23 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/22/2019

In Russia proposed to reduce income tax for mothers with many children

In Russia, it was proposed to increase the standard tax deduction and reduce the income tax for working mothers with many children from 13 to 4%. With the corresponding initiative was made by the Deputy of the state Duma Victor Zubarev. The text of the appeal to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov is available to RT.

In the US warned about the dangers of washing chicken before cooking

In the US Housewives warned about the dangers of washing raw chicken before cooking. The statement of the Department of health published on the official website of the American government

Experts believe that washing raw Turkey and chicken in meat accelerates the process of reproduction of bacteria. Hot water can not kill Salmonella, but dangerous microorganisms spread in the kitchen and dishes, increasing the risk of infection

Putin said that Russia can do without the Council of Europe

Vladimir Putin answered a question from the press following talks with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. The journalist who asked Putin said that the suppression of unauthorized rallies in Moscow during the recent protests does not comply with the rules of the Council of Europe.

“We’re not going there. If they do not want to see us there, we are ready to do without it. But then those people whose interests you show such tender care, will not be able to apply to the ECHR. I do not think that this is the best way to build a United Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” the Russian President explained.

Football players do not pay taxes

The Russian “football player” Pavel Mamayev, currently serving a sentence in the colony, found a debt for tax evasion. About it reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to the Federal bailiff service, Mamayev will have to pay more than 434 thousand rubles after he leaves the penal colony. It is noted that the Cheremushkin court ruled to recover from the player “arrears in property taxes, as well as transport tax” in 2018. All this time the athlete didn’t pay taxes.

Putin answered the question about his plans after 2024

During a press conference in Helsinki, Vladimir Putin was asked in what position he sees himself in 2025. The response of the Russian President was quoted by RIA Novosti.

“As for 2024, it is too early to talk about it. Today is still 2019”, – said the head

The Ministry of Finance did not support the increase in the threshold of sale of alcohol

“Under the Constitution, citizens from the age of 18 can fully exercise their rights, which is associated with the achievement of physical and psychological maturity,” Izvestia reported, citing the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier it was reported that the initiative to increase the threshold of alcohol trade was made by the Ministry of health. The Agency has found the support of the Ministry of interior, the Ministry of education, Ministry of education, Ministry of industry, Ministry of labor, the sports Ministry, defense Ministry, Federal service and Federal Agency for youth Affairs.

Operation of the SSJ100 aircraft is not economically profitable, confirm the FAS data.

The cost of operation of the only Russian medium-range airliner SSJ100, due to the crash of which in Sheremetyevo on the flight of Aeroflot on may 5, 41 people were killed, is almost twice higher than when using foreign aircraft analogues. The difference leads to an increase in the cost of tickets in a number of areas where the Superjet flies.

According to the FAS, the average price on routes where passengers are transported on the Superjet is 20% higher than on similar routes with foreign equipment.

It is indicated that the problem with the constant failure of the aircraft and the lack of spare parts has not yet been solved. Most of the time the planes are idle waiting for repairs.

Where you work the most hours

In Mexico, the average worker works the most per year, spending more than 2,200 hours. South Korea ranks second with just over 2000 hours of operation. The United States is only 34 hours above the average, while the average German worker has about 1,356 average annual working hours, which is 390 hours below the average.

650 million rubles in order to prepare for the summits of SCO and BRICS

As the correspondent of RIA “New Day”, Chelyabinsk city hall continues to spend budget funds, hiding behind the preparation for the SCO and BRICS summit, the main part of which will be held not in Chelyabinsk, but in St. Petersburg

Another dubious purchase of officials was found by members of the initiative group “Chelyabinsk urbanist”: 650 million rubles, the city authorities intend to spend on the repair of decorative light illumination of highways in order to prepare for the SCO and BRICS summits. In other words, to buy light bulbs. Separately, we note that usually the content of road lighting is engaged in LLC “Gorsvet”, affiliated with the Chairman of the Chelyabinsk city Duma Stanislav Mosharov.

Britain against Russia’s participation in the G7 format

“As for Russia and the G7. I know that certain steps are being taken to return Russia,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

“Given what happened in Salisbury, given the use of chemical weapons in British territory, given the ongoing instability, civil war, war in Ukraine, given Russian provocations in many other parts of the world, I think it is too early to talk about Russia’s return to the G7,” said the British Prime Minister.

Johnson said that his opinion coincides with the position taken by Merkel.

Emmanuel Macron clarified his position on the return to the G8 format

“In the future, Russia’s return to the G7 will be relevant… We know that a necessary precondition for this is to develop a solution for Ukraine on the basis of the Minsk agreements,” macron said.

