31 Aug, 2019

News digest for 08/30/2019

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US wants to demand from China payment of debts of emperors

The administration of Donald trump is considering requiring Beijing to pay debts made at a time when the country was still ruled by the Emperor, according to Bloomberg.

Imperial Chinese bonds were issued at the beginning of the last century to raise funds for the construction of Railways in the country. A huge number of these bonds are kept by American collectors. They can also be bought at online auctions, RIA Novosti writes.

According to experts, the amount of payments taking into account inflation, interest and compensation can exceed a trillion dollars. However, the Chinese authorities do not recognize the debts of the pre-revolutionary government and refuse to pay them.

A foot fracture is upheld

Tver district court denied the complaint of inaction SK designer Konstantin Konovalov, who was detained while Jogging in the morning on July 27 and broke his leg, reports the correspondent of “Open media” from the courtroom.

“To recognize arguments of protection insolvent to leave the complaint without satisfaction”, – the judge Anatoly Belyakov read.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee sent several similar answers with refusals to initiate criminal cases on the use of excessive violence by police officers and Regardie

The Associated Press published an interview with the head of the CEC Ella Pamfilova

On August 29, the Associated Press published an interview with the head of the CEC Ella Pamfilova. In an interview, Pamfilova says, in particular, that the system of collecting and verifying signatures is outdated. On August 30, the CEC press service called the publication incorrect and asked journalists accredited to the Commission not to quote this text.

In an interview, the head of the Russian Central election Commission supports the decision not to allow a dozen independent candidates for the elections to the Moscow city Parliament, but after weeks of mass protests, detentions of thousands of people and unpleasant criticism, he admits that the rules for the selection of candidates are outdated

“What’s the plus of what happened? [This] bulge showed that this system-it is all, outdated, obsolete. You can’t. Society will not forgive it, society requires a different approach, ” Pamfilova notes. She added that the CEC is obliged to comply with the letter of the law.

Stalin’s experience in the fight against abortion

As reported by the Telegram Rosendal, in the clinic № 3 in Syktyvkar, where the stands against abortion posted excerpts of the orders of Joseph Stalin banning abortion. It is noteworthy that the stands were made by the structures of the ROC: the Christian Orthodox center of childhood and the John the Baptist brotherhood “Sobriety”.

The accounts chamber of Russia proposed to change the calculation of transport tax

The accounts chamber checked the administration of property taxes on the example of Smolensk and Ivanovo regions and their administrative centers.

“The audit showed that the share of property tax revenues from individuals in the Smolensk and Ivanovo regions, as well as in the whole of the Russian Federation in the audited period remains insignificant. At the same time, the debt on payment of these taxes for 2016-2017 years increased. Significant amounts of debt on property taxes from individuals are recognized by the tax authorities as hopeless to recover, with subsequent write – off,” the report says.

MPs appreciated the idea of switching to a 12-hour working week

According to estimates of the Deputy and the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko, it can happen in 5-10 years. And the Deputy of the state Duma Vitaly Milonov also notes that reduction of working hours will inevitably happen. He is confident that in the foreseeable future, Russians will be able to rest for three days a week.

Earlier, the founder and head of the Chinese company working in the field of Internet Commerce Alibaba Jack MA said that people should work only 12 hours a week, taking advantage of artificial intelligence.

School holidays offered to extend until October

As the Deputy noted, during communication with pupils and students of Russia he often hears offers from pupils and teachers about need of extension of summer holidays till October 1. As a pilot project, this idea can be implemented in Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai.

The US has brought new charges against Huawei

Prosecutors in the United States are investigating new allegations of Chinese technology company Huawei in the theft of American technology, according to Reuters, citing the Wall Street Journal. Huawei has been accused of technological espionage for several years.

A number of streets in the center of Moscow will be closed for five days because of the city Day

In Moscow from 2 to 9 September will limit traffic on several streets in connection with the preparation and holding of celebrations in honor of the city Day, mainly overlap will affect the Central streets of the capital, the information center of the transport complex of Moscow.

