4 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/03/2019

Trade between the US and Russia rose to $13.8 billion

Despite sanctions, trade between the United States and Russia increased by 14% to $ 13.8 billion in the first half of 2019. Also, American businessmen began to invest more in the far East.

The average payment on consumer loans in Russia increased by 20%

In the first half of this year, the Russians began to pay on average for consumer loans by 20% more than a year earlier, according to the Bureau of credit histories Equifax. The average payment in Russia reached 22.3 thousand rubles.

Billionaire Timchenko’s company will export phosphates from Syria

Russian company “Stroytransgaz logistics” billionaire Gennady Timchenko received permission from the Syrian authorities to engage in the extraction of phosphates, as well as a contract for the operation of the port of Tartus for their supply abroad. This was reported by “radio Liberty” with reference to the Financial Times.

According to the publication, the plant in HOMS, which is called the key” for the production of phosphates in Syria, “Stroytransgaz logistics” came in April. Local media reports that Timchenko’s company cooperates with the state of the Syrian General Fertilizer Company. The interlocutors FT claim that guard the plant in HOMS, the mercenaries of the Russian private military company.

September 22 will be held all-Russian action against the construction of the landfill Shies

On September 22, protests against the import of waste from Moscow and the Moscow region and related construction in the area of Shies station will be held throughout Russia and even beyond its borders.

The court sentenced to five years blogger tit For tweeting about the children of security forces

Presnensky court of Moscow has recognized blogger Vladislav Bird guilty of extremism for Twitter account, where he threatened the children of employees of Regardie, according to MBH media”. He was sentenced to five years in prison

Bird pleaded not guilty, although he admits that the published record in the microblog. Tit explained that his “rude and unethical” tweet was dictated by outrage at the actions of security forces who participated in the crackdown on protests in Moscow.

Caspian sea or lake?

Five countries, including Russia, have access to the Caspian sea. She insists that the Caspian sea should be considered a lake, but the US calls for it to be considered a sea.

And the fact is that in the Caspian sea there are more than 60 billion tons of oil, which is twice as much as the “oil king” — Saudi Arabia.

If the Caspian sea were a lake, all five coastal countries would have rights to its development. Ships of other States could anchor in the waters of the Caspian sea only with the consent of Russia and the other four countries.

If, on the proposal of the United States, the Caspian sea is still recognized as a “sea”, then Russia and the other four countries will be able to claim an exclusive economic zone of 12 nautical miles, the rest of the water area will be recognized as international waters, and ships of all countries of the world will be able to stop

Source: Sohu (China)

The brother of the President of Moldova and the son of the Prosecutor General of Russia became partners

The son of the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Chaika and the brother of the President of Moldova Alexander Dodon became co-owners of the company “Industrial environmental operator” (PEO). This is evidenced by the data of “SPARK-Interfax”, they drew the attention of RBC. The company was established on August 30. The Seagull in it owns 40%, Dodon-10%. The remaining 50% is owned by Chaika’s business partner Alexander Ponomarev.

Igor Chaika confirmed RBC the creation of a new company and participation in its capital Alexander Dodon. He declined further comment.

The busiest cargo ports in Europe.

Ten of the 20 largest ports in 2017 were located on the Mediterranean sea, eight on the North sea coast, and the remaining two on the Atlantic coast. Rotterdam was once again the busiest port by a wide margin. In 2017 he went through 433.293 tons of goods, accounting for 9% of the total in Europe. Neighboring Antwerp took second place with 201.202 etc, while Hamburg took the third place with 118.761 tons of cargo.

Onishchenko: Pharmacists and intelligence agencies are deliberately undermining the health of Russians

Former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko in an interview with NSN said that the popularization of vaccine refusal has a negative impact primarily on children’s health. According to him, the reduced immunity of citizens is beneficial to both pharmacological companies and special services that seek to create tension in Russian society.

In 2019, the hundredth temple will be built in Moscow

The hundredth Church in the framework of the program for the construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow will be built in 2019. Another temple complex of new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church on Saltykovskaya was commissioned for the day of knowledge, the press service of the adviser to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia on the construction of Vladimir resin said on Monday.

“The temple complex of new Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church on Saltykovskaya was built under the program of construction of 200 new churches in Moscow. We will achieve half of the previously set goal in 2019. At the end of the year, 100 temple complexes will be built from that program,” the report said.

Foreigners will be allowed to buy land in Ukraine

Foreigners will be able to purchase land in Ukraine. This is stated in the draft reform, said Monday, September 2, Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexei Goncharuk ICTV.

