26 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/24-25/2019

Trump ordered us companies to leave China

Us President Donald trump called for us companies to stop doing business in China. According to him, the country is losing hundreds of billions of dollars due to the fact that China “stole intellectual property”.

According to the American leader, companies should start searching for an alternative to China, including transferring production to their homeland and establishing their own production in the United States.

“We do not need China, we will be much better without it,” the us President wrote on Twitter. He noted that in the near future he will respond to the new Chinese duties.

“RUSNANO” reported 14 billion rubles of semi-annual loss

In the first half of 2019, RUSNANO received a net loss under IFRS of 13.9 billion rubles against 2.2 billion rubles of net profit a year earlier, according to the company’s report. The company called the semi-annual results expected.

Five presidents of Ukraine posed together for the first time

Former presidents of Ukraine: Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko, Petro Poroshenko, as well as the current head of state Vladimir Zelensky were photographed together for the first time. The published chief editor LB.ua Sonya Koshkina, in his Telegram channel.

Norwegian seismologists said that in Severodvinsk there were two explosions

In Severodvinsk on August 8 there was not one explosion, and two, between them passed approximately two hours. This is reported by Reuters, citing data from the Norwegian seismological center (NORSAR). According to seismologists, it was the first explosion that killed five employees of Rosatom.

In Russia will develop traffic for elektronikov and sigview

The transport Ministry has prepared draft amendments to the traffic Rules (SDA) with the spread of electric scooters, sigview, monowheels and other new types of transport. About it reports TASS with reference to the head of traffic police Mikhail Chernikov.

Canada is against Russia’s return to the G8.

“Russia was not invited to this meeting, and the position of the Prime Minister, the position of Canada, remains the same as last year, when the issue was already raised. The answer was negative,” said a senior canadian official.

Amazon is the leader in the race to “the cloud”

Having established itself as one of the first leaders in the cloud infrastructure market, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a highly profitable online store cloud platform, is still to come. Amazon’s share of the growing cloud infrastructure market in the second quarter of 2019 was 33 percent, more than double the combined market share of Microsoft and Google in second and third place.

In the Mound of the funeral service of the dead in front of the kindergarten

As reported by Telegram-channel “Rossendale”, despite the fact that the residents of the village Voronovka at a public hearing opposed the building of the temple! Local authorities decided to build … 10 meters from the kindergarten “Filippok”.

Now on this place there is a temporary hut with a dome where already managed to carry out a funeral service of the dead in front of children. People are outraged — the graves are almost in the territory of kindergarten (to cut), already broke the fence. Announcements about the provision of funeral services are already hanging around the area.

AliExpress allowed for Russia to return the goods without explanation

AliExpress has launched a service unconditional return of purchases from China for the Russian users on August 23, told RBC representative of the online sites Anton Panteleev. Buyers who place an order on the platform will be able to return the item without explanation within two weeks of receipt.

What medicines can not buy the state

In total, in Russia for the first six months of 2019, almost 47 thousand tenders of state institutions for the purchase of medicines remained without applications. Such supply disruptions cannot but affect the provision of medicines to beneficiaries, said the President of the League of patient advocates Alexander Saversky.

“We see that there is a lack of insulin and other drugs in the regions. Including drugs against HIV, such as lamivudine,” he said.

At a rally concert under threat of dismissal

Employees of the state budgetary institution (GBU) “Ritual” are forced to go to a rally concert for the Day of the Russian flag, which will be held on Sakharov Avenue on August 24. Otherwise threaten to dismiss, reports “Rain” with reference to the employee of GBU who wished to remain unnamed

Soyuz spacecraft with robot Fedor on Board could not dock to the ISS

Manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-14 with robot Fedor on Board could not dock to the ISS. The ship approached the station, he had to dock 96 m, but then he began to move away. The head of the ISS Russian segment flight cosmonaut Vladimir Solovyov explained that there had been no previously encountered fluctuations during the docking.

British Airways pilots will hold three strikes in September

Three days of strikes will be held by pilots of the British air carrier British Airways in September. The shares are scheduled for 9.10 and 27 September, the pilots are dissatisfied with the amount of wages, reports RIA Novosti, citing a statement By the Association of pilots of British airlines (BALPA).

Hungary increases the number of visa centers in Russia

The new visa operator of Hungary in Russia was the company VFS Global, said in its official statement of August 23. In particular, one visa application centre will be opened in 64 Russian cities, the first 40 of which will be opened by the end of August.