The leader of “United Russia” in Moscow illegally owns a business

Alexey Navalny anti-corruption Fund claims that the head of ” United Russia “in Moscow, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Andrey Metelsky through a front person owns the company” Alpin ” — a dealer of Yamaha motorcycles. According to the FBC, the leader of Moscow’s United Russia bought the company in 2015. Officially, OOO “Alpin” was the name of the friend and adviser of Peter Metelsky Ivanovo.

Switzerland will talk on about the accounts of the Russians

This fall, the FTS will receive information about the accounts of Russians in Switzerland. In the near future, countries will automatically exchange financial information. It was assumed that the tax service will receive information about the capitals of Russian citizens in Swiss banks last year.

Spotify has postponed the launch of Russia’s

Swedish music streaming service Spotify postponed its launch in Russia until the end of the year, although he began to actively search the country for employees and office

Utair’s net loss increased by 83%

Utair ranks 4th in passenger transportation in Russia after Aeroflot, S7 and Ural airlines, in the first half of the year the company transported 3.7 million people. The total debt of the carrier to creditors is 75.8 billion rubles.

VEB will Finance the construction of gas carriers for NOVATEK for $5 billion

The VEB Supervisory Board approved financing for the construction of 15 gas tankers for NOVATEK, which will be created at the Zvezda shipyard. This was told to journalists by the head of the state Corporation Igor Shuvalov, the correspondent of RBC.

Bolton spoke about the talks with Lukashenko

John Bolton, national security adviser to the President of the United States, said that at a meeting held in Minsk on Thursday with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, no specific decisions were made on problematic issues in relations between the countries.

Skvortsova advocated a minimum fixed salary for doctors

Russian health Minister Veronika Skvortsova advocated a minimum fixed salary for doctors and a restriction on part-time work. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

Donald trump canceled a trip to Poland

The American leader was to attend events marking the anniversary of the outbreak of world war II. Vice President Mike Pence will go to Poland instead. American leader Donald trump has promised Polish President Andrzej Duda to visit Warsaw in the coming months.

The new foreign Minister of Ukraine outlined the position on the situation in the Donbass

The new head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Vadim pristayko during the meeting of Parliament outlined the position on the situation in the Donbass

“If the process (settlement in Donbass) goes further, we will look for and think about the next steps, over the modalities of returning people to peaceful life, holding elections, Amnesty, lifting trade restrictions, resuming full control over our border. It’s not so important how we do it now. Either by inviting a peacekeeping mission, or by carrying out a mission in Minsk. What is critically important is that we have six months to do this. I will target the foreign service on this six-month period”, — quotes RIA Novosti Pristayko.

VEB will provide 111 billion on the mega project of “Gazprom” in the Baltic sea

The VEB Supervisory Board approved participation in financing the construction of a gas processing complex in Ust-Luga (Leningrad region). The Corporation will provide for the first stage 111 billion rubles, said at the end of the meeting, the Chairman of VEB.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov.

“At this – initial – stage VEB is the only lender, but the first stage lasts for a year. And we must prepare the project to ensure that it is attractive to other investors and other creditors,” Interfax reported Shuvalov’s words.

Ship “Vishny Volochek” tested cruise missiles “Caliber»

Small rocket ship “Vyshny Volochek “for the first time tested cruise missiles” Caliber ” during the exercises of the naval forces of the black sea fleet in the Black sea.

Neural network taught to recognize emotions in the surrounding situation

The system is based on the work of two convolutional neural networks, each of which analyzes the person’s face in the frame and everything else except the face. Emotion recognition accuracy is over 73 percent. Work is available on the portal arXiv.org.

Large holdings can be managed by regional airports

General Director of the holding “Airports of regions” Eugene Chudnovsky proposed to create a single, together with “Novaport”, a company that will receive the management of small regional airports with passenger traffic from 50 to 500 thousand people a year, according to the publication “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the industry.

Moscow authorities explained the sms of the concert by request of the organizers

The Department of information technologies of Moscow sent an sms to Muscovites with an invitation to the festival on Sakharov Avenue on August 31 at the request of its organizers – the Russian youth Union (RSM), Vedomosti was informed in the Department.

