6 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/05/2019

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Iran has announced a new reduction commitments under nuclear deal

“Iran will begin the third phase to reduce its obligations under the nuclear deal on Friday,” Rouhani said.

Earlier, Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that Tehran intends to announce a new reduction in the implementation of obligations. In addition, Iran has set conditions for Europe to return to the nuclear deal, demanding either to buy oil from Tehran or to provide a loan of $ 15 billion.

The USA have appointed an award in $15 million over data on financing the revolutionary guards of Iran

The United States has appointed a reward of up to $15 million for information that will help “destroy the financial mechanisms” of Iran’s revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC).

Life expectancy of Russians increased

In a may decree, President Vladimir Putin instructed to increase life expectancy to 78 years by 2024 and to 80 years by 2030.

The life expectancy of Russians increased to 78.5 years for women and 68.5 years for men. This was stated by Minister Veronika Skvortsova. According to her, the rate of increase in life expectancy in Russia exceeds all known world indicators. It also assessed the increase as ” significant.”

In Russia over the past 10 years the incidence of HIV increased by 13.2%

Only for 2018 in Russia have been infected with 101 345 people, and today Russia is a dishonor 1 place for HIV in Europe and 4th in the world in the growth of this disease. According to the Ministry of health, this figure is just over 104 thousand people. Among the reasons for this situation in Russia are problems with the provision of medical care, limited access to treatment, high level of drug dependence despite the fact that substitution therapy is prohibited, as well as the taboo of the topic of HIV in society.

They were deprived of housing because of the 2014 Olympics

As reported by the “Caucasian knot”, in Sochi, bailiffs evicted outside of maneuverable Fund in the hotel “Neptun” married couple. In 2011, this housing was provided to them by order of the mayor of the city due to the fact that their own was demolished in preparation for the 2014 Olympics. But now the pension is sold, the special Fund is closed, the couple were the last tenants here. The head of the family, bedridden because of cancer, bailiffs carried on the mattress

On behalf of the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov they were given a municipal apartment, according to the website of the city hall. The couple do not belong to the beneficiaries, but “the city authorities are looking for a legal way to solve this difficult issue,” the administration said.

Ministry of economic development: to reduce the cost of bankruptcy of individuals

The Ministry of economic development intends to ensure that the cost of bankruptcy proceedings of individuals decreased to 10 thousand rubles, announced the head of the Department Maxim Oreshkin. The Minister explained that the Agency intends to make the bankruptcy procedure more accessible to those who really need it.

“Now the cost of bankruptcy proceedings reaches 200 thousand rubles, respectively, for most debtors it is simply an unaffordable amount. Not only is this procedure expensive, it is also very complex. We’re talking about simplifying it. We want to reduce the cost of bankruptcy proceedings to 10 thousand rubles, ” he explained.

Oreshkin recalled that bankruptcy leads to losses for banks and leaves an imprint on a person’s credit history. Therefore, banks should be responsible for what financial products and services they offer to customers, he said.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Russia opened its exhibition stand at the WEF 2019

The Grand opening of the site of the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia took place within the framework of the jubilee Eastern economic forum. The official representative of the Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation Alexander Kurennoy presented the interactive format of the stand, according to “Primorskaya Gazeta”.

As such, the Prosecutor’s office does not and cannot have an “exhibition product”. After all, our, so to speak, “product” is the law, the restored rights of entrepreneurs and citizens. Therefore we present today a new format of communication with the public, including the business community – interactive service “Broadcast”, which will run throughout the WEF, — said Alexander Kurenai.

According to the representative of the Prosecutor’s office, during the implementation of the new project proved to be successful and in demand. Thanks to him, anyone can ask questions in an interactive chat and get advice on any issue of interest.

The EU will extend for another six months individual sanctions against Russia

“Today, at the level of EU ambassadors, a decision was approved to extend the restrictive measures for actions endangering the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine for 6 months, until March 15, 2020»

Individual sanctions include asset freezes as well as restrictions on entry into the European Union. Currently, they apply to 170 individuals and 44 legal entities.

On June 27, the Council of the European Union officially extended economic sanctions against Russia until January 31, 2020. The restrictions affect the financial, energy and defence sectors.

Zvezda and Samsung Heavy Industries signed an agreement

Zvezda shipbuilding complex and Korean Samsung Heavy Industries have signed an agreement to establish a joint venture for the construction of Shuttle tankers. This is stated in the materials of Rosneft, prepared within the framework of the Eastern economic forum for the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi to the shipyard.