Zelensky commented on the possibility of Russia’s return to the G8

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Facebook commented on the possibility of Russia’s return to the G8. According to him, this will be possible only after the “return” of the Crimea and the end of the conflict in Donbass

Medvedev raised the issue of a 4-day working week before the Ministry of labor

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of labor to present its position on the prospects for the introduction of a four-day working week in Russia. As stated in the document, the Ministry of labor should work on the issue of “introduction in the future of a four-day working week.” Officials will assess the impact of its impact on the economy, including labor productivity and the social sphere.

Moscow metro files a lawsuit against the opposition

The Moscow metro followed by Mosgortrans, the state motor roads and some private entrepreneurs submit the claim to the opposition, Navalny, Yashin, and others.. demanding to compensate for the losses allegedly incurred due to the July-August rallies. In total, fines have already been issued for more than one million rubles. And claims filed for $ 13 million.

Translations and their cost

In 2019, migrants ‘ remittances to low-and middle-income countries will reach $0.55 trillion, exceeding the inflow of foreign direct investment. Russia is among the largest senders, and the cost of transfers from Russia is the lowest in the world.

Half of Russians do not know the order of flowers on the Russian flag

According to the results of the survey, 84% of Russian citizens feel pride, admiration or sympathy at the sight of the Russian flag, 81% — the emblem, 85% — at the sound of the national anthem.

87% of Russians correctly named the colors of the Russian flag. However, only 50% of the respondents listed tricolor colors in the correct order.

The first line of the words of the national anthem was exactly reproduced by 17% of Russians. Called the first line of the anthem, but made a mistake in the words of 40% of Russians. 42% found it difficult to answer and could not remember the first line of the anthem

At the same time, the majority of Russian residents 53% are of the opinion that ignorance of the state symbols is unacceptable under any circumstances.

Moscow authorities refused to ban phones in schools

Moscow authorities do not consider it necessary to ban the use of phones in schools. But students need to be taught to benefit from mobile, said the Deputy head of the Moscow Department of education Alexander Molotkov, reports TASS.

The Prosecutor’s office revealed 4000 corrupt officials for half a year

More than 4,000 individuals, officials and legal entities have been brought to administrative responsibility in Russia for committing corruption offenses. They were identified by prosecutors

All surgeons of the hospital in the Urals wrote a letter of resignation

All surgeons of city hospital No. 1 of Nizhny Tagil, the second largest city of Sverdlovsk region, wrote applications for dismissal, reported IA “All news”. Earlier without doctors of this specialization there was a Demidovsky city hospital

In the center of the Blokhin has denied the information about mass reduction

In the National medical research center of Oncology Blokhin in Moscow commented on the information on the Internet about the alleged future reduction of more than 700 employees.

The press service of the medical institution “Interfax” assured that mass layoffs of doctors are not planned. At the same time, they reported that now “there is a planned reduction in vacant rates, which were formed in the last century.”

The radiation-infected doctor was told that he “ate a lot of Fukushima crabs”

The doctor of the Arkhangelsk regional hospital where treated victims at explosion on the ground near Severodvinsk, declared that the radioactive cesium-137 found in its organism appeared after a trip to Thailand.

“Where Thailand, there and Japan. You just “ate Fukushima crabs” there, he was told during the examination at the Federal medical center named after Burnazyan in Moscow. About this “Medusa” told his colleague Pavel Kovalev (name changed).

Principled employee of the airline “Victory”

The passenger flying to Cheboksary for the funeral of relatives, employees of Pobeda Airlines first offered Valentina (this is according to the rules) to pull out of the bag oversized things. And then when she laid it all out, they just wouldn’t let her on the plane. The girls said that the landing was over and the gate is now closed. They didn’t care that the woman was on time. For crying Valentin said the eyewitnesses, one of them was to remove the scandal in the video – then an employee of “Victory” called the police. They never let the woman on Board.

Sberbank is negotiating the purchase of 2GIS

Sberbank is negotiating to buy a map service 2GIS, said familiar with the plans of the Bank sources RBC. In the latest ranking of the most expensive companies of Runet, compiled by Forbes magazine, 2GIS ranks eighth, its cost is estimated at $243 million (16, 2 billion rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on August 21).

Every fifth Russian believed in his influence on the decisions of the authorities

A fifth of Russians (19%) believe that they can influence government decision-making in the country (3% — “definitely Yes”, 16% — “to some extent Yes”). This is evidenced by a survey of the Levada center.

31% of Russians believe that they can influence the decisions of local authorities — in their region, city or district (6% — “definitely Yes”, 25% — “to some extent Yes”).

79% of Russians do not believe in their influence on government decision-making in the country (33% — “probably not”, 46% — “definitely not”). In its region — 66% (29% — “probably not”, 37% — “definitely not”).