Ukraine’s public debt rose to $82.4 billion in July

“During July 2019, the amount of state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine decreased in hryvnia equivalent by 35.65 billion hryvnia (1.4 billion dollars — ed.) and in dollar terms, the state and state — guaranteed debt increased by 2.04 billion dollars,” the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

Russians want to allow the redemption of their loans from banks

Russian banks can oblige citizens to sell their loans at a discount. Such a proposal is contained in the amendments to the legislation prepared by the Ministry of economy. The Agency wants to oblige the creditor to offer the debt to a third party at a similar price to the debtor.

Russian oil companies lost 47 billion rubles

Russian oil companies lost 47 billion rubles in 7 months of this year. This was stated by the General Director of the research group “Petromarket” Ivan Khomutov during a press conference in TASS. According to him, the result is not the most positive picture.

“The net losses of Russian refineries from the sale of motor fuel in the domestic market amounted to 47 billion rubles. Losses were actually more — 226 billion rubles, but 178.7 billion rubles were compensated to producers from the Federal budget for the damper-an instrument that allows to smooth out the impact of fluctuations in oil prices in the domestic market,” the expert said.

Aeroflot’s net loss for the 1st half of the year increased by 3 times

Aeroflot’s net loss under IFRS for the 1st half of 2019 increased by 3 times – to 8,784 billion rubles, the company reports. Revenue increased by 17.2% to 311.44 billion rubles. EBITDA 68,296 billion (+15.7 per cent yoy).

Gazprom-media’s net profit fell due to lower advertising revenues

Publishing activities brought the company 425 million RUB (and 2.8%) in the first half and RUB 199 million (-5,7%) in the second quarter of 2019. other income of the company amounted to 2.1 billion rubles in January-June, which is 16.7% more than the year before.

The US expects the EU to impose new sanctions against Venezuela

The United States Ambassador to Venezuela said today that the US government hopes that the European Union will impose sanctions against the Venezuelan official government in the next months, and stressed that the United States itself is not going to reduce pressure on Caracas, providing for more active measures, Reuters reports.

Annual inflation in Germany slowed to 1.4 in August

Analysts expected an increase in the first indicator by 1.5%, a decrease in the second-by 0.1%. Prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages in Germany in August in annual terms increased by 2.7%. Services became more expensive by 1.6%. Household energy prices rose 0.6%.
FTS will reduce the period of obtaining the status of a resident of Russia

The document is agreed with the Ministry of Finance, is registered with the Ministry of justice. The proposal to reduce the period of obtaining the status of tax resident came from representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in April this year at a meeting devoted to the implementation of national projects.

Net profit of Gazprombank under IFRS for six months amounted to 36.1 billion rubles

Net profit of Gazprombank in the first half of 2019 amounted to 36.1 billion rubles under IFRS (against 23.4 billion rubles in the first half of 2018), according to the release of the financial institution.

Dividends “RusHydro” will be at the minimum acceptable level

Forecast generation at 3К19 improves with increasing water inflow. RusHydro reported that the inflow of water in the reservoirs of most hydropower plants has increased since July, reaching a long-term average level and in some cases exceeding it.

Trump called the next area of military action space

American leader Donald trump during a ceremony marking the beginning of the work of the United States space command, called space the next area of military action.

“Space command will protect key U.S. interests in space — the next area of military action,” trump said.

The authorities of Turkey for 8 months detained 235 thousand illegal migrants

In the first eight months of this year in Turkey was detained about 235 thousand illegal migrants who tried to illegally enter the territory of continental Europe. On this day, August 29, according to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkey, writes the newspaper Yeni Şafak.

Opponents Brexit threatened Queen Elizabeth with death

Representatives of the organization Best for Britain, which opposes Brexit, threatened with punishment to Queen Elizabeth II. They reminded that in the past this was how monarchs were dealt with.

Political commentator Rahim kassama noted that in these phrases you can see a hint of the fate of king Charles I. he was beheaded because there were differences with Parliament.

Accused of rape said he accidentally fell on the victim naked

The case went to trial, in which Baldwin had to explain for the night attack. The man said he did not rape the victim. According to the Briton, at night he went to the toilet naked, and on the way back tripped and fell right on a new friend, and then quietly fell asleep.

Russia has increased the import of plastic garbage from abroad by a third

Russian recycling companies began to buy more plastic waste abroad. Last year, imports amounted to more than $20 million — 32% more than a year earlier, according to customs statistics, which was studied by RBC.

