12 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/11/2020

Russia has developed a battery with a 20-year service life

The atomic compact battery can work continuously for 20 years in Space, under water, in mountains and in other difficult conditions. Project Manager Viktor Murashov notes that the size of the innovative battery has tripled, the specific power has increased 10 times, and the cost price has decreased by 50%

Tomsk radars will help launch unmanned trams in China

The manufacturer of automation for transport-the Chinese company FITSCO and the developer of artificial intelligence systems for drones Cognitive Pilot announced the creation of a strategic Alliance to develop unmanned technologies for public transport in China, the press service of Cognitive Pilot reported on Thursday. The development will use radars produced in Tomsk, the company said.

The corals ‘ immune system was destroyed by water pollution

The aim of the new study was to study how environmental pollution affects the functioning of the corals ‘ immune system and their natural healing. Previous research has found that marine pollutants destroy coastal ecosystems.

The conversion of green fluorescent protein to red was studied

Scientists from Skoltech, The Institute of Bioorganic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow state University studied in detail the photoconversion (transformation under the influence of light) of green fluorescent protein (GFP) from green to red form. The study of photoconversions is of practical importance: the intensity of photoconversion can serve as an indicator of the state of the cell-oxygen saturation and oxidative stress. The results of the study are published in the journal Frontiers of Molecular Biosciences.

The winners of the Breakthrough Prize became known

The winners of the Breakthrough Prize for 2021 in the fields of life Sciences, fundamental physics and mathematics have been announced. The total prize pool was $ 18.75 million, according to a statement from the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. The winners will receive three million dollars each

The Breakthrough Prize has been awarded since 2012 and is considered the “Oscar” of the scientific world. Its founder is entrepreneur Yuri Milner, the initiative was supported by Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg, Google Creator Sergey Brin and Alibaba Group founder Jack MA.

Earth’s climate over the past 66 million years

An international team of scientists has completed the construction of a global climate curve covering the last 66 million years. The researchers identified four climate States: hot, warm, cool, and cold. Now the climate on the planet is in a cold state

RNA molecules were first found on the surface of human cells

American molecular biologists have found that human cells can produce short RNA molecules and embed them in their shells. This is probably why they interact with immune and other types of cells. The results of their research were published in the scientific journal Genome Biology.

NASA will buy soil from the moon’s surface from private companies

The national Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has offered American and other private companies to participate in a competition to collect regolith from the moon’s surface and deliver it to earth in the ownership of NASA. This is stated in a statement released on Thursday by the Director of the us space Agency, James Bridenstine.

The great confrontation between Neptune and the Sun

On Saturday, September 12, Neptune enters into opposition to the Sun, and this moment is considered the time of the best visibility of the planet in the year. You can start observing this phenomenon as early as Friday evening, September 11, as the ice giant will rise with the sunset

NASA first detected the track of the asteroid Bennu

Lead author and University of Arizona planetary scientist Carl Hergenroter was studying images of constellations that OSIRIS-REx uses to navigate space when he noticed that hundreds of additional stars appeared in the photos. Looking closer, he realized that it was Bennu’s trail.

China suspected of testing new weapons at a nuclear test site

China is testing the latest type of weapons at the Lopnor nuclear test site. Images of the aircraft, similar to the American X-37, published the publication the Drive. The Chinese-built Shuttle, according to publicly available information, was launched on September 4 from a landfill located in the Gobi desert.

A new hypothesis for the formation of the Magellanic Flow is proposed

The Magellanic Stream formed in two stages, according to a new hypothesis by American astronomers. During the first one, the Large Magellanic Cloud took some of the gas from the Small Magellanic Cloud. And then, when they were close to our Galaxy, the gravity of the milky Way pulled part of their galactic corona, which formed the Magellanic Stream. The scientists ‘ work is published in the journal Nature.

Scientists were able to consider the most mysterious substance in the Universe

According to cosmological models, in which dark matter consists of cold elementary particles, the” population ” of the dark halo should increase to masses many orders of magnitude lower than those at which galaxies can form. In a new study, scientists used the power of supercomputers to zoom in on images of tiny clumps of dark matter in the virtual universe, according to Techexplorist.