Most of all believe that the authorities can be influenced, young citizens. Among people aged 18 to 24 years, 31% and 44% expressed confidence in this (in the authorities in the country and in the regions, respectively), older than 55 years — 16% and 25%.

The highest rates are also observed in people with higher education — 22% and 34% against 17% and 26% of respondents with lower secondary education.

The survey was conducted from June 27 to July 4 on a representative all-Russian sample of urban and rural population among 1608 people aged 18 years and older in 137 settlements. The study was conducted at home by a personal interview.

South Korea refused to exchange intelligence information with Japan

South Korean authorities will not extend the General military information security agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan. This is reported by Yonhap News, citing representatives of the National security Council of the country.

“The government has decided to stop the exchange of intelligence information with Japan. The government of Japan will receive notification of this decision through diplomatic channels, — said Secretary General Kim Yu Geun. — Japan could not explain the reasons for the exclusion of South Korea from the “white list”, which ultimately led to significant changes in the sphere of defense cooperation between the two countries.

Ukrainian banks for 7 months increased net profit by 3.7 times

Solvent banks of Ukraine for seven months of 2019 received 36.7 billion hryvnia (more than 1.4 billion dollars) profit, which is 3.7 times more than in the same period of 2018, said Thursday the national Bank of Ukraine.

Poland’s Prime Minister advocated the creation of a new NATO base in the country

Poland needs a new long-term NATO base on its territory, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki the media group Funke. The head of the Polish government called for the deployment of an additional number of us troops.

Companies related to Prigogine, received a contract in the amount of 34 billion rubles.

34 billion contracts for the same amount from the received structures associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin. Now the billionaire’s companies are also responsible for orphans, the mentally ill and the disabled.

The airline “Russia” may be deprived of the opportunity to fly from “Pulkovo»

The management company of the St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport “Air gates of the Northern capital” (VVSS) warned the airline “Russia” about the possible termination of flight service due to the advance debt. However, the final decision has not been made yet, the press service of the operator of the airport “Air gates of the Northern capital”told Rosbalt.

“Magnet” will open its own network of liquor stores

Food retailer Magnit plans to develop its own network of alcohol stores under the brand “Magnit Vecherniy”. About this newspaper “Kommersant” told the press service of the company. The first store under this sign will open in Samara.

The Ministry of transport will create a unified system for monitoring bus traffic

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation plans to create a unified Federal system for monitoring and control of long-distance bus passenger traffic by the end of 2020. Information about this is published on the official website of the Department.

In St. Petersburg and cities of Siberia will be unmanned trams

Russian developer of unmanned systems Cognitive Technologies, which launched earlier in Moscow the project of the unmanned tram plans in the winter to begin to replicate it in other cities of Russia, the interest in this show in Saint-Petersburg and in Siberia, told about it in interview to RIA Novosti the President of the company Olga Uskova.

In Moscow city hall explained the frequent repair of roads

RBC found that 130 streets of the capital over the past four years, the repair took place two or more times. According to the documents of the city hall, replacement of asphalt on large roads should be no more than once in three years, on small streets — once in 4-5 years

A large volume of road repairs in Moscow is associated with concern for transport security, said RBC head of the Department of overhaul of the capital city hall Alexei Eliseev. It is the safety of the city authorities explain the introduction in Moscow of the repair cycle, according to which about a quarter of the area of all road facilities should be repaired every three years. The main reason for the frequent replacement of asphalt on the streets of Moscow Eliseev called the formation of transverse irregularity — rut.

Eight children died in a month due to lack of medication

Director of the charity Fund “House with a lighthouse” Lida Moniava said that from her list for the month died eight children who have not received the necessary drugs, due to the fact that Russia has not registered a number of foreign drugs

Our list changes every day, children die, new patients appear,” she said, adding that a single purchase of these drugs by the government in October will not solve the problem. According to her, children will not be able to tolerate until October and parents will continue to buy drugs illegally, at their own risk.

The media learned about the plans of the Ministry of Finance to raise taxes on the oil industry

The Ministry of Finance of Russia can increase the tax on mining, oil to compensate for 600 billion rubles of benefits developing Priobskoye field “Rosneft” and “Gazpromneft”, reports August 22, “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

The forest service estimated the damage from forest fires in 7 billion roubles

Economic damage from forest fires since the beginning of this year amounted to about 7 billion rubles, said the acting head of the Federal forestry Agency Mikhail Klinov, RIA “Novosti”. According to Klinov, the total area of burning forests in Siberia is 1,121 million hectares, of which 1,013 million are hard-to-reach areas.

