27 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/26/2019

It is not economically feasible to use the Northern sea route

Norway doubts the economic feasibility of the Northern sea route and will check it for compliance with environmental standards, said foreign Minister ine Marie Erickson. According to her, the North sea route has problems with search and rescue operations and insufficient infrastructure.

“This greatly complicates the task of making this route profitable and commercially successful, as many would like,” she explained.

Erickson also added that the Oslo authorities are not considering providing the ports of Svalbard for the Northern sea route.

“Svalbard is part of Norwegian territory. It is not a subject for discussion within the framework of this project,” the foreign Minister said.

Moscow city hall explained the refusal of the opposition in the action on September 3

Moscow city hall has denied a group of opposition politicians, including chief of staff Gennady Gudkov Elvira floor in protest action in Moscow on 3 September, follows from the response of the authorities to the organizers, who provided RBC staff Dmitry Gudkov.

The application for action September 3, Elvira commercial Munda Elena Filina and journalist Victoria Ivleva filed 23 Aug. It involved a procession of up to 30 thousand people from Novopushkinsky square in New Arbat to the Gogolevsky Boulevard.

One of the reasons for the refusal of the mayor’s office calls the day of solidarity in the fight against terrorism. This date appeared in the calendar in 2005 and is related to the events in Beslan, where the day was stormed by terrorists captured the school.

Earlier, the mayor’s office of the capital did not agree to the opposition several applications for shares for fair elections on August 24, 25 and 31.

The branches of “Mail of Russia” can become alkomarket and pharmacies

“Mail of Russia” was asked to the budget of almost 85 billion rubles to convert their offices into a kind of alcoholic shops, pharmacies, MPC, educational and medical institutions, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Entered into force the second package of sanctions against Russia in the ” case Skripal»

A new package of sanctions that the US imposed on Russia in connection with the case of poisoning of former GRU employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in British Salisbury in March 2018 came into force.

“The United States government will prevent the provision of any credit or any financial or technical assistance to Russia from international financial institutions (IMF or world Bank),” the notice said.

The rules for providing American goods and technologies to Russia are also being tightened.

Roshydromet found radioactive isotopes after the accident near Severodvinsk

Specialists of the Federal service for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring (Roshydromet) found radioactive isotopes of strontium, barium and Latan in the samples after the explosion at the military test site near Severodvinsk.

Analysis of the samples, said in the state institution, revealed the presence of “short-lived technogenic radionuclides”…> whose decay products are inert radioactive gases.” They caused a short-term increase in the dose rate of gamma radiation in the region on August 8, the day of the accident.

Putin worried about the slow growth of income of Russians

“The pace is positive, of course, but the dynamics as a whole can not satisfy us. It is necessary to make economic growth more stable and more dynamic”, — quotes the head of state Agency TASS.

According to the President, the slow growth of real incomes is observed even taking into account the increase in wages. Putin recalled that in the first half of the country’s GDP grew by 0.7%, industrial growth for seven months amounted to 2.6%, including in the manufacturing sector — 2%.

Looking Rosstat. Decline in real disposable income (by the same quarter last year):

  • The first quarter of 2019: -2,5%
  • II quarter of 2019: -0,2%.
  • Overall for the first half of 2019: -1.3%

Novosibirsk owed for heat and hot water 2.4 billion rubles

Residents and organizations of Novosibirsk by August 1 owed more than 2.4 billion rubles for heating and hot water: 1.8 billion rubles — individuals and more than 655 million rubles — legal, the press service of the Siberian generating company reported.

The Prosecutor demanded to deprive of parental rights of two more participants of the protest

Nikulinsky district court of Moscow accepted to production the claim about deprivation of parental rights of Peter and Elena Chomsky who came together with the child on protest action which is not coordinated with the city hall on August 3. This is stated in the materials placed in the file of court cases

The Ministry of agriculture plans to simplify the removal of unused land

The Ministry of agriculture plans to introduce risk indicators for unscheduled inspections of agricultural land use and withdraw them three years faster.

“The bill will reduce the time of seizure of land unused for its intended purpose, by eliminating the need for the Rosselkhoznadzor authorities to confirm the fact of non-use of such land for three years from the date of detection of such a fact”, – stated in the explanatory note to the document.

