13 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/12/2019

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Real us debt is 18 times bigger than everyone thought

Well-known American financial company AllianceBernstein conducted a study that revealed the true size of the American public debt. Journalists of the financial channel CNBC explain how AllianceBernstein calculated the real us national debt and why it is important:

“AllianceBernstein developed a method of counting (and received. — Primas’. ed.) the result-1832 percent (of GDP. — Primas’. to be precise, including not only traditional levels of public debt, such as bonds, but also financial debt in all its diversity, as well as future obligations under so-called (social) payment programs, such as “Social security”, Medicare (health care). — Primas’. ed.) and state pensions. Once it all comes together, a frightening picture emerges, but this picture requires nuances to understand. It is very important to realize that not all debt obligations are “carved in stone”, and it is important to know where there is room for freedom of maneuver, especially in government programs that can be changed either by legislation or accounting.”

However, the author of the study immediately hurries to reassure readers.

“Although the picture is terrible, such figures do not prove that we are doomed or that a debt crisis is inevitable,” writes AllianceBernstein chief economist Philipp Karlsson — Schlesak.

And immediately offers a powerful solution:

“A default on US Treasury bonds would be catastrophic for the world economy — while changes in (social. — Primas’. ed.) policy (although painful for those whose future payments are reduced) would hardly be fixed on the economic horizon.”

Assessment AllianceBernstein attracts attention not only due to the numbers that the American media called “shocking”, but also due to the fact that this” debt diagnosis ” put a very well-known financial structure. AllianceBernstein was founded by renowned economist and billionaire Zalman Chaim Bernstein, and it now manages $ 586 billion in assets, giving its forecasts serious added weight.

Five new lawsuits filed by the opposition Sable and Alborov

Five new claims submitted to Simonovsky court of Moscow the opposition Lyubov Sobol, Georgy Alborov, it follows from the base court. The materials do not specify the amount of claims and the essence of the claims

The applicants are sue “Mosgortrans”, sue “Moscow metro” and GBU “Highways”. On them preliminary meetings are appointed for September 13. Also, lawsuits filed by two individual entrepreneurs – Vitaly Tomcalova and Yaroslav of Christ

The Supreme court of Russia overturned the decision to extend the arrest of Khoroshavin

According to the defender, all relevant court decisions, from the stage of preliminary investigation to sentencing, have been annulled. However, as the lawyer Vasily Ivanov noted, thus the Supreme court eliminated violations of the criminal procedural legislation which were established by the European court of human rights.

“Nothing changes for Khoroshavin himself, this only gives him the right to receive compensation from the Russian Federation, appointed by the ECHR when considering his complaint and lawyer Olga Artyukhova. As far as I know, the amount is set at 50 thousand euros,” he said.

In February 2018, the city court of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk found ex-Governor Alexander Khoroshavin guilty of taking bribes and sentenced him to 13 years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 500 million rubles.

The educational institution required the student to change her hair.

The main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee (IC) in the Krasnoyarsk territory began checking on possible abuse of power in connection with the conflict in the school Sosnovoborsk, where the leadership of the institution demanded the student to change her hair. Then in conversation with parents the administration of school suggested them to transfer the son to home training if they aren’t ready to fulfill requirements of the teacher. The press service reported on the website of the Department.

Swiss Parliament approves paternity leave after birth

The national Council of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland voted to provide a two-week leave for fathers to care for the newborn, reports RTS.

The channel emphasizes that in order to achieve this result, it took “20 years and more than 30 initiatives in Parliament.” At the same time, under the current legislation, the young father receives only one day off, both at the birth of the child, and at the time, for example, moving.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev urged to introduce more flexible work schedules

According to him, the modern labor legislation of Russia does not correspond to realities, RIA “Novosti”reports. A significant proportion of people do not work under an employment contract, which involves an 8-hour slave day in the workplace, and work from home.

Medvedev added that the number of freelancers is growing every year, while they earn good money. The Prime Minister believes that distance employment also needs to be regulated within the framework of labour legislation.

In addition, Medvedev noted that it is possible that it will be possible to build a schedule that people will be busy four days a week.

The state Duma called the advantages of a four-day working week

The transition to a four-day working week will increase productivity and allow Russians to spend more time on self-education and self-realization. He shared this opinion with journalists.

“I am convinced that three days off every week is a qualitative change in life, this is what people are waiting for, it means more freedom for a person, it means a great opportunity for self — realization of a person, “RIA” Novosti “quotes the words of the first Deputy Chairman of the United Russia faction Andrei Isaev.

Isaev added that the prospect of a four-day working week is becoming more real. The parliamentarian attributes this to the gradual development of civilization, which reduces the amount of necessary working time.

