18 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/17/2019

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Breitbart (USA): what do these countries get in return?

American colleges and universities have received more than a billion dollars from China, Russia and other countries, according to a new report by The NGO project Clarion this month.  List of countries giving the most donations since 2017:

  • Qatar has allocated a staggering $ 1.4 billion to 28 universities,
  • China (allocated $ 680 million to 87 universities),
  • Saudi Arabia (allocated 649.9 million dollars to 63 universities),
  • UAE (allocated 230.9 million dollars to 32 universities),
  • Russia (allocated $ 99 million to 13 universities),
  • Kuwait (allocated $ 65.7 million to 14 universities),
  • Iraq (allocated $ 44 million to four universities), Turkey (allocated $ 37.7 million to 15 universities),
  • Lebanon (allocated $ 5.7 million),
  • Pakistan (allocated $ 4.8 million to five universities),
  • Venezuela (allocated $ 3 million to two universities),
  • Syria (allocated $ 1 million to Johns Hopkins University and $ 1 million to Harvard University).

The list is staggering generosity, and because the publication “Breitbart” sounds the alarm, as there may be serious consequences for national security. The publication asks a key question: what do these countries get in return?

“The key question we have to ask for each transfer of funds is: what do these countries get in return?”this is Project Clarion’s Director of communications, Ryan Mauro. — Do we really believe that they make these donations because they care so much about the welfare of American universities and colleges?” Of course not.”

Project Clarion, a nonprofit organization known for its sensational documentaries exposing extremist ideology

Iranian authorities refused to negotiate with the United States

The Iranian authorities do not intend to negotiate with the United States. This was stated by the Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reports Tasnim.

“Holding such contacts will mean the success of the American policy of pressure,” Khamenei explained.

In Moscow, the headquarters of the “Other Russia”was searched.

Moscow police raided the headquarters of the unregistered party “Other Russia” because of reports that weapons are stored there. This was reported on Twitter organization. The police took about 30 people. Before that, activists held a rally at the main Department of the interior Ministry in Moscow

Repayment of part of the mortgage for the birth of a third child

The Russian government approved the rules for the payment of up to 450 thousand rubles to repay a mortgage to large families, where the third or after was born…

Russian actors staged a flash mob in support of Pavel Ustinov

Flashmob launched in the evening on September 16 in instagram Alexander PAL, who called the sentence Ustinov “arbitrariness and lynching”, which the acting community should pay attention to the authorities. Soon other actors began to respond to his call. Their messages appear under the hashtag #svobodomysliye.

“I still remember the case of Ivan Golunov and admires how the journalistic shop United [in his defense]. I think we can do it too, ” Nikita Efremov said in his address.

Such records have already appeared in Maxim Galkin, Irina Gorbachev, Nikita Efremov, Alexander PAL, Yulia Khlynina, Ravshana Kurkova, Denis Kosyakov, Irina Starshenbaum, Elizabeth Boyarskaya, Artem Tkachenko, Pavel Artemyev and many other actors. The artists demand to stop the case against Pavel Ustinov and let him go.

Putin has pardoned three convicted

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pardoned three people convicted of drug trafficking and violent crimes. The relevant decrees were published on the official Internet portal of legal information on Monday, September 16. The decisions taken are based on the principle of humanity, the document says.

The court fined the designer, who grew guards broke his leg

Savelovsky court of Moscow has fined on 10 000 roubles designer Konstantin Konovalov, which the staff ROS guard broke his leg in front of city hall before the rally July 27

Prosecutor in new York requested trump’s declarations

The Manhattan district attorney has demanded Donald trump’s tax returns. He requested this information because of allegations that trump’s lawyer in 2016 paid porn actress Stormy Daniels to remain silent about her sexual relationship with the billionaire

In Russia, the sale of alcohol may introduce new restrictions

The Russian government conceptually supported the bill to ban the sale of alcohol located in residential buildings bars and cafes with service rooms up to 20 square meters, reports September 17, “Kommersant” with reference to a copy of the review signed by Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuichenko.

The Prosecutor’s office appealed the refusal to deprive the family of parental rights Prokazov

Perovskaya Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office of Moscow appealed the court’s decision to refuse to deprive the parental rights of Dmitry and Olga Prokazov, who took the child to an unauthorized rally on July 27. This was reported in the telegram channel lawyer Maxim Pashkov.

