7 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/06/2019

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Top Manager of “daughter” “Rostec” faces up to 10 years in prison in the United States

Top Manager of the United engine Corporation (UEC) of Russia Alexander Korshunov, detained in Italy at the request of the United States, accused of trying to steal trade secrets from the American aviation company. This was reported by the U.S. Department of justice.

According to investigators, 2013-2018, after retiring from GE Aviation, Bianchi behalf Korshunova hired current and former employees of the Italian “daughters” GE Aviation for consultation over the details of the jet engines. In compiling the technical report, the consultants used GE Aviation trade secrets, according to the US Department of justice. The charges against Korshunov include up to 10 years in prison.

The Russian Embassy condemned the arrest of an employee of “Rostec” in the U.S.

The Russian side demanded the United States to cancel the extradition request detained in Italy top Manager of the United engine Corporation (part of “rostec”) Alexander Korshunov

Manufacturers said the risk of rising prices for products due to new penalties

Large associations of manufacturers warned about the risk of rising prices for products due to the proposed Ministry of industry and trade new penalties. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin, the Agency RBC.

We are talking about the initiative to introduce a revolving fine of up to three percent, but not less than two million rubles for manufacturers and sellers of goods that do not comply with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Industry associations explain the potential increase in product prices by the fact that the turnover penalty for some industries is comparable to the size of profitability — as a result, they will be forced to raise prices. The Union of consumer market participants (SUPR) recalled that the mechanism of turnover fines was introduced to regulate the gasoline market, and it can not be applied to a wide range of products.

“If you find any disturbance in the tea, the fine will be taken with all products,” — explained the CEO of SUPR Olga Barannikova. She added that for some enterprises it is fraught with the risk of stopping all production.

Victims of financial fraud

Most often, the tricks of fraudsters who entice their victims to Bank card data, succumb to middle-aged men with experience in law enforcement agencies. This was announced at the conference on information security of the financial sector first Deputy Director of the Department of information security of the Central Bank of Russia Artem Sychev. He explained that it is a question of participation in a fictitious lottery. Most often its victims are people over the age of 50 years or men in the middle age range.

“This wiring is very simple: participate in the lottery — get a prize. You will not believe, but in this age category men, especially who somehow had to do with power structures, come across much more often than anyone else,” Sychev reports.

Now fraudsters in the financial sector have switched from the elderly to the economically active population-citizens aged 32 to 48 years.

Russian biologist found volunteers to edit the genome

Russian molecular biologist Denis Rebrikov found volunteers to participate in an experiment on genome editing. They were a married couple with hereditary deafness caused by a mutation in the gene GJB2. This Rebrikov announced the popular science edition of N+1.

The rally “For Petersburg Beglov and edrosov!»

The applicant of meetings for resignation of the acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, the candidate for governors of the city Alexander Golovko check for extremism. This was reported in the group “Homeless shareholder” in the social network “Vkontakte”.

One of the organizers of the rally for “Petersburg without Beglov” Krasimir Vransky received a warning from a representative of the Committee on law and order. The essence of the latter is that you can not at the rally to mention the word “Putin” in negative colors.

Call to vote for Pro-government candidates in Moscow city Duma

Residents of Moscow began to receive SMS messages with a link to a website offering to vote for Pro-government candidates in the Moscow city Duma. About this “Medusa” reported one of the readers, also write about it “Rain”and” MBH media”.

According to the information on the website, it was created by the Moscow Federation of trade unions. Visitors are invited to enter their address and learn the name of the candidate for the Moscow city Duma, which is supported by trade unions. At the same time, the site shows the candidates who are supported by the city hall of Moscow.

The Moscow Federation of trade unions has confirmed the creation of the site. SMS with the link to it sends a “company-aggregator” (according to the screenshot of “Rain”, it’s called “Masinfo”). SMS come only to residents of Moscow over 18 years, who agreed to receive advertising messages in the contract with the operator, said the unions.

The car hire firm requires the FBC to pay for the damages

The plaintiff demanded from FBK 1 billion, turned the car hire firm. She intends to recover from the Fund the Bulk of the total losses from road closures during unauthorized rallies, said the “Open media” CEO “fly car”.

The Manager of the car rental company did not justify the amount of damage claimed in the claim. in the circuit.Focus ” is the company’s reporting only for 2017, and it follows that all its annual revenue then amounted to 38.8 million rubles, and net profit — 2.9 million rubles.

