17 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/16/2019

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Tehran has threatened Washington with a missile strike on US bases…

The commander of the military space forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizade said that all us military bases and ships located within a radius of 2 thousand km from the territory of Iran are within reach of Iranian missiles. It is reported by Tasnim Agency.

“Everyone should know that all American bases and their vessels located at a distance of up to 2 thousand km [from the Iranian borders] are within reach of our missiles,” Hajizade said, adding that the country is constantly preparing for a “full — scale war.”

Russia is preparing an experiment for a four-day working week

The Ministry of labor plans to hold a meeting on which will discuss the possibility to conduct an experiment on a four-day working week in enterprises, included in the national project for improving performance, the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing Deputy economic development Minister Peter Seelische.

Became known details about the unification of the economies of Russia and Belarus

“Kommersant” got acquainted with the program of economic integration of Russia and Belarus, initialed by the parties in early September, but not publicly disclosed. It is designed for a year and a half and involves the partial unification of the two economies from January 2021. We are talking at least about a single Tax code, foreign trade regime and Civil code, unified property accounting and similar social guarantees, almost unified banking supervision, but with two Central banks, a single regulator of oil, gas and electricity markets and harmonized state regulation of industries. This degree of integration is higher than in the EU, in fact, at the level of economies we are talking about the creation of a Confederate state from 2022. At the same time, it is unlikely to be completely equal for the parties: the Russian economy is 29 times larger than the Belarusian one.

C 1 October in Russia will change the rules of going on vacation

Now each employee of the institution or enterprise is relieved of the need to personally write an application for extraordinary leave and sign it with the employer. To do this, you will need to make a clause in the employment contract on the submission of an application in electronic form and in the future to send the document in this way.

However, this procedure will not apply to holidays on a pre-approved schedule, the exact start and end date of which is known in advance. In this case, it’s even easier. The Ministry of labour provides for such leave without further application by the employee.

Kim Jong-UN invited trump to Pyongyang

The head of the DPRK Kim Jong UN appealed to the American leader Donald Trump with a proposal to hold a meeting in Pyongyang, RIA “Novosti”. It is clarified that the invitation was in a letter that Kim Jong-UN gave to Trump at the end of the summer.

Volker said he was ready to help Russia “find a way to retreat” from the Donbass

In an interview with the Ukrainian channel “1+1” Volker said that the “occupation of Donbass” is contrary to the interests of Russia. According to the American official, Russia,” remaining in the Donbas”, gets the opposite result for itself: “Ukraine becomes a flourishing, democratic, Pro-Western and anti-Russian state.”

We, the French, the Germans and the Ukrainians are ready to help Russia find an easy way to retreat and return peace to the occupied territories when Russia is ready to do so.

Ambulance staff of Petrozavodsk started an Italian strike

In the capital of Karelia Petrozavodsk paramedics and drivers of the ambulance station began on Sunday, September 15, the so-called Italian strike because of the low level of wages, according to the portal ” Petrozavodsk says»

Hospitals offered to fine for poor quality treatment

It is proposed to fine if the institution is insufficiently equipped for retraining and improving the level of qualification of employees or if there are no conditions for the work of employees. The size of the fine will be 10-20 thousand rubles for officials, noted in the “parliamentary newspaper”.

Shift work schedule can be dangerous for health…

Specialists of the Swedish Institute of stress came to the conclusion that shift work can cause excessive emotional stress, systematic accumulated fatigue, problems with concentration, deterioration of social interaction in the family, as well as serious complications in the future for the human body, including cancer….

Russians return to live in small

Studios and small-area “odnushki” are in increasing demand in Russia, according to analysts of the real estate market, noting the similarity with the period of mass construction of Khrushchev as affordable housing. We are talking about apartments of really small size, with an area of 12-15 square meters.

Residents of the Altai village complain of poor health

As reported by ” Vesti-Altai, residents of the village of Leninsky Smolensk region of Altai Krai were not lucky either in summer or autumn. First, bees died there, and now, almost every second resident of this settlement complained to doctors of nausea, vomiting and General weakness after farmers treated fields with sunflower chemicals from the air.