Shuttle tankers to be built with deadweights ranging from 42 to 120 thousand t Samsung under the agreement, the shipyard will provide technical specifications and documentation basic and detailed design of ships, and will also help with the development of design documentation of the tanker shuttles. In addition, the Korean company will technically support the management, quality control of construction and installation works, procurement of materials and equipment, as well as train Russian personnel at its shipyard.

The penalty for a single picket against the children’s movement “Uname»

In St. Petersburg, the Commission on minors for 10 thousand roubles has fined 17-year-old student 622 gymnasium and Union leader’s “Apprentice” Leonid Shaydurova picket against the children’s movement “Uname”. The teenager was found guilty of violating the order of holding or organizing a mass event

Hong Kong protesters win?

The Hong Kong chief of staff announced the procedure for withdrawing the extradition bill. It is because of the amendments to the act, which allow local authorities to detain and extradite wanted persons in territories with which Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements, including Macau, Taiwan and mainland China, that months and thousands of protests have begun. The main thing that the demonstrators feared – the new law will undermine the autonomy of the region and the rights of citizens, putting Hong Kong residents under the jurisdiction of mainland China.

The best gay countries in Europe.

For a gay couple planning a trip to Europe, Malta, Belgium and Luxembourg are considered the most favorable. This is according to the latest edition of ILGA Europe’s Rainbow list, which ranks 49 European countries on a scale from 0% (gross human rights violations and discrimination) to 100% (respect for human rights and full equality). The worst countries in the ranking for LGBTI are Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Gref offered to get rid of exams

The assessment process and exams deprive students of the desire to learn, turning them into “people with disabilities”, ready to work only in the conditions of the upcoming assessment, so it is necessary to “kill” the exams, said the head of Sberbank German Gref. The head of Sberbank admitted that school grades are important, of course, but he hates the assessment process and exams that turn students into people who are ready to work only in the conditions of the upcoming assessment. Otherwise, they relax and are not ready to do anything.

S7 for the month raised money to plant a million trees in Siberia

On August 1, S7 temporarily returned its historical name “Siberia” and announced a fundraising campaign to restore forests in Siberia. The airline transferred 100 rubles from each ticket sold for flights to Siberian destinations for planting trees.

In Russia approved the rules of registration of accidents with a smartphone

The Russian government has approved the last element, which will launch a new service for remote registration of accidents. Thanks to him, car owners themselves will be able to issue a traffic accident on the europrotocol. This September 5, according to RBC

On Taimyr will build a plant for processing venison

A venison processing plant will be built in the North of the Krasnoyarsk region. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the regional government Anatoly Tsykalov during a meeting with the Governor. According to him, first of all the enterprises plan to launch on Taimyr in 2020

The College will stop accepting majors in the legacy programs

A draft order of the Ministry of education on the revision of the content of the lists of professions and specialties in vocational education is posted on the portal of draft normative legal acts. The press service of the Ministry stressed: the draft order does not mean the exclusion of training in specific professions, just existing standards do not meet the needs of the market

Housing purchased through the escrow account, the price for 6-13%

Only 12% of new buildings of the mass segment of Moscow are sold using escrow accounts. Acquisition of real estate in them costs 6-13% more expensive than primary housing under the old scheme, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe proposed Putin to conclude a peace Treaty

“Let’s conclude a peace Treaty and open the way to the limitless opportunities that our countries have,” the Prime Minister urged. Abe added that more ” can not be forced to wait for people who want and will live in the future.” “Vladimir, let’s do everything together so that we move forward all the time until we reach the goal,” he said.

Putin confirmed the desire to solve the problem of the peace Treaty and said that the parties will move towards this on the basis of the 1956 Declaration. He noted that “there are a lot of issues” related to Japan’s military obligations to the United States, and they need to be taken into account.

The government supported the bill on obtaining non-state pensions

The government supported the bill on the right to receive payments from non-state pension funds before reaching retirement age, the press service of United Russia reported. According to the document, the age of non — state pension is reduced by five years-up to 55 for women and 60 years for men.

The national Bank of Ukraine reduced the discount rate

The national Bank of Ukraine lowered the discount rate from 17 to 16.5%. This is stated on the website of the Ukrainian regulator. “The Board of the national Bank of Ukraine decided to lower the discount rate to 16.5%,” the statement reads.

Russia will launch in China “areexpressed»

For the development of exports of agro-industrial complex (AIC) Russia will launch in China “agroexpert” (expedited refrigerated container trains). The agreement on the WEF-2019 signed by RZD logistics, the REC and their partners, according to the website of Russian Railways.