As a result, it was discovered that dark matter halos are active regions of space, teeming not only with galaxies, but also with radiation that appears during collisions – they can help find this substance in space.

US to build a nuclear reactor on the moon

This is stated in a joint statement by NASA and the us Department of energy at a meeting Of the Committee on technology, innovation and engineering within the NASA Advisory Council. In late September and early October, project managers will publish a request for preliminary collection and evaluation of projects. The development company will be approved in early 2021.

NASA has set a goal to place a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2027. The device will provide power to modules with people and equipment located on the celestial object. This is especially important during the two-week lunar night, when astronauts do not have the opportunity to use solar panels. A similar reactor may be installed on Mars in the future.

Mars shakes during solar eclipses

The device of the NASA InSight mission, located on Mars, recorded seismic and magnetic activity that occur in the bowels of the planet at the time of passing the satellite of the planet Phobos in front of the Sun, according to Popular mechanics.

Mysterious black square on mercury

The images of mercury revealed a mysterious black square measuring about 5 by 5 kilometers. The find belongs to the famous ufologist Scott Waring. The photos were obtained by NASA’s Messenger automatic interplanetary station.

Production of domestic motherboard started in Russia

Serial production of the domestic DP310T motherboard has started in Russia, SM reported. The production is handled by Depo computers, and the component base is installed in the Technopolis GS innovation cluster in the city of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. The DP310T Board is made on the basis of the Intel H310 chipset, which allows you to use Intel processors of the eighth and ninth generations in workstations made on its basis. …

Boeing has tested drones controlled by artificial intelligence

The Australian division of the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has tested a group of unmanned aerial vehicles under the control of an artificial intelligence system. According to DefPost, during the tests, the devices independently conducted reconnaissance of the area, found targets on it and classified them.

Kaspersky plans to start installing on cars

Kaspersky lab has announced its intention to start installing Kaspersky OS on cars. The head of the company, Evgeny Kaspersky, noted that negotiations are already underway with several vehicle manufacturers

Samsung unveils new premium soundbars in Russia

Samsung has expanded the range of q series soundbars available on the Russian market in 2020 with two models-HW-Q950T and HW-Q900T. Both belong to the premium segment and provide the most realistic transmission of sound in movies and TV programs, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the content.

Airview2 portable wireless 4K monitor introduced

A campaign to raise funds for the airview2 portable monitor, which is focused on working with laptops and smartphones, has been launched on Kickstarter. According to the manufacturer, we have the first wireless portable monitor with touch control, 4K resolution and zero latency.

The new product is characterized by 13.3 and 15.6-inch versions, a resolution of 3840: 2160 pixels, a brightness of 300 CD / m2, 100% coverage of the sRGB color palette, a viewing angle of 178 degrees, WirelessHD wireless communication for data exchange with a PC, an HDMI interface, a symmetrical USB Type-C port, a 10200 mAh battery, stereo speakers and a 3.5 mm headphone Jack. The price of AirView2 is 480 dollars for the younger model

Philips 70-inch 4K TV supports HDR10+

Philips has announced new 4K UHD 8200 series TVs. TVs with screen sizes from 50 to 70 inches are equipped with a Quad core processor and the company’s latest P5 image processor

Google Maps on Apple Watch

Google returns the Google Maps mapping service to the Apple Watch: it has been unavailable on this brand’s smartwatches since 2017. According to the Verge, Google maps on the watch can create a route and lead step-by-step to and from saved locations on the map

Google’s new Wear OS smart watch will work faster and longer

Back in August, Google promised to update Wear OS in the fall. Now the new operating system is officially available on the Suunto 7 smartwatch. Google has also confirmed that this is the first device updated to the latest version of Wear OS

The trailer for the Comedy Hubie Halloween 

Streaming service Netflix has released a trailer for the Comedy film “Halloween Hubie” by American Director Stephen Brill. The premiere is scheduled for October 7. The picture tells about a good-natured guy named Hubie, who loves Halloween very much, which is why others laugh at him

Zhanna Aguzarova released the album for the first time in almost 30 years

For the first time in the last 30 years, Zhanna Aguzarova released a solo album. The record, presented in the network, was called “Queen of Sunset”. It contains 12 compositions that have long been known to everyone. The song, the title of which served as the title of the album, was written in the early 2000s.

