8 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/07/2020

It is believed that Russia has one of the most lenient tax regimes for personal income in the world. Allegedly, everyone has the same personal income tax – 13%. However, in fact, employers monthly deduct huge amounts to various social funds, which are then disposed of by officials.

Russian medium-sized businesses pay:

  • 22% – to the Pension Fund
  • 5.1% – to the Federal compulsory medical insurance Fund;
  • 2.9% – to the social insurance Fund.

That is, every employer in our country pays for their employee not 13%, but … 43%

Do not forget about excise taxes on fuel, which do not reduce the price of gasoline. And CTP and MHI policies are also paid from the wallets of every resident of Russia . When a person takes out a mortgage, buys an apartment, then immediately becomes liable to the state property tax

Titushki, in Belarus they are called “tihari”, beat the Windows in Minsk.

They do this, apparently, in order to blame the protesters later. When the protesters tried to stop the tihars, they beat and took several people with them. Belarusian activists identified the man who directed the actions of “titushki” in Minsk. According to local telegram channels, it turned out to be a high-ranking police officer, head of the Department for combating organized crime and corruption Nikolai Karpenkov

More than 100 thousand people took part in the protest “unity March” in Minsk on September 6.the demonstrators took the usual route from Independence Avenue to the Independence Palace, where they demanded the resignation of the President. Security forces at the residence of Alexander Lukashenko did not prevent the demonstrators, but in the end sprayed gas towards those who painted riot shields with obscene slogans. After the rally, security forces began to ambush and detain protesters in other districts in the center of Minsk. Also on the streets appeared unidentified people in civilian clothes and masks, who beat the participants of the March with batons.

Politis named Russian citizens with “Golden passports” of Cyprus.

Previously, the list was classified, but now the “secret” label has been removed, the newspaper writes. In total, 141 people received Cypriot citizenship in exchange for investment in 2008-2012. Of these, 34 were “at high risk” at the time of application. The list includes 24 Russian citizens, in particular, among them are mentioned:

  • Mikhail Kuzovlev, first Deputy head of VEB. RF;
  • Alex Ushomirsky, Chairman of the group of companies “VIEW»;
  • Leonid Lebedev, former Senator from Chuvashia and co-owner of Sintez group»;
  • Anton Belobragin, owner of Spar chain and Tula meat processing plant»;
  • Igor Shatalov, member of the Board of Directors of Belgazprombank and first Deputy head of the financial and economic Department of Gazprom»;
  • Alexander Frolov, co-owner and President of Evraz metallurgical company;
  • Igor Kesaev, owner and President of the mercury group of companies»;
  • Alexey Matveev and Alexander Muranov, Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Gazprombank;
  • Grigory Berezkin, owner of the ESN group of companies.

In August, Cyprus has amended the terms of the program of obtaining citizenship in exchange for investments. Now “politically important persons” (heads of state and officials, deputies, judges, ambassadors, etc.), who ceased to be them a year or more ago, must prove the source of origin of capital, as well as provide a certificate of no criminal record

Peskov commented on the publication about the Cypriot passports of Russians

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the publication of the Cyprus newspaper Politis with a list of Russians who from 2008 to 2012 received citizenship of the Republic in exchange for investment in the country. According to Peskov, the publication requires confirmation. When asked by journalists whether the Kremlin was surprised by the appearance of people from Russian state corporations in the lists of passport holders in Cyprus:

“First of all, not all state corporations are subject to restrictions. For example, the restrictions that apply in the law on civil service. This is from the point of view of legal aspects, ” the press Secretary stressed

Navalny was brought out of a medical coma

The condition of the politician Alexey Navalny improved, he was brought out of a medical coma, he began to react to speech, according to the clinic “sharite”. Now he has been disconnected from the ventilator

Trump’s staff spent about 85 million dollars on YouTube promotion

The team of the current American leader Donald trump intends to make the YouTube video hosting the main platform for its promotion. The headquarters has already spent about $ 85 million for this purpose. Now on YouTube, trump is significantly ahead of his main rival in the election, Joe Biden.