G7 leaders decided to refuse Russia

The leaders of the Countries participating in the G7 summit rejected the idea of returning the Russian Federation to the club. It became known from the message of AFP published within the official Twitter account.

Antimonopoly service wants to fine participants of public procurement for unreasonable complaints

“From such actions (Complainants) – millions, if not billions of losses,” – complained in July, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and instructed to introduce liability for this up to criminal. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) and the Ministry of Finance, together with the Prosecutor General’s office and the interior Ministry, were instructed to prepare proposals.

In Novosibirsk, volunteers “stole” children from the Park

Members of the search party “Lisa Alert” decided to conduct an experiment in the Novosibirsk Park and find out whether the children know about the safety rules, and whether they are ready to leave with strangers. The result was shocking: out of 57 children aged six to nine, 42 children left with strangers.

The experiment took place in the Park “birch grove”. The children were approached by volunteers of the group “Lisa Alert” and showed them a photo with a kitten, told them the legend that he was lost, and asked to help find a pet. Children very quickly agreed to help find a kitten and left with strangers.

Two armed Russian border guards detained in Lithuania

It is noted that the incident occurred on Friday evening, August 23, in the village of Nida after a meeting of border guards of Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia. The Lithuanian side claims that Russian border guards armed with pistols entered the territory of the Baltic Republic for half a kilometer.

Manufacturer “Keresek” is going to open a delivery service

Manufacturer of confectionery and snacks ” KDV Group “(brands “Yashkino”, “Babkin seeds”, “Kirieshki”) intends to launch in Russia Express delivery service. It will be created on the basis of the company’s existing infrastructure (warehouses, distribution centers and fleet).

In Altai, the visitors of the festival showed “the execution of” traitors

During the military-historical festival “Dnepropetrovsk frontier” in Altai the audience was shown a mock execution of the traitor of the Motherland. Regional site AltaPress.ru said “Traitor” was read from the stage of the sentence, including the confiscation of property and death, after which “led to it”, using blank cartridges. According to the video, children were present.

Flood victims in the Irkutsk region are not compensated

President Vladimir Putin instructed to provide housing for all victims, but in regional reality only those who do not own other housing could get a certificate or a new house. Because of this nuance, almost 15 percent of those who applied were left with nothing

Most of the tax benefits for businesses were ineffective

The Finance Ministry said that 66% of tax benefits for businesses are ineffective. About it reports “Izvestia” with reference to data of Department.

Regional preference brought last year’s profit of 87 billion rubles, and cost to subjects at 253 billion rubles. The Agency intends to reduce benefits by 2021 by 35% – up to 165 billion rubles.

Global aircraft production fell by 24%

Global aircraft production fell by a quarter after the suspension of the Boeing 737 Max, according to The Guardian. ADS-an organization representing the British aerospace industry-said 88 aircraft were delivered in July, down 24% from the same period last year. The number of aircraft delivered since the beginning of this year has reached 716. This is 11% less than in 2018.

Check the validity of inflating prices for train tickets

Interregional public organization “Collective protection” sent to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev requesting to inspect Railways on the subject of unwarranted price increases in the summer, reports News.ru. As the authors of the document, it was revealed a manifold increase in the cost of tickets.

As an example, the cost of tickets for the directions Moscow – Yaroslavl and Moscow – Kirov.

“The cost of regular fare, “Full” train No. 105ЯБ direction Yaroslavl – Moscow-30 may 2019 amounted to 483 rubles 50 kopecks, as of 02 July 2019 the cost of a ticket for the same train number 105ЯБ, at the same place in the same train, at the rate of “Full” amounted to 920 rubles 80 kopecks,” – said in the document.

At the same time, the authors of the document note that the website of the carrier says that in the period from June 14 to September 1, the seasonal change in tariffs does not exceed 20%. According to the analysis of the cost of tickets for the train to Kirov, the ticket price increased by more than 30%.

Denmark intends to impose additional tax on banks

“I believe that banks should naturally contribute to Danish society. Especially now that we are experiencing problems in the labour market, where Danish workers can no longer afford a decent old age. It is fair to demand from financial institutions large tax deductions for the benefit of society” — said the Minister of economy of Denmark Simon Kollerup.

Economic plan of the social Democrats until 2025 envisages the expenditure on social services amount to 5.59 billion. The Ministry of economy believes that 220 million dollars of this amount as taxes will have to pay financial institutions in Denmark-writes the Danish newspaper “Berlingske”(“Berlinske”).

