18 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/17/2020

In China, a court has banned billionaire Chen Feng, the head of the HNA Group, from spending money on luxury, writes the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post. As noted, the court made this decision in connection with the large debts of the holding company, which owns assets in the field of air transportation, logistics, tourism, real estate and financial operations

According to the court’s decision, the entrepreneur will not be able to buy things that are not necessary in his daily life and work. In particular, Chen Feng is not allowed to fly planes or ride high-speed trains. In addition, he was banned from buying luxury apartments, making expensive repairs, and settling in luxury hotels. He will also not be able to rent elite offices and attend clubs

The Communist party of China decided to strengthen control over Chinese business

The party Central Committee in the new document, called the United front (the Patriotic United front of the Chinese people, the political Union of China led by Communist party) to increase the leadership role of the government in the private sector

Poland intends to arrest worked in the crash of Tu-154 managers

According to” Polish radio”, the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General’s office of Poland ewa Bialik told reporters that the country intends to initiate the procedure for the arrest of air traffic controllers who worked at the Smolensk airport on April 10, 2010 during the crash of the Tu-154 plane with President Lech Kaczynski

Russia will not give up dispatchers accused by Poland in the crash near Smolensk

Poland’s possible demand for the extradition of Russian air traffic controllers in the case of the crash of the Polish presidential plane near Smolensk is unrealistic, since Russia does not issue its citizens abroad, a source familiar with the situation told Interfax on Thursday

I do not know whether there were any contacts and any legal actions in accordance with international practice, whether our Prosecutor General’s office or investigative bodies received any appeals from Warsaw. We don’t know about this yet. – Dmitry Peskov

The US Federal reserve kept its benchmark interest rate

The Federal reserve system (FRS) of the United States, which serves as the country’s Central Bank, at the end of the September meeting kept the base interest rate at 0-0.25% per annum. This was announced on Wednesday, September 16, according to the regulator’s website.

US revives plans to develop its rare earth industry

In the face of confrontation with China, the United States is going to develop the extraction and processing of rare earth metals. European countries and even Australia also have similar plans, the Financial Times reports. Rare earth metals include 17 elements. They are used to manufacture high-tech devices, including smartphones and electric vehicles.

This year, the administration of US President Donald trump allocated $209 million to support the industry, including funding for MP Materials. Private investors have also become more interested in rare earth metals.

Chinese companies have stopped supplying components for Huawei

Chinese chip manufacturers, which, fearing a violation of US trade sanctions that took effect on September 15, suspended deliveries of Huawei components.

Alibaba announced the availability of its own production facilities

Chinese giant Alibaba is already a world leader in e-Commerce, and now it is targeting manufacturing as well. On September 16, Alibaba announced that it owns the xunxi Digital factory garment factory in the suburbs of Hangzhou, near the company’s headquarters.

In Germany, police suspended for far-right propaganda

Western German authorities have suspended 29 police officers suspected of conducting far-right propaganda. At least two of them have been doing this for several years, the interior Ministry of the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia said.

Polish NATO contingent to go to Turkey to the Syrian border

The decision to send the Polish contingent to Turkey was signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda, head of the national security Bureau Pavel soloch said, on September 16, RAR reports.

He stressed that the NATO mission in Turkey is not involved in combat operations. Its mission is to increase the number of aircraft warning systems, assist the Navy and conduct intelligence activities. The contingent will include up to 80 soldiers and military personnel, as well as a PZL M28B Bryza patrol and reconnaissance aircraft.

Poland opened the border for citizens of Belarus

Poland will open the border to Belarusian citizens with a tourist visa from September 17. This is reported by the border service of the Republic. However, upon arrival in Poland, they will need to serve a 14-day quarantine. For non-EU citizens, Russia and Ukraine, with which the Republic also borders, restrictions on crossing the border are preserved.

There were six mass extinctions on Earth

There have been five major mass extinctions in the history of the Earth. In a new study, scientists believe that they can add one more-the so-called Carnian pluvial event, which occurred about 233 million years ago.