Schools in Sevastopol began to learn the Ukrainian language

Sevastopol students from the new school year began to learn the Ukrainian language. This discipline is not mandatory-it is studied by choice. On Tuesday TASS Director of the Department of education and science of Sevastopol Igor Belozerov

Amendments to the laws on “dacha Amnesty” came into force»

Since September 16, the Russians have returned the opportunity to register country and garden houses, as well as to formalize the ownership of land in a simplified manner. According to the amendments, residents of villages or summer residents will be able to legally and officially register illegally occupied land plots, provided that this happened more than 15 years ago. The area of the assigned plot must not exceed the minimum size established by the administration of the region of residence. In the event that the limit is not set, the size of the occupied territory shall not exceed 10% of the area of the legally acquired main plot.

FAS opposed the heat meters in apartments

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) opposed the mandatory installation of heat meters in new buildings, said Deputy head of the Department Vitaly Korolev. Earlier, the relevant initiative was made in the Ministry of construction

From October in Russia will begin to fine doctors

The bill on fines for doctors will begin to discuss the senators in late September. The document on punishment of state institutions for poorly provided medical care was prepared by the Ministry of health. The amount of payment will not exceed 20 thousand rubles. We will note that doctors from the salary will pay penalties.

During a press conference in the “National news service” member of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Sergei Leonov said that the document will withdraw from the responsibility of the Ministry of health, and the regional authorities will be responsible for flaws in the provision of medical care.

More than 70% of Russians admitted that they save money for vacation

Less than 40 thousand rubles plan to spend 38% of Russians. According to the analytical center, most Russians would like to visit Italy and France (9%), as well as the United States and Turkey (7%). In the top 5 countries were Germany (5%) and the UK (4%).

Austria refused to open a case on offshore ” Troika Dialogue»

On September 17, 2019, it became known that the Austrian Prosecutor’s office found no grounds to initiate a case on the offshore network of the investment Bank Troika Dialog Ruben Vardanyan. This is reported by ” RBC ” with reference to the response of the Austrian Prosecutor’s office to investigate economic crimes and corruption.

In March this year, journalists from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project published their own investigation, the results of which pointed to the presence of “Troika Dialog” own network of 70 offshore companies. Russian money was laundered through them. Deutsche Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and Citigroup could also participate in the scheme.

The system “Plato” will be implemented on regional roads

“I think, all the same we will come to it. <…>. Roads are broken by trucks — at least the money paid for it,” — said the head of “Rostec” Sergey Chemezov in an interview with RBC.

According to him, “many governors”are also in favor of charging trucks for travel on Federal roads. The company is talking about this topic, but no specific decisions have been made yet. Thus Chemezov emphasized that on the money collected from heavy trucks in Russia 2700 kilometers of roads and 30 new bridges which were blocked from-for an emergency condition are already constructed.

Sechin Putin complained to the Ministry of Finance of Russia

The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin in his letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin complained about the Ministry of Finance, which opposes the provision of benefits for 2.6 trillion rubles for the project on the development of deposits in the Arctic cluster, reports September 17, “Kommersant”.

Oil reserves are economically viable only on paper

The Russian budget in 2018 received less because of the benefits for the extraction of minerals (met) 1.1 trillion rubles, and by 2033 will receive less 2.3 trillion annually. This newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the forecast of the Director of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Sazanov.

According to him, the benefits for met are currently provided to almost half of the Russian fields. However, the quality of Russian reserves is falling, and in 15 years up to 90.4 percent of oil in Russia will be produced from facilities with benefits.

“Often these stocks are economically viable only on paper,” he said.

Thus, the share of water in oil production at Samotlor and Priobskoye (giant Russian fields discovered in Soviet times) is already above 90 percent.

A new payment from the salary will appear in Russia

The Ministry of Finance sent to the Ministry of labor a draft of a new pension reform under the working title “Guaranteed pension product”. The FIU has already supported the bill. The draft law will be published soon. In the meantime, the Finance Ministry noted the main features of the new payment from the salary:

  • solely a voluntary joining of citizens to the system of savings;
  • guaranteeing the safety of long-term pension savings of citizens by
  • States; registration of citizens ‘ savings accounts by the Central administrator;
  • tax breaks for businesses and tax deductions for citizens.

