16 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/15/2020

Russian scientists have found traces of extraterrestrial life inside the Orhei meteorite – fossilized ancient microorganisms that may have existed before The earth was formed. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific Director of the astrobiology sector at the Joint Institute for nuclear research Alexey Rozanov.

The Orhei meteorite fell in France in 1864. Traces of organic matter began to be found almost immediately, but at that time no one could believe it and the findings were explained by the dishonesty of other scientists.

Volcanoes were dangerous for the global climate of the Earth

Scientists from the University of Colorado at boulder (USA) have found that volcanoes have a much more significant impact on the atmosphere of our planet than previously thought. They can significantly change the climate, according to Nature Communications

Scientists have created a nanomotor on water

American and British researchers have developed a compound whose crystals change their size depending on humidity. The study, published in the journal Nature Materials, details how the new material can work as a molecular nanomotor.

Japanese scientists have grown an artificial heart from mouse cells

A group of Japanese scientists from Tokyo medical and dental University managed to create a functional “mini-heart” using mouse embryonic stem cells, NHK TV channel reports.

New graphene mask provides maximum protection

Scientists have created biodegradable graphene masks that have an 80% antibacterial effectiveness. The creators claim that if you spend 10 minutes in the open sun in this mask, its protective properties can reach one hundred percent.

A possible explanation of the nature of the “sixth sense” in animals has been found

Scientists from Florida, Israel and the UK have published work that may help explain the nature of the “sixth sense” developed in many animals — magnetoception. In their article for the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, scientists hypothesized that magnetoception — the ability of animals to detect a magnetic field and, based on this, navigate the terrain — is the result of a symbiotic relationship between animals and magnetotactic bacteria living in their bodies.

Scientists found differences in the work of the same genes in women and men

Men and women are genetically different sex chromosomes and have different hormonal backgrounds, which should affect the work of genes. 37% of human genes work differently in men and women in at least one tissue. The proportion of human genes that work differently in men and women was calculated by an international team of researchers during the GTEx (Genotype-Tissue Expression) project, reports “Science and Life”.

Scientists have found the reason for the change in human perception of time

Researchers have found the reason for changes in the subjective perception of time. This is due to the fact that the neurons of the supramarginal gyrus, which are responsible for evaluating the duration of time intervals, “get tired” and distort perception. The work is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

New dinosaur species found by scientists

The remains of two ancient reptiles, unknown to science, were discovered by farmers on the outskirts of Liaoning province, located in North-Eastern China. Presumably, they are about 125 million years old. They were buried in an underground burrow. Their placid postures indicated that the dinosaurs had died during hibernation. They may have been buried alive during a volcanic eruption. The size of reptiles does not exceed 1.1 meters.

The samples were transferred to the Paleontological Museum for study. An international team of paleontologists from China, Argentina, and Belgium is investigating the remains of ancient animals. Initial analysis showed that both animals may have been related to early ornithopods.

Found a simple way to maintain concentration.

It’s caffeine. The opening will be useful for students and office staff. The study was conducted by a group of young scientists from the University of Buffalo in the United States.

Disadvantages that make people more attractive

Psychologists say that there are character traits that are usually perceived as flaws, but can make a person more attractive in the eyes of others. The portal writes about the research on this topic Med-heal.ru

One of the most common “disadvantages” of this type is banal embarrassment. Another character trait that can be a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time is excessive frankness. Some people consider straightforwardness and honesty to be disadvantages, but it is obvious that these qualities inform other people that you can be trusted. It is interesting that clumsy people look more attractive in the eyes of others.

Hubble finds traces of small clusters of dark matter

Dark matter was thought to exist only inside galaxies, but Natarajan’s team found that it also exists in galaxy clusters. Using the Hubble and VLT telescopes, experts studied a model for the distribution of dark matter across 11 major galaxy clusters

Japan has developed a new mission for the Hayabusa-2 probe

The new mission of the probe is to study the asteroid 1998 KY26. Its diameter is about 30 m, and its orbit is located between Earth and Mars. Astronomers plan to land Hayabusa 2 on its surface in July 2031 and collect soil samples. Scientists believe that it may contain water and organic matter particles. In the future, Japanese experts want to compare them with similar samples delivered from Ryugu, to obtain new data about the nature of asteroids.