This theory is not new, but scientists from the universities of Wuhan and Bristol once again confirm it, insisting that climate change, which followed powerful volcanic eruptions on Earth, led to the disappearance of many species of flora and fauna and the emergence of new ones.

The first trailer for the new season of the Mandalorian series has been released

The plot of the Western will unfold on several planets at once. The story centers on a lone Mandalorian mercenary who lives on the edge of the galaxy. The series will premiere on October 30 this year on the Disney+streaming service.

Taika Waititi will direct a Comedy series about pirates

The plot is based on the real-life adventures of Sted bonnet. New Zealand actor and film Director Taika Waititi is going to make a Comedy series “Our flag means death” (Our Flag Means Death). It will be released on the HBO Max streaming service.

A new official book about the Beatles will be released in 2021

In August 2021, the first autobiographical book about the Beatles in 20 years will appear on the shelves of bookstores. This is reported by the British newspaper The Guardian.

The artist added Disney characters to his regular life

Spaniard Samuel MB, an artist and elementary school teacher, mixed animation with reality by putting Disney cartoon characters in his photos. In the photo, he sleeps with Simba from “the Lion King”, prevents the monster from” Beauty and the beast “from washing, rests with Hades from” Hercules”, teaches various animated children, from Alice to Lilo.

Kazakhstan will be fined for concerts with a phonogram

The authorities of Kazakhstan plan to introduce administrative responsibility for holding concerts under the soundtrack, Minister of culture and sports of the Republic of Aktobe Raimkulova said at a meeting of the Parliament.

A photo of full-size Apple airpods Studio headphones appeared

One of the Twitter users under the nickname Fudge showed photos and videos that allegedly captured the very new headphones. According to preliminary data, they will be called AirPods Studio and come out in two designs, namely in a sporty and more strict style.

Facebook unveils Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset

Facebook has officially unveiled the new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, and the company has announced its price and launch date. The information was published on September 17 on the Oculus website. The new device will arrive in stores on October 13, 2020 at a price of $299.

The phone can give out the owner’s location even without geolocation

Disabled geolocation and a ban on location detection do not affect the ability of mobile stations to find out this information. The expert also added that the owner of the smartphone can give out applications with maps when a person tries to find the right place.

Mail.ru Group invests in the promotion FOR Tarantool

Mail.ru the Group invests 300 million rubles in the promotion of software to improve the speed of data processing and operation of high-load Tarantool applications. This was reported to TASS by the company’s press service.

Sberbank announced the release of a set-top box

Company Sberbank “Sagewise” plans to begin selling set-top boxes. The new device will be presented on Thursday, September 24, at the Sberconf conference.

Scientists have explained why the blue color prevails in nature

Using a computer model, it became known that matte blue and green are only visible in a certain visible light spectrum. In other words, it is a natural camouflage. Its uniqueness is that it can change its hue at different angles.

Scientists also believe that the structure of blue color contains blue, green and red. This is due to the nanoscale structure. Such transitions provide transfusion, which also occurs due to the crystal structure of the hairs of feathers or animal fur.

How fast is our brain able to remember new words

Skoltech researchers and their colleagues tracked how brain activity changes when learning new words, and found that cortical representations of the sound and meaning of new words are formed in just 1-2 hours. In previous studies, such changes were recorded only on the second day after the experiment, after a night’s sleep. The results obtained can be used in the diagnosis of speech disorders, as well as used to improve the effectiveness of educational programs. The paper is published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Loneliness can lead to diabetes

The journal Diabetologia published the results of a study that found that the lack of good friends, rather than communication in General, can trigger the development of type 2 diabetes. In addition, a person’s health is also affected by lifestyle, bad habits, and much more. However, an emotional state can actually harm the overall health of the body.