Russians began to travel abroad more often

This is evidenced by the calculations RT, compiled on the basis of data from the border service of the FSB of Russia.

Most often in the first half of this year, the Russians went to Turkey-2.7 million times. Compared to 2018, the number of trips increased by 400 thousand (was 2.3 million).

Abkhazia is the second most popular foreign country among Russians. Russian citizens went there 1.8 million times, most often for a private visit.

Next are Finland (1.7 million), Kazakhstan (1.4 million) and China (1.2 million). In these countries, the Russians in most cases also went on a private visit. It is noted that during this period, the Russians made 1.08 million trips to Ukraine.

The least popular among Russians were countries such as Namibia, Greenland, Benin, New Zealand and others. We’ve been there five times or less.

Russians stopped to improve health in sanatoriums

From all existing in our country 1800 sanatoriums in many annually there is an incomplete loading from 35 to 50%.

Gone are the days when the sanatorium went in the direction of the enterprise. The market has shifted towards the mass consumer. The main success factor is customer focus. Not everyone can meet the existing requirements, – said Mikhail Danilov, medical Director Of the Association of health tourism.

The trade war has reduced Chinese imports by $ 31 billion.

Although imports from the United States reached a historic high of $ 1.27 trillion in the first half of 2019, the ongoing trade conflict with China has changed the pattern of imports to the United States. As the following chart shows, imports from China fell by more than $ 30 billion in the first six months of 2019. If total imports increased and fewer goods came from China, that means other countries Must have seen an increase in demand from the United States

Gazprom reduces gas supplies through Opal

“Gazprom” has reduced gas supplies through the Opal pipeline due to restrictions imposed by the court of the European Union. On September 14, reports “RIA Novosti”, referring to the message of the German Federal network Agency

The Central Bank supports a new system of voluntary pension savings

Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the Central Bank supports the new system proposed by the Ministry of Finance, which provides for voluntary pension savings.

This system is more intended to improve the existing system of assured voluntary product, it’s a big step forward, the progress that was when he discussed individual pension capital, so there is full support. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian politician

“Roscosmos” allowed the return of pistols in the equipment of astronauts

Roscosmos is considering the possibility of returning firearms to the emergency reserve of domestic cosmonauts, the state Corporation told RIA Novosti. Now in an emergency stock of astronauts there are no firearms. At various times, the astronauts were given a Makarov pistol and a special three-barreled pistol in flight.

The astronaut’s emergency kit includes a 6-liter canteen of water, a supply of power, rocket launchers, hydro – and heat-protective suits, waterproof matches, a knife-machete, various lights, etc., while some things have a dual purpose: for example, an antenna can be turned into a fishing tackle.

Kudrin does not believe in an economic breakthrough from national projects

The head of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin believes that national projects will not lead to an economic breakthrough of the country, because the pledged funds for their implementation are not enough.

“National projects are more of an evolutionary growth plan, but not a breakthrough, that’s for sure,” Kudrin was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti
As an argument for his approval, the Chairman of the accounts chamber cited the example of studies that estimate the increase in economic growth from national projects at 0.1–0.6% of GDP. In General, the budget intends to allocate 25.7 trillion rubles for the implementation of national projects over six years.

Utility tariffs will be calculated in a new way

Utility providers will be banned from including the cost of paying Bank fees in utility tariffs. The corresponding resolution has already been signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes, citing a source in the government apparatus.

The developer from Baku bought the former project Universal Studios in Moscow

The new owner of “Rusincom” became a structure associated with the Azerbaijani developer AF Holding, say two people close to the seller and the buyer of the company. For AF Holding, according to them, this will be the first project in Moscow.

New restrictions on loans will take effect from 1 October

From this day on, banks will have to take into account the debt burden of the borrower when issuing unsecured loans, and the Central Bank will introduce special allowances for risk coefficients. Plus, the regulator has requested new powers to control the debts of citizens, that is, it will be able to directly limit the issuance of certain types of loans.

Ukraine reduced the cost of gas for the population

National joint stock company “Neftegaz of Ukraine” reported that in September 2019 the cost of gas for the population and housing services will be reduced by 3.4% compared to September.

