9 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/07-08/2019

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Maduro’s rival accused of trying to “sell” part of Venezuela

In relation to the head of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Guido prosecuted. The opposition leader was suspected of participating in negotiations to waive claims to the disputed territory of Essequibo in favor of Guyana. Thus, according to the Prosecutor, Guido wanted to achieve from the UK political support for his “non-existent status of the acting President”.

To initiate an investigation in respect of Guido ordered Nicolas Maduro. The leader of the opposition, managing the group, tried to transfer the Essequibo region to Exxon Mobil Corporation and other multinational companies. At the press conference, an audio recording was presented, in which the voices of two people are heard. According to authorities, is a messenger of Guido in the UK Vanessa Neumann and his assistant Manuel Avendaño. On the recording they discuss transfer Essequibo Guyana in exchange for support from the United Kingdom.

The Ministry of Finance has developed for the Russians ” guaranteed pension product»

The Ministry of Finance reported the details of the bill on a new system of voluntary pension savings. The press service of the Ministry noted that the working title of the document is “on the guaranteed pension product”. He was sent for approval to the Ministry of labor.

“In the near future, we plan to submit the bill for public discussion with the professional and expert community, after which it will be submitted to the government,” the Ministry added.

It is noted that one of the main elements of the “guaranteed pension product” is an exclusively voluntary procedure for joining the system of savings. In addition, the state guarantees the safety of long-term pension savings, savings accounts of citizens must be registered by the Central administrator, it is planned to introduce tax benefits for business, and tax deductions for citizens.

Banks do not plan to reduce interest rates on loans

Leading Russian banks do not plan to cut rates on their savings and credit products following the decision of the Central Bank. Most of the surveyed players from the top 30 argue that in the near future do not intend to revise the terms of deposits or loans. Many of them did it in advance.

On Friday, the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia for the third time in a row reduced the key rate — from 7.25 to 7%. The regulator softened the annual inflation forecast from 4.2-4.7 to 4-4. 5%, allowing another round of rate cuts at one of the next meetings. By the end of the year, two more meetings of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank are scheduled.

In Yakutia shallowed one of the most affluent rivers of Russia

The level of the Lena river fell by 2.5 meters, and not far from the capital of the Republic in a trap of sand and silt stuck hundreds of ships. Homes and businesses can be left without water supply, the city introduced emergency mode.

Environmentalists believe that the shallowing of the river has nothing to do with global warming. Forest fires and illegal Chinese logging are to blame. Disturbed water balance, natural moisture is not retained in the soil without roots of trees and grass.

The exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia took place.

The released Ukrainians, including 24 seamen and Director Oleg Sentsov, who spent more than 5 years in a Russian prison, were met by the President of Ukraine Zelensky at the plane ramp in Boryspil.

Russians who returned home (from 34 released only in 12 patients citizenship of the Russian Federation) including journalist Wyszynski, was met by the head of the MIA “Today” Kiselyov.

Balance of Korean-Japanese trade relations

The trade dispute began in early July when Japan announced it was restricting exports of substances to South Korea used to make LEDs and semiconductors. Korean consumers staged a large-scale boycott of Japanese products and avoided Japan as a holiday destination. In 1990, more than 20% of Korean exports went to Japan, and in 2018, this figure fell to 5%. Japan’s exports to South Korea were more stable, accounting for 6 to 8% of annual commodity flows.

Police arrested a suspect in the attack on the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova.

According to preliminary data, the detainee is a 36-year-old migrant from Central Asia. The main version of the attack at the moment – theft. Pamfilova, according to sources, was an accidental victim.

The suspect in the attack on the head of the CEC was caught in the forest near Moscow. 36-year-old native of Kazakhstan was hiding in the forest – at the time of detention he slept in his hut. The man is already suspected of a series of thefts from the homes of local residents. He was found with a Taser with which he attacked Pamfilova, as well as items that he may have stolen from other homes.

In Australia-the most affordable rental in 11 years

The share of average Australian income needed to cover rents fell to 23.8% in the second quarter of 2019. This is 1.2% less than a quarter ago, and 0.3% less than in the same period of 2018.

The Ministry of natural resources of Russia reported on the development of dangerous processes in Kuzbass.

