3 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/02/2020

In Belarus, 450 cases of torture and ill-treatment of people detained at protests against the official results of the presidential election have been documented. This was stated by UN human rights experts, according to the website of the Office of the high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR).

In addition to cases of torture and ill-treatment of detainees, the UN also received reports of violence against women and children, including cases of rape with rubber batons, according to a statement from OHCHR.

Belarusian journalists detained at protests will be tried

Journalists of “KP in Belarus” who were detained while covering the protests in Minsk, will be judged. This is reported by the publication itself with reference to the head of the operational duty service of the police Department of the Oktyabrsky district, Alexander Martinovich.

Journalists will be judged on the article about violation of the order of organization or holding of mass events, said the head of the police Department. The members of the media face a fine or administrative arrest. According to the publication, all journalists were designated as the press and performed their official duties.

Prohibit taking photos of books in stores

In Russia, it may be prohibited to take photos of books and other printed publications on the territory of stores before purchasing them. This follows from the draft law of the Ministry of industry and trade, published on the portal of normative legal acts.In the source

It is unacceptable to copy and photograph books and non-periodical printed publications (brochures, albums, cartographic and sheet music publications, sheet music editions, calendars, booklets, publications reproduced on technical media) on the territory of commercial facilities before purchasing these publications, — the project posted on the Federal portal of draft legal acts says.

An operational headquarters for water supply issues has been set up in Crimea

The task of the Republic’s authorities and specialized enterprises is to distribute water fairly among all consumers and ensure strict compliance with water supply schedules. This was stated by the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov at a meeting on water supply in Simferopol, Bakhchisaray and Simferopol districts

Greece has allowed up to 500 Russians a week to enter the country

Greece has allowed up to 500 Russians a week to enter the country from September 7 if they have a negative test for coronavirus and a voucher confirming their hotel room reservation. This is stated in the joint Ministerial decision, which will be valid for two weeks.

The Russian leather plant in Zarinsk never started working

The first tannery outside the Urals, the launch of which was repeatedly postponed, was inaugurated in the presence of distinguished guests in October last year. The plant was planned to employ approximately 140 workers and produce up to 600 tons of products per month.

However, the company is still idle. As reported today by the Minister of industry and energy of the region Vyacheslav Himichka to the leather factory of any claim of the Supervisory authorities.

Zetta postponed the release of the first Russian electric car

Zetta has postponed the release of the Russian electric car City Modul 1. This was announced by the company’s CEO Denis Shchurovsky in an interview with Vedomosti. The company expected to receive a loan of 99.9 million rubles at 1% per annum for five years from the industrial development Fund (FRP). However, she was refused

Video surveillance system started working at all Moscow metro stations

The video surveillance system has started working at all stations of the Moscow metro, according to the Telegram channel of the Department of transport and road infrastructure development of the capital

Charlie Hebdo will reissue cartoons of the prophet Muhammad

The French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo has announced a reissue of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. The corresponding statement was published on the official portal of the weekly editorial office.

The authors of the report noted that the number of such cartoons will be 12, which corresponds to the number of victims of the attack in 2015. The editors explained their plans by saying that after those events, a whole generation of people grew up who do not know about those tragic events.

Kadyrov appointed his 21-year-old daughter as the first Deputy Minister of culture of Chechnya

In the Telegram channel, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov announced the appointment of his daughter, 21-year-old Aishat Kadyrova, to the post of first Deputy Minister of culture of the Republic. He explained this decision by her experience in managing large projects and other achievements in the field of culture, reports TASS

Residents of the exploded house refused to move back in

In the administration of the Dzerzhinsk district of the city of Yaroslavl, residents of the exploded house on Batov street met with city hall officials. People spoke with the head of the city Vladimir Volkov. They are afraid to move into their apartments.

A collective complaint was sent from the residents of the entrance to the regional Prosecutor’s office. Verification is underway. The same complaint was sent from the first entrance. We will not enter the entrance. We have registered a collective complaint of more than fifty apartments, — said one of the residents of the house.

In the Moscow metro began to test the payment for travel by face scan

Currently, the Moscow metro is testing a system that allows you to pay for travel on a face scan. one of the test stages will be completed by October, the press service of the Department of transport of the capital reported

In Russia, the share of credit card restructurings has increased sharply

The share of credit card debt restructurings in Russia increased strongly by the beginning of August. This is stated in the ACRA study ” Retail lending has received a vaccine against the crisis.”

As of April 1, loans subject to restructuring were mostly consumer loans (53%) or mortgage loans (42%). Credit cards accounted for only 1% of the portfolio of loans with revised terms, but by August 1, the share of credit card restructurings had jumped to 12%.

