15 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/14/2020

Scientists conducted a large-scale reconstruction of the climate on Earth and found that the planet went through four climatic phases: warm, hot, cold and very cold. In the hot phase more than 50 million years ago, the average temperature on the planet was 10 degrees Celsius higher than today. However, the planet has heated up to this level slowly.

The Earth has been in a very cold phase for several million years. If people do nothing, then in a few centuries the temperature on the planet may reach levels that were observed 34 million years ago. Before the industrial age, it would have taken thousands of years For the earth’s temperature to change like this. However, the planet is now warming at a very rapid rate.

An ancient bear was discovered in the North of Yakutia

On the island of Bolshoy Lyakhovsky reindeer breeders found the mummy of a bear that disappeared from our planet 15 thousand years ago. The age of the find reaches about 39 thousand years. Today, this is the first and only such find of its kind – a whole bear carcass with soft tissues and internal organs. According to the candidate of medical Sciences, head of the laboratory “Molecular paleontology” Lena Grigorieva, the bear even has a nose-previously only skulls and bones were found.

Heart rate allows you to establish depression

Experts say that monitoring the frequency of heart contractions during the day and at night can determine the presence of depression in a person with a probability of 90 percent. It turned out that heart contractions in patients occur 10-15 beats more often than in healthy participants of the experiment.

Developed a laser fog radar for cars

Scientists at Stanford University, who are concerned with road safety, have created a laser radar that can ” see ” obstacles even in thick fog.

Exercise can help in the fight against cancer

According to today News Ufa, specialists From the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany, have created a special training method that can help in the treatment of cancer due to the ability of muscles to produce myokins.

Currently, the authors of this study are going to identify specific myokines that have antitumor effect. This, in turn, will help specialists develop multimodal cancer therapy.

The rate of aging can be determined by chromosomes

Researchers at the University of California, Chicago, in a recent study, found out whether the chromosomes of tissues in the body can determine the rate of aging.

As a result of scientific analysis, experts concluded that there are statistically significant differences between the length of telomeres in different tissues. Moreover, telomeres in the chromosomes of 15 cells from 23 types of tissues “aged” at the same rate.

Listening to Mozart music helps with epilepsy

Italian researchers at the University of Pisa conducted an extensive meta-analysis, which found that regular listening to Mozart reduces the number of epileptic seizures. The results of the study were presented at the Congress of the European College of neuropsychopharmacology.

Scientists have discovered the genes that cause solar dependence

Scientists at king’s College London conducted a large-scale study that revealed genes that can cause “solar dependence”. This was determined after genetic analysis of more than 260 thousand participants, according to the journal of Investigative Dermatology.

A common diabetes drug reduces inflammation in the liver

In the course of a new scientific work, scientists have identified an important effect of certain enzymes in the body for the action of the drug. The researchers found that the same proteins that are regulated by the drug control aspects of inflammation in rodents

Scientists have estimated the financial damage from climate change

Researchers at the University of Chicago have shown that in the long term, climate change can cause damage to humanity in the amount of $100,000 for every ton of carbon dioxide emitted.

High-capacity memory was created from two-dimensional materials

Researchers at the National Institute of materials science in Japan have created a device that can store information using both optical and electrical signals. Transistor memory consists of layered two-dimensional materials such as rhenium disulfide (ReS2), hexagonal boron nitride, and graphene. The study, published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials

Scientists have discovered a mechanism for creating long-term memories

A team of researchers at the University of Bristol has made a breakthrough in understanding how memories can be so distinct and long-lasting without getting completely confused.

They described an open learning mechanism in the brain that stabilizes memories and reduces the impact on each other. Memory is formed when the connection between nerve cells is formed. The brain sends and receives signals from them, becoming stronger.

Scientists have found out why mice get upset

Lowering the level of serotonin in the body of mice affects the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the research Institute of physiology and fundamental medicine SB RAS, as described in the September 14 edition of “Science in Siberia”

Green light helps treat migraines

Researchers at the University of Arizona in the United States were able to identify the benefits of green light during light therapy to treat migraines. It was found that 63 percent of patients with chronic migraines and 86 percent of people with episodic migraines noticed an improvement in their health status. Their headaches were far less frequent than before. In addition, the quality of sleep has improved.

Possible sign of life found in Venus ‘ atmosphere

The discovery was attended by astronomers from the University of Manchester, Cardiff and the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Because of the high temperature and pressure at the surface, as well as the chemical composition of the atmosphere, Venus is considered unsuitable for life by most scientists.