Members of the UN space Committee discussed the resource section

The conference was attended by representatives of member States of the UN Committee on outer space. All of them expressed interest in international cooperation in the field of space resources research and legal support for their use.

Blue clouds photographed on Mars

The seasons on Earth change. The same thing happens on Mars. Winter has just begun at the North pole of Mars, and ice-blue clouds are gathering there. Jefferson Ten from Indonesia photographed them on the evening of September 13, reports spaceweather.com .

The trailer for woody Allen’s new film “Rifkin Festival” is published

The musical “prom” will be released in December

Netflix has announced the release date for the musical “prom” starring Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. It will appear in the stream service on December 11. The musical was directed by Ryan Murphy.

The story is based on a production by Bob Martin and Chad Begelin, which premiered in 2018. The musical tells the story of four actors who decide to help a schoolgirl Emma invite a friend to the prom. Behind the external good goal, each of the characters hides their own selfish goals.

Perm will host a film festival of musical films

Perm will host a film festival of musical films from September 17 to 20.films, cartoons and concerts will be shown on Sobornaya square. For four days, the big screen will show classics of Soviet cinema, foreign animated films, recordings of concerts of the best Symphony orchestras in Russia, outstanding Russian and foreign performers, and artists and musical groups will perform on stage.

Chick Corea released a live album of adult and children’s music

American jazz pianist chick Corea released his new solo live album “Plays”on September 11, 2020. The two discs include works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Domenico Scarlatti, Fryderyk Chopin, Alexander Scriabin, George Gershwin, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Thelonious monk, bill Evans, Stevie wonder and Coria himself. All of them are performed by chick on piano and were recorded during His 2018 tour at concerts in London, Paris and the United States. The album features not only music, but also the entertainer. The second disc includes a live performance of Coria’s children’s album ” Children Songs»

Deep Purple will arrive in Moscow next year

Earlier it was reported that the concert was to be held in the DS “Megasport” on may 31. Now the performance has been postponed indefinitely. According to the organizers, Deep Purple will arrive next year in may

In the series “the Falcon and the winter soldier” there is a new character

From a video posted Online from the resumed filming of the series “the Falcon and the winter soldier”, it became known that the show has a new character played by Wyatt Russell. He plays American agent John Walker, who fights three masked attackers, exchanging brief remarks with one of them.

YouTube has introduced its own analog TikTok

For a long time, the network was talking about the fact that YouTube is developing a new service designed to compete with the American brainchild of the Chinese ByteDance. And so, some time after that, the video service introduced its own analog TikTok.

Instagram will start demanding money for publishing links in posts

The social network Instagram will get paid features-users will have to pay money for publishing links in posts. Instagram Facebook Corporation (the owner of Instagram) has obtained a patent for the function of paid link placement, which indicates this.”)

Origin service will be renamed to EA Desktop

Electronic Arts will rename its own Origin store to EA Desktop. Everything that was stored on the resource from the user will be saved. It is reported that the new EA Desktop platform will have faster downloads and updates compared to Origin. Users will have access to games and the ability to stay in touch with users on other platforms

VKontakte launches the feature Reports

The social network Vkontakte launches the “Reports” function. This is reported by the press service of the organization. Now, thanks to” Reports ” in communities, it will be possible to conduct and read text broadcasts. It is noted that soon even those who do not have an account in the social network will be able to read reports

Greenland’s largest ice shelf has split

Due to rising air temperatures in the region, a mass of 113 square kilometers of ice has separated from the largest ice shelf still existing in the Arctic. We are talking about the glacier that bears the name of Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden, or 79N, North-East Greenland.

