9 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/08/2020

The state border Committee of Belarus confirmed that Maria Kolesnikova, a member of the coordinating Council (CC) of the Belarusian opposition, was detained, and representatives of the CC of the Belarusian opposition Ivan Kravtsov and Anton Rodnenkov left the territory of the Republic. The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko emphasized that departure of Messrs. Rodnenkov and Kravtsov from Belarus was “forcible expulsion”.

The former candidate for presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski demanded the release of the member of coordination Council (KS) oppositions Maria Kolesnikova. According to the politician, all other political prisoners and members of the constitutional court who were detained earlier should be released together with Kolesnikova.

The Kremlin refused to recognize the presence of political prisoners in Belarus

The Kremlin does not agree that there are political prisoners in Belarus. This was stated by the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports TASS.

“We are not ready to recognize in General, in principle, the presence of political prisoners in Belarus. We cannot make any generalization, we do not agree with this interpretation. We need to consider each specific case. We consider it wrong to put labels and generalizations like this,” Peskov said, thus responding to the call of the Belarusian opposition to release political prisoners.

He urged not to call those detained in Belarus political prisoners

The head of the Russian HRC Valery Fadeev told the newspaper “Rise” not to call political prisoners detained at protests in Belarus

I think it’s too loud to talk about political prisoners in Belarus. There is social tension, there are unrest, huge rallies, there are detainees, there are already punished, fined — there is a serious political struggle going on, but I would not say that people who have received fines now or are still in prison are political prisoners. We also have rallies in Russia, violations of the law, and these participants of rallies or pickets are fined and punished, but this does not mean that these people are political prisoners, even if they have served 15 days of administrative arrest

When asked to define the term “political prisoner”, Fadeev replied: “I Can’t. This is not a 30-second conversation, this is a serious matter»

The political scientist accused Minsk of trying to discredit Kolesnikova

The Belarusian authorities tried to expel Maria Kolesnikova, a member of the Presidium of the coordinating Council of the opposition, from the country and present it as an escape in order to discredit her in the eyes of the population. This is the opinion of Belarusian political scientist Dmitry Bolkunets.

Rostelecom closes Sputnik search engine

Rostelecom closed the project of the national search engine Sputnik, launched in 2014. CNews was the first to notice this. The search query entry line has disappeared from the main page of the Sputnik website.

Salaries of public sector employees in Russia will be indexed

Salaries of employees of Federal state, budgetary and Autonomous institutions will be indexed by 3% from October 1. The corresponding order was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

Roskomnadzor accused Google of censorship

Roskomnadzor accused Google of censorship because of restrictions imposed on the film ” Beslan. Alexander Rogatkin’s film ” on the video hosting YouTbe

In a letter from the Agency, sent on Monday to the management of Google LLC, it says that the film is marked by the video hosting administration as unacceptable. Considering the actions of the YouTube administration as an act of censorship, Roskomnadzor demanded strict compliance with the law on information dissemination when working with Google services in the Russian Federation — the statement reads

The new law has put the sale of imported alcohol at risk

Russian stores began to refuse to accept part of their products from suppliers of imported alcohol due to the new law “on viticulture and winemaking in the Russian Federation”, which came into force on June 26, 2020. According to the new law, the manufacturer must write on the label the place of origin and the year of harvest of grapes, but this is not always possible, writes RBC

In Morocco, are allowed to fly on Royal Air Maroc from visa-free countries

Citizens of countries that do not require a visa to enter Morocco can use flights of the Kingdom’s national airline, Royal Air Maroc, if they have an invitation from a Moroccan company or a confirmed hotel reservation. This is reported by the publication Morocco World News on September 7

About river cruises in Russia

Due to the closed borders, many Russian tourists had to rest in their native country this year. And for some, this holiday was quite shocking. So, tourists told about river cruises – for two weeks of travel on the Lena river, they had to pay more than 350 thousand rubles. At the same time, the ship was assembled in Soviet times – in the 1980s.

The price of the cruise included a cabin with an area of 11 square meters, designed for four passengers. The price also included three meals a day, a disco, and several walking tours. But for insurance, drinks at the bar, flights to Yalta and back, and other excursions, you had to pay extra. The tour along the Yenisei river cost twice as much.