10 countries with the cheapest gasoline

An important component of the price of gasoline is the cost of oil from which it is produced. Commissions, subsidies, processing and transportation costs and other charges are also an important factor influencing the retail price of gasoline.

  • Venezuela – the price of a liter of gasoline $0.01
  • Cuba-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.09
  • Sudan-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.14
  • Iran-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.29
  • Algeria-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.35
  • Kuwait-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.35
  • Nigeria-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.40
  • Turkmenistan-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.43
  • Kazakhstan-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.46
  • Egypt-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $0.46

10 countries with most expensive gasoline, according to GlobalPetrolPrices.

  • Italy-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.48
  • Greece-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.52
  • Israel-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.52
  • Central African Republic-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.53
  • Netherlands-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.56
  • Barbados-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.60
  • Monaco-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.60
  • Norway-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.62
  • Iceland-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.62
  • Hong Kong-price of 1 liter of gasoline: $1.85

In China, renewable energy has become cheaper than burning gas

Wood Mackenzie published a report on the state of renewable electricity in China, noting in it a milestone: for the first time renewable energy on average in the country has become cheaper than electricity generated by burning gas

Chinese Sinopec profit for six months fell by almost 30%

Profits of China’s oil and gas and petrochemical Corporation Sinopec for six months fell at an annual rate of 27%, according to Reuters. The company attributed the drop in profits to high competition amid declining demand for refined products.

Overdue mortgage in the second quarter rose again

The overdue debt of the population on mortgage loans in the second quarter of 2019 increased compared to the first quarter by 29 million rubles-to 76.73 billion rubles. Such conclusions were reached by analysts of The debt consultant collection Agency on the basis of statistical data of the Bank of Russia.

“The results of the second quarter as a whole show a tendency to reduce the share of overdue mortgage debt in mortgage loan portfolios, which is caused by an increase in lending by 4% in three months — up to 7.03 trillion rubles. The amount of overdue mortgage loans on the balance sheets of banks is almost not growing, and its share is eroded by new issues, “- says the General Director of the collection Agency” Debt consultant ” Denis Aksenov

Conference of the States parties To the international arms trade Treaty

The Fifth Conference of the States parties to The international arms trade Treaty will start in Geneva. It will be held for the first time without the US — us President Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the agreement in the spring, noting that the Treaty violates the rights of American citizens. Russia, as well as 22 other States have not ratified the agreement. Syria, Iran and North Korea voted against its adoption. More than 80 countries have adopted the document.

The UN international arms trade Treaty has been in force since the end of 2014. It is intended to regulate the international trade in conventional arms, from small arms to tanks, aircraft and ships. It also tightens measures against the use of weapons for human rights violations and for terrorist purposes.

The Polish government admitted that Poland has been living in debt for decades

The Polish government actually recognized that all economic successes of the state of the last three decades are connected first of all with receiving preferential credits. The Cabinet Mateusz Moravcova notes that all of the budgets during the period was scarce.

In this regard, Moravicki set before him and his Cabinet ambitious goal, which is to ensure that for the first time in 30 years the budget of Poland was not scarce. This is reported by a major Polish publication Rzeczpospolita. Such a budget is planned to make the budget of 2020.

The government is going to adopt such a budget, which means that you do not have to borrow money to cover all the necessary costs.

General dudakovic Has been charged with war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Prosecutor’s office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) filed charges of war crimes against the Serbian population during the Bosnian war, former commander of the Fifth corps of the army of the Bosniaks-Muslims to Atif Dudakovic. This was reported on Monday by the RTRS channel.

Serbia and Macedonia opened a joint border crossing

Prime Minister of Serbia and Macedonia Ana Brnabic and Zoran Zaev opened a joint border crossing Presevo-Tabanovce. As reported by the Agency tanyug, on the basis of the signed bilateral agreement will be on duty at the checkpoint at the same time Serbian and Macedonian border guards and police reports TASS.

Spouses from Britain found a treasure on the farm

The couple of Somerset County in the UK found a treasure that had been lying on a farm in the middle of a field for a long time. They found 2,571 coins from the reign of Harold II Godwinson. The value of the find is increased by the fact that the king ruled only nine months in 1066. This writes Life with reference to the Daily Mail.

