14 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/13/2019

Foto: Macmillan

Snowden called the conditions for his return to the United States

Former employee of the national security Agency (NSA) of the United States Edward Snowden said that he could return home and stand trial there only if an objective and fair hearing of his case. He said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR).

According to the former NSA employee, the jury should have been able to learn from him about the reasons for the transfer of classified information, as well as to familiarize themselves with all the materials that were made public.

The ex-NSA official said that the Russian security services offered him cooperation, but noted that he refused all offers. Snowden said he destroyed access to all classified information before he arrived in Russia.

“If I was in the game, I would have left on the first day in a limousine, lived in a Palace and you would have seen them give me parades in red square,” Snowden said.

The state Duma proposed to punish officials for insulting citizens

Deputy Alexander Starovoitov proposes to introduce a new article in the criminal code. According to it, officials will be responsible for insults to citizens. According to the parliamentarian, in March, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning insults to society, state symbols and government institutions.

The prosecution asked for six years in prison for the participant of the action in Moscow

The Prosecutor asked for six years in prison for a participant in an unauthorized rally on August 3 in Moscow Pavel Ustinov, who is accused of using violence against a law enforcement official.

Earlier, the Tverskoy court of Moscow sentenced Kirill Zhukov to three years in a penal colony for attacking an employee of Regardie during the action on July 27

Oreshkin supported the proposed Ministry of Finance pension savings system

The Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin declared support of the system of voluntary pension savings offered by the Ministry of Finance, is ready to transfer there a part of the salary. The Finance Ministry in September announced that it had developed and sent for approval a bill on a guaranteed pension product

Now the Ministry of Finance has proposed a new mechanism-a guaranteed pension product, long-term savings. This is absolutely the right step and the right idea. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian politician

Lavrov announced the end of the war in Syria

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the war in Syria was “really over.” The Minister said in an interview with the newspaper “Trud”.

“The war in Syria is really over. The country is gradually returning to normal, peaceful life,” Lavrov said, adding that hotbeds of tension remain only in the territories not controlled by the Syrian government — in the province of Idlib and in the area of the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates river.

Russian military in Syria refused to pay compensation and feed

The Pyatigorsk garrison military court dismissed the claim to the special forces of FSB of Russia Yury Pisarenko who demanded to pay compensation for performance of the tasks in Syria connected with risk for life and to give the put ration. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The part said that the risk premium is paid within a month after returning from Syria, and the commando filed a lawsuit three months later. At the same time, his superiors did not inform him about the benefits. Pisarenko learned about it from the words of colleagues.

Did not agree in part and with the requirement to provide the commando with a ration. The command claims that the right to receive it have only employees under the contract outside Russia, in the Far North and in equivalent areas. And Pisarenko doesn’t belong to any of these categories of military.

Syria prepared to attack Israel

Syria’s armed forces are on alert, expecting an IDF strike in the next few days. This is with reference to a military source in Damascus reports Al-Masdar News. It is reported that Israel accuses the troops of Iran in Syria of a missile attack on its territories and may strike Damascus in response.

The US justice Department will name the suspect in the case of the September 11 attacks

The United States Department of justice and the FBI plan to name an official from Saudi Arabia, who is suspected of involvement in the preparation of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in new York. It is reported by “Interfax”. As noted, this can be done under pressure from relatives of people who died in the terrorist attacks in 2001. However, the statement stressed that the data on this official belong only to the”theory of the investigation.”

Russians warned about problems with access to sites

The shortage of Internet addresses, which may occur in Russia at the end of September this year, will create problems in the work of sites. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, now freely opened until recently, web pages will require users to confirm that they are not robots, or enter a captcha (a special alphanumeric code).

This is due to the peculiarities of the Internet: when there are few free addresses, the operators ‘ equipment assigns the same number to the devices going to the Network. A site that records a visit from the same IP address perceives it as a cyberattack, so it requires the user to confirm that he is not a robot.

According to experts, inconveniences with access to portals can arise for millions of Russians. The solution to this problem can be the transfer of Internet networks and resources from the legacy IPv4 Protocol to the new IPv6 Protocol.

Kostin proposed to exempt the poor from taxes

President-Chairman of VTB Andrey Kostin spoke at the plenary session of the Moscow financial forum with the idea to exempt the poor from taxes. He proposed not to collect taxes from low wages. According to the head of the Bank, the existing budget surplus allows “very pointwise” to soften the tax policy.