Izhevsk gas companies are going to bankrupt the owner of Kizelovskaya GRES

OOO “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Izhevsk” plans to address in court with the statement for bankruptcy of OOO “Gubakha energy company” (HES the owner of Sarapul CHPP in Udmurtia and Kizelovskaya GRES Perm region). This is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the Unified Federal register of information on bankruptcy. 2018 HES completed with a net loss of 179.7 million rubles, which is 2.5 times less than a year earlier.

Australian intelligence has accused China of hacking the Parliament

Australian intelligence has accused the Ministry of state security of the PRC of a cyber attack on the internal networks of the Parliament. Recall, hackers broke into the site in March this year on the eve of the may General election, writes Reuters.

The heads of Russia, Iran and Turkey continue talks in Ankara

The leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey will discuss the settlement of the conflict in Syria. They will hold trilateral talks in Ankara. This will be the fifth meeting of the heads of the guarantor countries of the Astana process.

The leaders will discuss in detail the situation in Idlib and North-Eastern Syria. As you know, there is a certain tension in these areas, which are not under the control of the Central government, and there is a considerable presence of terrorists. – Yuri Ushakov, Russian diplomat

Iranian General warned the US about readiness for war

“The base of al-Udeid (located in Qatar), the base of al-Zafra (located in the UAE) and one American ship in the Gulf of Oman are under the gun, and in the case of a response from America, we would hit them,” – quotes the Agency Tasnim commander of the military space forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Amir Ali Hajizade

Purdue Pharma owners withdraw about $1 billion offshore

Attorney General of new York Letitia James released data according to which the owners of the American pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma transferred more than $1 billion to the accounts of controlled by them and other financial companies. This was reported on Saturday by CNN.

According to her, such a movement of funds between the accounts of representatives of the Sackler family – owners of Purdue Pharma – may indicate that they are preparing to withdraw to offshore their state in anticipation of the planned bankruptcy procedure. At the moment, the broadcaster said, the new York Prosecutor’s office is trying to determine the location of the funds and their exact amount.

More than 20 Gulen supporters have sought asylum in Greece

At least 22 supporters of the preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara considers to be the organizer of the coup attempt in 2016, fled from Turkey to Greece. They all arrived on the island of Kalymnos in the Aegean sea by boat and appealed to the authorities for political asylum for fear of being imprisoned at home.

Refugees have been granted temporary residence permits in Greece until their applications are considered. The country’s national intelligence service has been notified of the incident, reports Newpost.

Russia deployed S-400 in the Arctic

Russia has deployed s-400 Triumph air defense systems in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic. On September 16, the press service of the Northern fleet.

The us Navy ship entered the Black sea

Expedition ship USNS Yuma (T-EPF-8) U.S. Navy crossed the Bosphorus and entered the waters of the Black sea. This is reported by the resource Bosphorus Observer. During 2019, this vessel enters the Black sea for the third time.

U.S. air force drone conducted reconnaissance near the borders of Russia

The us air force’s RQ-4B Global Hawk strategic reconnaissance drone made a more than seven-hour flight near Russia’s Western borders on September 15. Such data leads “Interfax” with reference to the monitoring data of Western aviation resources.

About the state budget of Ukraine for 2020

On September 15, the Cabinet of Ministers of the country submitted to the Verkhovna Rada the draft law No. 2000 “On the state budget of Ukraine for 2020”. UNIAN notes that the project is built on the current macro-forecast with the exchange rate of 28.2 UAH per dollar and provides income in the amount of 1,170 trillion UAH, expenses-1,170 trillion UAH.

The Ukrainian government has put in the draft budget for 2020 more than 245 billion UAH (about $9.9 billion) to ensure the security and defense of the country. About said

“We plan to allocate 245.8 billion for different managers who are involved in security and defense,” said Finance Minister Oksana Markarova. – We have increased the costs of salaries and allowance, the Minister said. “The increase in security and defense is one of the biggest priorities.”