Scientists have recorded a unique cosmic explosion for the first time

American researchers from the University of Florida have discovered a supernova LSQ14fmg, which appeared as a result of an unusual cosmic explosion. Astronomers believe that the supernova (which was attributed to asymptotic giants) exploded after the merger of a giant star and a white dwarf, whose orbits passed next to each other. Later, a “ring” of the remains of two stars appeared around LSQ14fmg, which is typical for planetary nebulae, which in the future will turn into a supernova.

China begins construction of a floating spaceport

China has started construction of the Eastern spaceport, which will be used for sea launches. As he writes Phys.org, construction is underway off the coast of Haiyan in Eastern Shandong province. The China aerospace science and technology Corporation (CASC) develops and builds the floating spaceport.

The strongest magnetic field in the Universe has been detected

Astronomers have discovered the most powerful magnetic field ever observed in the Universe. It’s in the tens of millions of times stronger than those that were created in a laboratory on Earth. The source of this phenomenon was a neutron star named GRO J1008-57.

NVIDIA announced the purchase of British Arm

NVIDIA bought the developer of mobile processor technologies Arm from the Japanese SoftBank. The deal is worth $ 40 billion, NVIDIA said.

Sony will hold a Presentation of the PlayStation 5 console on September 16

Sony has published an announcement about the upcoming presentation of the PlayStation 5. the Company intends to talk about the console on September 16. First of all, new technical details will be revealed. They will also tell the audience about the games that will be available at the start stage. We are preparing not only exclusives, but also partner projects. We must also announce the start date of sales of the PlayStation 5. So far, according to analysts, the new product will be available at the end of November, but you can make a pre-order for it earlier, which will also be told during the event. The presentation will be shown at 23:00 Moscow time. Its duration will be about 40 minutes.

Microsoft Surface Duo goes on sale in the US

In the United States, it has already become possible to purchase a folding Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone. The device costs $ 1,400. For this money, you can buy a gadget with 128 GB of flash memory and 6 GB of RAM. $ 1500 will have to pay for the version with 256 GB of flash memory.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 will get 5G support

The Wi-Fi Alliance website revealed information about a protected Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablet computer, which has not yet been officially introduced. According to the Agency, the device will receive three versions with the code names SM-T570, SM-T575 and SM-T577.

Jupiter’s moons were able to warm themselves

Scientists have revealed the secret of Jupiter’s” hot ” moons. These cosmic bodies are located far from the Sun, but, nevertheless, the temperature on them is high enough to maintain a liquid ocean (as on Europa) and melt the rock to the state of magma (IO).

Previously, it was believed that heating occurs due to the gravitational forces of Jupiter. But a new study has shown that the interaction of satellites with each other plays a more important role, according to Geophysical Research Letters.

Apple censored some features of the Coinbase app

Apple Inc. censored some cryptocurrency features of the Coinbase app, reports Bitcoin.com. In particular, Apple blocked Coinbase from adding the ability to earn money using cryptocurrency and access to decentralized Finance (Defi) applications to its iOS app.

Light from smartphones turned out to be dangerous for the skin

The results of new research published in the publication A Current Affair show that the light emitted by modern gadgets negatively affects the skin condition. At the request of the dermatologist of Chiamulera Gentiana working in the center for the study of cancer, it causes to human health the same damage as radiation from the sun.

US customs seized a large batch of fake Apple AirPods

The U.S. customs and border protection administration (CBP) tweeted that its employees “recently confiscated 2,000 fake Apple AirPods in Hong Kong, which would have cost $ 398,000 if they were genuine.” The confiscated “fake AirPods” were actually oneplus Buds wireless headphones.

GoPro Hero 9 Black will be presented on September 16

On this date, an official Sony event is scheduled, during which the company is expected to finally reveal the cost of the PlayStation 5, and on the same day GoPro will present its Hero 9 Black camera, as well as models of the new line of simpler-Silver and White.

Presented 4K monitor LG 32UN550-W with HDR10 and AMD FreeSync

LG has expanded the range of gaming monitors with the 32UN550-W model, which received a 31.5-inch VA-matrix with a resolution of 3840: 2160 pixels. The new product is characterized by a brightness of 300 CD / m2, contrast ratio of 3000: 1, viewing angles up to 178 degrees, response time of 4 MS, refresh rate of 60 Hz, 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 color palette, HDR10 support, AMD FreeSync technology for smooth gaming, Black Stabilizer technology for clear contrast, Dynamic Action Sync function for minimizing input delay, stereo speakers, one DisplayPort interface, two HDMI and an adjustable stand.

Elon Musk will present “many interesting things” on September 22

Fans of electric cars from Tesla have been waiting for Tesla Battery Day since its announcement by the company’s owner to see the new battery, with a capacity of 1 kilowatt per hour at a retail price of $ 100. However, yesterday Elon Musk intrigued investors with a statement about “a lot of incredible things.”

