24 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/23/2019

Rosstat spoke about the financial situation of Russian large families

27.7% of large families are free to buy food, but have difficulties with buying clothes and paying for housing. 2% of families say that they do not have enough money even for food. Only 0.7% of large families can afford anything they see fit. 16.6% of families can afford everything except buying an apartment, a summer house and a car.

The mother of the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin appeared trading house

According to the portal rusprofile, Lydia Barabanova, mother of the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, registered a new LLC. The organization was registered on August 21, in the Smolensk region. It has an authorized capital of one million rubles. The founder of LLC TD-67 is listed Barabanova (its share in the authorized capital of 750 thousand rubles) and several legal entities.

According to the code of classification of economic activity, the trading house will be engaged in “retail trade mainly in food products, including beverages and tobacco products in non-specialized stores”.

Journalists have repeatedly paid attention to the successful business activities of 83-year-old relative Volodin. She is the founder of several companies, the links of her business are quite extensive. In particular, an elderly teacher was the co-founder of the companies “investment holding”, “Agros-EKO” LTD, Saratov confectionery factory JSC “amber”.

Students want to hold a rally in Moscow against political pressure on universities and students

Among the places of the campaign is indicated in the application Sakharov Avenue, the square in front of the entrance to the exhibition center and the area near the space Museum. Among the organizers of the student support group Yegor Zhukov and Daniil Konon, accused in the case of mass riots, initiated after the protests on July 27.

The protests in Hong Kong were joined by students

Several hundred schoolchildren joined the protests in Hong Kong. High school students came to Edinburgh place in Central Hong Kong. They chanted “Freedom to Hong Kong” and called for the resignation of the head of the Hong Kong administration Carrie Lam

Instead of the opposition action in Moscow agreed youth festival

Moscow authorities have agreed the festival is “РRОлето” Russian Union of youth on the Academician Sakharov Avenue on August 31. About it RBC were informed by the organization’s Chairman Pavel krasnorutsky.

“Mosgortrans” and «Motor road» are unable to prove that he had lost 13 million due to opposition rally

Moscow transport workers did not previously convince the court of the damage from the protests In the Koptevsky district court yesterday held preliminary talks on the claims of the companies “Mosgortrans” and «Motor road» who want to recover from the opposition, who called to participate in an unauthorized action on July 27, 12.5 million rubles.

Taxi service filed three lawsuits against the organizers of the rallies in Moscow

Three lawsuits against the organizers of the uncoordinated action in support of unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma on July 27 were filed by the taxi service of LLC “M. Taxi”. This RBC reported in the press service of the Tushino district court of Moscow.

Russians reacted to the idea of a four-day working week

Almost half of the working Russians (49 percent) supported the transition to a four-day working week. This is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the results of a survey service to find work Superjob. One third of respondents (31%) said that there is no need to reduce the working week.

Employees of Gas sanctioned vacation

The concern may introduce a part-time working week due to problems with imports, GAZ Group may transfer employees to a four-day working week with a reduction in wages from the end of October to 20 April 2020, which has already been notified to employees.

The US withdrew its offer to Turkey to sell Patriot complexes

The United States officially withdrew its offer to Turkey to sell her patriot anti-missile systems instead of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-400. On August 22, CNN reported, citing a representative of the state Department.

In the Murmansk region izberkom uses children for propaganda!

Students were sent to the streets to inform adults about the elections on September 8. Gave them flyers of the campaign “Our region, our Governor, our choice!», instructed. Children will explain to other people’s mothers and fathers – where to vote, how to do it in another locality.

Officially, they were sent to the electorate by the city children’s library of Snezhnogorsk, but, according to reports, with the approval of the election Commission. That is, the electoral Commission harshly punishes candidates for the recruitment of children for agitation, and then …

An official in Dagestan overstated the age of 34 years to receive a pension

The Deputy head of the village Kuletsma used a false passport and labor, where he drew that since 1985 he worked on the farm. This is despite the fact that the “hero of labor” was born only in 1989! On Stakhanovite opened a criminal case for fraud

The last foreign operator SSJ100 sells Russian aircraft

Interjet is looking for buyers for Russian Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (SSJ100). Liners produces “daughter” of the state United aircraft Corporation (UAC) – “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” (SCAC).

