17 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/16/2020

Us leader Donald Trump announced the intention of the United States to take action against the world trade organization (WTO) because of the decision of the WTO arbitration panel, which recognized the illegal increase in Washington’s duties on Chinese goods. He said this during a conversation with reporters at the White house. The us President added that he is critical of this organization.

We will have to do something with the WTO because they allowed China to escape punishment, ” Mr trump said (quoted by Reuters).”We’ll see.” But I’m not a big fan of the WTO, I can tell you that right now. Maybe they did us a big favor.

The Swedish laboratory told about the analysis of Bulk samples

Details of the procedure for analyzing samples of Alexey Navalny, on the basis of which experts from the Swedish Institute for defense research (FOI) concluded that the opposition leader was poisoned with a nerve agent from the Novichok group, explained the head of the Department of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection and security FOI OSA Scott, reports Deutsche Welle.

Turkish company unveils first own flying car

The prototype of the first flying car of its own production was presented by the Turkish company “Baykar”, specializing in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This is reported on the company’s official Twitter page. The development was called “Jezery”. It is reported that in this way the company is preparing for the “race of the future”.

Migrants accused of deliberately setting fire to a camp on the island of Lesbos

The camp was burned down by refugees and migrants who wanted to influence the authorities (Greece – if) so that they could be quickly resettled from the island to the mainland, – the representative of the Greek government Stelios Petsas told reporters.

The Moria camp was destroyed by fire last week, after which 12,000 people were killed. its inhabitants were forced to spend the night in the open air, while refusing to move to a temporary tent camp, which was hastily set up for them by the Greek military.

Migrants in Sweden are asking the Swedes to leave the country

In Sweden, slogans are being spread about the eviction of Swedes who are not happy with migrants from Central Asia and the Middle East. These slogans are distributed by the Arab party of Sweden, officially registered about a month ago.

Created a scientific service for predicting life expectancy

A group of researchers from the University of East Anglia have developed a scientific service for predicting life expectancy. The basis of their methodology, in contrast to many analogues, went to real medical research

Spain has passed a law prohibiting the glorification of francoism

In Spain, the Parliament passed a law prohibiting the justification and glorification of francoism, reports the Agency EFE. From now on, all organizations that bear the names of representatives of the Franco era will be banned in the country

Apple has presented a new Watch Series 6, Watch SE and WatchOS 7

The Apple Watch Series 6, Williams noted, has a built-in sensor that provides the ability to measure the oxygen content in the blood for just 15 seconds. The watch also has a built-in altimeter that shows the altitude above sea level.

Fans of the brand will be able to choose between leather accessories and silicone ones without fasteners. The cost of the basic version of the Series 6 will be from $ 279, the older model will cost from $ 399. Watch SE will be included in the budget category.

Apple has named prices for new “smart” watches and iPads in Russia

The new iPad will cost from 29.99 thousand rubles. Prices for the iPad Air with a 10.9-inch screen will start at 55.99 thousand rubles and vary depending on the amount of memory and connectivity.

For the new Apple Watch Series 6 smart watch, customers will have to pay from 36.99 thousand rubles. The budget model of the Apple Watch SE will cost from 24.99 thousand rubles.

Apple released versions of iOS 14 GM and iPadOS 14 GM

If you have a beta version of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 for developers, you can download this update to your iPhone or iPad right now to see all the new features and fixes included in the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system.

Microsoft has launched its own gaming service

In order to play games for Xbox consoles using the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud service, you do not even need to buy the console itself. In addition to consoles, the service works on devices with the Android system and a game controller, and on a PC. It gives you access to more than 150 games (Sea of Thieves, Gears 5, and many others) and costs $ 14.99 per month. and the first month of subscription for new users will cost only $ 1. The beta version of the service is being launched in 22 countries.

Book publishers want a digital footprint

Yandex and other book publishers are asking to implement a digital fingerprint to detect illegal content. Mail.ru Group. Vedomosti writes about this. The corresponding appeal to the management of the Internet companies “Yandex” and Mail.ru Group, sent by the President of the Russian book Union (RKS) Sergey Stepashin.