Russians warned about rising prices for sunflower oil and seeds

The serious sunflower crop failure that threatens Russia may cause a rapid increase in prices for products made on its basis. This is stated in the report of the SovEcon center. According to analysts, this year’s crop is expected to be 11.8 million tons of oilseeds, which is 23 percent lower than last year’s figure and will lead to an increase in prices by at least 20%, SovEcon predicts.

Russians have a record mortgage debt

The total debt of Russians on housing loans exceeded the mark of 8 trillion rubles, which corresponds to 44.7 percent of the total debt of citizens for all types of retail loans. This is stated in the materials of the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki), received by the editorial Office of . For the second quarter of 2020, mortgage debt increased by 1.2 percentage points — a record value of the last three years.

In Russia, the cost of three vital medicines has increased

An increase in the price of ibuprofen, fluconazole and Metformin, which are included in the list of vital and essential medicines (VED), was recorded by the analytical company DSM Group.

Bank Rossiya became the only private lender of Utair

Bank Rossiya, one of Utair’s largest creditors, bought up Its debts from all private banks. Now the share of “Russia” in the syndicate of creditors is almost 48%.This was reported to RBC by two sources-a person close to the participants in the negotiations on debt restructuring and an interlocutor in one of the banks that sold their stake.

The Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill for a new pension reform

The new legal act is intended to replace the individual pension capital (PPI), which has been frozen since 2014. The main goal of the new law is to create a state system in which citizens can make pension savings on a voluntary basis. The program should be suitable both for individuals to independently generate savings, and for corporate programs. This is reported by the publication Argumenti.ru….

Nord stream 2 will pay off only in 30 years

Washington has a very strong lobby in Europe that implements the plans of American gas suppliers. Already, there is a sharp decline in prices for liquefied fuel, which is becoming cheaper than its Russian counterpart. It is becoming more profitable for Europeans to buy American raw materials, despite the significant transport costs. There is a danger that even if SP-2 is completed, its payback period will shift from 8 to 30 years”, – head of the analytical Department of AMarkets Artem Deev.

Poland has agreed to buy Javelin missile systems from the United States

Poland has agreed to buy FGM-148F Javelin anti-tank missile systems in the United States, according to the Polish army weapons Inspectorate. It is also noted that at the beginning of the year, negotiations were completed on the delivery of f-35A Lightning II multi-purpose aircraft to Poland, along with a logistics and training package. Under this agreement, the Republic’s air force will receive 32 aircraft. The first of them will be delivered to Poland in 2025-2026.

India accuses China of firing on line of control in Ladakh

India has accused China of firing on the line of control in Ladakh. This was reported by the local military. They said that forces of the people’s liberation army of the people’s Republic of China fired several times in the air on September 7 while trying to approach the forward positions of the new Delhi army.

The US Navy received a deeply modernized destroyer

The us Navy included the destroyer USS Delbert D. Black, a modernized type of Arleigh Burke Flight IIA: Technology Insertion. One of the differences from the earlier series is the reduced radar visibility

Prince Ernst August V of Hanover was arrested in Austria

Prince Ernst August V of Hanover was arrested in the Federal state of Upper Austria after threatening a servant and damaging property, the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported on Tuesday

Turkey has banned to travel standing in public transport

Standing on public transport in Turkey is prohibited due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus, President of the Republic Tayyip Erdogan said. As the head of the Turkish Ministry of health Fahrettin koja said earlier, the coronavirus pandemic in the country has reached its second peak.

Lukashenka’s wallet purchased real estate in London

One of the most famous “sponsors” of Belarusian state projects – entrepreneur Vladimir peftiev-bought real estate in the UK capital for 1.8 billion Russian rubles (18 million pounds), the Times reported. The material was published under the title “London family homes associated with the dictator”.

Trump has threatened to punish companies for creating jobs in China

Us President Donald trump has threatened to strip government contracts from companies that will create jobs in China. According to Bloomberg, he said this at a press conference at the White house

Samsung Electronics to close TV factory in China

South Korean company Samsung Electronics will close one of the Chinese factories for the production of televisions. This is reported by KBS with reference to industry sources.

