10 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/09/2019

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Putin congratulated Kim Jong-UN on the 71st anniversary of the DPRK

Relations between the Russian Federation and the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea are friendly and constructive. This is stated in the congratulatory telegram that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent to North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the formation of the DPRK, the Korean newspaper “Joseon Ilbo”reports today, September 9.

Russian housing costs twice as fast as the world average

Over the past year, Russia has risen from 46th to 19th place in the global House Price Index (GHPI) ranking compiled by Knight Frank. According to the company, in the second quarter of 2019, the average cost of housing in Russia increased by 6.9% in annual terms, which is twice the global average (3.4%). And if in the world the growth of housing prices is slowing, in Russia the trend is reversed: in January-June 2018, the average cost of housing in Russia grew by 1.5% year — on-year (that is, the pace accelerated by almost five times), and in the world-by 4.7% (that is, slowed by 1.4 times).

GHPI tracks the dynamics of real estate values in national currencies in 56 countries. Official statistics are used for the calculation. In Russia, the company is focused on the indices of Rosstat, according to which a typical apartment in the primary market in the second quarter was worth 58,5 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m in the secondary — 52,8 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m. Is 6.7% and 6% higher than last year respectively.

Voting in the elections combined with medical examination

In the village of Broad in the district of Sevastopol voting in the elections of deputies of the legislative Assembly is carried out simultaneously with mass medical examination. This was told by acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev, who visited the polling station.

“It’s great that our medics held today in parallel with the vote on the plan this is a rather serious examination, which allows a place for the people who live here, to be quite a large number of experts and specialists, which, at times, long enough to expect a record” – he told reporters.

Razvozhaev added that Broad was going to “color specialists” in medicine of Sebastopol, including the oncological service.

Golunov became a laureate of the journalism award “Kamerton»

Correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov became the winner of the “tuning Fork”, said the head of the Union of journalists of Russia (szhr) Vladimir Solovyov. The prize was established by the SVR in memory of Anna Politkovskaya who was killed in 2006.

British Airways canceled 1.5 thousand flights because of the pilots ‘ strike

British Airways was forced to cancel 1,500 flights because of the pilots ‘ strike, which is due to begin on Monday night and last two days. As noted on the airline’s website, passengers of canceled flights should not come to the airports.

Driver status monitoring systems may become mandatory

The installation of driver status tracking systems based on facial recognition technology may become mandatory in public and freight transport within a few years. This Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”, published on Monday

PJSC “Yunipro” gave Sharipova set street force equipment.

The symbolic ribbon at the opening of the new sports facility was cut by Director of the branch “Berezovskaya TPP”, PJSC “Yunipro” Sergey Reichel and the head of the city Sharypovo Natalia Petrovskaya. The mayor thanked the power engineers Yunipro given to Sharipova additional opportunity to engage in physical activities and sports, improve your athletic achievements and preserve health, and also asked residents to take care of the donated equipment.

Matpomosch for undergraduate and graduate students is proposed to exempt from personal income tax

Financial assistance paid by universities to students and postgraduates is offered to be exempt from personal income tax (personal income tax) if the amount of payments does not exceed 4 thousand rubles per year

Because of forest fires in the Altai region run bears and wolves

In some areas of the Altai territory, meetings of people with wild animals became more frequent. Experts associate the emergence of bears, wolves, lynxes and wild boars in the region with migration from neighboring regions

Telegram-channel: seaboard — not a dump!

September 15, 2019 at 14: 00 at the station Shies on the initiative of activists of the Arkhangelsk region and the Republic of Komi will be a public statement of environmental activists about the Commune inhabiting the area of the station Shies.

The decision is planned by citizens living there at the call of the heart, and not by virtue of an official order or contract (police and PSC, landfill builders, employees of Russian Railways, etc.).

* Commune on Shies – a community of citizens who are (including temporarily) in the area of the station Shies Lensky district of the Arkhangelsk region in order to live in harmony with nature, its joint protection and joint arrangement of their place of residence.

— The initiative group Net Urdoma.

What types of media take most people’s time ?

The daily time that every consumer around the world will spend online this year is projected to be 170 minutes a day, roughly 3 hours a day. Consumers are expected to spend 192 minutes online by 2021.