The leaves of the trees helped to measure air pollution

The authors of the new study, published in the journal GeoHealth, analyzed many scientific articles and found that the leaves of trees are able to capture magnetic particles that can get into the air from exhaust gases. These particles are often too small to be detected by the naked eye. However, some of them contain enough iron that the magnetic field created by them can be detected using special devices

NASA has announced the start of a new cycle of solar activity

Experts from NASA and the American meteorological Agency NOAA called December 2019 the start of a new cycle of solar activity. Solar cycles last for about 11 years, now, according to experts, is the 25th cycle since the beginning of observations, writes RIA Novosti.

An unusual source of radio signals from space has been found

An international team of astronomers has discovered an unusual source of cosmic radio signals in the a2384 galaxy cluster. The results of the study are published in the Preprint of the article on the website arXiv.org.

Astronomers believe that the radio relic is the result of a shock wave propagating as the low-mass cluster A2384 (S) passes through the massive cluster A2384 (N).

Scientists have created a periodic table of elements born of stars

A team of British and Australian researchers has developed a model that explains the origin of every heavy element in the world. Another Periodic table was designed on its basis

The created model demonstrated that supermassive stars that turn into supernovae at the end of their existence give rise to most elements, ranging from carbon to iron. They also produce calcium and oxygen. As for the gold, it could have appeared as a result of the collision of unusual neutron stars formed from two massive objects that were connected to each other by gravity.

Mishustin explained the need to raise taxes

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin explained the need to raise taxes in Russia. According to him, the country’s authorities need to provide revenues to the budget in order to fulfill social obligations

As it became known on September 16, the Russian government plans to increase the tax on the extraction of fertilizers and ores. The Ministry of Finance believes that this will reduce the budget deficit. In addition, the Department wants to increase the excise tax on tobacco and cigarettes by 20 percent compared to current levels.

State support for the media will remain at the same level

In 2021, about 102.8 billion rubles may be allocated from the Federal budget to support the media. This is reported by RBC with reference to sources and an explanatory note to the draft law “on the Federal budget for 2021 and the planning period of 2022 and 2023”.

It is noted that this amount is 40% higher than originally set. So, it was planned to allocate 73.8 billion rubles for these purposes. However, this change is not an increase, but a recovery to the level of the current year, during which the authorities allocated 101.2 billion rubles for media subsidies.

The first crypto Bank will appear in the US

The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange will create the first crypto Bank in the United States, as it announced in its official blog. The company has received a banking license in Wyoming, which will allow it to launch a specialized Deposit institution Kraken Financial. Customers will be able to use cryptocurrency as an investment, pay bills and receive a salary in it

Russia’s investments in US government bonds did not change in July

On September 16, 2020, the us Treasury Department reported that the volume of Russian investments in us government bonds at the end of July did not change and amounted to $5.87 billion, as well as at the end of June. The largest creditor of the United States left Japan. Its portfolio of U.S. government bonds grew by $31.5 billion, to $1 trillion 293 billion. China, which ranks second in the list of creditors, reduced its portfolio by $1 billion, to $1 trillion 73.4 billion. The UK, one of the three lenders, reduced investment in the US economy by $21 billion, to $424.6 billion. The total portfolio of US government bonds increased by $48.2 billion in July 2020 and amounted to $7 trillion 87.2 billion as of August 1 this year.

Provider of “cloud” solutions Snowflake placed shares

Snowflake, which provides cloud storage services, held the largest initial public offering of shares among American software companies, which indicates high demand from wall street for cloud services. Investors purchased 28 million shares of Snowflake worth $120 per share, which helped the company raise about $3.4 billion. As part of the IPO, the company was valued at $33 billion.

Gazprom wants to make money on Belarus

Russia’s Gazprom expects to earn more than $ 0.5 billion in gas supplies to Belarus in 2020. This follows from the published materials of its subsidiary Belarusian company Gazprom transgaz Belarus.

Rosmorport to get icebreakers by 2030

As it became known, the large-scale program to upgrade the fleet of non-nuclear icebreakers worth more than 50 billion rubles will be completed only partially by 2024. Only four of the nine icebreakers will be delivered, and the rest will be moved up to 2028, according to the updated version of the Comprehensive infrastructure modernization plan (CPMI). The program’s cost will increase to 72 billion rubles. The reason for the changes is the weakening of the ruble, lack of budget funds and slipways.

