depends on your unity and determination. Therefore, I ask you to continue and expand the strikes. Don’t get bullied. Unite. We will make the power that has shut itself up in its palaces hear our voices, which it has stolen from us.

Our goals are simple — to stop violence, release political prisoners, and hold transparent, free and fair elections. Together we are a force. A force that no dictatorship can resist. Remember, only together can we build a country to live in.

In Belarus, the head of the MAZ strike Committee was detained

In Belarus, police detained the head of the MAZ strike Committee, Yevgeny Bakhvalov, and the leader of the strike Committee of the Minsk tractor plant, Sergei Dylevsky, was called to the Investigative Committee

The European Union called on Belarus to close the case of an attempt to seize power

The European Union calls on Belarus to stop the criminal case initiated against the coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition. This is stated in a statement by the press Secretary of the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Nabila Massrali, reports Reuters.

The Minister of defense of Belarus made a fire on the protesters

Defense Minister of Belarus Viktor Granin allowed the use of military weapons against protesters. Nasha Niva published a recording of a closed meeting with the heads of security forces that took place on August 20.

The Belarusian authorities have appointed their representatives at the enterprises

The government of Belarus has appointed representatives of the state at important enterprises, BelTA reports. We are talking about Belaruskali, Gomelsteklo, berezastroymaterialy, and Svetlogorsk pulp and paper mill.

Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to the Dzerzhinsky agricultural plant

Belsat readers tell about the upcoming visit of Alexander Lukashenko to the agricultural plant ” Dzerzhinsky»:

“I went to the territory, there are a total of about 200 people from the security service, walking with metal detectors. I was taken directly to the workplace and told to report any body movements, the ambush is complete.”

“My husband works in a factory. The number of people from the team is at least. Apparently, they brought their own. Around the police, riot police and tihari (law enforcement officers in plain clothes-approx. «Jellyfish»). Many are not allowed to work»

Lukashenko “first of all “asked whether there were” those who want to strike “in Dzerzhinsk. Hearing that there are no such people, Lukashenko said: “That’s right, we need to work. You can’t raise chickens or cows to go on strike.”

The missing employee of Belaruskali, Dmitry Kudelevich, got in touch and said that he was detained by the KGB. According to him, in the Department, he asked to go to the bathroom and escaped through an open window, writes the Village Belarus. He is currently in Ukraine. This was reported by the strike Committee of the enterprise.

The Belarusian Orthodox Church has banned its clergy from participating in protests

Tikhanovski said that he would return to Belarus, when will they feel safe

There is a rush at currency exchange offices in Minsk, people are actively buying dollars, TASS reports.

Lukashenko on the situation that is developing in and around Belarus, as well as the role of Western countries in these processes

“We were preparing this mess. And Russia was afraid of losing us. The West has somehow decided to pull us up, of course, as we see now, against Russia. Now they want to establish this Baltic-black sea corridor, a sanitary cordon – the three Baltic republics, we and Ukraine. We are one link left here, ” the head of state said.

“The US plans all this and directs it, while the Europeans play along. Said so – will do so. A special center has been created near Warsaw. We control it, we know what it does. The tracks began to clank. You see, when there is unrest nearby and tanks start moving and planes start flying, it is no accident, ” the Belarusian leader stressed.

Lukashenko refused to have a dialogue with the opposition Coordination Council

Lukashenko invited Russian journalists to the places of striking media workers in Belarus

“I asked the Russians: give us 2-3 groups of journalists just in case. This is 6 or 9 people from the most advanced television, – said Lukashenko. – And let our young people see how they work. Listen, these 2-3 groups have not yet arrived, half of those who were fasting and running around the Belteleradiocompany-back. I say, well, we’ll take it back today. Who tomorrow will take – do not accept”

Svetlana Tikhanovski held a press conference. It lasted about 15 minutes. Basic thesis:

  • Tikhanovski said he will return to Belarus when going there to feel safe.
  • She did not respond to a question about whether she would run for President in the event of a new election: “It seems premature to answer this question.”
  • The Kremlin has not contacted Tikhanovski and coordination center: “Attempts to contact me was not.”
  • Sergei tikhanovsky knows that his wife is in Lithuania: “My spouse knows that I am abroad. He’s glad we’re safe.
  • Tihanovskaya refused to comment on the video message recorded in the CEC of Belarus: “I am not ready to discuss this issue at this time.”