As follows from the presented concept of the project, payments from salary to pension product will be deducted by accounting Department. At the same time for employers will be declared additional benefits in the form of tax deductions.

Suspected of pedophilia, the interior Ministry major fell out of the window in Ulyanovsk

The former employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs on whom recently brought criminal case in connection with seduction of the child, fell out of a window of the multi-storey house and was lost. Ex-policeman born in 1978 fell from the window of the fifth floor of a residential building in Ulyanovsk on Efremov street and died

In Russia, the index salaries of public sector employees, but not all

According to” Kommersant ” Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, next year will increase the wages of public sector employees, which are not affected by the may decrees of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This includes, in particular, workers in the social sphere and science, hydrometeorological service, medical and social expertise, veterinary laboratories, the center for hygiene of Rospotrebnadzor, rescue centers of the Russian emergencies Ministry and some other organizations.

“Wages will be indexed by 3.8 %,” Golikova said.

Indexation will also affect various benefits. Insurance pensions will increase by 6.6% and social pensions by 7%.

National projects in the first half of the year financed by 32% of the annual target

According to the accounting chamber, within the plan of expenditure on national projects in 1П19 spent just RUB 560 bln from RUB 1.7 trillion saugetierkunde for the whole year, i.e. 32% of the annual plan. For two reasons, this information is negative.

Syndication Bureau: for Riyadh, air attacks are more dangerous than terrorists

Despite the security measures taken, Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure was defenseless against air attacks, said Robin mills, CEO of Qamar Energy consulting company, in an article for the Syndication Bureau.

Naftogaz compared the price of Russian gas before and after the Stockholm arbitration

The price of Russian gas for Ukraine in the III quarter of 2019 without litigation between Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine in the Stockholm arbitration would be 2 times higher than the market level, said the Executive Director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko.

“The price after the review is constantly and significantly lower than before the review by the Tribunal in the Stockholm arbitration. If you look at the current period, the difference is almost twice. That is, we would now pay “Gazprom” for gas price 2 times more!”- Vitrenko wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Vitrenko’s data, the price of Russian gas for Ukraine in the first quarter was $300 per thousand cubic meters, in the second – $221 per thousand cubic meters, in the third quarter it is $166 per thousand cubic meters. Without a trial in Stockholm, the price would have been $336, $327 and $319 respectively.

Denmark can stop the construction of the Nord stream — 2 gas pipeline»

Laying a gas pipeline to Europe on the bottom of the Baltic sea may be delayed at the border of territorial waters of Denmark, fears the captain of the pipe-laying vessel Kenny Huben, September 16, reports Reuters.

“We are now moving to the Danish border, and then we will expect to continue further development of the project from the Danish border towards Germany,” captain Kenny Houben told Reuters.

Relatives of missing people in Chechnya filed a lawsuit in the ECHR

Relatives of eight people who disappeared in Chechnya, filed a complaint with the European court of human rights (ECHR), according to the human rights center “memorial”. The plaintiffs claim that their relatives were detained by security forces, then disappeared and most likely died.

Daughter of the head of Chechnya opened a boutique in Moscow

On Monday evening in Moscow opens the first boutique fashion house Firdaws, headed by the daughter of the head of Chechnya Aishat Kadyrova, reports TASS.

For the year Kadyrov Foundation presented 1.5 billion rubles

Assets on the balance sheet of the Regional public Fund named after the hero of Russia Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov by the end of 2018 increased by 1.5 billion rubles – to 3.68 billion rubles, found “Open media”. A year earlier, they amounted to 2.22 billion rubles. The growth was solely due to monetary contributions to the Fund, follows from the data published in the database ” Contour.Trick.»

Kadyrov Foundation is among the founders of a dozen commercial enterprises from different business areas: from pharmaceuticals and mineral water production to Islamic banking. According to the law “on non-profit organizations”, foundations can engage in entrepreneurial activity and form property, provided that all income from this activity goes to socially useful purposes.

Charity and activities Fund Kadyrov in 2018 spent 746,7 million rubles, on its contents — 8.4 million rubles. A year earlier, the organization spent more on itself than on statutory activities. Thus, in 2017, the Fund’s expenses for events reached 154.5 million rubles, and for its maintenance — 172.3 million rubles.