By comparison, the daily length of a printed newspaper is projected to be reduced to 9 minutes, while in 2021 the time of a printed magazine is estimated to be about 4 minutes per day.

Parental benefits will grow in Russia

It is reported that the Federal budget will allocate three times more funds for the benefits for the first child, starting from 2020, than in 2019. As it became known, the growth of monthly payments on average will increase by 7% and reach the figure of 12 thousand rubles.

In Russia proposed to establish a single minimum price for cigarettes

State Duma deputies proposed to introduce a minimum price for tobacco products in Russia. According to parliamentarians, such a measure will reduce the availability of cigarettes and help prevent the import of counterfeit and contraband, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on budget and taxes Sergey Katasonov

“The bill that we will introduce will fix the minimum price. It will depend on the tax burden and will be automatically recalculated every year. For example, the rate of excise duty, VAT is changing — all this will be put into the formula, and every year we will receive a new price,” the parliamentary newspaper quotes the Deputy.

The state decided to invest pension savings of Russians

As found “Kommersant”, approved Home.Of the Russian Federation, Central Bank and Ministry of Finance a road map for the development of mortgage-backed securities (MBS), in fact, was reduced to promoting one type — odnotrahniki guaranteed by the Corporation. It is assumed that the demand for such securities will also be provided by the state: VEB will be allowed to invest pension savings in them, state companies and state corporations will be able to buy them. This, according to officials, will attract about 7 trillion rubles to the ICB

Russian managers do not want to learn how to manage

Personnel monitoring Russian manufacturing companies on average use only 43% of structured management practices-compared with 62% in the United States, according to the world Bank (WB) study “Management potential and efficiency of enterprises in Russia.”

In Komi, four out of every ten companies operate at a loss

According to Comistat, the balanced financial result (profit minus loss) of the organizations of the Republic in January-June amounted to 61.7 billion rubles, which is 14.6% more than in the same period last year.

The report does not include small businesses, state and municipal institutions, insurance and budget organizations, banks.

“Centers of attraction” in 85 billion rubles

“Russian post” is going to transform its branches into institutions of a fundamentally new format. It is assumed that they will combine the functions of shops (with a license to sell alcohol), pharmacies, banks and MFC. Perhaps, telemedicine — remote reception of patients-will be added to this list.

The name will also change: in place of all the usual post offices will be “centers of attraction” — at least so they are designated in the concept of development, designed for 2020-2027 years. The 80-page document has not yet been published in the public domain, and such a desire for secrecy can be understood. The management of the” Russian Post ” estimates the changes at 85 billion rubles. 66.4 billion should go to technical modernization; 10.8 billion for capital repairs of offices; 7.7 billion for the expansion of their area.

Gas reserves in Ukraine reached a seven-year high

Gas reserves in underground storage of Ukraine exceeded 18.7 billion cubic meters, This was the highest level in the last seven years, the press service of “Naftogaz” on the Facebook page. The company said that it pumps 78 million cubic meters of gas per day

Corporations worldwide is at a record pace

During the first week, the companies sold bonds worth $150 billion. Note that the placement took place in different currencies: dollars, euros and yen. About half of the total volume came from us companies – $72 billion, and it was also a record in the history of observations. By the way, in this short period of time more bonds were sold than in the whole of August, Bloomberg writes.

“Transneft” has refused from the idea of independent examinations of the quality of oil

“Transneft” has given his answer of “Rosneft” on involving in quality control, export of oil, independent experts, reports the website transneft.ru. The oil company does not consider it necessary to involve independent experts for quality control of oil in the pipeline. Rosneft’s proposal was rejected.

Goskomzema Khakassia opened a e-shop for purchasing a small volume

E-shop allows customers Khakassia to place on a special website information about the planned purchase of products, to receive proposals from potential suppliers, to choose the one that most fully meets the requirements for the price-quality ratio, and to conclude contracts in electronic form

China invests $280 billion in Iran’s oil and gas industry

China is going to invest $280 billion in the Iranian energy sector (oil, gas and petrochemical production), according to the specialized magazine Petroleum Economist, citing sources close to the Iranian Ministry of oil.