We are monitoring the situation very closely and are ready to provide Navalny with all necessary assistance, including asylum – French President macron

Merkel Germany is ready to provide Navalny with its own hospitals

The UN calls for an investigation if information about Navalny’s poisoning is confirmed

Germany on Friday morning sent a special medical plane equipped to transport comatose patients to take Russian opposition blogger Alexey Navalny to Berlin for treatment, the DPA news Agency reported.

The report notes that earlier the Russian side issued all the necessary permits for the transportation of Bulk from Russia. He can arrive in Germany as early as Friday and be treated at Berlin’s Charite hospital. The cost of flights and treatment will be paid by private individuals, the Agency noted.

The United States is alarmed by reports of the possible poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, if confirmed, it could affect relations between the United States and Russia, said the us President’s national security adviser, Robert o’brien.

In Novosibirsk, single pickets in support of Alexey Navalny

Action in support of Navalny. Nizhny Novgorod

In St. Petersburg on Gostiny Dvor action in support of the poisoned Alexey Navalny.

In Moscow, there were detentions at a rally in support of Alexey Navalny

Navalny will need two days to make a diagnosis, said the chief doctor of the Omsk hospital, Alexander Murakhovsky. He denies that a dangerous poison was found in the politician’s body.

Murakhovsky stressed that doctors can not allow the transportation of Navalny under the responsibility of relatives. Now the oppositionist is unconscious, he is connected to a ventilator.

The politician’s wife Yulia believes that doctors refuse to allow the patient to be transported, “so that the chemical substance that is in Alexey’s body disappears.” “He is not in very good condition and we, of course, cannot trust this hospital and we demand that he be given to us and we can treat him in an independent hospital,” Navalny said.

Doctors did not detect any poisons in Navalny’s body

Poisons in the body hospitalized in Omsk Alexei Navalny is not detected, the doctors do not believe that he was poisoned. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Deputy chief doctor of the hospital Anatoly Kalinichenko.

The police deny the discovery of the poison in the body Bulk.

“The preliminary version has not changed. We are talking about the poisoning of psychodisleptics. It will be more accurate to say after the diagnosis and conclusion of doctors,” a source in law enforcement agencies told TASS.

According to him, a criminal case has not yet been initiated, as there is no data on the deliberate poisoning of Navalny. They will be interviewed as part of the review as soon as their health status allows.

Navalny’s colleagues and relatives decided to appeal to the ECHR

Colleagues and relatives of Alexey Navalny decided to apply to the European court of human rights with a request to prohibit the Russian authorities from preventing the transport of the opposition leader to Germany for treatment

The Omsk hospital announced Navalny’s diagnosis

Doctors were able to put the politician Alexey Navalny, who is in the emergency medical service hospital (BSMP) # 1 in Omsk, a full diagnosis, but they can not tell his journalists. This was stated at a briefing by the Deputy chief doctor of the BSMP Anatoly Kalinichenko.

The attending doctor of opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who is in intensive care in an Omsk hospital, does not trust the verdict of local doctors.

“Metabolic disorders can occur with a huge number of diseases. This is a condition, not a diagnosis. Well, the sugar drop is not a diagnosis. By the way, yesterday the sugar was normal, ” Navalny’s doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva wrote on Twitter. According to her, “again they hold us for idiots: they say clever General words, but they can’t determine the cause of the coma and the diagnosis.”

The chief doctor of the Omsk hospital for two hours completely changed his opinion on the condition of Alexey Navalny.

  • We DO not believe that the patient suffered poisoning
  • The patient’s condition is unstable
  • We have a diagnosis, we have complications. But we won’t tell you.
  • In the office of the chief physician there are always people in civilian clothes.