28 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/27/2020

A resident of Minsk took a video of riot police beating protesters in a paddy wagon.

On August 10, Denis Germanov, a 48-year-old resident of Minsk, filmed riot Police officers harshly beating detained protesters in a paddy wagon.
The video shows the following dialogue:
— We have one disabled person.
— There will be another one,*.

The DPRK has strengthened controls on the border with China

According to RFA radio, the military has been granted the right to shoot to kill anyone approaching the border within a kilometer

New detention for high treason in Russia

A soldier of the strategic Missile forces was captured in Barnaul. According to the FSB, he passed secret data to the military intelligence of Ukraine

Extend the railway to Magadan

Russian Railways would like to extend the railway, which now ends in Yakutia, to Magadan. Such plans are in the future until 2035, said the head of the company Oleg Belozerov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Americans believe that Russia will try to interfere in the US presidential election

And this belief has been steadily growing over the past year: in October 2019, two – thirds of the population believed in it, and now (in August 2020) – three-quarters. Among Democrats, 88% of those polled are now confident that Russian (or some other) hackers will interfere in the election. Republicans are more restrained, but they also tend to believe that hackers will.

Roscosmos has started cooperation with the Patriotic club “Night Wolves”

State Corporation Roscosmos and its subsidiary NGO Energomash held a Patriotic action, in which the combustion chamber of the RD-170 liquid rocket engine was transferred to the Krasnogorsk branch of the all-Russian night Wolves motorcycle club. The layout will be installed in the center of Krasnogorsk, on the site next to the house of culture “Podmoskovye”, where the branch of the motorcycle club is located. The site is open to all residents and guests of the city of Krasnogorsk.

Nina Baginskaya tries to regain the flag of Belarus

73-year-old Nina Baginskaya, who many know from the video where she told a Riot police officer “I’m walking” and went further, today she is trying to regain the flag of Belarus, which was taken from her by the riot Police. The soldiers, mocking, push the woman away and hide the flag behind her back. Nina Baginskaya has been an activist since 1988. the authorities fined her $ 16,000 for participating in actions and arrested two dachas

In Minsk, Riot police blocked demonstrators in the Church

Last night in Minsk, Riot police blocked part of the demonstrators in the Church of St. Simon and Elena, also known as the Red Church, during a crackdown. Parishioners who were in the Church, also could not leave it. The doors of the Church were opened only 40 minutes later

The Central Bank and Visa warned about the leak of Bank card data

Credit organizations received notifications from the Central Bank and Visa payment system about the data leak of 55 thousand cards of their customers. This was announced on Thursday, August 27, according to RBC, citing sources in the banking industry.

Russian operators have started to move away from unlimited tariffs

Russian mobile operators have begun to refuse unlimited tariffs, Izvestia reports. Tele2 and MTS have already followed this policy..

Belarus and Kazakhstan wanted to trade with Russia in their own way

Two countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) — Belarus and Kazakhstan — wanted to adjust the rules for participation in Russian public procurement in order to be able to trade with Moscow in their own way, Kommersant writes.

Minsk and Nur-Sultan are not satisfied with the current rules, according to which suppliers and contractors from the EEU countries must confirm the origin of goods and services according to domestic standards within the framework of Russian public procurement. The main discontent is caused by their frequent changes, which foreign suppliers do not have time to respond to.


Lukashenko threatened to cancel deferrals from the army to students participating in protest actions


The list of Russians with passports of Cyprus

Al Jazeera revealed the names of Russians who received the so-called Golden passports of Cyprus in 2017-2019 (obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment). Among the 2.5 thousand documents received by the publication, about 1 thousand relate to Russian citizens.

Data from the closed part of this list, where only profile descriptions are given, without names, coincided with information about the co-owners of “Kievskaya square”, “Alfa Group”, Globaltrans and other billionaires, RBC found out.

