12 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/11/2019

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Trump has extended sanctions for interfering in the us election

Us President Donald trump has extended the sanctions regime for “foreign interference in the election,” the White house said. The Executive order on sanctions for interference was signed on September 12, 2018 with the possibility of an annual extension.

“Although there was no evidence in favor of a foreign power was able to influence the results of the counting of votes in any elections in the United States, foreign powers have historically tried to use a free and open political system of America,” — said the news administration of the White house.

“Mosgortrans” won the lawsuit against the organizers of the action on July 27

The Koptevsky district court of Moscow satisfied the claim of “Mosgortrans” to organizers of the uncoordinated action on July 27 in Moscow. About it RBC reported in a press-service of court.
“Jointly recovered [a fine] in favor of sue “Mosgortrans” – said there and said that we are talking about 1.21 million rubles.

The defendants in the lawsuit including was unregistered candidates to the Moscow city Duma Lyubov Sobol, Ilya Yashin and Vladimir Milov, the opposition leader Alexei Navalny and a member of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) George alburi (from the number of defendants it eventually expelled).

As follows from the text of the claim, which read “Vedomosti”, “Mosgortrans” has demanded 1.2 million rubles as compensation of losses due to the delay of route transport. It allegedly occurred “because of the blocking of the roadway by participants of unauthorized actions in different parts of the city.” At the same time, the text does not say why the people named as defendants should be responsible for the delay.

Curiously, some of the routes that “suffered” during the rallies, do not even pass in their places.

Ukraine’s economy is growing rapidly due to ties with the EU

Ukrainian GDP has grown from $90.6 billion to $131 billion since 2015, growing at the fastest pace in Eastern Europe. Exports to the European Union have grown since 2015 by more than 30%, reaching $20.2 billion if recently it was possible to talk about Ukraine as the poorest country in the region (the average nominal salary at the beginning of 2016 was $180/month.), now in the post-Soviet space, the country lags behind only Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus with a nominal figure of $435/month.

Gazprom wants to be removed from gas contracts in Uzbekistan

High-ranking Uzbek officials tried to prevent the structure of ” Gazprom “to participate in the second stage of the national program to increase the production of raw materials, found”Open media”.

At the first stage, companies associated with the gas concern received $2 billion contracts for drilling and repair of wells, as well as the right to export gas. Government officials offered to give the second, even more expensive stage to other operators and contractors because of the inefficiency of the scheme involving Gazprom structures. Contractors associated with the Russian concern are overcharging, performing poorly and slowly, according to government documents at the disposal of the editorial Board.

The claim for trampled during meetings lawns

In the Koptev court resumed consideration of the claim of the Moscow GBU “Highways” for 11.5 million rubles to the opposition for trampled during rallies lawns. For two hours, the defendants ‘ lawyers got acquainted with the photos that the plaintiff provided as evidence of the damage suffered.

Mass protests in Moscow in the summer of 2019 occurred due to the non-admission of independent candidates for the elections to the Moscow city Duma. All of them were removed at the stage of collecting signatures of voters in their support. “Medusa” told in detail how signatures rejected under the pretext of check on bases of the Ministry of internal Affairs or on handwriting examination.

Election results: collecting signatures in support of candidates could be fictitious.

More than half of the candidates for the Moscow city Duma were nominated by the parliamentary parties: the Communist party, LDPR and “Fair Russia”. Their nominees did not have to collect signatures of voters. But the other candidates either came from unrepresented parties in the state Duma, or as self-nominated. All of them had to collect about five thousand signatures of voters — 3% of the number of voters of the district.

As the member of the Council of the movement “Voice” Arkady lyubarev, half of these candidates received votes less than allegedly collected signatures during registration. Indeed, as follows from the data of the gas “Elections”, 99 participants of the elections collected signatures and only 49 of them received more votes than collected signatures.

The absolute anti-record was set by the self-nominated in the 25th district (Printers and part of Marino) Stanislav Polishchuk, the leader of The party of social reforms. He received only 642 votes (2%). He submitted at least 4,449 credible signatures to the election Commission — seven times more than the number of votes he received in the election

Ryazan eco-activists staged a wedding photo shoot at the dump

Guys have been struggling with the unauthorized dump in Turlakova owned in every possible way ignores the requirements of authorities and courts. With their performance, they wanted to show that due to such dumps, our country can soon turn into one huge garbage dump, where you and I will live.

15 thousand rubles fine for beating a teenager.

August 28 ex-Deputy of the city Council “United Russia” Alexander Dzyubin drove up to the teenagers and hit his fist on the head 17-year-old. Zubin, decided that the guys ruined tiles of the medical institution. The guy has a concussion. Have Zubina penalty for deliberate causing of a little harm to health.