GM has developed a wireless Ultium battery management system

General Motors has introduced a new system for future Ultium batteries — the Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS). The technology involves cutting wires inside batteries by 90%, updating SOFTWARE “over the air” and should appear in all planned GM electric vehicles, according to Electrek. The first car with Ultium will be the Cadillac Lyriq, which should go on sale in 2022.

Samsung’s new and inexpensive flagship smartphone

According to available data, the new product will be called Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. A distinctive feature of the smartphone will be a flat display and affordable price. So, the device will be equipped with a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a cutout for the front camera and support for a 120 Hz screen refresh rate. The smartphone will be based on the Snapdragon 865 processor. Internet insiders report that the price of the smartphone will start from 699 euros, which is 200 euros cheaper than the cost of an ordinary Samsung Galaxy S20 at the start.

Budget version of the Apple Watch smart watch

The new budget watch will lose features such as the heart rate sensor and Always on Display. The budget Apple Watch will contain the M9 motion coprocessor, which was used in the company’s older devices such as the iPhone 6s, the original iPhone SE, and the fifth-generation iPad. In addition, the device will have a design similar to the Apple Watch Series 4 and will be available in sizes 40 and 44 mm.

HP came up with a flexible smartphone

HP is exploring the possibility of creating a clamshell smartphone in the style of Motorola razr, equipped with a flexible display. Information about the new product is published on the website of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO).

The Google Chrome browser now has a tab grouping feature

To start using the grouping function, just download and install Chrome 85.0.4183.102, where this tool is activated by default. Previously, tab grouping was available in beta versions of the browser, where it had to be activated manually.

Zoom now supports two-factor authentication

The term Zoombombing has become widely known since the video conferencing app Zoom gained popularity amid the coronavirus pandemic. This concept implies malicious actions of persons entering Zoom conferences through loopholes in the service’s security system.

5g will appear in planes

SkyFive, a subsidiary of Nokia, and Airbus have started developing a system for connecting aircraft to 5G networks. The signal will be transmitted to planes without any satellites from ground-based base stations: much like the gogo system works in the United States.

“The Chicago seven Case” trailer released

Netflix has shown a trailer for the drama “the case of the Chicago seven” (the Trial of the Chicago 7), set according to his own script by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin

Neve Campbell to Reprise lead role in Scream 5»

According to Campbell, during the negotiations, the filmmakers showed “love, respect and admiration” for Wes Craven’s results, so she is ” thrilled to be Sidney Prescott again and return to Woodsboro.” It is known that Courteney Cox and David Arquette will also return to their roles in “Scream 5”.

Singer Harry styles to replace Shia LaBeouf in Olivia Wilde Thriller

Singer Harry styles, who made his film debut three years ago in Christopher Nolan’s” Dunkirk, “will continue his acting career with a role in Olivia Wilde’s Thriller”Don’t Worry, Darling.” Styles replaced Shia LaBeouf, who left the cast due to employment in other projects.

“The Walking dead” series to close after season 11

In the last season, viewers will see 24 episodes at once instead of the usual 16. However, the history of the universe will not end there. After season 11, there will be a spin-off with “Carol” and “Daryl” in the lead roles. It is scheduled to premiere in 2023

Chinese authorities have banned the media from writing about the film “Mulan”

The alleged reason is international criticism related to the shooting of the film in the Xinjiang region, where the media previously recorded violations of the rights of Uighur and other Muslim minorities. This is reported by Reuters, citing four sources familiar with the situation.

The third “Spider-Man” with Tom Holland

The Direct resource, referring to its sources, shared exclusive information about the start of filming of the third solo film about Spider-Man with Tom Holland. According to the portal, the production process of the upcoming tape will begin in the winter of 2021, in January or February.

Ukrainian film about Donbass won an award at the Venice film festival

Ukrainian film about the Donbass “Bad roads” directed by Natalia Vorozhbit won an award at the Venice film festival. The film consists of five short stories about life in Eastern Ukraine and the complex relationship between the civilian population and the military. It is noted that the shooting took place 10 km from the contact line.

Monument to Yevgeny Vakhtangov to be unveiled in Moscow

The state academic theater named after Yevgeny Vakhtangov will officially open a monument to its founder – Director, actor, teacher Yevgeny Bogrationovich Vakhtangov (1883 -1922), which is installed on Arbat street in Moscow in front of the facade of the historical theater building.

Today, on the eve of the opening of the hundredth season of our theater, which starts on Tuesday, September 15, we will open a monument dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Vakhtangov theater and its founding father, Yevgeny Bogrationovich Vakhtangov, whose figure is located in the center of the sculpture set on Arbat street in front of the facade of the historical theater building, ” said KROK

Eurovision for choirs will be held in 2021

As it became known, the Eurovision song contest in 2021 will be held on may 18, 20 and 22 in Rotterdam. The competition will take place on the same stage that was set aside for the event in 2020. It was also reported that the producers of the international song contest will lift the ban on pre-recorded backing vocals.