The new driver’s rest mode will raise the price of goods

The order of the Ministry of transport on new requirements for the work and rest regime (RTO) allows drivers to spend no more than nine hours at the wheel, no more than 56 hours a week, and 90 hours for two consecutive weeks. Also, the new rules prescribe a break of at least 45 minutes after 4.5 hours at the wheel. The order of the Ministry of transport may come into force on January 1, 2021.

If you have a second driver, the truck will be able to move for two or three hours a day more. It’s not much. And the cost of transportation will increase by about 15%, ” explains Dmitry Ievlev, General Director of Avto-PEC. – In addition, for a long rest, that is, for the night, drivers must get up and rest together, according to the same order of the Ministry of transport. Therefore, this story makes little sense for transport companies.

Russian banks have started to introduce fees for maintaining accounts in euros

Among them — Gazprombank, Alfa and Bank Saint Petersburg, Izvestia found out. At the same time, the Commission for opening and maintaining currency accounts is not charged in Sberbank, VTB, MKB, UniCredit, Raiffeisen, Sovcombank, Zenith, UBRiR, Absolut Bank, Sovcombank, home Credit, Crimean rnkb, Dom Bank.Of the Russian Federation” and Citibank.

The Deputy of the Rostov region made a scandal on Board the plane

At the center of the scandal, the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, a member of the United Russia party, Valentina Rudenko, who flew from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Moscow. The people’s choice and members of her family threw a scandal because another passenger was put next to them. Neither the stewards nor the captain could calm the clan down, so the police had to be called. As a result, all of them, and Valentina Rudenko’s husband, son and daughter-in-law were taken off the flight.

“Naftogaz” of Ukraine will increase the price of gas for the population

In September, gas for the population of Ukraine will rise in price by 10-45% compared to August, the company’s press service reported.

“Those who buy gas at the Monthly tariff will now know the cost of 1 cubic meter of blue fuel before they start consuming it. In September, it will be 4.7 UAH per cubic meter with VAT (without the cost of distribution),” the report says.

For consumers who use the annual tariff, the price of gas will increase by 10% — from 4.73 UAH per cubic meter to 5.24 UAH per cubic meter.

Turkey reduced gas imports from Russia in the first half of the year

Turkey’s Russian gas imports fell by 41.5% to 4.678 billion cubic meters. During the same period of 2019, 7,993 billion cubic meters of gas were imported from Russia. Last year, Russia took the leading position in the rating of natural gas suppliers to Turkey.

The proceeds from the sale of oil “Surgutneftegaz”

The company’s total revenue decreased by 38.5%. The main reason for the drop in revenue in Surgutneftegaz is called changes in oil quotes and falling prices for hydrocarbon raw materials, as well as a decrease in oil supplies by 4.2%. Recall that the profit of “Surgutneftegaz” for the first quarter increased to 717 billion rubles.

“Gazprom Armenia” will reduce employees

Gazprom Armenia CJSC will reduce about 1,000 employees, the Company confirmed. This is reported by the information and analytical portal Armenia Today.

Oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is reduced by 82%

The us Bureau of safety and environmental control reported that oil production in the Gulf of Mexico was stopped by 82.4% (by 1.5 million barrels per day). Natural gas production was suspended by 56.92%. Workers were evacuated from 281 platforms out of 643 working in the Bay.


The situation with the opposition leader Alexey Navalny is not under the control of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the press Secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.


Russia has certain obligations to Belarus

Within the framework of multilateral and bilateral agreements to protect sovereignty and stability, Moscow is ready to fulfill its obligations to Belarus, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Putin said that he had formed a reserve of law enforcement officers to help Belarus if necessary.

“There is no need to hide anything. There are relevant articles that say that all member States of these organizations, including the Union state, and there are only two participating States – Russia and Belarus – should help each other in protecting their sovereignty, external borders, and stability. It says so,” he said in an interview with Russia 1 TV channel (VGTRK).