Brazil considers involvement of Belarus in oil production

Brazil is considering the possibility of attracting Belarusian companies to the project on the development of new oil fields and oil production. This was announced by Brazilian Ambassador to Belarus Paulo Fernando Diaz Feres.

Platinum price rises above $1,000 per 1 ounce

The growth rate of the precious metal futures contract price was 1.7 %. The price on the new York stock exchange reached $1000,8 for 1 ounce, but the London – $987,30 per ounce.

Ukraine began to buy coal in Colombia

Ukraine began to buy coal in Colombia. “DTEK Energo” bought 88 thousand tons of coal of the gas group from Colombia, and at the Odessa terminal coal is already unloaded, after which it will be sent to thermal power plants.

China to set new rice yield record

The hybrid rice breeding project started in China in 1996. Since then, hybrid rice has broken the record for five consecutive yields, consistently yielding 105, 120, 135, 150 and 165 quintals per hectare. The next record of 180 quintals per hectare is not the limit, according to breeders.

In the North of China revealed an underground plant for the production of tobacco

Police in Shanxi province in Northern China detained 64 suspects in the manufacture and sale of counterfeit cigarettes, according to 9 September Xinhua news Agency. More than 2,300 boxes of smuggled cigarettes were seized, and their total value can be estimated at around 30 million yuan (about $4.2 million).

Putin congratulated Kim Jong-UN on the 71st anniversary of the DPRK

Relations between the Russian Federation and the Democratic people’s Republic of Korea are friendly and constructive. This is stated in the congratulatory telegram that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent to North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the formation of the DPRK, the Korean newspaper “Joseon Ilbo”reports today, September 9.

The DPR reported the imminent launch of trains to Moscow and St. Petersburg

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin said that the issue of resuming direct rail links to Russia is being worked out. Trains can start to go to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, reports ” Donetsk news Agency”

The CEC said the intervention of Facebook and Google in the Russian elections

Nikolay Bulaev, Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation, said that the materials published by Facebook and Google are interference in the internal Affairs of our country.

Investigate police violence against demonstrators in Moscow

UN high Commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet supported the proposal of the UN human rights Council to investigate acts of police violence against demonstrators in Moscow this summer. She said this today in her speech during the opening session of the UN human rights Council in Geneva

Earlier on August 21, Agora appealed to three UN special rapporteurs – on torture, the right to freedom of opinion and the right to freedom of peaceful Assembly in connection with numerous cases of dispersal of peaceful demonstrations in Moscow in July – August this year.

The leading countries for installations of pirated software

The first place in the world “piracy ranking” is occupied by Libya and Zimbabwe with the rate of use of unlicensed SOFTWARE at the level of 90%.

Moldova and Armenia are in second place with the use of unlicensed software – 86%. Belarus also entered the top three of the rating (85%). For comparison: in the United States, the level of use of unlicensed SOFTWARE is, according to the study, 17%, in Japan-18%, in Australia – 20%, and in Germany – 22%.

Ufa will host the Festival of national cultures ” Melodies and rhythms of Asia»

On September 15, the festival of national cultures of the peoples of Asia “Melodies and rhythms of Asia”will be held in the Park of culture named after Ivan Yakutov. It will be held as part of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the house of friendship of peoples of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The festival of immersive performances will be held in Chelyabinsk for the first time

Black performance will be dedicated to the work of innovator, avant-garde and philosopher Kazimir Malevich. Will open festival a joint project of the Chelyabinsk community of actors with FB-shop. The audience will see a theatrical version of Gogol’s story “old-world landlords”.

Tom Hanks will play in the film about astronaut Matt Mason

A popular Hollywood actor and the owner of two Oscar statuettes, the legendary Tom Hanks will appear on the screens in the image of the beloved American toy of the 60s-the brave astronaut Major Matt Mason.

The plot of the new film is based on the story of astronaut Matt Mason, about his mission on the moon, collecting information from the satellite, as well as about the relationship with his team. This story came from the pen of Pulitzer prize winner Michael Chabon.

The film about the victory over Russia was awarded the prize of the Venice film festival

The film is a dystopia Ukrainian Director Valentine Vasyanovich “Atlantis” marked as the best film of the program “Horizons” the jury 76 th Venice international film festival, September 8, reported the press service of the state of Ukraine. The film “Atlantis” tells about the future victory in the war with Russia.