Lenfilm will not be able to repay VTB’s loan on its own

The head of the Board of Directors of” Lenfilm ” Fedor Bondarchuk appealed to President Vladimir Putin with a request to support the repayment of the VTB loan on the advice of the head of the state Bank Andrei Kostin, the film company will not be able to cope with this without state support.

Naftogaz may demand compensation from Gazprom

The Ukrainian side intends to demand from Russia ” compensation “in the amount of $11-14 billion, if Gazprom insists on concluding a new transit agreement on the same terms and gas pumping stops. This was stated by the Executive Director of” Naftogaz ” Yuri Vitrenko at a press conference in Kiev.

“If transit continues through Ukraine, we will not revise tariffs and then Gazprom will not have to compensate us for these $11-14 billion. But if they insist on their current position, which will lead to the absence of transit through Ukraine from January 1, 2020, then we will make them pay, compensate for our losses,” he said.

In Russia will fine the owners of cars with foreign numbers

According to Kommersant, the Ministry of transport, the interior Ministry, the Ministry of justice, the FSB and the Federal customs service, the government of Moscow, Rostransnadzor and the Russian Union of motor insurers will develop the proposals.

According to the publication, for a year and a half in the capital was recorded 1.86 million traffic violations by cars with foreign numbers. At the same time, in more than 98% of cases, the data on the owners of cars could not be found out, so it was impossible to make decisions on bringing the owners to responsibility.

New members of the Moscow city Duma require the resignation of the head of the Moscow city election Committee

A group of elected deputies of the Moscow city Duma on Sunday demanded to dismiss the head of the Moscow city election Committee Valentin Gorbunov, reports “Echo of Moscow”. They argue their decision by the fact that there were significant violations during the voting procedure and the elections themselves.

Between Moscow and Caracas plan to open direct flights

Air service between the capitals of Russia and Venezuela will be opened soon. This was announced by the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, reports TASS.

“Very soon we will open direct flights between Caracas and Moscow, so that young people can spend their holidays in Russia,” he said.

Putin said the value of immigrants from the Caucasus in the Russian army

The Russian army needs soldiers from the Caucasus, President Vladimir Putin said. At a meeting with the militia in Botlikh, one of the locals complained that in military schools there is an unspoken instruction not to accept Dagestanis, Chechens and Ingush to study.

Of course, there was no command not to accept children from the Caucasus and can’t be. On the contrary, we need guys from the Caucasus in the army, in the Armed forces. — Vladimir Putin

Ukraine plans to join the EU energy market in 2025

This was told by Ukrainian Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk during a meeting with the President of Estonia, RIA Novosti reported. According to Goncharuk, Ukraine is interested in the experience of Estonia’s integration into the European energy market. In addition, the Ukrainian politician said that his country plans to abandon the Labor and Housing code, which were adopted in the 1960s.

The first two Russian helicopter carriers will be laid at the shipyard in Crimea

The first two Russian universal landing craft (UDC) will be laid down at the shipyard” Gulf ” in Crimea in may 2020. This was reported on Wednesday TASS two sources in the shipbuilding industry.

UAVs and bombs in the US are now corrected using the Ipad

According to observers of the publication Huanqiu, the us army has worked out a multi-stage system of fire correction with the help of artificial intelligence.

The publication pointed out that during testing in a multi-purpose helicopter MN-47 was the operator, which is to control the planning mini-bomb GBU-69 involved iPad tablet. The “smart” projectile sent commands to the reconnaissance-strike unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-1C Grey Eagle, making adjustments to its fire. The publication said that it took the Pentagon 9 months to develop such a control system.

The Chinese version of the su-30 was better than the Russian original

“After all the improvements, the aircraft was able to use advanced missiles from the Arsenal of the su-35. And thanks to the new aluminum alloys used in the body of the fighter, and the rudders made of carbon fiber, the aircraft began to weigh much less than other versions of the su-30. <…> As a result, the new version of the Soviet su-30 fighter, which was equipped with powerful weapons and a first – class electronic suppression system, took first place in its class,” Ferra reports.

France cannot allocate money to Iran without US consent

France can not provide a loan to Iran in the amount of $15 billion to preserve the terms of the nuclear deal without the approval of the United States, said the head of the us Treasury Steven Mnuchin at a conference in Washington.