The document contains a request to organize the process of removing pirated links from search results out of court, as well as to introduce technology for recognizing illegal copies of books by digital fingerprint on their sites.

LG has introduced a new Wing smartphone with two screens

LG has officially introduced the new smart phone LG Wing, the main feature of which was the second rotary screen. The main P-OLED display received a diagonal of 6.8 inches. The smartphone has IP54 water and dust protection. The model will be released in Europe in November 2020.

VKontakte launched the contextual targeting keyword phrases

VKontakte has introduced a new tool for launching advertising campaigns-promotion through keywords. This is stated in the message of the social network received by Sostav. The system takes into account the actions of users of all projects Mail.ru Group and Vkontakte: search, go to communities, view products, and others.

The advertiser sets the criteria for the target audience using keywords and negative keywords. The tool helps you show ads to an audience with a hot demand — you can specify the period for which the product or service was searched in the settings. Thus, keyword targeting will allow you to serve ads to those who are most likely to become a buyer.

Samsung unveils its first titanium smartwatch

As the name suggests, the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium case is made of titanium with an adjustable metal strap. It will be available in a single 45 mm version and only with Bluetooth in the Mystic Black color. The manufacturer claims that the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium is Samsung’s first titanium watch.

Svyaznoy travel introduced the sale of air tickets on Vkontakte

In the Vkontakte app, in the “Services” section, the user will have access to the interface of the main page of the flight search on the official website of Svyaznoy travel. A user of the social network can find, book and pay for a ticket through the Svyaznoy travel service without completing the current Vkontakte session

Swedish innovation: personalized youbed beds

A Swedish company has invented a method for adjusting the level of rigidity of a high-quality mattress on independent springs. The bed can be adjusted using the remote control. YouBed beds are already used in Mövenpick hotels in Europe, as well as in First Hotels in Scandinavia and Scandic Hotels.

Petroglyphs of the Neolithic period found in Sri Lanka

Ancient petroglyphs of the Neolithic in the famous “grief of strangers” in Sri Lanka found ecogeology and astrobiologists, led by Dr. Aravinda Ravibandu Samararatne. Mount Danigala in Sri Lanka is called “alien mountain”.

Time goes faster due to the “aging” of neural connections

Scientists from Japan managed to find out why people change their perception of time over the course of their lives, naked Science writes. It was found that the matter is in the neurons of the brain, which are responsible for”counting time”. They wear out over time. This is how the perception of time is distorted when you compare it at a young and adult age.

Scientists found 100 million-year-old sperm in amber

Scientists have found animal sperm in amber that is approximately 100 million years old. According to experts, we are talking about the germ cells of crustaceans from the class of barnacles

A new plant species of the Euphorbia subfamily has been found in China

During an expedition to study vascular plants in the Longling Xiaoheishan reserve, Yunnan province in southwest China, researchers discovered a unique new flowering Hoya.

New patterns in protein evolution found

Using bioinformatic analysis of protein sequences from the genomes of vertebrates and insects, scientists were able to describe new universal evolutionary patterns. It can be said that external factors are the cause of positive selection acting on certain positions in the genome, and are an important aspect of rapid evolution in these positions. But the effect of epistasis is manifested in positions under negative selection, as a result of which they are less likely to be replaced from one option to another – they evolve more slowly. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists have found out how stress destroys bones

It turned out that depressive and anxiety disorders provoke a decrease in the volume of minerals that are necessary for bones. As a result, stress factors can significantly increase the likelihood of fractures

Bionic eye to be implanted in humans for the first time

A group of scientists from the Australian Monash University in Melbourne, announced the creation of a unique bionic device that will allow blind people to restore vision by installing an implant in the brain

Model for predicting the properties of molecules of any complexity

A model for calculating the photophysical characteristics of molecules of any complexity, including rare-earth lanthanides, was developed at Tomsk state University, September 15. Phys.org.

Physicists have achieved the creation of a universal model applicable to molecules of any nature, thanks to the introduction of the anharmonicity effect. This effect was introduced earlier in diatomic and triatomic molecules, but there was no correct mathematical model for studying large molecules with dozens of atoms.