French newspaper Le Figaro called Kiev the Russian capital

French newspaper Le Figaro called Kiev the Russian capital. About it mass media of Ukraine began to write. As noted, the newspaper published a video on the website, which depicts Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Also in the upper left corner indicated geolocation of the leader: “Kiev, Russia”.

It is specified that the video is dated September 7. It Zelensky speaks at a briefing. The story tells about the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine.

Free screenings of Korean cinema will be held in Moscow

Free screenings of Korean cinema will be held in Moscow from 11 to 13 September. The event is organized by the cultural center of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Russia in honor of the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema.

In 2019, the first season of the series “miracle Workers”was released.

The action takes place in heaven, where God arrogant and capricious suddenly decides that it’s time for the end of the world. The whole working atmosphere is like chaos and idleness, and only the employees of the “prayer Department” think that the earth is not so bad and decide to give it another chance by making a bet with God.

The winner of the competition Tariverdiev became Ivan Tatarinov from USA

On Sunday, the names of the winners of the XI international competition of organists named after Mikael Tariverdiev became known. The first place and the Grand Prix of the competition-figure “Organ angel” of amber went to born in Russia and living in the United States Ivan Tatarinov.

Russian Railways offers a new service

The shipping company, Russian Railways offers passengers with disabilities a new service in Vladivostok, said DEITA.RU. On his page in Facebook local resident posted a shocking photo of the famous sign with the new service.

Its essence lies in the fact that employees of Russian Railways are ready to help people with limited mobility to get to the platform from 8 to 17 hours at the railway station “Sedanka”. Everything would be fine, only the waiting time is an hour and a half.

Apple accused of violating China’s labor laws

According to the us edition of Bloomberg, Apple and Foxconn have been accused by the human rights group China Labor Watch of violating Chinese labor law. With the help of undercover assistants working at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory, the group was able to find that temporary workers made up about half of the Assembly shop’s workforce last month. This fact is a gross violation of Chinese labor law, according to which this type of workers should not exceed 10% of the total workforce of the enterprise.

Apple will change the usual position of the “Apple” logo in the new iPhone

Technology giant Apple has decided to change the traditional position of the “Apple” logo in new devices. The presentation of the iPhone with the updated design is expected on September 10, according to mark Gurman, representing Bloomberg.

Lenovo has developed a 7-inch “smart” display

Lenovo was among the first to develop new types of devices — “smart” displays. And, apparently, such gadgets of the company are quite popular that Lenovo has supplemented the range of its own “smart” displays with a more compact solution, on the background of 8 and 10-inch predecessors, with a screen size of 7 inches.

In Windows 10, you can call from your smartphone

As one of the users noticed, the option is already working. It allows you to make calls directly on your computer from your smartphone and manage them. As soon as the function is activated, the Calls item will appear in the main menu of the application.

Google Maps suspected of supporting opponents of abortion

It’s all about responding to Google Maps ‘ request for an abortion facility, which sends it straight to anti-abortion centers. This fact was found out by journalists from America, in turn, in Google insist that these are only shortcomings of the filtering system, and not corporate policy.
Smartphone PinePhone running Linux will be released in 2020

The creators of the platform is ready for software developers to transfer PinePhone smartphones running Linux with shell KDE Plasma. In the heart of the smartphone PinePhone will be Allwinner64 processor, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory.

Telegram posted a test version of its blockchain network in open access

6 September the Telegram posted in the General access a test version of its blockchain network TON, according to The Bell. A number of companies have had limited access to the system since may. According to experts, this is the last test run before the official launch of the blockchain.

British cows will become users of cloud services

Farmers from Somerset County are going to conduct a rather interesting experiment with the use of cloud technologies in their farms. They plan to conduct a round-the-clock survey of 180 cows using cloud services and 5G networks.

It will be possible to learn about new public procurement through e-mail

Created alternative search public tenders called poisktenderov.ru. It was developed by the company IZHTENDER. The new service provides for sending notifications of tenders to state and municipal customers by e-mail.