He noted that it is not yet possible to assess the damage accurately, since “it is necessary to survey the places covered by fires to understand whether the plantations have died and whether they need restoration, to determine the quantity and quality of the affected wood.” Klin added that the situation with fires is beginning to stabilize.

Australia intends to ban binary options, limit Forex and CFD trading

The Australian securities and investment Commission (ASIC) published a document on Thursday 22 August that also addresses severe restrictions on trading foreign exchange CFDs (contracts for differences).

The regulator claims that Australian citizens in the online trading of binary options and CFD contracts lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Both types of investment are not much different from gambling, according to ASIC, and voice such statistics: on binary options trading Australians in 2018 lost 490 million dollars.

“The measures we propose actually mean that binary options will no longer be legally available in Australia to retail customers,” the Advisory document published by ASIC says.

Promsvyazbank withdrew from reporting data on premiums and gold reserves

Promsvyazbank (PSB) removed from the site IFRS statements for the first six months of 2019, published on August 20, and then returned it with the seizure of information. On the morning of August 21, the document was available in the relevant section on the PSB website, but by lunchtime the link to it had disappeared.

“Rosatom” intends to build icebreakers “Leader” on concession

State Corporation Rosatom proposes to build a series of nuclear icebreakers “Leader” for the Northern sea route by concession. This issue was discussed at the end of July at a meeting of the interdepartmental working group on the organization of financing of their construction.

Credit card holders have become more likely to buy food in debt

People buy food in installments for two reasons, says a senior researcher at the Institute of social analysis Ranepa Dmitry Loginov: either because of lack of money for food, or because of the financial benefits, because some cards suggest an interest-free period, increased cashback or discounts.

Utair completed the restructuring of bonds

To date, Utair has already completed the restructuring of bonds and is discussing with banks the terms of restructuring loans that will suit all parties, — the message reads.

Saudi Arabia is in need of a sharp rise in income

Per capita income among OPEC member countries is half of the indicators that were recorded in 2008, and the prospects for its growth is not yet to speak. EIA predicts that the average per capita income in 2020 will be only $1065 in real terms. Apart from the 2016 minimum, this would be the lowest since 2003 – not much for three years of supply cuts for OPEC and its new partners. The world of OPEC has changed beyond recognition. Many of its members are in a deplorable situation, lacking the resources to remedy the situation. This is now the biggest risk that hangs over the world oil market. And that’s a compelling reason to give up expectations and just make some money.

Brazilian authorities intend to privatize 16 state-owned companies

The Brazilian authorities announced the privatization of 16 state-owned companies as part of the partnership and investment program. According to the Globo TV channel, the total value of the entire package of assets, taking into account the added positions, according to the head of the civil office of President Onyx Lorenzoni, will exceed 2 trillion reais ($500 billion).

The Central Bank has the right to block the sites of scammers without trial

The Central Bank will be able to start blocking the sites of pyramids and fraudulent financial organizations in the autumn. This “news” was told by the heads of the relevant committees of the state Duma and the Federation Council Anatoly Aksakov and Nikolai Zhuravlev — the authors of the bill, fixing the regulator such right.

The mayor took the decision to raise the city surcharges to pensions

The Moscow government plans to raise the minimum pension for non-working pensioners in the near future. This was announced on Wednesday the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin during a visit to Zelenograd.

The Ministry of construction urged the regions with the calculations of the salaries of construction workers

The Ministry of construction said that the regions are in no hurry to provide the reporting necessary for the reform of construction pricing. Only 11 regions provided economically sound data on the level of wages of the first and fourth category construction worker, which should form the basis of the reform.

Unfortunately, to date, we have received data from only 11 regions. This means that we can build up a picture throughout the country”, – said journalists the Deputy Minister of construction, housing and utilities of the Russian Federation Dmitry Volkov.

With the monitoring of the cost of materials, machines and mechanisms the same situation.

“Things are not better here. Only 10 regions for which we are close to publishing this index. Count this year will still have to” – added Volkov.

Trump announced plans to cancel citizenship by birth in the United States

The white house is considering abolishing the automatic granting of U.S. citizenship to all those born in the country, even if their relatives are not citizens of the state. This was reported to journalists by President Donald trump, reports Reuters.

“We are very seriously considering granting citizenship by birth right when a child appears in the United States. You cross the border, give birth to a child — and congratulations, now this child is a us citizen. This is frankly ridiculous,” the President said.

Small business is lured to the stock exchange

The economy Ministry extends subsidies of the IPO companies are small businesses — the Agency has already distributed 5.8 million RUB between the first applicants and explained the procedure for access to another 300 million rubles, applications for them in the Ministry of waiting until 1 October. Payment by the Federal authorities of part of the SME’s expenses for placement of shares and bonds on the stock exchange, as well as subsidizing up to 70% of the coupon income payments are designed to give SMEs new sources of financing — according to the Agency, the already allocated subsidies will attract up to 1.3 billion rubles.