Evidence found that the immune system affects the mind

Researchers from the University of Washington school of Medicine said there is a unique relationship between mind and body. So, the immune cells surrounding the brain produce a molecule that is absorbed by the brain’s neurons. This is how normal behavior is formed.

Australian scientists have developed a system for identifying dangerous drivers

So, artificial intelligence is able to “see” that the driver of a car is driving with a seat belt not fastened. The system will also respond to motorists who fall asleep at the wheel or communicate with someone on the phone while driving. In addition, several new features are planned to be added in the near future, which will make it possible to improve traffic safety. For example, artificial intelligence will analyze the maneuvers performed by the driver, as well as evaluate his condition based on the results of the analysis.

Developed a simulator to combat motion sickness

Scientists from the University of Warwick managed to develop a way to strengthen the body from motion sickness before the upcoming trip. 51 percent of the volunteers reported an improvement in the driving simulator, and 58 percent of the subjects stopped getting seasick during road tests.

Physicists have discovered a new magnetoelectric effect

Scientists from the Vienna University of technology have discovered a magnetoelectric effect in an unexpected material that did not even assume the presence of such properties — a quartz-like crystal of holmium-doped langasite with the formula HoxLa3−xGa5SiO14. An article about the discovery is published in Npj Quantum Materials. Experiments have shown that this effect in langazite is very sensitive: it can be controlled by completely insignificant changes in the direction of the magnetic field.

New reactor turns faeces into clean biofuel

A team from RMIT University in Australia claims to have found a cost-effective way to produce hydrogen using wastewater and waste. This process not only produces pure H2 gas, but also captures all the carbon from human faeces, finding useful uses for it

Cannabis may help prevent colon cancer

A recent study published in iScience by researchers at the University of South Carolina showed that treatment with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cannabinoid found in cannabis, prevents the development of colon cancer in mice.

Dust helped ancient people survive outside of Africa

Israeli geologists have found out what helped ancient people survive after the Exodus from Africa. According to their data, dust contributed to this, according to Geology. Previous studies have shown that the main migration of our ancestors from Africa occurred 89-73 thousand years ago and this coincided with the large – scale extinction of Homo sapiens, which later became known as the “bottleneck effect” – the population declined sharply, losing part of its genetic diversity. Apparently, our ancestors were on the verge of extinction, but they were lucky-they went in search of the best places, they found themselves on the fertile lands of the Mediterranean.

The authors of the new study concluded that in ancient times this region was arid and inhospitable, but about 200 thousand years ago, everything changed, and this happened thanks to dust. As the analysis of rock samples showed, then the territory of the so – called “Fertile Crescent” got loess-formed by glaciers dust of a large fraction. This substance served as a natural fertilizer and made the soil suitable for vegetation, farming and agriculture. Places where the dust did not get, still remain almost barren.

Farming time is running out: 60 crops left, scientists say

For the first time, a major international study has combined data on soil erosion across the planet. An international team of researchers from three universities in England, Belgium and China used the data to calculate the rate of erosion of the top 30 centimeters of soil – the most important for growing food and forage crops.

Scientists have found that more than 90% of traditionally cultivated soils around the world are thinned and continue to rapidly Deplete, subject to erosion, eventually leading to desertification, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem degradation. This is a serious threat to the food security of the planet.

Madonna will make an autobiographical film

American singer Madonna will act as a Director and screenwriter of a feature film about her creative path, the Hollywood Reporter reported on September 15. It is noted that the film will be shot by Universal Pictures, and produced by Amy Pascal. Diablo Cody will work on the script with Madonna. The approximate release date of the biopic is not reported.

The focus of this film will always be music. Music supported me, and art saved my life. There are so many untold and inspiring stories, and who better to tell them than me, ” the artist said in a statement

New trailer for the next James bond movie

The trailer for the film “No time to die” is dedicated to the main villain of the tape Safin, played by Rami Malek. The video is published on the YouTube channel James Bond 007. The James bond antagonist talks one – on-one with the spy’s lover.

Booker prize shortlist published

The Booker prize for literature jury presented a “short” list of six applicants (a total of 162 works were considered). The winner will be announced on November 17 and will receive £50,000 (about $64,000).