Venezuela to provide evidence of Colombia planning attacks

Venezuelan authorities will provide evidence of preparation of terrorist attacks by Colombia, Venezuelan foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on his Twitter page.

“We will bring irrefutable information to the attention of the UN, not absurd speculation, as Colombia does,” he said.

FSB wants to block two email services for example Telegram

Roskomnadzor demanded from companies Heinlein Support GmbH (owns a paid email service Mailbox.org) and SCRYPTmail LLC (manages mail service Scryptmail.com) to provide data for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. The request was sent at the request of the FSB in the second quarter of 2019, but a response has not yet been received, according to RBC. With mail services of these companies could send false messages about mining.

In Russia, fuel shortages identified at every fifth gas station

This year, Rosstandart specialists conducted inspections of more than 200 gas stations, both belonging to large networks and independent ones. The results were recorded 39 violations. Thus, every fifth gas station underutilizes fuel, while 9% of the gas stations were found to be of poor quality gasoline and diesel.

Russians can legalize land used for more than 15 years

Russians can legalize land used for more than 15 years, according to a press release from the Federal cadastral chamber. Amendments to the laws “on cadastral activity” and “on state registration of real estate” come into force on September 16.

In the United States awarded the IG Nobel prize

The winners of the IG Nobel prize this year were: the Iranian inventor of the diaper changing machine, scientists who have studied methods of teaching surgeons using encouraging sounds similar to animal training, an Italian physician and the author of the theory of prolonging life through eating pizza.

In biology, scientists have won for the discovery that dead magnetized cockroaches do not behave like living magnetized cockroaches. Also, the award was given to a group of scientists who found out what money is the dirtiest in the world. It turned out that the Paradise for bacteria are Romanian banknotes, because their development is helped by special polymers used to protect against counterfeits. A peace prize was awarded to scientists who have developed a scale of pleasant sensations when scratching.

“Teremok” will add to the menu dishes with artificial meat Beyond Meat

Fast food chain “Teremok” will add to the menu dishes with cutlets of artificial meat from the American startup Beyond Meat. This was announced in his Facebook founder and CEO of “Teremka” Mikhail Goncharov. Sales of Beyond Meat cutlets in the “Tower” will start in October.

“Adrenaline rush” recognized as a medical myth

The body’s response to stress is not what scientists thought, a new study by Columbia University has shown. It is believed that in a stressful situation in the body produces the hormone adrenaline. It is he who is ” responsible “for the physiological manifestations of the reaction” hit or run”: rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, muscle tension.

But in fact, as recent studies have shown, all these symptoms are associated with another, little-known hormone that is produced in the bones. Tests on animals and humans have confirmed that the real stress hormone is osteocalcin, according to Cell Metabolism.

“This completely changes our understanding of the occurrence of stress reactions. The adrenal glands, which were previously credited with a major role, were potentially unnecessary, ” the authors stressed

Ural priest who beat a pensioner, got into a new scandal

Priest Dionysius vasetsky, who was accused of beating an elderly employee of the Magnitogorsk diocese in December 2018, was again at the center of the scandal. This time in a social network “Vkontakte” he roughly answered the girl. In correspondence on the social network with one of his subscribers, the priest used an offensive word.

Banks are trying to get “pocket money” little Russians

Almost half of Moscow schoolchildren in the first half of 2019 have received from parents 1000-5000 $ per month for personal needs, and 10% of children – the larger amount found by the company Ipsos, Comcon.

Russian banks are increasingly trying to participate in the fate of this money, offering young customers products for non – cash payments-special children’s cards and mobile applications for contactless payment.

“Mail of Russia” started to collect biometric data

Pochta Bank began to collect biometric data (face image and voice recordings) for the Unified biometric system (EBS) in the branches of the Russian Post, head of the Directorate of biometric technologies of the Bank Andrey Shurygin told RBC.

In Russia, the cost of vital medicines has risen

Prices for drugs included in the list of vital medicines (VED), for 8 months, at the end of August 2019, rose by 3.8%. This was reported by the press service of Roszdravnadzor.

ROMIR reported higher daily expenditures

According to the study of the holding “ROMIR”, which is referred to by” RIA Novosti”, everyday spending of Russians in August increased by 11% compared to the same month of 2018. Compared with July of this year, spending by citizens increased by 4.9%.