The system of separate garbage collection in Russia is only being created, and 94% of waste, according to Greenpeace, is sent to the landfill, not sorted. To maintain the existing capacity, processors are forced to buy the missing raw materials abroad.

At the same time, sales of waste paper abroad are growing, despite the shortage of recycled materials in the domestic market.

Priority development areas was more effective than the SEZ

Territories of advanced development (TOP) were more effective than special economic zones (SEZ). Over the four years of its existence, the Torah attracted 375.4 billion rubles of investment.

This is 12 billion rubles more than the SEZ in its 14-year history, it follows from the statistics provided to “Izvestia” in the Minsk Region and the Ministry of economic development.

London to spend £ 3 million to help Britons in the EU after Brexit

The British government will allocate 3 million pounds to help Britons living in the EU on paperwork after Brexit, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the British foreign Ministry.

In Volgograd on the day of the city will be an air show with bombers

This Sunday, combat helicopters, fighters and bombers will fly over the hero city. September 1 from 11.00 to 14.00 in Central Park will be held military-Patriotic action ” military service under the contract – your choice!”according to “Volgograd true.ru.»

American woman received three million dollars after serving 35 years in prison

A resident of the U.S. state of Nevada received a court order compensation in the amount of three million dollars (more than 200 million rubles) for having served 35 years in prison for a crime she did not commit, according to the Daily Mail.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the bill on the removal of parliamentary immunity

The bill on the abolition of parliamentary immunity was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Deputies intend to change the 80th article of the Constitution. the document provides for the exception of the rule according to which deputies may not be prosecuted, detained or arrested without the consent of Parliament. At the same time, deputies will not be legally responsible for the results of voting or statements in Parliament.

The decision to abolish parliamentary immunity was supported by 363 parliamentarians. If the law is adopted, its rules will come into force in Ukraine from the first of January 2020, RIA Novosti reports.

Cigarettes After Sex revealed the first single from the new album

The band Cigarettes After Sex announced the second Studio album. The album, dubbed “Cry”, will be released on October 25, 2019. The band also presented the first single from the upcoming longplay – “Heavenly”.

Kronstadt launched Russia’s first 5g network

MTS together with Huawei launched a fifth-generation communication network in Kronstadt, Interfax writes. It is noted that the new network turned out to cover almost the entire city

Apple will allow to repair its iPhones in independent service centers

As reports the edition “Astera”, a new program was named Independent Repair Provider Program and is allowed to repair the Apple non-certified service centers.

The new device will tell you about the problems with the technique before they occur

LG and ThinQ have joined forces to create a device capable of detecting future breakdowns in technology. Thus, the owner will be warned in advance that soon something will break, according to the publication “Mechanisms and machines”.

The development will monitor washing machines and refrigerators. Any temperature fluctuations in the freezer will be recorded and the system will alert when the camera goes beyond the permitted degrees.

Owners of the new device will be able to receive regular reports by e-mail. They will contain detailed information about device performance. Also, the system will remind you about the timing of scheduled maintenance.

In Russia create a series of electric passenger ships

The Russian company “NPK Morsvyazavtomatika”has developed a line of passenger vessels on electric traction, including high-speed ones. About it “RIA Novosti” the Director of the enterprise Andrian Pravdin told.

Monocarbonyl single-deck river ship type “Fontanka” has received the name of “Sitevault” he is now at the stage of the project. High-speed catamaran of the river-sea class was named “eco-Cruiser”.

YouTube Premium will be free

According to analysts, last year the video service received $ 15 billion in advertising revenue. However, only new shows will be free, and access to those in the YouTube Premium library will remain paid due to the company’s obligations under already concluded contracts

Google Pixel Watch smartwatch will get a camera in the center of the screen

On August 27, the U.S. patent and trademark Office published information about seven patents for smartwatches that were registered by Google. The patent describes a clock with a round dial, inside which there is a fairly large circle. One of the patents explicitly refers to the camera.

Many Europeans do not go abroad

According to Eurostat, Spanish and French holidaymakers rarely leave their countries. In 2017, more than 90% of all trips to Spain and 87% of trips to France were domestic. Belgium is a completely different story. Only 20% of domestic travel, and the rest is travel abroad. Due to its geographical location bordering France, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands, Belgians can easily travel to many countries for leisure or business.