220 thousand hectares of Sverdlovsk forests will be cut down for sale

Tens of thousands of hectares of Sverdlovsk forests, including the protective category, will be cut down, and then sold abroad, despite the promise of the regional authorities to revise the investment project, which is supposed to deprive the Urals 220 thousand hectares of green space.

As stated on the official website of the Ministry of industry of the Sverdlovsk region, the investment project of the company “Lestech” was approved by the order of the Ministry of industry and trade of June 28, 2019. In turn, the application of the company was approved by the regional Ministry of industry. In the order signed by Deputy Minister Natalia Martynova lists all the forests that will be deforested “by Lestehkom”, are areas in Kulvinskas, Shali, Alapaevsk, Verkhoturie Urban, Baykalovskaya and Berezovsky forestry. It was the hype provoked by social activists from the last territory that forced the authorities to make a statement in the spring about the revision of the investment project.

Economists at JP Morgan Chase & Co. developed a new index

Economists at JP Morgan Chase & Co. we have developed a new index that tracks the impact of us President Donald trump’s publications on Twitter on the securities markets.

Tool called Volfefe Index. The word “volfefe” is derived from the words Volatility (eng. volatility) and published in one of trump’s tweets in 2017 words Covfefe. Analysts have noticed that the presence in the tweets of the American leader of words such as “China”, “billion”, “products”, “Democrats” and “great”, has an impact on the behavior of prices in the markets. According to Bank of America, in the days when trump is most active on Twitter, negative stock market returns are often observed.

The Russians began to lose money, making payment through the SBP Elvira Nabiullina

In case of refusal of the goods paid through the system of fast payments of the Central Bank, it will not be possible to get back the money spent. It is specified that the configuration of the system does not allow you to cancel the operation, therefore, to carry out an automatic refund. Technical Director of “Golden crown” Andrey Nadtochiy confirmed that “the mechanism of reimbursement for the returned goods is not provided”.

Russia comes to the balance of low fertility and low mortality

Just at the beginning of 2019 in Russia lived 146,781 million people, of which 68,097 million men and million women 78,684. Children aged 0 to 9 years-more than 18 million, adolescents from 10 to 19 years-more than 14.7 million people, young people from 20 to 29 years-more than 17.3 million people, 40-year-olds (40-49 years) — almost 20.3 million people, Rosstat estimated. Pre-retirement age from 50 to 59 years in Russia lives 19.8 million people. People aged 60 years and older in Russia live more than 32 million, and aged 30-39 years-24.4 million, according to Rosstat.

The most fragile States in the world.

Against the backdrop of Brexit, the unpredictability of President trump’s ongoing conflict in Yemen and Syria and a host of other factors, the world is becoming less stable and increasingly fragile. Yemen was named the most fragile state, ahead of South Sudan and Syria. Finland was named the world’s least fragile country in 2019, ahead of Norway and Switzerland.


In Regardie proposed to ban the media to disclose information about employees

Regardie appealed to the Council for human rights under the President of Russia with a proposal to oblige journalists covering public events to respect the confidentiality of information about military officials and members of their families

Federal agencies approved a ban on the sale of alcohol to 21 years

The Ministry of health of Russia said that the bill to ban the sale of alcohol to people under 21 years of age approved by most Federal agencies.

The Ministry of Finance did not support the bill of the Ministry of health to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages with an ethanol content of more than 16.5% to persons under 21 years. Earlier it was also reported that the Ministry of economic development considers the ban on the sale of spirits to citizens under 21 years of age unreasonable.

The state Duma approved the draft on penalties for violations of personal data storage

The draft law provides for significant penalties for operators who violate the statutory requirement to systematize and store personal data of Russians exclusively on the territory of Russia.

Facebook introduces new rules to combat suicide

Facebook has announced the introduction of a set of measures to regulate publications that can provoke users of the social network suicide. This is stated in a press release published on Tuesday on the company’s website.

The Moscow metro is equipped with a facial recognition system

The pilot project of the entrance to the subway on the facial recognition system can be introduced in Moscow by the end of next year, told reporters the head of the Metropolitan Department of transport Maxim Liksutov.

I think we will need a lot of time together with VTB and Sberbank, which have expressed a desire to participate in these developments. I think that by the end of next year we can talk about some, probably, results and pilot implementation on a regular basis. – Maxim Liksutov, Russian official

MSU commented on the message of the lecturer on “zero salary” at the University

Earlier, a teacher of the faculty of history of MSU Ivanchik wrote in his Facebook that he received a message from colleagues about the cuts in the history Department. The management of faculty, according to him, reduced all combining teachers and suggested them to continue work only at the consent to “zero salary”. He said that the salary of such lecturers before “was symbolic” and was paid in order to officially include them in the list of faculty members.

Statement by historian Askold Ivanchik about “zero salary” at the faculty of history of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov does not correspond to the real state of Affairs. This” Vedomosti ” through a representative said acting Dean of the faculty Lev Belousov.

