19 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/18/2019

Donald Tramp new adviser

Donald Tramp new national security adviser will be Robert O’brien. He will succeed John Bolton

I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs a…

“Substantially” expand sanctions against Iran

Iran has long been secretly “enriching,” in total violation of the terrible 150 Billion Dollar deal made by John Kerry and the Obama Administration. Remember, that deal was to expire in a short number of years. Sanctions will soon be increased, substantially!

Pickets in support of Pavel Ustinov

In Moscow 18.09.2019 from 11:00 began a series of pickets in support of the actor Pavel Ustinov, sentenced to three and a half years in prison on charges of assault on resguardar during a protest on August 3. It is reported by “MBH media”. The action takes place near the presidential administration. Photo jellyfish LIVE

In Primorye, foreigners were banned from working in the transport sector

From 2020, foreign citizens who work on the basis of patents will be banned from working in the transport sector. Those who want a patent will be denied. The order has already been signed by the Governor of the region Oleg Kozhemyako, RIA “Vostok-Media”.

Scientists have found that alcohol destroys the brain even after giving it up

Inflammatory processes in the brain causes excessive use of alcohol. They last at least six weeks after giving up alcohol. This is evidenced by the study of an international group with the participation of the Central Institute of mental health in Mannheim.

At the Saratov factory “Trolza” fired more than half of workers

More than half of employees in the largest Russian manufacturer of trolley buses and electric buses factory “Trolza” in the Saratov region – dismissed in six months after entering the idle mode in the enterprise in connection with the shortage of working capital.

“At the moment, 350 people are registered in the staff,” plant CEO Sergei Klyucharev told TASS. In March of this year, the press service of the company reported that the staff of employees exceeded 800 people.

Land in Kiselevsk began to SAG due to underground fires

Residents of the mining town in Kuzbass fear that they will not survive the winter: their homes are approaching cracks in the ground due to underground fires. In Kiselevskaya Greenhouse underground fires led to subsidence of the earth, as reported by the portal “news Kiselevsk”.

Agreement between the EMERCOM Commander near Moscow and the Moscow diocese of the ROC

In Khimki, Moscow region, an agreement on cooperation between the main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Moscow region and the Moscow diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church was signed.

As explained in the Moscow regional emergency situations Ministry, the agreement the parties agree on joint events dedicated to memorable events in the history of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as activities aimed at pastoral care, spiritual education, Patriotic and spiritual and moral education of personnel, conscientious and responsible attitude to work, strengthening moral and family values. The material is taken from the portal MOE Media

Pence said about bringing US troops on alert

Us Vice President Mike Pence announced bringing the us army to combat readiness, which is associated with attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. This was reported on September 17 edition of the Hill.

The Central Bank approved the blocking of accounts of businessmen-debtors

The Central Bank of Russia supported the Ministry of Finance and the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation in requiring banks to block private accounts of individual entrepreneurs (IP) in the collection of tax debts. On Wednesday, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Large families will receive 450 thousand rubles to repay the mortgage

Borrowers of any credit and non-credit organizations, mortgage agents and other legal entities issuing mortgage loans can become participants of the program. The government plans to allocate in 2019 for payments to large families to repay mortgages up to 15 billion rubles.

The Russians offered a way not to pay fines in the traffic police

After passing the personal bankruptcy procedure, citizens will be allowed not to pay debts on administrative fines, including the traffic police and taxes. The relevant draft law was considered by the government Commission on legislative activities, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes.

Naftogaz has agreed to buy 450 million cubic meters of gas in 2020

Naftogaz of Ukraine has signed an agreement with an international trader to purchase 450 million cubic meters of gas in the first quarter of 2020, the company’s press service said on Tuesday.

According to the head of the gas business of Naftogaz Andrey Favorov, the company pumped additional volumes of gas into storage and prepared the system for operation without transit, the company said in a press release

In Mendeleev district consecrated fields and crops for a good harvest

In Mendeleev district of the Republic of Tatarstan consecrated fields, crops and agricultural machinery. A moleben before the beginning of sowing of winter crops in the village of Monachovo made Abbot of the local temple of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God Vladimir Silantyev, informs the press service of the Tatarstan Metropolitanate.