The protests in Hong Kong were joined by students

Several hundred schoolchildren joined the protests in Hong Kong. High school students came to Edinburgh place in Central Hong Kong. They chanted “Freedom to Hong Kong” and called for the resignation of the head of the Hong Kong administration Carrie Lam

The largest pharmacy retailers close points in St. Petersburg

The largest pharmacy retailers in the top 10 are closing sales points in the Northern capital. On Thursday, August 22, RBC reported with reference to market participants.

So, “Petersburg drugstores” have closed since the beginning of the year, five points, the group of companies “Erkafarm” seven, and a network of pharmacies “Spring health” – just 23 points.

Boris Johnson put his foot on the table during a meeting with Macron

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson put his foot on the table in the Elysee Palace in the midst of his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, reports the Business Insider.

As sky News journalist Tom Rainer wrote on Twitter, the President of France suggested that the table would be suitable as a footstool, if the British Prime Minister wants to take advantage of this opportunity.

FBK found the chief anti-corruption Moscow apartment for 200 million rubles

Head of the Department of regional security and anti-corruption of Moscow Vladimir Regnatsky owns undeclared apartment with an area of 145 square meters, according to the anti-corruption Fund (FBK) with reference to an extract from the unified state register of real estate. Vladimir Regnatsky headed the Department in January. Its structure is engaged, in particular, in coordination of meetings and processions in Moscow.Read in source

The head of the HRC hopes to continue the work of human rights defenders in Chechnya

Chairman of the presidential Council for civil society and human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov hopes that the work of human rights organizations in Chechnya will continue, despite the closure of the human rights center “memorial”.

In Nizhny Tagil from the city hospital resigned all surgeons

Six specialists of two surgical departments of CGB №1 in Nizhny Tagil wrote a letter of resignation. About this IA “All news” told a source in the hospital. According to the interlocutor, doctors are dissatisfied with high load and low salaries.

Managing companies of Ekaterinburg owe 260 million energy

50 management companies of Yekaterinburg were not ready for the new heating season. Their total debt is 260 million rubles, the press service of the Sverdlovsk branch of “Energosbyt Plus”.

Residents of Tomsk were forced to pay for the entrance to their own house

Tomichi appealed to the local media to deal with the problem of an apartment building on Yenisei street, 15. They were outraged that residents without an intercom did not pay for services earlier, but later they began to receive receipts for payment of service. In the company Tomic explained that every month they have to pay 20 rubles for entrance and exit of the entrance.

So for almost five years, we went out the door for free, and now we have to pay for it? – tomichi are indignant, reports Tomsk.ru ahhh!

Smokers of wapow found an unknown illness

Symptoms have all proved similar: cough and a strong pain in breast, constant lack of oxygen, head pain and even loss of consciousness. The causes of the disease have not yet been reported. However, experts suspect that it’s all about vaping and electronic cigarettes.

In the Crimea is limited to swimming at 11 beaches

The Supervisory authority of the Crimea found that the sea water on the eleven beaches of the Peninsula does not meet sanitary standards. A statement was made in the press service of the regional office of Rospotrebnadzor.

The damage to business from the flood in the Irkutsk region was estimated at 1.6 billion rubles

The Ministry of economic development of the Irkutsk region estimated the damage caused by the flood to small and medium-sized businesses in the region at 1.6 billion rubles. This was reported on Wednesday, August 21, Deputy head of Department Vladimir Gordeev.

Residents of the Angara region warned about the deterioration of weather conditions

Residents of the Irkutsk region, who survived the summer of 2019 two powerful waves of flood, again unlucky with the weather. On August 23, the regional EMERCOM of the Russian Federation warned about the deterioration of the hydrological situation due to rains, reports IA REGNUM.

Google has disabled 210 YouTube channels due to protests in Hong Kong

Google has disabled 210 channels of video streaming service YouTube, suspecting their owners to participate in a coordinated Pro-government action around the protests in Hong Kong. The blocking was done a few days after similar action on Twitter and Facebook.

Moody’s worsened the forecast for GDP growth in Russia in 2019

International rating Agency Moody’s Investors Service has worsened the forecast of growth of Russian GDP in 2019 from 1.6 to 1.2%. This is stated in the updated report of the global Macro Outlook Agency for 2019 – 2020.

Cyprus offshore asked for help from the Central Bank of Russia

At the disposal of “Kommersant” was a letter of complaint against BKF-Bank, sent to the Bank of Russia Cypriot company Netcore Solutions July 31, 2019.