Trade turnover between Russia and Africa exceeded 20 billion dollars

Trade turnover between Russia and Africa in 2018 exceeded $ 20 billion. This is reported by journalists of the information portal Ecofin with reference to the data of the International trade center

Restaurants and small shops will receive preferential loans

Business representatives in the areas of trade, property lease and catering will be able to take out a loan at a reduced rate of up to 8.5% per annum. The Ministry of economic development submitted to the government a draft resolution, reports RBC with reference to its text

The share of short-term deposits of Russians for the year fell by half

The share of short-term Bank deposits of Russians for the year decreased by half – from 50% to 30%. The regulator attributes this trend to rising returns on long-term savings. On average, in the banks of the top 10 for six months, money can be placed at 5.3%, and for more than a year – at 6.3%.

Bank of China lends “Belt and road” for $140 billion

According to the Chinese state news Agency Xinhua, as of the end of June, the Bank has financed more than 600 major projects under the Belt and road initiative, issuing loans totaling more than $ 140 billion.

China to boost economic stimulus amid trade war with the US

The Chinese government is stepping up measures to stimulate the economy in connection with the global economic downturn and the trade war with the United States, said in a statement on the website of the state Council. This decision was made by officials at a meeting of the Committee on financial stability and development, which is headed by Deputy Chairman of the state Council Liu he.

Financial institutions and regulators are instructed to promote the release of specialized bonds, which are a key source of financing infrastructure projects in the regions, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The Committee also called on banks to use new capital instruments to be able to lend more and thus support economic growth.

Sberbank raised the Commission on the transfer of money between legal entities and individuals

Sberbank on September 2 have raised the fee for money transfers from accounts of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on accounts of natural persons. last fall, the media claimed that the CBR advises banks to raise tariffs for the transfer of money from organizations to citizens — to deal with illegal cashing in of means.

Russia will lose half a trillion rubles due to falling oil

Russia’s tax revenues will fall by half a trillion rubles a year due to the decline in the price of the most common domestic oil Urals, which has more sulfur than other grades. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin RBC.

Pink Floyd founder Roger waters supported Julian Assange

The founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd Roger waters spoke at a rally in support of Julian Assange in London. The event was held in front of the British home office. The rally opposed the extradition of the founder of WikiLeaks in the United States, reports “Russia 24”.

The South Korean Embassy in Japan received a letter with threats and a bullet

The South Korean Embassy in Tokyo received a letter with threats and a demand to” get out”, as well as a bullet. This is reported by the newspaper “Asahi”. The message says that the sender, who allegedly has a firearm, intends to pursue the Koreans.

The Danish government will buy all circus elephants in the country

The Danish government will allocate 11 million Danish kroner (about 1.5 million euros) to buy four elderly elephants at circuses in the country, according to JydskeVeskusten. Three elephants, Lara, jungle And Jenny, are reportedly being held at the circus Arena. The government will pay 8.25 million kroner for them.

Hospital bacteria learned how to defeat antibiotics

On the example of Klebsiella pneumoniae, accustomed to hospital conditions, British scientists have found out how such bacteria can avoid attacks even the most powerful antibiotics.

It turns out that to preserve the viability of the bacterium K. pneumoniae had to reduce the pores on the cell wall, through which now can not penetrate the drug. However, this modification, undertaken for survival, weakened the bacteria’s ability to reproduce, and also made the strain weaker than earlier versions.

China complained to the WTO because of us duties

China initiated proceedings in the world trade organization (WTO) in connection with the introduction of additional U.S. duties on Chinese goods. Recall, from September 1, Washington increased the amount of monetary fees for goods from China in the amount of $300 billion not by 10%, as previously planned, but by 15%.

Chinese app makes smartphone users movie stars

The application will need only one picture (enough ordinary selfie) and about 8-10 seconds of time to process a fragment of a movie, TV series or video game. For example, you can add yourself to the “Titanic”, thereby taking away the work of Leonardo DiCaprio, according to”Medusa”.

The Chinese government was behind the biggest iOS hack

In late August, cybersecurity experts discovered perhaps the biggest vulnerability in the iPhone – several sites were installing malware on Apple smartphones. According to TechCrunch, the customer of the attacks is the Chinese government.

Forbes sources confirmed the information that the Chinese authorities could be behind the hacking. According to them, the hacker attacks were intended to spy on Muslim Uighurs living in Western China. The hackers were not limited to iOS devices, also infecting Windows and Android.