Samsung has released new image sensors

We are talking about the ISOCELL HM2 resolution 108 Megapixel, ISOCELL GW3 resolution of 64 MP ISOCELL GM5-resolution 48 Megapixel ISOCELL JD1 and resolution 32 MP. The latest Samsung sensors with a pixel size of 0.7 microns are 15% smaller than 0.8-microns sensors of the same resolution, and the height of the camera module has been reduced by 10%

Samsung is preparing a new line of camera phones Galaxy F

According to network sources, smartphones of the Galaxy F line belong to the middle class and will cost from 200 to 270 dollars. The new product passes under the model number SM-F415F. The launch of the devices will take place in India.

Google has promised to switch to renewable energy sources by 2030

All data centers and offices will be converted to carbon-free energy. Google also intends to create several thousand clean energy jobs.

Our plan is to switch to carbon-free energy 24/7 in all our data centers and University campuses around the world. This is much more complex than the traditional approach to matching energy use with renewable energy, but we are working to do it by 2030, ” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google Cloud next 2020 virtual conference OnAir

Google Cloud Next 2020 OnAir virtual conference for users from Europe, the Middle East and Africa: reducing costs and improving productivity with cloud technologies will begin on September 29, 2020 and will last five weeks. New materials will be published every Tuesday.

Google Cloud experts and industry experts will talk about cloud technologies, digital transformation, and innovation during presentations, sessions, and presentations. Participants will be able to ask questions and sign up for individual meetings with Google Cloud experts.

Turkmenistan has developed its own messenger

Turkmen programmers have developed a free mobile application for secure information exchange Tm Messenger. Tm Messenger uses all modern methods of data protection both when transmitting over the network and when storing on devices. The developers have implemented many functions in it and today it is not inferior to foreign counterparts

The US has called for more countries to be involved in the Navalny investigation

Us Secretary of state Michael Pompeo urged to involve as many countries as possible in the investigation of the situation with Russian blogger Alexey Navalny, France Inter radio station reports on September 15.

The EU has asked XI Jinping to let independent observers into Xinjiang

The European Union has asked Chinese President XI Jinping to grant independent observers access to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region and Tibet. This was stated by the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, following a meeting of the leaders of China and the EU in the video conference format.

XI Jinping, in turn, said that Beijing strongly opposes any individuals or forces that create instability and division in China, as well as interference by any countries in the country’s internal Affairs

Japan has broken the record for the number of residents over 100 years old

More than 80,000 people aged 100 or more live in Japan. This was reported by the Ministry of health of the country. It is noted that in 2020, 41.8 thousand Japanese people celebrated and will celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Trump has threatened a massive response to any attack from Iran

Us President Donald Trump has threatened to give a large-scale response to any attack from Iran if the country’s authorities want to take revenge on Washington for the murder of its General Qasem Suleimani.

Iran’s foreign Ministry has denied accusations of plotting an assassination attempt on the US Ambassador to South Africa

The Iranian foreign Ministry called baseless the claim of the American newspaper Politico that Tehran is considering the possibility of an attempt on the US Ambassador to South Africa. This was stated on Monday by the official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh.

The newspaper Politico, citing representatives of American intelligence agencies, published information that the Iranian authorities are considering the possibility of organizing an attempt on the American Ambassador to South Africa Lana marks as a response to the murder of the commander of the special forces “al-Quds” of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps Qasem Suleimani.

Fraudsters in Turkey robbed Russian tourists under a new scheme

In Antalya, attackers wait for tourists who do not know the language of the country at ATMs and offer them allegedly help in withdrawing money. So, one Russian was robbed, saying that his Bank card was allegedly stuck in an ATM. While the man went to the Bank branch, the attackers withdrew 32 thousand rubles from his account.