Almost 60% of Russians have no savings

“59% of Russians do not have personal savings, 41% save, but most of them are less able to save. Only 15% of respondents reported that over the past 5 years they have increased the size of the regular amount in the piggy Bank”, – said the study of the Bank” Opening “and the insurance company”Rosgosstrakh Life”.

Comfortable for accumulation income level, according to 27.1% of respondents, varies from 45-55 thousand rubles per month per family member. 20.9% of respondents indicated that they are ready to save money with income over 55 thousand rubles per month. 17.5% of respondents believe comfortable savings income in the 25-35 thousand rubles, or 10.6% of respondents cited income 15-25 thousand RUB enough to start saving. At the same time, almost 2% of respondents consider it possible to save money with an income of 10-15 thousand rubles.

The level of poverty in the subjects of Russia.

Among the” rich and independent ” were Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, the Republic of Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Belgorod region.
And in five subjects of the Russian Federation with the highest proportion of the population below the poverty line are: the Republic of Kalmykia, Karachay – Cherkess Republic, Jewish Autonomous region, Republic Ingushetia and Republic of Tyva.

Sailors from North Korea attacked Russian border guards

The crew of a North Korean schooner attacked Russian border guards in the sea of Japan, three soldiers were injured. This was reported to TASS In the center of public relations of the FSB of Russia.

“The crew of the North Korean schooner (more than 45 people) carried out an armed attack on members of the inspection group of the border ship. Three servicemen were injured of varying severity, ” the FSB stressed.

Toyota has released a new version of the Land Cruiser 70

Production of Toyota Land Cruiser 70-series started in the 1980s, but the model is still sold in some countries, including South Africa. Especially for driving on serious off-road the company has developed a special version of the pickup Land Cruiser 79 called Namib.

USA and Poland signed a contract for the supply of f-35 aircraft

The authorities of Poland and the United States signed a contract for the purchase of thirty-two f-35 combat fighters, and the Polish side expressed the hope that the deal will cost it much cheaper than six and a half billion dollars, as previously indicated in the Pentagon.

China is selling the property

Since the beginning of 2019, Chinese companies have sold $ 40 billion worth of foreign assets, and bought only $ 35 billion. For the first time since entering the global m & a market, China has become a net seller, writes the Financial Times, citing data from research company Dealogic.

Back in 2015, China bought $ 100 billion worth of foreign assets and sold $ 10 billion worth. According to experts, such a sharp transition occurred against the backdrop of a slowdown in the economy and a trade war with the United States.

Israel received a new batch of f-35 fighters

Israel received two more F-35S. The planes had already landed at Nevatim base. Now the number of F-35 in the Israeli air force has reached 18.

Former FSB officer will be checked for involvement in the raider seizure

According to the newspaper RBC, the investigative authorities asked hiding in London businessman Alexei Bazhanov with a request to verify the involvement of the former head of the Department” To ” FSB General Viktor Voronin and businessman Arkady Fosman to the raider seizure of the holding “masloprodukt”.

It is noted that the inspection will be carried out by the investigation team, which deals with the criminal case of the former subordinate Voronin-ex-head of the 2nd Department of the Department ” K ” of the FSB economic security service Kirill Cherkalin, who is currently in custody on charges of receiving $850 thousand bribes.

A former volunteer DNI shot in Ukraine

In Mariupol, the self-proclaimed militia of the Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) Roman Dzhumaev, who participated in the armed conflict in the Donbass as part of the battalion “Tag”, was shot. About it reports the local edition “0629”, referring to sources in law enforcement agencies.

Yuri Shevchuk starred in the video to protect Bashkir shikhanov

Just clip recording was attended by seven well-known musicians. In addition to the leader of group “DDT” Yuri Shevchuk, who hails from Bashkiria, it starred co-author of the song of TEM Bulatov and HART Iskhakov, Vyacheslav Shilkin, Niyaz Abdyushev, Klim Egorov and Ruslan Galeev.

On Shnurov filed a police report for the Mat at a concert in Rostov

A specialist of the legal Department of the Ministry Of culture of Russia in the southern Federal district (southern Federal district) on the head of the popular group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov filed a statement to the police.

“This time, traditional for “Leningrad” creativity warped specialist of the Ministry of culture of Russia in the South and Caucasus Alexander Miroshnichenko. She wrote the statement to police in which complained that Sergey Shnurov, 4 hours, publicly, on all “Rostov-Arena”, used profanity. In other words, just sang their songs at the concert ” -Telegram telegram channel.