The share of food costs in the total basket of daily expenses in August fell to 50% instead of 53% in the previous months. That is, the non-food categories accounted for more costs. And it also affected the size of the average check, which for the month increased by almost 20 rubles. — Andrey milehin, the scientist

Scientists have developed a color-changing “smart” skin

Chemists from the American University of Emory created a flexible “smart” skin that can change color from exposure to heat and sunlight, without deforming. The resulting skin, according to experts, can be used for camouflage, alarm and anti-counterfeiting.

Kommersant learned about VEB’s plans to modernize urban transport

The government is discussing a program of large-scale renewal of urban transport proposed by VEB. RF. its preliminary cost is estimated at 2.1 trillion rubles. Money for the program is proposed to receive from the national welfare Fund, the newspaper “Kommersant”, acquainted with the project.

The plan includes the introduction of state regulation of tariffs and the transfer of transportation business to large operators. Pilot projects are proposed to be launched in ten cities — Yekaterinburg, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Tver, Voronezh, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Kazan (total population — 11.1 million people). It will cost 340 billion rubles. The funds are planned to be received from private investors, who, according to the authors of the program, are in a “high degree of readiness”. With this money it is planned to purchase rolling stock and infrastructure reconstruction.

Medvedev will instruct to create a new financial management system

“I will sign an instruction to the Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of Finance to prepare the concept of a new management system and a detailed plan for its implementation by October 1, which should happen within the next year,” Dmitry Medvedev said at the plenary session of the Moscow financial forum

According to him, the first step will be the reform of control and supervision. Medvedev recalled that the government intends to completely abandon the bylaws, which no longer have any legal or real benefit. It will then be necessary to improve the efficiency of public investment and attract private investment. At the same time, in his opinion, the stability of the financial system and the budget of the country in recent years has been significantly strengthened.

Lithuania will receive a large batch of LNG from Russia for the first time

On the morning of September 12, the tanker Stena Clear Sky, on Board of which there is a batch of LNG, overloaded from the Yamal LNG project, left the montoir terminal (France) and headed for Klaipeda, the Kommersant newspaper reports. According to interlocutors of the edition, the French company Total acts as the seller.

Because of the sanctions, Volkswagen may stop cooperating with GAZ

The German automobile concern Volkswagen AG warned the GAZ group about the possibility of a complete cessation of cooperation when the sanctions come into full force. The latter were adopted by the American side and come into effect in November this year.

Russia will refuse loans in dollars

Russia does not plan to attract foreign loans until the end of the year. In 2020, the country will make loans in euros or yuan, but not in dollars. This was stated by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, RIA Novosti reported.

The Central Bank has developed a new form of mortgage contracts

The Central Bank has developed a new type of mortgage agreement, in which the most important points will be drawn up in the table. This is stated on the website of the regulator. The instruction of the Bank of Russia will come into force on January 20, 2020. It is assumed that the innovation will affect all organizations that issue mortgage loans.

This includes, in particular, the amount of the loan, the rate, the term of repayment, the methods of payment and whether the lender can assign the right of claim under the agreement to third parties. The Central Bank believes that thanks to this form of contract, it will be easier for the client to understand the basic terms of the agreement and he will be able to better assess his risks.

The volume of new lending in China in August increased by 14%

In July, the figure was 1.06 trillion yuan, and analysts on average expected it to rise to 1.2 trillion yuan. M0’s money supply (cash in circulation) increased 4.8 percent year-on-year after rising 4.5 percent in July.

Medvedev launched in Russia an experiment on the labeling of bicycles

In Russia, from September 16, will begin an experiment on the labeling of bicycles, follows from the government decree, which was reviewed by RBC. The authenticity of the document was confirmed by a source in the government apparatus. The resolution was signed on September 11 by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Paraguay will launch the production and sale of marijuana for medical purposes

Paraguay launches the production and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, the company will soon be able to obtain the appropriate licenses, said the Ministry of health of the country

Not considered illegal Bank transfers of individuals who pay taxes

State Duma Deputy from the LDPR Vasily Vlasov proposed to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina not to recognize suspicious banking transactions between individuals if they pay personal income tax (pit) or professional income tax

Bring the base rate to ” zero or lower»

“The Federal reserve should lower our interest rate to zero or below, and we should start refinancing our debt. The cost of interest payments can be reduced, ” trump wrote on Twitter.