Lawyer ex-Prime Minister of Dagestan detained in the courtroom

Lawyer Dagir Khasavov, who defended the former Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdusamad Gamidov, detained on suspicion of obstruction of justice. This was reported by RIA Novosti his colleague Eduard Isetsky. According to him, Khasavov was detained directly in the Lefortovo court of Moscow and taken for questioning to the TFR.

In the Crimea will be available to withdraw cash at the box office stores

In the Crimea will launch a service of withdrawing cash from Bank cards at the box offices of stores. This “Izvestia” told the head of the consumer protection service of the Central Bank Mikhail Mamuta. Terms of service launch will depend on credit institutions. According to the representative of the Central Bank, a separate “road map”has been developed for Crimea.

Russia has reduced investments in us government securities

Russia in July 2019 reduced the volume of investments in us government securities to 8.5 billion dollars, follows from the materials published on Tuesday by the us Treasury, reports TASS. In July, long-term bonds accounted for $ 6.2 billion and short-term bonds for $ 2.2 billion.

The credit load of Russians in 75% of regions exceeded the peak of 2014

“The growth of lending to the population is constrained by the high credit load, which in 75% of the regions has already exceeded the peak of 2013-2014. At the level of individual regions, the growth rates of the loan portfolio of individuals (in annual comparison) in July in most subjects ranged from 15% (Vologda oblast) to 27-28% (Chukotka, Tuva, Dagestan, Leningrad region),” the Bank of Russia’s report on monetary policy reports.

In the Tver region destroy protected forests

RIA Novosti, Irina Khaletskaya. In the Tver region almost ten years trying to protect from development reserve “Kletinskiy forest” of centuries-old forests on the picturesque banks of the Volga. The regional Ministry of nature, contrary to the decisions of the courts, has not yet determined the boundaries of the protected natural area of regional importance, so the destruction of the forest continues. Locals fear that by the end of the year from the pine forest will not even stump.

The Finance Ministry announced the date of transition to a new system of funded pensions

The Finance Ministry plans to amend the legislation on non-state pension provision from January 2021. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. It is specified that they will enable citizens to Finance a pension from their own contributions

Examination of the investigation has changed the assessment of the disputed shares in the case of Calvi

Ordered by the investigation examination of the stake in IFTG, owned by the Bank “East”, showed that its market valuation is $60 million or about 3.8 billion rubles, said a source TASS, close to the investigation. A RBC source familiar with the investigation confirmed the information. Initially, the investigation estimated the shares at 600 thousand rubles, although in the “East” indicated that they were worth about 3 billion rubles.

It was in connection with the iftg securities transaction in February 2019 that Calvi was detained on suspicion of fraud. The investigation found that the transaction was unprofitable because of the low cost of shares.

Gazprom Neft will start selling fuel at gas stations in installments

In “Gazprom oil” will have the opportunity to map installment with a limit of RUB 15,000 For this user in the application you need to fill in brief information about yourself, to obtain approval of the limit and sign the contract by sms. The card provides an opportunity to receive interest-free installments for all transactions at Gazprom Neft gas stations. The main condition is to meet the monthly grace period. If there is a delay due to the fault of the customer, the installment burns and the product becomes a credit with a rate of 59%, says the representative of the Bank.

The cost of fuel in installments will not differ from the cost of fuel at the gas station, and all the costs of using the installment card “Gazprom Neft” assumes. He and the representative of the network of gas stations “Gazpromneft” refused to disclose the amount of the Commission.

The Kremlin did not comment on reports of benefits ” Rosneft»

The Kremlin has not yet made decisions on benefits for Rosneft on projects for the development of the Arctic, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Earlier, Kommersant published an article saying that Rosneft is dissatisfied with the lack of a decision on tax benefits for 2.6 trillion rubles for the Arctic development project.