Experts of the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation in the recently published state report “on the state and on environmental protection of the Russian Federation in 2018” reported on the development in the Kemerovo region of dangerous geological phenomena associated with the mining industry. According to the Ministry of natural resources, the karst process is developing on the territory of Kuzbass.

“The karst process is developing in the foothills and mountain areas within the middle Siberian plateau, Kemerovo region, TRANS — Baikal region, These phenomena are determined by both natural (geological and climatic) and man-made factors,” the report says.

In total, in 2018, 1,284 cases of activation of hazardous geological processes were detected in the territory of the Russian Federation, which is 205 cases less than in the previous year. However, in comparison with 2015, the number of detected cases of activation exceeds 5.5 times (in 2015 – 235 cases). In the Siberian Federal district there were 209 cases, or 16.3%.

Trade between Russia and China grew by 4.5% in January-August

Trade between Russia and China in the first eight months of this year increased year-on-year by 4.5%, to $70.59 billion on Sunday reported the Main customs administration of China.

According to the published data, the volume of exports from China to Russia for this period stagnated (an increase of 0.0% in annual terms) and amounted to about $31.14 billion. Imports of Russian goods and services to China increased by 8.3% to $39.45 billion.

Bring back the cold war program

Representatives of the nuclear energy industry asked Donald trump to revive the extraction and enrichment of uranium through the cold war program. The authorities must allocate money under the defense production act of 1950 to extract fuel for domestic defense needs, as well as to increase Federal uranium reserves for nuclear power plants.

It is proposed to make “direct payments” to American enterprises or producers of uranium for its sale. The letter also argues that the most effective support the government can provide is “to meet the government’s internal security needs with long-term contracts.”

Now there are no American uranium enrichment enterprises in the States, and the Institute’s representatives believe that the revival of this industry will allow Washington to compete with other countries.

U.S. trading partners with the largest trade surplus/deficit.

President Donald trump has escalated a trade war with China and moved even further away from a deal to resolve differences, announcing a wave of higher tariffs. In a post tweeted after the fall of major indexes on wall street, trump said the existing 25% tariffs on imports from China are worth about $ 250 billion. increase to 30% by October 1, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China.

Export of agricultural products in Uzbekistan is planned to increase by 9 times

The Uzbek authorities plan to increase exports of agricultural products from $2.3 billion in 2018 to $20 billion in 2030. This issue was discussed at a meeting on priorities of development of agriculture of Uzbekistan under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic Shavkat Mirziyoyev, according to the September 7 edition Kun.uz.

Trump canceled talks with the head of Afghanistan and the Taliban because of the attack

Because of the terrorist attack in Kabul, which killed 12 people, including one American soldier, US President Donald trump canceled previously planned talks with the head of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and leaders of the Taliban (banned in Russia).

They were supposed to arrive in the U.S. today. Unfortunately, for the sake of creating a false advantage, they confessed to the attack on Kabul, which killed one of our great soldiers and 11 others, I immediately canceled the meeting and the peace talks. – Donald trump, 45th President of the United States

More than 50% of mortgage insurance is paid after the fire

Insurance companies in more than 50% of cases pay insurance compensation for insurance of collateral after fires, according to the portal of the Bank.ru with reference to the UK study ” Consent. In second place payments on mortgage insurance (property) are bays (33%). In 17% of cases, the property of mortgage borrowers suffers from natural disasters. It should be noted that the average amount of mortgage insurance coverage is 2 million rubles.

Indian government to allocate $1.7 billion to insurance companies

Representatives of the government of India decided to invest 120 billion rupees (about 1.7 billion dollars) in public insurance companies. Sources report that the initiative aims to increase their capital base to comply with regulations.

Difficulties of realization of the national project on increase of labor productivity

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Evlanov said that the development of small and medium-sized businesses is impossible without increasing productivity. However, the implementation of the profile national project has a number of difficulties that are in the process of solving.

Vladimir Mostovoy, representing the Department of industrial policy of the Krasnodar region, said that unstable business conditions can be called one of the problems that do not allow to increase productivity

Turkmenistan became a member of the Islamic insurance Corporation

Turkmenistan became the 47th member country of the Islamic Corporation for insurance of investments and export credits (ICSIC), a member of the Islamic development Bank group. The basis for Turkmenistan’s membership in this organization was laid at the X International gas Congress held in Turkmenbashi in may 2019. This was announced on September 4 by the official website of the Islamic insurance Corporation.