It follows that ten years ago, the company and the BKF signed a subordinated loan agreement for $11.15 million, which expires on October 24, 2019. July 3 BKF-Bank appealed to the company with a proposal to repay the debt on its balance sheet apartments in the Crimea plus $1 million, the letter says. The creditor was not satisfied with this due to non-core assets and concerns about the financial situation of the BKF as a whole.

“Mirimskaya Olga, being the owner of 88% of the Bank and Chairman of the Board of Directors, makes decisions on all issues of the Bank’s activities,— stated in the letter.— Interpretation of information received from the Chairman of the Board of BKF Orlov, Sergei Vladimirovich, Olga Mirimskaya ordered to withdraw all assets from the Bank.”

In this regard, the company asks the Bank of Russia to pay attention to the above facts and to verify the financial position of the BKF and its ability to fulfill its obligations.

Kolyma 16 landfills will cost 3 billion rubles

According to the Ministry of natural resources of Kolyma, 16 territories were allocated for the construction of landfills, including in the olsky district, where there will be an inter-municipal landfill for waste disposal. The total cost of 16 landfills is about 3 billion rubles.

Net profit of HP Inc for 9 months decreased by 29%

The net profit of the us company HP Inc for the nine months of the 2018-2019 financial year, which ended July 31, amounted to 2,764 billion dollars, which is 29% lower than a year ago, according to the company’s statements.

Inequality in the “big seven” continues to grow

This conclusion was reached by experts of the international non-governmental organization Oxfam. According to the organization’s calculations, 20% of the poorest people in the g-7 countries receive only 5% of the total monetary remuneration paid. At the same time, 20% of the richest citizens receive 45% of remuneration. The proportion of people at risk of falling below the poverty line has increased to 9% in Germany, 7% in France, 12% in Italy and 9% in the UK over the past 10 years. The study was prepared for the G7 summit in Biarritz, which will begin on August 24 this year.

Putin increased funding for grants in the field of culture and art

Russian President Vladimir Putin increased the size of the grant Fund of the head of state in the field of culture and art. The relevant decree was posted on the official Internet portal of legal information.

It is noted that from 2020 on grants in the field of culture and art from the Federal budget will be allocated 8,186 billion rubles a year. In the previous version of the document, this amount was 8,041 billion rubles annually.

Russia will reduce duties on cars

Reduction of import duties on cars from September 10 from 17% to 15% will be the final stage of Russia’s fulfillment of its obligations taken upon accession to the WTO seven years ago, said the Director of the Department of trade negotiations of the Ministry of economic development Ekaterina Mayorova.

In Irkutsk arrested cutting boards from China with a portrait of Hitler

A batch of kitchen cutting boards with a portrait of Adolf Hitler and Nazi symbols was detained at the post of Irkutsk customs. As told in Department, the goods with the symbolics of the Third Reich forbidden in Russia tried to be taken out from China, it was intended for sale in Krasnoyarsk.

Collect 216.6 million rubles from Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger

The arbitration court of Moscow filed an application of the bankruptcy Manager of the Studio “Russian film group” (RFG) for recovery from Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the film company China Film Group 216.6 million On August 23, reported “Vedomosti”.

The application is filed for the reason that the RFG, which invested its funds in the production of the film “Mystery of the dragon seal”, is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. At the same time, she can not yet receive income from this picture. The Chinese film company was also engaged in its production, and Hollywood actors performed small roles in it.

Rosneft has agreed to develop gas fields in Mozambique

“Rosneft” signed a Memorandum on the development of offshore gas fields with state-owned company of Mozambique, Empresa Nacional Hidrocarbonetos De Mocambique (ENH) and a Memorandum of cooperation with the National petroleum Institute of Mozambique (INP Instituto Nacional de Petroleo), reports “Interfax”.

The ruble price of oil was lower than budgeted

On August 21, 2019, it became known that the ruble value of Russian oil fell by 5% below the budget for the current year. About it reports “RBC” with reference to data of Agency Argus.

In particular, on August 19 this year, the price of a barrel of Urals slightly exceeded 3,900 rubles. The Federal budget is based on the price of Russian oil at the level of 4127 rubles per barrel. According to the Federal budget for 2019, the average annual oil price will be $63.4 per barrel

In Turkey, fishermen caught a five-meter shark weighing 1 ton

Turkish fishermen caught a five-meter shark in the Aegean sea, the weight of which almost reaches a ton. This was reported on the website of NTV. As noted, the shark got into the network in the Turkish province of Canakkale.