Famous British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen directed the sequel to Borat.

The shooting was conducted in secret mode. The creators of the tape do not comment on the sequel, but Collider has received evidence that the film was not only edited, but also shown to individual representatives of the film industry.

The creators of “fast and Furious 9” will send the film’s characters into space

Recently, the actor Ludacris hinted that the action of the new part will partially unfold in space. His words in the interview were confirmed by the star of “fast and Furious” Michelle Rodriguez.

“Oh, it can’t be! How did you find out about this? You see what happens? People are starting to show their cards. When a movie doesn’t come out and they forget about it, everything comes out. No one was supposed to know about this… But no, I was unlucky to be in space, ” the actress said.

It is noteworthy that the slogan of the new film: “in space, no one will hear your drift”.

Gorillaz and the Cure released a joint video

It is noted that the “Song Machine” series is created specifically in honor of the 20th anniversary of the band. Fans will be able to hear the full version in October this year. Rappers such as ScHoolboy Q, Slowthai and Octavian, as well as members of the bands Slaves and Georgia, were invited to create previous videos.

Tatar Drama theater opened in Naberezhnye Chelny

Tatar Drama theater is opened in Naberezhnye Chelny. The opening ceremony was attended by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Naberezhnye Chelny state Tatar drama theater was named after the Tatar writer-playwright Ayaz Gilyazov

American Duo Missio unveiled a new single

Famous American electronic music Duo Missio released the double single Can You Feel The Sun / Don’t Forget to Open Your Eyes. Pre-order songs is available on all music platforms. The Duo released their first single, Middle Finger, in 2017.

Marilyn Manson released a single from the new album

Outrageous singer Marilyn Manson presented the song Don’t chase the dead. It will be the second single from his new album, which is scheduled for release on September 11. The album was called We are chaos.

Anne Hathaway to star in Doug Lyman’s new quarantine Comedy

The plot of the film is still kept secret, but it is known that the action will take place during the coronavirus pandemic. American actress Anne Hathaway will play the lead role in the new film by Doug Lyman (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “the Bourne Identity”).

India and China agree to maintain peace on border

At the meeting that took place in Moscow the day before, the parties came to the conclusion that China and India should follow a number of important agreements. In addition, the Ministers agreed that the conflict should not be allowed to escalate due to disagreements, the Interfax news Agency reports”

Car sales in China increased

Car sales in China increased in August 2020 by 11.6% compared to August 2019, the press service of the Association of automobile manufacturers of China reported on September 10. In August, 2.19 million cars were produced, according to a press release.

International investors are showing interest in platinum

The Kommersant newspaper writes that interest in platinum is growing against the background of its undervaluation in comparison with other precious metals, as well as the recovery of the automotive industry in China.

Out the trailer for the woody Allen film Rifkins Festival 

The film will open the San Sebastian film festival on September 18. The release date in the Russian rental is still unknown. A trailer for woody Allen’s new project “Rifkin Festival” has been released Online

Trump said the us has weapons that no one knows about

Us President Donald trump said that the US has the latest weapons systems, which no one knows about yet. Trump stressed that over the past 3.5 years, $2.5 trillion has been allocated for the modernization of the US Armed forces.

The US imposed sanctions against three Russians and a Deputy of the Rada

The United States found a “Russian agent” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and imposed sanctions against him. This is reported on the website of the us Treasury Department. According to the Ministry’s statement, Rada Deputy Andrey Derkach has been actively working for Russia for more than a decade and maintains close ties with the Russian special services.

The US also imposed sanctions on three Russians. The black list includes Russian citizens Anton Andreev, Daria Aslanova and Artem Lifshits, who are associated with the Internet research Agency that manipulated the election.