More than 130 events will prepare for the 800th anniversary of Alexander Nevsky

“A plan has been formed, it contains more than 130 different events, and this is not only an event agenda, but also a large number of infrastructure projects. Most of them, including the most significant, are planned for 2021, but now we are doing preparatory work, ” -said the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky during a meeting of the organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of commemorative events dedicated to the 800th anniversary of the birth of Prince Alexander Nevsky.

The Minister said that the military historical society in the Leningrad region is working to create a large-scale Museum and exhibition complex “Ice battle”. During the work, experts will explore the bottom of lake Peipus.

Jack MA resigned as head of Alibaba

Co-founder of the Chinese company Alibaba Jack MA resigned as Chairman of the Board on the day of his 55th birthday, reports Bloomberg. He was succeeded by Alibaba’s chief Executive officer Daniel Zhang. MA announced his intention to retire a year ago.

The Ministry of health requires equating vapes and hookahs to cigarettes

Deputy Minister Oleg Salagay believes that since the popularity of hookahs and vapes is growing, it is time to extend the same restrictions on them as on tobacco Smoking. It was also reported that doctors will investigate the link between severe respiratory diseases and the use of electronic cigarettes.

Archaeologists explore the Neolithic site on the shore of the Gulf of Finland

Archaeologists from the expedition of the Institute of history of material culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the first time began to study the Neolithic site on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The place of work was the village Kovashi Lomonosov district of Leningrad region.

The homeland of modern man was South Africa

By making a virtual model of the skull of a possible common ancestor of all humans, anthropologists have suggested that, most likely, he lived in South Africa. Slightly smaller contribution in his the formation contributed East African population of our ancestors. The article with the results of the study is published in Nature Communications.

Scientists have not yet decided on the answer to the question of how modern man was formed. Now dominated by two main views — Multiregional theory of human evolution and the theory of monozentrischen. According to the first, modern man was formed as a result of mixing different species of primates in different areas of the Earth. The second asserts that modern man was fully formed in Africa. Then, in the course of migration on other continents, he drove the Neanderthals to the suburbs and assimilated them to a small extent.

Archpriest Smirnov criticized Darwin’s evolutionary theory

Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov, head of the Patriarchal Commission on the family, protection of motherhood and childhood, criticized the evolutionary theory of British scientist Charles Darwin. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. According to Archpriest, in the theory of Darwin absolutely no science.

Modern science has nothing to offer except that we are monkey children. A completely unscientific theory that has absolutely not been confirmed. – Dimitri Smirnov, priest

In Yekaterinburg, the surgeon with 19 years of experience offered the position of cleaner

Father of six children Eduard Mamin, who has experience as a surgeon for almost 20 years, in Yekaterinburg CGB № 7 offered a job as an Elevator operator or cleaner, writes portal E1.

Mamin works as Deputy chief physician for obstetrics and gynecology, conducts several operations a day, in good standing with patients. However, he was recently given an order, according to which his position is reduced. He was informed that the hospital vacancy rate of the lifter and cleaner

The audit chamber found violations of the budget of 426 billion rubles

The volume of violations in the execution of the budget of 2018, identified by the accounts chamber, amounted to 426.2 billion rubles, according to the report of the Department. Compared with 2017, the total amount of violations decreased by 121.1 billion rubles, or 22.1%

Gref: in 2019, Sberbank will pay 502 billion rubles to the budget

If in 2009 the savings Bank has paid to the budget of 59 billion rubles in 2019, the Federal budget will be submitted to 502 billion rubles of taxes and dividends. This, September 10, said the head of Sberbank German Gref at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin website.

The production of marijuana did the former head of NTV Boris Jordan a billionaire

The state of the owner of “Renaissance Insurance”, the former CEO of NTV Boris Jordan, reached $1.2 billion, writes Forbes, citing its own calculations. The state-based businessman is at stake in the American manufacturer of marijuana Curaleaf. Established in 2010, the company entered the Toronto stock exchange in October 2018.

Gett complained to the FAS on the deal ” Yandex.Taxi»

Taxi aggregator Gett complained to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) for the purchase of “Yandex.Taxi “assets of the group of companies” Luck “(brands “Luck”, “Leader”, Red Taxi and Fasten). This was reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to a copy of the letter Gett to the Antimonopoly Agency

Pension funds will reimburse PSB RUB 20 billion through deposits without yield

Promsvyazbank demanded from NPF “Safmar” and “future” and their management companies 16.5 billion rubles. Funds withdrew from the Bank’s capital the day before the reorganization and sold on the Moscow exchange 20% of its shares. The buyer was the company of the former owner of PSB Dmitry Ananyev Promsvyaz Capital B. V., which paid 16.5 billion rubles for securities with the Bank’s money, Promsvyazbank said in the lawsuit. He demanded to recognize the transaction invalid and recover this amount from the funds.