Lukashenko made several statements on Thursday:

  • we can cope with street actions in Belarus, people are tired of them and want to live in peace
  • there will be no dialogue with the “rampaging thugs”
  • protesting students suspended, if you don’t want to learn go to serve
  • MPs, opinion which requires the opposition, often a dozen, you can protect them and the President
  • against us began diplomatic massacre
  • in my support made of 3 million people – it’s “power”
  • ready to discuss the renewal of the Constitution, primarily with labor and student groups

Putin first gave an extended assessment of the situation in Belarus:

  • Russia is behaving more restrained and more neutral than Europeans and Americans
  • Moscow has obligations to Minsk in the sphere of security, and Lukashenko raised this question
  • The Russian Federation at his request formed a reserve of law enforcement officers for possible assistance
  • However, they will not be used if extremist elements do not cross borders and start robberies
  • Now there is no need for this assistance yet – there is hope that it will not
  • Russia is based on a peaceful solution to all problems in Belarus
  • If we are to be objective, Belarusian law enforcement officers are quite restrained, no matter what

In Minsk, unknown people attacked the Embassy of Libya.

Men aged between 18 and 60 climbed over the fence and broke down the doors to the building, as well as smashed offices. The police were called by Moldovan diplomats, whose Embassy is located next door, RBC reports. At the same time, law enforcement officers refused to officially interfere in what was happening and only persuaded the attackers to leave the Embassy. According to the Embassy representatives, the former Libyan Ambassador to Belarus was among the attackers.

Video from the cameras was published by RIA Novosti, photos of the pogrom — Onliner. According to reports, the attack was carried out by supporters of the Libyan Government of national accord (Tripoli). Their goal was to capture Libyan diplomats representing the official government of Benghazi.

Svetlana Tikhanovski gave an interview to “Echo of Moscow”. Short story

The Belarusian authorities will be forced to negotiate with the Coordinating Council of the opposition. The protest is not exhausted: the intensity may decrease during the week, but it will resume at the weekend.

Belarusians clearly understand what they want — Lukashenko’s resignation and new elections. They will be free and transparent, and any citizen will be able to participate in them. But will Lukashenko have a moral right to do this after he has lost the trust of the people? His video with a machine gun does not cause fear among Belarusians.

We do not condemn those who” perhaps sincerely ” support Lukashenko, but they should understand that we are the majority. Therefore, I ask you not to call us the opposition.

Support for Lukashenko before the election was estimated at 3%, and the actual results of the election are unknown. Perhaps on his side are close friends and pensioners who are, “let’s say there, zombified” by the TV. I didn’t communicate with Moscow. Putin congratulated Lukashenko on his election victory. I don’t see any other evidence of support from Russia.


Lukashenko said that he agreed with Putin to refinance $1 billion of the country’s debt


Minsk has agreed with Moscow to supply air defense systems, helicopters and APCS

It is reported that as part of the fulfillment of obligations under these documents, the Russian side will in the future supply air defense systems, helicopters and armored personnel carriers to the neighboring country.

In 20 electoral districts of Minsk citizens have started the process of Recalling deputies

The procedure for collecting signatures for the recall of deputies representing 20 electoral districts of Minsk was initiated by the voters of the respective districts, the online publication reports on August 26 tut.by.

We will remind, one of the members of the coordinating Council of the opposition, Pavel Latushko, in his video message, called on the citizens of Belarus to act legally, including using the mechanism for revoking the mandates of deputies who have lost the trust of citizens.

Estonia was the first to impose sanctions for the events in Belarus

At a meeting on August 27, the Estonian government decided to impose sanctions on individuals who will be found to be involved in falsifying the results of the 9 August presidential election in Belarus, as well as in using violence against protesters and violating human rights. The exact list of persons declared persona non grata will be approved by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia.