The agreement with Poland on 5G is designed to confront China, the US said

Declaration of security the creation of networks 5G, which was signed on the eve in Warsaw the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki and Vice-President of the United States Michael Pence, designed to counter China, and his alleged attempts to use Chinese companies to gather intelligence, said in a statement the White house

In Russia earned the online service of providing information of the egrn

The Federal cadastral chamber officially launched the service for issuing information from the Unified state register of real estate (egrn) on September 3. In the pilot mode, it earned for real estate in 51 regions.

Russia refused to release a shortened version of the Sukhoi SuperJet

“I was two weeks ago at a meeting on the development of regional aviation, and there one of the leaders of the Ministry of industry and trade reported that it was decided not to make a Sukhoi SuperJet for 75 seats, since there is no demand for it. Their main customer is Aeroflot, and it takes a 100-seat car, “Vladislav Filev, Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of S7 Group (the company belongs to him and his family members), told Vedomosti.

Filev suggests that the reason for the rejection of the development of the S7 was the condition that its experts should be involved in the testing SSJ75 and monitor its compliance with the airworthiness regulations. The technical requirements of S7 was to redesign the undercarriage and replace the composite section of the floor of the passenger cabin: disaster SSJ100 on may 5 showed that this composite can not withstand the flame 240 degrees Celsius, as should international requirements, says Filev.

In the United States prepared a bill on the death penalty for mass murder

According to Short, the attorney General has prepared a draft law designed to accelerate the introduction of the death penalty for those found guilty of mass murder. The bill could be part of the final package of activities the White house will propose to Congress.

The DPRK authorities supported China’s position on the Hong Kong issue

North Korean foreign Minister Lee Yong-Ho at a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi urged “external forces” not to interfere in the situation in Hong Kong. The foreign Minister of the DPRK following the talks in Pyongyang said that ” Hong Kong is Chinese Hong Kong, and no external forces should interfere, “RIA”Novosti”.

Russia offered NATO a moratorium on the deployment of missiles

Moscow invited NATO countries to join the moratorium on the deployment of short-and medium-range missiles. Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this at a meeting with MGIMO students.

In Ulan-Ude threw to the dump 63 million rubles

The city hall of Ulan-Ude took to the landfill Italian garbage cans for separate collection of garbage. Five years ago, more than 60 million people’s rubles were spent on 300 containers. Now tanks overseas that have yet to serve twenty years, was sent to the scrap.

The greatest Nations of the world.

On July 11, 1987, the world’s population exceeded the five billion mark – since then, this figure has steadily grown to 7.7 billion in 2018. According to the International monetary Fund, the largest share of the world’s population lives in China 18.7%, followed by India 17.88%.

Since 1989, world population day has been held on 11 July to draw attention to the problems caused by the growing number of people on this Earth. The UN expects the world’s population to grow to 10.9 billion by 2100.

New submarine “Prince Oleg” will join the Pacific fleet

In the near future, the Pacific fleet will be transferred to the missile submarine project 955A “Borey” — “Prince Oleg”. Initially, the submarine wanted to send to the Northern fleet, but the plans of the Ministry of defense have changed, told “Izvestia” sources in the Navy and the Pacific fleet (Toph)

Iran and Russia to hold joint military exercises

Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that joint Russian-Iranian military exercises will be held in the Indian ocean.

“We will conduct joint military exercises with Russia in the Indian ocean. Maybe other countries will also be interested in joining these exercises,” Zarif was quoted as saying by TASS.

He did not specify the timing of the exercises and the forces that will be involved in them.

Iran announced the launch of cruise missiles on the British warship ” HMS Montrose»

Journalists of the publication “The Times” published information that the British warship “HMS Montrose” 115 times faced provocations of the Iranian military, at the same time, the commanders of the IRGC allegedly prepared to sink the warship launched cruise missiles.

“The Iranian officer mocked the Royal Navy on the radio, capturing the tanker “Stena Impero” under the British flag, and bragging: “He’s mine!”. Commander king also said that the IRGC has permission to use live ammunition and that Iran will release cruise missiles and aim them at “HMS Montrose”,” the times “journalist Lucy Fisher reports.

In the United States came up with the original technology of military cellular communication

The American company Hughes Network Systems presented to the Pentagon a new development that is able to equip a special “airmobile tower” to provide cellular communication. It is assumed that this novelty can be used to provide mobile communication to ground combat units operating in remote areas.

New Apple Watch will track sleep metrics

Owners of Apple devices will be able to monitor their sleep in the “Health” app on the iPhone, which will receive indicators from the sensors of the electronic clock. Aplle Watch will record movement, noises and heart rate.