The Cure have recorded a new album

The track “Strange Timez” was released the other day along with the video (you can watch it here). Just as the collaboration was being offered, Smith was working on a song for the new album, “ten minutes of heavy inevitability and gloom”. The Cure’s last LP, “4: 13 Dream”, was released twelve years ago.

The release of the album “The Woman in Me” — a difficult time in the life and career of Shania TWAIN

This year, the second Studio album by canadian country-pop artist Shania Twain, “The Woman in Me”, turned a quarter of a century. This is a landmark, one might even say, defining record for her career, so the anniversary could not be left out.

Yoshihide Suga elected as new leader of Japan’s ruling party

The current General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, was elected the new Chairman of the country’s ruling liberal democratic party (LDP). This is reported by TASS. Suga replaced Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who resigned at the end of August due to acute ulcerative colitis.

Suga will officially take office as Prime Minister on September 16 at a meeting of both houses of Parliament. He will hold the position until the end of September 2021, when the term of office of Abe, who resigned, ends.

The new head of the ruling party of Japan spoke about the ownership of the Kuril Islands

Yoshihide Suga, who was elected Chairman of the ruling liberal democratic party In Japan, explained his position on the ownership of the four Kuril Islands. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to him, he will continue the dialogue with Russia to clarify the issue of ownership of the four Islands.

Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture to build its own spaceport

The Okinawa prefectural government has signed an agreement with PD AeroSpace to convert the airport on Shimojima island into a spaceport that will serve as a starting point for space tourists. This is reported by the Mainichi newspaper.

The plant of the oligarch Antipov was accused of poisoning Chelyabinsk residents

Chelyabinsk electrometallurgical plant (CHEMK) of oligarch Yuri Antipov does not comply with the requirement of Rospotrebnadzor to reclaim its giant slag dump near the city center. Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: the dump is dangerous for the health of residents, dust from it can lead to cancer and asthma. But CHEMK ignores the requirements of Supervisory agencies. And the neighboring CHPP-4 complains that metallurgists are expanding the slag dump at the expense of their land and have already begun to pollute the station’s territory.

Liquid from cesspools got into the water supply system of Simferopol

The contents of the cesspools got into the water supply system of the Crimean capital on Chongarskaya street. This was stated at a meeting on the situation with water supply in Simferopol by the General Director of the state enterprise “Water of the Crimea” Vladimir Bazhenov.

In Germany, they announced the study of Navalny’s samples in three laboratories

All laboratories, including the Swedish, French and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) laboratories, took samples from Alexey Navalny independently, German foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Adebar said. She did not disclose other details.

The Federal government, along with France and Sweden, has asked other European partners to independently recheck German data based on Mr Navalny’s new samples. Now there are results of these tests in special laboratories in France and Sweden, and they prove the German data,” RIA Novosti quoted the German government as saying.

Zhirinovsky complained of nausea after the election

The head of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that in the country “many are sick” after the elections. He wrote about this in his own telegram channel. The leader of the liberal Democrats noted that Russia is moving” by leaps and bounds “towards the”Belarusian scenario”.

Khabarovsk took to the streets, the whole of Belarus rose up-examples before our eyes, and no measures are being taken to prevent this throughout Russia. We are moving by leaps and bounds towards the Belarusian scenario.

United Russia lost its absolute majority in the Tomsk city Duma

Among the lists of parties in the elections of deputies to the Duma, 10 seats are distributed. At the same time, according to the results of processing 91% of ballots in single-mandate districts, United Russia won only nine out of 27, and in the remaining 18 – opposition candidates and self-nominees.

Pskov paratroopers arrived in Belarus

The Slavonic brotherhood 2020 exercise will be held in Belarus from September 14 to 25. In addition to 300 military personnel, the exercise will involve about 70 units of combat and special equipment of the guards amphibious assault unit. The paratroopers are expected to return home to Russia after the exercise.

“During the exercise, the paratroopers of the two countries will work out issues of interaction and coordination of units when performing tactical tasks,” the defense Ministry said. The military will arrive on the territory of Belarus by rail.

Coordinating Council of the opposition of Belarus appealed to Russia

The coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition appealed to Russian officials. The statement was published on the Association’s website. It says that the constitutional court supports the development of relations between Belarus and Russia and has never set a goal to worsen interaction between the countries.

The European Union refused to recognize the elections in Crimea

The European Union once again refuses to recognize the elections in Crimea and consider the elected politicians as official representatives of local authorities. This is stated in a statement published on September 14 by the official representative of the EU foreign policy service, Peter Stano.