In the United States invented the technology of drawing colored pictures with white light

To obtain a color image, scientists used a glass plate with millions of elliptical nanopolarizers made of titanium dioxide. White light passed through the plastic formed a color image

The Chinese fleet has become the largest in the world

The Chinese Navy has surpassed the US Navy in terms of numbers, becoming the largest military fleet in the world, Popular Mechanics reports, citing a new Pentagon report. The ratio is as follows: 350 warships from China and 293 – from the United States.

Russia wants to become a mediator in the conflict between Turkey and Cyprus

Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is ready to mediate in the conflict between Cyprus and Turkey, if both countries want it. This is reported by Philenews

Foreigners were allowed to register migrants in their apartments

The relevant law signed by the President in June came into force. The new tenant must be notified within a week. Previously, foreigners could only register themselves in their apartments.

Rogozin refused to give a guarantee in the case of Ivan Safronov

Dmitry Rogozin did not give a personal guarantee for Ivan Safronov, although the journalist’s defense requested it, Open media found out. The head of Roscosmos decided not to stand up for his (still) subordinate after consulting with the FSB staff

Maria Kolesnikova was kidnapped in the center of Minsk by unknown people

As he writes TUT.by, a member of the coordinating Council Maria Kolesnikova on the morning of September 7 near the National art Museum, unknown people put in a minibus with the inscription “Svyaz” took away in an unknown direction.

Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana tikhonovskaya said that the kidnapping of Maria Kolesnikova was pulled off by the authorities of the country

“The kidnapping of Maria Kolesnikova, Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov is an attempt to disrupt the work of the coordination Council. But that won’t stop us»

In addition to Maria Kolesnikova, members of the coordinating Council of the opposition Anton Rodnenkov, Maxim Bagretsov and Ivan Kravtsov disappeared

The interior Ministry, the Investigative Committee and the state control Committee of Belarus said they had no information about the detention of members of the coordination Council (CC) of the opposition, including Maria Kolesnikova. About it write “the Media,” and RIA Novosti

EU diplomacy chief urges Minsk to stop “intimidation of citizens”

Belarusian state authorities should stop intimidating their own citizens, EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Josep Borrel said on Twitter on September 7.

Borrel noted that “arbitrary arrests and kidnappings for political reasons in Belarus” are unacceptable. In his opinion, today’s actions against “Andrey Yegorov, Irina sukhy and Maria Kolesnikova” are “cruel”.

Volkswagen AG intends to overtake the American company Tesla

Volkswagen AG intends to overtake the American company Tesla in the production of electric cars by 2023, said the Chairman of the production Board of the concern Bernd Osterloh. Bernd Osterloh stressed that the concern plans to overtake Tesla not only in the production of electric cars, but also in software.

According to him, the advantage of the American company is that it installs its own SOFTWARE and then uses it to collect new information. The representative of Volkswagen AG recalled the Artemis project, which is responsible for the CEO of Audi.

A 50-year experiment

More than half a century ago, the teams of three American spaceships “Apollo” -11, 14 and 15 left on the moon so-called laser angle reflectors-panels of dozens of quartz prisms, oriented in such a way that the laser beam directed at them from the Earth is reflected to the point of departure. The distance to the reflector is determined with an accuracy of 2 cm, which allows you to measure the speed at which the Moon moves away from the Earth: by 3.8 cm per year.

Russian hospitals spend money on medicines with unproven effectiveness

Since the beginning of 2020, Russian hospitals have spent 1.6 billion rubles from the budget on homeopathic medicines and medicines with unproven effectiveness, Novaya Gazeta found out from public procurement. In particular, 270 million rubles were spent on the purchase of Arbidol, and 30.6 million rubles were spent on Kagocel.

These drugs have no evidence of effectiveness, writes Novaya Gazeta. However, Kagocel was included in the recommendations of the Moscow Department of health for the treatment of coronavirus infection, and Arbidol was included in the recommendations of the Ministry of health.