Oil from the us strategic reserve to stabilize the market

US President Donald trump allowed, if necessary, to allocate oil from the us strategic reserve to stabilize the market. Such a decision was made by the head of state after the drone attack on the company Saudi Aramco.

“Based on the attack on Saudi Arabia, which may have an impact on oil prices, I allowed the use of oil from the strategic oil reserve, if necessary,” – said Trump.

He said that the amount of oil involved will be determined later, however, according to the head of the White house, it will be sufficient to maintain a normal level of supply to the markets.

Six months ‘ community service for insulting a plainclothes policeman

The world court of the Upper Iset district of Yekaterinburg sentenced a local resident Stanislav Melnichenko to six months of correctional labor, accused of insulting a police officer at a protest against the construction of a temple in the city square.

A criminal case against 31-year-old Stanislav Melnichenko was opened in early June. He was accused that on the second day of protests against the construction of the temple in Yekaterinburg square, he insulted the employee of the city police Department to work with the media Eugene Kryukov, who, being in civilian clothes, filmed the protesters on video.

Became known winners of the theater award ” crystal Turandot»

“Crystal Turandot” is the first non-state theater award, established in 1991. The award is named after Princess Turandot, who has become a symbol of theatricality in Russia

The 28th award ceremony was held for the first time in the Yusupov Palace of the Arkhangelskoye estate Museum in the Moscow region.

The play “Knight of the flaming pestle” directed by Declan Donnellan of the Pushkin theater became the winner in the category “Best performance”.

The best actress was Galina Tyunina for the role of Arkadina in the production of “the Seagull” by Kirill Pirogov. The best actor was Vladimir Mashkov for the role of Isaac Schwartz in the play “sailor’s silence”.

The statuette for best Director was awarded to Egor Peregudov for the nine-hour play “one day in Macondo”, staged in the Studio of theatrical art.

The best artist was Alexander Borovsky, who created the scenery for the play “Run” in the Chekhov Moscow art theater.

Daria Antoniuk won the best debut award for her role as Eliza Doolittle in the Oleg Tabakov theatre’s my fair lady.

23 cities of Russia will host exhibitions of Museum collections of the Central Bank

In 23 cities of Russia in September-November 2019 will be held exhibitions dedicated to the Museum collections of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, according to the website of the regulator. The Museum of the Bank of Russia will present expositions such as:” Home for the Bank”,” 250 years of Russian paper money “and”Magic of the theater”.

“Ford vs. Ferrari”: new trailer for sports drama released

The picture, based on real events, tells the story of the relationship of American automotive designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and British racer Ken miles (Christian bale). These two crazy dreamers decided to challenge corporations and in the shortest possible time to create the fastest car that could compete with Ferrari in the famous 24-hour race Le Mans 1966. In Russia, the premiere is scheduled for November 14

Memory exhibition ” Andrey Murashov: genius of the place»

The exhibition-memory “Andrey Murashov: genius of the place” will open in Tomsk on September 17 in the Siberian branch of the NCCA. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the famous Tomsk journalist.

“The visitor of the exhibition will see Tomsk through Andrey’s eyes, learn the story from his stories. The exhibition will feature photographs of Murashov, recordings of his television programs. The purpose of the exhibition-the preservation of historical and cultural memory and education of love for the city through the fate of a particular person, ” – write the organizers.

Halsey drew her new album

The singer Halsey 13 Sep 2019 announced the title of their new album, revealed the artwork and released a new single. The album titled “Maniac” will be released on January 17, 2020 and will be the first solo work of the singer since 2017. Halsey has published on YouTube a video in which she paints her portrait: this painting will grace the cover. On the same day, her song “Graveyard”premiered.

Prices for iPhone 11 Pro Max in Russia are the highest in the world

PhoneArena journalists compared the prices of new Apple smartphones around the world and it turned out that the maximum version of the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Russia is $ 500 more expensive than in the US. For comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB in America is estimated at 1499 dollars, and in Russia in terms of 2053 dollars.

Lenovo has unveiled a smart watch Lenovo Carme

Chinese company Lenovo announced the release of a new model of smart watches Lenovo Carme. Currently, it is already possible to purchase a novelty in the Indian market. It is stated that the price of the device is $ 50.