Saakashvili said that he was returning to Georgia

I know for sure that my work as President and many things that we have created today are still preserved and functioning, but at the same time, when I hear Georgian news, I understand and know that we can live much better, much better, every Georgian can be rich and we can do it together. I’m coming back, ” he said Thursday in a video message posted on his Facebook page.

In Tbilisi have promised to arrest Saakashvili

In case of returning home from Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili will be taken into custody, said the Minister of justice Thea Tsulukiani, commenting on the plans of the former President of Georgia, the correspondent of the newspaper VZGLYAD in Tbilisi

Tihanovskaya will return to Belarus when negotiations with the authorities will be organized

Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is ready to return to the country as soon as negotiations on the settlement of the situation begin and fair elections are organized. She made this statement on Thursday in an interview with the TV channel “Rain”

WhatsApp messenger will have a function for deleting files

According to the Internet resource WABetaInfo, with the help of the innovation, users of the messenger will be able to track exactly how much space is taken up by various files that were saved in conversations.

LG introduced the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier electronic mask

Many companies have confirmed their presence at the event, and now LG has introduced the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier electronic mask, which will be released during the IFA.

OPPO company has announced a new smart watch OPPO Watch for Russia.

The line includes two models. “Senior” received an AMOLED display with a diagonal of 1.91 inches, “basic” is equipped with a 1.6-inch screen. Both versions are based on the Snapdragon 3100 processor and include 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. Thanks to Watch VOOC Flash technology, the watch can be charged up to 100% in 75 minutes.

Sales of OPPO Watch in Russia will start on August 28. The older model will cost 29,990 rubles. The younger model can be purchased for 22,990 rubles.

LG introduced washing and drying “tower” WashTower

LG Electronics has unveiled the latest washing solution, which will be officially announced at IFA 2020. The product is called LG WashTower and is a washing machine and dryer combined in a single unit with the latest technology and intelligent features of LG.

Presented stabilizer for smartphones DJI Osmo Mobile 4

DJI has introduced a manual stabilizer for smartphones Osmo Mobile 4 (OM4), information about which appeared the day before. Like its predecessors, the OM4 is an ultra-compact three-axis stabilizer.

Huami Amazfit Neo smart watch in Casio style

Huami brand, which is supported by the Chinese company Xiaomi, has released a” smart ” wristwatch Amazfit Neo: you can buy the device at an approximate price of 40 us dollars. The gadget is designed in the style of classic Casio electronic watches of the eighties.

TCL has patented a smartphone with invisible cameras

The first smartphone with sub-screen camera technology will be introduced in the fall of this year, it will be ZTE Axon 20. when TCL will release its own smartphone is unknown. Sometimes patents are still patents.

The new Fitbit Sense smart watch will be able to track your stress level

Fitbit today decided to please its fans with three new products: the Sense smartwatch, Versa 3 and the Inspire 2 activity tracker, iXBT reports. The cost of this smart watch is 330 dollars

Facebook will expand the geography of the news service

Facebook said it plans to speed up the introduction of the news tab in some countries. This process will take from six months to a year. Facebook is targeting the markets of the UK, Germany, France, India and Brazil, but it is reported that this list will be supplemented

Canon cameras are now able to upload photos to Google Photos

The new feature is available on the company’s devices, which are controlled by both iOS and Android. To access it, make sure that the camera is compatible with the latest update of the image.canon app. After that, you need to download and install it.

Facebook has launched the Shop tab in the mobile app

The Facebook Facebook Shop tab has been added to the mobile app of the social network Facebook. The new section will simplify the search for products and brands, as well as allow you to make purchases in one place, the company notes. For now, the service is only available to American users.

In the US, they created an “army” of a million micro-robots

Engineers and physicists from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States have created miniature robots with which they hope to penetrate into “amazing corners of the microcosm”. The devices are equipped with innovative nanomotors and are controlled by a laser, according to Nature.