Pipe metallurgical company ” left the London stock exchange

“Pipe metallurgical company” left the London Stock exchange (London Stock Exchange, LSE): since September 17, the company’s GDR listing under regulation S and rule 144A has been canceled, TMK said. TMK submitted the relevant application a month ago.

Russia plans to buy Aeroflot shares with funds from the national welfare Fund

The Russian Finance Ministry intends to use the funds of the national welfare Fund (NWF) to participate in the additional issue of Aeroflot shares, while the state’s share in the company is planned to be at least kept at the current level, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said

The court declared the owner of the Novosibirsk water Park bankrupt

The arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region entered bankruptcy proceedings in the developer of the Novosibirsk aquamir water Park, VDT Stroy LLC (part of the Kvarsis group), according to the file of arbitration cases. The analysis of the financial condition of the company referred to by the court showed that it is currently impossible to restore its solvency.

As of December 31, 2019, the residual value of VDT Stroy LLC’s fixed assets, which are 98.2% represented by water Park buildings and a gas boiler house, was 2.46 billion rubles.

The volume of “grey” salaries in Russia

According to the Institute for the development of the legal society, the volume of “gray” salaries in Russia by the end of 2020 may grow by 30%, experts from OPORA Russia, Delovaya Rossiya, The Russian Union of taxpayers and the Public chamber of the Russian Federation agree with this, the Izvestia newspaper writes on Wednesday.

Microfinance organizations go into the shadows

Every fifth microfinance organization (MFI) excluded from the Central Bank’s register in the first half of the year continued to lend to citizens. At the same time, the number of companies that did this illegally increased by one and a half times over the year, according to the portal’s research Zaim.com

The main recipients of microloans were twenty-year-olds

Amid the crisis and pandemic, microfinance organizations (MFOs) have stepped up lending to young clients. In August, almost a third of new microloans (31.4%) were issued to people under 30 years of age, according to statistics from the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki), which was reviewed by RBC.

Every third Russian borrower has more than two loans

About a third of Russian borrowers have more than two loans, RIA Novosti reports, citing data from the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA). According to the organization, about 40 million people are listed as borrowers.

VAT rate will be reduced for Ukrainian farmers

The Verkhovna Rada has already voted in the first reading for this proposal. After the final adoption of the law, the 14% VAT rate will be applied for the supply of agricultural products to the customs territory and the import of a number of goods to the customs territory of Ukraine

Bashkiria wants to increase oil production

By next year, Bashkiria plans to increase oil production from the current 60 to 200 tons per day. This will be possible if small oil companies of the Republic implement their plans to invest more than 1 billion rubles in the industry

OPEC + losers hinder production cuts

OPEC + losers from may to August did not reduce oil production by about 2.375 million promised barrels per day, while Iraq owed the Alliance the most — 698 thousand barrels per day, a source in one of the delegations familiar with the report of the OPEC technical Committee meeting held on September 16 told RIA Novosti+

Eni and BP discover new gas field offshore Egypt

A preliminary assessment of well results shows that gas in the great Nuros region can be estimated at over 4 trillion cubic feet. Eni together with BP will start exploring options for developing a new field, taking into account the synergy with the existing infrastructure in the region

Yandex.money will change the name on JMoney

Electronic payment service Yandex.money will change its name to JMoney, reports his press-service. This will finally happen after December 15, 2020, and before that, the new and old brands will be used simultaneously. The company explained that they developed the new brand independently.

