28 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/27/2019

U.S. Senator Johnson said Russia refused to issue him an entry visa

Senator Ron Johnson said Monday that Russia had rejected his visa request to visit the country next month as part of a congressional delegation.

“Working with the Ambassador (US to Russia John-if), Huntsman, I hoped that a direct dialogue with Russian parliamentarians will help lay the Foundation for improving future relations between our countries. Unfortunately, Russian officials continue to play diplomatic games with this sincere effort and have denied me entry to Russia,” Johnson said in a statement.

The Russian foreign Ministry reacted to the statement of the us Senator

The Department said the Senator did not apply for a visa.

“But presented everything as if it is refused after the address”, – added there.

It is noted that Johnson is in the stop list in response to the inclusion of representatives of Russia.

“And this is called manipulation of information. He is in the stop list in response to the inclusion of Russian representatives, as he knew for a long time,” RIA Novosti quoted the information and press Department of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The final G7 statement in Biarritz

The leaders of Germany, Japan, the United States, France, Britain, Italy and Canada “reached agreement on many points.”

The first point on which the G7 leaders agreed is the need to reform the WTO. In particular, the objectives of WTO reform include more effective protection of intellectual property and more efficient settlement of trade disputes.

Iran’s nuclear program is second on the list. “We fully share two goals: to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons, and to promote peace and stability in the region,” G7 members note.

Further in the Declaration the situation in Ukraine is given a place. The document says that in the coming weeks, France and Germany intend to organize a meeting in the ” Normandy format»

Stability in Libya can only be achieved through a political settlement. With regard to the situation in Hong Kong, the authors of the final statement call on all participants in the confrontation to avoid violence.

Income of deputies Of the state Duma of Russia

The income of deputies of the state Duma on average is 1 743 000 rubles per month. 399 of them 300 rubles salary. But to live on this amount MPs can not, therefore, receive 1 000 000 rubles a year on transportation, 231 000 rubles per month for assistants, from 46 to 63 626 581 rubles per month in retirement»

In the Arctic opened five new Islands

Hydrographs of the Northern fleet have confirmed the discovery of five new Islands in Vize Bay off the West coast of Novaya Zemlya. According to the press service of the Northern fleet, the new territories were seen in pictures taken from space, back in 2016.

Credit boom in Russia

In the first half of 2019, Russians borrowed 4.5 times more money from banks than in 2010. These are the data of the research of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza (available to the ” Russian newspaper”)

“This is a record amount of borrowed funds in the hands of Russians to date,” experts say.

We are not talking about overdue loans, but about the amounts of loans. According to analysts FinExpertiza, the volume of loans in the hands of the Russians reached the amount of 16.2 trillion rubles, an increase in the first half of 2019 by 1.33 trillion or 8.98 percent.

Most often this year, loans were taken by residents of Sevastopol, the Republic of Crimea, Leningrad region, Moscow region, Altai, Kaliningrad, Voronezh region, Krasnodar region. In General, in 84 of 85 regions of the country, the total debt of residents to banks on loans has increased. And only in the Magadan region, it decreased to 24.85 billion rubles as of July 1.

Regardie prepare for riots and pogroms in Moscow

On the job search site Headhunter in the confirmed account of the Main Directorate of Regardie in Moscow on August 26, there were vacancies of riot police for the protection of public order and security during mass events in the capital, found “Open media”. The duties of the employee will include ” support of demonstrations and protests,” as well as “suppression of riots,” according to the job description.

“The main task in the work — the protection of public order and public security during mass events in Moscow, law enforcement in dangerous areas in emergencies, the suppression of crime, delinquency, riots, group violations of public order and mass riots,” reads the job description.

The vacancy was published for 52 regions of Russia. Fighters for work in Moscow Department looks for in Moscow region, and also in Kursk, Saratov, Lipetsk, Tambov, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-don and other cities. Proposed salary “from 45 000 to 65 000 RUB on your hands.” The candidate must serve in the army and have at least secondary education.

