11 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/10/2019

North Korea conducted new missile launches

The joint chiefs of staff of South Korea reported that on Tuesday, September 10, North Korea twice fired unidentified shells towards the sea of Japan. Starts were made from the inner district of the province of the North Korean’s do.

According to the South Korean military, the shells were fired twice in 6.53 (0.53 MSK) and 7.12 (1.12 GMT). The flight range was 330 kilometers

Putin dismissed almost 30 generals and colonels

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed nearly thirty senior law enforcement officials. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

According to the publication, decree No. 425 was signed by the Russian President on Saturday, September 7. In particular, the heads of the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in Crimea, Lieutenant General of justice Mikhail Nazarov and SU TFR in Dagestan, Lieutenant General of justice Sergei Dubrovin, were dismissed from their posts. In addition, the first Deputy head of the Dagestan investigation Department tugai Tugayev was dismissed from his post.

When will Russians lose their jobs

Competence almost half of respondents (45.5%) will be in demand by 2030. This write “Izvestia” with reference to the study Ranepa. Automation was subjected to 20.1 million people, and it is only officially employed workers.

“But the fact that you are exposed (that is, potentially can be replaced with regard to technology), in no way means that you will be replaced tomorrow. The process is greatly stretched in time, it is possible to retrain, change their functions”, – explained the author of Stepan Zemtsov.

Almost 9 out of 10 Russians do not have the possibility of their own financial development.

The vast majority of Russians — 86% – are dissatisfied with their salaries. Only 4% of citizens are satisfied, another 10% do not know how to estimate their income.

76% of respondents expressed willingness to work more for a higher salary. Not ready for this were 14% of participants in the study, and 10% found it difficult to answer.

According to Rosstat, the average salary for the full range of organizations and the economy as a whole in the second quarter of 2019 amounted to 48,453 rubles, and in June reached 49,348 rubles.

In April, the median wage at large and medium-sized enterprises was 34,335 rubles — – 50% received more than this amount, the other 50% – less. The greater the gap between median and average wages, the greater the inequality and the greater it is for people with low wages.

“Yeast and sugar”: the Ministry of health told about the dangers of Russian beer

Beer, which is produced in Russia, does not meet high quality standards, and therefore measures aimed at stimulating its consumption can have a bad impact on the health of Russians. TASS writes about it with reference to the chief freelance narcologist of the Ministry of health Evgeny Brun

“Until they write on the bottle that this beer is made according to world standards, beer can not be drunk in Russia. They will drink Braga with all the ensuing consequences, ” Brun said.

Airline tickets have risen by a quarter

The average price of an economy ticket has risen by almost a quarter since the beginning of 2019. About it report “Izvestia” with reference to Rosstat. According to the Agency, a similar situation was observed in 2008 against the backdrop of the crisis — then the increase in prices for flights amounted to 24.1 percent.

Fyodor Borisov, chief expert of the HSE Institute of transport Economics, explained that the increase in prices for economy class flights is caused by an increase in airline costs, as well as a sharp jump in fuel prices in 2018.

Gazprom is on record

Under the headline writes lenpravda.ru on purchase by “Gazprom”t 98 car “Mercedes-Benz” on 376,48 million. That is, one car will cost almost 4 million rubles.

The purchase was announced on September 2, and on September 3 the supplier was determined. No details at the same time – “Gazprom” has long closed the bulk of the information about their purchases. The only thing that is known is that the cars are purchased from a single supplier. Logistics at Gazprom is overseen by Mikhail Putin, a relative of the President.

This is despite the fact that just a year ago, in June last year, Gazprom carried out a large-scale upgrade of its fleet. Then it was announced the purchase of 19 cars Mercedes S 560 4M worth 9.9 million rubles each. The total sum amounted to 188,379 million. In addition, at the same time it was announced the purchase of 27 different Mercedes cars worth from 1.7 million rubles to 7.6 million rubles for a total of 97 million rubles. And now barely a year has passed, as again an even larger purchase of Mercedes cars.