Astronomers have discovered eight repetitive signals from Space

Astronomers in Canada have discovered eight new repetitive “signals” from Space. Powerful telescope CHIME set in Canada, recorded from eight new sources of recurring fast radio bursts.

Ansat and Mi-38 helicopters to be equipped with satellite communication system

According to the document, from 2020, operators of Ansat and Mi-38 helicopters produced at the Kazan helicopter plant will be able to use satellite communications on Board, the holding said. This will be possible thanks to the use of satellite communication system “Yamal”.

China uses drones in agriculture

In China, to combat pests that destroy crops, used drones loaded with insecticides. According to Bloomberg, the effectiveness of this method was 98 percent. In the development of vehicles involved XAG Chinese and German Bayer, applied in the Guangxi province.

Space hotel to start operation in 2025

Work on the creation of the first space hotel is already underway. It is planned to launch in six years. Gateway Foundation presented the design of the first orbital hotel to the public. The project accommodates 24 residential modules, which will be able to fill 400 space tourists at the same time. The hotel also wants to make movies and bars that could entertain tourists during the flight. Externally, the hotel will resemble a ring structure of science fiction movies.

International Maritime Symposium held in South Korea

According to sources, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea mark Lippert was the keynote speaker. It is known that the international Maritime Symposium has been held every two years since 1989, with the aim of developing and strengthening cooperation in the field of Maritime security.

China managed to level the protection of Russian air defense systems / missile DEFENSE

Observers of the Chinese information portal Sina reported that recently, the Chinese military successfully tested a ballistic hypersonic missile with a maneuvering unit DF-17. During testing, it successfully coped with the task of destroying the protection of the Russian air defense/MISSILE defense system. Despite the fact that the writer does not speak directly about the Russian s-400, the military experts of the portal Avia.pro recalled that in Beijing it is this system is called the best ever created in the world.

“Recently, a new Chinese hypersonic missile Dongfeng-17, based on anti-interceptor technology, was successfully tested. She was able to confirm their characteristics. For Beijing, this is a significant event, because in the hands of the military will be weapons that can destroy the protection of the world’s best air defense system and effectively eliminate the target, ” – write in Sina.

The Biohackers developed a copy of the gene drug 150 times cheaper than the original

A group of biologists said they had developed a simpler and more inexpensive prototype of the drug Glybera for the treatment of hereditary diseases. The researchers plan to reach out to scientists to help them test the development and test it on animals.So far, their version of gene therapy costs less than $ 7,000, when the original is about $ 1 million.

Recall Nov Novartis showed another drug for gene therapy, which helps in the treatment of muscular atrophy of the spine and costs $ 2.1 million

Putin criticized Sberbank for refusing to help the victims of the flood

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko to meet with the head of Sberbank German Gref to restructure debts affected by the flood in the Irkutsk region and said that it is not serious not to make concessions

Sberbank restructures loans to flood victims in the Irkutsk region. This was reported by the press service of the Bank following the trip of its Chairman Herman Gref to Tulun.

Physicists are close to creating a supercomputer of the future

Physicists from the United States managed to obtain topological superconductivity, which will serve to create a new technology of computing systems. This discovery brought the development of the supercomputer closer

In Yekaterinburg Square, where the temple was planned, will be transferred to the land of common use

The square on October square of Yekaterinburg, where they were going to build the Church of St. Catherine, will receive the status of “common land”. This decision was made at a meeting of the working group to determine the construction site of the temple on Tuesday, September 3

The state Duma of Russia has developed a bill to combat online piracy

One of the authors of the new law under consideration is Leonid Levin (Chairman of the Committee on information policy). He said that the document plans to introduce one operator, which will give the right to repeaters all the necessary information. Roskomnadzor will have to choose a new operator. And this should happen at the beginning of next year. Online translators are All continuing to spread the television signal without authorization from a single operator, simply will be blocked.

In the DNA of infants found epigenetic traces of reproductive technology

Australian scientists have analyzed methyl tags on the DNA of more than 400 people: newborns and adults conceived naturally or using different reproductive technologies. It turned out that regardless of the type of technology set of labels on DNA in “test tube children” has its own characteristics. But on the health of the babies they affect and disappear in the course of growing up. Communications nature communications.

“Days of the Hermitage on Sakhalin” officially opened in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, September 3, started the”Days of the Hermitage” Sakh SakhalinMedia. The main event of the program was the opening of an exhibition of one masterpiece-a globe clock was brought to Sakhalin. They were made in 1584 by the famous German masters Georg Roll and Johann Reinhold commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, who for Ivan the terrible.