All Ukrainians released on the exchange were banned from entering Russia

Lawyer Dmitry Dinze in an interview with Ukrainian media said that Russia has closed the entrance to its territory 35 released in the exchange of prisoners of Ukraine. According to “gazety” the lawyer did not exclude that the decision of Moscow will be “life” for former prisoners.

Putin agreed to discuss the ” repair of the electoral system»

Zyuganov believes that Russia needs ” repair of the electoral system.” He offered to gather all the faction leaders and discuss changes in the electoral legislation. In his opinion, the reform will help to strengthen the country and the political system.

Kolyma broke the record for gold mining

The Magadan gold region produced since the beginning of the year 30198,6 kilograms of gold and 450,3 tons of silver, according to the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the region. Compared to the same period in 2018 mining companies received gold 5669,9 kilograms more, thus breaking last year’s record

This year, the Kolyma is planned to receive at least 40 tons of gold, and in the future – up to 50 tons. For comparison: in 2018, 37 tons of precious metal were extracted here.

In the Moscow region within two years there will be two toll bridge

Kovalenko added that toll bridges across the railway are planned to be built in 2020 in Shatura, Stupin and Sergiev Posad.

US authorities filed a lawsuit against Snowden

The US Department of justice filed a lawsuit against former employee of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) Edward Snowden, who published the book “Personal matter”, the Ministry said.

China has created a system for recognizing people by drawing veins on the arm

In China, they created a system for recognizing people by hand. For this purpose, artificial intelligence is used, guided by the pattern of veins in the human limb, the technology is going to be used in various spheres of society.

Riyadh will present “evidence” of Iran’s involvement in the attack on the refinery

The Ministry of defense of Saudi Arabia intends to present “evidence” of Iran’s involvement in drone attacks on the Kingdom’s refinery. On September 18, al Arabia reported, citing a statement by the military Department of the country.

The state Department announced the return of the US Ambassador to Belarus

The US and Belarus are preparing to restore diplomatic missions in their countries at the level of ambassadors, Deputy us Secretary of state for political Affairs David Hale said on September 17 during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk.

Maduro said he was ready for dialogue with the opposition

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was ready to continue the dialogue with representatives of the opposition of the Republic. He told about it after the conclusion of the contract with some opposition forces on Tuesday, September 17.

I welcome the signing of the agreement which was reached in difficult negotiations with the opposition. This is a huge step towards achieving peace and harmony in the country. We are open to any substantive dialogue for the sake of the welfare of the country and the peace of Venezuelans. – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

US placed in England strategic bomber B-52H

Another bomber B-52H Startofortress air force, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, has placed at the forefront of the American air base of strategic aviation Fairford in England, the United States air force

Started filming Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat screenwriter Greg Russo announced the beginning of filming. The premiere is scheduled for March 5, 2021, the film will receive an “R” rating. It is expected that the picture will be a restart and will not continue the story told in the previous parts.


Sub-Zero-Joe Taslim (“RAID»)
Reiden-Tadanobu Asano (“Thor: Ragnarok”, ” Zatoichi»)
Milina – Sisi Stringer (Power Rangers)
JAX – Mehcad Brooks (“Desperate Housewives»)
Liu Kang-Ludi Lin (Aquaman, Black mirror»)
Scorpio-Hiroyuki Sanada (Wolverine: the Immortal, Wild West World»)
Shang Tsung-chin Han (“the Dark knight”, “2012”, ” Ghost in armor»)
Sonya Blade – Jessica McNamee (White collar, Meg: the Monster of the deep»)
Kano-Josh Lawson (“freaking Out”, ” Sea patrol»)

Ministry of culture disrupted the festival “Territory” in Kamchatka

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation refused to provide subsidies for the festival-school “Territory” in Kamchatka, the September 17 edition of “Fontanka” with reference to the message of the organizers of the festival — the Fund for the development of culture and contemporary art “Territory”.