LUKOIL became a member of the project for the production of hydrocarbons in the Congo

LUKOIL has closed a deal to enter a hydrocarbon production project in the Republic of the Congo. According to the press service, the company acquired a 25 percent stake in the Marine XII project from New Age M12 Holdings Limited.

The pension Fund of Russia placed on deposits 460 million

The pension Fund of Russia (FIU) on Tuesday in full placed 460 million rubles of pension savings on Bank deposits for a period of 33 days, according to the website of the FIU. The Fund on Tuesday conducted the selection of applications on the Moscow exchange.

Rosneft started production drilling on the field Chiprovska

Rosneft started production drilling on the 3rd field Elginskogo cluster Chiprovska. By the end of 2019, it is planned to drill 8 directional and 4 horizontal wells. This was reported by Rosneft.

The Russian government will assess the effect of the construction of highways

The Ministry of economic development proposed to assess the socio-economic effect of the construction of transport projects with state support in order to better use the funds from the budget. After checking each planned highway, a decision will be made on the forms and volumes of its state support, first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov said in a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is available to Izvestia.

According to the publication, the new document will allow to find out how much GDP growth and budget revenues from the implementation of a particular transport construction. In the case of roads, passenger and cargo travel time savings, agglomeration effect and safety improvements will be assessed.

The Agency has already evaluated the new document highway Moscow-Kazan. In the future, it is planned to study the m-7 highway, the Europe — Western China highway and the Moscow — St. Petersburg high-speed highway.

Ural plant was left without money

Kamensk-Ural metallurgical plant (KUMZ) did not receive 212 thousand dollars from the Swiss company aluminum Silicon Mill Products (ASMP) due to the fact that Deutsche Bank froze its money transfer. The operation was stopped because the plant is a client of Metcombank, half of which belongs to the sub-sanction businessman Viktor Vekselberg.

Gazprom activates exploration for new gas supplies to China

“Gazprom” in 2020-2021 will intensify exploration (exploration) in the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk production centers, which can become a base for gas supplies along the Western route to China through Mongolia, follows from the comment of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the company Vitaly Markelov.

“Gazprom in 2020-2021 will intensify exploration and update its resource base in the Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk gas production centers. Is exploration drilling in open Abakan, Ilbokichsky and Abinskom fields in the Krasnoyarsk region, seismic and additional exploration of hydrocarbons deposits within the Kovykta and kondinskogo sites. Assessment and preparation of promising search objects in areas “Gazprom”, – said Markelov told reporters.

The Central Bank has proposed to expand its control over the debts of the population

The Bank of Russia proposed to give it new powers to control the debts of the population, in particular, the ability to impose direct restrictions on the issuance of loans. This is stated in the Advisory report on the development of macroprudential policy of the Bank of Russia in the field of retail lending.

Croatia to help strengthen Europe’s independence from Russian gas supplies

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, which is being built off the coast of Croatia on the island of Krk, will strengthen Europe’s independence from Russian supplies. On Tuesday, September 10, writes Bloomberg.

Construction of the LNG terminal has been underway for about 10 years and was lobbied by the US in order to reduce the country’s dependence on gas supplies from Russia. The capacity of the terminal will be 2.6 billion cubic meters of gas, which corresponds to the annual volume of gas consumption by Croatia. The facility is scheduled to launch in January 2021.

Net capital outflow from Russia in January-August increased by 26.7%

Net capital outflows from Russia by the private sector in January-August 2019 amounted to $26.1 billion, an increase of 26.7% compared to the same period last year. Such data leads September 10, the press service of the Bank of Russia.

Central Bank found a “hole” in the capital of the Moscow ” RAM Bank

Negative capital (excess liabilities over assets) of the Moscow “RAM Bank”, deprived of a license in July this year, amounted to 1.79 billion rubles, according to the materials of the Central Bank.

The Central Bank will limit the issuance of mortgages with a low contribution

As reported DEITA.RU with reference to RG, the Central Bank offers new management options and reminds the world practice in this matter.

First, they will limit the issuance of high-risk loans. These include, for example, a mortgage with a down payment of less than ten percent of the cost of housing.

Second, they will limit the share of certain loans in the Bank’s portfolio or in current disbursements. If the borrower gives more than half of the income to pay for their loans, new ones will not give him. If not more than ten percent of the income-the loan will be given.

The third way out is to combine elements from the first and second sentences. Mortgage will not give, but the loan will be issued, provided that the repayment of existing loans Russian spends no more than twenty percent of income.

Lloyds will pay for imposing insurance up to 1.8 billion pounds

September 9, 2019 it became known that one of the largest British banks Lloyds in the III quarter of this year will reserve 1.2-1.8 billion pounds for compensation payments for imposing insurance on borrowers. In the last month, the Bank received about 600-800 claims per week.