Greece will buy French fighter jets to strengthen the armed forces

The new armament includes 18 French Dassault Aviation SA Rafale fighters, four frigates and four Navy helicopters, the Greek Prime Minister said. Athens will also buy new anti-tank weapons, Navy torpedoes and missiles for the needs of the Greek air force.

Erdogan threatens macron with problems over Turkey’s objection

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened French leader Emmanuel Macron with problems for criticizing his country. He made this statement during a speech in Ankara on Saturday, September 12.

The US has tested the world’s largest digital camera

The images will be taken by astrophysicists, said the us National accelerator laboratory, where they tested the camera. Its matrix will be mounted in the three-mirror telescope of employee Vera Rubin. During the tests, images with a resolution of more than three thousand megapixels were obtained.

The true reason for restrictions on the transportation of liquids in the plane is indicated

The Daily Express published an article explaining that terrorists can make explosive devices from liquid chemicals. In 2006, the security services managed to prevent a series of terrorist attacks that attackers tried to arrange with the help of unusual bombs. For their production, the terrorists intended to use liquid chemicals, and they wanted to carry all the materials on Board the plane in ordinary bottles for soft drinks.

Britain intends to withdraw from the EU norms for human rights

The UK government intends to abandon part of the EU rules relating to human rights issues, according to the Sunday Telegraph. EU human rights legislation will stop working in Britain in part — for example, in the area of relations between migrants and the country’s authorities. The British Parliament intends to give more rights to law enforcement agencies that will be able to actively expel illegal migrants from the state

The TikTok sale deadline will not be extended

Us President Donald trump has said that the United States government will not extend the deadline for the sale of TikTok to ByteDance. This is reported by the portal TechCrunch.

Beijing’s choice between selling and closing TikTok in the US

The Chinese authorities would prefer to close the TikTok video service in the United States, instead of selling it to an American company. This is reported by Reuters, citing three knowledgeable sources. The Agency’s interlocutors said that the forced sale of TikTok will demonstrate the weakness of its owners, ByteDance, as well as Beijing in General, in the face of pressure from Washington.

In ByteDance denied this information. According to the company’s representative, the Chinese government has never offered to close the short video service in the United States or any other markets.

Lithuania refused to accept children from a burned-out refugee camp in Greece

Lithuania has refused to accept underage migrants from a burned-out refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. This is reported by TASS with reference to the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic Bozhena Zdanovich.

“Gazprom” suspend “the Power of Siberia” for maintenance purposes

Gazprom will stop gas supplies via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline from September 15 to 22 for preventive maintenance, the company said in a statement.

Bloomberg will allocate $100 million to support Biden’s campaign in Florida

Former new York city mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who left the us presidential race, will allocate $100 million to support democratic candidate Joe Biden, the New York Times reported.

Turkey will send another ship to the Black sea

Turkey will send the Kanuni research vessel to the Black sea, which will take part in gas exploration and help ships already there, in particular the Turkish drilling vessel Fatih.

Turkey has announced the possible opening of new fields soon

A statement on Turkey’s discovery of new fields in the Black and Mediterranean seas may be made by the country’s leadership in the near future, Turkish energy Minister Fatih Donmez said on September 13, Anadolu Agency reported.

China begins to fight the cult of food

A large-scale campaign to fight for food savings is being launched in China. The country’s leadership is shocked by the wastefulness of citizens, so it is planned to teach citizens to take care of food, RIA Novosti writes

The us budget deficit was almost unchanged in August

In August 2020, the us government budget deficit was $200.095 billion, almost unchanged from August 2019 ($200.344 billion). This is evidenced by data from the Ministry of Finance.

Killer whales attack sailboats off the coast of Spain and Portugal

Scientists were puzzled by the attacks of a flock of killer whales on sailing boats off the coast of Spain and Portugal, September 13, the Guardian reports. Scientists call such attacks very unusual. In their opinion, the organization of such attacks may indicate the stress of a population that is on the verge of extinction.

Ukraine again gathered in the Hague

Ukraine is preparing to submit new evidence of the “crimes” of the Russian military near Ilovaisk to the international criminal court in the Hague. This was stated on September 14 by Deputy Prosecutor General Gunduz Mammadov in an interview with Radio Liberty»

Residents of Russia were warned about the increase in prices for mobile communications

By the end of the year, mobile communications may rise by another 5-7%, experts polled by Izvestia predict. In total, by the end of 2020, prices will increase by 15%. In the fall, operators are likely to launch new, comparable fares, but with reduced options.