In Italy, the Russians confiscated 5-year-old son

Italian social services took a citizen of Russia 5-year-old child. As reported on the website of the international social movement “Russian mothers”, this decision was made due to the fact that the Russian woman decided with her son to return home-to the city of Engels, Saratov region.

The authorities of Primorye “quietly” cut the district factor

From January 1, 2020, the district coefficient in the territory of Primorsky Krai will be applied 1.2 instead of the current-1.3, which will be left only for residents of territories equated to the Far North, as well as in villages and settlements of the border 30-kilometer zone.

In Russia, the number of liquor stores is growing rapidly

The number of specialized alcohol stores is growing rapidly in all major Russian cities, according to the calculations of the service 2GIS, the newspaper “Kommersant”. For example, in Moscow now operate 3.1 thousand such points, which is 9% higher than last August, and the number of beer stores for the same period increased by 11%, almost to 2 thousand.

In the regions, the trend is even more noticeable. The leader in the growth of specialized places for the sale of alcohol was Volgograd: for the year there was 69% more liquor stores (157) and 26% increased the number of pubs (566). Ufa showed impressive dynamics, where the same indicators for the year increased by 39% (254) and 17% (418), respectively.

The share of the shadow alcohol market in Russia was estimated at 30-40%

The share of the shadow alcohol market in Russia, according to experts, accounts for 30-40%, said the head of the consumer market development Center (CRPD) “SKOLKOVO” Elena Cho. Research on the shadow market of alcoholic beverages CRPR conducted in conjunction with the center for social design “Platform”.

Rats cured of alcoholism by acupuncture and endorphins

Scientists suggest that acupuncture stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, which cause a feeling of pleasure. To verify this, rats were specifically injected with this hormone, resulting in exactly the same effect.

China does not plan to fully restore the Great wall of China

China does not plan to completely reconstruct the Great wall of China, said RIA Novosti adviser to the government of Beijing, former Deputy head of the Beijing office for cultural heritage Yu Ping.

Poor ecology causes 20% of deaths per year

Environmental and climate problems are responsible for 20% of additional deaths in Russia, Director of the Department of public health and communications of the Ministry of health Alexei Kiselev-Romanov said at the Climate forum of cities in Moscow

Travel tax: the participants BlaBlaCar threatens the payment of personal income tax

Drivers who bring fellow travelers within the service BlaBlaCar and similar, must pay income tax, the rate of which is 13%. This position is reflected in the response of the Ministry of Finance of August 22 to the request of the Association of regional passenger carriers of Russia (RCE).

MOE record increase in the number of fire inspectors and business inspections

The introduction of a risk-based approach to business audits gave the first results: the total number of inspections is reduced, tax and customs inspections decreased by 35-40% last year. Only the number of fire inspections of the Ministry of emergency situations has increased dramatically, according to the report of the Ministry of economic development on the results of control and supervision activities for 2018, studied by RBC.

India will lend Russia a billion dollars for the development of the Far East

India intends to open a billion-dollar credit line for Russia for the development of the Far East. Prime Minister Narendra modi made a statement at the plenary session of the Eastern economic forum.

Producers from other regions will not be able to produce the product ” Adygei cheese»

To produce soft cheese can only be local companies—right holders of the rights on appellation of origin of goods (AOO). This decision was made by the Chamber for patent disputes, denying producers from other regions, including the “Umalat” and “Syr Starodubsky” in the right to call their cheese adygeyskiy. Belarusian enterprises, which are not covered by the chamber’s decision, can take advantage of the situation, market participants believe.

Russia considers the representation of the Japanese side on the Kurils unacceptable

Russia considers the representation of the Japanese side in connection with the opening of a new fish processing plant on the island of Shikotan unacceptable. On Friday, TASS reported at the Russian Embassy in Japan, which was made a presentation from the Japanese foreign Ministry.

Merkel sat listening to anthems before talks in China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is currently in China, listened to the anthems of both countries sitting. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. It is noted that the official ceremony was held before the talks in the square in front of the house of people’s assemblies in the center of Beijing.

Merkel sat listening to anthems before talks in China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is currently in China, listened to the anthems of both countries sitting. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. It is noted that the official ceremony was held before the talks in the square in front of the house of people’s assemblies in the center of Beijing.

The Ministry of energy sees no need to increase taxes for oilmen

The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation does not see the need for additional tax burden on the oil industry due to the provision of benefits for the Priobskoye oil field. This was stated on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum (WEF 2019), Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak.

