31 Aug, 2020

News digest for 08/29-30/2020

In Khabarovsk, a peaceful March in support of ex-Governor Sergei Furgal is taking place for the 8th week in a row. In total, the protest lasts 50 days. It is reported that more than 20 thousand protesters came to the protest March

Putin called the elections in Belarus held

“We assume that the elections were held,” the head of state said in an interview, the announcement of which was shown on the night of Saturday, August 29.

Putin also said that there are reasons to doubt the absolute integrity of those who disagree with the results of the elections in Belarus:

“The Belarusian authorities invited the OSCE / ODIHR…. Why didn’t they come? This immediately suggests to us that we have already prepared a position on the results of these elections.”

Even before the official election results were announced, Putin congratulated Lukashenko on his victory. In his message to his Belarusian counterpart, Putin said that he expects to deepen cooperation within the Union state, increase integration processes through the Eurasian economic Union and the CIS, as well as military and political ties in the collective security Treaty Organization.

EU Council confirms non-recognition of elections in Belarus

The Council of the European Union confirmed the non-recognition of the elections in Belarus. This was announced to journalists after an informal meeting of the foreign Ministers by the head of the EU diplomatic mission Josep Borrel in Berlin. According to the speaker, 27 States have confirmed the non-recognition of the presidential elections held in the Republic.

Information about the social orientation of the Republic of Belarus

Women’s solidarity March in Minsk

A new protest took place in the center of Minsk on Saturday, August 29. This time, about 10 thousand people took part in the women’s solidarity March in support of the residents of Belarus who were detained and beaten during previous demonstrations. Belarusian riot police repeatedly blocked the way to the participants of the March, but could not stop the March. Several times the women broke through the cordon.

Half an hour after the start of the action, Radio Liberty journalists Ales Piletsky and Andrey Rabchik were detained. They were detained during the live broadcast. A Deutsche Welle journalist, Pavlyuk Bykovsky, was also detained and later released. At the same time, Belsat journalists Alexander Lyubenchuk and Dmitry Mickiewicz disappeared while covering the action, and they may have been detained.

The Belarusian foreign Ministry has revoked the accreditation of dozens of foreign media journalists.

Among them — Reuters, Associated Press, AFP, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Radio Liberty, ARD, RFI, Present time. The Belarusian foreign Ministry reported that journalists were deprived of accreditation on the recommendation of the interdepartmental Commission on information security under the country’s security Council.

Protests broke out on the island of Mauritius

Hundreds of people participate in protests in the capital of Mauritius-Port Louis because of the death of dozens of dolphins caused by an oil spill from a Japanese ship, the Associated Press reports. Protesters with flags held placards with the slogan addressed to the government “you have no conscience”.

The former head of Corporation “Energy” was arrested on charges of fraud

The court arrested the former Director of the rocket and space Corporation Energia Vladimir Solntsev on charges of fraud for a billion rubles. The criminal case is related to embezzlement in the supply of “electronic component base for the international space station module”.

Tsargrad TV channel filed a lawsuit against Google because of the blocking of the YouTube channel

Tsargrad filed a lawsuit against Google. According to the representative of the TV channel Valery Rukobratsky, “Tsargrad” demands to restore access to the account on YouTube (it was blocked in July)

Turkish human rights activist Ebru Timtik dies

Turkish human rights activist and lawyer Ebru Timtik died on August 27 at the age of 42 after 238 days of hunger strike, which she declared in Silivri prison in Istanbul. Before his death, Ebru Timtik’s weight dropped to 30 kilograms. The police dispersed hundreds of people who came to say goodbye to the lawyer in a cemetery in the North of Istanbul. The protesters chanted “Ebru Timtik is immortal!” and “the Bloodthirsty state will be brought to justice!”.

Underwater cable from USA to Hong Kong

Facebook and Google have withdrawn a request to lay an underwater cable from the US to Hong Kong: us intelligence agencies are worried that China will get personal data of Americans through this cable

Kemerovo court at night fined protesters Cheremzy

In the Kemerovo region, the court at night considered administrative protocols against five residents who protested against the technical road of coal miners. All were fined under the article on “blocking transport communications”.