The largest beef producers in the world.

The United States is the country that produces the most beef in the world. It is expected that this year the country will produce 12.7 million tons of beef and veal. An unexpected country on the list is India in 5th place. Most Hindus consider cows sacred and refrain from eating them. Many Indian States impose heavy fines for slaughtering cows, and there has recently been an increase in violence related to cow smuggling. India kills large numbers of Buffalo, which are exported to countries such as Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Official unemployment in Russia rose by 18%

The number of registered unemployed in Russia in the first half of 2019 increased by 18% compared to the same period last year, the press service of the Ministry of labor, received by “Interfax” on Monday, said that during this time as unemployed registered 885,4 thousand citizens

The Ministry attributes this to the increase in unemployment benefits and says the situation is stable, according to the Department: the maximum allowance from 1 January this year is 8 thousand rubles, for those approaching retirement age – 11,28 thousand rubles.

“Honored artist” to the sister of Patriarch Kirill

On September 9, 2019, Vladimir Putin awarded the title of “Honored artist” to Patriarch Kirill’s sister Elena Gundyaeva, Vice – rector for culture of the St. Petersburg theological Academy. “Open media” found her name in the relevant decree published on the portal of publication of official documents.

The title “Honored artist” is awarded for the creation of works of art that have received wide recognition by the public or the professional community, the study, preservation, development and popularization of Russian artistic culture, for conducting socially significant cultural events and for the education and training of creative personnel.

“The title” Honored artist of the Russian Federation ” is awarded, as a rule, not earlier than 20 years from the beginning of creative activity,” — said in the regulations on the award.

A resident of Udmurtia set himself on fire in front of the state Council of the Republic in Izhevsk

The protest was staged by albert Razin, who fights “for the preservation of the Udmurt ethnic group.” Razin, in his words, struggled to “children taught of the Udmurt language and its not forgotten.” The man received almost 100% body burn.

“Kommersant” has found “missing” an informant of U.S. intelligence

On Monday, the American television channel CNN reported that in 2017 from Russia was urgently evacuated “the most valuable informant of American intelligence agencies in the power structures of the Russian Federation.” The name of the informant was not reported, however, in the Russian Telegram channels it was reported that we can talk about the employee of the presidential administration Oleg Smolenkov, who left in June 2017 with his family on vacation in Montenegro and disappeared there. “Kommersant” managed to find data on where Oleg Smolenkov can now be.

On the website of The Washington Post in the section of sale is the acquisition of June 5, 2018 house in Stafford (Virginia) at a cost of approximately $925 thousand by certain Oleg and Antonina Smalenkimi. Note that the spouse of Oleg Smolenkova name Antonina it

Over the largest solar power plant burns 6000 birds a year

The power plant, located in the Mojave desert in California, has been supplying electricity to consumers since February 2014, and all this time STES workers can’t come close to solving the problem of the death of birds that burn over the station.

Bright light attracts insects, and they in turn become bait for birds. Winged burn in a matter of seconds, and while no one can protect them from this.

This problem proves that even solar power plants, which are created for the benefit of the environment, can still have unintended and negative impacts on local ecosystems.

In the Novosibirsk region 73 children contracted tuberculosis

According to the publication “Om1.ru” with reference to Minister of health of the Novosibirsk region Konstantin Halzov in 2019 1301 inhabitant of the region had contracted tuberculosis. Of these, 73 are children, 895 are men and 406 are women.

“Social status, 744 unemployed persons, 201 are employed, 91 employee, 32 disabled 48 students and 36 citizens without a certain residence”, — quotes the edition of Constantine Halizova.

VTB’s loan portfolio in Ugra reached 55 billion rubles

The volume of mortgage loan sales increased by 28 %, to 5.2 billion rubles, cash loans for the half year Ugra has issued VTB in the amount of 4.8 billion rubles. VTB’s loan portfolio in KHMAO in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses at the reporting date amounted to 8.4 billion rubles, an increase from the beginning of the year by 16 %.