Hedge Fund lost $1 billion on Forex due to poor risk management

Autonomy Capital lost $1 billion in August due to the collapse of the Argentine peso, according to the Wall Street Journal. The hedge Fund was founded by a former trader Lehman Brothers.

Citigroup is selling Chinese yuan and buying the dollar

The Bank puts on a further escalation of the trade conflict Citigroup sells the Chinese yuan against the us dollar, aiming to raise the latter to 7.5 yuan per dollar in the spot market.

The us Congress urged trump to impose new sanctions against Russia

The Chairman of the house Committee on foreign Affairs, Democrat Eliot Engel and Republican Michael McCall called on American President Donald trump to impose sanctions against those responsible for human rights violations at rallies in Moscow.

“We call on President trump and his administration to use their powers under the Sergei Magnitsky act to impose targeted sanctions against those responsible for these gross human rights violations in Russia,” the report said.

It is stated that peaceful assemblies were held in Moscow in support of fair elections and democratic reforms, but many protesters were intimidated, beaten, arrested or imprisoned.

The congressmen called on the Russian government to stop acts of violence against peaceful demonstrators and release “unjustly detained” and close criminal cases against them. They also demanded to investigate the actions of law enforcement officers who used force against the protesters.

The world economy will lose about $850 billion

Reuters, based on an analysis conducted by the us Federal reserve, found that the uncertainty of trade policy “rose to a level unprecedented since the 1970s.” They then assessed the impact that such uncertainty would have on economic activity, as enterprises reduced production and reduced investment. The researchers concluded that globally, its impact will be about 1% of GDP.

Reuters estimates that U.S. GDP is now estimated at about $20 trillion and global GDP at about $85 trillion. At the same time, the impact of 1% will lead to a loss in trade in the United States at the level of $200 billion to GDP and $850 billion to world GDP.

Exxon Mobil to sell for $4 billion assets in Norway

Oil and gas company Exxon Mobil plans to sell for $4 billion of its assets in Norway. This was reported on Thursday by Reuters. According to his sources, we are talking, in particular, about shares in 20 fields

Export prices for coal fell by a third compared to last year

According to the price Agency Argus, the cost of coal for Russian exporting companies decreased in the first six months of this year by 29 % compared to the annual figures of the previous year. Analysts recorded such a decline in the European and Mediterranean markets.

Sberbank launched a service of delivery of products from stores

Sberbank has launched a service “Carmarket”, which deals with grocery stores. The first partner of the service was the wholesale network Metro Cash&Carry. The project is still working in test mode, delivery is carried out in Rostov-on-don and Krasnodar.

Putin has promised further mitigation of punishment for economic crimes

At the end of last year, Russian courts handed down a record number of sentences on economic articles: 7.7 thousand people against 6.4 thousand a year earlier (an increase of 20%). This was associated with the intensification of the fight against one-day firms and the introduction of criminal penalties for illegal trafficking in alcohol.

Retirement age can be raised to 70 years

According to” NG ” state Duma Deputy Valery Rashkin, there is information that the government has created a working group that is preparing the second stage of the pension reform. This stage, according to the Deputy, involves a new increase in the retirement age for men and women to 70 years.

Aksenov threatened to nationalize the plant ” Crimean Titan»

The head of the Crimea demanded from the management of the plant “Crimean Titan” in Armyansk compliance with measures to preserve the environment. He wrote about it on his Facebook page. According to Aksenov, the company changed ownership. Despite this, all previously concluded agreements to protect the region must be implemented.

If the management of the enterprise doesn’t fulfill obligations, the enterprise will be nationalized and transferred to the state property, – warned Aksenov, adding that the plant will work in any case, but with observance of all safety measures.

“Rosnano” made the sale of a stake in Tesla

“RUSNANO” can sell its stake in the American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla, said” RIA Novosti “senior managing Director for investment activities “RUSNANO” Sergey Vakhterov on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum (WEF)

Russia lost off the coast of Syria just three submarines

Three submarines of the Russian Navy received old Soviet batteries instead of imported ones due to sanctions. This does not allow submarines to perform combat missions, the newspaper “Rise” in its Telegram channel, citing a source in the 4th separate brigade of submarines of the black sea fleet.

100 thousand bottles of vodka and Mercedes Maybach s-class limousine

In the first case, North Korea attempted to import 15.6 thousand bottles of Belarusian vodka for a total price of more than $14 thousand In the second — were seized 90 thousand bottles of Russian alcohol worth over $27 thousand To the UN added that the Pyongyang also imported luxury cars such as limousine Mercedes Maybach S-class

The United States moved to Europe strategic bomber

The command of the US air force in Europe reported that the us strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress, capable of carrying nuclear bombs and cruise missiles, landed at Fairford air force base in the UK.