Patrushev offers Saudi Arabia food from Russia

Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev paid a working visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the head of the delegation, which represents the largest Russian companies of grain, meat and dairy and confectionery industries, IA “Svetich” with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Big Mac and Cola can be bought in the branches of Sberbank

In St. Petersburg, they plan to open common points of the fast food chain “McDonald’s” and branches of Sberbank. According to ABN, the companies today, September 5, signed a new partnership agreement and intend to develop cooperation in the areas of project financing, consumer market research, loyalty programs and the development of the digital ecosystem, the Bank said.

To Ukraine delivered 88 thousand tons of coal from Colombia

Ukrainian energy holding DTEK delivered 88 thousand tons of gas coal from Colombia. This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine, citing a press release of the company.

Greece insists on returning Parthenon sculptures from Britain

Greece considers it illegal to export Parthenon sculptures to the UK and insists on their return, Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said at a briefing on Wednesday

Putin supported the construction of a gas pipeline to China through Mongolia

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of building a gas pipeline to China through Mongolia. This was announced by the President of the East Asian countries Khaltmagiin Battulga. According to him, the proposal of the government of Mongolia on the construction of the gas pipeline interested the Chinese side.

Putin noted China’s contribution to the economy of the Far East

“We are not just talking about the coincidence of our geopolitical interests, but are engaged in concrete work, achieving good results, seeing prospects and confidently moving forward,” the Russian President said at a meeting with Vice Premier of the state Council of China Hu Chunhua

China will be involved in the restoration of the forest cut down in Siberia

Minister of nature Dmitry Kobylkin made an important statement regarding deforestation for export to China. The Agency proposes to involve in the restoration of forests in the far East and Siberia the main recipient of wood from these regions, the Chinese side reports RBC.

At the same time, the Minister stressed that Russia will not put pressure on China and threaten: after all, Chinese partners can buy wood from other countries, and this is a huge loss for the Russian market.

Organic products will be banned from selling in plastic packaging

Russia proposes to ban the sale of organic products in any plastic packaging. In particular, even the one created with the use of nanomaterials and nanoparticles. With the appropriate initiative in the technical Committee of Rosstandart appealed to the national organic Union, according to “Izvestia”.

The state wants to know what citizens are watching Online.

Employees of the presidential administration and relevant officials are discussing the idea of creating a unified state system of accounting for content views and ad impressions in Runet, employees of several departments told Vedomosti.

Employees of the three media companies confirmed to Vedomosti on condition of anonymity that they had participated in such discussions. The concept of Internet accounting is only being discussed, there are very different ideas about how such a system can work and what data to collect, emphasize the interlocutors of Vedomosti»

In the us Michigan imposed a ban on electronic cigarettes

Michigan became the first U.S. state to ban the use of flavored e-cigarettes, according to the Washington Post. According to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, this measure is necessary to protect the younger generation from the harmful effects of vaping.

World waste

Almost two billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are generated annually in the world. The amount of garbage will grow as the population grows. According to the world Bank, in the period from 2016 to 2050, the volume of waste will increase by 70%

The tax proposes to abandon the blocking of accounts for a minor debt

As the representative of the Ministry of Finance, the Federal tax service of Russia has made the text of amendments to the government. If the changes are approved, the tax authorities no longer will be able to withdraw the debt, if the debt amount does not exceed 3 thousand rubles. Entrepreneurs will have to pay his own within three years after the appearance of debt. If this does not happen, the tax itself will write off the debt from the businessman.

To date, if a person or company has not paid taxes, fines or penalties on time, the FTS has the right to write off the debt itself. Tax instructs the Bank to stop operations on all accounts of the debtor and write off the debt. In this case, the amount of debt is blocked on the personal accounts of an individual, if his account is a debtor.

The share of Russians employed in the informal economy is growing

The share of Russians employed in the informal economy in the second quarter of 2019 increased by almost 1.5 million people (compared to the previous quarter) and amounted to 21.3% of the total number of employed. This is evidenced by the latest data of Rosstat. Comparison with the same quarter of last year gives an increase of 566 thousand people, or 3.9%.

For the vast majority (14.2 million), work in the informal sector is the only one. Only slightly more than 1 million people combine it with official employment.

The court has released from-under arrest of Vladimir Tzemach

The court released Vladimir Tsemakh, a former air defense commander in Snezhnoye, who was detained in June in the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic and then taken to Kiev.

The Ukrainian authorities accuse Tzemach in the creation of a terrorist group. The Bellingcat project called him an important witness in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in July 2014.

The share of the middle class in Russia by region.