Scientists managed to rejuvenate people at the level of DNA

In the United States, scientists conducted an experiment in which they were able to lower the biological age at the level of DNA using drugs. In particular, each of the volunteers was younger by 2.5 years. The authors of the scientific project were scientists from the University of California

Scientists have discovered an ancient continent under the plate of Eurasia

Scientists have recreated an ancient geological process that 100 million years ago led to the fact that the whole continent of Greater Adria sank under the European part of Eurasia. On September 6, science reports.

Scientists have invented a micro-vacuum cleaner to clean the environment from harmful particles

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have developed an optical micro-vacuum cleaner, which maximally cleanses the environment and premises from harmful particles. The results of the study are published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“The idea of building an optical vacuum cleaner is quite simple. A mesoscale dielectric microparticle – in this case, an equilateral cuboid – with a refractive index of about 2 with respect to the medium is used. In this case, the incident on the particle optical radiation will be localized, focused near its shadow surface, ” – said the project Manager, Professor of the Department of electronic engineering TPU Oleg Minin.

Sergei Sobyanin commented on the elections to the Moscow city Duma

“Yesterday there were elections to the Moscow city Duma. Perhaps the most emotional and really competitive in recent history. On average, nearly five candidates competed for mandates in each district. Passion was serious.

As a result, in addition to a strong detachment of Communists, a cohort of respected parties “Yabloko” and “Fair Russia”appeared in Parliament. The Duma has become politically more diverse, which in General, I hope, will benefit the city Parliament.

For the sake of profit on the lot will be ready

Igor Sechin in his activities as head of Rosneft proceeds from the principle, which at one time wrote Karl Marx, said CEO of the state-owned company in an interview with Naila Asker-zadeh for the program “Vesti Nedelya” on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

“Karl Marx has long said that the capitalist for profit will be ready for much,” said Sechin.

Are you willing to do a lot for profit?

My profit is my responsibility to our people, to the President, and for this I am ready to do a lot

Interfax: Rosneft’s Net debt as of the end of the first quarter of 2019 amounted to $43.9 billion, according to the company’s presentation.

The party in power is proud of its election victory.

Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrey Turchak commented on the results of the elections to the legislative Assembly and municipal elections, which took place on September 8 in a single day of voting.

“United Russia” has shot at these elections at all. Forecasts of pseudo-sociologists and political scientists about the loss of the party in power crumbled»

According to him, in all legislative assemblies, except for the Khabarovsk territory, “United Russia” received a majority, and mainly due to party lists.

Scheme-nominated work, the majority of Russians have not noticed that it was a member of United Russia.

This exchange of prisoners is an important event

Us national security adviser John Bolton, following the President, commented on the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine.

“This exchange of prisoners is an important event. We hope that in the future more Ukrainian prisoners will be reunited with their families. The US continues to support the people of Ukraine, ” Bolton said.

Earlier, the us President Donald trump spoke on this topic. He last Saturday called the exchange “a giant step towards peace.” Trump also congratulated Moscow and Kiev on the event. Many Western countries also celebrated this event.

It’s my fault I didn’t get on Board.

Rospotrebnadzor finished checking “Victory” and its service company due to the fact that they are not allowed on Board the passenger. The CPS has conducted a test purchase of “Victory” and during it all the data about the baggage brought to their employee.

According to the organization, to Valentina Isaakovna also brought all the rules of hand Luggage and she knew about everything (especially “Victory” reported that the pensioner flies not the first time) and she is to blame for not getting on Board.

The service company UTG, whose employees did not miss Valentina on the plane, is also not to blame — it just complied with the requirements of the airline. So thank you all, everyone is innocent, the administrative case is closed.

Peskov explained Putin’s absence at the meeting of prisoners in Moscow

President Vladimir Putin did not come to the airport to meet arrived from Kiev as part of the exchange of Russians, because it is not the prerogative of the head of state. This was stated by the press Secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, the correspondent of RBC.

The Prosecutor of Moscow filed a lawsuit against employees FBK

The Moscow city Prosecutor filed a lawsuit against employees of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), the opposition Alexei Navalny, Ivan Zhdanov, Vladimir Milov, Lyubov Sobol, Ilya Yashin, George Alborov Oleg Stepanov and Aleksandr Solovyov, said card Cheremushkinsky court.