The head of the Pentagon proposed to include in start-3 all new weapons of Russia

Pentagon chief mark Esper said that in case of extension of the strategic arms reduction Treaty (start-3), it should include all new weapons of Russia.

So as people are talking about the new Treaty on the reduction of strategic nuclear weapons, we are saying, look, if the extension of the contract start-3, we have to ensure that it included all the new weapons, which tends to Russia. — Mark Esper, American politician

Mortgage debt of Russians exceeded 7 trillion rubles

In January, the total amount was 6.4 trillion rubles, but by the beginning of July exceeded seven trillion. More than a third of all mortgage debt of Russians (36 percent) falls on Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg

Cost of a set of products in Venezuela

A set of products for a month for a family of five people in Venezuela rose in July to 3.24 million bolivars (about $220), which is 81 minimum wages. Such data was published on Wednesday by the Center for documentation and social analysis of the Federation of teachers of the South American country, which monitors the situation in this area.

The Bank of Russia has established a basic level of Deposit yield for September

The basic level of profitability of demand deposits is determined taking into account the contracts of the Bank account, specified in the materials of the Central Bank.The basic yield of deposits in rubles decreased by 0.041—0.19 percentage points.

The state debt of the Saratov region remained at the level of 47.9 billion rubles

The state debt of the Saratov region remained at the level of 47 billion 957 million 664 thousand rubles. Such data on August 1 is published by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. According to the document, the structure of the national debt for the month has not changed.

Since the beginning of the year, migrants transferred to Kyrgyzstan over $1.1 billion

More than 90% of remittances come to Kyrgyzstan from migrant workers working in Russia. In the first half of this year, they transferred $ 1 billion 104.6 million (72.9 billion rubles) to the Republic.

Rosneft’s net debt increased

Net debt of Rosneft at the end of April-June 2019 reached $45.7 billion, while at the end of the quarter of this year it amounted to $43.9 billion at The end of last year, the company’s net debt was $41.1 billion, Interfax reports»

“Rosneft” has transferred the export contracts payment in euros

Rosneft informed its customers that it is transferring new contracts for the export of petroleum products to be paid in euros, Reuters reported, citing five sources in the industry. According to them, this measure reflects Rosneft’s attempts to reduce the negative impact of possible us sanctions.

Rosneft increased oil supplies to Asia by a third

Rosneft increased oil supplies to the Asian market in January-June 2019 by 35.4% compared to the same period last year – to 37.1 million tons, according to the company’s materials.

Secondary housing has risen in price in St. Petersburg by 6%

According to experts of the group of real estate companies Active, for seven months from the beginning of this year in the real estate market in St. Petersburg, prices for secondary housing increased by 6.36%, which amounted to 7,258 rubles per square meter.

Trump criticized Denmark for small spending on NATO

American leader Donald trump criticized the Danish government because of insufficient, as he believes, the cost of this country in NATO. The us President wrote on Twitter on Thursday, August 22. Denmark invests only 1.35% of GDP in NATO’s defense spending, trump said.

We are defending Europe, and only eight of the 28 allies are at 2 per cent. — Donald trump, the 45th President of the United States

The us army is looking for authors for a book about the Vietnam war

“Management of U.S. Contracting in Warren is issuing this market survey to enter into a contract with the author, who will be able to take on information gathering and writing and editing comprehensive manuscript on the topic of the operations of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war in the period from October 1968 to June 1970,” reads the description of the project “book about the war in Vietnam”.

In the course of the study, the author will have access to secret data, as well as documents of the Military-historical center of the us Army.

China is forced to change its military strategy against the background of the destabilizing role of the United States

The Chinese government is forced to adjust its national defence strategy to take into account the ever-increasing destabilizing role of the United States on the world stage. This was stated on Thursday, the head of the center for The study of wars of the Academy of military Sciences of China Chen Jundi.

“The problem of ensuring international security is of great interest to almost everyone. It is obvious that the instability and unpredictability of the situation in the world is constantly increasing, – he said, speaking at a press conference. – The modern world is not completely peaceful – this is mainly due to the United States, which make adjustments to its state strategy of defense and security.”

In Britain will shoot a documentary about Putin

British channel 4 announced the beginning of filming a documentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The tape will be called “Putin: the history of the Russian spy” and will be divided into three series. This is stated on the website of the channel on Thursday, August 21.

After the city of Lugansk in the Donetsk raised the Russian flag

In Donetsk raised the Russian tricolour instead of the flag of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR). This is reported by the portal “Russian spring”. The flag was noticed on the main square of the city above the building of the People’s Council of the Republic.