Russian companies do not want to switch to a four-day working week

The survey showed that only 12% of employers consider switching to a four-day work week in the next year or two, and 8% in the long term. The vast majority of employers (76%) do not consider switching to a reduced work schedule at all

The world will be hot and dry: changing climate affects fires

Representatives of the NASA space flight Center note: fires absorb huge areas. For the most current fire status in recent years — a powerful, dry, breaking. A spark in a matter of seconds can cause a flame in hot and dry conditions, destroying everything in its path.

Kolyma created a working group on the development of aviation

On the Kolyma created a working group on the development of aviation-the website of the Magadan regional Duma. The task of the Advisory body, which was headed by Governor Sergei Nosov, is the development of regular passenger air transport and aviation works on the Kolyma, improving the efficiency of the implementation of measures for transport accessibility of the region.

Russia has identified the developer of a new aircraft to replace the An-2

The Ministry of industry and trade has identified the developer of a light multi-purpose aircraft to replace the an-2 (“Maize”), it was “Ural plant of civil aviation” (UZGA), follows from the Protocol of summing up the results of the open competition. The Department did not comment on RIA Novosti this information.

Medvedev proposed another “idea” to reduce abortion

Bans and “stupid propaganda” do not work in the fight against abortion, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on television on September 11. He acknowledged the importance of the problem, saying that about 800,000 abortions are performed annually in the country.

“The abortion ban doesn’t work. And banal stupid propaganda does not work either,” Medvedev said. “I have an idea,” said the Prime Minister.

He spoke about birth certificates, offering to increase their size and direct funds including psychological support for women.

The head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova corrected that Medvedev called the figure was relevant in 2014. Now 576 thousand abortions are performed. These indicators were achieved, in her opinion, including through psychological counseling of women who decided to have an abortion.

Meat substitutes can be dangerous to health

Australian researchers have found that meat substitutes can be dangerous to health. These foods tend to contain too much salt, sugar and fat. The report on their work, the scientists published on the website of the George Institute of world health.

The effectiveness of state programs has not been established

None of the 40 state programs designed to develop priority sectors of the economy, to help the regions and vulnerable segments of the population has shown a high degree of effectiveness. This conclusion was reached by the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, analyzing the execution of the Federal budget for 2018.

Almost half of the state programs-19 out of 40-showed ” low efficiency “(7), or were designed in such a way that it was impossible to assess their effect: more than 10% of their indicators” had no actual value ” (12). The remaining programs (21) have an “average level of efficiency”.

The Ministry of justice will develop a procedure for unhindered access of bailiffs in the homes of Russians

The rules by which bailiffs will be able to carry out court orders on unhindered access to the homes of Russians, will be written in the law. Its development was engaged in the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. It is a question of emergence in the legislation on Executive production of a new measure of compulsory execution — compulsory access to the room in the apartment house at supervision, notes the edition. Such supervision can be carried out by a court decision for compliance with the order of redevelopment, maintenance and repair of gas equipment, etc.

The state Duma approved tax cuts for Rosneft and Gazprom»

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that will allow Rosneft and Gazprom Neft not to pay export duties for raw materials from eight fields in Eastern Siberia and return from the budget about 6.5 billion rubles listed after may 1.

Amendments made to the Parliament by the government clarify the procedure for additional income tax (NDT) in the oil industry. It is valid from January 1 and allows not to pay export duty for oil from new fields.

Roskomnadzor has no opportunity to check Telegram

On August 9, the anonymous telegram channel “Comrade major” leaked the personal data of more than three thousand people — those who went to opposition rallies or signed for independent candidates.

Muscovite Maryam Salarzai found information about his private life, including address, phone number and passport in the database published in the public “Comrade major”, and then appealed to Roskomnadzor. The Agency, designed to respond to violations of the law on personal data, refused to help the woman in any way.

In response, the Deputy head of the RCN in the Central Federal district Nikolai Makarenko said that check blocked Telegram their Department has no opportunity.

The police staged large-scale searches of employees of Navalny’s headquarters.

On the morning of September 12, searches began across Russia at the headquarters of opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Confirmed searches this morning at headquarters coordinators, headquarters staff and headquarters premises in 39 cities, here’s a list.

Cheboksary, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Lipetsk, Kazan, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Penza, Orenburg, Kurgan, Saratov, Balakovo, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, Belgorod, Tomsk, Krasnodar, Tambov, Izhevsk, Tyumen, Voronezh, Murmansk, Omsk, Vladivostok, Ivanovo, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-don, Barnaul, Arkhangelsk, Perm, Pskov, Ryazan, Stavropol, Saransk, Irkutsk

The searches are linked to a criminal case of money laundering at the anti-corruption Fund founded by Alexei Navalny. According to the former head of Navalny’s campaign headquarters Leonid Volkov, the court previously allowed a total of 94 searches in the case.