Moscow OMON ROS guard stopped looking for soldiers to “quell the riots” and “prevent riots” following the announcement of such vacancies in the media. Now all 52 vacancies published on the HeadHunter website in different regions of Russia have been moved to the archive.

“The employer probably found the right candidate and is no longer accepting responses for this position”, — stated in the page hh.ru. Representative ROS guard was not able to quickly comment on this.

Russian authorities discuss with Huawei the purchase of tablets for the census of the Russian Federation.

Russian authorities are in talks to install the Russian operating system “Aurora” on the tablets of the Chinese company Huawei, to use them for the census of the Russian Federation in October 2020. This was reported by Reuters, citing sources. “Aurora” is proposed to be installed on 360 thousand Huawei tablets by August 1, 2020. One source called it “the first stage of the introduction of the Russian OS on Huawei devices.” Huawei confirmed that they are negotiating with the Ministry of Communications. The Department did not comment on this

FSB Lieutenant Colonel from the case Golunova got a job in “Gazprom»

FSB Lieutenant Colonel Marat Medoev, who was named among possible customers toss drugs the journalist-investigator Ivan Golunov was seconded from the FSB to the security service of “Gazprom”. This was yesterday, August 26, the Russian service ” BBC ” told two informed sources.

“Medoev Marat remains in the Moscow Department of the FSB, he is seconded police officer in “Gazprom”, – told reporters one of the interlocutors. The second source said that Medoev works in Mosenergo, which is a subsidiary of Gazprom.

Europe will refuse to fly to the ISS on Russian ships ” Union»

The European space Agency (ESA) plans to abandon flights to the International space station on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, said the head of the ESA mission in Russia Rene Pishel.

“Unfortunately, the launch of Luca Parmitano was the last on the Soyuz. In the coming years, our astronauts will fly on American ships, ” he said during the Eurasian aerospace Congress in Moscow.

On July 21, Soyuz MS-13 docked at the ISS. On Board was cosmonaut of the Roscosmos Alexander Skvortsov and American astronaut Andrew Morgan (NASA) and the Italian Luca of Palmiano (ESA).

Lukashenka to meet with us national security aide

Us national security adviser John Bolton will visit Belarus to meet with President Alexander Lukashenko. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the statement of the administration of the Belarusian leader. According to the Agency, the meeting will be held no earlier than Thursday, August 29. Minsk confirmed the preparation of the meeting with Lukashenko adviser to trump

Georgia’s debts to Russia are growing, but Georgia does not agree with this

The debt of Georgian airlines to Russia for air navigation services reached $1 million, said the representative of the Ministry of transport Svetlana Petrova.

“As of today, the amount of debt is about $1 million,” she said. According to Petrova, 10 years ago at the talks of the Russian and Georgian sides, the issue of settling the debt for air navigation services was considered. Then Georgia agreed with the presence of debt to the State Corporation for air traffic management of Russia and presented a schedule of payments, she said. However, payments have not been made on schedule since 2008.

In June, the Ministry of transport reported that the total amount of Georgia’s debt is $792.5 thousand and 592.2 thousand rubles, excluding accrued penalties. The founder of the Georgian Airways Tamaz Gaiashvili said that the company has no debt to the Russian side for aeronautical activities.

Military equipment drove on the Crimean bridge

Large-scale command and staff exercises have started in the South of Russia. Crimea was among the regions on the grounds of which will be held events. In addition, the exercises started in the Rostov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, Stavropol and Krasnodar regions, the press service of the southern military district reported.

In Bryansk at the Svensk fair cows dressed in the form of the Soviet army

34 million Russians were in the ” qualifying pit»

34 million Russians are in a “qualifying well”. This means that their competence does not correspond to the position – it is either higher or lower. This is stated in the report, which was prepared by the international consulting company BCG and World Skills with the support of Rosatom. One of the reasons for the formation of the “pit” is the mismatch of education systems to the needs of the labor market. And robotics can exacerbate this problem.