The shortlist includes:

Diane cook (USA) — The New wilderness»)
Qiqi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe) — This Mournable Body (“a Body to mourn»)
Evnil Doshi (USA) – Burnt Sugar
Maaza Mengiste (Ethiopia, USA) — the Shadow King
Douglas Stewart (Scotland, USA) — Shuggie Bain»)
Brandon Taylor (USA) — Real Life (“Real reality”)

Historical recording of Beethoven’s “Solemn mass”

Melodiya, A record company, has digitally released a soundtrack of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Solemn mass”, which was recorded in Moscow in 1988 with the participation of musicians from different countries as part of an action aimed at nuclear disarmament

Car loans declined in August

According to preliminary data from the United credit Bureau (OKB), banks issued 61,000 car loans in August. Lending in this segment in quantitative terms decreased by 14% compared to July, and by 4% compared to August 2019. In January-August 2020, issues decreased by 13% compared to the same period last year.

The restoration of the credit card segment in August

According to the United credit Bureau (OKB), banks issued 679 thousand credit cards in August, which is 6% more than in July, but 27% less than in August 2019. Thus, the recovery in quantitative terms in this segment has slowed significantly for the first time since may.

The fastest growth rates of credit card issuance for the month (issuance in August compared to issuance in July) were in Saint Petersburg (+10%), Sverdlovsk region (+13%), Bashkortostan (12%), Tatarstan (14%), Krasnoyarsk territory (14%), Perm region (12%) and Orenburg region (12%).

The Ministry of Finance proposed to increase excise taxes on cigarettes

To compensate for the increase in budget expenditures due to the pandemic, the Ministry of Finance proposed to increase excise taxes on cigarettes, tobacco products and e-cigarettes by 20% in 2021, RBC reports. The publication refers to the draft of relevant amendments to the Tax code.

The proposal of the Ministry of Finance to increase excise taxes on tobacco products by 20% will not bring dividends to the Russian budget and “is unfounded”. This opinion was expressed by state Duma Deputy Sergey Katasonov in an interview with the Daily Storm. He believes that more counterfeit goods delivered from Belarus and Kazakhstan will appear on the market. “Left-wing parties” of cigarettes from abroad, according to Katasonov, will weaken the domestic market of tobacco products.

How much will Ukraine get from gas transit in 2020

Ukraine will receive about $2 billion for Russian gas transit services in 2020. This was announced by the head of the Board of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV in an interview with journalist Yanina Sokolova, which on Tuesday, September 16, was posted on the YouTube channel.

To support light industry in Russia

The Russian government will allocate 1 billion rubles to support light industry enterprises. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, according to the website of the government of the Russian Federation

Russia’s national debt will grow by the end of 2023

It is noted that the volume of the state debt of the Russian Federation in 2021 will reach 20.3% of GDP, in 2022 it will additionally add 0.5 percentage points-up to 20.8% of GDP, and by the end of 2023 it will increase to 21.3% of GDP or 28.3 trillion rubles. At the same time, its maintenance costs will increase from 900 billion rubles in 2020 to more than 1.6 trillion rubles in 2023.

US reduces LNG supplies to Europe

For the first time in 2020, the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe began to lag behind the pace of 2019. According to Kommersant estimates based on data from European LNG terminal operators, from the beginning of 2020 to September 12, the EU received 64.2 billion m3 after regasification, which is 3.9% less than in the same period in 2019.

The tax service has reduced transfers to the Russian budget

The Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia transferred 2 trillion 783 billion rubles to the Federal budget in January – August 2020, which is 24.8% less than in the same period of 2019. This is stated in the message of the Department

The state Duma approved the launch of a national product tracking system

From January 1, 2021, Russia will launch the national product tracking system (NSP). If it is currently working as part of an experiment, it will become mandatory in a few months. The state Duma passed the bill on this in the first reading.

Industrial production in Russia in August

Industrial production in Russia in August decreased by 7.2% in annual terms, according to data from Rosstat. This is worse than economists ‘ forecasts. Compared to July, the decline slowed down, then it was 8%.