Earlier it was reported that a huge amount of fake alcohol was confiscated in the warehouse of a Turkish hotel in Antalya. According to experts, with its help, the hotel management is trying to cover losses from the coronavirus pandemic

Serbia refused to exercise in Belarus

On September 14, the “Slavic brotherhood-2020” exercise started, in which Serbia was to take part along with Belarus and Russia. However, on the eve of Belgrade announced the freezing of any military activity of an international nature, including exercises. As stated by the Minister of defense of the Republic Alexander vulin, the reason for this step was pressure from Brussels

India has moved an additional contingent to the border with China

India has moved several battalions to the border in Ladakh. The video shows that the column with equipment moved self-propelled artillery. It is worth noting that the Indo-Chinese border pulled troops from both sides

Trump believes global warming will recede by itself

Previously, Trump has repeatedly expressed skepticism about the facts that confirm global climate change. The President also called the researchers ” money-sucking nerds.”

It will start to get cooler. Just watch. I don’t think science really knows, ” the American leader said during a meeting with the leadership of the state of California.

Citibank filed a lawsuit to recover shares of Russian standard Bank

London-based Citibank has filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court to recover 49% of shares in Russian standard Bank, according to a report from Pala Assets (which owns more than 25% of Russian Standard Limited bonds), received by RBC. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of the bondholders.In

VSMPO-AVISMA will not pay dividends to shareholders

The net profit of PJSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation based on the results of the reporting year 2019 should not be distributed. Do not pay dividends on ordinary shares, the company said in a statement posted on the disclosure server. It was also decided not to pay remuneration to members of the Corporation’s Board of Directors for the period from may 21, 2019 to September 3, 2020.

Fishermen announced an increase in demand for Pollock

Russian fishermen in the first half of 2020 increased the supply of Pollock to the domestic market by 32% compared to the same period in 2019, up to 120 thousand tons. This is stated in the message of Association of getters of a Pollack (ADM).

Russians began to eat less fish

Russians began to eat less fish and buy cheaper products. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to Rosstat, in the period from 2015 to 2019, the average per capita consumption of fish and fish products in Russia increased from 21.5 to 21.9 kilograms per year.

UBS and Credit Suisse are in merger talks

The heads of Switzerland’s largest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, are in merger talks. If successful, the combined Bank will become one of the largest in Europe. According to Inside Paradeplatz, the initiator of the merger is UBS Chairman Axel Weber.

The Central Bank of Russia recorded an increase in requests from Russians to restructure loans

In total, from March 20 to September 9, Russian banks received from the population about 2.8 million requests for debt restructuring, of which 1.65 million were approved. At the same time, an increase in requests for loan restructuring was also observed among small and medium-sized businesses

Average cost of housing in Russia for July-August 2020

Prices for apartments on the primary market in July—August 2020 increased by 6.2% on average in Russia compared to the same period last year. Such data is contained in the report available to RBC “Sberindex “” real estate Market in Russia in July-August: rapid growth of activity instead of decline.” Their conclusions analytical project of Sberbank does on the basis of the data ad belonging to the Bank of service “Domlec”.

In Kazakhstan increased agriculture

The steady growth of Kazakhstan’s agriculture was stated by the Prime Minister of the Republic Askar Mamin on September 15 during his report to the President of the Republic Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. This is reported by the press service of Akorda (presidential administration)

The head of government noted that the Republic’s agriculture recorded ” steady growth of 4.9%, the volume of food production increased by 3.6%.” According to Mamin, thanks to this, it was possible to keep the growth of prices for socially important “goods at the level of 4.4%, which is twice lower than last year’s figures (8.7%).”

The price of food has increased in Kazakhstan

The increase in food prices in Kazakhstan is caused by a reduction in the area of agricultural crops. This was stated by the Minister of trade and integration of the Republic of Bakhyt Sultanov on September 15 during a meeting of the government of the Republic.

Russian Finance Ministry increases debt pyramid

In 2020, the Ministry of Finance is going to increase the amount of borrowing by 2.3 times compared to the original plans. Such calculations were presented at a meeting of the government Commission on budget adjustments.

At the beginning of the year, the financial authorities were going to attract loans for 2.3 trillion rubles. However, now they will have to be increased to 5.4 trillion to cover the budget deficit. Taking into account the fact that 967 billion rubles must be allocated to repay existing bonds, the ” net ” amount of funds raised will amount to 4.4 trillion rubles

Budget deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia in 2021

The management of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) has prepared for the fact that the size of the “hole” in its budget in 2021 will be a record for the last five years, writes RBC with reference to the draft budget of the Fund for the next three years.