In Rostrud told about the new graph in the summary

In Rostrud told about the new item in the resume, which will affect the decision when hiring. According to Deputy head of the Department Denis Vasiliev, soon for applicants on the portal “Work in Russia” will be a new graph-participation in volunteer programs

Russian motorists will be able to appeal fines online

Russian motorists will have the opportunity to appeal fines for traffic violations (SDA) online — without a visit to the traffic Police. In addition, remotely, you can return the money wrongfully fined, told “Izvestia” Deputy Minister Maxim Parshin.

The new service will launch on the website services (gosuslugi.ru) in the test mode in 2020. It will allow you to apply online not only to the traffic police, but also to Parking operators. To use the service, you will need to give consent to receive e-registered letters. Notices will begin to come to citizens on the same day as the decision on a fine will be made.

Such a letter will contain all the details (nature, time, place) and photos of the violation. Russians will be able to attach to the application documents confirming the illegality of punishment, such as records from the DVR, etc.

The Prosecutor’s office began checking after the dismissal of surgeons in Nizhny Tagil

Sverdlovsk Prosecutor’s office will hold a meeting with surgeons from the hospital in Nizhny Tagil, who filed applications for dismissal, as well as with their leadership, the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office said on Monday.

We really all paid attention to the information that comes out of there. This, of course, is mainly a matter for a serious reaction of the regional authorities, the regional authorities, and, of course, the Ministry of health. Therefore, they are certainly dealing with this issue. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Psychiatrists stood up for antidepressant, which the security forces consider a drug

The Russian society of psychiatrists (ROP) said that the antidepressant bupropion, which has led to several criminal cases, is not a drug. The corresponding conclusion is published on the website of ROP.

The Ministry of labor proposed a new way to compensate the northerners travel on vacation

The Ministry of labor proposes to legalize the payment of part of travel on vacation outside the Russian Federation the Pension Fund of Russia (FIU) can begin to partially pay pensioners of the Far North travel to the place of rest, even if it is located abroad,— now under the law such a privilege is put only for domestic trips.

The Ministry of labor proposed to arrange lonely old people in the family

The Ministry of labour sent information to regional governments on practices that help improve the quality of life of older citizens. One way to improve the lives of older people may be their placement in foster care, according to the Department.

Hid their income 16 chief doctors of the Irkutsk region

Violations revealed the regional Prosecutor’s office. According to the audit, the heads of medical institutions in the information about the property did not indicate their non-residential buildings, apartments, land and income from the sale of cars.

Drivers get fines for stopping at a red light

The fine for stopping in a place where the action is prohibited, came the girl that missed the car of a taxi service, according to DEITA.RU. This writes the WG.

A resident of Moscow was going to turn into the yard, but her way was blocked by a taxi. The citizen was forced to stop after the sign “Stop prohibited” to ask the taxi driver to drive off. At this moment the camera photographed “the malicious violator of traffic rules”.

In Russia there is a presumption of innocence, which means that any doubts in the evidence base are considered in favor of the accused. Simply put, photos and videos from the traffic camera, as well as the Protocol of the inspector — independent evidence. If one of them does not satisfy the judge — it should be specified in the decision. However in Savelovsky court decided not to pay attention to it.

Camera “Falcon”, which fine anyone, for a long time cause confusion on the part of legislators. At the moment, due to the installation of such complexes taxi service in the center of Moscow has become almost impossible. If the driver stopped to pick up a passenger, he will be issued a fine.

The Czech Republic has established quotas for the reception of Ukrainian workers

The Czech government has set quotas for the admission of foreign labor for individual countries, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the government. The largest quota is allocated for Ukraine-up to 40 thousand people a year. In 2019, 19.6 thousand Ukrainians got jobs in the Republic.