The festival was planned between 21 and 28 September. The organizers announced the return of tickets, and also reported losses — about eleven million rubles.

The Fund clarifies that previously agreed with the Ministry of culture of the festival and agreed to provide subsidies, but one day before the start of organizational activities in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Ministry of culture refused to allocate the promised amount of subsidies.

Khabarovsk will host a festival of theaters of the Far East

In Khabarovsk, from 19 to 26 September, performances of the first festival of theaters of the Far East will be shown on stage. The audience will see performances of collectives of 14 cultural institutions. The event is aimed, among other things, at strengthening ties between the regions.

The air force will help Uzbekistan to make several documentaries

The films will tell about the changes that have occurred in Turkestan over the past three years, including the building of a new format of relations between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. The parties also agreed to create several films of historical and cultural orientation.

Charlie Hannam will play the lead role in the series “Shantaram»

British actor Charlie Hannam will play a major role in the series “Shantaram” — a new project, which is based on the popular novel by Gregory David Roberts. The series will consist of ten episodes. Charlie Hannam is known for the project “Sons of anarchy” and ” Sword of king Arthur»

In the Luzhniki stadium appeared area 5G

To achieve this goal, the Chinese company Huawei provided its equipment, Beeline-its communication, and the Department of information technology of Moscow supported all this. After installing the equipment and all the necessary settings, tests were carried out, which showed that it was possible to get as much as 2.19 Gbit/s per device.

5g technology launched in test mode in Uzbekistan

Several users in the group reported that they had a 5g, Spot icon. According to the publication, at the end of April 2019, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev during a visit to the Central office of Huawei in China stressed the need to accelerate the introduction of 5g technologies in the country.

A direct cloud solution for agriculture is presented

CLAAS, John Deere and 365FarmNet presented the DataConnect system, providing the possibility of direct exchange of data between the cloud storage regardless of equipment manufacturer. Similar to the ISOBUS system, customers can now exchange data through a common interface, as well as control and monitor the entire fleet using the most preferred system.

In Russia there was a cheap push-button phone

The novelty is equipped with a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, a MicroSD card slot, a 3.5 mm headphone Jack, 4 GB of internal memory and a 2000 mAh battery. The latter is quite powerful-usually these push-button devices batteries maximum 1500 mAh.

Shipbuilding exhibition opened in St. Petersburg

The international exhibition on civil shipbuilding, shipping, ocean and shelf development “Neva-2019” opened in St. Petersburg on September 17, reported the publication Nation News. The exhibition is held in Expoforum with the support of the city government, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of industry and trade and a number of other departments.

Together with colleagues from other regions, we are creating new analogues in shipbuilding, such as nuclear power platform, icebreaker fleet, port reconstruction and others. – Alexander Beglov, Russian politician

WhatsApp caught in saving photos on other people’s devices

The American publication TheHackerNews said that the popular messenger WhatsApp allowed you to save various media files sent by users on the devices of people who communicated with them, even after the files were removed from the correspondence.

Huawei to invest $1.5 billion over five years in its developer program

Huawei will invest an additional $ 1.5 billion in its developer program over the next five years, Deputy Chairman Ken Hu said at HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 in Shanghai.

Samsung carries to Russia smart watches Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Samsung announced the start of collecting pre-orders for the smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active 2, which was presented in August. They are able to remove the ECG and are one and a half times cheaper than the Apple Watch. Watches in 40-mm case made of aluminum cost from 19 990 rubles, the steel version will cost at least 26 990.

Honor has released a budget smartphone Honor Play 3e

Started selling smartphone Honor Play 3, presented in early September. Together with him on sale early unannounced Honor Play 3e. Novelty belongs to the class of budget models. Its price is only $ 100.

Microsoft is working on a new Windows Core OS

Some time ago, the Network appeared information about the work of Microsoft specialists on the development of a new operating system. More recently, data on Windows Core OS insiders found in the documents that accompanied the next update of the tenth version of Windows.