Ukrainian intelligence accused Russia of preparing the invasion

The representative of the Main intelligence Department of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky in an interview with UKRINFORM, he said that Russia will work out a military invasion of Ukrainian territory during the exercise “Caucasus-2020”.

In the sight of the American combat system with artificial intelligence

American Corporation “Raytheon” has published the concept of its newest military system with artificial intelligence (AI), which as targets are t-14 tanks “Armata” and attack helicopter Ka-52.

Russia afraid of USA s-500 and airborne

On the background of the latest testing of American cruise missiles, which go beyond the torn Treaty intermediate and short range, it became known that Russia has threatened Washington latest systems of air and missile defense s-500 “Prometheus”, and the subversive activities of the Russian military units.

“Im (S-400 and S-500-approx. ed.) there are no analogues in the world. Therefore, Turkey decided to purchase these air defense systems, which shoot down all existing missiles at any speed. And, of course, to respond to the actions of the United States can airborne troops, which are designed for reconnaissance and sabotage operations in the rear of the enemy, including the destruction of ammunition depots and missile launchers,” – said the first Deputy Chairman of The state Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin.

Saudi Arabia said it could destroy Iran in 8 hours

Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Sultan bin Nasser al Saud said the Kingdom’s armed forces are capable of destroying Iran in 8 hours in the event of a direct military conflict.

In a “roundabout” Muscovite fractured skull for stealing vodka

The administrator of the hall in a supermarket in the North of Moscow broke the skull of a man who tried to steal vodka, the press service of the city interior Minister on Friday, September 6. According to the source “RIA Novosti”, the incident occurred the day before in “Pyaterochka”, located on the street Dubninskaya, 36.

Putin agreed to come to wash gold in Kolyma

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that he would come to Magadan to wash gold. The Russian leader said this at the Eastern economic forum on Friday, September 6, RIA Novosti reported.

Police and stencil with the inscription ” Freedom for political prisoners»

In the Moscow district of Novogireevo detained the girl after the police found in a local Park stencil with the inscription ” Freedom to political prisoners.” This writes the website OVD-info. Security officials believe that the girl used a stencil and applied the inscription with paint. She is being held at the police station since 4am and is said to draw up an administrative report when the district police officer comes to work. It is noted that the detainee has no phone. She reached the ATS-info hotline using the phone of another person in the unit.

American singer Nicki Minaj announced her retirement from music career.

“I decided to leave the stage and dedicate myself to the family,” she tweeted. The singer added that some of her detractors “will be happy” with this decision.

Nicki Minaj has recorded four full-length Studio albums on American rapper Lil Wayne’s label Young Money. One of them-Pink Friday – went platinum a month after its release. On account of the singer ten nominations for the award “Grammy”.

Red Novokuznetsk free allowed to the exhibition of paintings by the red artist

Solo exhibitions of the artist took place in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo and other cities. This is her first solo exhibition in Novokuznetsk. The main characters of the paintings of Evgenia Madrinas-Shestakova, are the people

Sarah Brightman will give a concert in St. Petersburg on October 30

British singer Sarah Brightman will show his new program called HYMN: Sarah Brightman in Concert Tour in St. Petersburg on October 30 at the BKZ “October”. The performance will be part of a world tour.

Released the first trailer for the dark fairy tale ” Gretel and Hansel»

The network published a trailer for fantasy horror “Gretel and Hansel”, which is based on the beloved fairy tale of many brothers Grimm. In the story, the sister and brother go to the forest to find food, but instead meet a real evil witch.

Alexander Beglov did not open new stations for passengers in St. Petersburg

According to “Fontanka” sources in the subway, the ACTING Governor of St. Petersburg received information about some “spiteful” who could throw a smoke bomb into the tunnel. On the eve of the official opening of three stations Frunze radius. But, as Beglov said, while they will work in test mode without passengers. The stations were built in 2014, the opening dates were repeatedly postponed. In addition, the construction revealed theft of 360 million rubles. A criminal case has been opened.

The authors of the first photo of the black hole received $3 million

347 scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope project, who managed to take the first photo of a black hole, received a” scientific Oscar ” — the Breakthrough Prize in physics. Cash portion is $ 3 million.