Wholesale prices for buckwheat soared in Russia

Wholesale prices for buckwheat last week shot up, exceeding 50 thousand rubles per 1 ton, writes Interfax with reference to the monitoring of Prozerno. The cost of 1 ton of buckwheat jumped immediately by almost 2.5 thousand rubles to 50.3 thousand. A week earlier, the increase was only 85 rubles.

In Russia refused to reduce the Commission for accepting cards for small businesses

The government rejected the idea of reducing acquiring (card acceptance fee) for small and medium-sized businesses. Earlier, the authorities wanted to lower the rate to 1% instead of the current 1.7-4%.

Shareholders of Aeroflot approved an additional issue

Aeroflot shareholders approved an additional issue of up to 1.7 billion shares, the company said in a statement following the General meeting. The shares will be placed on an open subscription.

The server market has grown over the year

Although the end of the third quarter is nearing, the specialists of the analytical company IDC have just summed up the results of the second quarter of this year in the server market. According to their calculations, the specified market grew in annual terms by 19.8% — from $ 20.068 billion to $ 24.037 billion.

In Russia, the “freeze” of debts of the Russian post Has not been canceled

The Supreme court of the Russian Federation on Wednesday confirmed the legitimacy of the extension of the” anti-covid ” moratorium on foreclosures and bankruptcy in relation to JSC “Russian Post”. Earlier, voso-Logistik LLC appealed to the Russian armed forces because the moratorium prevented it from receiving 28.8 million rubles from the Russian Post for unpaid cargo transportation.

According to the company, the imposed moratorium is unfair, since it applies to absolutely all strategic and system-forming companies without any criteria for classifying them as victims of COVID-19. In confirmation of this injustice, Voso-Logistik refers to the fact that throughout the entire period of restrictive measures due to coronavirus infection, Russian Post did not suspend its work and increased the volume of traffic at the expense of online stores.

The pension reform in Russia has not reached its original goal.

This conclusion was reached by experts and members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. According to experts, due to the increase in the retirement age in the country, there were no favorable changes for citizens. Pensioners did not receive a thousand rubles more, as promised, the increase was a maximum of one hundred rubles. Experts believe that in the period 2023-2027, Russians are waiting for another increase in the retirement age.

About Deputy Fetisov’s apartment at the Trump Hotel in new York

The family of state Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Fetisov owns an apartment Trump International Hotel & Tower in new York worth $ 6.4 million. Fetisov could have purchased it at the expense of another parliamentarian, the owner of the lottery business Alexander Varshavsky, the Project newspaper reported

Iran ranks first in oil and gas exploration

The national Iranian oil company (NIOC) explored 4.9 billion barrels of liquid hydrocarbons in 2019, which gave the company the first place in the field of oil and gas exploration in the world. This was reported by the Iranian Agency IRNA

In France, buying a home becomes more profitable than renting

As it turned out, in General, buying remains more profitable than renting: for the main housing area of 70 m2, it will pay off in 41 months. However, a year ago, the payback period was around 2 years, according to Le Figaro. In large cities, the payback period will take much longer, often more than 10 years.

Nissan to issue debt bonds

Nissan will issue debt bonds totaling $8 billion, according to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei. The last time Nissan placed bonds was in 1999, before forming an Alliance with France’s Renault

Russian government house cleared of crows

It is planned to spend 21.3 million rubles each on cleaning the roof from birds in 2021 and 2022. The corresponding line is in the draft budget — “organization of work to control bird populations (crows) on the territory and on the roof of the government House of the Russian Federation”.

To legalize the performances of street musicians

St. Petersburg parliamentarians proposed to legalize the performances of street musicians in the city and create a list of places where they can take place legally. The corresponding initiative was supported in the first reading by the majority of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg at a meeting on Wednesday, the TASS correspondent reports.

In the Rostov region banned the sale of lighters to minors

The legislative Assembly of the Rostov region adopted a law banning the sale of gas lighters and gas cylinders for refueling minors, the press service of the local Parliament reports.