Energy collapse progresses in Khakassia because of the debts of the authorities

It became known about the new restrictions in the supply of electricity to the boilers of Khakassia. Energy consumption was reduced for the enterprise Akaska TEK in Chernogorsk. It is because of the shutdown at this facility last winter in severe frosts froze thousands of people.

The cause of the energy collapse in the country then became multimillion debts of utilities to power engineers. And the situation has not changed. In the list of debtors who were forced to transfer to the limited mode of supply of the electric power, now 8 enterprises at once in several areas. This means that they simply will not be able to work and heat supply to homes will not.

Bahrain has opened the world’s largest underwater theme Park

The largest underwater theme Park was opened by the authorities of Bahrain on September 6, the Bahraini news Agency writes. The Dive Bahrain scuba diving Park, located off the Northern coast of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, covers an area of 100,000 square meters

Net government debt was negative

Russia’s net public debt shows negative indicators for the first time since the imposition of sanctions and the fall in oil prices in 2014. This writes RBC with reference to the publication analyzed data of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank. Such figures were recorded for the first time after the introduction of the first sanctions in 2014 for the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and the fall in oil prices in 2014.

According to the publication, in 2019, the national debt in a broad sense (internal and external debt of the Federal government, regions and municipalities) decreased compared to the liquid assets of the Federal government, regions and extra-budgetary state funds due to the record number of reserves that covered the national debt.

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to increase the rate of recycling fee from January 1

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to significantly increase the rate of recycling fee for cars from January 1, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing sources. The rate of collection may increase by an average of 80%, and in the passenger segment-by 110%. The Agency sent a proposal to the government. The last time scrappage was increased in 2018, which led to an increase in car prices.

By 2035, wind and solar power generation will be more profitable than gas

The American research organization Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has released a forecast that by 2035 in the United States electricity generation using alternative renewable sources such as wind and sun, should become more profitable than gas

The head of AVTOVAZ asked for a “fair approach” to state support

AvtoVAZ as a company with a large share of production localization and investments in the Russian economy should receive correspondingly large state support. This was stated by the head of “AVTOVAZ” IV Karakatsanis in an interview to “Russia 24”.

After the termination of state support measures in 2019, the car market in Russia decreased by 2.3%, the head of AVTOVAZ said. This happened against the background of the fact that last year the car market grew by 12.8%. The market is likely to be slightly lower than it was in 2018, and as of 2020, the situation in the market will be quite significantly dependent on state support measures,” — he gave the forecast IV Karakatsanis.

UPS will hire about 100 thousand temporary workers for the winter holiday season in the United States

The world’s largest Express delivery service United Parcels Service (UPS) announced its intention to hire about 100 thousand temporary employees to work during the peak season for the company’s winter holidays in the United States. According to UPS, over the past 3 years, about 35% of seasonal employees were subsequently hired by the company for permanent positions.

UPS is considered a barometer of the American economy, as the company accounts for about half of all shipments to the United States, from automotive components and medicines to clothing and financial documentation.

The Ministry of Finance fears the expansion of the Deposit insurance system

The government is ready to support the draft law on the extension of the Deposit insurance system to certain categories of legal entities and individuals, if the innovation is not too expensive for the Deposit insurance Fund. The DIA is confident that the impact of innovations will be insignificant. The banks are afraid that the adoption of the law will significantly increase their contributions to the Fund, writes “Kommersant.

It is a question of the Deputy bill submitted to the state Duma in July. According to the document, the right to insurance compensation is planned to be granted to horticultural and horticultural non-profit associations, homeowners ‘ associations, garage and garage-building cooperatives, housing and housing — building cooperatives, Cossack societies, communities of indigenous minorities of the Russian Federation, religious organizations, non-profit organizations-performers of socially useful services. Insurance compensation for them will be 1.4 million rubles. In addition, citizens within three months from the date of sale of the property will be eligible for insurance compensation of up to RUB 10 million Also on the increased indemnity will be able to count on getting the inheritance, damages, etc.