According to the applicant, during a concert of group “Leningrad” in Rostov-on-don Cords swore in the presence of 46 thousand people.

“Mosaic of cultures” festival to be held in Kazan»

On September 21, the V Republican ethno-confessional festival “mosaic of cultures”will be held on the Kremlin embankment of Kazan. The event will bring together a palette of national music, songs and dances of the peoples living in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Group King and Jester will give concerts in a computer game

American nu-KOR Korn Adventure 3D Adventure Adventure Quest adventure quest worlds. The group signed an agreement with Artix, the website reports musically.com. Performances will be available in the game space until the end of September.

In the city of Bryansk opened the festival of folk songs ” Sings native village»

On September 16, the opening ceremony of the XV all-Russian festival-competition of folk choirs and ensembles “sings native village”, which was attended by singers and dancers from 13 regions of Russia and the Republic of Belarus, was held in the concert hall “Druzhba” in Bryansk, RIA Strela reports.

Dolls Goo Goo Dolls has Released a new album ” miracle pill

Dolls Goo Goo Dolls released a new album “miracle pill”on September 13. It is the 12th Studio album by the American band in their 30-year history and the first release in three years. It includes 11 songs. On October 25, the band will embark on a North American tour in support of the album.

I always try to write songs as honestly as possible, – says frontman of team John Rzeznik. – For this album it is especially important. Many fans have grown up with us, know us very well, but we still have something to say to them.

The Who announced a new album release date and released a single

The English rock band who announced that their new album “Who”will be released on November 22 via Polydor records. Rolling tumbleweed. “Who”, which will include 11 songs, will be the first record for the band in 13 years.

Young young bandit on the song ” just like this»

American rapper young tag has released a video for the song ” just like this “from his debut album “so much fun”. The musician’s first Studio album (previously only mixtapes, EP and compilation “tongue of slime”) was released in August.

Microsoft refused to sell facial recognition SOFTWARE to the authorities

Microsoft’s position Microsoft rejects government requests to purchase facial recognition SOFTWARE if there is a threat that it will be used improperly. In addition, the company will never sell these technologies to customers who will use them to spy on citizens.

In Chisinau detained the head of the Agency ” Sputnik Moldova»

In Chisinau detained the head of the news Agency “Sputnik Moldova” Vladimir Novosadyuk, RIA Novosti reported. His legal status is being clarified and the reason for his detention is unknown. According to Prosecutor’s office, Novosadyuk wasn’t detained, with it investigative actions are carried out.

Deripaska sued the British and American media

The arbitration court of Krasnodar region took to the production of Oleg Deripaska’s claim to the times, the Telegraph and The Nation, according to the court’s website. The defendants are Times Newspapers Limited, Telegraph Media Group Limited, and The Nation Company LLC, the lawsuit is about protecting reputation, the date of the first hearing is not appointed.

The representative of Mr. Deripaska explained to Interfax that the businessman wants to achieve in court refutation of the facts stated in articles of foreign mass media which were published more than 10 years ago.

Facebook has launched a competitor Tinder in the US

Facebook launched Facebook Dating service in the United States so that users can build “meaningful relationships based on common interests,” according to the company’s website

Viber users will be able to create their own stickers

Viber users will be able to create stickers themselves, representatives of the messenger told” Billboard Daily ” about it. With this new feature, you can create and add your own personalized sticker packs to your app.

Facebook has introduced new methods of surveillance

The company Facebook has published a record, which reported tracking the location of users. According to the record, the company can track the geolocation of users by their location, Internet connection data and other parameters.

Google will add to the service Lens function to search for screenshots

Google may soon introduce a screenshot search feature into its mobile Lens service. On September 16, reported portal Engadget. A new feature called Smart Screenshots was included in the latest version (10.61) of the Google app.

The magnetic transmission gave the robot speed and sharpness of movement

Japanese engineers have created a robotic arm capable of grabbing thin sheets of paper from a table at a much faster rate than almost all similar devices. For example, she can quickly get only one top card from the deck. In addition, thanks to the use of magnetic transmissions between the parts of the hand, the device is resistant to shocks, the developers say on the website of the University of Tokyo. Article describing the design was presented at the conference ROBOMECH2019.