In “SKOLKOVO” suggest the use of big data in the writing of the laws

In “SKOLKOVO” offer to use big data in writing laws Experts “SKOLKOVO” offer to regulate the “digital footprint” of citizens. In addition, experts have taken the initiative to use big data to change the legislation, according to RBC

Bosch has developed a smart electric drive for prams

Bosch does not plan to produce ready-made strollers, but will cooperate with third-party manufacturers. It is expected that the first stroller with a Bosch electric drive will be available in 2020. The company has already signed a contract with Emmaljunga, a Swedish manufacturer of children’s products.

Burberry will create a special messenger for correspondence with customers

BUR Burberry has added a chat feature to its employee app. VOG fashion business. With the help of the R message, store employees will be able to communicate with customers directly: assign them a fitting time in boutiques, give personal recommendations and order certain models.

“Yandex.Music ” has introduced a restriction on free listening

Most likely, “Yandex” only tests the innovation and checks the reaction of users. Recall that the 30-minute limit is valid in many services, including arrows and streaming application “Vkontakte”.

Scientists have found a way to eradicate malaria on the planet

According to scientists, they were able to identify the protein of this deadly disease, which plays an important role for the development of the parasite throughout its life cycle. Experts say they will be able to invent drugs that will act on this protein, allowing malaria to be treated at all stages.

“A drug aimed at this protein will not only cure the patient of the disease, but also make it non – contagious immediately after the start of therapy,” the scientists report.

Invented a new way to defrost the surface in a second

A group of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) and Kyushu University (Japan) has developed a method of very fast and effective removal of ice from surfaces that spends less than 1% of energy and copes with the task a hundred times faster than traditional defrosting methods, reports EurekAlert portal!. The group presented a description of the method in the journal of applied physics of letters.

The scientists proposed to apply a pulse of very strong current to the place where the ice and the surface meet to form a layer of water. To ensure that the pulse reaches the desired space, and does not affect the top layer, a thin coating of indium oxide and tin (ito) – a semiconductor film, which is often used for defrosting, is applied to the surface of the material. The rest of the work is done by gravity. So in the lower layer of water is formed, which slides off the ice cap.

Facebook can refuse from the counter of likes for posts

Facebook may start hiding the number of likes under posts to save users from the pursuit of attention and protect them from self-censorship. According to the portal TechCrunch, referring, testing of this function has already begun in the application of the social network on Android.

Scientists have developed a metamaterial for magnon alternative electronics

Physicists from Russia and Europe showed a principal possibility of creation of system “superconductor — ferromagnet” magnon crystals — basic postcranial components of future electronic devices with spin waves. Advanced advanced science.

The authors suggest that the results of their research will be used in cryogenic microwave electronics and magnonics, including quantum. The only limitation for wider application so far is the impossibility of such a system at room temperature.

Particles can move faster in a crowd of cellular molecules

Particles move faster in a crowded cell environment when molecules huddle together in a chaotic “crowd.” If the medium is more homogeneous and less dense, the velocity of the particles decreases. Knowing the speed at which particles move in these environments, scientists will be able to better understand the cellular processes that require molecules to be able to “find” each other in a crowded cell, the Pennsylvania state University press service reported. ACS ACS Nano.

SOHO camera captures the death of yet another comet.

So SOHO (solar and heliospheric Observatory), the main purpose of which is the observation and study of the sun, in 1995 registered more than three thousand comets. According to representatives of the us Space Agency, SOHO — the most successful program to detect comets in history

Two thousand CCTV cameras in St. Petersburg will install “Rostelecom»

PJSC “Rostelecom” became the winner of the tender for the installation of two of the thousands of street surveillance cameras in St. Petersburg. According to the terms of the state contract concluded at the end of the competition, Rostelecom should install cameras for 492.5 million rubles by December 2021

New waste sorting plant launched in Omsk

In Omsk on the basis of the Kirov landfill launched waste sorting plant. It was built in January 2019. From that time it was in trial operation.

Rosstat calculated how many women work in Russia

Only 53.2% of women were employed in Russia in 2018, according to Rosstat. The expert explained RIA Novosti such figures, in particular, the fact that women are often more focused on the family and children.

Buryat security officers got off with conditional terms for torture of detainees.