The device has a 1.3-inch high-resolution display and a protective surface on the screen. Smart watches Carme got advanced functionality, including pedometer, heart rate monitor, weather display and sleep monitoring. Incoming calls and messages can also be displayed on the watch screen. The case is offered in a waterproof version. The 200 mAh battery allows you to work without recharging up to 7 days. You can buy Carme smart watches in two versions of straps – in green and blue.

In Tyumen will test the equipment for blocking Telegram

Telecom operators in Tyumen will soon test equipment that should block the telegram messenger and banned Internet resources, Reuters reported.

Recall that Telegram began trying to block in April 2018. At the moment, most users can still use the messenger in normal mode, without installing VPN connections.

8K hevc video in real time

According to the company Beamr Imaging, developing SOFTWARE for video processing, 64-core AMD Epyc 7742 became the world’s first processor that allows you to encode video 8K standard HEVC in real time.

In the network there were images of flash for iPhone worth 499 euros

Profoto company plans to release some new product, which, according to her, “will change the world.” A device called Profoto C1 Plus will cost 499 euros. It is claimed to be a miniature flash designed exclusively to work with the iPhone smartphone. It will be controlled from a smartphone and will allow you to take pictures of “Studio quality”. Bluetooth will likely be used to connect to the smartphone.

Leaders Rammstein and Pain showed a video shot in Kazakhstan

Front man Pain Rammstein and till Lindemann and Peter Tagtgren United for metal-project Lindemann, shot a video in Kazakhstan. The video for the new song Steh auf (“get Up”) was posted on the band’s YouTube channel.

Scientists have revealed the mechanism of development of the fatal stage of cancer

The new mechanism of metastasis is that cancer cells choose a less energy-intensive pathway to migrate to other tissues and organs of the body. Such conclusions were made by specialists of Vanderbilt University (USA). The discovery helped scientists predict which pathways cells would migrate and map their movements. Understanding the mechanisms of cell movement through microtraces should help in the development of new therapies.

Japanese scientists unveil robotic tail for humans

Scientists from Keio University decided to create a tail for people. In their opinion, it will help them to keep better balance for those who for one reason or another is bad on his feet. According to the authors of the development, the force created by the swing of the tail can change the position of the center of gravity of the person.

The prototype, dubbed the Arque, replicates the seahorse’s tail and uses a series of artificial vertebrae and four pneumatic muscles to move in response to a change in the host’s body position. Each Arque joint consists of four protective plates and one weight-adjustable vertebra.

Flood damage in the Amur region was estimated at 6 billion rubles

Flood damage in the Amur region amounted to more than six billion rubles. This was reported on the website of the regional Legislative Assembly.

Gas transit through Ukraine increased after the EU court decision on OPAL

The volume of gas transit through the Ukrainian territory is growing after Gazprom, by the decision of the EU Court, lost the opportunity to book additional capacities of the OPAL gas pipeline, which receives Nord stream gas, according to data from European gas transport operators.

“Tatneft” will send 93 billion rubles for dividends for the half-year

For 6 months of 2018, Tatneft paid dividends in the amount of 30.27 rubles for all types of shares. In total, Tatneft sent 70,414 billion rubles for dividends, which amounted to almost 75% of the company’s profit under RAS for the first half of 2018 (93,898 billion rubles).

Advertising revenues of TV channels fell in the first half by 9%

Advertising revenues of “Gazprom-Media”, key assets of which are terrestrial and cable TV channels for the first six months of the year, decreased by 6%, to 33.2 billion rubles In the first six months “Yandex” occupied almost 25% of the total advertising market, “Gazprom-Media” — 15%, Mail.Ru Group — 6%.

From October 1 in Russia will raise wages

The government order comes into force, which provides for a 4.3% increase in public sector wages. It will affect employees of Federal state, budgetary and Autonomous institutions; employees of Federal state bodies, as well as civilian personnel of military units, institutions and subdivisions of Federal Executive bodies in which the law provides for military and equivalent service

The case of the dislocated shoulder of the national guard

Tverskoy district court of Moscow sentenced to three and a half years in prison actor Pavel Ustinov, who was accused of violence against riot policemen (part 2 of article 318 of the criminal code), who detained him at the rally on August 3.