Banks allowed to restructure loans without reserves

Banks were allowed to restructure retail loans without increasing reserves if the debt burden of borrowers decreased due to restructuring. The Central Bank of Russia has made appropriate changes to its instructions, according to “Izvestia”.

Gazprom’s revenues from gas exports decreased by 5% in January—July%

Gazprom’s gas exports in January—July 2019 in value terms decreased by 5.3% compared to the same period last year — to $25.737 billion, according to the statistics of the FCS. In January-July 2018, the gas holding’s revenues from gas exports amounted to $27.173 billion.

In Orenburg put up for auction five oil and gas sites

The Department for subsoil use in the Volga Federal district (Volga region) announced auctions for a number of oil and gas subsoil plots in the Orenburg region. This IA Devon learned from the records of the office. The results of the auction will be summed up on October 24, 2019 in Orenburg.

Gazprom Neft started shipment of granulated sulphur from Badra oil field

Gazpromneft-Badra, a daughter of Gazprom Neft, has begun supplying granular sulfur from the Badra field in Iraq. The unique gas infrastructure created by the company allowed not only to diversify production, but also to increase the level of utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG) above 98%.

The government of Japan in full force resigned

The government of Japan in full force resigned, the state broadcaster NHK reports. Only government Secretary General Yoshihide Suga and Finance Minister Taro ASO will remain in their former positions.

Ukraine suspended the rupture of agreements with Russia

Kiev suspended the process of termination of bilateral agreements with Russia, said “Kommersant”. According to the source, Ukraine has ceased to send Moscow notifications of termination of contracts.

The latest bilateral documents that have become invalid include The Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which ceased to be effective on 1 April 2019 at the initiative of Kiev, and the 1995 intergovernmental agreement “on the exchange of legal information”, which became invalid by the decision of the Ukrainian government on 6 February this year.

The case of Director Serebrennikov offered to return to the Prosecutor’s office

“The court puts before the parties the question of returning to the Prosecutor’s office in connection with the irreparable violations in the indictment of the case,” — said the judge Irina akkuratova.

The prosecution objects to that. In mid-August, the court announced the result of the examination in the case of embezzlement of 133 million rubles. Financial experts concluded that it is not possible to establish whether the “Seventh Studio” spent budget funds inappropriately.

Volodin instructed to check the activities of Navalny and Sable

The state Duma Commission to investigate foreign interference in Russia will check the activities of opposition leaders Alexei Navalny and Lyubov Sobol after statements from LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This Commission was instructed by the speaker of the house Vyacheslav Volodin

After 3 years in Japan will begin to produce flying cars

The Japanese company SkyDrive promises to start mass production of flying cars by 2023. According to the magazine “Profile”, the project of the flying car was presented at the exhibition IFA 2019, held these days in Berlin.

Russian security forces may be allowed to shoot down drones

The state Duma will consider in the first reading a bill allowing law enforcement officials to destroy drones over airports and in crowded places, reports OTR.

Drones are used everywhere, so it was necessary to register in detail the powers of law enforcement agencies to prevent their illegal use at mass events. Changes are being made to existing regulations. – Ernest Valeev, Russian politician

Employees of the Investigative Committee in Surgut came under US sanctions

The US state Department imposed sanctions against the head and investigator for special important cases in the investigative Department in the city of Surgut-Vladimir Ermolaev and Stepan Tkach, according to the website of the us Department, accusing them of corruption and human rights violations

Bulgarian Prosecutor’s office accused of espionage leader of the movement “Russophiles»

Chairman of the Pro-Russian movement “Russophiles” Nikolay Malinov suspected of collecting data on Bulgarian foreign policy in the interests of Russian organizations, said the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s office.

Court of the European Union restricted the rights of Gazprom to the OPAL gas pipeline

The European court of justice overturned the decision of the European Commission to grant Gazprom full access to the capacities of the Opal gas pipeline, TASS reported, citing the court’s decision. Thus, the court sided with Poland.

Mass rallies were held in Abkhazia after the presidential elections

On Tuesday, about a thousand supporters of the opposition party “amtsakhara”, whose leader Alkhas Kvitsinia lost in the second round of the presidential election, gathered in the Park at the party office to protest over the recognition of the CEC election results. Protesters demand to cancel the decision on Khajimba’s victory

Sanctions against Rosneft over trade with Venezuela

During the broadcast of a telephone briefing in Belgium on Tuesday, September 10, American special representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams said about possible sanctions against Rosneft because of its trade relations with the Latin American state.

“US statements about the possibility of new sanctions against Rosneft because of work in Venezuela are illegitimate,” said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov

Rasmussen offered Georgia to join NATO without Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Georgia should start discussions on whether it is acceptable for it to join NATO without Abkhazia and South Ossetia, said former Secretary General of the Alliance Anders Fogh Rasmussen, speaking at the fifth international conference in Tbilisi.