According to last year’s study, to classify themselves as middle class Muscovites need to earn 121.1 thousand rubles (before taxes), in other subjects of the Russian Federation — at least 60 thousand. Only 2-6% of the population can overcome the set bar in the regions of the European part of Russia. Most middle-class people are observed in Moscow (18 %). But analysts are quite optimistic: despite the crises, the share of the Russian middle class is growing, although geographically heterogeneous, which only exacerbates regional inequality.

Medvedev ordered to buy foreign medicines for children

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered to allocate funds for the purchase of foreign medicines for children suffering from chronic diseases with pain and convulsive syndromes. He wrote about it in his Facebook on Thursday, September 5.

Synergy University named the future Governor of St. Petersburg

Synergy University, known for its pathos (and expensive!) forums, called the name of the future Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov. In his promotional materials, he promised that Beglov as Governor of St. Petersburg will speak at the next forum “Synergy” in early October — together with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, Petersburgers will choose the Governor only this Sunday. The organizer could not be called otherwise Beglov, said “Open media” representative “Synergy»

The court refused “Kaspersky Lab” in the lawsuit against former employees

The Moscow arbitration court denied Kaspersky Lab a lawsuit against Cybersecurity solutions, a company established by its former employees. The record of this appeared in the file of arbitration cases

In the lawsuit, Kaspersky Lab claimed that, after resigning, the three sold through their company software that “with a high probability used the results of intellectual activity, the rights to which belong to the plaintiff.” The name of the software product in the lawsuit is not reported, “Kaspersky Lab” did not name it either.

The Russians proposed to be required by law to monitor the health of

Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako made a proposal at the legislative level to consolidate the responsibility of citizens for their health. He voiced such a proposal at a meeting of the state Council within the framework of the Eastern economic forum.

Some people are irresponsible about their health, ignore regular medical examinations. In this regard, I propose to amend the Federal legislation in terms of strengthening the responsibility of patients for their health. – Oleg Kozhemyako, Russian politician

The length of rest of Russians is reduced

Russians began to have less rest in the summer. The average length of leave in the summer has decreased by 20%. This conclusion was reached by experts, having studied the data of air travel and search queries.

The long rest allowed the residents of Northern regions of Russia, reports RIA Novosti with reference to data momondo.ru. For example, tourists from Magadan flew an average of 15 days, and from Salekhard, Tomsk, Murmansk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to 12-13 days. Muscovites had a rest 8 days, St. Petersburg – 9 days. But the residents of Kazan, Samara, Ufa, Voronezh, Volgograd and Rostov-on-don spent only 6-7 days on vacation.

Rostelecom plans to introduce payment by face image

“Rostelecom” in October will present a solution to pay for goods and services in stores on the image of the face, told “Vedomosti” two people close to the participants of the project. A representative of Rostelecom confirmed this.

Rosneft offers Japan 15 projects in oil and gas and petrochemicals

Rosneft offers its Japanese partners participation in 15 promising projects for oil and gas exploration and production, oil refining and petrochemicals. This was announced by the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin during a round table with representatives of Japanese business at the Eastern economic forum

Participants of the Arctic LNG-2 project made the final investment decision

Arctic LNG-2 participants, including the Japanese consortium, made the final investment decision on the project, Japanese Minister of economy, trade and industry Hiroshige Seko said, speaking at the WEF 2019 session.

“Energy resources of the Russian Arctic will be delivered to Asian countries, which are the centers of growth of the world economy, through the far East,” he said.

“Neptune” and “Triton” will open great prospects for Sakhalin

The total geological reserves of oil fields “Neptune” and “Triton” Ayash license area on Sakhalin amounted to more than 500 million tons of oil equivalent, reports TASS with reference to the Deputy General Director for the development of offshore projects of PJSC “Gazprom Neft” Andrey Patrushev

Russian shelf is not interested in foreign oil companies

Foreign oil companies are not interested in the Russian part of the Arctic shelf, Russian Minister of natural resources and ecology Dmitry Kobylkin told the media at the WEF.

“Probably, today there are not so many areas for investment that would be interesting and payback within 10-15 years, the oil and gas industry is one of them. There are no international players, ” Kobylkin was quoted as saying.

VTB will own 17% of Rostelecom»

State ” Rostelecom “will hold an additional issue to become the sole owner of” T2 RTK holding ” (Tele2 brand). Part of the shares will be bought by VTB, after which it will own 17% of Rostelecom, state Bank President Andrei Kostin said on September 4.

Priamure will start exports of soybean in China

Representatives of the Russian company “Amuragrokompleks” concluded a contract with the Chinese Corporation COFCO Group for the supply of soybeans for more than $ 12 million.