Fear of people reduced the brain of chickens

Selecting wild chickens based on their low fear of humans has reduced their relative brain mass in just ten generations. The main changes occurred in the brain stem, while the absolute mass of the entire organ increased. As the authors of the study note in an article for the journal Royal Society Open Science, similar processes may have occurred during the domestication of chickens several millennia ago. They hope the results will provide a better understanding of why the brains of domestic animals are usually smaller than those of their wild ancestors.

The brain of a sighted and blind person reacts equally to faces

The visual parts of the brain that are responsible for recognizing faces retain their function even if a person has never seen a face. This was found out by American scientists: they asked birth-blind participants in their fMRI experiment to distinguish shapes in the shape of faces, hands, chairs, and mazes by touch. When groping the participants ‘ faces, the lateral fusiform gyrus was activated — its activity was also observed when sighted volunteers looked at their faces, as well as touched them, scientists write in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Low temperature battery

The battery, which can be used effectively at low temperatures, was developed by scientists, according to the August 26 portal “Hightech”. According to the report, the article was published on June 22 in the journal Nature Energy. The new battery has a self-assembling monolayer of chemically active molecules that protect the surface of the lithium anode.

The US has created a long-lasting battery

The developer is an American company NDB. Its specialists tested the created batteries of a new type that can work for 28 thousand years. It is emphasized that this power source does not pose a danger to the environment and people. At the same time, developers are not sure that their development will find application in the current reality

Artificial intelligence is beginning to be used in courts

The use of artificial intelligence will help to completely remove the element of subjectivity and bias that is characteristic of humans from judicial processes, according to scientists from the Columbia center for the study of procedural law

Breakthrough in solar energy

A consortium of German scientists has announced the development of solar panels with record efficiency. After analyzing tandem solar cells based on perovskite and silicon, scientists developed a scheme for new panels with an efficiency of 33%, suitable for mass production. The new efficiency is immediately 50% better than the current record of solar panel efficiency of 22.3%. Four major German manufacturers of power equipment are already preparing the base for a quick launch of development in the series

People and flies perceive optical illusions in the same way

A team of neurophysiologists has proved that fruit flies and humans are similar in that they perceive optical illusions in the same way. The authors of the study were specialists from the neurophysiological laboratory of Yale University.

Scientists have called dreams an extension of reality

Italian scientists from the University of Roma Tre decided to test the hypothesis of dream continuity, which suggests that dreams are a continuation of reality. To do this, experts have created an algorithm that allows you to quickly get the necessary data from the dream reports. The system is able to interpret dreams based on characters, their interactions and emotions arising from these interactions, according to the scientific journal The Royal Society.

The British introduced a production version of an easy to operate air taxi

The British company Vertical Aerospace has presented a project for a serial electric air taxi VA-1X, which, according to the developers, will be simplified to specify the destination point and control flight indicators. According to eVTOL, a promising device with vertical takeoff and landing can carry five people: a pilot and four passengers

Dying bacteria warn their fellows before they die

Researchers from Texas found that before death, bacteria warn their counterparts of the danger, so that they can begin to adapt to a new drug. It was found that the danger alarm is encoded in chemical pulses. After receiving them, the bacteria begin to prepare for the next mutation in order to survive further.

Ten new species of butterflies have been found in the far East

Biologists from the FITZ complex study of the Arctic of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have discovered and described ten new species of butterflies in the far East. Most of them are endemic-they live only in specific places, the press service of the Ministry of education and science reports

Opioids have forced the birds to perform jazz

Birdsong is not just a beautiful melody. This is a real communication system that helps you search for a partner, warn of danger, or protect your territory. Still, sometimes birds don’t mind singing for fun. Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have suggested that when birds start a song “for mood”, opioids are formed in their brain, which give them more pleasure.

Sport helps with depression, but not everyone

American scientists from the University of Cambridge conducted a study that found that sports can help people suffering from depression, only if their brain reacts normally to rewards. The article was published in the journal Psychological Medicine.