To photograph the object, scientists combined eight radio telescopes into one network “the size of the Earth.” Only the shadow of the object was visible in the image, and petabyte-based information was needed to create the image.

The picture was publicly shown on April 10, 2019. The authors of the project published in the scientific publication the Astrophysical Journal Letters six articles about their work.

The weakening of the magnetic field provided a rapid rotation of the old stars

Astronomers have found an example of an old star that makes one revolution around an axis in 47 days, although the theory of deceleration predicts a period of 78 days for a body of a given age.

Scientists have calculated the universal speed of human speech

French experts studied the speech of speakers of 17 different languages and were able to learn that they can be combined with the speed of information transfer. To do this, the scientists calculated the speech speed of 170 speakers and the information density of one syllable of each of their languages and found that all of them are characterized by a transfer rate of 39.15 bits per second. Probably, this indicator can claim the role of a universal parameter characteristic of all natural languages, scientists write in Science Advances.

Squirrels listen to the birds to detect danger

Wary behavior was demonstrated by both groups of animals, but those proteins, which after the appearance of the predator included the chirping of birds, showed concern less often. According to scientists, this behavior developed in proteins during evolution. So the squirrels have learned to determine the safety of the environment.

Rats cured of alcoholism by acupuncture and endorphins

Scientists suggest that acupuncture stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, which cause a feeling of pleasure. To verify this, rats were specifically injected with this hormone, resulting in exactly the same effect.

In the Kara sea found “preserved” layer of water

The lowest oxygen content was found at the southern tip of Novaya Zemlya. Scientists believe that the reason for the layer of a sharp temperature drop. This process disrupts water exchange in this area of the Kara sea, and therefore formed a “preserved” layer of water.

In Saudi Arabia will be the world’s longest test track Hyperloop

The American company Virgin Hyperloop One has signed an agreement with the government of Saudi Arabia, which involves the construction of a test section of the Hyperloop transport system. According to BBC News, the length of the site will be 35 kilometers. It is the longest Hyperloop sector in the world.

Apple has launched a test web version of Apple Music

The American company Apple has launched a test web version of the application Apple Music, designed to work in a browser without iTunes. As Bloomberg reported on September 5, Apple Music may appear on Mac computers by the end of this year.

HMD Global unveils new Nokia phones and smartphones

HMD Global, which owns the brand for Nokia gadgets, has introduced five new phones under the Nokia brand. Two smartphones – Nokia 7.2 and a more affordable model Nokia 6.2

Simultaneously, the company expanded its line of push-button phones and announced three devices for new market segments, working in networks 4G. Nokia 800 is a Tough, fold the Nokia 2720 Flip, the most affordable and simple phone – Nokia

Instagram Facebook has launched a Dating service with the integration of posts from Instagram

Facebook has created a platform for Dating. The new service is still available in the United States and Southeast Asia, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, September 5. The service was named Facebook Dating.

Puma introduced the smart watch to Wear OS

At the international exhibition of consumer electronics IFA 2019 in Berlin, the German company Puma, in cooperation with the American brand Fossil Group, presented the “smart” watch PUMA Smartwatch. Novelty is the first wearable device to sport an industrial giant.

Durable Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro with S Pen

Samsung presented at the Berlin electronics show IFA 2019 tablet increased strength Galaxy Tab Active Pro, designed primarily for business users. The device is made in accordance with the IP68 standard, and therefore is not afraid of moisture and dust

Panasonic will release a transparent TV in 2020

In the spring of this year, a prototype of a transparent TV called Vitrine was shown at the furniture exhibition Salone del Mobile in Milan, but since then it has been refined, seriously improving the depth of black color thanks to a filter of selective dimming.

Sony introduced headphones WI-1000XM2

In the framework of the exhibition IFA 2019, Sony introduced headphones WI-1000XM2 with advanced noise reduction technology. The developers promise an increased level of comfort when listening to music. According to them, this is achieved thanks to a light and flexible neck rim made of silicone.

Telegram learned how to send delayed messages

When any pending message is sent, the sender will receive an alert. In the “favorites” chat, you can send a reminder to yourself.

Facebook and Microsoft launch a contest to identify fake videos

Facebook is teaming up with Microsoft and scientists from Partnership on AI to fight fake videos. The parties announced the contest Deepfake Detection Challenge on the best solution for the detection deepfakes.

LG introduced an optional three-screen smartphone

At IFA 2019, LG introduced a smartphone that uses two additional screens at once, but they are located in a case that can be removed the Case has a hard case with a recess for the smartphone and connects to it via USB-C