Sobyanin believes that the provinces have no right to criticize Moscow. In his opinion, the capital “feeds” poor Russian regions, as it is a “donor region” < / p>


Deripaska urged to stop “feeding Moscow” at the expense of the regions

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska criticized the policy of uneven investment in Moscow and the regions. In his opinion, the money is distributed unevenly. He said this on Thursday, speaking at the Stolypin forum

In Belarus, journalists demanded the release of detained colleagues

The Belarusian Association of journalists (BAJ) demanded that the country’s authorities release media employees who were detained while covering the protests

Russia was not ready to use electric cars

In the current situation, Russia was not ready to use electric vehicles. In the corresponding ranking, the country was ranked third from the end, the situation is worse only in Brazil and India. This is reported by the Vedomosti newspaper

Minsk riot police explained the” Dagestani ” stripes on their helmets

The Minsk riot police explained the stripes on their helmets, which reminded the opposition of the flags of the Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation – these are ordinary reflective hearses. Last week, photos with stripes on the helmets of riot police officers resembling the flags of Dagestan began to spread in the opposition Belarusian telegram channels.

Trade turnover between Russia and China in eight months

The trade turnover between Russia and China from January to August this year decreased by 3.2%, amounting to $68.62 billion, the General customs administration of China reported.

China threatens to sell 20% of US government debt

China’s sale of debt securities is possible due to the growing us Federal deficit. The Global Times writes about this with reference to Professor XI Junyan of Shanghai University.

Now China has the second largest volume of us debt securities – more than $ 1 trillion. Beijing is ready to reduce this figure to $ 800 billion in the near future.

Volume of the Russian national welfare Fund for August

The volume of the national welfare Fund of Russia (NWF) for August increased in rubles by 298 billion to 13.257 trillion rubles, in dollars-by $975 million, to $177.612 billion, according to the Ministry of Finance of Russia

Regional budget revenues in Russia

Revenues of consolidated budgets of Russian regions have increased by 10% since last year. This is reported by TASS with reference to the report of the accounting chamber on the results of the audit of the Ministry of Finance

Smolny will take a loan due to a budget deficit

The Finance Committee of St. Petersburg announced a competition for a loan of 15 billion rubles. Thus, the initial amount of the contract is 787.5 million rubles. Note that in this way the loan rate corresponds to 5.25% per annum. We emphasize that the budget deficit of St. Petersburg this year amounted to 104 billion rubles.

According to the Committee of Finance of St. Petersburg, the loan is necessary to Finance the budget deficit of St. Petersburg, as well as to pay off the city’s debt obligations

Sverdlovsk region will take out new loans

Applications are placed in lots of 1 billion rubles The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region intend to take additional loans, the corresponding applications are posted on the public procurement website. According to the correspondent of “Pravda UrFO”, in total, it is planned to attract 36 billion rubles at 5.25%.

In Belarus, gold and foreign exchange reserves decreased in August

Belarus ‘ gold and foreign exchange reserves fell by almost $1.4 billion (15.8%) in September. This is stated in the report of the National Bank of the Republic. It is noted that the international reserve assets of Belarus as of September 1, 2020, according to preliminary data, amounted to $7,457. 8 million.

Purchasing power of Russians in the second quarter updated the minimum

Analysts from the HSE Institute for development Centers published a study that shows that in the fourth quarter, the purchasing power of Russians fell to a new low. Russians began to consume less bread, beef, fish, rice, apples, milk, butter, and tea.

Researchers determine people’s purchasing power by taking into account changes in monetary incomes and their correlation with the dynamics of growth and decline in consumer prices. The ratio of the average income per person per month (32,800 rubles) to the subsistence minimum (11,400 rubles) was 286.5% in the second quarter – the lowest value since 2011.

Finnish company Itella Logistics may leave Russia

The Federal Antimonopoly service granted the request of the firm ” fermont capital “to acquire LLC” Itella ” and related structures, according to the FAS message. Itella belongs to the transport and logistics company Itella Logistics, which is part of the Finnish state holding Posti (mainly engaged in postal services). Net sales of the latter in 2019 – 1.6 billion euros.