The us tax service will pay for getting control of bitcoin

The us internal revenue service (IRS) has offered a $625,000 grant to a company that can develop a product to track cryptocurrency transactions. First of all, the initiative is aimed at hacking the network of the anonymous monero coin, but also applies to bitcoin.

The family of the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov found apartments in Bulgaria

According to the investigation, the owner of apartments over 200 square meters with a swimming pool and a terrace is Sergey Chemezov’s son Alexander Chemezov, and the 110-square-meter apartment is owned by the wife of the head of Rostec, Lyudmila chemezova.

Sweden has developed an eco-friendly cargo ship

The Swedish company Wallenius Marine has developed a cargo ship for transatlantic transport, driven by wind energy, writes the newspaper the Driven.

The ship, dubbed Oceanbird, can carry between 6,000 and 7,000 vehicles, with a 90% lower environmental impact than existing cargo ships. It takes 12 days to sail across the Atlantic ocean.

Britain and Japan have signed a free trade agreement

The UK has signed a free trade agreement with Japan, which was the first major trade deal for the UK as an independent trading country and will increase turnover with Japan by about 15.2 billion pounds, the report said

Taiwan again recorded the approach of Chinese aircraft to the island

Military personnel in Taiwan for the second day in a row record the approach of aircraft of the people’s liberation army air force (PLA) to the island. On Thursday, September 10, according to the defense Ministry in Taipei.

The Royal castle in Warsaw will be painted in the colors of the Belarusian opposition

On the weekend (September 12-13), the Royal castle in Warsaw will be illuminated in white-red-white colors, symbolizing the flag of the Belarusian opposition. This is reported by Polskie Radio 24.

Twitter introduces new rules to fight election disinformation

Social network Twitter is introducing new rules aimed at combating disinformation about the election, including messages about the victory of candidates in the elections, published before the official results are available. This is reported on the company’s page.

Belarus agreed to reverse oil with Poland

The Belarusian company Gomeltransneft Druzhba has agreed with the Polish company PERN technical regulations for reverse pumping of oil from the port of Gdansk to Belarus. This was stated by Oleg Borisenko, General Director of Gomeltransneft Druzhba.

According to Borisenko, ” Western partners are ready to supply alternative oil to the border of our country via the Gdansk — Plock — adamovo section, the question is only in volumes — there are some restrictions here.” At the same time, he noted that today the priority task of the enterprise is the construction of the Gomel — Gorki oil pipeline.

The Russian authorities have asked state banks to support the liquidity of Belarus

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov called Sberbank, VTB and VEB and asked them not to restrict interbank transactions with Belarusian banks, two sources told Reuters

Reuters named the amount of debt owed by Belarusian banks to Russian ones

The total debt of Belarusian banks to Russian creditors through interbank lending is $ 2-2. 5 billion. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the Director of banks at Fitch Ratings Olga Ignatieva.

The IMF and Belarus have not agreed on attracting funding

The Belarusian authorities could not agree with the International monetary Fund (IMF) to provide financial support in connection with the economic situation and the coronavirus pandemic. This was stated by the official representative of the IMF Gerry rice

Yakutia has launched the largest coal mine in Russia

In the Neryungrinsky district of Yakutia, the first stage of Russia’s largest inaglinskaya mine and inaglinskaya-2 processing plant has started working. As representatives of the Colmar coal mining company specified, the capacity of the facilities is six million tons of coal per year, but work continues, and after the launch of all production facilities, the volume of coal production will double.

The investor refused the don greenhouse projects

Donskaya company “agrarnye tekhnologii” refused to build in the Rostov region greenhouses. The reasons are infrastructural and financial. The head of the organization Yuriy Kucherenko told Interfax about them. The establishment of a greenhouse enterprise in the Peschanokopsky district has been postponed indefinitely. As the City of N wrote, the project became known in 2017. Full production capacity was expected in 2022. Greenhouses, storage facilities and fruit processing sites were to occupy 24 hectares and produce 20 thousand tons of vegetables per year. The investment was estimated at 5 billion rubles. According to Interfax, the project has risen in price by 20% — up to 6 billion rubles, and has not found funding.