The government is ready to fail the decree of the President of Russia to enter the TOP 5 economies of the world

The pace of economic growth depends not only on the actions of the Cabinet, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “It is obvious that the situation in the world economy also affects their development opportunities,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted the General slowdown in the global economy, trade wars, as well as continuing sanctions against Russia. Medvedev noted that as a result of the trade confrontation between China and the United States, the demand for energy and a number of other goods is falling, which is sensitive for the Russian economy.

“Therefore, we will have to make a decision to adjust the pace of our development, including taking into account these factors,” Medvedev said

In Russia, the collection of transport tax falls.

On average, Russia’s annual transport tax arrears of citizens is about 30% of the volume of annual charges, according to PwC’s 2018 regional tax policy efficiency rating.

“For regions with the greatest complexity is the debt administration for the transportation tax, primarily to individuals. Russia’s average annual debt of the transport tax of individuals is about 30% of the total annual accrual tax, and in some regions this indicator exceeds 60%”

Rosprirodnadzor measured the level of pollution in one of the districts of Moscow

The measurements were taken at the pond in the village of Nikolo-Khovanskoe, this is New Moscow. Locals have been complaining for weeks about the pungent smell and poor health, and at the end of August they were visited by specialists from Rosprirodnadzor and checked the level of pollution. It seems to be close to lethal:

The concentration level of hydrogen sulfide exceeded 1000 times, hydrogen chloride-35 times, formaldehyde-240 times, ammonia-130 times.

All results of measurements transferred to Prosecutor’s office, and there are going to understand, but, apparently, and without it it is clear that waste of all who nearby gets to a pond. And a military unit near the village (there are no sewage treatment plants), and the wholesale market, and new-fangled LCD, which is not normal sewage

World gold reserves

In June 2019, the United States was the country with the largest gold reserves. The us reserves were more than twice as large as Germany, the runner-up , and almost four times as large as Italy’s number three reserves.

“Yandex” will invest 5 billion rubles in education

“Yandex” in the next three years will invest in the development of education, existing and new educational projects in the field of IT for schoolchildren, students and professionals 5 billion rubles, the company said. This program was called “Educational initiative” by Yandex. Investments will be used to expand existing and create new projects, the report says. Yandex will implement this initiative together with government agencies, secondary schools, universities and colleges.

Russian Railways will launch a regular flight “Swallows” between Moscow and St. Petersburg

From December 8, 2019, flights using passenger trains “Swallow” on the route Moscow – St. Petersburg will become regular: once a day in both directions, said the representative of Russian Railways.

Medvedev announced a new economic development plan

“The pace of development of the Russian economy currently does not correspond to the level of the tasks, – quotes the words of Dmitry Medvedev RIA”Novosti”. – At the moment, the pace that we see does not correspond to the forecasts and what we are striving for,” Medvedev said during the program “Dialogue” on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

In this regard, Dmitry Medvedev said, all national projects are being “promoted”, and the government is preparing a plan for economic development, which will include two scenarios: the optimal and more complex.

The authorities of the Italian province decided to pay wishing to move there

The authorities of Molise, a region in the South-East of Italy, promised to pay 700 euros a month for three years to those who agree to move to one of the local villages with a population of less than two thousand people and open a business there.

According to the British edition of The Guardian, it can be a bakery, stationery store, restaurant or anything. Program participants can decide for themselves.

Users “in contact” will no longer be able to share pirated books

Social network “in contact” (owned by Mail.ru Group) signed an anti-piracy Memorandum with the largest book publishers in Russia and their online stores. The agreement was signed by “Eksmo”, AST,” Azbuka-Atticus”,” Alpina publisher”,” Audiobook”,” Litres”, as well as the Association for the protection of rights on the Internet (AZAPI), which represents the interests of publishers, told” Vedomosti ” representatives of these organizations. The representative Of “in contact” does not comment on this.

Booking accused of promoting illegal hotels in Russia

Booking and other Online travel agencies (OTA) such as Ostrovok.ru, became involved in the scandal because of the promotion of illegal hotels in Russia, the newspaper “Izvestia”. Letters with accusations of the sites were sent by the business Association “OPORA Russia” to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) and the Ministry of economic development.

US plans to limit VAPE sales

The administration of the US President is going to limit the sale of vapes (electronic cigarettes with aromatic additives). One of the reasons is the mass use of this product among young people, according to the website of the Ministry of health and human services.

Residents of Surgut complain about the quality of garbage collection

The townspeople believe that with the advent of the regional operator “Ugra-Ecology” to remove waste become irregular, except that containers installed everywhere. In particular, we are talking about the business sector.

It turns out that the problem of garbage collection is really acute in Surgut — there are more than five thousand private companies in the city, but only 359 of them have signed a contract with a regional operator. As businessmen take out garbage — it is unknown

In honor of the day of sobriety Tver poured Holy water from the plane

In honor of the world sobriety day, which was celebrated on September 11, Metropolitan Savva of Tver and Kashin held an air procession, flying around Tver by plane. Together with another priest — father Alexander — they sprayed 70 liters of Holy water on the regional center.