The world’s largest diamond mining companies offer discounts

According to Bloomberg, De Beers told its customers that it reduces the price of large diamonds (more than 1 carat) by almost 10 percent. The company did not offer discounts on smaller stones, because it believes that they are not in high demand and it is unlikely that this will change, even if the price is lower.

ALROSA followed his example. However, the Russian diamond company did not announce the discount, but instead changed the billing system. Customers received a single invoice and did not know if the stones they were looking at were being offered at a discount.

Zoom’s quarterly revenue exceeded revenue for all of 2019

According to Zoom reports, revenue in the second quarter was $663.5 million, which is 355% more than in the same period last year, and this is more than the company earned for the whole of 2019. Analysts had forecast quarterly revenue of about $500 million

Iraq will ask OPEC to release it from restrictions on oil exports

Iraq intends to ask OPEC for an exemption from obligations to reduce oil exports in the first quarter of 2021. This was announced by Iraqi oil Minister Ihsan Abdel Jaber in an interview with the state newspaper As Sabah

Russians changed their minds about allowing cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank decided not to allow Russians to mine cryptocurrencies from the “sandbox” developed by the regulator itself. Thus, the Central Bank rejected the initiative of the Russian Association of cryptocurrencies and blockchain (RAKIB), aimed at legalizing organized collective mining.

Russian banks to buy foreign currency

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation reported an increase in the volume of purchases of foreign currency by Russian banks, TV channel 360 reports. So, in the second quarter, Russian banks bought foreign currency for 9.5 trillion rubles, which is 18 times higher than this figure for the same period in 2019

By the presidential election, Gazprom withdrew money from Belarus

During the year, Gazprom withdrew almost all the money that was in Belgazprombank. By the presidential election, 77 million rubles remained in the accounts of the financial institution-202 times less than a year ago. 49.8% of Belgazprombank belongs to Gazprom and the same amount to Gazprombank»

Ukraine paid for Eurobonds

Ukraine has repaid Eurobonds issued in 2015 in the amount of 1.69 billion dollars, as well as 400 million interest payments on bonds maturing in 2020-2027, the country’s Finance Ministry said on Tuesday.

Ukraine has accumulated record volumes of gas

Ukraine has accumulated record volumes of gas in underground storage facilities, more than 24 billion cubic meters, this volume in 2020 may increase to 28 billion cubic meters, said on Tuesday the head of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV

Road works in Yakutsk lag behind the plan

The city has completed only a fifth of the planned activities for the current year. This is reported by the press service of the head and government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Currently, 318 million rubles or 19.7% of the annual plan have been spent on road works in the city, including 75.9 million rubles from the Federal budget, 193.1 million rubles from the regional Treasury and 45.9 million rubles from the local budget.

Kazakhstan unveils new economic policy of the country

President of the Republic Kassym-Jomart Tokayev made relevant initiatives in his annual address to the people at a joint session of both houses of Parliament. On September 1, Xinhua reported.

The new course is based on a number of basic principles, among which the President highlighted social justice, the leading role of entrepreneurship, fair competition, opening up markets, increasing labor productivity, increasing the share of high-tech industries, etc.

Oil production in Russia in August

Production of oil and gas condensate in Russia in August 2020 compared to the same period last year decreased by 12.9%, to 41.7 million tons. It follows from the data of the Central dispatching Department of fuel energy complex (CDU TEK)

Ten-year expenses of RusHydro are compensated from the tariff

As Kommersant found out, RusHydro power plants in the far East can pay back debts incurred due to the increase in coal prices from 2011 to 2020 due to increased tariffs. The company can get a long-term tariff as early as 2021. Every year, generation in the far East consumes more than 16 million tons of coal, but the current tariff does not cover the increase in fuel prices. Only in 2019, the increase in coal prices brought the company 8.5 billion rubles of loss. The new tariff model will help improve the financial condition of far Eastern assets, analysts believe. However, so far, the Federal Antimonopoly service offers to compensate for fuel losses in the tariff only for three to five years, preventing electricity prices from rising above inflation.

The US increased oil production for the first time in June

As follows from the report of the energy information administration (EIA) of the us Department of energy, published on Monday, in the first month of summer, oil production increased by 4.2% to may, to 10.44 million b / s.

US private sector job growth in August

The number of jobs in private companies in the United States in August increased by 428 thousand after an increase in July by 212 thousand, according to a press release from the analytical company Automatic Data Processing (ADP). Analysts polled by Reuters expected an increase of 950,000.

China will release a physical wallet for storing digital yuan

China will release a hardware wallet for storing the digital yuan, according to the agreement of one of the largest commercial banks in the country, China Construction Bank (CCB), which defines the rules for using the national cryptocurrency

China’s foreign Ministry accused the Pentagon of distorting Beijing’s intentions

Washington should look at China’s intentions objectively and not forget that China firmly adheres to the peaceful path of development, Chinese foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing in Beijing on September 2.