The name of the plaintiff in the file is not reported, but on the website of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office as acting Prosecutor of the city of Moscow is specified Oleg Manakov. The lawsuit was registered on September 4, September 9, he was left without movement. Court spokeswoman Irena kozayeva told MBH media that the lawsuit is related to ” the recovery of certain sums of money,” but the essence of the statement could not be clarified.

In the state Duma propose to introduce punishment for false call ambulance

The expert Council of the state Duma Committee on health began to consider the proposal to introduce penalties for those Russians who call an ambulance just like that. This was reported by a member of the Committee Yuri Kobzev, reports TASS.

Free Parking for disabled group III

The Ministry of labor proposes to extend the provision of the Federal law on the provision of free Parking for disabled people to citizens with disabilities of the III degree, the changes can come into force from July 1, 2020, the corresponding draft is published on the Federal portal of draft normative legal acts.

Russia has applied for the establishment of the Mendeleev scientific prize

Russia for the first time submitted to UNESCO an application for the establishment of the scientific prize named after Dmitry Mendeleev and expects consent, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The prize is proposed to be awarded for outstanding achievements in chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology to two scientists per year, each will receive $250 thousand.

Every fifth Russian is not happy with working conditions at work

These are the results of the survey of the Analytical center of NAFI, which are available to TASS.

“One in five working Russians (18%) are dissatisfied with working conditions at their workplace, with the majority of workers (81%) saying they are satisfied with working conditions,” the survey said.

The Ministry of health approved the requirements for quality control of medical activities

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation approved the requirements for internal control of safety and quality of medical activities. This is reported by the press service of Roszdravnadzor. The requirements provide for the evaluation of the medical organization and its structural units through inspections – planned and unscheduled.

In the US call for a complete ban on electronic cigarettes

So far, it has been officially confirmed that e-cigarettes have caused 215 cases of the disease, but their number continues to grow every day. Harvard scientists say the disease is “taking over the nation” and urgent action is needed to stop it

100 billion for apartments in the center of Moscow

According to Savills, during the three summer months in the center of Moscow, 260 deals were concluded with apartments and apartments, the cost of which is $ 1 million or more.

“The total value of premium residential real estate from $ 1 million, which was purchased from the beginning of 2019 by Russian and foreign millionaires, exceeded 100 billion rubles. A year earlier, this milestone was overcome only in October,” the report said

In Moscow began to sell the Studio area of 11.6 sq m

LCD My Space is located on the 2nd Milling street – is the Eastern part of the capital, mainly industrial area. The developer is a little-known company My Space Development. The cost of the cheapest Studio is 2.7 million rubles.

Analysts have seen in another Moscow record trend: in fact, if revenues fall, and the cost increases-where else to go? Only to reduce the area of housing… by increasing the share of apartments of the category “supercompact” in August, the average budget of the transaction in the capital’s economy class decreased by 8%.

The Ministry of labor announced a decrease in the average duration of unemployment

“The average duration of registered unemployment as of July 1, 2019 was 4.9 months, decreasing compared to the value a year earlier (5.4 months), which allowed to maintain a low level of unemployment, despite the increase in the number of citizens registered during the half — year as unemployed,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The share of non-residents in Russian OFZ in August fell to 29%

“The share of investments of non-residents in OFZ accounts of foreign depositories, according to the National settlement Depository (NSD), in August decreased slightly – to 29% of the total OFZ market. The sanctions did not lead to significant sales OFZ non-residents: according to NSD, in August, the volume of investments of non-residents decreased by 18 billion rubles, ” – said in the next issue of the review of risks of financial markets of the Central Bank

In St. Petersburg recorded an increase in prices for rooms in communal

Communal apartments are often called obsolete type of housing and predicted their imminent departure from the real estate market. However, contrary to forecasts, in 2019 the cost of objects showed growth, note in active group. At the end of August the average price of a square meter room in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg is at the level 94.8 million RUB Over the summer prices for this type of property rose 1.5%. In monetary terms, this is 1650 rubles.