Drive GIGABYTE Aorus Gen4 AIC SSD up to 8 TB of data

GIGABYTE has introduced under the brand Name aorus high-performance solid-state drive Gen4 AIC SSD 8TB, designed for use in desktop computers. The novelty is made in the form of expansion card PCI Express 4.0 x16 (NVMe 1.3).

Submitted inkjet printer Inkjet Printer Xiaomi Mijia

Xiaomi has introduced a new inkjet printer Xiaomi Mijia Inkjet Printer designed for home use. The device follows xiaomi’s traditional minimalist design. The printer is equipped with a Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor

Apple has apologized for listening to user requests in Siri

In late July, the Guardian reported that Apple to wiretap requests to Siri as part of the program to improve the voice assistant attracted third-party companies.

“Service of good deeds” enters the American market

Two years ago in the Russian Federation was presented a startup called “Service of good deeds”, developed on the basis of the support service of the famous antivirus ESET. It is a platform through which customers can rely on remote computer assistance. Highly qualified engineers help to solve various issues. The good deeds Service app is available for free download on Google Play and the AppStore.

Sophos opens the source code of the Sandboxie utility

Sophos announced that the Windows utility Sandboxie, which allows you to run any application in a secure sandbox, is now completely free for users,and in the near future will be open source.

In the body of 97% of German children found 11 types of microplastics

Researchers from the Robert Koch Institute and experts from the German Federal Ministry for the environment have published the results of the analyses of German adolescents.

The researchers analyzed the urine of 2,500 minors and found traces of 11 different types of plastics in 97% of adolescents. The study was conducted between 2014 and 2017, according to the journal Der Spiegel

Scientists have called the most dangerous songs for drivers

In the study, experts from the University in Guangzhou found that heavy and loud music makes drivers twice as likely to change lanes and go eight km/h faster. It is reported that we are talking about songs with a rhythm of about 120 bits per minute and above.

” These data can be used in the training of drivers and operators of transport systems, which will reduce the risk of road accidents, ” – said the experts of the University of South China.

The habit of deceiving reduces the ability to recognize other people’s emotions

“Liars” interpreted other people’s emotions worse. Moreover, the researchers saw that after a single lie, the reduced ability to read emotions further increased the likelihood that the subject would resort to deception again during the experiment.

Helium in diamonds proved the existence of a geochemical reservoir

To understand the evolution of our planet, it is important to know whether geochemical reservoirs have survived from the early Earth, where they are and how they interact with each other

Geochemists analyzed diamonds that formed in the transition zone between the lower and upper mantle at a depth of 410 to 660 kilometers about 500 million years ago. It turned out that the isotopic composition of elements in inclusions in diamonds varies greatly from sample to sample. Moreover, the ratio of helium-3 to helium-4 is greater in crystals in which the total concentration of helium is higher. According to the authors, this proves the existence of an ancient geochemical reservoir that penetrates into the transition zone and mixes there, leading to heterogeneity in the composition of oceanic basalts. The study was published in the journal Science.

Japanese pseudo first flew

On September 11 this year, the Japanese company HAPSMobile completed the first flight tests of promising pseudo HAWK30. It is planned to be used as a flying telecommunications repeater.

Interstellar comet was similar to the comets of the Solar system

Astronomers using the Grand Canary telescope conducted spectroscopic observations of the first interstellar comet C / 2019 Q4 (Borisov). It turned out that its spectral characteristics are very similar to some comets and asteroids of the Solar system, according to the website of the Canary Institute of astrophysics.

Russians will pay twice for traffic violations

Insurance companies will be able to increase the cost of the insurance policy for motorists who violate traffic rules. At the same time, Russians will still have to pay fines for violations. About it report “Izvestia”.

Insurance companies will independently calculate the value of the individual base rate depending on the violation. The bill does not discuss discounts for conscientious drivers.