Russia accused of secret deals in Yukos case

According to GML, the Russian authorities allegedly concluded secret agreements with witnesses, after which they testified in a favorable light for Russia. So, “with the participation of white & Case lawyers, the Russian authorities convinced Gololobov to make a deal with the state Prosecutor,” writes GML

North Korea has tested an ultra-large multiple launch system

Last Tuesday, North Korea tested an ultra-large multiple launch rocket system. The tests were attended by the head of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong UN, according to the North Korean Agency KCNA.

Anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir-s” was powerless before the Israeli planes

A map of the fighting compiled by the portal indicates that Israeli air force planes flew over Damascus International airport. Exactly there to be at least three zrpk “Armor-With”. In browsers edition Avia.pro there were lots of questions about these complexes.

Four directions of development of us space forces

The head of the us Space forces General Jay Raymond listed four areas of development of the revived structure

The first is to prevent conflicts from spreading into outer space.

The second is to protect American and allied interests in space through offensive and defensive action if deterrence fails. For this purpose, a joint task force on space defense is being created.

The third direction is the creation of joint forces with allies.

The fourth area is the development and training of lethal weapons for use in outer space.

Detect fighter F-35 will be even more difficult

Dipole reflectors are one of the means of electronic suppression. It is a type of passive false target to counter radar guidance, detection, targeting and weapon control systems. Structurally, a dipole reflector is a strip of foil, metallized paper or metallized fiberglass. To successfully reflect the signal, such products must have a length of about half the wavelength emitted by the radar. According to new data, the US air force next year will introduce a new system of counteraction to the complex counteraction fighter F-35A.

The defense Ministry is suing the design Bureau for patents on two inventions

The intellectual property rights court on September 16, 2019 should consider two claims of the Ministry of defense to JSC “design Bureau of precision engineering named after A. E. Nudelman”.

The first claim concerns “the recognition of the patent of the Russian Federation No. 160 007 for useful model “the Side of the semiconductor light emitter of a managed shell” void of guidance of the patentee»,

The second — “about recognition of the patent of the Russian Federation No. 157 846 on utility model” the Receiver of radiation of the laser-beam channel of management “invalid regarding the indication of the patentee”.

The Russian defense Ministry wants to recover from two officers 600 million

As it became known “Kommersant”, the defense Ministry filed a lawsuit for a record amount to the former officers. With convicted of abuse of office the former head of the Military-scientific Committee (Inc) with the staff of the Russian Federation Oleg Guzenko and his colleagues, the Ministry wants to recover almost 600 million rubles. Seven years ago, the defendants approved the purchase in Germany laser equipment for military exercises, but because of the sanctions it got to the customer. The officers calculated that even if they fully returned their pensions to the military Department, they would have to pay for 711 years.

China has published 16 us items that will be exempt from duties

The Chinese authorities intend to exempt some American goods from additional duties, the Committee on tariffs and duties at the state Council of China said. It is noted that the corresponding measure will come into force on September 17 and will be valid for one year.

Trump fired national security adviser Bolton

President Donald trump said he fired national security adviser John Bolton. I informed John Bolton last night that the White house no longer needed his services. I strongly disagree with many of his proposals, – wrote the American leader on Twitter.

In Japan, they want to merge into the ocean radioactive water Fukushima

The Japanese energy company Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) proposes to merge radioactive water into the ocean, which was pumped out of the emergency nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”. There is simply no other way out, as experts are sure.

The Parliament of Catalonia presented awards to carriers of illegal migrants

The Parliament of the Spanish Autonomous community of Catalonia presented honorary awards to representatives of organizations involved in the transportation of illegal migrants from Africa to European countries, writes the Austrian newspaper Kurier. The award ceremony took place on the evening of September 10 in Barcelona.

At the US Embassy in Kabul explosion on the anniversary of September 11

Near the U.S. Embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul, there was a powerful explosion on Wednesday, September 11. It is reported by Xinhua news Agency, citing its sources. As you know, this day is the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attack on new York.

China festival to be held at VDNH in Moscow

On September 14 and 15, VDNH will be the venue for the cultural program of the China festival in Moscow. The Exhibition will host concerts of Chinese and Russian artists, presentations of educational programs of Chinese universities, open lessons in Chinese language and calligraphy, football competitions and much more. Admission is free without age restrictions.

In Moscow in the old dungeons more times of Pugachev found people

Members of the Metropolitan Public monitoring Commission (PMC) found two prisoners in one of the towers of the capital’s jail “Butyrka”, which was previously considered to be unused. This Agency TASS said the Executive Secretary of the capital’s PMC Ivan Melnikov.