In Poland, Lavrov was accused of falsifying history

A politician from the party “law and justice” Kacper Plazinski claims that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov allegedly falsificare history in the interests of his country, laying on poles partial responsibility for the outbreak of the Second world war, according to TVP Info.

Inflation in Japan in July remained at a minimum for two years

Japan’s annual core inflation remained at its lowest level in two years last month. The data reinforces expectations for easing the Bank Of Japan’s monetary policy.

China has demanded Canada to release Executive Director of Huawei

China demands from Canada the release of Executive Director of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, arrested in may 2019, Reuters reported, citing a statement by the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

In London, installed a street vending machine for cars

On one of the streets of London there was an unusual vending machine that sells cars. The range, however, is small: while one Renault Zoe is available for purchase. As it turned out, to buy a car in this unit is not more difficult than the base of soda: you just have to make a payment, and ready – your car.

The Russian Navy for the first time in 28 years will receive six submarines

The Navy (Navy) of Russia in 2020 for the first time in 28 years will receive from the shipbuilding industry six submarines, including four nuclear submarines. This was reported by TASS on Friday a source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

In Prague desecrated monument to Marshal Konev

The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic is outraged by the reaction of local authorities to the desecration of the monument to Ivan Konev in Prague. They said that this case of vandalism – not the first that it speaks of the negative attitude of Prague to the Soviet commander, and that lead the monument in the proper form no one is going. Moreover, the municipal authorities insist on the transfer of the monument to the territory of the Russian Embassy.

In Brazil, the Minister of culture resigned because of LGBT films

The Minister of culture of Brazil Henrique Pires resigned due to the fact that the President of the country Air Bolsonaro suspended the allocation of funds from the state budget on the production of films with LGBT themes. On 22 August, reported the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

The EU plans to introduce duties on goods from the United States

The European Union has developed an economic program, which is based on the introduction of unilateral customs duties on goods from the United States. It is reported by Politico. As noted, the authors of the documents aimed to oppose the trade policy of the American leader Donald trump.

According to the program, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen should establish a European Fund for the future. This Fund, as emphasized, invests more than $100 billion in shares of promising companies of the European continent. According to the authors of the plan, this step will help European countries to compete with the technological giants of the USA and China.

International observers at regional elections in Russia are not provided

International observers will not be able to participate in regional elections in Russia, because this is not provided for by Russian laws. This was announced by the Secretary of the Russian Central election Committee Maya Grishina, her words leads TASS.

The law determines that international observers are invited to national elections. It is directly provided by the law so it, in principle, has no relation to regional elections, — the Secretary noticed.

Grishina also stressed that only the state authorities of Russia and the CEC have the authority to invite international observers.

Russian “Armata” was incapacitated

Until the end of 2019, Uralvagonzavod (Sverdlovsk region) will supply the Russian defense Ministry with only 16 vehicles based on the universal crawler platform armata, which is explained by the need to continue testing promising weapons and the caution of the Russian military Department in assessing its capabilities, according to the military-industrial courier. According to the publication, in accordance with the contract concluded with Uralvagonzavod, for three years the Armed Forces should receive 132 tanks “Armata”.

“We divide 132 into three and come to the conclusion that the plant should supply 44 tanks annually. However, until the end of 2019, the plant will supply only 16 machines. But even with this installment of his debt will be 28 cars. It is unrealistic to produce them for the time remaining until the end of 2019,” the article notes.

The Czech Republic will buy from the US 12 attack helicopters

The Czech air force will receive 12 combat helicopters, reported to journalists by the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic. According to TASS, by 2023, the Czech air force will receive eight multi-purpose helicopters “UH-1 Venom” and four shock “AH-1 Viper”.

The EU is urged to join forces with NATO to “fight” with Russia

The Institute for security studies of the European Union and the NATO Defense College issued a report on the prospects of cooperation between the bloc and the EU. The document, with the text of which RT has read, notes that the unifying factor may be common interests, especially the opposition of “re-growing Russia”, which is one of the modern challenges. The authors believe that the North Atlantic Alliance will remain the guarantor of European security as long as nuclear weapons exist.

The UN security Council meeting ended in a stalemate

An extraordinary meeting of the UN security Council, which was previously initiated by Russia and China because of the us missile tests, ended with an exchange of reproaches and without any significant results, RIA Novosti reported on August 22.