The ECB has reduced the rate on deposits to minus 0.5% per annum

At the same time, Europe’s main emission center announced the resumption of the quantitative easing program in the form of asset purchases worth €20 billion monthly, starting from November 1. The program will last as long as necessary to strengthen the adaptive impact of its interest rates, and will end shortly before the ECB’s rate hike cycle, the release said.


“The judge at a meeting was indignant that I didn’t get up when he addressed me. My leg is broken. He is surprised: “is the Leg broken?”and this after reviewing the case, that is, he did not read”.

These are words of the designer Konstantin Konovalov to whom police officers broke a leg before a protest action on July 27. Konovalov talked to Medusa about Russian courts, other defendants in the Moscow case and attempts to achieve justice.


In one of the gymnasiums of Taganrog on the students hit the ceiling

September 17, in the afternoon in the gymnasium № 2 named after A. p. Chekhov on the 11th grade students collapsed ceiling. According to the community “Diary of Taganrog”, the incident happened right during the physics lesson. No one was injured, the children were taken out of the classroom, the office was closed.

The building is old, pre-war buildings, the ceiling of shingles. These offices did not participate in the 2018 overhaul. Departed a small piece, and he pulled the suspended ceiling, – explained to the correspondent 161.RU head of administration of Taganrog Andrey Lisitsky

Debt of Russian state-owned companies

This is a trillion rubles more than the national welfare Fund, according to RBC


Mobile phone number and e-mail are officially classified as personal data

The official information portal posted on Monday the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of 13.09.2019 №1197, which determines that the phone number and e-mail address are personal data.

Genetic experiments can lead to unintended consequences

In 2017, in Brazil, Oxitec began fighting the Aedes aegypti insects-mosquitoes that carry dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, zika virus and several other diseases.

Scientists have developed a strain of transgenic modified mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, containing the dominant lethal gene. For 27 months, about 450,000 males of this strain were released each week. According to scientists, mating females with infected males had to lead to the emergence of non-viable offspring.

In the first months of the experiment, their hopes were justified, but after 18 months everything returned to the previous indicators. At the same time, scientists note that already some mosquitoes in the region have become hardier. Moreover, these mosquitoes for the first time in history(!) were seen in Nebraska (USA).

“Evropark” won another major goodread city hall

The contract for landscaping of the capital under the program ” My street “for 1,521 billion rubles will be received by LLC” Europark”, follows from the data of the public procurement website. This company submitted a single bid for the auction, agreeing to perform the work on 7 million cheaper than the maximum price.

Europark regularly wins such auctions. In 2016 he signed a contract with sue “Moremonth” the greening of Moscow for 740,3 million. Each tree then cost the city budget 191,2 thousand rubles, almost 40 thousand had to pay for planting and 27,7 thousand-for care during the year. In 2017, the city hall announced a purchase for landscaping in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles, and the terms of reference for the unfinished competition contained edits of the current co-owner of Europark. And although it drew attention to the publication of the Village, the company still won the auction.

Intolerance of Russians towards migrants and ethnic groups

Russians ‘ intolerance of migrants and ethnic groups, and xenophobic sentiments in General, have intensified since 2017 and reached the level of the times before the annexation of Crimea. The share of those who would like to limit the residence of ethnic groups increased from 54% to 71%. Half of Russians support the slogan “Russia for Russians”, Vedomosti writes with reference to the data of the Levada center.

Indian authorities have banned e-cigarettes

As reported by IA REGNUM, on September 16, the national Commission for tobacco control of Indonesia recommended that the government ban electronic cigarettes before they “turn into an epidemic.”

World exports in 2018, billion $

In the first place is China, it is still the largest exporter in the world. In 2018, the country exported goods totaling $ 2.5 trillion. In second place, the United States: 1.7 trillion dollars. The largest U.S. export industries include food and beverage, crude oil, civil aircraft, auto parts, and industrial machinery.

Nothing terrible happened

According to Telegram-channel BAZA, in the city of Korolev, unknown people penetrated the secret plant of the Corporation “Tactical missile weapons” for more than a year. The local security service found out that someone had hired eight cleaners in the factory-in reality, they simply did not exist. But the system recorded the activation of the pass-in the evenings after six o’clock in the evening.