RUSAL completes re-registration process in Russia

RUSAL expects to complete the process of re – registration of the company in Kaliningrad, Russia, on September 25, 2020, as part of the transition from the jurisdiction of the island of Jersey. This is stated in the company’s message posted on Monday morning on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

List of the most unprofitable credit institutions in Russia

In the second quarter, the list of the most unprofitable headed Alfa-Bank (RUB 50.9 billion), support for the Russian defense sector Promsvyazbank (PSB) has brought a loss of 8.1 billion rubles,and third place was Mosoblbank (7.6 billion rubles), follows from the reverse statements of credit institutions.

The state Duma Committee approved a bill on tax support for publishing houses

The state Duma Committee on budget and taxes recommended that the lower house of Parliament adopt in the first reading a bill providing for tax support for organizations that produce periodical printed and book products. The document was initiated by the Russian government.

The Ministry of economic development predicted a drop in incomes of residents of the Russian Federation

The level of real wages in Russia by the end of 2020 may increase, and the real disposable income of residents of the country will decrease. This is reported by Russian media with reference to a source in the Ministry of economic development.

S&P changed the rating Outlook of Belarus to negative

International rating Agency Standard and Poor’s (s&P) changed the Outlook on the long-term sovereign credit rating of Belarus to negative from stable, TASS reports, citing the Agency.

Russian regions are running out of funds to pay benefits to the unemployed

In Russian regions, up to 90% of the budget allocated for unemployment benefits has been spent. According to the Ministry of labor, the country will need another 185.3 billion rubles to support citizens by the end of the year? left without work. According to the Agency, the number of unemployed citizens in Russia for the first nine months of 2020 increased by 5.3 times. And the decline in this indicator is expected to begin only in October.

In Russia, there was a new surge in sales of video cards for mining

In August, there was a new surge in sales of video cards for mining, writes Kommersant with reference to retailers, distributors and fiscal operators. They recorded a sharp increase in sales of PC components in the summer of 2020

Sberbank opens a representative office in the UAE

By the end of the year, Sberinvest Middle East Limited plans to obtain a license from the ADGM regulator and open an office in Abu Dhabi. In may, Alexander Vedyakhin, first Deputy Chairman of the Bank’s management Board, announced plans to open a representative office in the UAE

Germany has reduced gas purchases from Russia to a minimum

Reduced supplies to Germany led to the fact that for the first time in the history of Germany ceased to be the largest customer of Gazprom. This status passed to Italy, which purchased 1.669 billion cubic meters. Although Italy also reduced purchases by 16% (although exports increased by 35% compared to July last year).

Gazprom raises gas prices for Russians

The Russian state Corporation Gazprom, which is a monopoly in gas transportation, plans to raise prices for Russian consumers once again

Russia lost 120 billion dollars to support Lukashenko

An attempt to calculate all the losses of Russia during the reign of Lukashenko (1994-2019) was made by the open media publication. The journalists summed up oil and gas subsidies, losses from illegal schemes for the export of petroleum products and from the import of illegal tobacco products. As a result, in nominal terms, it turned out to be 98.7 billion dollars, and in 2019 prices – 116.1 billion.

Russia also regularly lent money to Lukashenka and forgave loans. Already 1.5 years after taking office, the President of Belarus achieved a debt write-off of $ 1.4 billion. As of March 31, 2020, Russia has issued loans to Belarus for $ 8 billion.

Belarusians took $1 billion from banks in August

The outflow in August exceeded the indicators of the crisis in March 2020, when customers withdrew 649.6 million Belarusian rubles from their accounts and deposits. At the same time, the volume of cash in Belarus ‘ turnover decreased by 110.6 million rubles (-2.6%), to 4.1 billion rubles.

Greenpeace activists block Swedish port

Greenpeace began a blockade of the port on Thursday when their ship Rainbow Warrior anchored in the fairway, which prevented any ships from entering the Strait. On Friday evening, activists lifted the blockade of the port, citing the danger of such actions for Maritime navigation.

Iraq lowered oil prices for Asia and the United States after Saudi Aramco

Iraq is cutting selling prices for all grades of oil for October delivery to consumers in Asia and the United States, following Saudi state-owned Saudi Aramco. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Us oil imports from Saudi Arabia

Oil imports to the United States from Saudi Arabia for the week ended September 4, decreased by 49%, to 100 thousand barrels per day. Which was the minimum for at least the previous 10 years. The office has provided such data since June 2010

Raiffeisenbank to pay dividends to Austrian RBI

Russia’s Raiffeisenbank has announced that it will pay dividends to Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) 19 billion rubles from the retained earnings of previous years. The decision was made by the parent Bank RBI, the sole shareholder of Raiffeisenbank.

The share of Russian spending on housing and utilities services increased in 43 regions

The share of public spending on utilities in 2019 increased in 43 regions of Russia, according to the results of a study by RIA Novosti. Thus, the most significant increase in the share was recorded in Sevastopol, Tatarstan and Chechnya. The reduction is observed in 36 regions. It is noted that in the country as a whole, the share of housing and utilities costs in comparison with 2018 remained at the same level — 9.6% (about 4.8 thousand rubles per month).