14 ministries to move to Moscow city

In the business center “Moscow city” after the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of communications will move another 14 ministries, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to one of the Federal officials.

The court ordered the mayor’s office to give a platform for the opposition rally on August 31

Tver court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of the libertarian party of Russia, filed to the city hall of Moscow because of the refusal to coordinate the March against political repression on August 31, said on Twitter, Deputy Secretary of the Moscow Committee of the party Igor Efremov.

“The decision to refuse was declared illegal, but our route was not automatically agreed,” he explained.

According to him, the party is preparing to appeal the court’s decision. The party wanted to March along the boulevards, from Pushkin square to academician Sakharov Avenue.

A subsidiary of Rostec filed a lawsuit against Boeing over the purchase of 737 MAX

Russian leasing company “Avia capital Services LLC” (ACS, included in “rostec”) has filed a lawsuit in the circuit court of cook (Chicago, USA) to the American concern Boeing to terminate the contract to purchase 35 737 MAX aircraft, the newspaper Financial Times, citing a statement received by the district court in Illinois.

The company accused the American aircraft manufacturer of “negligent actions and decisions” not only in the development of the aircraft, which was “faulty”, but also “withholding critical information” from the us air power

Among the G8 member countries, Russia has become the leader in the number of debts written off.

The biggest debtors:
– Cuba ($31.7 billion). In 2014, the Russian government wrote off 90% of the $ 35.2 billion debt.
– Iraq ($21.5 billion), Russia has written off debts of this country twice, in 2004 and $9.5 billion from $10.5 billion in 2008 to $12 billion from $12.9 billion. Note that the second cancellation made under a new debt of modern Russia, in the hope that will take into account the interests of Russian companies in Iraq.

The system of fast payments will be able to receive cash

As part of the system of fast payments (SBP) will receive cash, told “Kommersant” market participants. The payment acceptance system Qiwi noted that “are already working on a pilot to receive cash through the SBP in retail”, but the details have not yet been disclosed.

Over half of Polymetal increased its EBITDA by 34%

EBITDA margin rose to 43% against 38% in the 1st half of 2018 on the background of the successful launch of Kyzyl (Kazakhstan), operating at full project capacity during the period, the company adds. For comparison, analysts expected the growth of EBITDA Polymetal in the first half to $405 million

Dividend yield of M. video shares is estimated at 5.9%

“M. video” announced the decision to resume dividend payments next year, with a payout ratio of 60% of net profit (IAS17), which implies a dividend of RUB 26.15 per share and a yield of 5.9% based on the consensus forecast, Bloomberg.

Russia introduced a temporary restriction on the import of ozone-depleting substances

Russia will temporarily restrict the import of ozone-depleting substances (ODS), according to the government website. The resolution will be valid from September 7 to December 31.

FAS approved the purchase of TransContainer by Abramovich and Abramov

The head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemyev said that the Agency approved the application of the Evraz structure to buy 50%+2 shares of TransContainer. Later, the Agency clarified that the application of the company “Yenisei capital” Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov was approved.

The last group of killer whales from the” whale prison ” released into the sea

The first group of two orcas and six Beluga whales were released into the sea of Okhotsk on June 27, the second group of three orcas — on July 16. The third group of animals was taken out of the “whale prison” on August 1. The last group of sea animals from the” whale prison ” released into the sea. On Tuesday, August 27, reported in the all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography.

“The animals made a journey of 1.8 thousand km from the Bay of the Middle Primorsky territory to the coast of the sea of Okhotsk, which lasted five days,” the research Institute noted.

Two killer whales and six Beluga whales made it safely to the release site, despite the difficult road situation in Primorye due to prolonged downpours and flooding.

The Ministry of transport proposed to improve the system of training pilots

“The existence of a common system will allow the aviation authorities to improve the system of implementation of preventive measures in order to prevent aviation events. <…> Such proposals have been developed jointly with other agencies,” — said the Director of the Department of state policy in the field of civil aviation Svetlana Petrova.