According to the plan, next year the Pension Fund will need a transfer from the Federal budget in the amount of 3.53 trillion rubles, which is 38 percent of all planned expenditures.

Cafes and shops are closing massively in Moscow

In the Moscow retail real estate market, there is a gradual outflow of tenants. Knight Frank, a consulting company, estimates that the vacancy rate in the capital’s malls has reached 9.5%. At the same time, an average of 11% of the space in new shopping centers is empty, and 5.3% of the space in objects that opened more than two years ago is free. The average rental price has already decreased by an average of 25%.

Rental rates on Arbat in Moscow decreased by an average of 11% in 2020, to 85 thousand rubles per 1 square meter per year, and on Pokrovka – by 13%, to 70 thousand rubles per 1 sq.m. for some locations in Moscow street retail, rates have already been reduced to 30%.

Navalny published the first post after coming out of a coma

Alexey Navalny on Tuesday, September 15, published his first post after coming out of a coma. He greeted his followers on Instagram and said that the day before he was able to breathe on his own, noting that he still ” can’t do anything.”

I still can’t do much, but yesterday I was able to breathe all day on my own. Do yourself. I didn’t use any outside help, even the simplest valve in my throat. I really liked it. Amazing, undervalued процесс by many process. I recommend it, – Alexey Navalny wrote

Maternity capital in Russia is indexed

Maternity capital in 2021 will be indexed by 3.7%, its size will be 483,882 rubles for the first child and 639,432 rubles for the second. This was stated in the press service of the Ministry of labor, referring to the draft budget of the FIU for 2021 and for the planning period of 2022 and 2023.

In Russia, there is a new fraud on SMS messages

Scammers send SMS messages to subscribers. inside these messages there are links about receiving an MMS message or winning. Do not open them if the number is unknown and if there is the word “Info”. If you open them, your personal data and Bank card information can get to hackers who will deprive you of money

VTSIOM: more than a third of Russians believe that Russia remains a great power

More than a third of Russians believe that our country remains a great power-37%, and another 29% agree that it is likely to become such in the next 15-20 years. Slightly fewer Russians are convinced that Russia will not become a great power in the near future (26%), ” the study says.

According to respondents, Russia in the twenty-first century should strive primarily for well-being and a high standard of living (12%), to develop social policy and improve people’s lives (11%), and should maintain peaceful relations with other countries, not to start conflicts and spend less on weapons (10%).

IT companies will come to Latvia from Belarus

Already 12 Belarusian companies have decided to move their business to Latvia, writes Press.lv. In total, 470 Belarusian employees of these companies are expected to come to the country, mainly leading specialists and representatives of the management Board.

Metro closes hypermarket in Nizhny Tagil

An analysis of the sales and economy of our shopping center in Nizhny Tagil shows that the location chosen at the time of active expansion was unsuccessful for entrepreneurs and residents of The city. The last point in the question was the lack of prospects for development and growth of financial indicators. In the process of optimizing this asset, the company will first take care of its employees, who will be provided with comprehensive support — ” the portal quotes Retail.ru CEO of Metro in Russia Martin Schumacher.

Sony to cut PlayStation 5 production

Over the next 6 months, Sony will reduce production of the PlayStation 5 by 4 million units. This was reported on September 15 by the Japanese division of the Bloomberg Agency.

Russia will provide Belarus with a state loan of $ 1.5 billion

Russia will provide Belarus with a $1.5 billion state loan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during talks with Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi. Putin has reminded that recently on a visit to Belarus was the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin

Tikhanovski stated that the loan Belarus will not give

The $1.5 billion loan will have to be given by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, not the people, former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said on September 14 in her Telegram channel. The loan agreement may extend the “agony of Lukashenka”, suggested the author of the channel “Pool of the first”

The EU does not recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate President of Belarus

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrel, said that the European Union does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legitimate President of Belarus. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to him, the presidential election on August 9 was rigged.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry called the conditions for the resumption of water supply to Crimea.