The American IT company refused to censor traffic in Belarus

The American company Sandvine, which sold technology for filtering Internet traffic to Belarus in may, terminated the license agreement with the authorities of the Republic. The company said that its technology had been modified to prevent the free dissemination of information during the protests that began on the evening of August 9 after the presidential election in Belarus. The organization also accused the country’s authorities of violating human rights.

Sandvine’s technology was delivered to Belarus through the Russian system integrator Jet Infosystems. During the rallies in August, the authorities used it to block users ‘ access to thousands of sites, including Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, foreign media, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber apps.

Minsk authorities assess the damage to the city from the protests

Since the beginning of the protests in mid-August, material damage to Minsk has amounted to more than 750,000 Belarusian rubles (approximately $289,000, or more than 21.7 million rubles), head of the Department of urban economy and energy Vladimir Lebed said, BelTA reports.

Thai authorities approve long-term tourist visas

Thailand will issue special tourist visas for long-term visits of at least 90 days, but subject to a 14-day quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was announced by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-OCHA after a Cabinet meeting, the Bangkok Post reports. Deputy press Secretary of the government Trisuli Tricarinatus said that the visa can be extended twice, bringing the total period of stay in the country up to 270 days.

Tourists were evicted from a hotel in Turkey

Tourists who were traveling in the same bus with a coronavirus patient during the transfer from the airport to the hotel will be deported to Russia until the end of the paid vacation. Hotels are evicting Russians despite negative tests for Covid-19. It is not known whether the tourists are compensated for the disrupted vacation.

Sergey Boyarsky told about his father’s health

State Duma Deputy Sergei Boyarsky commented on the video in which his father, actor Mikhail Boyarsky, fainted. He became ill before the flu vaccination. Later it turned out that the artist’s blood pressure jumped, but he was still vaccinated.

Income of the official who offered to deprive the unemployed of all payments

The income of the Saratov official Tatyana Kovinskaya who offered to deprive “unemployed parasites” of payments from the state became known. The Secretary of the Volsky municipal Assembly of the Saratov region Kovinskaya herself officially earned almost a million rubles last year.

According to the income Declaration, the official received 977,330 rubles last year, which means that her monthly income is 81,000 rubles. At the same time, last year it was 4.5% higher and amounted to 1.02 million rubles.

Lukashenka’s granddaughters took documents from BSU Lyceum

Granddaughters of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko left the Lyceum of the Belarusian state University (BSU) in September, the portal reports Tut.by. Anastasia and Daria attended classes about a week after the start of the school year, after which they took their documents. The reasons for their decision are not reported. Information about leaving the Lyceum portal was confirmed by Anastasia herself. Both girls studied in the Humanities. Where they will now study is not specified.

Earlier, the documents were taken from the educational institution by the President’s son Nikolai Lukashenko, who was able to enter the biological profile. Where he is now studying is also unknown.

Train passengers in Russia moved from the compartment to the seats

Analytical center for the tutu travel and travel service.Roux studied the preferences of those who traveled by train this summer, and noticed that this year it became more popular to travel in sitting cars.

The share of travelers choosing seats in the summer of 2020 was 35.37%. This is 17% more than in the summer of 2019. In parallel with the increase in the share of trips in sitting cars, the share of compartments decreases: in the summer of 2019, they accounted for 26.96%, and in the summer of 2020 — 21.58%. The share of coupes decreased by 20%

Statements of the Russian foreign intelligence Service on the situation in Belarus.

  • The United States plays a key role in the ongoing events. Preparations for them were made long before the elections.
  • Protest activists were trained in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. They were trained by American instructors.
  • This is an attempt at a “color revolution”. Its purpose has nothing to do with the interests of citizens.
  • After the start of the protests, the Americans multiplied their funding for anti-government forces
  • Tikhonovskaya and others are under the” tight custody ” of the United States
  • members of the opposition are promoted as “people’s leaders”

A military delegation led by Shoigu arrived in Minsk

“On September 16, a Russian military delegation headed by the Minister of defense of the Russian Federation, General of the army Sergei Shoigu, arrived in Minsk to discuss issues of bilateral military cooperation between Belarus and Russia,” the message reads.