Six guards construction of a dump station Lies accused the 54-year-old activist was beaten. The court considered two applications from Chopovtsev and gave the woman 5 days in jail. Despite the fact that there is a video of a woman being dragged by the arms and legs and thrown into an earthen pit, the police did not accept a statement from her


Gas supply was limited in Omsk and 15 districts of the region

In Omsk and 15 districts of the region limited the supply of gas because of debts. Among the organizations that arrears are Tgkom, OOO, MUP “PCT” Omsk district, muup Teplovodosnabzhenie Cherlaksky district and LLC “Complexfeatures” reports “Writes Omsk”.

Mexico will allocate $5 billion to support the oil company Pemex

Mexican authorities will allocate an additional $5 billion as part of the capitalization of the state oil and gas company Pemex. It is reported by the Ministry of Finance.

“This step is part of the government’s plan to strengthen the financial stability of Pemex, improve the profitability of the company and a strategic long – term contribution to the Mexican economy,” Prime quoted THE Agency as saying.

Russian state Duma approves tax cuts for Rosneft and Gazprom»

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that will allow Rosneft and Gazprom Neft not to pay export duties for raw materials from eight fields in Eastern Siberia and return from the budget about 6.5 billion rubles.listed after may 1. Amendments made to the Parliament by the government clarify the procedure for additional income tax (NDT) in the oil industry. It is valid from January 1 and allows not to pay export duty for oil from new fields.

As a result, Rosneft, which ranks first in production in Russia (4 million barrels per day), and Gazprom Neft, which is on the fourth line (0.85 million barrels per day), will be able to save a total of 1.5-2 billion rubles per month (or 18-24 billion rubles per year), Interfax quotes an explanatory note to the project.

Snowden called the conditions for his return to the United States

Former us intelligence officer Edward Snowden said in an interview that he is ready to return to the US on the condition of a fair and just trial. The informant would like the jury to be able to examine the classified data he leaked to assess whether he did the right thing or not.

US imposed a permanent ban on the program ” Kaspersky»

In the United States comes into force a permanent rule prohibiting government agencies to use any kind of development “Kaspersky Lab”. The ban now applies not only to the institutions themselves, but also to contractors and it service providers for government agencies. The eternal ban for Kaspersky to provide services to the US public sector began to act on September 10, 2019.

In Serov, traffic police detained a man for a request to rearrange the car

Two employees of the state traffic Inspectorate in Serov detained the man for a request to Park the official car, writes the portal E1. According to the victim, the car of employees of traffic police stood so that drivers were forced to violate traffic rules. The man asked the inspectors to move the car

Instead, he said, the police “twisted” him, dropped him to the ground, forced him into a car and took him to the police station, and then issued two fines — for crossing the road in the wrong place and resisting a police officer.

For ” performance assurance»

The defense Ministry announced an auction for the purchase of a business class car worth 145.8 million rubles. According to the documents, the Agency wants to purchase one front-wheel drive business class car of domestic production for this amount. The machine will be designed to”ensure performance.”

On the inhabitant of Kuzbass brought the second case of an insult to the power.

Concerning the inhabitant of the Kemerovo area Ilya Putovskogo filed a second case according to the law on contempt power. He faces a fine of up to 100 thousand rubles, said in his telegram channel the head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

According to him, the district saw an invalid criticism of the government in Putovskogo messages in a social network “Vkontakte”. The man compared the party “United Russia” with “a finished rat plague”, and also placed the phrase ” Putin’s system is an organized criminal group! Putin is not the President!”.

Earlier Palewski was fined 30 thousand rubles for the repost of the video about the dispersal of the protest rally “we are not a king” with the comment “Putin is a cowardly bitch.”

The protest in Ulan-Ude continues! People continue to come to the Soviets square to Express their dissatisfaction with the current government

The Russians even stopped lending to Microfinance institutions

The level of refusals to issue microloans in the market averaged 68-70%, or 8-10 p. p. higher than a year earlier. The demand for microloans, that is, the number of applications has not decreased. The number of approvals is related to the tightening of the customer evaluation procedure in MFIs.

“We have reduced the loan approval rate by 9% for new customers. For repeat customers nothing has changed»

According to IFC “Zaymer”, at the beginning of the year the number of clients wishing to issue micro-loans was 20-30% more than in the whole of last year.

The Ministry of economic development is waiting

The Ministry of economic development expects that incomes will begin to grow in the second half of 2019 announced the head of Department Maxim Oreshkin.