In addition, after the tragedy with the Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Sheremetyevo, the Ministry of transport offers to train pilots in flight universities for SSJ100 and double the amount of budget funds for training Russian pilots.

The ECHR ordered Russia to pay compensation to Magnitsky’s relatives

The Strasbourg court found that Russia violated the rights of Sergei Magnitsky and awarded to pay his relatives 34 thousand euros as moral compensation, according to a press release of the court, received in RIA Novosti.

The Ministry of justice of Russia is studying the decision of the European court of human rights (ECHR) to pay €34 thousand to the family of the Hermitage Capital Fund auditor Sergei Magnitsky, the press service of the Ministry said

“The resolution in question has not entered into force, and therefore the decision on its appeal to the Grand chamber of the ECHR will be made by the Ministry of justice of Russia on the basis of the study within the prescribed three — month period,” Interfax reports.

The tariff for oil pumping

The head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia Igor Artemyev said that the tariff for pumping oil in Belarus in January 2020 will be indexed according to the General rule “inflation minus”.

Kenya for the first time in its history has exported a batch of oil

The first batch of Kenyan oil bought at an international auction by a Chinese company for $12 million, it is sent for processing to Malaysia. Oil was discovered in Kenya in 2012. The first of the deposits found is in the West of the country in the Lokichar valley.

Shale oil production in the US has become even cheaper

The second quarter of 2019 was the first three-month period in history when U.S. shale operators achieved positive cash flow from operations after accounting for capital expenditures.

In Pakistan opened a new oil and gas field

This was reported by the Ministry of oil and natural resources of Pakistan on August 23, 2019. New oil and gas reserves were discovered on the tal block, which is located on the Kohat plateau in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Chain stores children’s clothing Poney Group enters the Russian market

The largest seller of children’s clothing from Malaysia Poney Group is considering entering the Russian retail market. According to expert estimates, the brand popular in Asian countries will compete in Russia with Zara and Mothercare.

Vekselberg sells agricultural business

Group “Renova” Victor Vekselberg plans to sell LLC “Greenhouses regions”, reports RBC. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has already received a request for purchase from Greenhouse LLC. One of the beneficiaries of “Greenhouse” Dmitry Lashin confirmed his intention to acquire a stake in the business of growing vegetables in greenhouses. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

In China, the Australian writer was charged with espionage

Charges of espionage were officially brought to the detained earlier in China Australian citizen, writer Yang Hengjun, reports the Australian TV channel ABC News. At the moment, it is not known on what basis the charges are filed.

In the US, Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572 million in the case of opioids

Judge Tad of Balkman ruled that the company misled people and contributed to the opioid crisis in Oklahoma, reports CNN. Johnson & Johnson said it would appeal the court’s decision.

“Janssen (the pharmaceutical company owned by J&J.-RBC) did not cause the opioid crisis in Oklahoma, and neither the facts nor the laws support this conclusion,” said Johnson & Johnson Executive Vice President Michael Ullmann

In the United States suspended the Federal election Commission

In the United States, the Federal election Commission suspended work in connection with the resignation of August 26, the fourth of the six presidents Matthew Petersen.

A mosquito bite caused the woman’s heart to stop

A resident of the English city of Dagenham after a mosquito bite survived cardiac arrest for three minutes. This was due to complications caused by the infection. The insect bit the woman in the right ankle, after which the leg began to itch and inflamed.

Romania launched the largest yacht in the world

The REV Ocean vessel was launched for the first time this weekend at the VARD Tulcea shipyard in Romania, according to the project website. REV Ocean is 600 feet (182.88 m) long, making it the longest private yacht in the world.

REV Ocean is a project of billionaire Kjell Inge Recke. Rekke went from being an ordinary fisherman to owning a fishing and drilling business. Rekke explained that the sea gave him “great opportunities”, so he decided to build a ship that will help in the fight for the recovery of the oceans.