Roy Jones said that Putin agreed to give him Russian citizenship

I once met with Vladimir Putin and asked if it was possible to become a Russian citizen. He said, ” of Course.” And it’s really great. Who would have thought that I, a black man, would be a citizen of both the United States and Russia,” former world champion Roy Jones was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Belaruskali announced an indefinite strike in response to the court’s decision

The strike Committee of the Belarusian enterprise Belaruskali announced an indefinite strike after a court decision on the illegality of the previously announced strike. The strike Committee announced an indefinite strike for political reasons, the strike Committee’s telegram channel reported.

Demonstrators in Minsk have started to build barricades

Participants of the protest action in the center of Minsk began to erect barricades, Interfax reports. According to eyewitnesses, demonstrators bring water-filling blocks and other items to Timiryazev street. They use them to build barricades on the roadway.

In Minsk, the number of participants in the opposition March exceeded 150 thousand

Among the protesters there are people with children, including those in wheelchairs. Volunteers distribute water and food to participants of the action.

774 people were detained at protests in Belarus

Law enforcement officers detained 774 people during protests in Belarus on Sunday. This was announced on Monday by the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic Olga Chemodanova

Cuba opened to foreign tourists

Cuba has opened up to foreign tourists as long as it can be visited by canadian citizens. This was announced on Monday, September 14, by the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR). Cuba announced its readiness to receive foreign guests from July 1.

To enter the country, tourists are not required to have a negative test for coronavirus made before departure. At the airport, thermometry and a free PCR test were organized for travelers, writes REGNUM. At the same time, medical insurance covering the cost of treatment of COVID-19 is required.

The Central Bank of Russia warned banks about a new type of fraud

The Bank of Russia has warned banks about a new type of fraud using social engineering methods, with the help of which attackers obtained information about customers of one of the credit organizations. This is reported by RBC.

The letter sent by the Central Bank to credit institutions States that fraudsters used substituted customer numbers and accessed the interactive voice menu system when calling the Bank. It is noted that this allowed attackers to find out information about the account balances of their potential victims. After the fraudsters used this information during calls to Bank customers to steal money from their cards.

Jordan opened its borders to tourists from Russia

The borders of Jordan are open to tourists from Russia, and upon arrival in the country, they are required to present the results of tests for coronavirus, reports Газета.ги. In total, citizens of 43 countries can enter Jordan.

Switzerland to return funds to Uzbekistan in Karimova case

Assets of $ 131 million should be used to “improve the living conditions of the people” of Uzbekistan, as well as invested in projects that support the sustainable development of the Republic, the Swiss government said in a statement.

In 2012, the Federal Prosecutor’s office blocked about 800 million francs in the criminal case of Karimova. In 2019, an agreement was signed to return $131 million to Uzbekistan, and more than 650 million francs remain blocked.

Fraudsters have come up with a new scheme to deceive tourists in Crimea

Fraudsters in Crimea deceived Russian travelers by selling them all-inclusive packages to an old recreation center. As a result, people come to rest far away, but can not accommodate, according to TourDom. One of the victims revealed to the publication a scheme to deceive tourists

Most teachers in Russia decided to work in retirement due to lack of income

The vast majority of Russian teachers (98%) believe that the size of the old-age insurance pension paid by the state after retirement age is insufficient to compensate for lost earnings and maintain the usual standard of living, according to the results of a joint study by the NPF Safmar and the all-Russian trade Union of education (unites 4 million teachers, according to their own data).

How much is spent on secondary education in Russia and in the world

According to figures from a recent OECD report, Russia spends a little more than $ 5,000 a year per student in secondary schools, and a little more than $ 2,000 a year per student in secondary schools (and this is the lowest figure among all the countries included in the study).

Sergey Lavrov canceled a planned visit to Berlin

The reason for the cancellation, the foreign Ministry called changes in the schedule of German foreign Minister Heiko Maas, because of which only an hour and a half is allowed for negotiations with Lavrov»

Macron demanded an explanation from Putin

French President Emmanuel macron said during a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin that French experts confirmed the conclusions of German experts that Alexey Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent from the Novichok group.

During the conversation, macron called for “immediate light” on the attempt on Navalny. He demanded that the Russian side provide explanations within the framework of a reliable and transparent investigation.

Navalny was disconnected from the ventilator

Representatives of the German clinic “Charite” said that the condition of Alexey Navalny continues to improve. He can move independently and get out of bed.

Russia will respond to possible Western sanctions over the situation with Navalny.

This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with the program ” Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” “on the TV channel “Russia-1”.