The head of the European Commission called the poisoning of Navalny typical for Russia

The poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny is a typical manifestation of Russia’s behavior on the world stage, according to the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The trend of attacks and interference in elections in other countries will not change “no gas pipeline,” she said.

“To those who advocate closer relations with Russia, I want to say that the poisoning of Alexey Navalny with a chemical substance is not a one — time case,” said MS von der Leyen, speaking in the European Parliament.

The head of the European Commission recalled Russia’s behavior in situations with Georgia, Ukraine, and the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. “And this trend is not changing, and no gas pipeline will change this,” she said.

The European Commission will develop an analog of the Magnitsky act

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the body has practically developed a sanctions regime similar to the Magnitsky act. She told about this at the plenary session of the European Parliament.

The European Union suggested naming the new sanctions after Navalny

It is appropriate to name global sanctions for violations of human rights and humanitarian law in the European Union after Alexey Navalny. This was stated at the plenary session of the European Parliament by EU high representative for foreign and security policy Josep Borrel, reports RT. According to Borrel, work on sanctions against Russia because of Navalny has been underway for some time and discussions on this topic continue.

The US Navy sent the transport and landing ship Yuma to the Black sea

The American high-speed transport and landing ship Yuma headed to the Black sea for regular naval operations. This was announced on Twitter by the Sixth fleet of the US Navy. The Department added that the Sixth fleet regularly conducts operations in the Black sea to support its allies and partners in the region.

Lukashenka was promised immunity in case of voluntary resignation

Alexander Lukashenko will be guaranteed personal security if he voluntarily leaves his post. I declared the ex-the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski.

This is all negotiable. Of course, if it leaves peacefully, in a human way, then this probability (security guarantees. — Colossal) is. You can even say confidence. Personally, I have to speak for all people. And the opinion of all people will be taken into account in this matter, ” she said.

The European Union did not include Russia in the list of safe countries

The European Union again did not include Russia in the list of foreign countries with which the countries of the Alliance are allowed to open external borders. This was reported on September 16 by RIA Novosti with reference to a source in the EU.

The US has begun testing a new generation of fighter aircraft

The United States has begun testing a prototype fighter-bomber of a new generation, writes Defense News with reference to the assistant Secretary of the us air force for procurement, technology and logistics will Roper

The Indian delegation left the meeting of the security Council of the SCO

The Indian delegation left the online meeting of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO), organized by the Russian side, after Pakistan used a map that includes territories that India considers its own in Pakistan as a background during the speech of its representative, the Indian foreign Ministry reports on its website on September 16.

UAE, Bahrain and Israel sign agreement on normalization of relations

In Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, foreign Ministers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan and Abdel Latif al-Zayani signed an agreement on normalization of relations.

Tikhanovskaya said that Russia is funding the crackdown on protesters

Opposition candidate for President of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in an interview LB.ua said that the Russian loan of $ 1.5 billion will be used to Finance the dispersal of protesters

Lithuania has simplified the procedure for issuing visas to citizens of Belarus

Lithuania will temporarily simplify the procedure for issuing visas to citizens of Belarus. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic. The changes will take effect on September 21.

Five reasons for the annexation of Crimea

The State Bureau of Ukraine has completed a pre-trial investigation against former chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) Vladimir Zamana, who is accused of “undermining the territorial integrity” of his country.

The highest officials of the state of that period are suspected of committing high treason-President Viktor Yanukovych, defense Ministers of Ukraine Dmitry Salamatin and Pavel Lebedev, as well as the chief of the General staff, commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Ukraine Dmitry Salamatin, ” the state security service said in a statement

The Ministry also named the main “reasons for the annexation” of Crimea, among which they highlighted “reduction in the number of the Armed forces of Ukraine”, undermining the state of mobilization readiness, destruction of the country’s air defense system, illegal organizational changes in the armed forces of Ukraine and “failure to respond to external threats”.

The opposition in Belarus will make a sanctions “list of Kolesnikova”

Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya noted that her associates form the sanctions “list of Kolesnikova”, RIA Novosti reports.