The Finance Ministry explained what transfers will require tax

The Russians worried that block the funds on the card and to remove the interest will be even for the transfer from the husband to the wife, according to DEITA.RU. “Tinkoff-journal”, asked the Ministry of Finance: what tax to pay, and for what..

Any gifts, payment for the services of a school tutor, nanny, as well as matkapital, pension and similar payments are not taxed. The tax will have to be paid from the sale of property (before 3 or 5 years of ownership), as well as from the payment of any works or services.

Understand that the money that came to you on the card, a gift, and that-salary, should tax.

The number goes up, the quality deteriorates

In the hands of Russian citizens is becoming more and more credit cards. For 7 months, banks issued them for more than 350 billion rubles. A year earlier, the figure did not exceed 250 billion rubles. At the same time, the quality of credit card issuance deteriorates for two consecutive quarters, experts of the credit Bureau “Equifax”note in their study. The average value of overdue credit card debt in 2019 was half higher than in 2018, the authors of the study state.

In the US to a minimum fell mortgage rates

According to Freddie Mac statistics, the average fixed rate on loans with a 30-year maturity for the week from August 29 to September 5 fell in the US by 0.09 percentage points, to 3.49 percent per annum. A year ago, the figure was at 4.54 percent per annum.

Ukraine will spend part of the loan from the EBRD to buy gas in the EU

Naftogaz intends to buy €120 million worth of gas from the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) in the EU by the end of the year.

The Netherlands demanded that Russia issue a “witness” in the case of the crash of MH17

The General public Prosecutor’s office demanded from Moscow to extradite Vladimir Tzemach transferred on 7 September with a Ukrainian witness in the case about the crash Boeing over the Donbas.

“The Prosecutor General’s office has now demanded that Russia extradite Tsemakh,” writes the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

Earlier it became known that even before the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, the Netherlands tried to negotiate with Kiev To tsemakh excluded from the exchange list. Fail. Dutch foreign Minister Stefan Blok said that despite the fact that they were able to interrogate the witness before being sent to Russia, his participation in the exchange of prisoners is “extremely regrettable.”

Tajikistan increased revenue for electricity exports by almost a quarter

In January-July 2019 total volume of electricity generated in Tajikistan amounted to 12 billion 239,1 million kW/h, which is 686,4 million kW/h the energy center of the country noted that this amount exceeds the figure of 2018 in the same period

The British Minister for work and pensions, resigned from Brexit

The Minister for labour and pensions amber Rudd announced the withdrawal from the Conservative party and resignation from the Cabinet of the Johnson government. She said she could not stand by when ” moderate conservatives are expelled from the party»

“I remain committed to the values of a United Nation that once led me into politics,” Rudd wrote on Twitter.

In an official letter to Boris Johnson, Rudd said that she no longer believes that the main goal of the new Prime Minister is Brexit c agreement.

India outbid us oil destined for China

Indian oil Corporation Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) bought American oil destined for China. This was reported by the Indian news outlet AJ tak.

Recall that the leadership of the PRC announced an increase in import duties by 5-10% on a number of categories of American goods, including agricultural products, cars, oil, which is why several American companies were forced to look for new buyers for oil already sent to China.

Trump intends to stop using disloyal to the United States to countries

In the near future, the United States may stop providing assistance to disloyal States. This possibility is currently considering the head of the White house Donald trump, the newspaper Politico. According to the publication, one of the reasons for the possible adoption of such a decision is the desire of the United States to acquire new allies amid growing competition from Russia and China.

The main ideologist of the CPC demands to strengthen internal party discipline

Member of the Standing Committee (PC) of the Politburo, chief party ideologist Wang Junin called for intensified efforts in the party education system to develop and implement a plan for the next stage of the party’s development, Xinhua reported on September 7.

US authorities demand to declassify users of the optical sight application

The U.S. Department of justice required Google and Apple to release information about users of a special optical sight application. This told Forbes .

We are talking about at least 10 thousand users and confidential information such as names, phone numbers and IP addresses. Data requested as part of an investigation into illegal arms exports. However, network security experts have expressed their concern about this question. According to Forbes, this is the first known case where American investigators require personal data of users of a single application from Apple and Google.

Released Ukrainian sailors were awarded military ranks

Ukrainian sailors released in the exchange with Russia were awarded orders and new military ranks, the press service of the Naval forces of Ukraine in his Facebook.