Chinese-built Tesla cars will be delivered to Europe

Tesla Inc. plans to ship cars made at its factory in Shanghai to other markets in Asia and Europe, according to information provided by insiders

Gazprom pays the premiums, receiving the loss

Gazprom’s financial performance was the worst in the last 15 years. This conclusion can be drawn from the IFRS statements submitted by the gas monopoly for the first half of the year. The company’s net profit attributable to its shareholders was only 32.9 billion rubles. This is 25.4 times less than the same indicator last year.

Despite the poor financial performance, the company did not skimp on bonuses to senior management. The RAS financial statements show that the salaries of top managers were reduced by 17.2%. However, in fact, this turned out to be an empty formality. Gazprom’s “effective managers” received the money they lost in the form of bonuses, the amount of which almost doubled from last year and amounted to 602.9 million rubles.

Net capital outflow from Russia in eight months

Net capital outflow in January ‒ August 2020 increased by 1.7 times compared to the data for the same period last year ‒ from $20 billion to $34.8 billion, according to the materials of the Central Bank of Russia.

Russia’s budget deficit in August 2020

It became known that the budget deficit of the Russian Federation in August 2020 amounted to 296.5 billion rubles. In total, a shortfall of 1.69 trillion rubles was formed over the year. The Ministry of Finance notes that Federal budget expenditures in January-July already amounted to 60.6% of the planned limit for 2020. At the same time, the revenues of this period amounted to only 50.5% of the planned ones.

The missing budget amount is covered by loans. In August 2020, the Ministry sold bonds for 180 billion rubles, and in September – for 380 billion rubles. In total, 2.385 trillion rubles have been employed since the beginning of the year.

Warsaw offered Belarusian firms to move to Poland

The offer is “a comprehensive package that helps IT professionals, startups and other companies move freely to the territory of the Republic of Poland”.

The Pope called sex and good food a “divine” pleasure

Pope Francis said that the pleasure that a person gets from eating delicious food and making love is “divine”. According to his statements, pleasure comes from God himself.

Nikola company caught in fraud

The manufacturer of electric cars Nikola, which is called the main competitor of Tesla, was convicted of fraud. The company was suspected that its electric cars are not working and Nikola misleads potential buyers. This was stated by specialists of the company Hindenburg Research, specializing in forensic financial research.

The published report says that Nikola CEO Trevor Milton “turned the deception into a public company worth $ 20 billion”, and then signed agreements with leading automakers, trying to keep up with Tesla.

At the same time, the published video of the Nikola One truck moving at high speed only misleads consumers. When shooting, the truck was allegedly allowed to accelerate from the top of the hill. Experts also questioned the capabilities of Nikola’s battery technology.

In Lipetsk, an employee of Navalny’s headquarters was beaten

In Lipetsk, a candidate for the city Council Alexander Naumov was attacked with a knife, said the Deputy of the regional Council Oleg Khomutinnikov on his page in Telegram. The Deputy said that Navalny’s headquarters and the Smart vote project called for him to vote.

A staff member with a concussion and small cuts Naumov was hospitalized in the city hospital No. 4. According to the victim, the attacker, dressed all in black and covering his face with a medical mask, shouted to him “You will know how to go against the authorities”

Lukashenko said that integration of Belarus with Russia is impossible

The President of Belarus believes that if the conditions are adapted to the current situation, then equal economic integration is needed.

No, not all of them can be combined and divided in half, it’s stupid, we’ll choke on this piece. This should be an equal basis, ” Lukashenka said.

Zhirinovsky suggested holding a love and friendship parade in Minsk

The leader of the LDPR party, state Duma Deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to hold a parade of friendship and love with Russians on the Central streets of Minsk, so that everyone would understand that Russia does not intend to send troops, but loves Belarus and wants to be friends. The politician writes about this in his Telegram channel on Friday, September 11

The Russian Ambassador presented Lukashenko with an old map with Belarus as part of Russia

The book contains topographic maps of Vitebsk, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev provinces that belonged to the Russian Empire. According to Mezentsev, he gave Lukashenka “another confirmation of the justice of the borders of the modern Republic”.