The Kremlin-on the verdict of Pavel Ustinov

Kommersant FM: is the Kremlin aware of the high-profile case of Pavel Ustinov, whom the court today sentenced to three and a half years in prison for the August 3 action? He allegedly caused the regardie dislocation, trying to free himself from the grip.

The prosecution insisted that Ustinov was detained for chanting slogans, active participation in the action. Although the video of the arrest, all happening in silence. How, according to the Kremlin, can today’s history affect the confidence of Russians in the judicial system?

Dmitry Peskov: We still do not intend to comment on court decisions and will not do so this time. The only thing that once again I will tell that it isn’t necessary to draw generalizing conclusions. Once again, we do not comment on the court decision.

Kommersant FM: How can this affect the trust of Russians in Regardie, according to the Kremlin?

Dmitry Peskov: One particular case can hardly affect the confidence of Russians in Regardie.

In Buryatia grew guardsman urged colleagues not to detain peaceful protesters

An employee of the ROS guard from Buryatia recorded a video message in which he urged colleagues “not to carry out obviously criminal orders” and not to detain participants of peaceful rallies. The author of the video – shooter squad of paramilitary security of the FSUE “Protection” Victor Horrorof

A member of the ROS guard from Buryatia urged colleagues not to detain protesters. And then admitted that after the video he was hit by a flurry of calls and he was called to the authorities. They announced that a Directive had come from Moscow demanding that he be stripped of all bonuses and reprimanded. Victor apologized to the management and admitted that simply got excited.

At the plants of General Motors in the United States announced a nationwide strike

Factory workers General Motors Co announced on Monday a nationwide strike, which was the largest for the Union of workers of the U.S. automotive industry (United Auto Workers, UAW) in more than a decade, writes Dow Jones

One of the stumbling blocks between the Union and the company was GM’s decision in November to close four plants in the United States, which was opposed by UAW members. The Union is also seeking higher wages for workers, more job security and benefits at a time when GM is trying to cut costs.

Russians punished for riding a military motorcycle in the form of the Wehrmacht

May 18, 2019, at the opening of the motorcycle season, three residents of Chita rode a motorcycle with a sidecar BMW R75, which was installed a copy of the German mg-42 machine gun, in the form of soldiers of the Wehrmacht during world war II, writes Regnum. The court appointed bikers administrative punishment for propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols.

New rules for the use of electronic wallets have come into force

Withdrawal of cash from e-wallets and prepaid cards will be possible only with simplified identification of the citizen. The relevant amendments to the law on the national payment system (NPS) came into force on September 15. Terms of use have changed for such payment systems as QIWI Wallet”, ” Yandex.Money”, WebMoney and PayPal

Russia’s Supreme court upheld the sentence of the pole Rajewski for spying

Russia’s Supreme court on Monday, September 16, upheld the verdict of the citizen of Poland Marian Rejewski on charges of espionage. It is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the FSB of Russia. The appeal was heard on 12 September.

Rodzaevsky tried to obtain and illegally export to Poland’s secret accessories s-300, “creating a real threat to the security of the Russian Federation”. The convict acted in the interests of the leading supplier of the army and intelligence services of Poland. The Polish citizen pleaded not guilty. In the Polish case Rajewski foreign Ministry refused to comment, saying that the convict provide consular support.

In Russia, rental housing has risen sharply

The cost of renting residential real estate in the largest cities of Russia in September 2019 increased sharply. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to data of cyanide. Analysts estimate that in 15 million-plus cities, rental rates for one-bedroom apartments increased by an average of 5 percent (compared to the figure for August). “Two-piece” became 4 percent more expensive.

The government of Ukraine raised the minimum wage

The government of Ukraine has included in the draft budget for 2020 a new level of minimum wage. This figure will grow by 550 hryvnia and will be equal to 4723 hryvnia ($189.42).