The largest French carrier announced the rejection of the North sea route

The largest in France and the world’s fourth transport company, mainly engaged in container shipping, CGA CGM decided to abandon the use of Arctic routes, according to Le Figaro

Where Russians make purchases

According to the study of the Russian service for the search and selection of goods on the Internet Rate&Goods, available to RIA Novosti 21% of respondents do not buy anything on the Internet at all, and the vast majority – 76% – uses this option to purchase only non-food products: clothes, books, cosmetics and so on. Only 4% of the research participants use the purchase of products on online platforms.

At the same time, 17.3% of respondents said that they consider online shopping the most economical option. More than 46% of the study participants consider such purchases in hypermarkets, and supermarkets near the house seem to be more attractive option 36.5% of respondents.

According to the study, 34.5% of respondents are purchased for future use in hypermarkets once a week, and 23% – once a month. In addition, the vast majority regularly visit shops near the house: either every day (43.7%) or 2-3 times a week (43.3%). Russians prefer district shops only when buying meat and dairy products (51% of respondents) and alcohol (57%). Vegetables and fruits are bought by Russians either in supermarkets at home (42%) or on the market (36.9%).

Mass cure invalids of Russia

According to statistics, recently disabled children and adults with chronic diseases began to recover EN masse in Russia. Three or four years ago, there were 12.5 million people with disabilities, by the end of last year there were 11.8 million, and for 2019 the team of incapacitated will decrease by another 200 000 people, Novye Izvestia writes.

The incapacitated were transferred from the Ministry of health to the Ministry of labor, a simple order of this Department changed the terms and conditions of disability, introduced a point assessment of health. Getting help has become almost impossible. Taking into account the fact that the number of disabled people will inevitably decrease, the budget is also formed

In the explanatory Memorandum to the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in 2019-22 he indicated that the number of recipients of monthly cash payments among people with disabilities will decline further from the current 11.6 million people to 11.4 million in 2020 and up to 11.3 million in 2021-th.

In Hong Kong, more than 130 thousand protesters gathered in the “human chain»

In Hong Kong, more than 130,000 protesters formed a “human chain” protesting against the extradition bill. This was reported in the rthk TV and radio Corporation with reference to the organizers. The protesters joined hands to form “human chains” and lit lanterns in phones.

The head of the British Central Bank proposed to abandon the dollar

The head of the Central Bank of England mark Carney proposed to replace the dollar with a new reserve currency. According to him, the world has become too dependent on the us economy. Carney noted that the role of emerging markets is growing, and the use of the us currency carries risk.

Data 90 thousand customers Mastercard leaked to the Internet

International payment system Mastercard sent to the authorities of Germany and Belgium a notification of hacking the system with customer data, Bloomberg reports, citing the Supervisory authorities of these countries.

The Belgian Department reported that Mastercard found a leak on August 19. According to the authorities, it affected a “large number” of customers, a significant part of whom are German citizens. The German regulator said it had conducted an investigation and had already deleted the published personal data.

On the border of Russia and Belarus will be a new oil control unit

The Belarusian operator of the Druzhba pipeline, JSC Gomeltransneft Druzhba, is discussing with the state concern Belneftekhim the emergence of new points of control over the quantity and quality of oil, first Deputy Director, chief engineer of the company Andrei Verigo said, BelTA reports

The Fund for the protection of the rights of shareholders will capitalize on 2 billion rubles

The Russian government plans to increase the capital of the Federal Fund for the protection of the rights of shareholders in order to provide additional state guarantees to construction companies, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said on Friday during a meeting in Krasnodar.

“We plan to capitalize the Fund to protect the rights of shareholders for 2 billion rubles so that it can act as a guarantor for those construction projects for which after July 1 there are problems of raising funds from banks,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The program of restoration after a flood till 2023 for the Irkutsk region

The draft Federal program for the restoration of the Irkutsk region after the flood with funding of more than 35 billion rubles was submitted to the government of the Russian Federation, reported on Friday on the website of the Ministry of construction of Russia.

“Rostvertol” in the 1st half of the year reduced net profit on RAS

PJSC Rostvertol (Rostov-on-don, part of the Russian Helicopters holding) in January-June 2019 received a net profit on RAS in the amount of 880.7 million rubles, which is 13.4 times less than in January-June last year, according to the company’s report.
Revenue decreased 2.2 times, to 29.4 billion rubles, and the cost – only 1.5 times, to 21.2 billion rubles. The result is a gross profit of 8.2 billion rubles, which is 4 times less than a year earlier. It was not possible to clarify the reasons for the decline in indicators in the company, Interfax notes.