Banks transferred debts of Russians to collectors

In April – July 2020, Russian banks transferred loans worth 45 billion rubles to collectors. This is 60% more than in the same period last year. Data on financial organizations, which have more than 50% of their assets accounted for loans to individuals, is provided by the National credit ratings Agency.

Import to Russia from abroad in January-August

Imports to Russia from abroad in January-August 2020 decreased by 7.3% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 127.767 billion dollars, the Federal customs service (FCS) of the Russian Federation reported.

China sets new historical record for gas purchases

In July 2020, China purchased $ 12.252 billion. cubic meters of liquefied gas, this is a record purchase for China, according to the country’s customs statistics. This volume of purchased fuel was 27% higher than in June. It should be added that China buys gas from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Myanmar.

Berdaliev called the average wages in Transbaikalia

Deputy Prime Minister of the government of the TRANS-Baikal territory Alexander Bardaleev during a public report on work on September 7, said that the average salary in the region exceeds 45 thousand rubles. This was reported on September 7 by the correspondent of “MK in Chita”

In September, banks and the post office will start charging a Commission for housing and utilities payments

In Russia, from September 13, the payment scheme for housing and utilities services will change. When paying via payment services, a Commission will be charged. Previously, Commission interest when paying for housing and utilities services in banks or at the post office was not removed from citizens, because they were included in the tariffs for heat, gas, electricity, water, etc., that is, they were paid by the service providers themselves — resource-supplying enterprises and organizations.

Now the Commission will be paid by customers. The Commission is a fraction of the money transfer service that banks and the post office charge. This includes expenses for the work of operators, payment agent engineers, data storage, transaction security, and so on.

In August, Russia lost more than 75 billion rubles in oil revenues

As reported, oilcapital.ru, the reduction in the actual cost of oil below the base price level led to a serious shortfall in the Russian state budget. At the same time, experts believe that the Russian Federation will be able to receive an additional 21.5 billion rubles from gas and oil trade in September.

Hungary will start buying gas for the first time not from Russia

Hungary will start buying non-Russian gas for the first time. Budapest has signed a contract with the Dutch-British Shell for the supply of 250 million cubic meters of gas per year for six years. Hungarian foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto wrote on Facebook.

The oil and gas industry remains the driver of Russia’s economic development

Russian budget revenues from the oil and gas industry in the last ten years range from 29% to 51%, most of them are accounted for by the sale of crude oil abroad. This confirms that the oil and gas industry remains the driver of the Russian economy

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the oil industry in modern Russia has received a new lease of life, and this is due to the fact that new fields have been developed in the country and production efficiency has increased.

In Britain, talk about the collapse of the oil business

The oil business is in demand due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. Now oil companies are clinging to the petrochemical market. They are actively investing in plastic production. However, now there is a new trend in the world aimed at preserving the planet. The government banned the production of plastic. It is proposed to replace it with biodegradable materials.

The Belarusian opposition leader announced an ultimatum from the authorities

Pavel Latushko, a member of the coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition, said that the authorities of the Republic had given him an ultimatum. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Latushko, he was forced to leave the country, otherwise threatening criminal prosecution. However, he stressed that he plans to return to Belarus and is not going to ask for political asylum in one of the EU countries.

In Belarus, the artillery and tank reserve were brought to the highest combat readiness

The Ministry of defense of Belarus announced the beginning of conscription of military personnel from the reserve. Information about this is published on the official website of the Department. In addition, two artillery bases and one tank base are on high alert. Reservists will take part in command and staff exercises. It is not specified how long they will last. The events are held within the framework of checking the combat readiness of the Belarusian armed forces.

Since September 7, during the next stage of checking the combat readiness of the Armed forces, the 1868th artillery weapons base, the 969th tank reserve base and the 3620th artillery weapons base have been brought to the highest level of combat readiness, RT reports.

The head of the DPR ordered to open fire on Ukrainian positions

According to media reports, the head of the DPR explained his order by the fact that the Ukrainian side ignored the demand of the Donbass to provide an act to eliminate the newly erected trenches and other engineering structures before September 3.