“More than 30 thousand tons of Amur grain (soybean) harvest 2019 will go to China,” the report said.

COFCO Group is a leader in the production of oil and processing of agricultural products.

Rosatom, Sberbank and the Federal medical-biological Agency intend to work together to digitization in healthcare

Rosatom, Sberbank and FMBA (Federal medical and biological Agency) within the framework of the Eastern economic forum signed a Memorandum of cooperation to create the world’s best practices of quality, affordable and convenient services in the field of health care

The Ministry of natural resources proposed to introduce tax incentives for exploration in the Arctic

The Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation proposed to introduce an increased coefficient of 3.5 to the costs of exploration in the Arctic in the calculation of income tax. This was announced on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum, first Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology Denis Khramov.

“Rosgeologiya” will be engaged in exploration on the Indian shelf

Agreement between Rosgeologia and the Indian holding company Srei on the geological exploration of the shelf in India and the exports of Russian samooborone will be signed on September 4, reported TASS the head of state Corporation Sergey Gorkov East economic forum.

VTB intends to sell shares of RusHydro to an outside investor

Photo: RusHydro VTB intends to sell a stake in RusHydro to a third-party investor after the expiration of the forward contract with the company. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the Bank Andrei Kostin.

National Bank of Georgia to tighten monetary policy

The national Bank of Georgia tightens monetary policy due to the depreciation of lari. The regulator also announced an increase in the refinancing rate to 7% from 6.5% per annum. The regulator stressed its willingness to tighten monetary policy until exchange rate pressure eases.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia will buy currency for 187.1 billion rubles of additional revenues from oil

The Ministry of Finance from September 6 to October 4, 2019 will send 187.1 billion rubles of additional oil and gas revenues for currency purchases. This is stated in the materials on the website of the Ministry. Every day, 8.9 billion rubles will be allocated for the purchase of foreign currency.

Poland does not intend to extend the contract with Gazprom after 2022

The Polish state oil and gas company PGNiG said that after 2022 it will not renew the contract with Gazprom for the supply of gas. The company believes that the price of Russian blue fuel is allegedly inflated. However, PGNiG stressed that they are open to proposals.

Norway predicted an oil boom due to a giant field

Norway expects the strongest boom in oil production in 40 years in 2020 due to the start of development of the giant Johan Sverdrup field in the North sea. The raw materials produced at the field will be loaded onto tankers in October this year. Thanks to Johan Sverdrup oil production in Norway will soar to the highest level since the 1980s, writes Bloomberg.

Johan Sverdrup discovered in 2010. It is among the five largest offshore fields ever discovered in the North sea. Its reserves are estimated at 2.7 billion barrels, according to S&P Global.

The United States intends to expand the INF Treaty banned missiles to the beginning of 2020-ies

Washington plans to deploy new precision-guided missiles (Precision Strike Missile) and hypersonic missiles with ballistic warheads, which were banned by the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles (INF), by the early 2020s. This was stated by acting Secretary of the U.S. army Ryan McCarthy during a conference organized by the publication Defense News.

“All this can be done in the very near future. All this is under development <…> If we make progress in the next 12-18 months, they can be deployed in the early 2020s, ” said Mr. McCarthy (quoted by TASS).

During his speech, he noted that if such missiles are reprogrammed, their range will exceed the norms established by the Treaty — such conclusions were reached by partners from among the developers of such weapons.

Off the coast of Hokkaido discovered a new species of whales

The black whale for some time it remained unclear to biologists species of beaked whales, but an expert from Hokkaido University Takashi Matsuishi his colleagues studied four carcasses found on the Northern coast of Hokkaido in 2012

China’s corporate bond default rises to record $ 4.4 billion

As Bloomberg notes, there are already signs that defaults are leading to a reduction in demand for such liabilities. In the four months leading up to July, private corporate bond issuance in China declined.

Penny asked Iceland to abandon Huawei

Us Vice President Michael Pence on Wednesday urged the Icelandic authorities to abandon the products of the Chinese Corporation Huawei.

“I urge Iceland to recognize the deep problems that arise in any free country that uses Huawei technology and equipment. It is, in fact, a Chinese company that, under Chinese law, is obliged to transfer the data it collects to the Chinese government, ” Pence was quoted as saying by TASS.

He also thanked Iceland for rejecting Chinese investment under the one belt, one road initiative.

Qingdao has opened Chinese competition on robotics

Chinese competition on robotics 2019 (CHINA ROBOT COMPETITION) was launched recently at the stadium “Jichuan” area Jimo city of Qingdao. The event was organized by The Chinese automation Association and the Jimo district administration. This is the most authoritative competition in the field of robotics in China.