Lukashenka’s plane was spotted in Switzerland

An eight-seat VIP airliner, allegedly linked to the family of Alexander Lukashenko, has been parked at Basel airport since August 30. This information is available in the Swiss publication Tages-Anzeiger.

The article, translated by the Inopressa website, notes that the new Gulfstream G550 business jet, produced in 2019, worth more than $60 million, is “painted in the colors of the Belarusian flag”. The same red-green livery of the Belarusian “bort # 1” – Boeing-747

The diplomatic mission of Minsk called the data on the stay of the plane with Belarusian symbols in the Swiss city 100% false

Bulgaria is ready to receive Russian tourists

Bulgaria is ready to resume receiving Russian tourists, Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Minister of tourism Marijana Nikolova said at the opening of the international forum on tourism “leisure 2020”.

Putin’s classmate told about the plot against the President

Conspirators planning to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin have infiltrated all state structures, including the defense Ministry, the Kremlin, and the FSB. This was told by a fellow student of the head of state Yuri Shvets.

“There is a group of conspirators. Conspirators in the Putin administration, the defense Ministry, and the FSB. And, according to the confession of one of the members of this group, through him information is transmitted to American intelligence. And he told about it himself, ” – says Shvets

Former presidential aide Surkov returns to politics

Former Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov is returning to politics. This is reported by the telegram channel WarGonzo journalist Semyon Pegov with reference to sources in the presidential administration

After a brief retirement, the former Putin aide is returning to politics. Most likely – to the Belarusian direction, however, in what status-so far remains a mystery, – the message says.

The opposition nominated Saakashvili for the post of Prime Minister of Georgia

Saakashvili’s nomination was announced by the leader of the United national movement party Grigol Vashadze at a special briefing in Tbilisi. According to him, the former President will get the post of Prime Minister if the opposition forces win the parliamentary elections in October.

Saakashvili agreed to become Prime Minister of Georgia

Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said that he is ready to become the head of the country’s government if the victory in the parliamentary elections goes to his supporters. At the same time, Saakashvili said that he has two conditions. First, he intends to serve as Prime Minister for no more than two years.

I will arrive in conditions that will not cause any confrontations and riots. It is very important that everything happens peacefully, because at the time I handed over the leadership peacefully and now I really do not plan to come to power by riots

The US is going to deal a new blow to China

The US authorities are ready to take a step that will deal China another blow in the trade war. According to the New York Times, the administration of us President Donald trump is now thinking about banning the import of cotton products from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region (XUAR) in northwestern China. The reason is an alleged violation of human rights

The opposition has started forming self-defense units in Belarus

In Belarus, representatives of the opposition decided to start forming self-defense units. We are talking about creating people’s squads, as reported by the telegram channel NEXTA Live.

According to the data provided, such detachments are planned to be formed in microdistricts of cities to ensure self-defense against representatives of the Republic’s law enforcement agencies. Citizens are being urged to take control of entrances and courtyards of residential apartment buildings. To perform coordination, representatives of the opposition forces intend to use closed chats in the telegram messenger.

The political scientist accused Minsk of trying to discredit Kolesnikova

The Belarusian authorities tried to expel Maria Kolesnikova, a member of the Presidium of the coordinating Council of the opposition, from the country and present it as an escape in order to discredit her in the eyes of the population. This is the opinion of Belarusian political scientist Dmitry Bolkunets.

A schoolgirl who was forcibly placed for subscribing to the public was released from a mental health clinic

A 14-year-old schoolgirl who was forcibly hospitalized for subscribing to a public about Columbine was released from a Krasnoyarsk psychiatric clinic. This was reported by the head of the human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov, referring to the family’s lawyer Vladimir Vasin.

“It was a difficult two weeks. We have already described in detail how the FSB, the management of the dispensary and local officials justified their illegal actions. There is still an appeal against the court’s decision on compulsory hospitalization and calls to the IC, psychological rehabilitation and Alena’s return to school, ” Vasin said.

On August 26, FSB officers came to the schoolgirl and eight other teenagers with searches in bulletproof vests and with machine guns. The children were sent to a mental hospital. According to security officials, they were in a closed group about shooting in American schools and were preparing for “active actions”. The girl’s mother said that she agreed to be hospitalized under pressure. Later, doctors refused to let the teenager go home.