I decided to issue an order to open fire on illegally erected engineering structures in the area of the settlement of Shumy (600 meters North-East of the settlement of Shumy-the area of newly equipped Ukrainian positions), – said in a statement by Mr. Pushilin on the website of the head of the DPR

Peskov said the Kremlin is concerned about the situation in the Donbas

Moscow is concerned about the escalation of tension on the contact line in the Donbas, insists on continuing the ceasefire. This was stated on Monday by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. If this territory returns to the control of official Kiev, the authorities do not intend to restore its economy. This is simply unprofitable for Ukraine….

Zelensky’s office demanded that Russia intervene in the situation in the Donbas

The office of the President of Ukraine demanded that Russia influence the leadership of the DPR and LPR in connection with the aggravation of the situation in the Donbas. This was announced on September 7 by a representative of the press service of the Department in a comment to the Ukrainian news news Agency

The DPR suffered an artillery attack on the positions of the AFU

According to the Deputy head of the people’s militia Department (UNM), Colonel Eduard Basurin, after receiving the report on the situation, Pushilin decided to continue monitoring the situation and postpone the start of the operation to eliminate the Ukrainian fortifications to 10.00 on September 9, 2020

Azerbaijan’s military will not take part in the Caucasus 2020 exercise

According to the press service of the Ministry of defense of the country, two military observers will be sent from Azerbaijan to the event. The Caucasus 2020 maneuvers will be held in the South of the Russian Federation. Initially, it was planned that Belarus, Myanmar, India, Iran and Pakistan would take part in the exercises. At the end of last month, representatives of India said that their military will not arrive in Russia

Ridley Scott confirmed the shooting of a new film about an Alien

American Director Ridley Scott is working on a new film in the Alien universe. He said this in an interview with Forbes magazine. At the same time, the new tape will most likely not overlap with the stories told in the unevenly accepted Prometheus (2012) and the film Alien: Covenant (2017), demiurge clarifies

The trailer for the Comedy “Reverse path” with Robert De Niro has been published

On YouTube posted a trailer for the Comedy ” the Comeback Trail “(the Comeback Trail) with Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and the star of the TV series” Clinic ” Zach Braff in the main roles. Hollywood producer Max Barber (De Niro) vows to pay back money owed to mob boss Reggie Fontaine (Freeman)

Vandals destroyed the exhibition of the women’s history festival in Tomsk

Organizers of the festival of women’s history “Snezi” in Tomsk complained that four vandals damaged several paintings of the exhibition “Implicit relationships”. The incident occurred in the “boiler Room” space, TV2 reports

Galaxy’s goalie didn’t pay for government expenses

The film “Goalkeeper of the galaxy” with a 786-million budget in the second weekend at the box office earned only 20 million rubles. In the best case scenario, the galaxy’s Goalie will be able to count on 15-20 million rubles in the third weekend. Now the drop in fees at the tape, although not too significant (about 45%), but because of such a weak start, the picture may not reach 100 million.

Ozzy Osbourne will no longer be performing with Black Sabbath.

The musician stated this in an interview with Rolling Stone. Ozzy admitted that he recently spoke with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, and he complained that they will remain in the past, because they no longer give concerts

Band Hurts unveils new album “Faith”

The album contains 11 tracks that touch on the most important human feelings and emotions-faith, sadness, doubts. Part of the work on it was carried out during the period of mass isolation

“For me, it was one of the darkest and most difficult periods in my life. I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t do anything, and felt almost nothing. But time passed <…> and gradually I found my way back to music, and in it I found peace and comfort, ” Theo Hutchcraft said on social networks about the creation of the album.

The series “Raised by wolves” is designed for five seasons

The Director and producer of this series is the famous Ridley Scott. Despite the fact that there is only one person in the picture, the series aroused great interest among viewers.

The series has already shown how two robot androids took on the responsibility of raising a child, so that there was at least one person on the planet. I’m waiting for seven more episodes. The first season includes 10 episodes. Screenwriter Aaron Guzikovsky turned to HBO with a proposal to show 5 seasons with clear storylines.