The inhabitants of” Butyrka ” almost got into the past. They are kept in tiny cells of ancient towers, which can be reached only by a cast-iron spiral staircase of the century before last. And conditions there are about the same as in Emelianov Pugachev, only that the chains are not chains.

The verdict in the case of fallen cabinets in the school of Novosibirsk

In October 2018, in the technology office of school No. 82, half-open cabinets fell on fifth-grade students. One of the girls was seriously injured. Employees of the Investigative Committee began an investigation, in August 2019 it became known about its results.

“In August 2018, a 45-year-old man drilled 12 holes in the wall of the Cabinet of technology No. 210 MBOU SOSH No. 82, after which he did not clean the drilled holes from sludge and dust, installed spacer plastic anchor fasteners of obviously insufficient length and diameter in relation to the landing holes, and then used self-tapping screws and furniture screws shorter than the length of the spacer elements,” the press service of the Investigative Department of the IC of Russia in the Novosibirsk region reported.

September 11 Dzerzhinsky district court sentenced the culprit of the incident. The 45-year-old man received two years of probation.

The trailer for the series “Look” with Jason Momoa

Elton John overtook the Kremlin in the number of Faberge eggs

In the memoirs of British writers and screenwriters dick Clement and Ian La fresne “More than Likely” (“More than likely”), The Mirror points to the above story about how during a tour in the USSR in 1979, Elton John was invited to an excursion to the Armory. There the singer was shown the treasures of the Russian tsars, including Faberge eggs. After the tour, the musician shared with his companions that his collection of Faberge eggs is more exhibited in the Kremlin.

Jackie Chan canceled his visit to Russia

Actor Jackie Chan will not be able to come to Russia for the premiere of the Russian-Chinese film “the Secret of the dragon seal”, said Tuesday TASS organizers of the artist’s visit.

“We have to inform you that due to unforeseen changes in the schedule of Jackie Chan, the actor’s visit on September 11 to Moscow for the premiere of the film “the Secret of the dragon seal”, unfortunately, will not take place,” the organizers said.

“Eureka” begins a new season of exciting and informative lectures

The center of scientific events EUREKA!PROJECT and Art-P. A. B. present interlaboratory project-scientific cafe ” Eureka!”. The opening of the tenth season is scheduled for September 22.

I congratulate everyone on the start of the new season. And we start it due to the “Astrofest” a lecture about the life of black holes known astrophysics, editor of the newspaper “Troitsky variant”, and a member of the Board of the Foundation “Evolution” Boris stern, wrote on the social network Facebook, the organizer of the festival Alexander Dubynin.

The creators of “Mr. Mercedes” will screen a new book by Stephen king

According to Deadline, the project will be the film company Spyglass Media Group, for which it will be the first TV project, and the Duo creators of the series “Mr. Mercedes” trilogy “king of horrors” about detective bill Hodges – Director Jack Bender and producer-writer David E. Kelly.

The new exhibition space will open in the Moscow Conservatory

A new exhibition space will be opened on the territory of the Moscow state Tchaikovsky Conservatory in September. The relevant information was provided in the press service of the Conservatory.

Green Day will come to Moscow with a new album

The Green Day band will perform at Moscow’s OTKRITIE arena on may 24, 2020. The concert will be part of a new tour called the Hella Mega Tour, timed to coincide with the release of the album “Father of All Motherfuckers”, which will be released on February 7, 2020.

Heroes of the animated series “Fixies” speak the Yakut language

“We spent a lot of time negotiating and agreeing on our texts with the authors of the cartoon. Also spent a lot of time on the casting for the selection of actors to voice”, – said the head of the creative group on creation of children’s programs NVK Sakha Lena Karamazov.

In 2018, another popular Russian project “Masha and the bear”was also translated into Yakut.

Modern dance festival DanceInversion opened in Moscow

Moscow opens the 20th festival of modern dance Dance Inversion, TV channel “MIR 24”. The Dance Inversion festival runs until November 3. The organizers brought a lot of unexpected performances from around the world. Theatre groups from Norway, France, Italy and the USA will perform for the Russian audience. The program even claimed a corpse from Lebanon. This festival is an anniversary. Dance Inversion has been held in the capital for 20 years.

In St. Petersburg will show the show of composer Hans Zimmer

The artistic Director was the author of the music for the films “Pirates of the Caribbean “and”interstellar”. Zimmer show in Russia will present for the first time. Next February the concert will be held in St. Petersburg at the ice Palace.

Thermometers for determining the freshness of fish

Siberian scientists have developed Russia’s first thermometers to determine the freshness of frozen fish. They change color, even if the fish was subjected to even a small defrosting. The problem of “sturgeon with a smell” is relevant for many regions of Russia.

The flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix refuse innovative technologies

A user of the Chinese social network Weibo posted a photo that allegedly captures the upcoming flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, which also may be called Mi Mix Alpha.