A mechanism for subsidizing transport in the Northern regions has been developed

The draft government resolution on approval of rules of provision of interbudgetary transfers is published on the portal regulation.gov.ru. In 2021, the authorities of the Russian regions will be able to receive subsidies for local air travel from the Federal budget. Today, the regions do not have enough funds to cover the costs of airlines for flights to remote settlements, which entails a high price of tickets and a low frequency of flights. The exception is the rich oil and gas regions. Experts say that there is little consistency in the current subsidy mechanism: the authorities can provide transfers for one section without covering the entire route, which makes the final price of tickets unaffordable for the passenger.

Restructuring for indebted the Russians will be easier

Banks were allowed not to recalculate for the worse the debt burden indicator (PD) of borrowers if their situation improves during the restructuring of the loan. The regulator made appropriate changes to its instructions, told “Izvestia” in its press service.

Thus, the Bank will not have to create additional provisions for these loans and the procedure for changing the terms of them will be possible. The rule will apply to cash loans, government-backed housing loans, education loans and in the case of mortgage vacations. At the same time, the innovation does not solve the problem of refinancing loans (issuing a new loan to cover the old one), because of which the client’s PD may deteriorate, which will cause an increase in the load on the Bank and undermine its stability.

Sweden’s Central Bank keeps interest rates low

Riksbank said in a statement that GDP growth abroad, which had remained strong for several years, has now slowed and is expected to be roughly in line with the historical average in the coming years. The Bank said it would stick to plans announced in July 2019 to raise the key interest rate on the purchase and sale of securities (REPO). But the increase will be much lower than previously forecast, from -0.25% to -0.23%, according to The Local.

Russia and Ukraine are going to hold a new exchange

“Now at a high level negotiations concerning the subsequent releases of our citizens who are now in Russia and in the Crimea are actively conducted”, — the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for human rights Lyudmila Denisova on air of TV channel”Gromadskoye” declared.

To a journalist’s question about specific names Denisova directly reply did not, explained that the exact list of possible participants in the new exchange are still evolving.

“If you want to do something, you have to keep quiet about it,” she added.

The national Bank of Ukraine lifted restrictions on the withdrawal of capital for foreigners

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) abolished for foreign investors a monthly limit of five million euros for the repatriation of funds from the sale of securities, corporate rights and some other operations. This is informed by the press service of the credit institution.

VTB Bank announced its intention to place super long bonds

Information about the upcoming operation appeared on the corporate disclosure site. The maximum amount of bonds planned for placement is one trillion rubles. Bonds can be denominated not only in Russian rubles, but also in other currencies. It is specified that the placement is carried out by a closed subscription among qualified investors.

US returned to Ukraine stolen by the Nazis painting

Embassy of Ukraine in the United States has completed the process of returning the paintings of the artist Mikhail Panin “the Secret departure of Ivan the terrible oprichnina before”, said the Ukrainian Embassy on 9 September on his page on the social network Facebook

Trump said he was ready to participate in the negotiations of Russia and Ukraine

US President Donald trump said that, if necessary, could take part in the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine, including in the Normandy format. Broadcast of briefing trump led C-SPAN.

The British Parliament voted against early elections

The proposal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold early elections to the country’s Parliament in October this year was rejected by the House of Commons for the second time: in the voting it was supported by only 293 legislators, which is much less than required.

Taxi aggregators offer to tighten hiring drivers

The largest aggregators of taxis offer to toughen the hiring of drivers, take them only after checking the state databases for alcohol and drug addiction, criminal records, deprivation of driver’s license and other information.

This is stated in a letter to the GPU of the President of Russia, prepared by the leaders of “Yandex.Taxi”, “Lucky”, “Maxim” and ” Citymobil “(a copy is in “Izvestia”). In the future, this will create a unified register of drivers allowed to work in a taxi. Such verification of information about candidates for drivers will increase the safety of travel, experts say.