REV Ocean, whose construction began in Romania a year and a half ago, will now go to Norway, where it will be equipped with technical and scientific equipment. Scientists working on the ship will be able to study the effects on the ocean of carbon dioxide emissions, plastics and unrestricted fishing. REV Ocean will be able to accommodate 55 researchers and 35 crew members. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

In Vladivostok, launched a small sea tanker

In Vladivostok, the shipyard “Vostochnaya Verf” held a solemn ceremony of launching a small sea tanker “Mikhail Barskov” on the water, which was built for about five years, RIA VladNews reported, citing the press service of the regional administration.

Brazil decided to abandon the help of the G7 in the fight against fires in the Amazon

Brazil intends to withdraw financial support from the g-7 countries in the fight against fires that are spreading in the Amazon forests. French President Emmanuel macron announced his intention to help Brazil after the G7 meeting.

Spanish media revealed the secret of Putin’s “eternal youth”

66-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin looks better than 10 years ago, thanks to adequate sleep, proper nutrition, sports and refusal of alcohol, writes the Spanish newspaper El Mundo

Overabundance of vitamins provokes the development of cancer

In his article, published in the journal Die Zeit, the scientist said: in the course of more than 20 different studies revealed: – people who consume excess amounts of vitamins B6, B9 and B12, is most prone to cancer legkih.

U.S. deployed three b-2A Spirit bombers to Britain

Three American b-2A Spirit strategic bombers arrived at the British air base Fairford at 2:30 Moscow time on 27 August 2019. Their personal names are the following: Spirit of Mississippi Spirit of Georgia Spirit of New York. This writes TG-channel “Prompt line»

Venezuela’s Parliament has not recognized the military agreement between Caracas and Moscow

Venezuela’s national Assembly, which is controlled by the opposition, declared invalid a new agreement with Russia in the military sphere.

“This agreement has not been considered by the foreign policy, sovereignty and integration Commission or the Parliament,” the text of the document published on Twitter reads.

The text of the document, which was published on Twitter, said that it is about “the agreement on military cooperation between the governments of Venezuela and Russia, which was signed by defense Ministers Vladimir Padrino Lopez and Sergei Shoigu.” The report also stated that the decision to open a Venezuelan Embassy in the DPRK is a “violation of the Constitution.”

Rouhani called the conditions for the change of Iran’s policy towards the United States

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that positive changes in relations between the United States and Iran are impossible without the lifting of anti-Iranian sanctions. This politician said during a speech on Tuesday, August 27.

Netflix has released a trailer for French horror ” Marianne»

The plot of the project revolves around the writer, who understands that her terrible novels are embodied in reality. She decides to return to her hometown to meet demons from her past who inspire her to write. The premiere of the project is scheduled for September 13.

Extinguished the fires of military aircraft left Krasnoyarsk

At the airport were mi-8 helicopters, An-26, Tu-134, an-12, an-124, Tu-154, Il-62 and an-72. In less than a month air defense equipment flew and returned to the airport 1058 times.

So, 10 military transport Il-76 carried out flight 822, which started from 6 am and ended late in the night. In the tanks of each aircraft refueled 42 tons of water, and since the beginning of August, the airport refueled them 17.5 million liters of water, the press service of the airport said.

Russia delivered to Cuba missiles “Caliber” and can leave them there

According to the Russian information and news publication “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, Russia is actively working on measures in response to the test by the American side of a cruise missile with a range of more than 500 kilometers, and the most adequate actions on the part of Russia will be the placement of its cruise missiles in Cuba

In Sevastopol on a bench at city hospital No. 4 the elderly woman died.

Witnesses said that the elderly man did not come to the aid of any of the doctors of the hospital. She was just discharged, but on the bench, which was on the territory of the medical institution, the grandmother could not reach, writes the online edition of “New Sevastopol” with reference to the post in the social network. The author of the post claims that she did not wait for an ambulance.