According to Interfax, the Ministry stressed that this is possible only after the transfer of the Peninsula under the control of the Ukrainian authorities. In Ukraine, they believe that Crimea’s water needs are growing due to the policy of the Russian authorities to attract the population to the Peninsula, which Kiev considers “colonization”. The foreign Ministry is confident that Russia is trying to replace the population of Crimea with ” loyal to its expansionist policy.” Ukraine believes that the “occupying state”should bear full responsibility for ensuring the humanitarian needs of the population.

Ukraine has not officially recognized Lukashenka’s victory in the elections

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a statement on the presidential elections in Belarus, which claims that they were “neither free nor fair.” The document is published on the website of the Rada.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine believes that the presidential elections in Belarus were neither free nor fair. The elections were held in conditions of complete lack of competition between candidates, free media, as well as authoritative observers from international organizations such as the OSCE and the Council of Europe, the document says.

Billionaire Yuri Milner to Fund search for life on Venus

The search for life on Venus will be funded by the Breakthrough Initiatives Foundation, founded by Russian businessman Yuri Milner.

The group, which will be funded by the Milner Foundation, will consist of physicists, astronomers, chemists and engineers. It will be headed by Professor of planetary science Massachusetts Institute of technology Sara Seager. Scientists will seek scientific justification for the possibility of life on the planet.

We believe that Venus is a Russian planet

Russia plans to send its own expedition to Venus, in addition to the Venus-D mission being prepared in cooperation with the United States.

We believe that Venus is a Russian planet, so there is nothing to lag behind. Projects of missions on Venus are included in the draft of the unified state program of space activities of Russia for the period 2021-2030, – said the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin

Earlier it became known that British and American scientists discovered phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus, which may have a biological origin — it is produced by anaerobic microorganisms.

Russian heritage urged to take care of yourself

At the first session of the autumn session, State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin addressed 83-year-old Valentina Tereshkova and 80-year-old Artur Chilingarov. Volodin called them the property of Russia and urged to take care of themselves, writes Znak.com.

The speaker noted that the deputies of the European parliaments “closed their homes, villas”, and the first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and “conqueror of our ice, vast expanses, ocean depths” Artur Chilingarov are eager “to the front line”.

Lukashenka will be sued in the international court of justice in the Hague.

A group of foreign lawyers is preparing documents to bring him to justice for the violent dispersal of demonstrators. This was stated by unregistered candidate for President of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo in a video on his YouTube channel.

“We already have a group of foreign lawyers who are preparing all the necessary documents to be submitted to the international court of justice in the Hague.”

According to Tsepkalo, now there is a collection of testimonies and testimonies of citizens. We are talking about the use of violence against residents of Belarus in the first days after the presidential elections in the Republic.

Netflix will switch to payment in rubles in Russia from October 15.

In early September, it became known that Netflix will localize its service in Russia, the operator will be “national media group”. Russian Russian interface will be available for Netflix by the end of 2020, and many foreign series will be available with Russian voice-over and subtitles. The owners also promised that about a hundred Russian movies will appear on Netflix.

Belarusian customs has a claim to the book about Harry Potter

Belarusian customs asked to confirm in writing that the book about Harry Potter does not call for the overthrow of the government. Customs officers turned to the publishing house “Yanushkevich”, which publishes the second book in the series — “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets” — in Belarusian.

In the publishing house of the portal Tut.they said that they will prepare the required certificate for them, as well as tell them what is known about the work of J. K. Rowling. According to the publisher, the book was printed abroad, and the entire print run will be delivered to Belarus by September 26.

Thai authorities are going to introduce a new long-term visa for tourists.

It will allow you to stay in the country for 270 days. Foreigners who agree to undergo a 14-day quarantine at their own expense will be able to apply for such a visa and provide the authorities with information about their place of permanent residence in the country.