Iran has presented its own production of SAM “Bavar-373»

Tehran August 22 presented the anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Bavar-373”, which is considered in Iran more advanced system than the S-300, the complex was officially presented on Thursday in the day of the Iranian defense industry by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, follows from a message published on its official website.

Israel struck from aircraft on the Gaza strip

Israeli fighters attacked the Gaza strip. This is reported by the army press service, reports TASS. It is noted that Israel has twice struck military targets in response to the launch of a missile on the territory of the country.

Nationalists in Belgium offered Trump to buy Wallonia for 1 Euro

Belgian nationalists are ready to cede to the us President Donald Trump the French-speaking part of their country Wallonia for just 1 Euro. A statement was published on Twitter by the youth wing of the Belgian party “New Flemish Alliance”.

“Dear President trump, one Euro and the Walloon is yours. Call us,” the message said.

The Syrian army took Khan shaykhun

The government army of the SAR occupied Khan Shaykhun, now the city is cleaning and demining, told RIA Novosti Syrian field source. Earlier it was reported that the Syrian army took under fire control Khan Shaykhun, taking key positions around the city and cutting off the supply of militants

Shoigu said the tense situation on the Western borders of Russia

Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu assessed the military and political situation on Russia’s Western borders. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. According to him, the situation in these territories remains tense. He stressed that Russia is implementing a set of measures to neutralize the emerging threats.

Australia will join us mission in the Strait of Hormuz

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that his country will join the United States in ensuring the safety of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz and will send a limited military contingent to the Persian Gulf.

The defendant in the “Moscow case” was accused of using violence against employees of Regardie

The consequence claims that Ivan podkopayev sprayed pepper spray towards fighters and caused harm to their health. This writes the site “ATS-info”. Podkopaev himself did not deny that this episode took place. Its business is allocated in separate manufacture.

The defendants in the case of mass riots initiated after the action on July 27 in Moscow were more than 10 people.

Kudrin stood up for the detainees and victims at rallies in Moscow

Chairman of the accounts chamber (JV) Alexei Kudrin on Twitter expressed his attitude to the situation around the protests in Moscow related to the elections to the Moscow city Duma.

At the protests in Moscow, which were held because of the refusal of independent candidates for admission to the elections to the Moscow city Duma, law enforcement agencies used unprecedented force, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin in his Twitter.

He supported the request of the human rights Council (HRC) under the President to verify the circumstances of the use of force against the participants of these actions.

Trump promised to return the terrorists captured in Syria to Europe

Us President Donald trump said that the country will return the terrorists captured in Syria to their countries of origin, including the EU States.

“We defeated one hundred percent of the Caliphate in Syria. We hold thousands of captured ISIS terrorists (the organization is banned in Russia)*, — the American leader said

Merkel rejected the Johnson in the revision of the agreement on Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that negotiations on the Brexit agreement will not be resumed, reports Reuters. The statement was made at a press conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after his arrival in Berlin

Vice-President of Venezuela, gave words of gratitude to Putin, Maduro

Executive Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez on Wednesday, August 21, met with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. During the conversation, she said that the President of the Bolivarian Republic Nicolas Maduro betrayed gratitude to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

“I brought with me the personal gratitude of our President Maduro to President Vladimir Putin, you, your government, your people for the support you provide to our country,” Rodriguez said.

Released a trailer for the drama about sexual harassment in Fox News

The first teaser film Bombshell appeared with Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in the lead roles. Theron played TV presenter Megyn Kelly, Kidman got the role of Gretchen Carlson, and Robbie — Executive producer of the news channel Fox News.

Casey Affleck made a film about a world without women

Casey Affleck made a post-apocalyptic film “the Light of my life.” This writes Movie Maker. It is noted that the Director himself played a role in the film. The premiere of paintings in Russia will take place on August 22.

The film tells the story of a world without women. In the film, women die EN masse from an unknown disease. The picture shows a world that belongs to men, and the few surviving women with immunity live as refugees in closed, protected bunkers.

Erdogan said the date of the summit of Russia, Iran and Turkey

Earlier, Syrian aircraft struck an armed Turkish convoy. This happened after Damascus suspected Ankara of helping the militants holding the city of Khan Shaykhun – one of the key settlements in the de-escalation zone of Idlib. Turkey, in turn, calls the illegal actions of Syria.

It became known about the film adaptation of the new film based on the novel by Stephen king

The new project will be a film adaptation of the work “the Girl who loved Tom Gordon,” writes The Hollywood Reporter. The head and Director of the project was Chris Romeo. At the moment, we are looking for a screenwriter for the film.