According to experts of one of the museums in London, the value of each of the coins can reach one to five thousand pounds (80 000-400 000 rubles). If the treasure turns out to be important to the institution, it will pay the British. In addition, the couple will be able to sell coins at auction.

Heart attack risk increases living above 7th floor

Doctors from Canada have found a link between heart attacks and the height of the house in which the person lives. Experts believe that the higher a person lives, the more likely it is to develop heart disease. The fact is that at high altitude, the earth’s magnetic field does not affect the body enough, so the human immune system becomes weaker, writes “Medikforum”. This can lead to the fact that a person begins to suffer more from stress and various diseases.

Erdogan decided to send Turkish troops to the North of Syria

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced plans to send to the Northern regions of Syria army ground units.

“Now our combat and reconnaissance drones and helicopters are in the region (in the North of Syria). The transfer of troops to the border continues. Very soon we expect that our ground troops will enter there, ” the Turkish President said, according to TASS.

Last week, Turkey sent armored vehicles and military personnel to the Syrian province of Idlib to strengthen observation posts in the de-escalation zone.

India is going to replace Russian turbines at nuclear power plants with Japanese ones

In the construction of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India, there were problems with turbines supplied by the Russian company “Power machines”. The state-owned company was dissatisfied with the quality of turbines and generators. Already delivered turbines on two blocks will not change, so they fall under the contract. But the other four are questionable. India’s state-owned nuclear power company is discussing replacing turbines with Japanese ones.

The construction of the NPP is planned until 2034. As part of the contract, Russia gave India a loan of $4.2 billion in Rosatom (designing and supplying reactors for this nuclear power plant) answered RBC that the wishes of the customer are a priority for them.

Another country withdrew recognition of Kosovo’s independence

The African state of Togo has withdrawn recognition of Kosovo’s independence, Serbian foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said. Dacic noted that 15 countries have already withdrawn recognition of Kosovo. In particular, Liberia, Solomon Islands, Madagascar and other States withdrew recognition of Kosovo’s independence. In July, recognition of Kosovo’s independence withdrew the CAR. In addition, Kosovo was not recognized by Serbia, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and a number of other States.

In the case Abyzova arrested the accounts and assets of 27 billion rubles

The investigator in the case of the former Minister of” Open government “Mikhail Abyzov said that during the investigation was arrested property, real estate and accounts in the amount of 27 billion rubles, according to”RIA Novosti”.

Mikhail Abyzov was detained and arrested in March 2019. According to investigators, from April 2011 to November 2014, Mr. Abyzov, being the owner of 95% stake SIBEKO and RES, organized Scam, in which these structures are acquired at an inflated price shares are included in them, small companies. The ex-Minister is accused of organizing a criminal community (OPS) and fraud for 4 billion rubles.

Trump proposed to blow up hurricanes with nuclear bombs

Us President Donald trump has at least twice proposed the use of nuclear bombs against the impending hurricanes in the country. About it with reference to anonymous sources close to a question reports Axios. These remarks were made by the President at national security briefings.

The Israeli army intercepted two rockets from the Gaza strip

The Israeli military was able to intercept two of the three missiles that were fired from the Gaza strip, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the army of the state. Alarms went off in the South today.

Iran sent destroyer to Gulf of Aden

Tehran to ensure the safety of Iranian ships sent a destroyer in the Gulf of Aden, reports IRNA with reference to the Deputy commander of the Iranian army rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari

From September 1, Volgograd can refuse to delay and go to serve in the army

Guys, want to change the comfort conditions of the barracks and get the military skills, you will submit an application to the draft Board, which shall be attached to the General meeting minutes , reports the website http://мтв.online

In particular, the innovation in the law can be used by released persons with a degree, as well as the sons or siblings of conscripts who died during military service.

Large-scale exercises began in six regions of Southeast ASIA

Command and staff exercises started on the territory of the South CAUCASUS region. They will be attended by about 8.2 thousand soldiers and more than 2.5 thousand pieces of military equipment, including dozens of aircraft and helicopters, more than a hundred tanks and ships of various types.

Turkey will leave an observation post in Hama surrounded by the Syrian army

The ninth Turkish observation post near the city of Murek in Hama province was established in accordance with the Russian-Iranian-Turkish agreement in Astana and Sochi, and will not be curtailed after being surrounded by Syrian troops last week. This is reported by a special correspondent of the Federal news Agency (FAN) from the scene.