“The principle of reciprocity in international Affairs has not been canceled. Let’s see what the new sanctions will be. We will certainly respond. This cannot be left without a reaction, ” Lavrov said.

In Minsk, demonstrators reached the village for officials

Protests in Belarus, day 36. Demonstrators in Minsk went for the first time to Drozdy, an elite village for senior officials near the residence of Alexander Lukashenko. Despite the fact that most of the protesters were blocked by a cordon, some still managed to reach Drozdov. And leave posters at the house of the head of the CEC

The Ministry of transport has prepared a large-scale draft of changes to traffic regulations.

New tinting requirements: the windscreen must pass at least 70% of the light, and for other Windows this indicator is not normalized.

Restrictions on personal mobility equipment — electric scooters, monowheels, Segways, skateboards, roller skates. They cannot be managed in a state of intoxication, children under 7 years can only ride under adult supervision, and when the pedestrians the owner of such equipment must not go faster than 20 km/h.

Parking on security Islands will be prohibited, and the “Stop prohibited” sign will stop after the “Parking” sign. Also excluded is the rule that the “Parking prohibited” sign stops at the point where the yellow marking ends.

Passenger transportation: the speed of passenger buses will be limited. Only vehicles with seat belts and seats can accelerate up to 90 km/h. For the rest, the threshold will be 70 km/h.

Belarusians wanted for participating in the protests have been living in the Swedish Embassy for the fourth day.

The decision to grant them political asylum has not yet been made, Vladislav Kuznechik, who entered the territory of the diplomatic mission with his father on September 11, told the newspaper “Rise”.

“The Embassy is completely on our side! But there is no decision yet, as the case is complex, and the Swedish authorities are not giving comments yet. It is not known how long it will be taken. We are located in the Embassy building itself, everything is good, there are all the amenities for life.

We contacted the family. While the fascists did not know where we were, they watched my wife, my son’s kindergarten and my daughter’s school. They came to the neighbors, to our home at the place of registration, to my grandmother. But after the media coverage, the wife and mother do not notice the surveillance yet.”

On Friday, two Vitali and Vladislav Kuznechiki, natives of Vitebsk, climbed over the fence of the Swedish Embassy in Minsk and asked for asylum from diplomats. The father and son claim that they are being persecuted for participating in a protest rally on September 6.

“For them, this is Holy water, and we clean our feet in nature.”

In Kaliningrad, several Chechen natives laughingly washed their shoes in a spring at an Orthodox Church. Now the police are conducting a check on this incident, the Kaliningrad diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church told the newspaper “Rise”. They stressed that they do not want to “inflate” this story.

“The police are already doing this. The Kaliningrad diocese is not the initiator of this, they monitor the media themselves. This issue is completely in the legal zone. I would not like to inflate this topic at all. It’s not worth it. You never know what happened on the weekend in Victory square.”

The Union of Chechen youth promised that all participants in washing shoes at the temple spring in Kaliningrad will apologize.

One of the participants in the incident later apologized in social networks for the incident. “Since we behaved very badly there, I really want to apologize, this will not happen again. I just didn’t think it was such serious water,” said a man named Rasul.

Gang rape in Pakistan has sparked protests.

The woman told police that she was attacked and raped in front of two children when her car ran out of fuel. Speaking to the media, the police chief reproached the victim for driving at night without a man. Various cities in Pakistan are demanding his resignation.

The Kremlin blamed the “global economy for the fall in Russian incomes

The deterioration of the financial situation of Russian citizens in 2020 was associated with the” covid crisis ” in the global economy. This was stated at a briefing on Friday by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the results of the VTsIOM survey on the social well-being of the population.

The US air force used robot dogs in the exercise.

Robot dogs use ” artificial intelligence and fast data Analytics to detect and counter threats related to US military assets in space, as well as attacks on US territory using missiles or other means of destruction.

Where are the most Breweries in Europe

If you count per capita, then, unexpectedly, the leaders will not be Germany, and not to say that Switzerland is very famous for its beer! 120 Breweries per million inhabitants (with a population of about 8.5 million people). This is an impressive figure, especially if you compare it with the second-largest Slovenia (48 Breweries per million inhabitants). The third place, by the way, finally looks quite expected – the Czech Republic and 46 Breweries per million people living in the country. In the Laggards, expectedly, Muslim Turkey

Putin and Lukashenko held talks in Sochi.

  • At the meeting in Sochi, Putin and Lukashenko put the following dots over i:
  • Russia will issue a $1.5 billion loan to Belarus “at this difficult moment”.
  • Russia views Belarus as its “closest ally”.
  • Russia will provide Belarus with a coronavirus vaccine.

Belarus is grateful to Russia and promises to “stick more closely with his older brother”