The Ministry of Finance told about the change in the system of pension savings

The new system of pension savings will not be called “individual pension capital” (PKI), Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev told reporters. The Finance Ministry is preparing changes together with the Central Bank. All details will be announced in a week.

The Chinese foreign Ministry protested over the statements of the G7 countries about Hong Kong

The leaders of the G-7 countries expressed concern about the mass demonstrations taking place in Hong Kong.

The Chinese foreign Ministry condemned the statements of G7 leaders about the demonstrations in Hong Kong, saying that the situation in the area is an internal matter of China.

“We condemn this and Express a strong protest against the statement of the leaders of the G7 member States, which sets out groundless accusations in connection with the situation in Hong Kong,” TASS quoted Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang as saying.

He also said that “no foreign organization or government”has the right to intervene in the situation with Hong Kong.

Taylor swift received the main award of MTV Video Music Awards 2019

In the United States, the 36th annual awards ceremony of the music channel MTV Video Music Awards 2019 was held. The main prize in the category “Video of the year” received pop star Taylor swift with a video for the song You Need to Calm down. The video was also awarded the Video for Good award.

Sony has announced the Death album Stranding: Timefall for the game Hideo Kojima

Sony and its PlayStation division have announced a collection of Death Stranding: Timeline, which will include songs, the creation of which the musicians were inspired by the upcoming game of the famous Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima. This was announced on August 27 portal PlayStation Universe. The tracks he recorded for Major Lazer, Chvrches, Khalid and other famous musicians

The project “Music on the roof” will end with a concert of “Medical” and Jukebox Trio

The final chord of the project “Music on the roof — 2019” will be the performances of groups “Medical” and Jukebox Trio. Catchy and romantic group “Medical” will perform on the pavilion roof “worker and collective farm girl” on August 29 at 19:30

A$AP Rocky starred in the new video as Babu$hka Boi

American rapper A$AP Rocky (Rakim Myers) has published a teaser of his new video. He tied his favorite scarf Gucci, which in the West is called babushka

Facebook is developing a messenger for Instagram

Messenger will also attach more traditional text, photo and video messages using Instagram tools. The application will be designed for those who have added to the list of “close friends”. Threads is currently undergoing internal testing at Facebook.

Joe Bonamassa will come to Russia with a single concert

Virtuoso guitarist Joe Bonamassa will arrive in Russia in late spring 2020. The musician, who is called the “new king of the Blues,” will give a single concert at Crocus City Hall on may 16. The concert is organized by SAV Entertainment. Details of the upcoming show have not yet been announced.

Released trailer for “Pale blue dot” with Natalie Portman

The actress played NASA astronaut Lucy Cole, who returns to Earth after a long space mission and realizes that her attitude to life on her home planet has changed a lot.

Kevin Feigie confirmed that “Eternal” will be a gay hero

In an interview with Good Morning America, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feigie confirmed that the gay character in the film would be:”He’s married, he has a family, and that’s just part of who he is.” But the identity of the character, the producer was not disclosed.

The Kasli factory began to produce Circassian tube

The factory Kaslinsky architectural art casting began production of the new figures. At the request of the enterprise Moscow sculptor Natalia muromskaya recreated the statue of the work of the outstanding masters of the last century Lancer “Sitting Circassian tube»

According to the press service of the Mechel group, which includes the Kasli plant, the company annually increases a number of its models by 15-20 species. This is not only due to new sculptures, but also the restoration of previously produced models.

The new polymer can self-destruct on command

The researchers synthesized a new durable polymer that begins to quickly break down only after the internal mechanism of self-destruction or under the influence of sunlight

Processor manufacturer for Apple accused of violating 16 patents

GlobalFoundries sued TSMC, claiming that the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer violated 16 patents of the American company. Among the accused GlobalFoundries named numerous chip developers, including Apple, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and many others.

Xiaomi will release a new smartphone with 5g support this fall

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said the company began preliminary research on 5G technology and smartphones with its support about three years ago. And now the company has a lot of useful developments in this area.