In Poland, they declared the threat of a “new form of the Russian Empire”

If Belarus is “included” in the Russian system, there is a risk of a “new form of the Russian Empire”, said Peter Grokhmalsky, a Professor at the Academy of military arts in Warsaw, in an interview with Polskie Radio 24

Zakharova called the water blockade of Crimea a violation of human rights

The water blockade of Crimea violates Kiev’s human rights obligations. This was stated by the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. In her opinion, the human right to water is a prerequisite for the implementation of requirements aimed at respect for human dignity

The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov considers it necessary to initiate criminal proceedings against the organizers of the water blockade of the Crimea.

Vucic said that Putin apologized to him for publishing Zakharova

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on national television that Russian leader Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov apologized for the post of foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova about the visit of the Serbian delegation to Washington.

Serbia refuses joint military exercises in Belarus

Serbia refused to participate in joint exercises with Russia and Belarus under “terrible pressure” from the European Union. This was stated by the Minister of defense of the Republic of Serbia Alexander vulin, reports the TV channel “Radio and television of Serbia”

In Germany, called the substance that poisoned Alexey Navalny

Navalny drank a toxic substance codenamed A-242, which is a modification of Novichok.

Nebenzia: Russia sees no reason to investigate the situation with Navalny

Germany did not provide Russia with evidence of the poisoning of opposition leader Alexey Navalny so that his case could be investigated. This was stated at a meeting of the UN security Council by the Russian representative to the organization Vasily nebenzya.

Syria reported reflected Israel’s air strike on Aleppo

Syrian air defense systems (adiz) repelled an Israeli airstrike on Thursday night, according to the state-run Syrian news Agency SANA

Macron refused to consider Turkey a partner in the Mediterranean

Ankara is no longer a partner of Europe in the development of the Mediterranean region, Emmanuel macron said. France accuses Turkey of violating the borders of Greece and conducting geological work on the shelf near the Greek Islands and Cyprus. Macron warned that the EU will not be silent.

Hungary signed a contract for the supply of German lynx KF41 IFVs

The Hungarian army will have to adopt a German infantry fighting vehicle Lynx KF41. According to the bmpd blog with reference to the press service of the Rheinmetall group, the Hungarian Ministry of defense has signed a contract for the supply of 218 new lynx BMP

US authorities accused Russia of trying to “sow discord and chaos”

The national security Council (NSC) under the us presidential administration believes that Russia is trying to sow “divisions and chaos”in the United States. This is stated in the message of this Advisory body on Twitter.

The dialogue between Moscow and London is frozen in all directions

The dialogue between Moscow and London is frozen in all directions, and the possibility of restoring it is still minimal, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, noting the high need to restore cooperation between the countries. the official representative of the Kremlin noted that the UK has its legal personality in many aspects of the legal framework

The President of Lithuania called Putin’s main goal in relation to Belarus

Vladimir Putin’s main intention regarding Belarus is to fully unite the two States into a single whole. This was announced today, September 11, by Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

At the same time, Nauseda noted that Lukashenka “found himself in a hopeless situation in which the Belarusian economy is completely dependent on debt, new potential projects, such as the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Ostrovets, which will only increase this financial debt and dependence.”

Tikhanovskaya told about the condition of her return to Belarus

The former candidate for presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski going to return to the country, but only when you feel safe there. She said this on September 11 in an interview with the Polish newspaper ” Rzeczpospolita»

In the Irkutsk region, voting is carried out in the trunk of a car

Navalny’s headquarters in Irkutsk published a photo of the polling station in the trunk of a car. The photo was taken in the village of meget of the Angarsk city district, where early elections of the Governor, mayor of Angarsk and deputies of the city Duma are taking place.

A Single voting day has started in Russia.

More than 9,000 campaigns of various levels – from Federal to municipal-will be held in 83 regions from September 11 to 13. 20 regions will elect chief Executive officers, 11 regions will hold parliamentary elections, and 22 regional capitals will hold elections to city assemblies. By-elections of deputies to the state Duma are also planned in several regions.