Georgian authorities will help hotels in the absence of Russians

“The initiative involves co-financing the interest rate on loans for entrepreneurs who are experiencing financial difficulties due to Russian sanctions and reduction of tourist flows,” the press service of the Ministry said.

Previously, the owners of large hotels and family-type hotels in Adjara demanded to support them and even held a protest rally. The flow of tourists from Russia to Georgia fell due to the temporary ban on flights imposed by Moscow due to mass protests that began in Tbilisi on June 20.

China carries 12 million barrels of oil from the United States

Six tankers loaded with 12 million barrels of American oil are sent to China, which is preparing for the first time to introduce duties on imported oil from the United States. This was reported on Friday by Bloomberg news Agency

On August 23, China announced that it will impose additional duties on a number of goods from the US totaling $75 billion a year. Duties will be introduced in two stages. On September 1, 5% duties will be imposed on the supply of soybeans and oil from the United States, and from December 15, 25% duty on American cars will be returned.

Trump announced a new increase in duties on goods from China

Additional duties on 5,078 items will come into force on September 1 and December 15. This step by Beijing was a response to the us decision to impose duties of 10% on the import of Chinese goods worth $300 billion on the same date – from September 1 and December 15.

As he wrote in his microblog on Twitter, Tram, his decision was a response to Beijing’s introduction of additional duties on the import of American goods worth $75 billion a year.

Us Navy ship passed through the Taiwan Strait

Landing ship-dock Green Bay US Navy made Friday passage through the strategically important Taiwan Strait amid rising tensions between the US and China. This was reported by CNN, citing the seventh fleet of the United States.

Russia has established a new subsistence minimum

The Ministry of labor of Russia has established the value of the subsistence minimum of Russians for the II quarter of 2019, according to the order published on the portal of legal information. It is specified that in the whole country the subsistence minimum is set at 11 185 rubles, for the working-age population – 12 130 rubles, pensioners – 9 236 rubles.

“Hole” in the balance sheet of the Bank “Prime Finance” amounted to 211 million rubles

The interim administration of the Central Bank found a “hole” in the balance sheet of the Bank “Prime Finance” in the amount of 211 million rubles. The relevant document is published on the website of the regulator.

The monetary base in Russia increased by 103.9 billion rubles during the week

On August 9, the monetary base in Russia was equal to 10 trillion 531.1 billion rubles. Thus, over the period it grew by 0.99%, or 103.9 billion rubles.

The U.S. announced its intention to open a Consulate in Greenland

The us state Department said in a letter to Congress on the need to restore the us Consulate in Nuuk — the capital of Greenland, AP reports, to expand the country’s presence in the Arctic

In Finland created a perfume of human sweat

The spirits are then presented by the Finnish Agency Mirum Helsinki, Flash Nord writes. It is noted that one of the components of the perfume, in addition to traditional ingredients, was the sweat of all employees.

Most residents of Serbia spoke in favor of the country’s accession to the European Union

The Ministry of European integration of Serbia on its website on Friday reported that according to the results of the survey, the majority of citizens of the Republic (53%) spoke in favor of the country’s accession to the European Union.

Japan reported a new launch of ballistic missiles of the DPRK

“Territorial waters, as well as the exclusive economic zone of our country, missiles have not reached,” – quotes TASS representative of the government of Japan. On August 16, North Korea conducted another test of new weapons in the presence of the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN.

The army of the Netherlands are switching from SUVs to Mercedes IVECO

The Dutch military Department decided to purchase up to 1275 new LMV IVECO SUVs. The start of deliveries is scheduled for 2022, the machines will replace the currently in service with the army and the military police of the Netherlands SUVs Mercedes-Benz 290 GD.

Iveco LMV – army multi-purpose armored car, created by the Italian automotive company in 2001, taking into account the experience of operation of machines of similar purpose during the conflict in the Balkans in the 90s. Weight in basic configuration – up to 7 t, maximum speed — 130 km/h range — 600 km Has mine protection and can withstand the explosion of up to 6 kg of TNT. The hull armor protects the crew from small arms fire of 5.56 and 7.62 mm calibers, shell fragments. It is possible to install additional armor.

Currently, Iveco LMV is in service with the armies of 15 countries, including Russia. Under the Minister of defense Anatoly Serdyukov planned the adoption of these SUVs in service of the armed forces under the name “Lynx”. Total planned in the first phase to purchase 1775 SUV with plans to extend the procurement. However in further from “Lynx” refused in favor of “Tiger.”