Acting permanent representative of the United States to the UN Jonathan Cohen said that the country needs missile tests to confront Russia and China, writes “MK”. He said that the actions of Russia and North Korea contribute to the erosion of the foundations of security. Cohen stressed that the US will not ignore this state of Affairs. He said that the United States will develop and test missile systems to counter other States.

Putin spoke about the explosion at the site near Arkhangelsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the explosion at the site in the Arkhangelsk region occurred during the work on promising weapons, RIA “Novosti”. The President said that this is work in the military sphere, which Russia does not hide.

This is work in the military sphere, work on promising weapons, we do not hide it. The people who were injured and killed, they were doing extremely important work to ensure the security of our state. — Vladimir Putin

Peskov linked the reports of receipts from the Arkhangelsk doctors with the state secret

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on reports that the staff of the Arkhangelsk regional hospital was not notified that the victims of the explosion near Severodvinsk were infected with radiation.

“I do not know what kind of doctors we are talking about. You need to know exactly what kind of doctors, who they are,” Peskov told reporters, the correspondent of RBC.

The representative of the Kremlin also commented on the assumption of journalists that doctors could give any receipts about non-disclosure of information.

“If they took receipts, it is connected with some professional activity which gets under the law on state secrets, respectively, they have to fulfill the obligations” — Peskov declared.

Officials do not consider it necessary to examine population Nonoxy after the accident

As reported “Interfax” the head of the respective territorial Department of the administration of Severodvinsk Valery Malenkov, in the Federal CPS on the found deviation in the samples vodii air.

“Everything is normal. Why are we going to examine people if there’s no reason to do it?”said Malenkov.

Alexei Navalny was released after 30 days of arrest

Politician Alexei Navalny was released after 30 days of arrest, said on his Twitter page his press Secretary Kira Yarmysh. At the exit of the special reception in the morning was a paddy wagon and the police, they did not detain Navalny.

New Holland will host the book festival “Revision»

The program includes round tables, lectures, poetry panels, book presentations and meetings with authors. From 5 to 8 September on the island of New Holland in St. Petersburg will host the second international book festival “Revision”. This was told in the press service of New Holland.

Who will play the main role in series “Cowboy Bebop” from Netflix

Spike Spiegel — John Cho – is best known for his role as Sulu in full-length star trek from JJ Abrams and Justin Lin. He also played in the films “Harold and Kumar” and appeared in the remake of “Twilight zone” by Jordan Peel.

Jet black Mustafa Zakir – lit the second season of “Luke cage” and show “Deuce” from HBO.

Faye Valentine — Danielle Pineda – recently played in the second part of “Jurassic world”, and also noted in the series “Ancient” and “Inside Amy Schumer.”

Vishez — Alex Hassell – played in the series “Bisexual” and in the second season of “Genius”, and soon we will see him in a satire on the superhero genre “Boys” from Amazon, the adaptation of the comic book series of the same name.

Julia — Elena Satine – starred in the super-heroic series “Gifted” and “Agents “S. H. I. E. L. D.”.

Edward also appears in the series but the actor for this role have not yet found.

Released the trailer for the mysterious Thriller “Villains»

Posted on YouTube the trailer of the movie “Villains” by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. The main roles in the Thriller played bill Skarsgard, Mike Monroe, Jeffrey Donovan, Kira Sedgwick and other actors.

St. Petersburg will host the Dresden ball for the first time

August 31 the largest musical event in Europe for the first time will go beyond Germany. On the eve of the press conference discussed the preparation for the ball and its future in our city.

The concert Wu-Tang Clan in Moscow conveyed

The Wu-Tang Clan concert, which was scheduled to take place at the Green theater in Moscow on August 24, is postponed due to logistics problems. This “Daily Poster” announced the organizers.

Released trailer “Bombs” with Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie

The video is available on the YouTube channel of Lionsgate Studio. In 2016, Gretchen Carlson (played by Kidman) filed a lawsuit against Ailes (John litgow) for sexual harassment on his part. The charges were joined by Megyn Kelly (Theron).

In Russia, learned to recognize and track a person by silhouette

“The technology lies in the fact that we can not only identify the silhouette, but also to track its movement in almost all the cameras of the city,” he said. According to the developers, the silhouette of a man is as unique as the face that allows you to track criminals in masks.