This is the story of a nine-year-old girl lost in the woods. She has to suffer from hunger and thirst. After a while, she has obsessive thoughts. She began to notice that someone was watching her. She is haunted by the God of the lost. Cope with the fears of the lost helps basketball player Tom Gordon, who is a hallucination.

In Bulgaria, an exhibition dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde

The organizers of the exhibition are the Union of artists of Tatarstan, the Union of artists of Russia, the Institute of history. Sh. Marjani RT Academy of Sciences, Bulgarian state historical and architectural Museum-reserve.

The Russian arts festival kicks off in Deauville

The festival of Russian art opens on Thursday at the famous French resort of Deauville. The show, which will be the second in a row, will last until August 24 and will be dedicated to the legacy of Russian composers who created music for the ballet – from classic to modernity, said TASS General producer Veronika Bogatyreva.

“Russian art festival in Deauville is a cycle of cultural, educational and entertainment events, United by one theme: Russian contribution to world culture”, – said the interlocutor of the Agency.

Two performances of Die Antwoord was cancelled because of a homophobic scandal

The leaders of the group Die Antwoord Ninja and yolandi appeared in the centre of a homophobic scandal that has already caused the cancellation of the ensemble’s performances at the festivals of Louder Than Life in Louisville and Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas.

Xiaomi will close its mi Mix line

Xiaomi company in China fought for the rights to the trademark Mix, but as a result lost the court, and therefore in the future it will not be able to produce mi Mix smartphones. Previously, there were rumors about the closure of the line, but they were not justified

Apple has begun to test the Chinese OLED screens for iPhone 12

When the test is over and the results are available, BOE may acquire the status of a second display vendor for Apple. This will help the cupertinos to reduce costs and to reduce dependence on Samsung, which is currently considered to be their main supplier. BOE is the world’s largest manufacturer of large LCD screens and already produces them for iPad and MacBook. There is a rumor that the company will be responsible for the production of flexible screens for Apple. BOE is even building a new plant, which plans to organize under the requests of Apple.

Chrome and Firefox will prohibit the authorities of Kazakhstan to monitor users

Google and Mozilla intend to add to their browsers Chrome and Firefox features that will allow users from Kazakhstan to avoid surveillance by the authorities. On 21 August according to the portal Engadget

Cybershoes device will allow you to walk in virtual reality

Virtual reality, despite all its advantages, is still the lot of geeks and technomaniacs. Alas, the technology does not allow to fully emulate the whole set of sensations. However, some developments in this direction are

The first Core i9 with TDP 35W: Intel Core i9-9900T went on sale

In a series already have a basic model of Core i9-9900, option for enthusiasts Core i9-9900K, the version with the disabled GPU Core i9-9900KF, on the approach of the mysterious Core i9-9900KS. Well, now on sale, we can say, the weakest representative of the series — Core i9-9900T with TDP 35 W

Huawei will release a cheaper version of Honor 20 in the fall

In September, there will be a more affordable version of the smartphone Honor 20 using the processor Kirin 810. At the moment, the corresponding line of devices is represented by only 2 models: 20 and 20 Pro. Both are used as computational power module chip Kirin 980.

China has successfully tested its most powerful permanent magnet generator

China has successfully passed the acceptance test of a 10 MW direct-drive permanent magnet generator for coastal wind turbines, and now it is ready for sale, Xinhua news Agency reported on August 21.

Nokia promises the cheapest 5G smartphone

In a recent interview with Digital Trends, Director of products HMD Global Juho Sarvikas (Juho Sarvikas) promised that next year in the US will be released a much more affordable Nokia 5G, which will cost about half of the existing 5G-smartphones.

New all-in-ones Dell Inspiron has got a retractable WEB Cam

All-in-ones differ in design. At the same time, both new items are equipped with a retractable web camera that hides inside the case: this eliminates the possibility of covert surveillance
Xiaomi introduced a tablet for $6 with autonomy 365 days

The company Xiaomi released a tablet for drawing Mijia Digital LCD with a stylus included. The main feature of the new item is a huge battery life – 365 days. Features Mijia LCD Digital is offered in 10-inch and 13.5-inch form factor.

G. Skill released a keyboard with mechanical keys for $ 50

The keyboard is equipped with a removable USB cable, which is designed for easy replacement in case of wear. MX KM360 is equipped with white backlight, which has five brightness levels (from 0 to 100%). The novelty has a durable keyboards and Cherry MX switches, 50 million keystrokes.

Wireless headphones Human

After nearly five years of development, Seattle-based technology startup Human has released wireless headphones, promising the highest sound quality thanks to 30mm drivers, 32-point touch control, digital assistant integration, real-time translation from a foreign language, 9 hours of battery life, and a 100ft (30.5 m) range. An array of four microphones forms an acoustic beam to transmit speech during a phone call. In addition, if the headphone cups are connected together, they turn into a Bluetooth speaker.