Smart watch Huami Amazfit X is equipped with a flexible display

Smart watch with a flexible screen Huami Amazfit X — not just the concept. New details and photos Company Huami during a press conference today announced a smart watch Amazfit GTS, the characteristics of which we will write later, but also showed a new concept.

Apple defended the smartphones jailbreak

Apple has fixed a security bug in update 12.4.1 of the iOS operating system, which allowed to install on the iPhone with the latest version of the OS jailbreak utility with access to system privileges in the kernel, according to the company’s website.

In Russia there is a curved gaming monitor Samsung CRG5

Novick poses called Samsung CRG5 (C27RG50FQI) is available for a suggested retail price of 24 990 rubles. The game monitor has a frameless screen with a bending radius of 1500R, its aspect ratio is 16: 9, and the resolution is 1920×1080 pixels.

In Instagram found another bug that allows you to hack accounts

We are talking about a serious bug that allowed attackers to hack users ‘ pages. Laxman Matija found a gap in the system of protection Instagram during the analysis of the mechanism of password recovery.

Binance start the credit platform

The new service was named Binance Lending and start to work from August 28. The platform will allow users with free tokens BNB, USDT, ETC, to become creditors for 15%, 10% and 7% per annum, respectively

Scientists have invented a revolutionary method of creating artificial organs

An international team of scientists from Switzerland and the Netherlands has developed an optical bioprinting technology that allows for just a few seconds to create complex tissue forms in a biocompatible hydrogel that contains stem cells.

Scientists use a rotating transparent tube filled with biocompatible hydrogel to create a volumetric organ. This hydrogel contains within themselves stem cells. During the creation of the shape of the future body in the right places, the hydrogel is irradiated with a laser. Under the influence of light, the substance solidifies. So you can create any complex three-dimensional object with cavities in the time from a few seconds to a few tens of seconds.

Northern fleet seeks historical and cultural heritage sites on Franz Josef Land

Rescue tugboat of the Northern fleet “Altai” arrived on Franz Josef Land for the purpose of conducting a complex expedition aimed at identifying objects of historical and cultural heritage. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of defense.

Scientists have found cells responsible for maternal instinct

American scientists who studied the difference between the brain of female and male mice were able to detect specific cells. The researchers believe that these cells are common to all mammals, and their discovery will help create drugs for humans

Airbus has introduced a plane capable of cleaning the air from harmful emissions

Representatives of Airbus presented a conceptual model of the new aircraft at the Royal International Air Tattoo aviation show. The unusual shape was borrowed from the California Condor. The main secret of the concept is a hybrid-electric power plant, which will reduce the amount of unwanted emissions into the atmosphere by 50%

Scientists have developed a new drug to fight lung cancer

Researchers from IBH RAS and MIPT conducted their research concluded that the regulation of neuroreceptors is able to destroy the cells of carcinoma (a dangerous form of cancer) of the lungs.

Scientists were able to isolate the WS-Lynx1 protein, which when added to lung carcinoma cells significantly reduces their number after 72 hours. In addition, it was found that the addition of ws-Lynx1 cancels the effect of nicotine, stimulating the growth of cancer cells and leads to their death.

Scientists have decoded the invisible marks on ancient Egyptian papyrus

German scientists from the Helmholtz Center were able to uncover the secret of the ancient Egyptian papyrus. Thanks to modern technology, they deciphered the invisible signs from which it became known that it described the history of the life of the deity, and also mentioned his name

Unique vaccine activates production of HIV antibodies

Scientists at the mount Sinai School of medicine have created a new vaccine to help fight HIV. Its peculiarity is that DNA and three recombinant proteins contained in it activate the action of antibodies.

Scientists have depicted a three-dimensional spin liquid

Scientists were able to depict how single crystals of the mineral pyrochlor together with cesium and zirconium form a three-dimensional spin liquid