The US has declared its readiness to join the “Normandy format»

Special representative of the state Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker said the US is ready to join the negotiations of the “Normandy four” (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine), said Friday the Agency BNS.

The Russian defense Ministry reported the launches of missiles “Blue” and “Mace” from submarines

The Ministry of defense of Russia reported on the successful implementation of launches of sea-based ballistic missiles “Blue” and “Mace” from submarines “Tula” and “Yuri Dolgoruky” at military ranges in the Arkhangelsk region and Kamchatka

In the network appeared the trailer of the series “Mandalore”, based on the universe of “Star wars.”

The plot will unfold around a single mandaloria-a mercenary living on the edge of the inhabited galaxy, which does not hold the law of the New Republic. Once a member of a noble race, forced to live among the scum and earn a living dirty work. It is known that the events of “Mandalore” occur between “Return of the Jedi” and “the Awakening power”.

Author and show-run the series “Mandalore” has acted the Director of “Iron man” and “the Lion King” Jon Favreau. The main role in the project was played by Pedro Pascal, Brendan Wayne, Bernard Point, Omid Abtahi, Gina Carano and others. The premiere of the series is scheduled for November 12.

Disney will close the series “Book of witchcraft” about the life of fairy-tale villains

According to the authors ‘ idea, the series was planned to be based on the novel “the Book of witchcraft” by Serena Valentino, which is known for its original style of narration. The new project was to tell about the life of fairy-tale heroes-villains from various popular cartoons.

North Korean film festival to be held in St. Petersburg

Pyongyang international film festival of the DPRK will open on September 24 at Lenfilm. This was stated by the Director General of the Studio Eduard Pichugin, reports TASS. St. Petersburg residents will be able to see five North Korean paintings. It is expected that the opening of the festival will be attended by North Korean Ambassador to Russia Kim Hyun-Jun.

Also from 20 to 25 September in Pyongyang will show films of the St. Petersburg film Studio. Relevant agreements have already been reached between the leadership of Lenfilm and the North Korean side.

Disney announced a series about Obi-WAN Kenobi with Ewan McGregor

During D23, an announcement of the series about Obi-WAN Kenobi, whose role will again be played by Ewan McGregor, took place. The scenario of the show is ready and the shooting will start next year — as previously reported, the series took developments a feature film that was canceled after the failure of “Solo”. The number of episodes has not yet been disclosed, but the media reported that six episodes are planned — it will be a mini-series.

Ed Sheeran presented a video for the song Take Me Back to London

British pop musician ed Sheeran presented a video for the song Take Me Back to London. The song was recorded with Stormzy and Jaykae & Aitch.

Apple has applied for a patent for a “smart” watch with 5G

The American company Apple has applied for a patent for a “smart” watch Apple Watch, the technology supports 5G. The gadget will be able to transfer data to other devices using communication protocols, IEEE 802.11 ad or protocols of wireless communication systems, 5G, according to the website of the Bureau of patents and trademark United States. The application also mentions the possibility of supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies by the gadget.

In Denmark, will revise 10 thousand sentences due to errors in the data on the location of phones

In Denmark, more than ten thousand judicial decisions will be rechecked due to errors in the processing of data received from mobile operators when searching for criminals. It is reported by The New York Times. The publication writes about two possible errors that could lead to incorrect convictions.

Vehicle OnePlus TV: the MediaTek chip and 3 GB of RAM

Oneplus CEO Pete Lo (Pete Lau) said that the company will officially present its first smart TVs in September. Oneplus TV will be based on a quantum dot display (QLED). A 4K matrix with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels will be applied. Hardware-based televisions will be served by the MediaTek MT5670. Its configuration includes four arm Cortex-A53 cores with a clock speed up to 1.5 GHz and a graphics accelerator ARM Mali-G51 GPU with a frequency of 700 MHz. The amount of RAM will be 3 GB. As a software platform will be used optimized operating system Android 9.0 Pie.

Neutrino mass was measured for the first time

A team of scientists first determined the upper mass limit of the “Ghost particle” neutrinos. The mass of the electron neutrino is about a million times less than the electron itself-1.5×10-37 kilograms

Neutrino causes many important processes occurring in stars. This particle was previously predicted only theoretically and was introduced to explain the excess energy that comes from the Sun when it thermonuclear reactions. Until recently, it was believed that neutrino is a massless particle, the same as a photon.