At the same time, the security service would have learned nothing, if not for an accidental letter from an anonymous person, to the head of the economic Department — a certain Alexander Osipov. Among other things, anonymous told about the dead souls in one of the units of the Department. “Cleaners” hastily fired, canceled passes, and all began to diligently pretend that nothing terrible happened.

The state Duma of Russia supported the introduction of excise taxes on vapes

The state Duma Committee on budget and taxes approved the introduction of excise duties on electronic nicotine delivery systems-electronic cigarettes and vapes, as well as devices for heating tobacco (like IQOS).

Freight will rise in price because of the ” bearing reform»

The largest Russian railway carrier JSC “Russian Railways” in the near future plans to replace the main parts in the wheels of cars – bearings, which provide rotation. Such a “bearing reform” can have a negative impact on the growth of prices for transportation, as well as on the operation of factories. Only foreign producers will win here, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes.

Earlier, the Commission on wagon economy and the Commission on traffic safety of the CIS confirmed the transition from standard roller bearings to “innovative” cassette, writes “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”. RZD plans to introduce them by 2021.

The head of the Ministry of communications said about interfering with business policies

Minister of communications Konstantin Noskov said that politicians interfere with the work of business. He said this at a conference of the American chamber of Commerce in Russia, reports RBC.

“Life is such that if you stand on the position of business, politics, we that is, very often interfere with business work. I think life would be easier for all of you without us — and without all our restrictions that we impose on business development, ” said Noskov

Most Russians saw the crisis in the economy

The majority of Russians surveyed by the Public opinion Foundation (POM) believe that there are signs of an economic crisis in the country.

In September 2019, 62% of respondents answered Yes to the question whether there is an economic crisis in the country at the moment. 14% found it difficult to answer, and 24% felt that the economic situation is all right.

Profit of Russian banks for eight months increased by almost 1.6 times

“The profit (net) of the banking sector for January-August 2019 amounted to 1.4 trillion rubles (0.9 trillion rubles-for January-August 2018),” the Russian regulator said in a document

A Chinese Bank placed bonds in pounds sterling for the first time

This week, China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) placed bonds denominated in pounds sterling for the first time. On the London stock exchange were placed securities for 600 million pounds.

Russia and Bulgaria start construction of Balkan stream gas pipeline»

Bulgaria begins construction of the Balkan stream gas pipeline with Russian participation. This was at a briefing on the results of negotiations with the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

In August, the number of new buildings in the United States reached its highest since 2007

In the United States, the number of homes, construction of which was started in August 2019, jumped compared to the previous month by 12.3% and amounted to 1364 thousand in terms of annual rates, according to the Ministry of trade of the country.

Construction of single-family homes rose 4.4 percent in August to 919,000. the Pace of construction of new apartment buildings, usually subject to significant volatility, soared 32.8 percent to 445,000.

Rogozin suggested Turkey use Baikonur

The head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin invited Turkey together with Russia and Kazakhstan to use the Baikonur cosmodrome. The Minister stressed that Roscosmos was even ready to hand over missiles to the Turkish side so that the country could launch its space objects into space.

Russia and China will create a satellite group to distribute the Internet

Russia and China are implementing a joint project to create a low-orbit satellite group to distribute high-speed Internet, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov told reporters after the meeting of the heads of government of Russia and China

“In other areas, it is cooperation in the field of space, nuclear energy. On the space agenda, we have ratified by the parties, entered into force, and this year we will sign a specific agreement on the locations of GLONASS and Beidou stations (Baidu, Chinese navigation system – ed.), “Akimov said.

Chapter SMRC them. Rogachev said the absence of the simplest drugs in Russia

Because of the recently adopted laws in Russian medicine disappeared vital for the treatment of cheap drugs, said the Director of the Institute of Hematology, immunology and cell technology NMITS. Rogacheva, Alexei Maschan.