I think that all this (preparation of the sanctions list-ed.) will be done. We just have a lot of tasks that need to be solved at the moment. Here we can talk not only about Kolesnikova, but also about (Sergei – ed.) Tikhanovsky, about (Viktor – ed.) Babariko, about all the political prisoners who are now in prison for nothing. We are working in this direction, – said Tikhanovskaya in an interview with the publication LB.ua.

Crimean bridge damaged by passing barge

As reported by GBU “Gormost”, the supporting structures were not damaged. Earlier it was reported that the Crimean bridge in Moscow damaged several beams, one of which hung. The court does not reach it.

Donald Trump said that he planned to eliminate Bashar al-Assad

Us President Donald Trump said that a few years ago he was in favor of organizing an operation to eliminate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but eventually abandoned this idea.

“I thought it was better to eliminate it. We were ready. However, Mattis (James Mattis, who headed the Pentagon at the time of discussing the plan) was against it. Mattis is an extremely overrated General, ” trump said in an interview with Fox News. The plan to remove President Assad was developed in 2017. Trump noted that in the end, he does not regret that it was not implemented, given that there were no guarantees of the plan’s success

Open a case of assault on government officials

In Minsk, a father and son from Vitebsk, who took refuge from persecution in the Swedish Embassy, want to open a case of an attack on government officials. This was announced by the official representative of the Vitebsk regional Executive Committee Olga shkuratova. The men have been on the Embassy grounds since last Friday. They asked for political asylum because of surveillance of them and their family.

In Minsk, public utilities threatened residents with fines for hanging BCHB flags.

According to Nexta, the management of municipal unitary enterprises of housing and communal services of Minsk received a letter asking for information about the use of “unregistered symbols”in the courtyards of the city.

If residents complain about the flags, or if employees of the housing Department themselves find them, they should inform the district administration about the violation of the rules of improvement and maintenance of settlements. Also, hanging the flag can be regarded as a violation of the rules for using residential premises.

“Authorized persons” should record the incident, draw up a report and, if necessary, involve the police in the case. Earlier, the duty to remove the flags hung by citizens was assigned to the Ministry of emergency situations, but some of them refused to comply with the order.

Food prices in Russia continue to grow faster than inflation

The increase in food prices since the beginning of the year in some regions has already exceeded 6%. The leaders are Kursk region (+6.7%), Buryatia (6.5%) and Saratov region (+6.4%). At the same time, food prices in the Nenets Autonomous region have not increased since the beginning of the year, but have fallen by 0.3%. In Yakutia, growth by 2.2%, in Chukotka by 2.9%. In General, as in previous months, food prices are growing fastest in regions with developed agriculture

In Kabardino-Balkaria, the inspectors will be looking for violators of traffic rules with the balloon.

The balloon will rise to a height of up to 150 m and monitor what is happening within a radius of 2 km. Then records of violations will be passed to inspectors on the ground, and they, in turn, will present them to drivers.

A dead businessman was almost arrested in Moscow.

Investigators tried to arrest Nikolai Drobyshevsky in absentia — a business partner of one of the creators of the self-proclaimed LNR, Open media found out. The court today refused to grant the request of the TFR, because the Agency did not provide data on the place of actual residence of the person involved in the case. At the same time, Drobyshevsky himself died in March 2020

350 million rubles for a position in the Moscow city hall

Former Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region Alexander Boluchevsky, who was arrested in the case of embezzlement of 700 million rubles, said that he gave half of the stolen money for a position in the Moscow city hall.

“According to Boluchevsky, he gave 350 million rubles to his friend for employment in the Moscow city hall, and cashed the rest of the funds,” the report says.

On September 14, the Vyborg city court of the Leningrad region arrested Boluchevsky for 2 months on suspicion of official forgery (part 2 of article 292 of the criminal code) and fraud on a particularly large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). According to investigators, in July 2019, Boluchevsky used documents about the major repairs of buildings in Vyborg, which were not actually carried out.

The mother of the Minister of industry Denis Manturov

84-year-old mother of the Minister of industry Denis Manturov built a 4000-meter mansion from the Italian company Pagano worth about 2 billion rubles. Together with the land and other buildings, the entire estate can be estimated at 5 billion.