The monkey brain has increased and decreased several times in the course of evolution

During the evolution of the monkeys became more brain volume, and the increase occurred several times in representatives of different branches of this group independently. As the authors of the article in Science Advances found out, it was accompanied by a periodic decrease in the volume of this body.

Employees of the American Museum of natural history, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of California studied the skull of the species Chilecebus carrascoensis, who lived on Earth about 20 million years ago, and the traces found on the skull, were able to restore the structure of the monkey’s brain.

Second chance airships

Austrian scientists believe that giant airships deserve a second chance. Hydrogen-powered aircraft will be able to replace steamship-dry cargo ships. The size of the airships can be five times the height of the skyscraper Empire State Building, such an aircraft will be able to carry multi-ton cargo across the oceans.

To date, the Navy carries out more than 90 percent of all cargo. Tankers and bulk carriers significantly pollute the environment, emitting a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Airships are much more environmentally friendly and are driven by jet currents.

Aurus Senat went on sale … as a large-scale model

As informs a portal “Wroom”, a supply machine model Aurus Senat S600 in 1:43 scale company took DIP Models. To date, the cars of the Russian company Aurus has not yet appeared in the free market.

To oblige the police and Resguardo wear are distinguishable rooms

A member of the Federation Council and former Commissioner for human rights Vladimir Lukin introduced a bill in the state Duma, which requires the police and soldiers of Regardie to wear during the service “a well-distinguishable identification number.”

“It is not allowed to serve in public places without an identification number or with its partial or complete concealment,” the bill says

In Regardie will study the bill on the identification of employees

“In Regardie will study the bill, including — as far as it meets public demand and meets safety standards,” — quoted RIA Novosti representative of the Department.

Europe is preparing to start tax cuts for economic development.

During his address to the French nation, macron said that during the G7 summit in Biarritz, he wants to convince partners that the tension in trade is “bad for all”. He also added that in this area it is necessary to achieve de-escalation and stabilization to “avoid a trade war.” Macron pointed out that at the moment Europe needs to find new tools to “revive” the economy.

“We may decide on a new tax cut, which is one of the ways of the agreed recovery of the economy,” macron said during his meeting with us President Donald trump before the G7 summit in French Biarritz.

Most indebted countries in the world (% debt to GDP ratio)

Japan is far ahead of Greece, Italy and Portugal in terms of debt. While the US debt level rose from 65 percent to 105 percent between 2007 and 2017, Spain and the UK suffered the largest increase, with debt in both countries more than doubling over the same period.

The area of fires in Russian forests has increased again

The territory of fire spread in the Russian forests increased by 7.7 thousand hectares per day, RIA Novosti reported, citing the FBU Avialesookhrana. According to the latest data, 109 forest fires were recorded in the country on August 25. They covered more than 50 thousand hectares, despite the active extinguishing rescuers.

China bought the rights to “Chapaev” and the entire “Gold collection” Lenfilm

China has acquired the rights to the “Gold collection” Lenfilm, said the Director of the Studio Eduard Pichugin, August 23, reports ” Fontanka.ru»

“The rights to the collection, of course, not sold exclusively and briefly, for three years. They all take it entirely, choose the best and most popular, and then engaged in duplication, subtitling, distribution. So in order to get their money back, they only have to work with movies that have potential. They first studied, chose a number of package and began to adapt it for their audience,” explained Pichugin.

However, Lenfilm acted only as an agent in the transaction, as the rights to the paintings belong to Gosfilmofond.

In Tyumen, doctors refused to help a patient with pulmonary edema

It is reported by TASS with reference to the local Department of health. It is noted that the woman was denied admission due to the fact that the doctors ended duty.

Hong Kong police used water cannons against demonstrators

Hong Kong police, dispersing protests this weekend, used water cannons for the first time against demonstrators throwing bottles and stones at law enforcement officers. About it reports on August 25 Reuters Agency. The police also used tear gas.

The demonstrators responded to the actions of the police with at least one bottle of incendiary mixture or gasoline. They also use a spray that makes the road surface slippery to make it difficult for the police to advance

Russian regions with the highest mortgage arrears

There are problems with mortgage payments in all regions of Russia, but they are progressing in 44 regions. This is stated in the study of the audit company FinExpertiza, which was read “Izvestia»

In 25 regions, the share of non-payers exceeds the average Russian level of 1.04 percent, including the Republic of Altai (3.43 percent), Karachay-Cherkessia (2.58 percent), North Ossetia (2.57 percent) and Buryatia (2.12 percent).