Development of the SSJ New aircraft is planned to be completed in 2023

By 2023 The United aircraft Corporation (UAC) plans to create a Sukhoi SuperJet New aircraft – it will be an import-substituted version of the short-haul Sukhoi SuperJet 100, the only civilian jetliner created by the Russian aviation industry. Rostec will spend 120 billion rubles to create the Sukhoi SuperJet New airliner

Prigozhin returned the money transferred for Navalny’s treatment

The press service of the company “Concord” reported that the Berlin clinic Charite returned businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin the amount of one million rubles, which he had previously transferred to a medical institution for the treatment of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

Navalny was nominated for the Nobel peace prize

Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize. This was reported by Professor of Rutgers University in the United States Sergey Erofeev.

Today, a number of professors from recognized universities that deal with Russia have nominated him [Alexey Navalny] for the Nobel peace prize, ” wrote Sergey Erofeev, a Professor at Rutgers University in the United States, on Facebook on September 17.

Roskomsvoboda demands to ban the recognition system

On September 16, Anna Kuznetsova, a roskomsvoboda volunteer, filed an administrative lawsuit in the Tverskoy district court of Moscow against the Department of information technology (DIT) of the city hall and the Moscow interior Ministry to stop using the street face recognition system, and in the future to adopt an act that will regulate the operation of such systems.

The ROC is waiting for an apology from the Chechens who washed their shoes in the Church

The Kaliningrad diocese commented on the sensational incident in one of the local churches. Several young people washed their shoes in a spring of Holy water. They captured their act on video, saying that “for them this is Holy water, and we clean our feet in nature.”

Kadyrov said that the Chechens were not involved in the desecration of the Shrine

The attackers who washed their shoes in an Orthodox spring near the Kaliningrad Church are not Chechens, according to the statement of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. The head of the Republic called the act of men cynical and talking about a complete lack of morality.

State Duma Deputy from Chechnya will appeal to the Prosecutor General’s office

State Duma Deputy from Chechnya Shamsail Saraliev will appeal to the State Duma after a scandal in Kaliningrad, where Caucasians washed their shoes in a Holy Orthodox spring. He announced this in his telegram channel.

He said that he wants to apply to the Prosecutor General’s office with a statement about inciting ethnic hatred due to a number of publications in the media in connection with this topic. The parliamentarian believes that these materials denigrate the Chechens. According to him, the Chechens did not participate in the incident in Kaliningrad.

The center for countering extremism has started checking

The center for countering extremism began checking after washing shoes at the source of the Orthodox chapel in Kaliningrad. According to RIA Novosti with reference to the military Prosecutor’s office, the violators were soldiers of the Baltic fleet.

Earlier, the head of the DUMA of the Kaliningrad region said that they were military men from Dagestan who are serving in Kaliningrad.

In Asia and Australia, they launch “flights to nowhere”.

People just buy tickets and fly at low altitudes. Borders are closed. Coronavirus. But many people want to fly somewhere. Airlines offer just that. And at the same time to see from the height of the barrier reef and Islands. A ticket for a flight from Sydney to Sydney costs between 787 and 3787 Australian dollars

The Russian government expects to save money on national projects

The Ministry of Finance proposes to reduce spending on national projects in the next two years, Izvestia reports with reference to the explanatory note to the draft budget for the next three years. Based on the document, it is planned to significantly reduce funding for the projects “Demography”, “Comprehensive plan for modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure” and “Housing and urban environment” — for 2021-2022 by 158, 144 and 80 billion rubles, respectively. 500 billion rubles will be allocated for Education, which is 14 billion less than a year ago

A T-90A tank was hit during a military exercise in the Astrakhan region

Another tank fired at him. The incident occurred at the Kapustin Yar landfill. One tank overtook the other on the left and raised dust — because of this, the crew did not see the “colleagues” and shot them in the side with a high-explosive shell. A tank commander Zamir Orbachev, received burns to the face and hands.

Vladimir Putin awarded Dmitry Medvedev

Vladimir Putin awarded Dmitry Medvedev the order of merit for the Fatherland of the third degree with the wording “for services to the state and many years of conscientious work”. Medvedev is now a full knight of the Order of merit for the Fatherland – he already has the order of II (2005) and I (2015) degrees. All orders are for anniversaries: for the 40th anniversary, 50th anniversary, and now for the 55th anniversary.