In Ulan-Ude participants of spontaneous meeting demand re-elections of the mayor

In Ulan-Ude on the square of Soviets after the election of the mayor began a spontaneous rally, reports “Irkutsk today”. Protesters demanded the release of two detained supporters of “shaman” Alexander Gabyshev, who in March went on foot to Moscow to “expel” Russian President Vladimir Putin. After that, they started advocating to re-elect the mayor (the elections were won by the independent candidate Igor sumenkov). The organizer of the meeting — a local resident Dmitry Bairov.

According Babr24, the share reached about 200 people. The protesters were joined by the leaders of the Communist party in Buryatia Vyacheslav markhayev (the Senator from the Irkutsk region) and Bair Tsyrenov.

Algeria bought Russian fighters for $2 billion

A defence industry source confirmed the signing of the agreements. According to him, we are talking about ordering 16 su-30MKI(A) and 14 MiG-29M/M2 fighters. The total amount of contracts is about $ 1.8 billion.

Pamfilova complained to the Board of the HRC to the Associated Press

Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova complained to the Associated Press to the profile Board of the human rights Council under the President. Her complaint will be considered on September 26, the press service of the HRC. The profile Board works independently of the HRC

Netanyahu showed a photo of ” secret Iranian nuclear facility»

Benjamin Netanyahu said the information was obtained as a result of the operation by the secret services. According to these services, Iran has “at least one more secret facility where work is being done to build an Iranian nuclear bomb.”

In Venezuela, expecting an attack Colombia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was convening a national security Council because of the threat of military aggression from Colombia. In a statement, the Venezuelan leader said that the national security Council will take decisions “on the militant threats of the government of Colombia against Venezuela.” Maduro noted that the decision to mobilize was made based on the analysis of the information of the strategic military command about the events on the border with a neighboring state.

The US has increased military spending because of Russia and China

In 2018 on the military power of the country spent 700 billion dollars, that 716 billion For next year it is planned to allocate 738 billion. The head of state stressed that the US had no choice, Washington had to rebuild the army because of what is happening with Russia and China.

Ukraine will host military exercises with the participation of the US and the UK

In Ukraine, near Lviv from 13 to 28 September will be held international exercises Rapid Trident-2019, as reported by The General staff of the armed forces in his Facebook.

Huawei withdrew the lawsuit against the us authorities

Huawei is withdrawing a lawsuit filed against US authorities after the US returned confiscated materials in August this year, Reuters reported.

Earlier in its lawsuit, Huawei argued that the equipment confiscated during transportation from the US to China in 2017 does not fall under the us export-import control act.

Us Treasury plans to start privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The U.S. administration expects, under favorable conditions, to begin privatizing the mortgage organizations Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were put under public administration to prevent bankruptcy during the 2008 crisis, in three to six months.

Paramount Pictures reshoot sci-Fi Thriller ” no face»

Paramount Pictures decided to remake of fantasy Thriller “Without a face”. The film starring John Travolta was one of the box office projects, which were engaged in its employees. Now the Studio is in search of new interesting material and potential franchises.

Disney will make a feature film about the Fairy godmother

Representatives of the channel Disney+ said that they plan to release in the near future a full-length film about the Fairy godmother. It is reported DiscussingFilm.

According to the source, the film will be directed by Sharon Maguire, who previously worked on the first and third parts of “Bridget Jones”. It is expected that filming will begin not earlier than the beginning of 2020.

Pierce Brosnan: it’s time to give the role of 007 To a woman

Pierce Brosnan, who played in four films about agent 007 believes that in the story of James bond, fundamental changes are needed.

“I think in the last 40 years we’ve seen enough of guys doing it. Get out of the way, guys, and put a woman in that place,” Brosnan said.

Togliatti will host the festival of fantastic cinema Best Sci-Fi

The organizer of the screenings is a network of cinemas “Mori Cinema”. During the festival, the audience will see incredible stories that can become a reality in the coming decades or even years. The films are shown in French, Italian and English with Russian subtitles.