In France, proposed to create an international Fund to fight wildfires

In France, it was proposed to create an international Fund to fight forest fires. This was stated by the Minister of overseas territories of France Annick Girardin, according to “journal du Dimanche”

In Ulyanovsk, a dismissed employee of Regardie failed in aid of lunch

An employee of the Ulyanovsk Department of Regardie, who refused to respond to a request for help because of lunch, dismissed. About it ” RG ” reported in a press – service of Department. We will remind, on the video published in social networks on Friday, two people in the form of Regardie are depicted.

Earlier, the video, published in social networks on Friday, captured two people in the form of Regardie. According to the woman who recorded the video, they ignored her message about the attack on the taxi driver, because ” they have lunch”

In Sweden, the last book about the heroine ” Girls with a dragon tattoo»

The last book of David Lagerkrantz’s trilogy about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist was published in Sweden. The heroes of the writer Stieg Larsson, Creator of the trilogy “Millennium”, a continuation of the three novel Lagercrantz. The title of the last part is “She who must die” (Hon som måste dö).

VIN Diesel hinted at Paul Walker’s return in ” fast and Furious 9»

A curious statement was made by the producer and performer of the main role in the film “fast and furious 9” VIN Diesel. On his official Instagram page, he posted a photo of him with a man who looks like his dead friend Paul Walker.

Nikozi animated film festival to be held in Georgia»

The Ninth international festival of animated films “Nikozi” will be held in the Georgian village of Zemo Nikozi of Gori district, “Novosti-Georgia”reports on August 26. Screenings and training seminars with the participation of famous Directors will be held from 1 to 6 September 2019.

New Netflix Thriller “Clickbait” will show the underside of social networks

Inspired by the success of the series about the impact of gadgets on people “Black mirror” American company Netflix invited Australian filmmaker Tony Ayres (Tony Ayres) to work on a new project “Clickbait”, showing the huge gap between virtual communication and real life.

Legends of electro-swing Caravan Palace release their album “Chronologic»

Electro-swing in the 2010s continues to be a relevant genre, because Caravan Palace began promoting the fourth album. It is called “Chronological” and is released on August 30.

Vyacheslav Butusov recorded the debut album of his new band

According to the members of the musical group in their group on social networks, the album, which includes 12 songs with the participation of children’s choir and Symphony orchestra, was recorded in the radio House on the Italian street in St. Petersburg.

Apple and Samsung are suing because of the dangerous radiation smartphones

The Chicago Tribune conducted a study of radiation levels from several popular smartphones to test how safe they are for users. During the experiment, it was found that some gadgets from Apple and Samsung exceed safe standards.

Fund “SKOLKOVO” and the Waves opened a blockchain center

In Technopark “SKOLKOVO” has started to operate a joint competence centre technology distributed registry, established by the SKOLKOVO Foundation and one of the leaders of the blockchain-industry — company Waves.

The main objective of the Center is to promote the development of blockchain technologies in response to business requests, as well as the development of the market of projects and products based on blockchain technologies in Russia and abroad.

Microsoft will pay up to 30 thousand dollars for vulnerabilities found in the Edge browser

Recall that the exit Edge took place just two days ago. As part of the program, the company is ready to pay up to 30 thousand dollars for the vulnerability found in the SOFTWARE. The amount of reward depends on the importance of the exploit.

A Golf ball that always hits the hole

Nissan experts have created a development based on spherical toys Sphero, which is controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Protesters in Hong Kong reported the leak of personal data in Telegram

Activists of the protest movement in Hong Kong said about the leak of personal data in the messenger Telegram. On August 23, said the Director of the Internet society of Hong Kong Chu Ka-Chong in the social network Twitter

Nokia will revive another old push-button phone

HMD Global, which produces mobile devices under the Nokia brand, will soon introduce another “revived” button phone. As reported, the presentation of the Nokia 110 model will be held at IFA 2019 (September 5-11).

The first solution to the problem with the lack of RAM in Linux is presented

Red Hat developer bastien Nocera (Bastien Nocera) announced a possible solution to the problem of lack of RAM in Linux. This is an application called Low-Memory-Monitor, which should solve the problem of system responsiveness when there is a lack of RAM.

