24 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/22-23/2020

On Saturday, the 43rd day of protests was held in Khabarovsk. More than 10,000 people took part in the protest. People chanted “Khabarovsk has risen For you, our Governor has fallen!”, “Khabarovsk does not leave its own!”.

Volunteers distribute water to Khabarovsk protesters for free.

In Khabarovsk, protesters in defense of Furgal offer to create an alternative to the Governor of the Khabarovsk people’s Council

Khabarovsk residents in support of Navalny: “Navalny live!

A speaker at a rally in Khabarovsk suggested that the protest should be coordinated by Navalny’s headquarters and help hold the referendum

Those gathered on Lenin square in Khabarovsk suggest starting a labor strike with political demands. “If you remain silent , we will strike!”

A rally in support of Khabarovsk was held on the Central square of Vladivostok

At a protest rally in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, people chant: “Freedom Furgalu!”, ” Komsomolsk-get out!”

Another Saturday rally in support of protesting residents of Khabarovsk was held in Novosibirsk

March of new Belarus held in Minsk

Opposition supporters from different districts of Minsk gathered in the city center for the “March of new Belarus”. About it on Sunday, August 23, the newspaper “Izvestia” reports. According to the newspaper, participants are holding a protest against the results of the presidential election in Independence square.About 200 thousand protesters at Independence square in Minsk

In Grodno, more than 10 thousand people participate in the campaign, reports Tut.by

Omsk doctors allowed Navalny to be transported to Germany.

Doctors who arrived from Germany and examined Alexey Navalny in a hospital in Omsk believe that he can be transported to Berlin, Kira Yarmysh, a spokeswoman for the opposition leader, said on Twitter.

“German doctors-professional resuscitators-after examining Alexey Navalny, came to the conclusion that he is transportable, and the equipment of their aircraft allows you to safely immediately transport him to Berlin to the Charite University clinic in accordance with the desire of Yulia Navalny,” she wrote.

The main diagnosis of the politician, doctors called a metabolic disorder due to a sharp drop in blood sugar. Industrial chemicals were found in the washes from Navalny’s clothes and hands. However, the doctors exclude the version of poisoning.

The plane with Alexey Navalny on Board landed in Berlin

The plane for Navalny was sent by the Cinema for Peace Foundation — in 2018, it delivered Pussy Riot member Pyotr Verzilov to Germany in the same way, who was later found by German doctors to have signs of poisoning.

Alexey Navalny’s condition during the flight and landing was stable. This was told to the German newspaper Bild by the head of the cinema for Peace Foundation, Yaka Bizil, who organized the flight.

Omsk doctors offered sharita clinic assistance in the treatment of Alexey Navalny

Omsk doctors offered the German clinic sharita help in the treatment of Alexey Navalny, the Interfax news Agency reported, citing the Ministry of health. The representative of the Department said that Russian doctors have the results of all the first examinations, which they are ready to share with colleagues.

Protests continue in Belarus

Residents of the country form a “chain of repentance” and hold car strikes. . People stand with flags along the roads, cars honk at them, participants of actions show the victory sign with their fingers-V. Law enforcement officers again detained sound engineer Vlad Sokolovsky, who turned on “Change” in the Kiev square in Minsk.

Mikhail Efremov refused his lawyers in court.

The actor said that he wants a “stronger” person. The artist also stated that he was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident. Efremov believes that he was dragged there, but he does not remember the details.

Shikhan Kushtau in Bashkiria will receive the status of a natural monument

Shikhan Kushtau in Bashkiria will receive the status of a natural monument, said the head of Bashkiria Radiy Khabirov. This will happen on September 4, if the soda company can’t find a compromise at a meeting with eco-activists.

About the state of freedom in Belarus from various international ratings:

47th out of 65 for Internet freedom
94 out of 163 in the peacefulness rating
150 out of 167 in the economist’s democracy rating
103 out of 178 in the rating of “fragile” States
153 out of 180 in the press freedom rating
176 out of 210 in freedom house’s freedom rating

Viber has closed its office in Minsk and plans to stop investing in the Belarusian economy

The developer Of the viber messenger has switched its employees in Minsk to a remote form of work due to the risk of office takeover and is considering stopping investing in the Belarusian economy, CEO of Rakuten Viber Jamel Agaua said.

The CEO of Rakuten Viber noted that two employees of the developer have been detained since the start of the protest actions in Minsk.

“One was just near the place where others were being arrested, and he was taken away with the others. The other was an observer at a polling station. He asked several questions to the management of the polling station, and 20 minutes later he was arrested, ” Agaua said.

One of the detainees is already at large, the second is being treated in hospital with serious injuries, he added.

Tsesler from the Board for a transfer of power left Belarus

Belarusian artist and designer Vladimir Tsesler, who is a Member of the coordination Council for the transfer of power created by the opposition, left Belarus on Friday, August 21, the portal reports tut.by . The new location of Tsesler is not specified, it is only known that friends helped him leave.