Festival “Armillaria” opened in Moscow

The seventh all-Russian festival of young directing opened in the theater center “on Strastnoy”. The review will last a week. During this time, their performances will show teams from seven cities of Russia.

Festival organizers note that each year one or more of the performances – participants of “Artmagazine” become nominees of the national theatrical award “the gold mask”.

The exhibition “Great Chinese calligraphy and painting” will be held in Moscow

The exhibition ” Great Chinese calligraphy and painting “will be held on the territory of Sokolniki Museum and educational center from 20 to 22 September. The entrance to it will be free, TASS reported on Monday in the press service of the organizers of the project.

All-Russian theater marathon will be held in Krasnodar

The all-Russian theatrical marathon will continue the Krasnodar state academic drama theatre. Gorky, who will visit the hero city of Volgograd on tour and pass the baton from our region.

Chechnya will host the first all-Russian festival of national theaters

The first all-Russian festival of national theaters “Federation” in the year of theater will be held in Grozny (Chechnya) from 11 to 19 September. The festival will be attended by national theaters from 12 regions of Russia, the press service of the Chechen drama theater named after Khanpasha Nuradilov said.

In China, a film adaptation of the animated show ” the Legend of hay»

In China, a big-screen adaptation of the animated show “the Legend of hay”was released. The film tells about the adventure of a Goblin cat named hay in the company of his human friends.

Made on the basis of 70 thousand drawings hundred-minute film adaptation was created over five years, according to the Agency “Xinhua”. The authors of the project report that the narrative ” integrated theme of environmental protection.”

The creators of the film “Matrix 4” gave the name of the picture

The American film “the Matrix 4”, which will be a continuation of the fantastic story of the struggle between humans and robots, has now acquired a working title. As it became known from the production weekly newsletter, it will be called the “ice Cream Project”.

Panasonic Toughbook 55 laptop runs on a single charge for up to 20 hours

The claimed battery life on a single charge of the battery reaches 20 hours. When using the optional replaceable battery, this value increases to 40 hours.

The laptop is equipped with a 14-inch display with touch control. Customers will be able to choose between HD (1366 × 768 pixels) and FHD (1920 × 1080 pixels) versions. The basis is the Intel Core eighth-generation Core i7-8665U vPro, up to 64 GB of RAM and solid state drive M. 2 SSD up to 2 TB.

GLONASS began preparations for the introduction of Russian cryptography

The operator expects that soon automakers will have to put in all cars chips with Russian encryption

Mayminsky SES is now controlled remotely

The Hevel company and the branch of SO UES (Regional dispatching Department of power systems of Novosibirsk region, Altai Krai and Altai Republic) implemented a pilot project of remote control of the operation mode of a solar power plant (SES) from the dispatching center of the System operator.

Xiaomi will add a system function to disable advertising

According to the publication, already in MIUI 11 will be a system function to disable advertising. To test it is already possible in the beta version of MIUI 9.8.29 available to users in China.

Telegram has started public testing of its blockchain

Telegram posted a test version of its telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain for public access. Links to the archive with the code of the blockchain and the repository on Github, where is the updated code that appeared on the website test.ton.org.

Firefox will block ads the old way

Mozilla has decided not to follow Google’s lead on the new ad-blocking policy. The company-developer of the browser Firefox will continue to support extensions to block advertising content

Life time of isolated human liver extended to 40 hours

Scientists from the Netherlands and the United States have found a way to extend the storage time of chilled human liver several times — up to 40 hours. To do this, the liver needed to be treated with cryoprotectors and cooled to -4 degrees Celsius.

High harmonic generation talk about the ring currents in molecules

Israeli physicists have come up with a new way to measure the ring currents flowing in atoms and molecules. To do this, the scientists compared how the generation of high harmonics occurs in a calm medium with mirror symmetry and an excited medium through which ring currents flow. To test the theory, the researchers numerically calculated the polarization of harmonics generated by neon and benzene. The article is published in Physical Review Letters.