Hotels will be allowed to invite foreign tourists

Tourist visas to Russia are proposed to be issued on the basis of hotel booking-without the participation of travel agencies. This initiative was launched today by the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

According to the current Federal law, an ordinary tourist visa is issued for a period of up to one month in the presence of a citizen’s confirmation of acceptance of the tour operator, entered in the appropriate register. If there are mutual agreements, the validity period can be up to six months. This rule virtually excludes the independent entry of foreign tourists-legally a visa can be obtained only by purchasing a comprehensive tourist product. In practice, some travel agencies for a fee issue essentially fake permits and so on.

The Ministry of labor set the minimum wage for 2020

The minimum wage (minimum wage) in 2020 will be 12130 rubles. This is stated in the bill of the Ministry of labor. Today, the document will be considered at the working group of the Russian trilateral Commission on regulation of social and labor relations (RTK).

Billionaire Timchenko came in second place in the list of the richest Russians

Billionaire Gennady Timchenko came in second place in terms of wealth among the richest Russians, according to the counter Forbes Real Time, reflecting the wealth of dollar billionaires around the world in real time.

The Ministry of Finance against unjustified growth of the economy and incomes

Incomes will grow in line with the growth of the Russian economy. Artificial stimulation is not needed to increase income. This statement was made by Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev, speaking at the Moscow financial forum 2019.

“That is to say that some measures we need to stimulate the redistribution of income between the profits of companies and the population, it would not be very fair,” – TASS reports the words of the Deputy Minister

The indicator of the debt burden of borrowers will not be calculated by banks

The indicator of debt burden of borrowers (PD) will be calculated not by banks, but by specially created qualified credit bureaus (BCI). To do this, they will have access to data on the income of Russians.

Such amendments to the law “on credit histories” will be considered in the first reading in September, the head of the state Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov told Izvestia. The issue of the price for the calculated indicator remains unresolved, he added.

Financial institutions have long wanted to receive information from the BCI without the consent of the borrower. However, this is fraught with “marketing terrorism” on the part of credit institutions, experts said.

The decision to issue 2.6 trillion rubles of Arctic benefits will take Putin

Director of Rosneft Igor Sechin and Deputy Chairman of the government Yuri Trutnev, who oversees the development of the Far East and the Arctic, managed to bring to the presidential level the discussion of the Arctic bill, according to which only oil companies operating in the region will be able to receive unprecedented tax benefits – 2.6 trillion rubles, three officials and an interlocutor close to one of the possible participants in such a meeting told Vedomosti.

The meeting will take place at the President in the coming weeks, the interlocutors of “Vedomosti”say. Sechin and Trutnev, after imposing a moratorium on new benefits for oil workers, several times reported to Putin how important it is to develop the Arctic, and the President agreed to listen to the positions of the parties, they say.

“So far [the meeting] in September is not planned. But the topic is on the agenda, “presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Vedomosti.

Deripaska complained about the high cost of Russian loans

GAZ group (controlled by Oleg Deripaska’s” Russian machines”) after falling under sanctions significantly increased borrowing from Russian state banks, including VTB and Sberbank, to pay off its Western creditors, the Wall Street Journal reports. The businessman noted that borrowing on the domestic market for him, as for the person from the sanctions list, cost 20% more expensive

General Motors recalls 3.5 million vehicles

General Motors has announced a large-scale recall of pickups and SUV segment cars due to problems with the vacuum pump brakes, which have already led to 113 road accidents, and 13 of them people were injured. It is reported by Reuters news Agency.

Under the recall campaign falls 3.46 million cars produced between 2014 and 2018. Among them, the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon.

The strategy of development of trade of the Russian Federation till 2025 is published

The Ministry proposes to develop both retail chains and non-chain stores (including family stores). In addition to stationary trade, the project developers offer to support mobile and seasonal formats, as well as retail markets and fairs, online trade

It is also proposed to revive street retail in Russian cities (shops and catering facilities on the first floors of residential buildings in cities with Windows and a separate entrance from the sidewalk or pedestrian street) and promote vending machines.

Special attention is paid to wholesale trade. As noted in the document, now in Russia there is no system of wholesale food markets, and its creation should be one of the priorities.

Promsvyazbank until the end of 2019 will receive another 40 billion rubles of defense debt

Promsvyazbank until the end of this year will receive another 40 billion rubles of the loan portfolio of the military-industrial complex (MIC), said the head of the Board of the Bank Peter Fradkov reporters in Kemerovo on Thursday. According to him, Promsvyazbank has already received 100 billion rubles.

Promsvyazbank filed a lawsuit for 3.4 billion rubles to the Cypriot company

The case is considered by judge Marina Ogorodnikova (№ A40-239530/2019). The amount of the plaintiff’s claims is 3.4 billion rubles. the Claim has not yet been accepted into production, there are no other details in the case.