To the apartment of the editor of the Belarusian publication Tut.by Galina Ulasik security forces came

The apartment is being searched, and ulasik is not allowed to see Her lawyer. The journalist’s daughter Valeria was detained. She told the correspondent of Tut.it should be noted that she was detained not only under administrative procedure under article 23.34 of the administrative Code (participation in an unauthorized action), but also on suspicion of participating in mass riots.

Navalny’s headquarters in Novosibirsk was attacked

Three volunteers of Navalny’s headquarters in Novosibirsk were taken to the hospital after the attack on the organization’s office. This was reported to Open media by the office Manager of the headquarters Antonina Arefeva.

“They were all sick, they were all hot, they were slow, and they all had double vision,” Arefeva says. She went to the hospital to accompany the victims. The volunteers were conscious when they were taken away by doctors, said project Manager of Navalny’s headquarters Olga Guseva, who was in the room at the time of the attack.

Earlier, the Director of FBK Ivan Zhdanov wrote in his Telegram channel that the headquarters in Novosibirsk was attacked by an unknown person, using a certain chemical substance. “The unknown person threw the bottle and ran away,” he said

Convicts will be involved in processing titanium ores in Komi

Russian Russian Federal penitentiary service reports that during the working visit, the Minister of justice Konstantin Chuichenko and the Director of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia Alexander Kalashnikov signed a cooperation agreement with the government of the Republic, JSC “Russian titanium resources” and JSC “Russian mineral resources”. The document concerns the involvement of convicts to work in order to create a mining and metallurgical complex in the region for processing titanium ores and quartz (glass) Sands of the Pizhemskoye field.

Russia’s largest mining company is operating in negative territory

Rosneft completed the first half of 2020 with a net loss of 113 billion rubles, according to the IFRS statements published today.

More than half of young Americans now live with their parents

According to data from July of this year, 52% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 live with their parents (or one of their parents). Given the fact that in the United States (unlike, for example, Italy, and even Russia), the culture of long-term living with parents has never been particularly high-the figures are very high.

The previous record was in the 1940s, during the war: 48%. In General, this figure increases during periods of economic crisis, and falls during quiet periods (in the 1960s, only 29% of Americans aged 18-29 lived with their parents).

Netflix has released a trailer for the new adaptation of the Thriller “Rebecca”

Netflix has released a trailer for the new version of the dramatic Thriller “Rebecca”, directed by Ben Wheatley (“Shootout”). The film is a new adaptation of the novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier. The plot tells the story of a young rich man who lost his wife Rebecca.

Announced entertainment the Grand Prix of Russia “Formula 1” in Sochi

Promoter of racing “Formula 1” VTB the Russian Grand Prix that will be held in Sochi from 24 to 27 September, announced a full schedule of entertainment events. Guests will enjoy three concerts, a festival of drive and motors, entertainment in the F1 Fanzone.

In St. Petersburg at the Hermitage installed a giant statue

“The new Thriller of the Hermitage” can be seen in St. Petersburg in the courtyard of the world-famous Museum, reports ToDay News Ufa. This is what Dmitry Ozerkov, head of the Hermitage’s Department of contemporary art, called the giant statue that is currently being installed. The work is being carried out in preparation for a new exhibition by one of the most famous contemporary Chinese artists, Zhang Huan.

The world Union of the old believers, will open the festival named after Savva Mamontov

By establishing a documentary film festival, we solve two problems: first of all, we get out from under the Bush the unfairly forgotten name of Savva Mamontov, whom many of his contemporaries compared to the famous Cosimo de ‘ Medici for his patronage contribution to the culture of the Silver age of Russia, the Interfax news Agency quotes the head of the Union Leonid Sevastyanov.