Presented Phase One XT – photosystem for $56 990

The manufacturer positions its novelty as a “field camera”, as XT not only provides the highest image quality in the Studio environment, but also outside it.

Xiaomi TV adds Netflix

The official launch of Netflix on Xiaomi Mi TV will take place on September 17 in India. On the same day the presentation of new TVs and other products of the company intended for the Indian market will take place.

Xiaomi’s new external battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released a new external battery designed to replenish the energy of the batteries of various mobile devices. The novelty has received name Wireless Power Bank Xiaomi Youth Edition. The capacity of this battery is 10,000 mA/h.

Netcat vulnerability detected in Intel Xeon processors that allows data theft

Intel has asked users of systems on Xeon processors to disable DDIO and RDMA on machines with access to untrusted networks while it works on a fix that should fix the vulnerability. AMD EPYC processors do not support DDIO, so there is no vulnerability described.

Due to a bug, the Telegram mobile client incorrectly deleted user messages

Independent IB specialist Dhiraj Mishra (Dhiraj Mishra) found a bug associated with the function of deleting messages in Telegram. Because of this issue, the Android client continued to store messages on recipients ‘ devices even after they were “deleted.” An updated client version 5.11 has already been released to resolve this issue.

Bug in Instagram allows you to watch closed posts and stories

Bug in “Instagram”, which allows you to view private publications and stories, in fact, not even a bug, but a feature of the internal structure of the social network. Feature, according to the American portal BuzzFeed, has to do with the mechanism of caching media.

Armed with any browser, you can just a few clicks to get to the source code of the page with the desired publication and copy direct links to private images. Then these links can be sent to any person-he is content on the links even if he is not a subscriber of the author of the closed post.

Flashlight apps can access personal information

Employees of the company for the development of anti-virus software Avast analyzed the requests of 937 applications-flashlights. According to experts, unnecessary permissions are sometimes requested to enable the mode.

“Of these, 408 request 10 permits or less 267 request from 11 to 49 permits, and 262 applications request from 50 to 77 permits,” warned the developers of antivirus.

Discovered one of the largest species of flying animals

Researchers from the London Institute (UK) after the study was established one of the largest species of flying animals in the history of our planet

Traces of the most ancient and mass extinction on Earth discovered

Since about 2.4 billion years ago, there has been very little oxygen in The earth’s atmosphere. It was contained either in minerals or in water. But then came cyanobacteria, which used sunlight to produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Came the oxygen revolution-the heyday of unicellular and the formation of the modern planetary atmosphere. But then this “feast” abruptly and disastrously ended.

Paleontologists have restored the details of the disaster that killed the dinosaurs

A team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin analyzed the rocks of Chicxulub crater on the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula – it is believed that there 65 million years ago fell a giant meteorite, which put an end to the history of dinosaurs. The scientific world agrees that it was this catastrophe that caused the mass extinction, which destroyed 75 percent of life on our planet.

How to make water emit light: sonoluminescence

One of the most mysterious and not too clear to modern science properties of water is sonoluminescence. If bioluminescence is the ability of living organisms to emit light, then in this case, light emits … sound. Sound waves capture tiny cavitation bubbles in the water, causing them to contract and expand. The visual effect of the collapse is expressed in a flash of light. Channel The Thought Emporium step-by-step demonstration of how this happens.

The architects proposed to re-freeze the Arctic

In a desperate attempt to halt the rise of the world’s oceans and re-freeze the Arctic, whose glaciers are melting faster every day, architects from Indonesia have proposed a futuristic submarine that produces icebergs.

The cause of static electricity as a result of friction is established

A team of American scientists has developed a new model that shows that the friction of two objects together produces static electricity due to the bending of tiny protrusions on the surface of materials. Their work has been accepted for publication in the journal Physical Review Letters

At the nanoscale, all materials have rough surfaces with countless tiny protrusions. When two materials touch and RUB against each other, these projections bend and deform. A team of researchers at northwestern University found that these deformations lead to stresses, which ultimately cause the appearance of static charge. This phenomenon is called the “flexoelectric effect” and is associated with the separation of electric charges under the action of voltages.

The Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus first reported friction-induced static electricity around 600 BC after rubbing amber with fur and noticing that the latter began to attract dust.

Technology for fast printing of organs has been created

The solution may be artificially grown or printed organs, but modern technology does not allow to make them full-fledged analogues of the present. Researchers from Harvard, whose work tells Science Daily, proposed a new approach to biological 3D printing

Sea ice cover in the Arctic is retreating.

While the area of sea ice covering the Arctic varies each year with the weather, the overall downward trend becomes apparent when examining data on the extent of Arctic sea ice in March since 1979. This is the impact of global climate change, which is seen in the average and average temperatures are rising across the Earth, leading to a decrease in the extent and thickness of the ice sheet around the poles.