Putin proposed to name the missile system in honor of Nazarbayev

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to rename the Baiterek missile system, which will be built jointly with Kazakhstan at the Baikonur cosmodrome, in honor of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In Iraq, considering the acquisition of Russian missile systems

Source News.ru reported that Iraq was contemplating the purchase or s-300 (which Russia does not produce and change in the army s-400), or SAM “Buk”, or “Armour”. To the Russian side, according to the source News.ru already brought the interest of Baghdad to these types of weapons.

Turkey gave Russia an ultimatum on Syria

The Arab news outlet “Al Masdar News”, in Ankara demanded that Russia force Syrian government forces to withdraw from the liberated cities.

“According to military sources, the Turkish government demanded from Moscow to force Syrian government troops to unconditionally leave the territory that was captured in August. We are talking about the city of Khan Shaykhun and Marek, which is now an observation post of Turkey, ” – said in the publication.

In the United States are testing the latest marine drone

According to the publication The National Interest, the American Agency for advanced research projects in the field of defense (DARPA) has signed a contract for $ 8.5 million with the company Leonos to conduct additional tests of the drone, able to move autonomously for 90 days.

It is noted that the 132-foot drone uses advanced sonar, pattern recognition and algorithms for unmanned navigation to detect stealthily moving diesel-electric submarines of the enemy posing a danger to us military facilities of strategic importance

The film “Joker” was awarded the main prize of the Venice film festival

“Golden lion of St. Mark” Venice film festival was awarded the film “Joker” (Joker) American Todd Phillips. This was announced on Saturday by the international jury of the world’s oldest review. The ceremony at the cinema Palace on Lido island was held on the website of the Venice Biennale.

HBO revealed the full trailer for “Catherine the Great” with Helen Mirren

The first trailer of the mini-series “Catherine the Great” about the Russian Empress appeared on the YouTube channel HBO. The main role was played by Oscar winner British actress Helen Mirren.

Gillian Anderson to play Margaret Thatcher in the Crown»

American-British actress Gillian Anderson in the fourth season of the series “Crown” will play the role of the 71st Prime Minister of great Britain Margaret Thatcher. On Saturday, September 7, reported a foreign channel CNN. We will add that Anderson is known for his work in the series “Secret materials”.

Hayley Atwell to play in Mission impossible 7»

One of the key roles in the long-awaited spy Thriller “Mission impossible 7” will go to American actress Hayley Atwell. She is known to the audience primarily for the films about Captain America from Marvel studios and the series “Agent Carter”.

The XXII international ballet festival was opened in Ufa. Rudolf Nureyev

The XXII international festival of ballet named after Rudolf Nureyev opened in Ufa. It will last until September 24 at the Bashkir state Opera and ballet theatre.

In Samara opened a monument to Dmitry Shostakovich

At the end of the solemn opening ceremony of the monument on the square Kuibyshev held a music festival “Seventh Symphony” – another offering to the musical genius,” conscience of the era “- Dmitry Shostakovich, where with the participation of the Samara Philharmonic orchestra and soloists of the Bolshoi theater performed instrumental works of the great composer, and, of course, the”Seventh Symphony”.

Released the trailer for the new film Xavier Dolan ” Mathias and Maxim»

The trailer for the new drama by canadian Director Xavier Dolan “Mathias and Maxim” appeared on YouTube. The plot of the film tells the story of a difficult moment in the relationship of two childhood friends

The Museum of masterpieces of modern art became available to all.

Founder Alvitr Gallery Marina Alvir will oversee the Museum with the virtual reality, which will become part of the exhibition Offline/Online. It will feature works by famous artists from private collections, but some of them can be seen only through the phone.

Tarja Turunen concert to be held in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg will perform Finnish Valkyrie Tarja Turunen, responsible for the triumph of the group Nightwish. The singer returns with a new album In the Raw.

International festival of Opera and ballet opened in Chisinau

In Chisinau came the stars of Opera and ballet from around the world at the international festival “Maria Biesu Invites”, reports “WORLD 24”. The event was named after the Opera prima of Moldova, which organized the first such festival 27 years ago.

Actors “Harry Potter” may appear in the continuation of the Saga

The Company Warner Bros. plans to release a sequel to the Harry Potter film series. Such information appeared on the website We Got This Covered. According to journalists, soon there will be a film adaptation of the play “Harry Potter and the cursed child”. In it children former enemies Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy will go in past, to save Cedric Diggory from death.