Using bacteria cats communicate with each other and scare off enemies

Researchers and scientists in the US inform, chemicals, under aid which all cats mark their borders and intuitively repel enemies, are generated not by the animals, and quite in other microorganisms. Microbes living in symbiosis with cats produce a significant portion of feline secretions.

However, it remains unclear why different secrets will have different odor and bacteria enter the body of the animal. Scientists intend to answer these questions in new research.

Artificial intelligence Google taught to diagnose skin diseases

As reported in the official source of experts, artificial intelligence that can diagnose skin problems no less accurately than dermatologists (their accuracy is 77-96%), will help reduce the total number of neglected skin diseases. Detail of the AI system described in the article is A deep learning system for differential diagnosis of skin diseases in the journal Electrical Engineering and Systems Science.

In the US showed a prototype magnet for the Collider of the future

A collaboration of several American scientific institutions demonstrated their own development in the field of superconducting magnets for the future Collider. The dipole field of the new installation reaches 14.1 Tesla at an operating temperature of 4.5 Kelvin. This value is almost equal to the target of 16 Tesla, laid down in the concept of a future particle accelerator with a collision energy of about 100 teraelectron volts against 13 at the Large hadron Collider, writes CERN Courier.

In the United States offered to produce cement using electricity

The technology of electrochemical decomposition of calcium carbonate, proposed by scientists from the United States, allows to produce cement components without carbon dioxide emissions. An article published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is devoted to the innovative method of cement production.

“We managed to organize a gradual change in the acidity of the solution from which we decarbonized the lime, which was then precipitated as hydroxide. We decomposed it and mixed it with silicon oxide. The product of the reaction was alite — a key component of cement, ” says Leah Ellis of the Massachusetts Institute of technology, noting that the reaction produces oxygen and hydrogen, which can be used, for example, to produce energy.

Novosibirsk scientists have developed a new protection from radiation

Scientists at the Institute of solid state chemistry and Mechanochemistry (ihtm) together with scientists of Institute of nuclear physics (BINP) developed high temperature composite materials for the transportation of nuclear waste, according to the website “Science in Siberia” on September 13.

Scientists used the method of mechanical activation. To do this, they ground and mixed particles of boron nitride and tungsten in a ball mill. The resulting mechanocomposite looks like a layer cake under the microscope. At the second stage, the material is irradiated with x-rays at the VEPP-3 accelerator. Next, the material is heated and treated with an electron beam in INP laboratories.

In Russia patented a self-destructing satellite

According to RIA Novosti, the satellite will “evaporate” under the influence of cosmic factors, primarily due to heating. To do this, it was proposed to produce satellite parts from a material that can transition from a solid state to a gaseous state when heated.

Robot “Fedor” refused to turn on

Humanoid robot FEDOR after returning from the International space station (ISS) to Earth could not immediately turn on. About it on September 17 reports “Interfax”.

“After landing, it did not turn on. Now experts understand. Tortured, probably, experiments”, – said from the mission control Center (MCC) cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin during a communication session with the ISS.

In the milky Way found giant bubbles several light years long

The meerkat telescope was able to witness such an unimaginable sight. As noted by specialist Ian Heywood of Oxford University, a black hole in the center of the galaxy could become incredibly active. It is endowed with the ability to absorb dust and gas accumulations, resulting in a powerful flash, which inflated such a formation.

The new crossover Mazda CX-30 received an electric version

Sales of the new compact crossover Mazda CX-30 started this summer. The SUV, built on the Skyactiv-Vehicle platform, is still available with two petrol and one diesel engines. But in October this year at the motor show in Tokyo will be presented fully electric version of the model.

Electric cars want to put on dedicated lanes

Electric cars in Russia offer to put on dedicated lanes. According to RIA “Novosti”, the proposal to make the necessary amendments was made by the working group of the National technological initiative (NTI)”AutoNet”.

New Tesla Gigafactory 3 plant in China

A new enterprise of the company for the Assembly of electric cars in China was built at an incredible pace, in January this year there was a wasteland on the allocated land, as by September a huge enterprise appeared in its place. It is clear that before the start of its full-fledged work is still far away, but it is planned that the test Model 3 will begin to collect before the end of the year. In the future, Tesla Gigafactory 3 will expand.