“We expect positive values from the second half of the year, which will allow the average annual figure to be corrected,” he said. According to Oreshkin, the projected growth in 2020 is 1.5%.

Where will the national welfare Fund of Russia

In Russia there is “an interesting, chic designs” that without government support at the initial stage “run tight”.

“They need help. It is necessary to invest, including at the expense of the return money of the NWF, in two or three years to leave, and this project will be further developed by private owners-both foreigners and ours,” said first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov.

We are talking about projects in oil and gas chemistry,gas liquefaction, construction of new gas carriers.

“Why not use the funds of the NWF for these purposes? These are absolutely commercial, high-margin projects, for which we can enter by 15-20%, ” he explained.

The authorities will be able to start investing the funds accumulated in the NWF, after the liquid part of the NWF will overcome the bar of 7% of GDP. This will happen in 2020.

8 million rubles for urns from the past

On its 80th anniversary, the exhibition complex VDNH ordered historical urns, the design of which will be recreated according to archival drawings. According to archival photographs, urns of a similar design were installed on the territory of the all-Union agricultural exhibition, the predecessor of VDNH, after its reconstruction in 1954. At this time, the head of the USSR was Nikita Khrushchev, but the reconstruction project was approved under Joseph Stalin.

Only ENEA plans to buy 227 ballot boxes, the initial price of the contract is 8,184 million. Thus, VDNH is ready to spend 36 000 rubles for each urn, Open media calculated.

Buy a yacht and ask for state support

The owner of JSC “Neftegazkholding” (by 2017 — “an Independent oil and gas company” (NOC)) and the former head of Rosneft Eduard khudainatov has acquired the Princess yacht worth over billion. Such data are contained in the database Import Genius (business intelligence provider for the import-export industry), writes Telegram-channel BAZA

Soon Eduard khudainatov has sent a letter to the Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Ivanov, 25 December 2018, in which it requested “the Neftegazkholding” incentives for oil production in the Arctic on Piasca field.

Earlier in 2017, business media wrote that the state Bank VTB allowed Khudainatov 2 years not to pay interest and the body of the loan totaling $4 billion. At the same time, Khudainatov’s company completed both 2017 and 2018 with billion-dollar losses (2.1 and 2.4 billion rubles).

HBO will remove another prequel ” Game of thrones»

HBO plans to make a prequel of ” Game of thrones.” The action in the new series will unfold 300 years before the events shown in the original Saga. In the center of the plot will be the Targaryen clan.

Moscow art theatre. Gorky opens his children’s theater school

Training programs are based on the author’s methodology in four directions: “theory”, “body”, “game”and ” workshops”. Pupils will learn acting, the history of Russian theater, and the creation of scenery for this performance.

“The foreigner says that he studied at Oxford, Sorbonne or Harvard, and the Russian-at Goncharov, Fomenko or Dodin. At the same time, of course, we are not talking about theatrical professional education, but about educating people from a young age to love the theater. This is the kind of school where knowledge passes from person to person, and we want to create, ” – said the artistic Director of the Moscow art theater. Bitter Eduard Boyakov.

The first trailer for the melodrama “Christmas for two»

In YouTube published trailer romantic Comedy “Christmas for two” Paul Fig. The film will premiere on December 5.

Charlie XCX released a personal album

British singer Charlie XCX has released a new album called “Charlie”. The album was the third Studio work of the artist and contains 15 tracks, the creation of which was attended by Troy Sivan, sky Ferreira, Christine and the Queens, Haim and many others

Toronto film festival refused to award ceremony

This year, the Toronto film festival will not be hosting a traditional awards ceremony. Viewers will not see the usual results announcements from the stage. Instead, the jury will announce them in the festival’s social media accounts

The organizers of the film festival made this decision due to the fact that by the last day many stars have already left Toronto. The festival lasts 10 days, so not all Directors can afford to stay there all the time

Cryptocurrencies will become an affordable means of payment in Japan

80% of the country’s population know about digital money, but only 15 registered exchanges are currently working to serve them, said the President of the crypto-currency division of one of the largest representatives of e-Commerce in the world

Rakuten will make cryptocurrencies available for everyday payments in Japan, said Tatsuya Yamada, President of Rakuten Wallet (a crypto division of the Corporation). He spoke at the Invest: Asia conference, according to CoinDesk.