In ten regions, doctors are preparing protest actions ” Pay for COVID”

The Action medical workers ‘ Union announced protest actions in ten regions of Russia in late September and early October, Kommersant reports. Doctors, paramedics, nurses and ambulance drivers are going to take part in mass pickets and demand that the authorities fulfill the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation on payments to doctors working with covid patients.

The all-Russian protest action of medical workers “Pay for COVID” is planned in 15 cities of ten regions, from September 27 to October 4. In order not to go to mass rallies during the epidemic, doctors chose the form of actions-pickets of several dozen people.

Arrests in Kamchatka

FSB officers detained the head of the police Department in Yelizovo Dmitry Golikov (pictured on the left) for a large bribe. Together with him were detained and the Deputy chief of Yelizovo police Vyacheslav Korabeynikov.

In July, there were 43 thousand fewer companies in Russia

After the release from quarantine, business in Russia began to die out even more actively: if in the spring of the month closed somewhere 20-25 thousand more companies than opened, in July this figure reached 43 thousand.

Moscow (-21 thousand companies), Moscow region (-2.8 thousand), Saint Petersburg and Belgorod region are among the leaders of the fall with almost the same result: -1.4 thousand companies for July.

In a small plus, Buryatia, Leningrad region, Dagestan, Altai, Vologda, Tyva and Kamchatka. At the same time, 114 companies were added in Buryatia, and in other regions there are literally several dozen from the list

The Belarusian opposition will create its own sanctions list

The Belarusian opposition will create its own sanctions list of security forces who dispersed the protests. It is planned to transfer it to Russia, the EU, Ukraine and Turkey. List decided to call “list Tarnovskogo” on behalf of the first victim on the protests, said Svetlana Tikhanovski.

The sanctions list will include persons involved in torture, illegal arrests and abuse of detainees. To identify the perpetrators, we are actively working with human rights defenders and the Black book of Belarus project. We will send this list to Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, the European Union and the United States. The list will be published and will be constantly expanded. I suggest that the security forces stop the violence and go over to the side of the Belarusian people. Otherwise, you will not escape a fair trial and punishment.

Us artist wants to buy Lenin’s body for a billion dollars

The artist wants to build a replica of the Mausoleum and buy Lenin’s body for an initial payment of one million dollars. If necessary, datuna is ready to raise more than a billion dollars for this purpose.

Kolya took the documents and will study in Moscow

The media reports that Nikolai Lukashenko allegedly moved to Moscow and will study at the gymnasium at Moscow state University under a false name. Former President of the national Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexander Voitovich confirmed this information to Komsomolskaya Pravda. According to him, the Lyceum at the Belarusian state University, where Nikolai Lukashenko studied earlier, condemned the violence of security forces against protesters, and the authorities decided that the son of the head of state would be uncomfortable studying there.

The Secretariat of the gymnasium at Moscow state University (MSU) named after Lomonosov responded to data on the transfer of Nikolai Lukashenko, the youngest son of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. They said that he did not study with them, RIA Novosti reports.

A posthumous donation mark will appear in the driver’s licenses of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers at a regular meeting decided to make a new mark in the driver’s license. Now, by issuing a new type of certificate, drivers will be asked for permission to donate in the event of death caused by a road accident. In addition, the blood type of the license holder and his RH factor will be indicated. Separately, they will issue documents of a different type without this data. They will be intended for those who do not agree to donation.

Russian schools may have a religious menu

Schools will be able to take into account national and religious characteristics when preparing menus in canteens. This was stated on September 17 at the webinar “ABOUT nutrition: dialogue between the onf and Rospotrebnadzor” by the head of the sanitary supervision Department of Rospotrebnadzor Irina Shevkun.

The European Parliament has demanded tougher sanctions against Russia

The European Parliament has demanded tougher sanctions against Russia over the situation with Alexey Navalny. This is stated in the resolution approved by the European Parliament at the end of the plenary session.