“RusHydro” began the exchange of assets

RusHydro and Andrey Melnichenko’s structures have started the active phase of the transaction for the exchange of assets in their joint business — the far Eastern energy company (DEK). The businessman will receive assets in the far East — the Primorsky GRES and the luchegorsky coal mine, paying them with his share in the DEK. To this end, the parties have already created a separate LLC Primorskaya GRES, which within a month can become a participant in the energy market. According to Kommersant, the deal can be made during October.

Naspers posted a foreign Internet assets on the stock exchange Euronext

South African holding Naspers, as promised last spring, placed on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam its foreign Internet assets, allocating them to the company Prosus. At the same time, as reported in a press release by Naspers, Prosus held a secondary placement on the Johannesburg stock exchange. On the first day of trading on Euronext, its shares soared by 30%. As a result, Prosus immediately became one of the largest technology companies in Europe.

The Ministry of agriculture has allocated 118 billion rubles to support agriculture regions

“Based on the state budget for the development of agriculture, the program provided 307.9 billion rubles. The subjects of the Russian Federation, in turn, were allocated an amount of 118 billion rubles. It was directed to them. Now about 62% of the funds have been brought to farmers”, – said the Minister of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev

The representatives of Lugansk to Kiev pass 54 prisoners

Representatives of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic on September 12 transferred to Kiev 54 convicts who wished to serve their sentence in Ukraine. It is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the representative of the LC in the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact group on Donbass Olga Kobtseva. As noted, the transfer involved convicts until 2014.

Rosstat will prepare statistics for the state Duma

The first invited expert was the head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov-he visited the Duma on September 11. The statistics prepared by the Department will provide objective information on the state of Affairs in the socio-economic sphere and will form the basis of future bills.

We will create a working group and together with Rosstat we will think about what we need to do to have information that is extremely important when making decisions. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The Ministry of communications requests the allocation of standard frequencies for 5G-networks

The head of the Ministry of communications Konstantin Noskov is ready to submit to the state Commission on radio frequencies the issue of transmission of frequencies 3,4-3,8 GHz for 5G-networks. At the moment, these frequencies, which are free in most countries of the world, belong to fixed operators. According to RIA “Novosti”, in Russia the range is occupied by other services, including law enforcement.

“I, as the Chairman of the State Commission on radio frequencies, will be ready to put to consideration the question of reusing them for the needs of 5G,” explained Noskov.

The US will postpone the introduction of new duties on Chinese goods

The US decided to postpone the introduction of new duties on goods from China until October 15. This was stated by US President Donald trump.
“At the request of Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu he and in connection with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the people’s Republic of China, we agreed that as a gesture of goodwill, we will postpone the increase in duties,” trump wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, the parties agreed to hold a new round of trade and economic talks in Washington in early October. The information was confirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Speaker of the national Assembly of France accused of illegal enrichment

The investigating authorities of the French city of Lille charged the President of the National Assembly of France Richard Ferrand with illegal enrichment. It is reported by TASS.

Ferrand is accused of embezzling public funds, which he allegedly could have spent on the rental of premises for the society “MUTUEL de Brittany”, as well as its repair (€1.66 million euros). In addition, French media drew attention to the fact that from 13 January to 14 may 2014, the post of parliamentary assistant Ferrand was his son, who was paid during this period €6.8 thousand Politician admitted this fact.

The UN criticized Israel’s plans for the Jordan valley

Israel, by establishing sovereignty in the Jordan valley, would violate international law, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned.

“Such steps, if implemented, would constitute a serious violation of international law. They will be devastating for the possible revival of negotiations and regional peace,” the statement said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan valley on Tuesday. The first steps Netanyahu intends to take immediately after the formation of a new Cabinet after the elections to the Knesset, which will be held on September 17.

Because of sanctions, Cuba was left without fuel

Fuel supplies to Cuba are suspended until the end of this week because of us sanctions. The authorities urged residents to save gasoline.

“To ease the situation, we have to take measures to adjust fuel sales before the arrival of the next tanker,” said Cuban leader Miguel Diaz – canel.

The us Treasury and businessman Gapontsev signed a settlement agreement

The settlement agreement was signed in the case of the inclusion of Russian businessman Valentin Gapontsev in the so-called”list of Russian oligarchs”. It was signed by representatives of the Russian entrepreneur and the us Treasury Department. Both parties filed a motion with the court to dismiss the case.

Pakistan threatened to shoot down Indian fighters without warning

Commodore of the Pakistani air force Syed Sajad Haider (Syed Sajad Haider) made a statement that the Pakistani air force will freely shoot down Indian fighters if the latter try to approach the borders of the country’s airspace.

“We have the opportunity to attack first. Take the Rafale or su-35, the Pakistani air force will retain the ability to attack first. Our pilot will simply shoot them down, ” said Pakistan air force Commodore Syed Sajab Haider.