China’s new cryptocurrency could boost the use of the yuan worldwide

China’s proposed digital currency could stimulate global use of the yuan, said Jeremy Aller, CEO of American cryptocurrency company Circle, in an interview with CNBC.

The people’s Bank of China last month announced that it is close to launching its own digital currency. The regulator noted that the national cryptocurrency is being developed to protect ” monetary sovereignty and legal currency status.” It is planned to use a two-tier system in which both the people’s Bank of China and commercial banks will be legal issuers of tokens.

The state Duma did not support the mandatory pre-installation of Russian SOFTWARE

The legal Department of the state Duma criticized the bill on mandatory pre-installation on smartphones, computers and Smart-TV Russian applications, writes RBC.

In conclusion, the legal Department said that this requirement violates the General principles and rules of competition of the Eurasian economic Union. The authors of the conclusion also fear that the refusal of foreign manufacturers to use Russian SOFTWARE will significantly reduce the availability of these products on the market, which violates the interests of consumers.

Using toes instead of fingers changes the human brain

Scientists at University College London conducted a study involving two men born without arms and a control group of twenty-one volunteers. Both armless men developed motor skills legs-they know how to use a computer, write and draw.

As a result, people deprived of hands from birth, in the cortex of the brain developed a scheme similar to that responsible for the work of the fingers. Still researchers noticed weak signals in zone, responsible for work missing limbs, and figured out, that both artist with their feet, too, accented “right-handed” or “left-handed.” According to the researchers, anyone can develop fine motor skills of the feet and “rebuild” the work of the cerebral cortex.

Engineers have created a robot hovering over the water-fish

British designers have developed a robot that moves on the water surface like a flying fish. According to engineers, the weight of the device is only 160 g, but thanks to a small pump that pumps water into the chamber, where there is a chemical reaction with calcium carbide, it forms a gas jet.

CRISPR-edited cells first transplanted into an HIV patient

A patient with HIV for the first time in history received CRISPR-edited blood cells. In some ways, the attempt was very successful, but the result in the treatment of HIV, it has not yet given. Nevertheless, scientists intend to continue research in this direction and further

Found a way to clean the ocean of plastic

Researchers have described the creation of “nanocause”, which can induce chemical reactions in the ocean that turns plastic into carbon dioxide and water.

The width of the “nanonature” does not exceed one micrometer. They are spring-shaped carbon nanotubes coated with nitrogen and manganese atoms, which exhibit strong magnetic properties.

Scientists have developed a microbe that can explain the origin of life

Japanese scientists have identified for the first time an organism that may be the ancestor of all complex life on Earth. It belongs to a specific group of archaea, called asgardians and combines the characteristics of bacteria and multicellular

Material that is ten times darker than anything known to humans

It consists of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes and is capable of absorbing up to 99.965 percent of light. Scientists are not entirely sure about the mechanism of the record opacity of the material. But they suspect it may have something to do with the combination of etched aluminum, which is already black in color with carbon nanotubes. Scientists believe that arrays of carbon nanotubes can capture and convert most of the incoming light into heat, reflecting back a very small amount of it as light.

The effect can be explained by the fact that photons, getting into the space between nanotubes, get stuck there and lose energy from collision with nanoobjects. Sooner or later, photons lose all energy and, getting into the electron inhabited carbon, completely disappear.

Rats can play group games just for fun

The study, published in the journal Science, shows that not only do rats successfully learn to play social games, but the process itself is a reward for them. To do this, researchers at Humboldt University in Germany trained six rodents aged 5 to 23 weeks to play hide-and-seek in the role of both seeker and Hider. Positive reinforcement in this case was the very fact of social interaction.

Scientists have created a ring shape of carbon

Chemists managed to create a ring – shaped form of carbon. The molecule was named cyclogest, and it is recognized as the cutting-edge laboratory form universal element, the appearance of which were waiting a long time. Cyclogiro has a ring, it in turn consists of 18 carbon atoms.

A device capable of producing electricity at night

A team of engineers from Stanford and Raman universities managed to develop a device that allows you to generate electrical energy in the dark. As the resource Phys.org it is due to the passive power light

Developed by engineers, the installation is installed as solar panels on the roof of the house, visually it is a panel. Moreover, this development does not require sunlight. According to the developers, electricity is generated due to differences in nighttime temperatures.