In Russia proposed to increase the minimum price of vodka

The Union of alcohol producers (SPAP) has proposed to the Ministry of Finance of Russia to increase the minimum retail price (MRP) for vodka to 233 roubles for 0,5 l. this was announced by the President of the Union Igor Kosarev, speaking on Friday, September 13, at the session of the Moscow financial forum.

Spanish court refused to extradite the US ex-head of military intelligence of Venezuela

The national judicial Board of Spain refused to extradite to the United States the former head of military intelligence of Venezuela (2004-2008) Hugo Carvajal. This was reported to the TASS correspondent on Monday in the press service of the court. He was detained in April in Spain at the request of the United States in a case related to drug trafficking.

The former head of Venezuela’s military intelligence himself said in court that Washington had fabricated a case against him specifically to get him extradited. As reported by Reuters, according to the United States, Carvajal has important information incriminating Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and that he is ready to share it with the American side.

Houthis threatened new strikes on targets in Saudi Arabia

Followers of the Yemeni Houthi rebel movement Ansar Alla, who claimed responsibility for the attack by drones (UAVs) on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, threatened a new attack.

Russian MS-21 aircraft makes first international flight

Russian medium-haul aircraft MS-21 made the first international flight Zhukovsky-Istanbul. The plane arrived at Ataturk airport to participate in the festival “Technofest” at 13:26 local time (coincides with Moscow time), the correspondent of TASS from the scene.

Snowden warned Ministers against using WhatsApp

Former employee of the national security Agency (NSA) of the United States Edward Snowden warned Ministers and heads of state from using WhatsApp messenger because of the low level of encryption

Russia has accused computer games of approaching nuclear war

The official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova accused cinema and computer games in the formation of a frivolous attitude to nuclear war. She told about it in interview to the channel “Defrocked”.

Carsharing without a driver’s license

Moscow carsharing can take advantage of even a person without a driver’s license, found one of the users of Facebook. He did manage to rent a car in BelkaCar, “Yandex.Drive” and YouDrive, although its rights have expired. BelkaCar believes that this is normal — responsibility for driving without a license lies with the driver, not car sharing, said, “Outdoor media” is the co-founder of service

In 2016, the US closed Russian Embassy dachas in new York and Maryland.

Officially, the us authorities said that this is due to the alleged interference of Russia in the us presidential election. But, sources told Yahoo News, the dachas were closed because they were used to spy on the FBI

Investigators arrested a luxury property, the former head of Federal alcohol market regulatory service

We are talking about real estate with a total value of almost 260 million rubles. The seized property does not formally belong to Chuyan himself. The owner of the apartment is listed as his mother — in-law, and the mansion-his wife. However, investigators believe that all this property bought with the money that was stolen in the collapsed in 2018 OFK-Bank.

According to investigators, in 2013-2016, 115 unsecured loans worth almost 14.2 billion rubles were issued to companies associated with Status group LLC without the consent of the Board of Directors of OFC Bank. The investigation revealed that Chuyan was a beneficiary of both the Bank and the company.

The former head of Rosalkogolregulirovaniya Igor Chuyan is in Israel.

For embezzlement 750 million rubles released under house arrest

The Central court of Kaliningrad released from custody under house arrest Amir Kushkhov and Sergei Tribunsky, accused of stealing more than 752 million rubles in the construction of the stadium for the 2018 world Cup, the press service of the court told Interfax.

“Main mission” as head of state

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called his” main mission ” as head of state the end of the war and the de-occupation of all Ukrainian territories. He stated this at a joint briefing with arrived to Kiev with an official visit by the President of Slovakia Zuzana Capatafol (stream briefing was conducted on the website of the President of Ukraine in Facebook).

“And we very much count on your support, diplomatic and sanctions pressure of all our partners, including Slovakia. It is necessary not only for Ukraine, it is necessary for all Europe»

The President of Ukraine noted that Europe will not be safe as long as the Russian Federation ignores international law. Therefore, Kiev, according to Zelensky, expects that Bratislava will support his demands for the complete withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine “occupation troops” and the return under Ukrainian control of all temporarily occupied territories