China will build for Thailand landing ship dock project 071E

China at the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, China shipbuilding State Corporation (CSSC) will build a landing helicopter dock ship of project 071E for the Thai Navy.

The Pentagon is compiling a list of Chinese companies linked to the military

The us Department of defense has begun compiling a list of Chinese companies that it believes have ties to the military to prevent the leakage of strategically important technologies to China. This was reported on Thursday by the British newspaper Financial Times.

The shortcomings of the su-57 make it useless

According to “Free press”, having a competitive cost, the Russian fighter was not interested in either China or Iran, or even Turkey, which, by the way, not so long ago expressed admiration for the su-57. According to observers, the main reason for antipathy is a large number of shortcomings. First of all, it has problems with the engine. It is noted that the future of the second stage engines for the su-57 is very doubtful

Al-Qaeda has threatened the US and Russia with new terrorist attacks

The leader of the banned in Russia “al-Qaeda” Ayman al-Zawahiri threatened the United States, Europe, Israel and Russia with new terrorist attacks on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks. It is reported by The Times of Israel.

The U.S. Supreme court allowed the authorities to limit the granting of asylum

The us Supreme court has allowed the administration of President Donald trump to limit the granting of asylum to foreigners throughout the country, reports the Associated Press.

We are talking about the restriction, according to which migrants coming to the United States through third countries, must first ask for asylum in these States and be refused, and only then apply to the States

Britain has changed the rules of stay of foreign students in the country

Prime Minister Boris Johnson relaxed the rules of stay of foreign students in the UK. This is stated on the website of the government. Foreign students, including Russian students, will be able to stay and work in the country for two years after completing their studies at the University.

Vladimir Tsemakh Netherlands recognized as a suspect in the case of MH17

An international investigation team (JIT, which includes representatives of Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ukraine) has changed the status of a witness in the case of the attack on the Boeing flight MH17 Malaysia Airlines in July 2014 in the Donbass Vladimir Tsemakh – now he is a suspect. This was reported by MEP from the Netherlands Katie Piri.

Alibaba launches program for African students

Chinese e-Commerce giant Alibaba has launched its first cross-border e-Commerce student program for African countries, Xinhua news Agency reported on September 11.

Amazon sellers suffer from us-China trade war

About 72% of sellers on Amazon have seen unit costs increase by about 17% since the start of the trade war last year, a survey of Amazon vendors conducted by Jungle Scout showed.

Russia accounts for less than 1% of Nike sneakers

This was stated by the Director for interaction with authorities and corporate Affairs of the Russian office of Nike Dmitry Vishnyakov at a meeting on the introduction of mandatory labeling of goods within the Eurasian economic Union, RBC reports with reference to the Protocol of the event.

In 2019, Nike’s total revenue was $39.1 billion, of which $24.2 billion is sales in the “shoes” category, according to Nike reporting. Russian revenue, thus, in this category amounted to no more than $242 million, concluded RBC.

Uber does not intend to change anything in its work

Under the new rules approved by the California Senate and House of representatives, which will take effect on January 1, 2020, companies in the sharing economy must consider cooperating drivers, couriers, etc.to be their employees, not independent contractors.

Employees, unlike contractors, companies must provide social guarantees, including insurance, overtime pay, minimum wages, etc., which threatens additional costs to companies-employers.

Russian brand BQ has released a line of inexpensive TVs

In the Russian market of TVs there was a new brand BQ which for many is familiar on smartphones and push-button phones. The Russian company BQ began to offer simple and inexpensive models of TVs, and while in the lineup there are versions with 31.5-inch display and 23.6-inch.

VTB was the first major Bank to cancel cashback on purchases abroad

VTB became the first of the major Russian banks to respond to the reduction in Europe since mid-October of the interbank Commission for transactions on Visa and Mastercard cards issued outside the EU

The US approved the sale of Poland three dozen f-35 fighters

The US state Department has approved a deal with Poland for the sale of three dozen multifunctional fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35, according to the Department of defense for defense cooperation and security DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency).

India and Japan to conduct lunar polar exploration

According to the Indian news Agency Jagran, Japanese scientists noted that despite the failure of the mission, the Indians have contributed to the study of the earth’s natural satellite.

“Japan’s national space Agency and the Indian space research organization plan to carry out lunar polar exploration, which will begin in the early 2020s,” Japan said in a statement

China successfully launched three satellites

China has successfully put three satellites into orbit using the long March 4B launch vehicle, Xinhua reports. It is reported that the launch was carried out at 11:26 local time (06:26 GMT) from the Taiyuan cosmodrome in the Northern province of Shanxi.

According to the Agency, the device ZY-1 02D will be used by specialists to study natural resources, environmental monitoring, disaster prevention, environmental protection.