Court in London allowed fugitive banker to pay rent in Monaco

London’s high court has allowed former owner of the bankrupt Vneshprombank George Begimova to pay 246,000 euros for rent in Monaco, according to RBC with reference to the interim court order. The court made this decision because the banker’s family could be evicted from the apartment.

Dodon told about the discount that will be received by Moldova for Russian gas

Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that the price of Russian gas for Chisinau will decrease from October 1. According to him, from the current 235 dollars it will decrease by 10-15 dollars per thousand cubic meters. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

“We have agreed that from 1 November the discount will be 10-15 dollars, and the final tool will allow us not to increase the price of gas this year, next year, from January 1, the price can be below $ 45, $ 50, and from April 1 would be $ 70 less,” he stated. He stressed that prices will not rise for end users.

Actor of “Real boys” became a Deputy of the Duma in the Perm region

“Armen Bezhanyan, Director of the Main Osin forestry LLC, was elected Deputy of the Osin city Duma of the first convocation in the sixth district,” RIA Novosti reported. He won 197 votes, or 47.58%.

Russians are more likely to allow late payments on credit cards

The average value of overdue debt for more than 30 days on credit cards in Russia in January – July 2019 increased to more than 3%. This is stated in the study of the Bureau of credit histories (BCI) “Equifax”. The average over the past year was 2.1%.

Hyundai Samho to build gas carrier for H-Line for $ 191 million

South Korean shipyard Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries has signed a contract with the shipping company H-Line for the construction of an LNG carrier with a capacity of 174 thousand cubic meters. m. According to World Maritime News, the cost of construction of the vessel is 191,2 million dollars.

By 2040 the energy to do all the “green»

Sweden will receive all electricity from renewable sources by 2040. This forecast was made on Thursday, September 5, senior adviser on climate and energy Norrbotten (Sweden) Ulva Sarden during the Third climate forum of cities.

Venice wants to ban Smoking outdoors

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, has launched an initiative to ban Smoking outdoors, starting with two of the city’s most popular attractions.

Bruniaro, speaking with journalists at the international meeting of mayors, suggested that the first smoke-free zones may be the most popular tourist attractions-the Rialto bridge and San Marco. This idea was prompted by the mayor’s visit to Tokyo, where Smoking in public places is prohibited by law.

Trump called his competitors in the presidential election ” three Goonies»

President Donald trump criticized his rivals in the Republican primaries before the 2020 presidential election.

Norway has a new island after melting ice

As a result of intensive melting of ice in the Arctic in the group of Islands Svalbard, which belongs to Norway, a new land area of 10 square kilometers. The new island was discovered by scientists from the Norwegian polar Institute, where work is underway to map natural changes in the Arctic region. Topographer Anders Skoglund was among the first to notice the new island. The scientist noted that there is nothing surprising in the fact that due to the melting of many glaciers in Svalbard, new areas of land appear-this is written by the Danish newspaper Jyllands — Posten (“Jyllands-Posten”).

British woman married a tree to save the Park

A UK resident and mother of two has tied the knot with the plant and now plans to change her name to the name of the tree species. The 34-year-old Briton decided to marry elderberry in Rimrose valley Park in the Liverpool suburb of leatherland

Shoigu said he was ready to cooperate with the French defense Ministry

Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a meeting with the head of the French defense Ministry Florence PARLY confirmed his readiness for closer cooperation. This was reported on the website of the Russian defense Ministry.

Zelensky said he was ready for a meeting in the Normandy format

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he was ready to participate in the Normandy format meeting ((Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine) in September. It is reported by TASS with reference to the statement of the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs Vadim Pristayko.

“We plan soon to hold a meeting in the Normandy format,” said Pristayko.

Israeli air force strikes in Eastern Syria

The Israeli air force struck another blow on the territory of Syria. This time targets in the East of the country were attacked. The outskirts of Abu Kemal in Deir ez-Zor province were hit.

Orthodox Russians wanted to add another day off

The bill was developed by deputies of the LDPR faction Igor Lebedev and Yaroslav Nilov in 2017 “in order to legislate the establishment of a new holiday Bright Easter Monday,” the explanatory note to the document says.