Regardie promises gifts and entertainment to all who come on August 31

Regardie will take part in the XVII Moscow press festival on August 31 in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora, the city news Agency “Moscow” in the Department for interaction with the media and civil society institutions of the national guard of the Russian Federation.

“Regardie is preparing a large educational and cultural program for the festival. Exhibition of printed materials will introduce the guests to the publications office – military-journalistic magazine “On duty”, the newspaper “Asgardia today” instructional book “Military messenger”, books and photo albums. The festival will include a meeting with the editor – in-chief of the magazine “on duty” of the Russian national guard troops and the presentation of the book “Extreme flight” on aviation Regardie”, – said the representative of Regardie.

Us intelligence on the explosion on the Northern coast of Russia

“What happened was not a new launch, it was a mission to recover a missile lost in previous tests,” said a source who is familiar with the us intelligence assessment.

“On one of the vessels involved in the operation, there was an explosion that caused a reaction in the missile being lifted, which led to a leak of radiation,” said another source.

CNBC reported about similar operations in 2018. It was connected with the search for a missile with a nuclear installation lost in the Barents sea after unsuccessful tests, the TV channel noted. According to him, the operation involved three ships. One was equipped with equipment that could handle radioactive material from a nuclear installation. Us intelligence analysts believe that if Russia was able to return the missile, it can act on the same procedure in other similar cases.

Georgia needs to reduce its economic dependence on Russia.

“Full access to the richest markets in the world is of strategic importance for us. We must do everything possible to reduce our economic dependence on Russia and diversify our market to strengthen independence, ” Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili said
In her opinion, the state also needs to create a financial instrument that will allow it to fully enjoy the benefits of the free trade agreement. She noted that Georgia has always identified itself as a European state.

“We are out of the post-Soviet system and will not allow anyone or anything to turn us back»

Russia, she said, is trying to ” tame Georgia with daily provocations, “which”gets on your nerves.” Russia is also trying to ensure that Georgia ” loses three of its achievements: stability, democracy and European choice.”

Police warned against taking part in the action in the “Pit” on Khokhlov square

The police of Moscow called on the organizers of the rally, which is scheduled on August 30 at Khokhlovskaya square, to abandon its implementation, because it is not coordinated, and citizens were advised to refrain from participating in it. This is stated in a statement on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the capital.

The activists stressed that they do not want to hold an uncoordinated rally and put the audience in danger, so they came up with a different format for their event.

“On August 30 there will be no meeting, but there will be a cultural event with the draft name “University in the pit”. It will have three parts: lectures, public talk about University and politics, and a concert in the evening. “We want to start a large-scale public debate about whether there is a place for politics at the University,” the report said.

Earlier DOXA student magazine, student Union Community, the initiative group of Moscow state University, the trade Union “University solidarity” and support groups of those arrested in the “case on July 27,” students Yegor Zhukov and Daniil Konon submitted to the municipality of an application for holding a rally “Freedom of students, freedom University”. They offered to coordinate action on 30, 31 August or 1 September at the monument to Tsiolkovsky in VDNKH on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova or Khokhlovskaya square, and the space monument Tsiolkovsky in VDNKH, Prospekt Sakharov and Khokhlovskiy area. The application is filed for three thousand people.

Russians save for ten years to educate children in universities

The average period for which the Russians are planning to save for their children’s education, ten years, the average desired amount — 300 thousand RUB Often to study hoarding residents of Moscow, Moscow region, Krasnodar territory, the Rostov and Sverdlovsk regions.

As reported by “FederalPress” earlier, the state Duma proposed to make higher education free, but not for everyone, but only for Russian-speaking specialists from neighboring countries. Thus it was proposed to raise the prestige of Russia.

C 1 first September 2019 in Russia enters a number of new laws.

From September, the owners of unmanned aerial vehicles will have to put them on official record. The rule will affect including small toy dons. To do this, you will need to specify your contact details, passport details and SNILS. The register will be maintained by Rosaviatsia.