Google, Intel and Microsoft create a new consortium to protect data

Google, Intel and Microsoft will create a consortium in which they will deal with the issue of security. On 22 August, according to the portal Engadget. It is worth noting that the company took care of the problem of data protection while working with them.

Transplantation of intestinal microbiota allowed to expand the diet of koalas

Specialists from the University of Queensland used fecal transplantation to save koalas, which are in some sense victims of their unique features. Now they eat only eucalyptus leaves, now, when the area of eucalyptus forests is rapidly. Transplant specialists of the intestinal microbiota have helped scientists to greatly expand the diet of the Koala

The occurrence of mental disorders associated with air pollution

An international group of American and Danish scientists established a correlation between air pollution and the frequency of various mental disorders. The daily Telegraph newspaper reported the results of the research conducted by experts. Scientists have found that air pollution increases the likelihood of depression, mental disorders and can even lead to blindness.

There was an electronic lens that surpasses the human eye

The possibilities of the lens are wider than that of an ordinary eye: correction for astigmatism and image displacement, which lead to blurring of the picture of the world. The new technology has the potential to change the way almost any optical device works, including cameras, glasses and telescopes.

Found the cause of lithium batteries failure

In the new work, scientists from the University of California at San Diego found the culprit of the rapid depletion of the life of lithium batteries. The researchers found the reason why lithium metal batteries fail. It’s all the fault of the pieces of lithium deposits that come off the anode surface during discharge and are captured as an inactive metal that the battery can no longer use. The article was published in the journal Nature.

Bacteria produce high-quality graphene: the technology of the future

When mixed with oxidized graphite, which is relatively easy to obtain, the bacterium Shewanella oneidensis removes most oxygen groups and as a result leaves pure conductive graphene.

A huge reservoir of methane has been identified deep under the ocean

Abiotic methane, created in reactions that are not related to organic matter or living things, has long been known as buried in the seabed and released through deep-sea valves, but the origin of the gas in this underwater environment has not been fully understood. In a new paper, WHOI researchers analyzed rock samples from the earth’s upper mantle and lower oceanic crust collected from across the ocean.

Energy-efficient sleep was dangerous for migratory birds

Ornithologists have found out how migratory garden warblers sleep during the annual trip from Africa to Europe. It turned out that if birds have enough resources — muscles and fat, then during sleep they keep their heads straight and can quickly hear the flying predator. At the same time, exhausted birds put their heads under the wing during sleep. So they become vulnerable to predators, but save energy

Created an algorithm that turns a sheet of paper into a shape of any shape

Scientists from Harvard, inspired by kirigami, created paper, which is capable to accept any form of. Kirigami – similar to origami art of making shapes out of paper, only in this case, in addition to folding the sheet are also used scissors cuts.

The largest electric steam performed the first transportation

The world’s largest electric ferry “Ellen” carried out the first commercial flight on August 15, 2019. According to representatives of the company Leclanche, responsible for the installation of batteries on the ship, “Ellen” performed transportation between the Danish Islands of er And Als.

On lost mushroom pickers want to impose fines

MOE in several areas calculate the cost of operations to find mushroom pickers. For example, near St. Petersburg are looking for lost sometimes 20 hours. Sometimes lift the helicopter, 80 liters of fuel per hour — 50 thousand rubles. At the same time, there are more and more requests for salvation. In the Leningrad region, 560 people were taken out of the forest — 4 times more than in 2018. In the Kaluga region for lost mushroom pickers even want to introduce a fine. Many go into the forest without observing basic safety measures. However, such a tough measure, most likely, will not work. With the threat of a fine a wandering mushroom just won’t call in the MOE.

The Kremlin website incorrectly translated the words of Macron about the protests in Moscow

So, answering the question about the protests in Moscow, macron said:

“We have decided together with many other [countries] that the freedoms of expression, opinion, Assembly and free representation in elections must be respected by our democracies.”

On the Kremlin’s website, the words about freedom of participation in the elections did not get translated, as did Macron’s subsequent remark that “many were concerned and continue to worry about the arrests [of people in Moscow] and their ability to participate in free elections.”

The translation of the French President’s speech says that the concern is caused by “arrests and so on, all those blockages that were made by the legal authorities.” In the corrected translation of macron’s remark about “yellow vests” there is also no phrase that the French authorities advocate that they “freely Express themselves in the elections, because it reduces conflict.”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov blamed the inaccuracies in the translation on interpreters: “We are talking about the script words synchronizer. It happens.”