On the dock was the head of the Department of criminal investigation OMVD on the Zakamenskiy district Erdem Haitov and his subordinates Vladimir Bazarsadaev and David Abramov, that tossed the detainees to the ceiling and tortured them with a brush to clean the toilet. The district court sentenced them to four to four and a half years of probation. Security forces are also prohibited from working in law enforcement for two and a half years. The Prosecutor’s office and The “zone of law”, representing the interests of the injured party, intend to appeal the lenient sentence.

The first sentence in the “Moscow case”. Ivan Podkopaev sentenced to three years in prison. He sprayed the police.

Daniel the Fugitive gets two years in prison. For what pushed resguardar.

On M-11 opened a new 100-kilometer section of the toll road

A new high-speed section is opening on the m — 11 Moscow-St. Petersburg highway today. The road passes through the territories of Novgorod and Leningrad regions and for a hundred kilometers will connect Meat Boron with Tosno.

In the center of Paris stole the famous graffiti Banksy

On a street in the center of Paris, an unknown stole a road sign with the work of the famous underground artist Banksy. It was installed in front of an underground car Park on Rambuteau street. On the reverse side of the road sign is an image of a rat, which the street artist often uses in his works.

GOST for cold tea and coffee approved in Russia

In Russia introduced GOST on cold tea and coffee. Standards for drinks have already been approved and will be effective from July 1, 2020. This was reported on Tuesday, September 3, in the press service of Rosstandart.

Cleaning of the Polish oil transportation system will take about a year

Full wipe of the Polish oil transportation system from the contaminated oil will take up to a year, said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Polish operator of the Druzhba pipeline PERN Rafal Miland during the international economic forum in Polish “Krynica-zdrój”

The area of tropical forests in Hainan has increased by 200 thousand hectares over the past 20 years

According to the representative of the Hainan administration, quoted by local media, “the formation of Hainan national Park of tropical rainforests will attract the attention of even more tourists.” At the same time, he noted that the “onset of the jungle” does not affect agriculture. “We have helped local residents to develop new agricultural areas, in particular, the cultivation of passion fruit and okra.” It is expected that by 2020 the national Park will occupy the seventh part of the island

Russia and Mongolia set up investment cooperation Fund

Russia and Mongolia will sign an agreement on the establishment of the Russian-Mongolian Fund for investment cooperation, said the head of the “Russian direct investment Fund” (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev. The Fund aims to significantly increase the volume of investment cooperation.

“Today, RDIF is signing an important agreement with the Mongolian investment Fund on the establishment of the Russian-Mongolian investment cooperation Fund,” Dmitriev said.

The Central Bank of the Netherlands will regulate the work of cryptocurrency companies

The Central Bank of the Netherlands has officially announced that it will begin to regulate cryptocurrency companies from January 10, 2020, Reuters reported. Those firms that do not have time to register in a special register during this time will not be able to continue their work.

Designed clothes that will help the blind and deaf to communicate with the world

Swedish scientists have developed clothes with which blind and deaf people will be able to communicate with the outside world. Development is a vest on the back of which vibrate cells

The Cabinet of Ministers allocated 4 billion rubles for the warehouse of spare parts for SSJ-100 aircraft

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of industry and trade to allocate budget funds in the amount of about 4 billion rubles for the creation of a working warehouse of spare parts and registration of service bulletins for Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100).

The transition to “digit” in remote villages cost 90% of the program budget

Andrey Romanchenko, General Director of the Russian television and radio broadcasting network, said on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum (WEF) that the coverage of Russians in remote settlements with digital television cost 90% of the budget of the transition.

Sberbank can arrange the issuance of electronic passports to Russians

Sberbank is discussing with the authorities the provision of its platform for public services, in particular, the Bank is ready to issue electronic passports.

Rada of Ukraine adopted a law on the abolition of parliamentary immunity

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the final reading of the bill on the abolition of parliamentary immunity from January 1, 2020.

Lukashenka explained the closure of the border with Ukraine

“We had to close the border completely with our brothers and relatives, even more than with the North Atlantic bloc, which for us has always, since ancient times, allegedly seemed to be enemy number one. And today, his men closed the border tight. Why? A flood of weapons,” — said Lukashenko

NATO exercises began in the Baltic

Maneuvers North Atlantic Alliance Northern Coasts with the participation 3 thousand military and order 40 ships from 18 countries began in the Baltic sea. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of NATO.

U.S. army to adopt hypersonic glider

The first sample of the company should be demonstrated before the end of 2021, and the first launch is scheduled for 2022. In addition to the US hypersonic glider technology is also being developed by Russia, France and China.