Scientists have created a hydrogel for the treatment of heart attacks

Doctors successfully conducted the first phase of clinical trials biomaterial VentriGel created from purified from the extracellular matrix of the myocardium of pigs. Studies have shown that the material contributed to the growth of blood vessel cells and differentiation of stem cells in rats. In animals that have suffered a heart attack, hydrogel contributed to reducing the growth of connective tissue and improve heart function.

Student Yegor Zhukov made the list of extremists and terrorists

As stated on the website of Rosfinmonitoring, Yegor Zhukov is included in the list of organizations and individuals in respect of which “there is information about their involvement in extremist activities or terrorism.”

Yegor Zhukov was arrested in the “July 27 case”. Later, investigators established his innocence in the Commission of riots in the capital, and then stopped the prosecution, and the court transferred the student under house arrest. The UK stated that it had established another episode of criminal activity of Zhukov, he was charged with committing a crime under part 2 of article 280 of the Russian criminal code. The investigation believes that in 2017 Zhukov published videos on YouTube that contained calls for extremist activities.

Catalonia day in Barcelona marked by riots

September 11 in Barcelona celebrated the national day of Catalonia, and supporters of the separation of the region from Spain traditionally took to the streets. According to the newspaper El Periodico, the rally under the motto “Goal-independence” was attended by about 600 thousand people.

“Cod fillet” with a taste of Alaska Pollock

Experts “Roskontrol” checked the quality of cod sold on the shelves of Russian stores. Only two manufacturers have passed the test, reported on Thursday, September 12, on the website of the organization.

The examination was sent products five brands: Borealis, “Bay of plenty”, “daily”, “Marlene” and “Coswell”. Test passed only two of them — “Coswell” and “Marlin”.

Cod fillet Borealis and “Bay of plenty” exceeded the permissible content of arsenic ( 1.6 times and 3 times, respectively). In other samples, this chemical element was also found, but its content is insignificant.

Most experts were surprised by the results of the examination of “cod fillet” manufacturer “Every day”. Examination showed that the package was a completely different fish-Pollock.

AliExpress began selling auto parts from a Russian warehouse

Chinese marketplace AliExpress began selling car parts from a Russian warehouse. The first sales began “Gazprom Neft”, which came out with sales of oils G-Energy, manufacturer of automotive lamps Philips, as well as auto shop Euroauto

Prince’s album “1999” will be reissued with 35 new tracks

Prince’s classic double album 1999, released in 1982, will be reissued. According to Prince Estate and Warner Records, the new version will include both the main tracks from the record (remastered) and 35 previously unreleased tracks.

Festival of circus arts “Idol” will open in Moscow

The world festival of circus arts “Idol”, the theme of which will be this year’s Russian painting, will open in the Great Moscow circus on Thursday, according to the official website of the event.

Asgardia will receive a special Lada Granta with the database of the Ministry of interior

The special vehicle will be equipped with a computer database, which will contain information about the owners of weapons and data on objects under the protection of Regardie. It will also be possible to use the database of the Ministry of internal Affairs, to obtain information about the person.

New district courts of appeal and cassation of Russia

The new district courts of appeal and cassation will begin their work in October, Chairman of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Lebedev said at the Plenum. According to him, there will be nine cassation courts, five courts of appeal of General jurisdiction, as well as military courts of cassation and appeal. Thus, Mr. Lebedev noted, in particular, greater independence of courts will be ensured and, accordingly, the quality of their work will be higher

The law on the establishment of separate courts of cassation and appeal of General jurisdiction was adopted in July last year. Each judicial district of cassation and appeal will include several regions. Now cassation and appeals will not be considered in the same court, which considered the case in the first instance.

The Network posted a video about the filming of ” Cats»

On YouTube, a video about the filming process of the film “Cats”, which played Taylor swift, Judi Dench and Idris Elba, according to Billboard.

The main theme of the VIII St. Petersburg cultural forum has been announced

VIII St. Petersburg cultural forum will be held from 14 to 16 November. Its main theme will be “Cultural codes in the context of globalization”. The event is organized by the Russian government, the Ministry of culture and Smolny.

Google and Facebook placed political ads on election day

Facebook instagram and YouTube published political ads on election day in Russia, September 8, despite warnings, the press service of Roskomnadzor reported.

Senator Klimov proposed to tighten the electoral law

The head of the temporary Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty and prevention of interference in internal Affairs Andrei Klimov believes that it is necessary to toughen responsibility for violation of electoral legislation, including for placing political advertising on the day of silence.

They couldn’t help but know they were breaking our laws, but they kept doing it. Facebook says it is necessary to punish advertisers for illegal campaigning. And we will keep this in mind — the punishment for those who are engaged in this, knowing that it can not be done, should become more tangible. – Andrey Klimov, Russian Deputy

Rock band Death Cab for Cutie released a new mini-album “The Blue EP»

American rock band Death Cab for Cutie released the first release of the year – “the Blue EP”. The album includes previously released singles “To the Ground” and “Kids in ’99” — the latter dedicated to the explosion of Olympic Pipeline’s fuel pipe in 1999.