Russia and China are preparing to jointly create a heavy helicopter

General Director of “Helicopters of Russia” Andrey Boginsky on WEF-2019 explained that all the negotiations are completed, it remains to discuss a few of the commercial nuances of the CEO of the company “Helicopters of Russia” Andrey Boginsky said that the final decision on the joint creation by Russia and China heavy-lift helicopter will be made before the end of the year, RIA Novosti reported.

Japan made the presentation of the Russian Federation because of the opening of a fish factory in Shikotan

After the war, the entire archipelago was incorporated into the Soviet Union, but Japan disputes the affiliation of Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and a group of adjacent small uninhabited Islands

Scientists of Russia and Japan will create a program of joint study of the Kurils

The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) plans to jointly with Japanese scientists to launch a program to study the border areas of the two countries, primarily the potential of the Kuril geothermal sources, President of the RAS Alexander Sergeev told TASS.

The Ministry of communications announced plans to localize Huawei production in Russia

The Ministry of communications of Russia plans to agree with the Chinese side on the localization of production of Huawei components in the Russian Federation by the end of this year. This was reported by the head of the Department Konstantin Noskov during the Eastern economic forum.

The UN will allocate money to the victims of the hurricane Bahamas

The UN will allocate a million dollars to the Bahamas affected by hurricane Dorian. First of all, it is necessary to deliver water and food to those who are homeless. The issue of accommodation of people is also a priority.

India has ordered Russian weapons at 14.5 billion dollars

India has signed contracts with Russia for the supply of weapons and military equipment for 14.5 billion dollars, said the head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation Dmitry Shugaev.

Russia proposed Japan to cancel the visa regime

The Russian authorities again offered Japan to completely abolish the visa regime, said Deputy foreign Minister Igor Morgulov September 5 in an interview with TASS. The Deputy foreign Minister recalled that in the summer the Japanese side announced measures to facilitate the visa regime for some categories of Russians

The safest countries for tourists

Finland is the world’s safest country for tourists, according to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019, presented at the world economic forum (WEF). The rating of tourism competitiveness is based on statistical data of international organizations and the results of research. The rating evaluates the countries of the world according to such criteria as visa policy, the level of the hotel sector, economic development and transport. The rating has been published since 2007.

Iceland and Oman are also among the top three in terms of safety for tourists. The top ten also included Switzerland, Hong Kong, UAE, Luxembourg, Portugal and New Zealand. Russia was in this ranking in 98th place out of 140 countries.

The most unsafe countries for tourists are El Salvador, Nigeria, Yemen, Venezuela and Honduras.

Ivanov explained the fires in Siberia

Speaking at the Eastern economic forum, the President’s special envoy for ecology Sergei Ivanov commented on the unpreparedness of the regions of Siberia to forest fires with a phrase from the novel “Golden calf”by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov.

“I always remember Ilf and Petrov. Remember the Golden words – “fire in the crow settlement all knew a day before it starts”. Same thing here – we got fire East constantly. Every year, forest fires-either in the spring or summer, ” Ivanov said at a session on ecology in the far East, RIA “Novosti”.

He noted that to remedy the situation, different agencies should take joint measures.

In Estonia found a secret base of us special forces

On the territory of Estonia was discovered operating a secret military base, which trains US special forces soldiers. On this day, September 4, reported the revision of the program of journalistic investigations “Witness” on Estonian TV.

Norway intends to sink the Russian trawlers and scout ships

Experts of the research Institute of the Ministry of defence of Norway suggested to the military command of the country to consider all Russian civil vessels — fishing, research, etc. – as “legitimate” (potential) targets. This writes the Norwegian online publication Aldrimer.no. which refers to an analytical report published on the website of the research Institute of the Ministry of defence of Norway.

The document States that our Russian fishermen and scientists carry out intelligence activities “in one form or another.” And that makes them ” legitimate targets in a hybrid military situation.”

Us fighter jets for Bulgaria fell by $56 million

F-16 Block 70 fighters, for which Bulgaria transferred $1.2 billion to the us Defense security cooperation Agency (DSCA), fell by $56 million

Anatoly Serdyukov said when the serial su-57 engines will receive the second stage

Prototypes of the engine of the second stage for the fifth generation su-57 fighter pass resource and special tests, and after the completion of development work will stand on serial machines, said in an interview with RIA Novosti industrial Director of the aviation cluster of the state Corporation “rostec” Anatoly Serdyukov

Released the first trailer for the movie “Bad guys forever»

The third part will be released in January 2020. Sony Pictures showed the first trailer of the film in Russian. In the film” Bad guys forever ” Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) after a quarrel with his partner Mike Lowry (Smith), became a private detective.