Black widow will be portrayed as a feminist in a solo film

The novelty of the Marvel film universe “Black widow”, which was postponed for six months due to the pandemic, will become a real feminist Manifesto. In particular, the actress Scarlett Johansson says that her character Natasha Romanova is a feminist.

Samsung is preparing to release a fully transparent smartphone

According to rumors, the smartphone will get a transparent display based on OLED and a control system via a touch-sensitive back panel. Technical details and approximate release date of the new product from Samsung remain secret. The company has not yet commented on the rumors.

LG announced the release of the Wing smartphone

The main feature of the LG Wing is two displays located one behind the other. Components of the smartphone can rotate 90°, changing the orientation from portrait to landscape and Vice versa. At the same time, the main 6.8-inch screen in a horizontal position opens access to an additional panel with a diagonal of 4 inches. The release of the device is announced on September 14

AMD will introduce new processors on the Zen3 architecture in October

According to the report, AMD plans to announce processors with the Zen3 architecture. It is noted that AMD does not plan to further develop the Zen2 architecture, switching to a newer architecture. Earlier, AMD announced a new line of Radeon RX 6000 video cards in the video game Fortnite.

Microsoft unveils new Windows features

Users will get simplified access to emojis and gifs, which can be transferred from the clipboard to the text input field using the “Copy” and “Paste”commands.

Simplified voice dialing will also appear in the system. At the same time, the virtual dictation assistant will be able to set punctuation marks independently. The feature will be available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and other languages.

Forget about the sexual education of children

In the Public chamber urged to forget about the sexual education of children. Member of the Commission for family support, motherhood and childhood Elina Zhgutova told the publication “Rise” that this “debauchery” should not be engaged in either school or parents.

“It would be strange to assume that a person who has not been taught the basics of sex in school will not be able to have offspring. We have several millennia of experience. I think that nature will tell you. Parents don’t have to say anything directly. If they laugh at a bawdy joke or demonstrate vulgarity themselves, it corrupts the child. If they turn away, make a comment, or use their facial expressions to describe what they see on the screen, the child gets the right impression of what chastity is.”

A disabled teenager without legs and arms was given a mechanical wheelchair

In the village of Sinitsyna of the Ishim district of the Tyumen region, 17-year-old disabled child Serafim Denisov, who has no hands and can’t walk, allegedly received a regular wheelchair from the social protection service, which requires hand effort to move. Vladimir Voronin, an Ishim blogger, wrote about the problem. In the Department of social development of the Tyumen region, they say that no wheelchair was given to him – he has no evidence for this. And they recommend that you re-pass the Commission of medical and social expertise.

Several dozen supporters of Julian Assange gathered outside the London court.

On Monday, hearings on the merits of the case for the extradition of the Wikileaks founder to the United States began in the British capital. According to the earlier decision of judge Vanessa Baraitser, the hearing must be held in the presence of the accused in the courtroom, they will last three or four weeks.

Foreign mercenaries on the side of the militia of the republics of Donbass

The office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened criminal cases on the facts of participation of more than 100 foreign citizens in the fighting on the side of the militia of the republics of Donbass.

This was announced by Deputy Prosecutor General Gunduz Mammadov in an interview with Radio Liberty. “The geography of the countries of origin of mercenaries is very diverse and consists of more than 30 countries, including France, the Czech Republic and even Chile. The largest number of them so far are from Spain and Serbia-27 people each, Moldova-26, France-20.

International investigation into the poisoning of Alexei Navalny

On Thursday, MEPs at a meeting with representatives of the EU external relations service will discuss the possibility of launching an international investigation into the poisoning of Alexey Navalny. David McAllister, Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee, told Open media about this. More than 130 MEPs have already signed a request to launch such an investigation with the assistance of the Council of Europe and the UN.

To do this, an international investigation team can be created (as in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing), and the German authorities should start the investigation, according to Navalny’s associates. Such a team can investigate tests, interview witnesses to Navalny’s flight, and demand that Moscow access evidence from the crime scene.