In Vyborg go through the puppet theatre festival

The festival “Baltic puppet show”, which will be held for the first time from 15 to 22 September, will be attended by 15 theaters from seven Northern European countries. “Baltic kolovorot” invented in the Central State drama theatre and dolls “the Sacred fortress” — it will take place under the auspices of the International Union of figures of puppet theatres “UNIMARussia”.

Violinist Lindsay Stirling has released a new album ” Artemis»

American violinist Lindsay Stirling has released 13 new songs from the album “Artemis”. The album is released in collaboration with two artists: Emmy Lee and El king: whose vocals are found in the compositions “Love Goes On and on” and “The Upside” respectively. It is reported by the publication GeekTyrant.

Max Richter will perform an eight-hour song on the great wall of China

British composer Max Richter has announced a performance on the great wall of China. As part of the Beijing music festival, he will perform his song “Sleep”, which lasts eight hours, according to Pitchfork.

Mail.ru Group has launched a secure corporate instant messenger MyTeam

Company Mail.ru Group has announced the launch of a new messenger MyTeam. On September 12, reported the portal VC. MyTeam is a corporate messenger, which, according to the developers, together with its other features is able to prevent information leakage.

Apple’s capitalization exceeded $1 trillion after the presentation of the new iPhone

The market capitalization of Apple after the presentation of new smartphones and other gadgets exceeded $1 trillion and amounted to more than $1 trillion 10 billion, according to “Kommersant”, citing data from the new York stock exchange NASDAQ. The company’s shares are currently trading at $223.59 apiece.

Motorola ready to present smart TV

The publication 91mobiles told about Motorola’s plans, citing a reliable source. The details revealed a bit. The novelty will receive MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) technology, which will ensure smoothness of the image on the screen. Also, the device will receive several speakers with a capacity of 30 watts. Android 9 Pie was chosen as the operating system. The publication believes that the novelty will be shown at the presentation of the smartphone Moto E6 Plus in India, which will be held next week, September 16.

Owners of cryptocurrencies want to deprive of anonymity

The Association of Russian banks (ADB) prepared the concept of turnover decentralized cryptocurrency, which deprives the anonymity of the owners of digital assets, said ADB Vice-President Anatoliy Kozlachkov. The concept was prepared based on the analysis of 50 court cases related to cryptocurrency

Apple is working on a virtual reality headset

Apple is developing its own virtual reality headset. Now it is called Garta and, apparently, is being tested among some employees of the tech giant, the data on the novelty found in the files of iOS 13.

Scientists have created the most accurate map of the movement of Antarctic ice

Researchers from the University of California at Irvine and NASA’s jet propulsion Laboratory combined data from six satellite missions of the Canadian space Agency, the European space Agency and the Japan aerospace exploration Agency over 25 years. As a result, scientists have created a map that shows the movement of ice up to 20 centimeters per year and covers more than 70 percent of Antarctica. The researchers hope that their new work will more accurately predict the processes that will occur in Antarctica.

The orchestra played Gustav Mahler’s Symphony completed by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence finished Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 10 based on his musical style. The finished composition was played by a Symphony orchestra at the Ars Electronica festival.

Gustav Mahler died in the spring of 1911, never having finished his tenth Symphony, which he began in the summer of 1910. During his lifetime, this man was famous as one of the best conductors in the world, but his talents as a composer were not appreciated by many. Only half a century after his death, Mahler’s works became popular. And the unfinished Symphony No. 10 aroused great interest because it will remain unfinished.

Water discovered on potentially habitable planet

Scientists from London first discovered water outside the Solar system. Water vapor found in the atmosphere of the planet K2-18b, which is 111 light years from Earth. Astronomers call this discovery a real breakthrough in the study of exoplanets.

Scientists have observed a rare type of supernova

The European space Agency’s Gaia satellite first noticed a supernova flare, after which nothing remained of the parent star.

A supernova outbreak occurs due to the compression of the star’s core and the release of its outer shells. As a result of the process, a huge amount of energy is released, and the luminosity of the celestial body increases by four to eight orders of magnitude. Today, only two outcomes are known for stars that have survived a supernova explosion: the formation of a neutron star and a black hole. However, it turns out that there is a third option for the development of the process.

SN 2016iet is an extremely rare type of supernova. It is called a pair-unstable supernova and is characterized by the formation of particle-antiparticle pairs, followed by annihilation and a powerful explosion. The nucleus is not compressed, as the pressure on it is reduced due to the formation of such pairs of particles. SN 2016iet finally proves the possibility of the existence of stars that have previously been predicted only in theory, and observations of other objects are not definitive results.

US and Japan join forces to fight space debris

The US and Japan will work together to prevent satellite collisions and remove space debris from Earth’s increasingly busy orbit, according to ENV.