At the same time, the figure in most regions with a large share of non-payments has practically not increased over the past six months — it grew only in three subjects: the Chechen Republic (2.95 per cent), the Republic of Adygea (1.3 per cent) and the Rostov region (1.07 per cent).

Komi residents began to spend less money

The costs of education (by 11.9%), entertainment and cultural institutions (by 7.6%), trips to sanatoriums and resorts (by 6.4%) have significantly decreased. Residents began to pay less to medical institutions (6.6%), reduced the cost of housing (3.9%) and transport services (3.5%). The population has less money to leave in fitness centers and sports facilities (5.1%)

Of all types of services, only payments to providers and mobile companies increased (by 0.8%), and expenses for utilities (by 1.5%) and legal services (by 0.1%).

GAS may go bankrupt in 2020 due to us sanctions

GAZ group, the largest Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles, is forced to reduce production due to us sanctions. If the enterprise is closed, more than 40 thousand people will remain without work. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

The US will support the reform of state enterprises in Ukraine

The US plans to support the reform of state-owned enterprises in Ukraine. The relevant information follows from the USAID request. The program of reforming state-owned enterprises is being developed by the us government.

Kazan has become a leader in Russia in rising prices for new housing

According to the Agency “CYANOGEN”, Kazan shows the maximum annual dynamics among the major cities of the country. The cost of primary housing in the capital of Tatarstan in August 2018 has risen by 33%, and in Moscow by more than 10%. The reason is the leaching of available supply from the market and the decrease in development activity.

Japan protested to South Korea over exercises near the disputed Islands

The government of Japan has protested to the South Korean authorities in connection with military exercises in the area of the disputed tokto Islands, which are called Takeshima in Tokyo. On this day, August 25, according to the Agency “Kyodo” with reference to a source in diplomatic circles

In Britain launched the first railway line on solar batteries

The company plans to build and connect the world’s first full-scale solar farm to the UK Railways by the end of 2020.

Hainan made it easier for foreigners to obtain a permanent residence permit

The authorities of Hainan have simplified procedures for obtaining permanent residence permits for citizens of other States. This was reported on Sunday by the newspaper “Hainan Zhibao”.

According to her, the new rules, first of all, apply to ethnic Chinese living outside China: highly qualified professional personnel, persons with a degree of candidate and doctor of science, or for a long time involved in important national projects of the PRC. “Green card” can get all foreigners who have made a great contribution to the development of China, highly sought-after professionals, as well as those who are constantly working in the country and has a fairly high income with a good history of tax payments. A special privilege in the recommendation of the authorities is granted to employees of companies in the field of innovation, which have been successfully operating on Hainan for three years.

Apply for registration of the right of permanent residence can and family members of persons belonging to these social categories, namely: spouses and minor children.

In the United States opened a sculpture by ray Bradbury

Residents of WAUKEGAN (Illinois) celebrated the birthday of their countryman writer ray Bradbury by opening a statue in his honor. The ceremony took place on the territory of the city public library, located next to the school, which he visited before the family moved to Los Angeles, the newspaper Chicago Tribune.

Without an agreement there will be no compensation

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson in an interview with ITV linked the payment of compensation for leaving the European Union with the conclusion of an agreement with Brussels. Johnson is confident that the UK is not obliged to fully pay 48 billion dollars, writes TASS.

Israel strikes on Iranian targets in Syria

Israel attacked Iranian forces “al-Quds” (special forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard corps) and Shiite militants in Syria to “prevent an attack” on the country, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the state Duma of Russia offered to return the death penalty

Russia should lift the moratorium on the death penalty as a punishment, because it was imposed by Europe. This statement was made by the state Duma Deputy from the LDPR Alexander Sherin. According to him, such pseudo-human values destroy Russia.

This moratorium is imposed on Russia – quoted Telegram-channel “Rise” of the word policy.

North Korea announced the successful test of a new launcher

The DPRK, with the personal participation of the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN, tested a new missile launcher. According to the North Korean Agency ctac, the installation is capable of launching several missiles. North Korea resumed missile tests this summer.

Iran announced the test of its new missile

The commander-in-chief of the Iranian revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC), General Hossein Salami said that Iran has tested a new missile, reports Tasnim.

Iran is concerned about missile tests in the US

Iranian foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Musavi said that Tehran is concerned about the us test of a missile that was previously banned by the Treaty on intermediate-range missiles (INF). According to Musavi, this could lead to an arms race