Lukashenko instructed to close the striking enterprises from Monday

The current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered to close all striking enterprises from Monday. He said this during a speech at a rally in support of himself in Hrodna.

Lukashenko is confident of Western military support for the opposition

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is confident that the opposition receives military support from Western countries. This is reported by BelTA.

In particular, Lukashenko considers the advance of NATO troops to the Belarusian borders as such support. In his opinion, Western States want to “drag in a supposedly new President” who would ask them for help and allow the Alliance’s troops to enter the country. With this development, Belarus “can be given up”, the President warned.

Lithuania and Poland responded to the Belarusian President

It is not going to encroach on the territorial integrity of Belarus and Poland, said the head of the office of the President of the country Krzysztof Szczerski. His country stands for the rule of international law and implements its principles in its foreign policy, reports RAR

Belarusian Association of journalists urges to stop blocking mass media

The Belarusian Association of journalists demanded that the authorities stop blocking media sites, RIA Novosti news Agency reported, citing a statement from the organization. Representatives of the Association noted that about seventy information resources were blocked in the country, including the Belsat TV channel, Euroradio, the Solidarity newspaper, the Belarusian branch of Mediazona and other media outlets.

Lukashenko threatened to replace striking miners with Ukrainians

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has not ruled out replacing striking Belaruskali workers with miners from other countries, such as Ukraine, BelTA reports. “A Holy place is never empty,” Lukashenko began.

Ukrainian miners refused to work for Lukashenko

Mikhail Volynets, Chairman of the Confederation of free trade unions of Ukraine and the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine, said that Ukrainian miners will refuse to work in the mines of Belarus instead of the strikers. On his Facebook page, he expressed support for his colleagues, wished them to meet the requirements and pointed out that the miners are “one of the most solidary castes in the world.”

Russia will join the International organization for migration

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to register the country’s membership in the International organization for migration (IOM). Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was appointed responsible for the execution of the order. The report on this issue should be ready by December 1. Also, the President instructed the interior Ministry, the foreign Ministry, the Ministry of health and Ministry of labor “to ensure the effective participation of the country in the work” of the organization, taking into account national interests of Russia.

The international organization for migration was established in 1951. It has 173 member States, and eight other countries have observer status, including Russia. The headquarters of the structure is located in Geneva. Since 1992, the IOM office in Moscow has been functioning.

The newest Russian car Aurus

The pre-production model of the Aurus Komendant SUV will be shown a year later than planned, in the fall of 2021, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov told reporters.

“We’ll find a platform to show you. Serial production of the Komendant is scheduled to begin in 2022. Objectively, we will be able to show a pre-production sample next fall, so that in March-April 2022 we will launch production”

It was assumed that the car will be presented to the General public in the fall of 2020 at the Moscow motor show

US intelligence decided that Wuhan was hiding the extent of the coronavirus from Beijing.

According to officials, US intelligence agencies concluded in the report that the authorities in Wuhan and Hubei province, where the new type of coronavirus outbreak occurred, “tried to hide information from the Central leadership of China.”

Russians were allowed to register cars in the MFC

Russians will be able to register cars in multifunctional centers of state and municipal services. The resolution was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

All administrative procedures related to the inspection of cars, various checks, registration documents, assigning numbers will be carried out by traffic police officers, as it was previously.

Maternity capital offered to spend on Russian musical instruments

The proposal for the use of matkapital funds is contained in the draft action plan “Decades of childhood”, published on the portal of the Ministry of Education of Russia. The document notes that the money can be spent on tools, provided that they are of domestic production.

Sberbank’s Supervisory Board confirmed the recommendation for dividends for 2019

The Supervisory Board of Sberbank confirmed the recommendation for dividends for 2019 in the amount of 50% of the profit under IFRS. This was stated at a press conference by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the credit organization German Gref, RIA Novosti reports.

Sberbank’s profit for 2019 under IFRS amounted to 845 billion rubles, according to the company’s report. Accordingly, the Bank will allocate 422.5 billion rubles for dividends. According to Gref, the share of non-residents among Sberbank’s shareholders is about 40%, and the number of shareholders from Russia and Asia has grown over the past year.

Liechtenstein demanded land confiscated after the war from the Czech Republic

Liechtenstein authorities have filed a complaint to the ECHR, demanding the return of land confiscated by the Czech Republic at the end of world war II, writes the Financial Times

It is a question of challenging the Czech Republic’s sovereignty over more than two thousand square kilometers of territory, which is more than ten times the current territory of the Principality. These lands include the Baroque residence of Waltice and the neo-Gothic Lednice castle, which are listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

The EU and the United States agreed to reduce trade taxes

The European Commission and representatives of the US Department of Commerce have reached an agreement on mutual reduction of duties, for the first time in the XXI century. Mutual preferences relate to a narrow sector of trade between the United States and the European Union.