The bill’s authors stress that “at present, more than 10 percent of the population follow strict rules of compliance with a long period of religious fasting before Orthodox Easter”, that means for Russians “psychological emotional tension spiritual forces” and “strong positive emotional surge”.

Hezbollah fighters shot down another Israeli drone

The Israeli army has lost another drone that violated Lebanese airspace and was shot down by fighters of the movement “Hezbollah”, informs the Lebanese TV channel “al-Mayadin”. An enemy drone that crashed on the outskirts of the village of Ramia in southern Lebanon ended up in the hands of Hezbollah.

Russians noticed in the form of the Venezuelan army

Russians noticed in military Fort Tiuna in Caracas in the form of armed forces Venezuela. Appropriate personnel publishes Telegram-channel “Military Informant.”

The poles turned a six-wheeled robot into an anti-aircraft complex

On the six-wheeled robot Ibis developers have placed a manipulator that is able to hold two portable anti-aircraft missile systems Grom or Piorun. The anti-aircraft robotic system also received a thermal imager, an optoelectronic camera and a “friend-or-foe”identification system.

Began shooting the second season of the series “Cipher»

Sony Pictures Television Russia began shooting the continuation of the detective series “Cipher” Vera Storozheva commissioned by the First channel, the premiere is scheduled for 2020, the press service of the channel.

“Caro” opens in their cinemas in comic book stores

The Caro cinema chain will open five stores inside its cinemas in the next six months, where it will sell comics and licensed products based on Marvel and DC Comics film franchises, as well as other popular films and TV series. About this “Vedomosti” said the President, “Caro” Olga Sinyakova.

Released the trailer for the second season of dystopia ” Judgment night»

While some series of small and large wholesale closed, several others suddenly thrive, sometimes it seems in spite of and despite. For example, descoping slope of the franchise “the purge”. Survived four feature films, including a prequel, as usual, and a season of the TV show, extended for a second.

“VKontakte” has launched a service to listen to audiobooks

“The company” Biblio “launches the eponymous streaming service for listening to audiobooks on the platform VK Mini Apps in the social network Vkontakte,” the press service noted. According to representatives of the company, audiobooks can be purchased separately, or listen to by subscription.

Mail.ru Group has launched a cloud-based PaaS service

Mail.ru Cloud Solutions launched the analytic data store (data warehouse) based on DBMS ClickHouse. The service is able to scale up to petabytes. Service Mail.ru Cloud Solutions allows you to implement business intelligence (BI), analysis of metrics and time series, and processing logs.

The Vivaldi browser is going mobile

The mobile version of the Vivaldi browser follows the same principles. From now on, browser owners can expand the boundaries of convenience and mobile Internet-they are able to work in the network using the secure browser Vivaldi for Android-devices (supported by Android version 5 and above).

Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 worth of 3,499 USD

Officially introduced a new tablet for professional artists called Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16. In Russia, the tablet is not presented.

A scientist from Novosibirsk has created a program for translation from the language of the deaf

Scientist Alexey Prikhodko invented two types of computer control: markerless and marker. Marker-involves the use of special equipment, such as gloves and bracelets that recognize body movements and gestures. A markerless type of recognition works in the form of capturing images through a computer camera. The new program will not only simplify communication between people, but also help in the training of translators from the language of the deaf.

Chinese scientists put “atomic origami»

According to a new study, Chinese scientists have raised the ancient art of origami to the atomic level, finding a way to fold microscopically small graphene (carbon modification), reports ENV.

Physicists have learned to cool negative ions

German physicists for two minutes, cooled cloud of negative oxygen ions from 13,000 to 3800 Kelvin, eliminating “hot” ions with a laser. Since standard cooling methods do not work for negative ions, this result is a kind of record. Article published in Physical Review Letters

Cold atomic gases often help physicists explore more complex systems. In particular, with the help of such gases, scientists make high-precision clocks and quantum computers, create space-time crystals and superfluid solids, simulate Hawking radiation and cosmological inflation. As a rule, the temperature of the gases in such experiments does not exceed a tenth of Kelvin.

Developed on the basis of gold new molecules for the treatment of cancer

Scientists from Melbourne’s Royal University of technology (RMIT) have developed technology to create a new drug for the treatment of cancer. The results of their research are published by Chemistry-A European Journal.