A source said that the performers of the main roles in the film about Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson – will return to their roles in the sequel.

Apple will present its new products on YouTube for the first Time

The presentation will take place on September 10 in Cupertino, on the campus of Apple Park, Apple for the first time in history will launch an online broadcast of the presentation of its new products in the video service Youtube. The presentation will take place on September 10 in Cupertino, California, on the campus of Apple Park, it will begin at 20.00.

Phone 2020 will get a completely new design

In General, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), in the future series of smartphones planned three major changes. First, design. Secondly, support 5G. And third, upgrading camera functionality, he says.

This gadget scans your trash and tells you if it can be recycled

Gadget called R. I. D. (eng. Recycling Identification Device, a device for determining the possibility of recycling) uses near-infrared spectroscopy technology that directs beams of invisible light at an object. Due to the fact that different materials absorb light waves of different lengths, it is possible to determine the material itself.

“The distinctive characteristics of the material are unique,” says Jack Hands, a designer at Cohda, where the team created and tested a prototype of the device. “We’re talking about it as a ‘digital fingerprint’ so a database of materials is being developed and they’ll all be clearly identifiable.”

Providers will not be able to access traffic from Firefox users

The Firefox browser for American users from the end of this month, will include support for DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). DoH support has been undergoing tests since 2017, the latter has not found any problems, so the company is preparing to launch it.

Many organizations opposed DoH – so many providers collect data about traffic and pass the database to advertisers, as tracking is necessary to block banned sites, and this Protocol will not allow you to do it anymore.

Meizu release powerful and a budget smartphone

The Chinese company Meizu has developed a powerful and cheap smartphone that is not inferior to some of the flagship competitors in performance. The Chinese telecommunication equipment certification center has already registered a new gadget. This means that the official announcement will take place in the near future.

Scientists presented technical achievements in the creation of artificial meat

At the Good Food conference in San Francisco presented technical advances in the creation of artificial meat. Among the discoveries: printed steaks and getting “full protein” based on NASA research.

Xiaomi has released a smart car projection display

The company Xiaomi released on their own platform of collective funding Youpin head-up display for cars Robot Smart Car HUD Bluetooth. Three months after the initial launch, the gadget became available for purchase for $ 70.

Foldable smartphone Huawei Mate X will go on sale in October

According to Huawei spokesman Richard Yu, the flexible screen smartphone Mate X may go on sale next month. And the smartphone should get a new processor Kirin 990, presented yesterday in Berlin.

Mathematicians were able to decompose the number 42 into three cubes

American scientists Andrew Booker and Andrew Sutherland were able to decompose the number 42 into three cubes. About it writes the edition “N+1”. Interestingly, this puzzle is almost 65 years old

The point is to find all the unknown equations “x3+y3+z3=k”, where k is a number from one to one hundred. Until now, this problem has stupefied scientists and mathematicians and the situation seemed unsolved when the number k was 33 and 42.

The solution was achieved with the help of a special “supercomputer” Charity Engine. About a million hours of calculations were spent on the task. The long-awaited decision looks here so: x = -80538738812075974, y = 80435758145817515, z = 12602123297335631….

T-regulatory cells prevented skin fibrosis of mice

Excessive activity of fibroblasts in tissues can lead to fibrosis. An international team of researchers has shown that t-regulatory skin cells inhibit this process in mice.

Typhoid fever accelerates cell aging and increases infection

Scientists from the UK have learned that typhoid bacteria affect the DNA of healthy cells, disrupting their ability to reproduce. Cells age naturally, but new ones do not replace them, so even more common infection develops, which makes further treatment very difficult. The result of the scientists ‘ work will help doctors learn how to diagnose typhoid fever as early as possible to minimize the effects of infection.

Paleontologists have described the” worms ” of the Precambrian era

Researchers from China found 34 samples with worm prints in Hubei province in Central China. The discovery was made in sedimentary rocks, the age of which is about 600 million years. Paleontologists have described creatures called Yilingia spiciformis, having the ability to traverse the bottom and, if necessary, to dig into it. The creatures were similar to worms, and their length reached 27 centimeters, writes Naked Science.

Countries most affected by land grabs.