The world’s first floating nuclear power plant will go to Chukotka

The world’s first floating power unit will be sent from Murmansk to Chukotka. Construction of “Academician Lomonosov” at the Baltic plant was launched in 2008. Floating power unit “Academician Lomonosov” will move three tugs, he will have to overcome 5000 km along the Northern sea route

HP President and CEO to leave the company

HP announced the departure of President and CEO Dion Weisler. He will leave office on 1 November. Weisler will leave the company for family reasons and return home to Australia.

Google told about the new version of Android

Google has announced that it has decided to abandon the names of desserts in the names of new versions of Android. The new edition of the program will be called succinctly — Android 10. In a press release Google explains that the names of desserts have not become universal for users around the world

A platform for employment of specialists with disabilities has been launched in Russia

The platform consists of 5 blocks, each of which is responsible for one of the steps of immersion of the person with disabilities in the profession: motivation, testing, pumping, the assistance of a mentor, the work – on the platform or in a team with a third-party employer.

Created a device to check for counterfeit goods

Russian platform Oskelly engaged in the introduction of a new technology called Entrupy. Its main task is to help users to verify the authenticity of goods. The device works on the basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In Russia released a push-button slider in the style of Nokia 8800

In Russia, the company INOI released keypad slider-style Nokia 8800. The device called INOI 288S has a stylish all-metal body made of “stainless steel”. The price of 2 990 rubles. The screen has a size of 1.8 inches, FM-receiver, there is a VGA-camera, which in the folded state of the phone is hidden inside the case and thus protected from damage. In the list of options INOI 288S and even the ability to access the Internet, the amount of internal memory is 64 megabytes, and RAM – 32 megabytes. The owner of the device can increase the amount of storage by installing a memory card up to 16 gigabytes.

A molecular propeller rotating in one direction is created

Scientists from Ohio University, Argonne national laboratory, Toulouse University in France and Nara Institute of science and technology in Japan presented a multi-component molecular propeller specially designed to work on solid surfaces. This tiny device consists of three components: a molecular gear in the form of a ratchet as the base, a three-bladed propeller and a ruthenium atom acting as a ball bearing and connecting all the parts together. The size of the propeller is only about two nanometers wide and one in height. An article about the development was published in the journal Nature Communications.

“What is special about our propeller is its multi-component design, which becomes chiral on the surface of gold crystals, that is, forms gears with a tilt to the right or left, — said one of the authors of the study, Professor of physics at Ohio University, SAV Wai HLA. — This chirality dictates the direction of rotation when power is supplied.”

Although the molecular propeller created by scientists is of more fundamental interest, in the future, according to the developers, it can be used in medicine and to create new catalysts.

IQ no longer plays a role. What really determines whether a person is smart or not

A person can be smart in terms of IQ tests, but unsuccessful in implicit learning, unlike a person with a low IQ. The researchers note that for some vital tasks, the ability to implicit learning can be a big advantage.

There’s a lot of research into how we study something intentionally, “explicitly.” For example, word lists or instructions. “Implicit learning” is much less studied. Ask a five-year-old child to explain the grammatical rules of the language and he or she will not know what to say. But he knows them well, for he can speak in coherent sentences. This unconscious acquisition of abstract knowledge is an example of “implicit” learning, writes The British Psychological Society.

Ultrafast lasers helped to weld ceramic implant at room temperature

Previously, engineers from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne created biorelativity microsegregation of magnesium. The development will be used in medical implants to deliver drugs and allow them to affect a large area of tissue.

It covers objectives of the robot “Fedora” aboard the ISS

A source in the rocket and space industry shared information that what functions are assigned to the robot “Fedor” on the International space station (ISS), RIA Novosti reported.

According to the expert, “Fedor” will have four main tasks. The robot will wipe the portholes from dust, hold a flashlight to help the astronaut, bite the wire with wire cutters and connect the plugs inside and outside the station.

The Soyuz-2.1 a launch vehicle carrying the Fedor robot was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on August 22. During the launch, the robot said the legendary phrase of the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin: “let’s Go.”

The United States launched a new rocket into space with a satellite

A new step in the improvement of the world navigation system in the United States called the carrier rocket Delta IV with GPS III, created by Lockheed Martin commissioned by the Center for space and missile systems of the US air force.

China has completed the Assembly of a new generation spacecraft

Chinese engineers have assembled the first flight model of a promising manned partially reusable spacecraft, which will be used to deliver astronauts to the future orbital station.