YouTube video hosting will close the chat for user correspondence

On the popular hosting YouTube will soon close the chat, designed for correspondence of users

Scientists have developed material for “eternal” charging gadgets

Researchers at nust MISIS, together with Swedish and German scientists, have developed the world’s first thermoelectric material with ordered nanotubes. It is reported that this may allow charging gadgets from body heat. Writes about this edition of Naked Science….

In China, we found drawings on the bones age 105-125 thousand years

In China found drawings made 105-125 thousand years ago, according to Antiquity. Several lines were scratched on two fragments of bone, and then some of them were sprinkled with ochre. Earlier in the same layer found hominid skull unknown species

In Japan will create hybrid embryos of humans and rodents

It is assumed that experiments with hybrid embryos will help scientists to approach the production of miniature artificial internal organs, which will be as much as possible to repeat the structure of human organs.

Astrocytes in the brain play an important role in long-term memory

Salk’s researchers found that star-shaped cells called astrocytes help the brain create long-term memories. The study may provide information on treatments for disorders in which long-term memory is impaired, such as traumatic brain injury or dementia

Biologists have discovered microbes slowing global warming

It is believed that the producers of DMSF and VMI are only planktonic algae, producing about 6.6 billion tons per year. However, Jonathan Todd (Jonathan Todd) and his colleagues found that the sources of VMI can serve as bacteria living in coastal and bottom sedimentary rocks.

Scientists managed to get a rare type of superconductivity again

Qubits usually suffer from instability, but new materials can fix it. A breakthrough in this direction was made by scientists from new York University. They analyzed the transition from a normal state of superconductivity to a new topological state by measuring the energy barrier between them.

In the UK found a piece of ancient glass

Archaeologists have found a colored piece of ancient glass in England, at a Roman Villa, presumably a fragment of a bottle made by Roman masters. Judging by the residue at the bottom of the vessel, it was used to store incense.

Artificial cells taught to glow in response to calcium influx

Scientists have created artificial cells in which fluorescent molecules are released in response to an increase in the concentration of calcium ions.

Scientists have created a “cloak of invisibility” that hides objects from the waves of water

It was possible to “hide” small structures from electromagnetic waves after obtaining the so-called metamaterials, whose physical properties differ from those existing in nature. It turned out that the negative refractive index allows you to change the direction of the wave.

Employees of Chinese universities (in Beijing and Xiamen) focused their efforts on scaling the technology. The original idea of Korean scientists using more than 500 special cylinders will “cover” the object located in the center and protect it from wave pressure. Innovative solutions, according to experts, will prevent the inevitable destruction of coastal structures in the past and reduce energy costs for the movement of ships. Information is presented in the American prestigious journal Physical Review Letters.

Greenhouse for vegetables on the moon or Mars tested in Antarctica

Scientist from DLR for a year engaged in gardening in the Antarctic, growing vegetables and berries without soil and under artificial light. For 9.5 months, he grew almost 270 kilograms of vegetables in an area of 12.5 “square”. According to DLR Professor Hansjorg Dittus, the project points to the possibility of creating a space greenhouse, as well as the fact that the technology can be used to produce products on the moon and Mars. It is noted that for growing it took much less energy than expected NASA.

Scientists have already developed a foldable and compact model of the greenhouse in the form of a hose, which can be sent to the station with a Falcon 9 rocket. In the greenhouse, a length of 13 meters in the expanded form, you can grow about 90 kg of vegetables and herbs. Its area is 30 “squares”, which is almost 3 times larger than the Antarctic greenhouse. This will enable each of the six astronauts to eat half a kilogram of vegetables.

Finnish engineers launch satellites with the help of balloons

In Finland, a team of engineers will attempt to launch satellites using balloons. Hot water vapor is used as the gas needed to lift the balloon with the rocket to the desired height.

“Roscosmos” announced a tender for 373 million rubles for a flight to the moon

Roscosmos has announced a tender for research to fly to the moon. Relevant information today appeared on the website of public procurement of the Russian Federation. The cost of the contract is 373.4 million rubles

Near Tula, local United Russia staged a holiday in honor of the flag Of Russia

According to Telegram-channel “Baza”, residents of the village Revyakino in Yasnogorsk district of Tula region on August 22 gathered for a holiday. They still, however, did not know that at the last moment in the program made changes. And now, in addition to competitions, songs and dances, it got demonstrations Regardie. In the midst of the holiday, a minibus flew to the square, fighters jumped out of it and, taking a circular defense, opened fire with blank cartridges in all directions. There was panic, women and children began to cry, men lit a cigarette and only blinked in response to the loudest clapping.