Chunying commented on the latest Pentagon report on China’s military potential, in which the us defense Department stated that China will at least double its nuclear potential over the next ten years.

The state Department confirmed the partial lifting of the arms embargo on Cyprus

the United States partially lifted the embargo on supply of arms to Cyprus. This is confirmed in a written statement by the head of the press service of the US state Department, Morgan Ortagus. It was distributed on Tuesday following a telephone conversation between US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades.

Trump spent a record amount on online advertising

The trump team spent a record amount on campaign political ads on Google, YouTube video hosting and other related platforms. It surpassed former new York city mayor Michael Bloomberg’s spending ($62.2 million).

The wife of TV presenter Sergey Brilev received British citizenship

In 2018, Alexey Navalny released an investigation, in which he told about the presence of the TV host of the channel “Russia” Sergey Brilev British citizenship. Brilev replied that he did not hide the presence of British citizenship, but said that his wife does not have it.

A week’s vacation in Crimea costs 2-3 times more than in Turkey

The average receipt for tours to Crimea in the summer of 2020 was 42,500 rubles, in Sochi-50,000 rubles, but in Turkey it is twice as high – 108,860 rubles. Online tour search and purchase service Level.Travel I figured out how the tourist offer in Russian resorts differs from Turkey and what tourists value in each option.

Most tourists Level.Travel in Sochi, they chose to stay in 3* hotels (31%), and tourists in Crimea in 70% of cases stayed in guest houses and recreation centers without stars. This difference in the parameters of purchased tours is primarily due to the level of infrastructure in the resorts. There are several thousand high-end hotels in Turkey with swimming pools, children’s centers, private beaches, spas and restaurants. In Crimea, there are only a few of them, all of them were booked at the beginning of the season, and tourists were faced with non-confirmation of tours to high-quality hotels in Russian resorts.

“In addition, a week’s vacation there costs 2-3 times more than in Turkey. The average check in a 4* hotel in Crimea is 58% higher than in Turkey – 199 thousand rubles and 85,000 rubles, respectively, ” explains the marketing Director Level.Travel Eugene Ginzburg.

Gun sales in the US have almost doubled

The national shooting sports Foundation has recorded a record increase in gun purchases in recent months. In the period from March to July, sales of weapons amounted to 8.5 million units – this is 94% more than in the same period of 2019

A representative of the ruling party of Montenegro tried to destroy the ballots

Representative of the ruling Democratic party of socialists of Montenegro Milena Orlandic tried to destroy election documents during a check at a polling station in Podgorica

The Pentagon announced successful tests of hypersonic missile prototypes

The US has successfully tested prototypes of hypersonic cruise missiles with an air-jet engine, the Pentagon reported. The tests were part of the HAWC program

The opposition in Belarus announced the creation of a party

Maria Kolesnikova, one of the heads of the coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition, and members of the staff of former presidential candidate Viktor Babariko (who is in jail) announced the creation of a political party “Together” to unite supporters. This is reported In the YouTube channel of the politician

Chiefs of the General staff of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus discussed joint exercises

Preparations for this year’s maneuvers were discussed by chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Valery Gerasimov and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander wolfovich during telephone conversations, RIA Novosti reports, citing the Belarusian military Department.

US allows new sanctions against Russia over Belarus

The administration of US President Donald trump has not ruled out the possibility of imposing further sanctions against Russia if Moscow openly interferes in the situation in Belarus. Reports Reuters with reference to the representative of the White house

Belarusian opposition member to meet Polish and Lithuanian politicians

Pavel Latushko, a member of the Presidium of the coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition, said that he is in Warsaw and plans to meet with Polish politicians, after which he will go to Vilnius.

In the Khabarovsk territory, a high-ranking official was dismissed for separatism

Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk territory Mikhail Degtyarev dismissed another official. This time, the Deputy head of the Khabarovsk territory forest management Andrey Petrov lost his position.

Tikhanovski in the video answered the question, whose Crimea

In a recent interview specially for the Lithuanian national radio and television LRT program, which was published on September 1, on Tuesday, Tihanovskaya clarified that “when she was a presidential candidate, she voiced the position that we have adopted in Belarus, that Crimea is de jure Ukrainian, and de facto Russian”

Sergey Lavrov: I don’t see the need for a meeting with the Belarusian opposition

According to Sergey Lavrov, anti-Russian sentiments are clearly visible in the actions and judgments of some Belarusian oppositionists. That this was the reason for not communicating with them, including Svetlana Tikhanovski

Kolesnikov announced the main goal of the opposition Belarus

Maria Kolesnikova, one of the heads of the coordination Council of the opposition and the new political party “Together”, voiced the main goal of the opposition in Belarus. She stated this in an interview With .