Valentina Mitroshina, Olga Kostina, Anatoly Mitroshina, Tatyana Shanina and Maxim Voloshenko were fined 25 thousand rubles. The review of the last Protocol ended on August 28 at approximately 01: 30. The press service of the court at the time of publication found it difficult to say why the cases were considered at night, offering to call back later

Total Russian mortgage debt by August 2020

According to the Central Bank, last month the total debt of Russians on mortgages increased by 2.1% — to 8.13 trillion rubles. Of these, 8.11 trillion rubles fall on ruble loans, and 20.7 billion rubles — on foreign currency loans.

Elon Musk spoke about creating a brain chip.

Neuralink specialists have developed a wireless version of their neurointerface. The coin-sized Link device, which is supposed to be implanted in a human skull, will connect to the brain using electrodes and begin to function as a human organ.

The auto-implantation experiment was tested on two pigs. Employees of the company implanted the chips in the brains of pigs, and then extracted them without harm to the animals ‘ health. The device allowed scientists to monitor the activity of the tactile centers of the pig’s brain over a wireless communication channel, tracking what the animal touches with its Piglet.

It is extremely negative about this banner and it should be banned

Brest veterans supported adding the white-red-white flag of the opposition to the list of extremist symbols. Chairman of the Brest regional organization of veterans Valery Gubarenko told the newspaper “Rise” that it is extremely negative about this banner and it should be banned.

“This flag is wrong. Under this flag, no one went to defend the gains of the people, the sovereignty and security of Belarus. This is a fictional flag raised by the West. Therefore, we are against this flag flying over our homeland. This is not our flag.

Young people travel around Brest with this flag – it is not authorized. I would categorically forbid it to be flown across the territory of the Brest region. We have one flag of the Republic of Belarus: green-red with an ornament. And all these flags – it’s a sham. I think they have a negative effect on people’s minds”

Belarusian regiments fought under this flag in the XVI century

In an interview with Podyom, former Chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich noted that Belarusian regiments fought under this flag in the XVI century.

“I always advised that when we had this question in the Supreme Council, go to the Museum of Warsaw and see a picture that was painted in the XVI century – “the Battle of Orsha”. There is a triangular shelf under the Belarusian white-red-white flags. This is our national flag. It was approved in 18, when the Belarusian national Republic was formed. And the fact that they came up with this tombstone wreath with ornaments is the invention of people who have no idea about heraldry, but have an education of the level of lukashenkovsky, three – year-olds are inveterate both in history and in all other Sciences. I believe that Belarus should be under its national flag.”

This year, protesters use the white-red-white flag as a symbol of independence after the presidential election.

In Crimea drunk Chechens staged a debauch

The incident occurred in the village of Kamenka near Simferopol. As told to “Rise” residents of the village, this night about 30 natives of Chechnya, who rented a house in Kamenka, climbed into the yard of an elderly neighbor and began to manage there. In response to demands to leave the territory, they began to insult the owner. When neighbors ran to the noise, uninvited guests who were in a state of alcoholic intoxication, took out knives and rushed at people. Eyewitnesses said that the Crimeans were not confused and fought back: the attackers were beaten with stones and a garden bucket.

“So beat up “guests” that they literally crawled away from the yard. They rented a house and lived in it as a whole community, almost 40 people. They have been aggressive before, but the invasion of someone else’s home has overstayed their patience.”

As it became known to “Rise”, none of the parties to the conflict did not apply to the police.

What are the things that people are most concerned about right now?

According to Ipsos, 46% of the World’s inhabitants are worried about the spread of the coronavirus. Unemployment is still a concern for 40% of respondents-significantly higher than the pre-crisis 32%. The restoration of concern about old topics (corruption, crime, and health care) stopped altogether in August.

What do Russians care most about?

According to the same Ipsos data, Russians now (unlike residents of most other countries of the world) are not worried about coronavirus (our 18% – the lowest result in the world! On the 2nd place Hungary with 20%, and on the 3rd Turkey, already with 29%), and about things more everyday and economic sense.

57% of Russians worry about poverty and social inequality, 52% about corruption, and 42% about unemployment. With unemployment, by the way, it is also important that over the past summer month, 7% of the country’s residents began to think about it more, and this is a very rapid growth. Health care comes in 4th place, and inflation closes the top five (a cause for concern for 21% of Russian residents). The coronavirus is only the sixth.