MEGOGO launches his own production

Online cinema Megogo will start producing its own content. The service has already created a Studio, the General producer of which was the Creator of the films “Love in the big city” and ” Mom ” Georgy Malkov.

Ben Whitley will put the sequel to ” Tomb Raider: Lara Croft»

Ben Whitley, the supplier of the films “Shootout”, “high — rise” and “suicide List”, will take the Director’s chair action “Tomb Raider 2” – the continuation of the film “Tomb Raider: Lara Croft.” Amy Jump, who previously worked with Whitley, will write the sequel script

“Book of the year” was a collection of memories of Daniel Granin

Grand Prix of the annual national contest “book of the year” was a collection of memories about the writer Daniel Granin (author Marina Chernysheva-Granin).

Netflix extended the series ” grace and Frankie»

The seventh season of the tape will also be the final for this project, writes Variety. It is reported that it will consist of a total of 16 episodes. The entire series has 94 series. Premiere date new season of the series is not yet known.

The series tells the story of grace and Frankie’s best friends. One day they learn that their husbands no longer love them. Shocking news for both is that their faithful have decided to come together, having lost interest in the female half of the population.

Perm trio performed at the international festival of mandolin and guitar ensembles

For the first time in the history of the festival, which exists since 1981, the mandolin club of the French city of Remiremont to participate in the festival invited jazz ensemble from Russia – they became a trio of “House of RA”. In the Perm part of the trio Tatiana Nenasheva (domra), Olga Kosheleva (domra), Anna Sedinina (piano).

The festival is held every four years and brings together musicians from around the world, developing traditions of teaching and performing on mandolin and guitar.

Kuban is a musician among the three best accordion players in the world

Artem Malkhasyan from Hot Key became one of the best accordionists at the International competition in China. The prestigious competition “СоиреМопdіаlе” was held in the city of Shenzhen in China and gathered the best musicians from around the world.

The network found a database with numbers of more than 400 million Facebook users

The network turned out to be personal data and phone numbers of 419 million users of the social network Facebook. On September 5, reported the portal TechCrunch. The database was discovered on an open server

In smartphones with Android found a vulnerability for phishing attacks via SMS

Smartphones Samsung, Huawei and LG, running on the Android platform, were exposed to vulnerabilities, because of which attackers could carry out phishing SMS attacks from devices, posing as Telecom operators. This is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the statement of the Israeli company Check Point.

Acer introduced a gaming chair for $ 14,000

In presented at IFA Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair there are mounts for three monitors, adjustable surface for the keyboard and mouse, footrest and a complex system of channels to hide the cables. Additional accessories include a Cup holder and a camera, which will allow you to show the player during the streams from the most advantageous angles. The chair is made of steel and is designed to immerse as deeply as possible in the game.

The creators of GLONASS invented a system of surveillance of people without satellites

To see the screen of the smartphone is the movement of man or machine will be no installation of systems on each of the objects, according to DEITA.RU. According to the developers of the new system based on GLONASS, to establish the exact location on a map, human or machine, it will be possible even without connection to the satellite.

ASUS VivoWatch SP – smart watch with ECG sensor and fitness tracker

With a medical-grade electrocardiographic sensor and a heart rate monitor (photoplethysmographic sensor), VivoWatch SP allows you to monitor your heart rate, nervous system status index, stress and blood pressure in real time.

For drivers have developed a “smart” watch with GLONASS and black box

The smart device will monitor the health and morale of the wearer, his route, and in case of loss of communication, the watch becomes a black box and records all data the smart watch for drivers of SpaceTeam is equipped with a black box and can become an alternative to pre-trip control of the driver.

Amazon tests the system of payment for goods using gestures

Amazon, which owns the whole Foods supermarket chain, has begun testing a system to identify customers by the size and shape of their hands, Vedomosti writes. The company will link the data on the hands with the customers ‘ payment information.

Protected push-button phone Philips Xenium E288s

The basis for Philips Xenium E288s stands an unnamed Quad-core chipset with a frequency up to 1.3 GHz, and the device works under control of Android (according to some, version 4.4). Supported work in LTE networks, and the phone can act as a router and distribute the Internet to other gadgets over Wi-Fi.

Twitter has disabled the function of posting via SMS

Twitter users will not be able to post to the social network via SMS for some time. This was reported in the corporate account of the social network.