The company of the owner of “Beeline” decided to sue Canada again

The Egyptian subsidiary of VEON holding, which owns VimpelCom in Russia, Global Telecom Holding has decided to renew a lawsuit for almost two billion dollars against the government of Canada, writes Global Arbitration Review. Global Telecom Holding is suing Canada for the fourth year.

Boeing began selling the 737 Max under a new name

Boeing renamed the model 737 Max. The first contract for the delivery of new 737-8 Airliners has already been signed, the manufacturer said in a statement on August 20. The recipient of the aircraft under the new name was the Polish carrier Enter Air.

The US has tested the latest anti-missile system

In the United States have tested the latest command and control system for missile defense. According to Defense News, the tests took place at the White Sands missile range in new Mexico on August 20. The system simultaneously destroyed two dangerous targets-a ballistic and cruise missiles launched from different locations

The US has removed a secret base of Chinese submarines from a satellite

The American publication The Drive published a satellite image of a Chinese Navy submarine that is part of a mysterious system of underwater caves at the Yulin naval base on Hainan island. The Yulin naval base is the most important strategic facility in the region.

Residents of the DPR receive Russian passports

More than 130 thousand residents of the Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) received Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. This was announced on Saturday by the head of the Republic Denis Pushilin in his congratulations on the occasion of the Russian flag Day.

Ukraine filed a protest to Finland for the map with the Russian Crimea

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry protested the publication of a map with the Russian Crimea on Finnish television, the Ukrainian Embassy in Helsinki reported on August 22 on its Facebook page

Finnish TV channel corrected the map with Crimea at the request of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Embassy in Finland protested over the demonstration of Crimea as part of Russia on the Finnish TV channel YLE. On August 22, diplomats posted an angry Facebook post and called on the TV channel to immediately correct the maps.

For the restoration of the “Admiral Kuznetsov” after the fire

United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has completed the calculation of the amount of damage to the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”. Between 300 million and 350 million rubles will be spent on restoring the ship after the fire, USC CEO Alexey Rakhmanov said.

Russia has increased supplies of vegetable oil to India

In the first six months of 2020, Russian exporters managed to significantly increase the supply of vegetable oil to India. Alexander Rybas, trade representative of the Russian Federation in this country, told RG about this in an interview.

In the first half of this year, supplies of sunflower oil from Russia increased significantly, and the volume of exports in value terms amounted to $210 million, an increase of 7.5 times, despite the overall decrease in trade due to the pandemic,” Alexander Rybas said.

Saudi Aramco suspends investment in petrochemical project in China

Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, has decided to suspend investment in the construction of a $10 billion oil refining complex in China’s Liaoning province. This was reported by the Bloomberg news Agency

Shoigu was awarded the Abkhazian order of Courage

Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was awarded the order of Courage of Abkhazia. The honorary award was presented to him by the Minister of defense of the Republic Vladimir Anua. Sergei Shoigu was awarded the state Abkhazian order of Courage for helping to save the residents of the city of Tkuarchala

The movie “Cuties” for Netflix was accused of pedophilia and pornography

In the Network, a scandal broke out over the sexualization of 11-year-old girls in the movie “Cuties”, which was scheduled to be shown on September 9 online cinema Netflix, August 20, according to the American weekly Variety. French film tells about girls who are fond of dancing “twerk”

Travis Scott introduced the song The Plan

American rapper Travis Scott presented a new song The Plan. The song will be performed in the film “Argument” by Christopher Nolan, which is scheduled for release on September 3

March of new Belarus held in Minsk

Opposition supporters from different districts of Minsk gathered in the city center for the “March of new Belarus”. About it on Sunday, August 23, the newspaper “Izvestia” reports. According to the newspaper, participants are holding a protest against the results of the presidential election in Independence square.

The US military has signed a contract with a British processor developer

As reported in the press service of ARM, now DARPA will be able to take advantage of the company’s ecosystem for three years and quickly develop processors based on popular processor cores and other blocks.

The BlackBerry brand will return to the market in 2021

Recently, information about the return of BlackBerry to the market was confirmed. The canadian company signed an agreement with OnwardMobility, which bought the rights to the brand. FIH Mobile Limited will be engaged in the production of devices

Push-button phone with a heart rate sensor

The world’s first push-button phone, the Lava Pulse, which received a pulse sensor, has appeared on the market. According to the manufacturer, the new product can also measure blood pressure. To do this, you just need to lean your thumb against the scanner, which is located under the camera. After that, the user will see the result on the screen and it can be saved or even shared via SMS. The phone makes measurements with the same accuracy as modern smartwatches or activity trackers. The cost of the device in India is 21 dollars

Sony digital cameras can be used for video calls

Sony has released a desktop application called Imaging Edge Webcam, which allows owners of Sony digital cameras to use them as Webcams.

Valve plans to hold two new Steam game festivals in 2021

Valve has confirmed that the Steam games festival will not be a one-time event. This was reported by PCGamer on August 20. Valve has planned two similar events for the first half of 2021.