“Now a long list of drugs has disappeared, for example, “Cytosar”, without which it is impossible to do in the treatment of myeloid leukemia, many simple drugs of accompanying therapy, sodium chloride, 4% and 8% soda. Instead of some imported drugs slip Russian, which have never passed clinical trials, which is necessary for biosimilars, ” – said Maschan on Wednesday,”Interfax”.

In New Zealand will remove the series “Lord of the rings»

Executive producers of the film D. Payne and P. McKay said that this place is ideal to bring to life the pristine beauty of middle-earth, as it preserved the majestic nature. While Amazon does not report detailed plans for the series.

Disney plans to release a new film on Assassin’s Creed

Disney is considering releasing a new movie based on The assassin’s Creed game series. This was reported by the portal We Got this Covered. It is likely that this will not be a continuation of the film “assassin’s Creed”, which was released in 2016, and a full remake

The network has a trailer for ” Rambo: the Last blood»

The film is scheduled to premiere on September 19, 2019. The network has a trailer for the action movie “Rambo: the Last blood” with Sylvester Stallone in the title role. The commercial was published by Lionsgate Films on its YouTube channel.

The trailer for the film adaptation of” In the long grass ” by Stephen king

Netflix has revealed the trailer for the film adaptation of Stephen king and his son Joe hill’s ” In the long grass.”

Kanye West named the release date of the album ” Jesus is King»

Rapper Kanye West’s ninth album, Jesus is King, will be released on September 27, 2019. This is stated on the poster published on the official website of the musician. Earlier in the Network there was a video in which Kanye West personally announces the release of the new album.

British band The Who released the first single in 13 years

Roger Daltrey, the band’s frontman, stated that the new album “WHO “is the band’s best release since” Quadrophenia ” (1973). The new album will be 11 songs. Currently, the album can be predicted on the band’s website, the release of the album ” WHO ” is scheduled for November 22.

Roskomnadzor has blocked a math forum instead of Telegram

English-language mathematical forum Art of Problem Solving has been blocked by Telecom operators. This drew the attention of Facebook user Sergey Markelov. According to him, MegaFon and Beeline subscribers no longer have access to the service.

“In this forum, I have never seen extremist criticism of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin or proselytism ” Jehovah’s Witnesses ” (banned in Russia organization-approx. «Tapes.ru.)» But there are many discussions of geometry, inequalities, polynomials and so on,” Markelov complained.

IP address of website artofproblemsolving.com entered in the register of Roskomnadzor, which contains pages with illegal information. The specified reason for the access restriction is the decision to block the telegram messenger in Russia, issued by the Tagansky court in April 2018.

Smart TVs share data about their owners with large corporations

Some “smart” TVs and media players transmit information to third-party companies and services, even if the owner of the device is not registered there, reports the Financial Times.

HP has released an unusual monitor “two in one” with a resolution of 4K

HP released the “ultrawide” monitor S430c that can simultaneously show images to be displayed with two graphics cards. On September 18, reported portal Engadget.

Facebook creates “smart” glasses to replace smartphones

The media said that the company Facebook is developing “smart” glasses codenamed Orion, which in theory should replace the smartphone. We will see them, however, not soon. Management points will be predominantly voice.

Severstal invests $6 million in us alloy developer

It is noted that the company from the United States has developed a unique technology for the production of rolled products with a diffusion modified surface layer. As a result of the investment, the Russian side plans to obtain technology for the production of new products with improved properties.

In the Japanese Starbucks sell pens with built-in electronic wallet

Starbucks Japan introduced an innovative pen with a built-in contactless payment system. By tying your e-wallet to it, the coffee shop visitor will be able to pay for their orders.

Robot of muscles and neurons learned to swim under the influence of light

The robot consists of a polymer frame on which scientists have grown cell cultures, as well as two fins that are connected to muscles. The latter are reduced by impulse from neurons that respond to light. As a result, the biorobot moves in the water.