Experts have discovered a new way to hack your computer through a browser

According to scientists, fixed a set of malicious programs on computers with the Windows operating system. A “hacker” program called Domen allows you to access users ‘ data through deceptive warnings about updates in your browser

Acer introduced low-cost, compact projector C250i

The projector has built-in 5W speakers, HDMI ports, USB Type-C and USB Type-A. it also has support for memory cards and wireless connection to devices running Android and iOS. Selling Acer C250i will appear early next year at a price of 539 euros

Xiaomi introduced the multi-functional jacket for gadgets

The manufacturer describes the jacket as Uleemark “travel bag, which is worn on the body” and has a large number of pockets, the website gagadget.com.

The jacket is made of foil fabric that protects from the weather. Heat-reflecting lining of the jacket will warm the wearer, and reflective strips will make it noticeable at night. The main feature of the new item will be a large number of pockets to accommodate various gadgets: glasses, headphones, smartphone, cards, external battery and even for a tablet. Included with Uleemark go 4 a neck pillow and eye patch that the journey was comfortable. The cost of the jacket in China will be 399 yuan, which is approximately 3 700 rubles. the date of start of sales of the jacket is still unknown

Announced the Logitech MX Master 3

Its main feature is the new scroll wheel Scroll Wheel MagSpeed. The mechanism is based on electromagnets, which provide the device with high accuracy, the ability to scroll up to 1000 lines in one second and silent operation. Logitech MX Master 3 mouse will be available for 100 in the USA.

The manufacturer promises 70 days of battery life on one charge of the battery. And if the mouse sits down, it is easy to charge-1 minute of charging and the mouse will work for 3 hours.

Paleontologists have described the” worms ” of the Precambrian era

Researchers have described a bilaterally symmetrical animal that lived 551-539 million years ago, reported in Nature. It was mobile, as evidenced by the traces left after it, and looked like a centipede. The authors believe that Yilingia spiciformis, perhaps, belonged to annelid worms or arthropods.

Medical masks protect against influenza as well as respirators

Previously, it was thought that respirators are more effective means of protection against influenza, because they are closer to the face. Recently, however, an international team of specialists conducted a study and compared the characteristics and performance of masks and respirators. As a result, found that the differences in the effectiveness of these tools for the prevention of influenza is almost there.

Created to store “secret” information on molecules, polymers

A group of French researchers have developed light-sensitive polymers in which light can alter information contained at the molecular level. The work will create such artificial structures DNA, in which it is possible to record information and read it only under certain conditions.

Mouthwash has reduced the benefits of exercise

The study, conducted by scientists from the University of Plymouth with colleagues From the center for genome regulation, Barcelona, examines the mechanism of formation of blood pressure reduction after exercise and the role of oral bacteria in it. The work is published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

During training, the vessels expand: the incoming nitric oxide causes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the vessels, thereby increasing their diameter. This increases the blood supply to the active muscles. After exercise blood circulation remains intense, and the vessels are dilated due to this reduced pressure. This effect, known as post-workout hypotension, is important for the recovery period after training and gaining muscle mass

To nitric oxide was allocated more effectively, it is necessary that the body received nitrites of nitrogen. It turned out that the bulk of nitrites obtained by living in the mouth of a healthy person microorganisms. Bacteria of the oral cavity treated with nitrates and secrete saliva nitrite. Swallowing saliva, a person receives nitrites, quickly absorbed and included in the process of blood circulation. Antibacterial mouthwashes break this chain and lead to deterioration of the recovery period after exercise.

Eternal ice gradually melts, releasing dangerous bacteria and viruses

Every year, under the influence of various factors, about five centimeters of ice melts, eventually releasing more than two thousand tons of water and five million tons of methane. As a result, dangerous bacteria and viruses are released in the frozen ground.

In the coral sea found underwater volcanoes and canyons

Underwater volcanoes and canyons, previously unknown, found at the bottom of the Coral sea Australian scientists. This is stated in the message of the State Association of scientific and applied research (CSIRO). Oceanologists spent 28 days in the expedition and made a detailed map of the seabed.

A new material for nuclear reactors has been created

Experts from nust MISIS have developed a unique composite material for nuclear reactors. The authors believe that the new material is more durable. New structural materials are needed to create a new generation of fast neutron nuclear reactors

Scientists have found a receptor in the brain responsible for resistance to stress

Scientists have found a receptor on the surface of brain cells that plays a crucial role in regulating the response of humans and animals to stress.

Habitable planets are closer than previously thought

Even in our native solar system, there are places where humans could potentially live. Scientists with common skepticism. They are used to calculate everything with great accuracy and trust not emotions, but numbers