By September, the recalculation of pensions for the population living in rural areas should be completed. On average, the pension will increase by 1.3 thousand rubles per month. Pensioners with work experience in agriculture will be able to apply for an increase.

Amendments to articles 22 and 51 of the current Federal law “on military duty and military service”. Some citizens will be able to voluntarily refuse to postpone or fully release the draft.

New requirements for the sale of tickets for cultural and entertainment events have been introduced. It will not be possible to sell tickets above the price indicated on them, as well as illegally resell. It will be possible to return the ticket and get the full price 10 days before the event

Russian Railways decided to build four stations in the center of Moscow

“RZD-real estate” (one hundred percent “daughter” of RZD) plans to modernize Moscow railway stations and rebuild adjacent territories for business projects and housing construction.

We are talking about the development of Kyiv, the Belarusian and Kursky stations with the territories of the right of way of railway tracks to the Third transport ring, Savyolovsky rail terminal together with a freight yard of the Moscow — Butyrskaya, and freight yard Moscow — mit’kovo-2 in Sokolniki.

Russian motorists can prevent overtaking and rebuild

The Ministry of transport has issued guidelines for improving conditions and improving road safety. The document is published on the website of the Department. The manual is addressed to road owners and contains recommendations for “elimination of places of concentration of road accidents”, including the prohibition of overtaking and rebuilding, installation of cameras and speed limits.

Among the standard solutions for safety at pedestrian crossings is the speed limit of 40-60 km / h and the installation of traffic lights with a button. The Agency also proposes to install cameras with the fixation of cars that do not give way to pedestrians. In the case of two-lane highways with a width of less than 7 m, the guidelines provide for the prohibition of overtaking not only on the highway itself, but also on 500-700-meter approaches to it.

FAS agreed on a new project ” healthy lifestyle Strategy»

“A healthy lifestyle is a human lifestyle aimed at preventing the emergence and development of noncommunicable diseases and characterized by the exclusion or reduction of behavioral risk factors, which include tobacco use, harmful alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, as well as maladaptive stress management”, – the new definition is given in the text of the strategy.

Who equated sausage to Smoking and alcohol

The world health organization equated the harmfulness of sausage and other processed meat products to Smoking and alcohol. According to the results of the analysis of studies, the use of 50 g of such products per day increases the risk of colorectal cancer (ie bowel cancer) by 18%.

New medical specialties will appear in Russia

In Russia in the near future may appear two new medical specialty: IT-health Manager and the designer-architect of the human body, according to News.ru. The emergence of the IT Manager of health today announced by Deputy Russian Minister of health Tatiana Semenova.

Officials are in no hurry to switch to smartphones with the Russian OS

Smartphones with the Russian OS in 2019 will be used by officials of Federal Executive authorities, said in may 2018, the President of “Rostelecom” Mikhail Oseevsky.

The operator planned to transfer the first 300,000 employees of Federal authorities to such smartphones in 2019, Kommersant reported in January. For this purpose the company has requested RUB 1.3 billion as of 1 October. “Rostelecom” has offered a rate of 16 600 rubles. for a comprehensive service. According to the plan of the operator in 2020, these smartphones were to be used by 800,000 (for 13.3 billion rubles), and by the end of 2021 – 1.4 million people (23.4 billion rubles annually).

But the Finance Ministry does not intend to allocate money to buy smartphones. In 2019, such costs are not budgeted for, said a Federal official: the feasibility of the project – a phased transfer of Russian officials and employees of state-owned smartphones with OS “Aurora” is too costly.

Argentina wants to restructure the national debt by $ 101 billion

Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Thursday urged investors to calm down and offered to negotiate with the opposition to help the country avoid default. He made a televised address after the Argentine peso and the value of government bonds collapsed in the morning because of the government’s proposal to delay debt payments by $101 billion, the Financial Times reported. The peso fell 2.9 percent, then partially reversed the fall.

The price of 100-year bonds fell to 40.55% of face value, bonds with maturity in 2021-below 50% of face value (their yield reached almost 60%).

Student from Moscow fell into a coma in Turkey after swimming in the pool

A student from Moscow fell into a coma while swimming with a mask in a pool in Turkey. It is reported by REN TV. As the mother of the 19-year-old girl told, she did not immediately realize that her daughter became ill. However, the victim was pulled out of the pool unconscious.