It will be issued for 90 days with the possibility of a three-time extension, and you will not need to leave the country. The state fee for issuing a visa will be 2 thousand baht (about $ 64), each extension will be paid similarly.

The press service of the government reported that it is planned to issue such visas until September 30, 2021 — during this period, the country hopes to overcome the financial consequences of the pandemic.

The Prosecutor’s office asks to confiscate the assets of two interior Ministry colonels.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office is seeking to confiscate the property of two police officers: Yevgeny Kashmatov, who supervised the fuel and energy complex, and Dmitry Ataev from the internal security Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Open media found out. From the case file, it follows that the colonels found property worth more than 100 million rubles. They are accused of receiving 20 million rubles for refusing to prosecute the ex-CEO of the company controlled by the structures of Yuri Kovalchuk

Investigators found large amounts of money in different currencies stored in a Bank vault, several cars and motorcycles, and two apartments on Michurinsky Prospekt in Kashmatov’s apartment.

In addition to commercial real estate and cars, investigators seized a collection of Swiss watches from Atayev. The most valuable item in the collection is an IWC chronograph with an 18-Karat red gold case that costs about 1 million rubles.

The income of the families of both accused in recent years has fluctuated in the region of 2-3 million rubles.

Gazprom Neft decided to register a quote from the book by Tony Robbins

Gazprom Neft decided to register a quote from a book by Tony Robbins — the same business coach whose tickets to a performance in Moscow two years ago sold for 500,000 rubles. Open media saw the corresponding application in the Rospatent database.

Robbins earned half a billion dollars by telling people that the water is wet, the sky is blue, and success is a movement, not an end point. Just the last phrase the state oil company was going to make its trademark

In Russia, make paid visits to forests and parks

The Russian government has issued a decree on charging fees for visiting specially protected natural areas (PAS). In the regions, they do not understand whether to take money only for walking in national parks or try to sell tickets to any grove.

In Belarus, there may be a “Maidan” if the authorities refuse to dialogue with the people

“I definitely support the Belarusian people. People are fighting for freedom and democracy, and without aggression and violence, ” said President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Zelensky noted that in Belarus “no one throws stones, no one sets fire to buildings”, but “the authorities treat many protesters cruelly”.

It’s important to me that there isn’t a bloodbath. If the state refuses to have a dialogue with the people, then Belarus can get something like Maidan, ” Zelensky said. At the same time, he noted that he does not see “a symbolic leader around whom people could rally.”

The police detained a suspect in the theft of a billion rubles in the Forex market

The police detained Alexander Smirnov, suspected of stealing one billion rubles from investors of his company STForex. According to investigators, STForex clients were offered to invest about $ 200, they made a profit, and then they were persuaded to invest a larger amount of money. The scammers then embezzled the money and told customers that the deal was unprofitable.

The Bank of Russia will stop considering citizens ‘ complaints about banks

The Central Bank approved the proposal of the National financial Association (NFA) to change the procedure for dealing with citizens ‘ claims to banks. Now, when the Central Bank receives a complaint about a Bank, the regulator will not check it, as it did before, but will send the claim directly to the Bank. The latter, accordingly, will consider the complaint against itself and prepare a response to the client, sending a copy to the Bank of Russia. The new scheme involves the implementation of the principle “no complaints – less checks”: the fewer complaints received by the credit institution, the softer the supervision of the regulator will become

The dispatcher service of Simferopol explained the blue color of tap water.

It was previously established that the water was colored due to special tablets for cleaning boilers. So the publication “Rise” was told in the unified duty and dispatch service of the city.

Yesterday there were one or two appeals from the Crimean Partisans street. These are people who throw special pills into boilers to clean them, the water gets this color, and this water somehow mixes with the water that goes into the taps. We have this assumption, it is supported by practice. It’s not fatal, it’s disinfection, it’s very useful

Earlier, the authorities of Simferopol advised citizens to use antiseptics, because due to the lack of water, it is not always possible to wash their hands