5 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/04/2020

Svetlana Tikhanovski questioned the legality of agreements that will make Lukashenka with Russia. She commented on the meeting between Lukashenka and Russian Prime Minister Mishustin.

“I have always said and I repeat that sovereignty cannot be subject to negotiation or bargaining. I doubt that any decisions and agreements that may be signed by Lukashenka will be recognized by the new government. The reason for this is known: the people refused to trust Lukashenka.”

The court extended the arrest of Sergei Furgal in a closed session

At the meeting on the measure of restraint for Sergei Furgal, the Prosecutor’s office said that the former Governor, first, personally led a gang of killers and therefore still poses a danger, and secondly-that he is protected by rallies in his defense in Khabarovsk, and so it is impossible to defend himself. Medusa listened carefully to the arguments of the parties on this issue.

Minister Manturov’s family owns a five-star hotel in the center of Moscow

The family of the Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov, as Vedomosti writes, owns a five-star hotel on Malaya Dmitrovka street in Moscow

Lukashenka was included in the database of the Ukrainian website “Mirotvorets”.

The portal called him “an accomplice of Pro-Russian terrorists and Russian invaders” and accused him of “encroaching on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”. This is due to the extradition to Moscow of Russians detained in Minsk, including participants in the conflict in the Donbas. It is also specified that in 2014, Lukashenko put forward the idea of uniting Ukraine and Belarus.

Shoigu advised where and at what time of year to relax in Russia:

Autumn: Kamchatka-incredibly beautiful

Winter: zigalga and Ergaki parks or Snowmobiling in the North of Taimyr, or skiing in Sayan

Spring: on the ice passage to the Yenisei and Lena, where the rivers “explode” in one day

Summer: rafting on rivers or going to the Shantar Islands to watch whales.

In General, the main thing is that desires coincide with opportunities

Art theater in Minsk has started a strike

The modern art theater in Minsk has started a strike in solidarity with the arrested Belarusian TV presenter Denis Dudinsky. This was stated by the artistic Director of the theater Vladimir Ushakov.

SHT Minsk WILL not work for 10 days. STRIKE

On September 2, actors and TV presenters Dmitry Kohno and Denis Dudinsky were detained. Today, they were given ten days of arrest for participating in an unauthorized March. Before that, they were dismissed from gostelevision for posts in social networks condemning the detention of people from the queue to the souvenir shop with national symbols.

Lukashenka’s words do not correspond to reality

“Of course, Mr. Lukashenko’s statement does not correspond to reality. Yesterday, the Federal Chancellor, the foreign Minister and the defense Minister expressed their views on the new circumstances in the case of Navalny’s poisoning. There is nothing to add, ” the press service of the German government said.

Earlier, Lukashenka informed Mishustin About the interception of the conversation between Warsaw and Berlin. From the talks, the Belarusian secret services allegedly found out that Merkel’s statements about Navalny’s poisoning were falsifications.

The EU will not include Lukashenka in the sanctions list

According to Welt., Germany, France and Italy opposed the imposition of sanctions, as the inclusion of the Belarusian leader in the black list will mean the complete cessation of dialogue with Minsk. The Baltic States and Poland supported the introduction of restrictive measures against the Belarusian leader.

“The Miller’s Palace” hid in Seychelles offshore company

Istra Palace, he Mullerhof, he’s the Miller’s Palace. Who does not know, this is a real noble nest — or even a nest-on the Bank of the Istra reservoir. The plot covers 32 hectares, and the main building looks like the Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg. All this, according to long-standing rumors, was built for the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller.

As it became known to the “Base”, in December last year, the owner of the” National farm center”, which owned a plot with a house and which, in turn, according to documents was associated with Gazprom, became the Cypriot company Redensy management Ltd. It is owned by an offshore company from the Seychelles, Valentha holdings limited, whose owners are not publicly available.

The court rejected the complaint about the inaction of the UK on the application for poisoning Navalny

The Basmanny court of Moscow rejected the complaint of the FBK lawyer Vyacheslav Gimadi about the inaction of the Investigative Committee on the statement about the poisoning of Alexey Navalny. According to himadi, he learned about the UK’s reaction to his statement only in court, the Agency itself did not respond to his statement for three days, as required by law.

NATO staged a provocation with Navalny, not tolerating the strengthening of the Russian economy

What is happening around Navalny increasingly proves that this is a planned action to impose new sanctions as a result and try to restrain the development of Russia, state Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on Thursday.

“The European Union and the NATO States obviously do not like the fact that the Russian economy is getting stronger every year and its influence on world processes is growing,” he explained (quoted by Interfax).

Russian free Internet will be decorated with advertising

Deputy Minister of communications Oleg Ivanov received from the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) a methodology for calculating the lost revenue of Telecom operators. The amount of losses only for fixed operators from April to June 2020 is estimated at 191.6-220.2 million rubles. As a compensation method, the Government suggests placing ads on free sites to switch to paid resources.