Charite reported an improvement in Navalny’s condition

According to doctors, at the moment the Russian opposition leader is connected to a ventilator and is in an artificial coma. His condition is still assessed as serious, but there is no direct threat to his life. It is emphasized that doctors can not yet say what the consequences will be for the politician from the poisoning he experienced

Prison for exporting antique items from Turkey

You can not export from Turkey: archaeological finds, elements of bas-reliefs and mosaics, Antiques older than 100 years, etc.), as well as ethnographic value (ancient household items of the Turkish village: irons, keys, etc.).

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Antalya noted that items prohibited from export from the country can be freely sold in Turkey, but this does not mean that they can be exported as Souvenirs. Moreover, Turkish law provides for criminal prosecution for the illegal export of works of art and artifacts that an inexperienced tourist may take for a trinket. And the punishment is serious: from five to 12 years in prison.

In the United States offered to pay reparations to the descendants of black slaves

California lawmakers are creating a task force to consider paying reparations to black descendants of slaves. This is reported by the Associated Press. 33 senators voted for the creation of the group, while three voted against it.

“Let’s be clear: slavery, both in California and across our country, has created a legacy of racial harm and inequality that continues to affect the living conditions of blacks in California,” said democratic Senator Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles.

The Church is angry that Vladimir Lenin gave people hope

The Chairman of the party “Communists of Russia” Maxim suraykin said that the body of Vladimir Lenin will remain in the mausoleum forever. This is how he commented on the statement of the Russian Orthodox Church that the burial of the leader of the world proletariat is allegedly a matter of time.

However, suraykin believes that this phrase rather refers to the Church itself. He stressed that if we talk about Christian traditions, Lenin is ” buried below two meters underground.”

According to the party Chairman, the ROC is ” angry that Vladimir Ilyich gave people hope, and any religion has always sought to enslave people, “the website of the radio station”Says Moscow” reports.

Individuals want to be banned from buying buses and trucks

The state traffic Inspectorate proposes to adopt amendments to the law prohibiting individuals from registering buses and heavy trucks. The reason lies in the high accident rate of such transport, when it belongs not to the company, but to an ordinary citizen.

Rostov region will support the Cossacks

The government of the Rostov region in 2018 approved the state program “Support for Cossack societies”. More than nine billion rubles (9.7 billion rubles) have been allocated from the regional budget to Finance the program until 2030, and 300 million rubles will be allocated from extra-budgetary sources

Belarus increases duties on oil and petroleum products exports

Starting from September 1, Belarus will increase export duties on oil and petroleum products exported outside the customs territory of the EEU. This decision was made by the Council of Ministers of the Republic, BelTA reports

The American company presented the project of the Celera 500L aircraft

The unique Celera 500L aircraft, presented by the United States manufacturer Otto Aviation, resembles a huge bullet in its appearance. The choice in favor of this form is not accidental, as it makes it possible to significantly improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft

Honda will release its first electric car Honda e

On October 30, sales of the Honda e electric car will start. This will be a model for the average buyer, reports speedme.ru. The power of the electric motor is from 136 to 154 horsepower, depending on the configuration. One charge is enough to cover from 259 to 283 kilometers. The new product will cost 42.5 thousand dollars.

Washington began supplying Patriot air defense systems to the military in Romania

American military equipment was delivered to the national air defense training center. Iona Bunescu, which is located in Capu media. In the future, all military equipment delivered to Romania will undergo acceptance tests, which should be completed by November 2020

In China, they began to disable 5G communication at night

Despite the fact that fifth-generation networks have the advantage of increasing data transfer rates, they are also not without disadvantages. So, the 5G infrastructure requires much more energy, which is why China has started to disable 5G communication at night. According to official data of Huawei 5G base stations are spending 3.5 times more energy than is consumed by the networks of the fourth generation.

Turkey intends to become a manufacturing and technological center

Turkey aims to become a global manufacturing and technology center, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at the opening ceremony of the MESS Technology center in Istanbul on August 29

India refused to participate in military exercises in Russia

The Indian defense Ministry on Twitter confirmed its refusal to participate in the strategic command and staff exercise “Caucasus-2020”, which is planned in Russia for September this year.

Sources of the Indian Ani Agency said that the reasons for the refusal — participation in the exercises of China and Pakistan. India has strained relations with these countries — there were clashes on the borders with China.

NATO Colonel arrested in France for spying for Russia

In France, a Colonel of the armed forces who served at a NATO military base in Italy was arrested on suspicion of passing top-secret information to Russian intelligence services. The military’s actions could endanger the security of France, said the country’s defense Minister, Florence PARLY.