Voting will take three days, and the overall results will be counted after the polls close at 20.00 local time on Sunday.

On Friday, election campaigning is still allowed, and Saturday, September 12, is declared a “day of silence”.

Former ONT journalist Dmitry Semchenko was detained in Minsk.

He headed the presidential pool of Lukashenka, but left it in August, saying that he could not discuss the unemployed on the air, “when girls are raped in car parks.” The man was detained in his apartment. Semchenko’s wife said that he was taken to the police Department.

“There was one man not in uniform, and also 2-3 people in masks. We have a small child at home, but they (the security forces) behaved correctly, the child was not afraid. The husband was given five minutes to get ready and was taken to the Frunze police Department. They said they would check whether he participated in unauthorized rallies.”

The division for investigation of falsification of history

The Investigative Committee of Russia will create a unit to investigate the falsification of history, the press service said that it will also deal with cases of rehabilitation of Nazism.

“It was decided to create a Department to investigate crimes related to the rehabilitation of Nazism and falsification of the history of the Fatherland. The work of this unit will be aimed not only at identifying those responsible for crimes committed during the war and thus implementing the principle of inevitability of punishment, but also at preventing distortion of historical facts.”

There is no “nothing like that”in this

In Tomsk, a patient of the Sibsmu clinic after urological surgery found abrasions on his face and a broken collarbone. His doctor said there was “nothing wrong with it.”

Cossack patrols on the streets of the city of Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg media appealed to the police and Prosecutor’s office to check the activities of Cossack patrols on the streets of the city. The General statement of the seven editorial offices States that the actions of the “Cossacks” are illegal and harm the reputation of the region.

We appeal to the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk region and the Prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk region to pay attention to these episodes, check the legality of such actions and make the results of this check public.

We regard as inappropriate the statement of the head of Yekaterinburg Alexander Vysokinsky that patrolling the streets was carried out by “active citizens, parents”. Public approval of such actions by the authorities frees the hands of violators. In addition, according to the “Cossacks” themselves, visitors from other cities and regions “patrol” the streets. These people are not related to Yekaterinburg. Guests are welcome in our city, but such behavior is unacceptable.

Tikhanovski launched a campaign “I/We, the coordinating Council”.

Together with another representative of the Council, Olga Kovalkova, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya recorded an appeal in which she invited all Belarusians to join the constitutional court.

Earlier, four members of the Presidium of the constitutional court were detained in Belarus. Maria Kolesnikova and Maxim Znak are charged with attempting to seize power. Several other members of the Council were expelled from the country.

SK of Belarus refused to make the case for violence against protesters

The investigative Committee of Belarus (IC) dismissed the member of the coordinating Council of the opposition Republic and former Minister of culture Pavel Latushko in criminal cases because of the violence by Belarusian security forces against protesters. Official response SK Latushko posted in his Telegram channel

VTSIOM records the deterioration of the financial situation of Russians

VTSIOM published the results of a survey on how Russians assess the current economic situation in the country and what they expect from the future.

It turned out that 26% of respondents rate the current financial situation of their family as bad. Also, every fourth Russian believes that in a year his family will live even worse than now.

The last member of the Presidium of the constitutional court of the opposition, who remains at large

Svetlana Alexievich is the last member of the Presidium of the constitutional court of the opposition who remains at large in Belarus. The other six are either in custody or have left the country under duress.

The previous morning, Alexievich reported that unknown people started ringing her doorbell. After that, diplomats from European countries came to her home to protect her from possible detention.

The newspaper “Kommersant” writes about the lack of funds in Russia from the budget for the purchase of expensive medicines.

The Ministry of health is forced to put forward additional requirements when expanding the list of purchases of expensive medicines, since they are allocated a limited budget. In particular, the Agency is ready to include in a list of Swiss drug amerisolar for patients with hemophilia. However, provided that a maximum of 195 people receive it, although 566 patients need it. For the rest of the patients, money from the Federal budget will not be enough and you will have to rely only on the regions to allocate funds for medicines, the Kommersant newspaper notes»