In Moscow from spetsstavki missing “Mercedes”.

Nothing special, but one thing-it was an arrested car, passing as evidence in the criminal case of the interior Ministry. Later the car was found on “Avito”, “Mercedes” was sold marked “documents lost” over one million 650 thousand rubles.

At the airport” Vnukovo ” detained Deputy Prosecutor of the Chateau district of Chechnya

Denis Khuchiev, brother of Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic Muslim Khuchiev, was detained this morning at the entrance to the “Vnukovo”. The guy who was going to fly to Nazran had a small plastic bag with him, and in it there was another one with a mysterious powder inside. First, he drew the attention of the aviation security Service, and then-and the service dog, which was called for help. Animal gestures showed that inside, most likely, are drugs, however, what, she does not understand.

In turn, Deputy Prosecutor Chochiev said that the package of medicines for cancer patients, which does not understand, it simply asked to bring to Chechnya.

Britain until 2022 equips all airports in the country with 3D scanners for baggage screening.

This technology will increase safety, speed up passenger checks before boarding, and possibly remove restrictions on the transportation of liquids in hand Luggage. The new equipment, which allows security officers to examine the contents of Luggage in detail, as well as zoom in and rotate the image when viewed with a scanner, is installed only at London Heathrow airport.

Baran against the construction of a coal port

Scandal in Primorsk: investor coal port, OOO “Primorskiy CPC” outraged by the work of the experts of the company “Engineering. Investment. Construction.” And filed a lawsuit for 336 million rubles.

According to “Engineering…”according to experts, the construction of the port (which is promoted by the investor) will have a negative impact on the environment, in particular on the life of such a rare species of wild sheep as MOUFLON. The question is that mouflon never lived on the coast of the Gulf of Finland! And a priori can not be an obstacle to the emergence of a coal terminal here. Unless, of course, ” Engineering…”will not prove in court the opposite and will not show the world the population of southern mountain sheep – in the Northern plains of Russia!

The most innovative countries in the world.

The world intellectual property organization (WIPO) published the 2019 Global innovation index .They assessed the level of innovation in 126 countries, focusing on a long list of criteria such as business complexity and level of creativity. The 2019 index showed that innovation is still thriving despite a slowdown in the global economy, especially in Asia

Russians will be banned from working part-time

In the near future, a member of the state Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs, Chairman of the Union of trade unions of Russia SOTSPROF Sergey Vostretsov plans to develop and submit to the consideration of colleagues the initiative to ban part-time work. The Deputy told “parliamentary newspaper”why it is necessary to limit labor at several workplaces at the legislative level and how to change the Labor code in the near future.

As in Russia extinguish forest fires

On Kuban two asguardian fired for sleeping on the service

In Kuban, two employees of Regardie were fired from the Department for sleeping in a patrol car. The men decided to challenge the decision in court, but the court upheld the order to dismiss them. About it reports RIA Novosti with reference to materials of may day district court.

Russia and Ukraine have agreed on the date of exchange of held persons

Russia and Ukraine have already agreed on a date for the exchange of held persons. This was reported by TASS lawyer of several citizens of the Russian Federation in Ukraine Valentin Rybin.

“The date of the exchange is known, we are waiting,” the defender said.

Rybin at the same time refused to name the date of the future exchange, explaining that it is “not yet for disclosure.” The lawyer added that the final lists of persons who will fall under the exchange “have not yet been approved.”

Udmurtia will receive 38 million rubles for the purchase of forest fire equipment

Udmurtia will purchase 24 units of specialized equipment for the timely detection and suppression of forest fires. According to the press service of the head and the government of the region, the Republic will receive an additional 37.8 million rubles from the Federal budget, as one of the first regions to timely fulfill obligations to purchase forest fire and forestry equipment.

Housing and communal enterprises of the district owes for electricity 11 billion

The debt of communal enterprises of the republics of the North Caucasus front managed “rosseti North Caucasus” sales companies gerontological exceeded 10.8 billion rubles. Of the above amount of debt over 3.1 billion rubles accounted for housing and utilities structures of the Republic of Dagestan