The delay on the credits of Russians has doubled in a year

The level of occurrence of overdue debts on loans of Russians increased almost twice over the year and amounted to 1, 6-1.7%. This level is already comparable to the pre-crisis months of 2014, according to the study of the credit Bureau “Equifax”, which is referred to by “RIA Novosti”.

“Gazprom” eliminates operator of the Shtokman project

Gazprom’s Board of Directors has agreed to liquidate Shtokman Development, which was created to develop the Shtokman gas condensate field, one of the largest gas reserves in the world, according to Gazprom’s materials.

In Japan, turned off the supercomputer

The Japanese state research Institute Ricken stopped working supercomputer K. The ceremony of disabling the machine, which has worked for more than 8 years, was held in the city of Kobe. The computer was used to simulate and combat natural disasters, medical research and so on. In 2020, Japan should earn a new supercomputer.

“Melody” released a record with songs by Anna Herman

The record company “Melody” released a vinyl record with songs by Anna Herman. According to the press service of the company, the album features songs from different years, recorded from 1965 to 1979.

Garmin introduces Fēnix 6 with transparent solar panel

Garmin is smart Fēnix watch series 6. These new high-quality Multisport watch from Garmin will be available in four variants: Fēnix 6S, Fēnix 6, Fēnix and Fēnix 6X 6X Pro Solar.

The latter has a transparent solar panel “Power Glass”, which closes the screen and should help extend the battery hours. Version Fēnix 6 Pro come with maps TopoActive Europe, which, according to Garmin, include not only all the General road and pedestrian and Cycling routes, but also 2000 ski slopes and 41 000 stands.

Robot snake launched into the human brain to inspect blood vessels

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts in Boston have created a miniature worm-like robot for the treatment of stroke. The device is implanted in the brain, clearing potentially fatal blood clots and delivering medication. Details about the development published edition of the Daily Mail. The worm-like robot is made from a mixture of Nickel and titanium and is coated with a lubricating hydrogel that helps it slip through without damaging tissues.

New vaccine activates production of HIV antibodies

Doctors have created a unique vaccine that can help in the fight against HIV. It was developed by scientists from the mount Sinai School of medicine. DNA and three recombinant proteins of this vaccine activate the action of antibodies to HIV.

Created the vaccine from a strain of Klebsiella superbugs

Researchers from the University of Washington in St. Louis (United States of America), developed and successfully tested a vaccine against the deadly superbug Klebsiella, which causes such dangerous diseases in humans as sepsis, meningitis, pneumonia, and a number of others.

Scientists have denied the existence of ” gay gene»

Scientists from the center for psychiatric research at Harvard conducted a study that concluded that there is no specific gene that would determine a person’s sexual orientation.

Found a second mutation that protects against HIV

Scientists from Spain and Belgium infected the cells of patients with muscular dystrophy with the human immunodeficiency virus and found that in them it reproduces much worse than in the cells of healthy people. Thus, the mutation in the gene that causes the disease makes its owners resistant to HIV-however, at the cost of the ability to walk. This is the second such mutation known to scientists.

Neural activity found in artificially grown mini-brains

Experts from the University of California found neural activity, as in humans, in artificially grown mini-brains. The experiment allowed them to learn more about the development of gray matter. It is unclear whether the pea-sized brain is conscious.

Irkutsk scientists discovered a new mineral

A stone of blue color can be used in the jewelry art of the Scientific staff of the Irkutsk national research technical University (national research Irkutsk state technical University) Catherine Caneva and Tatiana Radomskaya opened a new mineral forcellini. The stone was found on the border of the Irkutsk region and Yakutia.

American physicists launched a “mini-Sun” in the laboratory

Using BRB, scientists have shown that fast charged plasma particles can move in spirals along areas of magnetic field attenuation. Similar conditions on the Sun can create plasma clots that stimulate the movement of the solar wind — a stream of particles continuously emitted by the star.

Depression can trigger Alzheimer’s disease

A new study by American scientists has proven that depression contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s syndrome. The researchers suggest that the treatment of depression will help to avoid dementia, because symptoms of depression and dementia are the same