The defense Ministry offers to launch airstrikes against Russian border violators

The Russian defense Ministry has proposed allowing military aircraft to conduct bombing along the course of vessels that violated the state border in order to warn them of their intention to use weapons to kill, according to an amendment to the law “on the state border of the Russian Federation”prepared by the Department.

Poland supports partnership between Russia and Belarus

Poland supports a major partnership between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the Polish Prime Minister said. Mateusz Morawiecki made this statement on behalf of the country

Lukashenka dismissed the Ambassador to Latvia and stripped the status of two diplomats

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has stripped the diplomatic rank of Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Pavel Latushko and Igor Leshenya in connection with committing acts that defame the state (diplomatic) service.

By another decree, the head of state dismissed Vasily Markovich from the post of Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the Republic of Latvia and stripped him of his diplomatic rank for improper performance of official duties, the press service of Lukashenko reports

In Russia, he proposed to close trade missions in Ukraine and Lithuania

The Ministry of industry and trade has proposed to liquidate Russian trade representative offices in Ukraine and Lithuania. The corresponding document is published on the Federal portal of draft legal acts. The Federation Council believes that Russia will not lose anything from this.

Poland offered to create a stable Fund for Belarus

Poland offers to create a stabilization Fund for Belarus of at least €1 billion, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a press conference in Vilnius.

The Russian Embassy requested consular access to Navalny in Berlin

According to Kommersant, the Russian Embassy in Berlin, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1963, sent a note to the German foreign Ministry to ensure consular access to Alexey Navalny. Article 36 of the Convention prescribes that consular officials may communicate freely with and have access to nationals of the sending state.

Tikhanovskaya responded to Naryshkin’s words about the patronage of the United States

Former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya denied the words of the head of the Russian foreign intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin, who said that the US is behind the leaders of the Belarusian opposition, playing a key role in the protests in the Republic. The politician accused the head of the SVR of “broadcasting stale propaganda cliches” and said that the only reason for the protests in Belarus is the unwillingness of the Belarusian people to put up with the “falsification” of the results of the presidential election, according to Russian Dialog.

She considers what is happening in the country to be an internal political crisis. There is nothing in the demands of the protesters that concerns relations with other countries or changes in the foreign policy orientation of Belarus, ” Tikhanovskaya said, as quoted by her press service in the telegram channel.

Chinese foreign Minister says Russia and China have an unbreakable friendship

The unity of China and Russia is like a rock, our friendship is indestructible, and the strategic cooperation of the two countries is not affected by the external environment. In times of global turbulence and change, reliable Sino-Russian relations are even more important for maintaining regional and global peace and security,” Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi said in an interview with Xinhua (translated by TASS).

The European Parliament recognized the opposition COP as a representative of the Belarusian people

Members of the European Parliament recognized the Coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition as the interim representative of the people of the Republic. The relevant resolution also emphasizes that Europe does not recognize the official results of the presidential elections.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Belarus.

  • does not recognize the results of presidential elections.
  • condemns the Belarusian authorities for violently dispersing peaceful protest rallies and harassing strikers at enterprises;
  • supports the peaceful transfer of power in the country and recognizes the Coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition as ” a temporary representation of people who demand democratic changes»;
  • supports personal EU sanctions against those responsible for election fraud, including Alexander Lukashenko;
  • condemns Russia’s hybrid interference in the internal Affairs of Belarus;
  • calls for studying the possibility of including Russian citizens involved in supporting the Lukashenka regime in the sanctions lists.

Miller told Putin about Russia’s gasification plans:

  • The level of gasification by 2021 will be 71.4%
  • It will be fully completed in 11 regions in 2020
  • It will be completed in 24 other regions by the end of 2025
  • Over 5 years, half a trillion rubles will be spent on gasification
  • The level of gasification by 2025 will be 74.7%

But Gazprom should become a single operator of gas supply programs: build inter-and intra-village gas pipelines, branches and so-called “last mile gas pipelines” – to homes