Asymptotically safe gravity got rid of singularities

Theoretical physicists from the Netherlands found corrections to Newton’s law in the framework of the theory of asymptotically safe gravity and showed that the corrected potential remains finite even at zero distance between gravitational bodies. This means that there is no singularity in asymptotically safe gravity. Article published in Physical Review Letters

The neural network was trained to recognize the mirror in the frame

Experts from China have developed an algorithm that taught the neural network to recognize mirrors in the images in the frame. Researchers At the city University of Hong Kong (PRC) trained the algorithm to recognize mirrors in photographs and at the same time also qualitatively allocate them.

In Russia have learned to create perfect thin films of metals

Specialists took a year and a half to prepare a unique technology for the deposition of advanced films of silver in vacuum — creating ultrapatch of thin metal films in a vacuum plant with control their growth at the atomic level (SCULL) technology.

The Russian development can find its application in Biomedicine, nanophotonics, energy, quantum computing and communications. The authors of the technology separately note that their solution is relatively cheap and can be used in almost any modern laboratory in the world.

China has tested a rocket engine weighing 300 grams

China has tested in orbit a miniature ion engine “pocket size”. The engine, weighing only 300 grams, is designed to extend the life of small spacecraft and prevent them from becoming space debris.

Mercury shifted the magnetic poles

Earth’s magnetic poles have the ability to shift, but a new study has shown that this trend is observed on other planets. Scientists have discovered that this is happening on mercury.

Volkswagen introduced the people’s electric car

Volkswagen introduced the first “people’s” electric car-hatchback ID.3. This is the first model based on the MEB platform, created specifically for electric cars. And this is a regular urban hatchback with a power reserve of up to 550 kilometers depending on the modification. The novelty is compact in size.

Hyundai Creta received the special version Creta Rock Edition

The South Korean company Hyundai has launched in Russia sales of crossover Hyundai Rock Edition Creta and Creta Hyundai 2020 model year. Created on the basis of top-end configuration Travel with Style package model limited edition Rock Edition is offered at a price of 1 405 000 to 1 485 000 rubles.

Audi presented the A7 Sportback with a hybrid setup

The German automaker is purposefully following its electrification plan and now offers a four-door coupe with a powerful and efficient powerplant. Audi announced the release of a new version of the coupe A7, which was called 55 TFSI

Mitsubishi Pajero will be replaced by a new model

Foreign publication CarAdvice managed to talk to Ashwani Gupta, global chief operating officer of Mitsubishi Motors. Almost all the questions the top Manager answered that it was too early to talk about anything, but some hints were made.

Most likely, the novelty will be a seven-seater SUV, which will take place a step above the current Outlander. The top Manager stressed that the new platform can produce SUV of different segments.

Opened a motor show in Frankfurt

10 September 2019 startval of one of the most important events in the global automotive industry Frankfurt international motor show, which has more than a century.

A feature of this show will be the premiere of electric vehicles, which promise to take up most of the exhibition this year. Will be the world debut of the Volkswagen ID 3, along with Honda E, Taycan Porsche, Peugeot e-2008, and many others. However, no doubt there will still be enough visitors gathered around the new cars using traditional ice. One of the main such novelties will be the revived Land Rover Defender of the new generation, which will almost certainly dominate the exhibition.

Brabus made the 900-strong G-Class

Based on diesel Mercedes-Benz G 350 d tuning Studio has made the SUV Brabus Adventure. Brand engine control unit Eco PowerXtra D35 allows to increase the engine power from 286 to 330 HP engine combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Tuner Posaidon increased power the Mercedes-AMG GT R

German tuners modified Mercedes-AMG GT R, which received 880-horsepower engine. Track sports car AMG GT R is a top of the range of the charged AMG models. Already in the base model is equipped with 577-horsepower V8 M178.