New Order released a new single Be a Rebel

British Synthpop band New Order released their first single in five years, “Be a Rebel”. The track is available digitally, on LP and CD, and the single includes remixes of it. It is not yet known whether the musicians are preparing an album or another release

Microsoft introduced the budget Xbox series s console

Microsoft has officially introduced the budget console Xbox Series S, which will be the “Junior” in the new line. This was reported on Tuesday, September 8, in the publication of the official Twitter account Xbox

NVIDIA introduced new video cards

New GeForce RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 are designed to provide high performance in video games, as well as in video and graphics processing and in streams. The flagship GeForce RTX 3090 has 24 GB of memory, so the device can support running games in 8K format with a frame rate of 60 FPS.

A computer simulation helped the scientists to “see” dark matter

Scientists from the Harvard and Smithsonian center for astrophysics have used computer simulations to determine what dark matter might look like. It is believed that this substance makes up 85% of the total mass of the Universe, but since it does not interact with light, it is impossible to consider it

AMD is preparing to release a ten-core line of Ryzen processors

AMD plans to release a new line of Ryzen processors based on the Zen 3 architecture. This was reported by an insider related to software development. In addition, he claims that the processors will get ten cores each.

Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in speech perception in children

For perception in children, both hemispheres of the brain are involved. This conclusion was made by scientists at Georgetown University in Washington (USA). They published their research in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Flies use their eyes to control their wings

It turned out that limited head movements reduce the reaction speed of flies, have a bad effect on their flight. Drosophila eyes can react 4 times faster than the wings or body of the fastest creatures

Scientists have identified a new type of crustacean in the hottest desert on Earth

In the deshte LUT desert, where there are almost no permanent reservoirs, scientists from Iran and Germany managed to find a previously unknown species of crustaceans. They dedicated this discovery to the famous biologist Hadi Fahimi and named the new species accordingly-Phallocryptus fahimii.

Scientists have created the world’s first robot bird

Scientists have created the world’s first winged robot that does not just stay in the air, but can take off, soar and perform sharp maneuvers just like birds and bats do

Robots for elderly care have been tested in the UK

Bedfordshire University, Middlesex University and Advinia Health Care have conducted a study that claims that robots can be implemented to help older people on a daily basis, as they can improve their mental health and reduce feelings of loneliness. The results of the study are published today by the Expressandstar portal.

Researchers who tested a “culturally competent” robot called Pepper in nursing homes in the UK noticed a significant improvement in the subjects ‘ mental health

Sweden has developed a molecule for collecting and storing solar energy

New opportunities for storing solar energy have been found by scientists from the Swedish University of Linkoping (LiU). They created a molecule that can absorb the energy of sunlight, storing it in chemical bonds. It is able to effectively catch solar energy and store it.

Genes found to help fish grow new body parts

Scientists from the Stowers Institute for medical research in Kansas have found out which genes help fish regrow lost body parts. Some species of marine life are able to restore not only tissues, but also limbs, as well as fragments of the spinal cord

The Indian civilization died because of climate change

Researchers were able to create a timeline of the intensity of monsoons in South Asia by determining the amount of a certain isotope in stalagmites from a cave in the region. The work of mathematicians from the Rochester Institute of Technology is described in Popular mechanics.

Scientists were able to restore the climatic conditions that existed thousands of years ago in the Indus river valley. As it turned out, shortly before the disappearance of civilization, after 2000 BC, there were significant changes in the structure of the monsoon. The nature of the monsoon changed dramatically, which in turn led to a change in precipitation levels. Thus, scientists have received mathematical proof of the death of the Indian civilization as a result of climate change

Scientists have claimed the ability of plants to learn and remember events

Plants can communicate, count, make decisions, remember information and recognize their relatives, said Umberto Castiello, a Professor At the University of Padua in Italy. Plants don’t have brains, but research confirms they have cognitive abilities.

Sea snails with round shells refused to sink vertically

American engineers have linked the speed of swimming and diving of several species of tropical sea snails to the shape of their shells and body size. In both types of movement, the slowest snails were those with a spiral shell, and the fastest were those with a round shell. Interestingly, when passive diving under the influence of gravity to slow down snails with a round shell deviate from the vertical by 20 degrees, scientists write in Frontiers in Marine Science.

American scientists have determined which people are better at” reading ” emotions

The authors of the study report :” we found that people from lower social strata are better able to recognize emotions on other people’s faces and better visually perceive another person. This is consistent with work that suggests that people from the lower classes are more likely to socialize.”