According to her, the protesters ‘ demands are to release political prisoners, investigate crimes related to beatings and torture of detainees at the first rallies, and hold new presidential elections.

“The movement that exists in Belarus is by no means an opposition movement. This is a majority movement (…) We broadcast the interests of this majority, ” the opposition leader stressed

The head of the Belarusian defense Ministry will arrive in Moscow on September 4

The Minister of defense of Belarus major-General Victor Granin will arrive in Moscow on 4 September. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of the Republic. According to the Ministry, he intends to take part in a meeting of the heads of military departments of the CIS countries, members of the Shanghai cooperation organization and the collective security Treaty Organization.

In Belarus, families are frightened by the removal of children for participating in protest actions

Citizens of Belarus have started receiving warnings that their families will be recognized as dysfunctional for participating in protest actions, and their children will be removed. This was announced by lawyer, member of the coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition Maxim Znak.

Pierce Brosnan to play world war II veteran in new drama

Deadline reports that 67-year-old pierce Brosnan will play the main role in the drama “the Last infantryman”. WestEnd Films (“Byzantium”,” the Mysterious albert Nobbs”) plans to sell the rights to the film at the Toronto film festival, which will be held this September.

Terry loan, Director of the drama “Mikibo and I”, was appointed Director of “the Last infantryman”. The script was written by Kevin Fitzpatrick, for whom the film will be the first experience of working on a full-length project. Executive producers include mark Huffam (“the Martian”) and Kevin Jackson (“zoo”). Filming starts this winter in Ireland.

Kamala theater launched a YouTube project about Tatar culture

Kamala theater has launched ” Ale ” – a YouTube project in the interview format. The guest of the debut issue was the first President of the Republic of Tatarstan, state adviser of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev.

Guitarist John Frusciante releases a solo album

Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has announced the release of a solo electronic album, Maya, dedicated to his recently deceased cat. The album will be released on October 23. This is reported by Pitchfork. This is not Frusciante’s first electronic album, but the first that He releases under his own name. Before that, he used the alias Trickfinger.

The Aria group re-releases the albums ” Baptism of fire “and”Armageddon”.

The re-recorded new line-up will be released on October 16. According to the band members, the decision to re-record the albums was made with the desire to make them available for listening to all listeners.

New version of “The show must go on”

Queen and Adam Lambert posted a new interpretation of the song “The show must go on”on the official channel of the cult British band. It was recorded during a live performance at the O2 Arena in July 2018. The song was the 12th and final track of the 1991 album Innuendo, which was Freddie mercury’s last lifetime release.

Nvidia released a gaming video card

The cost of basic RTX 3070 and 3080 video cards will be 45,490 and 63,490 rubles, respectively. The mid-range RTX 3080 will be available for purchase on September 17, the top-end 3090 on September 24, and the 3070 will be available in October

Apple has released new versions of iOS 13.7 and iPadOS 13.7

According to the release notes, iOS 13.7 provides users with brand new Memoji stickers and the ability to share iCloud Drive folders from the Files app.

In the Netherlands, they tested a model of a V-shaped aircraft

Researchers from the Netherlands Delft technical University conducted the first flight tests of the model V-shaped aircraft Flying-V. According to Flightglobal, flight tests of the model equipped with electric engines took place in Germany and were considered completely successful

Google has introduced a new mode for Android tablets

Google has introduced a new kids Space mode for tablets based on the Android operating system. This is another step in trying to provide a safe environment for children in their services, following the parental control app Family Link and the “Kids” section in the Google Play online app store.

Introduced Galaxy A42 5G-Samsung’s most affordable 5G smartphone

Samsung announced today the Galaxy A42 5G smartphone — its most affordable device with the ability to work in mobile networks of the fifth generation. Sales of the new product will begin later this year. The full technical characteristics of the device have not yet been disclosed.

Samsung announced the Premiere laser 4K projector

Samsung will offer two models of the Premiere: LSP9T and LSP7T. Both models will support the Samsung Smart TV platform with a full set of apps and services that are available on any other Samsung TV of recent years. Projectors are the first devices to support the UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode. The premiere date and price have not been announced.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab S7 5g tablet

Along with the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 2, South Korean giant Samsung also released a 5G version of the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet yesterday. Its release allowed Samsung to become one of the first brands to add 5G support to their tablets. The new product will go on sale on September 18 at a price of 800 dollars

Samsung unveils Galaxy Fit2 fitness tracker

Today, Samsung unveiled a new fitness bracelet called the Samsung Galaxy Fit2. The bracelet has received functions such as heart rate sensor, pedometer, calorie burned monitoring, sleep monitoring and many others. The display of the bracelet has a diagonal of 1.1 inches