Since 2000, Peru has entered into transactions for the purchase or use of more than 16 million hectares of land, affecting approximately 12 per cent of the country. There are also many foreign landowners and processing users of territories for large commercial projects in Russia. While land deals cover nearly 9 million hectares, this is only 0.5% of the country’s total area.

Zelensky plans to continue the process of withdrawal of troops in the Donbass

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky plans to continue the process of withdrawal of troops in the Donbass in two stages. He declared it after a meeting with the Ukrainians released as a result of exchange with Russia.

“We will continue to get closer to the release of all of our and continue in the framework of the Minsk process, the disengagement in two phases: first, a gold — Petrovskoye and then breeding throughout and complete cease-fire and end the war»

After the separation of the troops will begin a more difficult stage-the return of territories.

Ukraine’s foreign Ministry protested over the elections in Crimea

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has expressed strong protest over the holding of local elections in Crimea and Sevastopol, which Kiev considers temporarily occupied territories. The Ministry called on international partners to increase pressure on Russia to “end the occupation” of the Peninsula

On sensitive sites of the Russian space Agency arrested 14 people

The security service Of the scientific and test center of the rocket and space industry (SIC RCP, part of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”) detained on Sunday 14 people who planned to enter the territory of the enterprise. This is stated in the message posted on the website of Roscosmos.

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov named the Russian men’s national tragedy

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission for family Affairs, protection of motherhood and childhood, called the Russian men a national tragedy. According to Interfax, he made such a statement on Sunday, September 8, talking with the clergy of the Syzran diocese.

According to Smirnov, “real men” in Russia — rather an exception. As an example, he mentioned a recent case where a commando stood up in the street for a woman and was killed by a group of attackers.

“And that there was a nation, that there were men that it was possible from them to choose to itself the groom-well them isn’t present in the nature!”- said Archpriest.

Smirnov called women, more precisely “female education”, guilty in the current situation.

Ukraine announced a record number of tourists visited Chernobyl

“This year, a new record of attendance of the exclusion zone has already been set — 74,671 tourists in eight months,” the Ministry said.

It is clarified that the exclusion zone approved for visitors 21 route, including 13 land, five water and three air

Turkey and the United States began joint patrols in the North-East of Syria

The armed forces of Turkey and the United States began joint patrols of the security zone in the North-East of Syria, on September 8, Anadolu Ajansi reported. Turkish defense Minister Hulusi Akar stressed that the action involved four helicopters.

Developers sell flats via the escrow account

The Bank of Russia for the first time published data on project financing in housing construction in Russia. The Federal law that until the house is put into operation, the money of shareholders should be kept in escrow accounts, and construction should be carried out on Bank loans, came into force on July 1, 2019. As of 26 August, no escrow accounts had been opened in 36 regions, including the Omsk region. In the remaining 49 special accounts in banks is 30.2 billion rubles. The total number of escrow accounts has exceeded 10 thousand, the Law applies not only to new projects. Exception-houses, construction of which began before July 1, the readiness of which is from 6% to 30%, and the number of apartments sold exceeds 10%.

Another company will be engaged in deforestation in the EAO

At the Eastern economic forum, an agreement was signed between the EAO and the Russian company “VTK-invest”, under which it is planned to create a woodworking enterprise in the region.

The total cost of the new project is about 753 million rubles, it is planned to organize the harvesting of wood in the amount of 284.9 thousand cubic meters per year. At the launch of the enterprise, it is planned to create 187 new jobs, including 37 high-performance ones.

Peskov on the peace Treaty with Japan: while the solution could not be found

Moscow and Tokyo have not yet reached a solution to a number of important problems. This was on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1” said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. According to him, in the matter of the peace Treaty, Japan “has high expectations.”

Protesters in Hong Kong asked for US support

According to the newspaper, one of the protesters gave a speech in which on behalf of like-minded people asked the American government to pass a law in support of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong.

India invited South Korea to jointly produce weapons

During his visit to South Korea, defense Minister Rajnath Singh invited Korean Industrialists to produce parts and components of weapons in India. According to the official statement, the proposal was made in order to reduce the cost of importing military products.

The cause of the crash of the su-25 in Stavropol called factory marriage

The cause of the crash of the su-25UB in the Stavropol region was a factory marriage on the wing, told RIA Novosti a source in law enforcement. On Tuesday, September 3, the defense Ministry reported that the su-25UB attack aircraft crashed in the Stavropol territory