20 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/19/2019

Publishers and writers defended the defendants in the ” Moscow case»

Publishers, literary critics, writers and other members of the literary environment published an open letter in support of the defendants in the “Moscow business” — Egor Zhukov, Evgeny Kovalenko, Konstantin Kotov, Danila Fugitive, Ivan Podkopayeva, Pavla Ustinov, Vladislav Tits and Cyril Zhukov. They demanded to reconsider all sentences. 30 people signed the open letter, the text is available on the page of literary critic Galina Yuzefovich in Facebook. In the comments there are messages of those who are ready to join the initiative.

“We represent the humanitarian world. In which the highest value-the life of a single person. To watch how today break destinies of young children-it is painful, and it is impossible to suffer it. We demand an immediate review of all sentences in the “Moscow case”, the blatant injustice of which is obvious to all thinking citizens of the country, ” the report said.

Non-profit organizations have issued an open letter

Representatives of non-profit organizations issued an open letter in support of the Director of happiness partners of the project on socialization of children “Noon” and volunteer candidate Lyubov Sobol Alexei minyailo. In early August, the court sent him to jail in the case of mass riots at an uncoordinated rally in Moscow on July 27.

The authors of the letter demanded ” to stop political repression and stop the persecution of Alexei minyailo, as well as other citizens detained, arrested and convicted during peaceful protests in the summer and autumn of 2019.”

Regulation of debt collection from citizens will undergo major changes.

The Ministry of justice has developed the concept of a new law, which will be mandatory pre-trial debt repayment, and the register of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) will have to include not only collectors, but also the credit institutions themselves. As a result, the market of Agency recovery may grow by one and a half times in 2020, and human rights activists, despite formally improving the situation of citizens of the rules, expect a serious aggravation of the problems of debtors, writes ” Kommersant»

The concept, in particular, assumes “establishment of obligatory pre-judicial (claim) order of return of overdue debt” of physical persons. The claimant will be able to apply to the court only if after receiving the offer to repay the delay the debtor does not close the debt within 30 days

Roscosmos acknowledged that the launch plan for this year will again fail

According to the plan, Roscosmos should perform 45 launches in 2019.But the Americans are to blame, as they refused a number of launches.

“45 definitely will not, because we have three devices “left” for the next year. These are not our devices, but the devices of our foreign partners, ” Rogozin complained.

“Fedora” colonize the moon and Mars

Roscosmos Rogozin, who spent the budget of Russia to create a useless ” robot Fedor, announced the launch of their production on an industrial scale for the colonization of the moon and Mars. This was done through Twitter “Fedor”, while he was in the box disassembled.

“Moon, Mars… To conquer the planets of the Solar system, colonies of robot avatars must be created, ” the robot said. It is noted that the variants of the appearance of future androids, which will be able to provide the work of “scientific stations in deep space”, are already ready. So, attached to the message illustrated robot mutant, which instead of feet wheeled chassis.

In the Pskov region collapsed bridge

Road bridge over the river Severance collapsed near the village of Tolmachevo in the South of Pskov region, who recently repaired with money from the local budget, was damaged again to repair the bridge will be in 2020, the press service of the regional government.

“During the collapse of the structure of the road bridge there is a victim. Currently, he is in the Velikiye Luki hospital, whose specialists provide the necessary medical care, ” the report said.


“In the village of Anatevka the Tuymazy district of Bashkortostan inaugurated a stop. Deputies of the village Council, teachers and pupils of rural school came to opening”


Security officers kidnapped Alexander Yakut shaman TM!

Around 6: 00 local time, masked men captured him on the approach to the border of the Irkutsk region near the village of Vydrino! Presumably he was taken to Ulan-Ude.

All the circumstances are now being investigated. Other members of the Shaman’s camp are also being detained. The masked men explain nothing. On the territory of the camp established a ” jammer”

The Ministry of natural resources presented a new assessment of mineral reserves in Russia.

The Agency estimated their total market value at the end of 2018 at 93.4 trillion rubles, according to RBC, citing data from the Ministry. At the end of 2017, the reserves were estimated at 55.2 trillion rubles.

The main share is accounted for by oil reserves-its value is estimated at 74.5 trillion rubles. This is 88% more than the previous figure (39.6 trillion rubles.). The growth of oil reserves in real terms amounted to 8.7% – from 9.04 billion to 9.83 billion tons. It follows that the unit of stocks for the year rose by 73%. In dollars, the estimate of oil reserves rose by $385 billion to $1.07 trillion. The cost of oil reserves at the same time amounted to 71.7% of GDP for 2018, the newspaper notes. At the time of publication of the news, the Ministry of natural resources has not commented on this report.


 Federal Reserve System, FED, for the second time in a year, it reduced the benchmark interest rate by 0.25% to 1.75-2%


Pompeo explained the failure of Patriot in the attack against Saudi Arabia

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo explained why the means of missile defense (air defense) of Saudi Arabia, including American Patriot, could not stop the drone attack on the oil facilities of the state-owned company Saudi Aramco. It is reported by the Associated Press. According to him, sometimes air defense systems around the world show contradictory results, and even the best of them do not always intercept targets.

“We will work to ensure that such attacks are no longer successful,” – said the Secretary of state.

Developed a material that can compete with plastic

Finnish scientists from Aalto University and VTT Research center have created a new material on a biological basis, which in the future can replace plastic. The elastic and durable material was obtained after combining the fibers of wood pulp and silk protein found in the threads of the web. The results are published in Science Advances.

Russians have become less likely to travel by car because of the price of gasoline

According to RIA “Novosti”, 47% of respondents said that they refused to use the car for this reason. Another 16% of Russians called the reason for the refusal of the car its expensive maintenance, insurance and taxes. In addition, 15% attributed it to financial difficulties and attempts to save, 14% – congestion, 8% – concern for the environment, and 7% – poor road conditions.

Trump left an autograph on the wall on the border with Mexico

US President Donald Trump has visited a section of the us-Mexico border where a wall is being built to combat illegal migration. It is noted that the American leader signed the design. The video with the corresponding moment on his Twitter page was published by trump himself. According to The Hill, the head of the United States noted that the construction absorbs heat to trying to climb over it to illegal climbers was harder to cross the border.

“You can fry eggs on this wall,” he said.

The Russian government approved a minimum wage increase of 7.5%

The Russian government has approved an increase in the minimum wage (minimum wage) from January 1, 2020 to 12,13 thousand rubles per month, according to the press service of the Ministry of labor, sent on Thursday. It is noted that the established minimum wage is 7.5% higher than the current one.

We will also consider the bill to increase the minimum wage. Every year we set a minimum wage of 100% of the subsistence minimum. For the second quarter of the previous year, in accordance with this mechanism, the minimum wage next year will increase by 850 rubles and will amount to 12 thousand 130 rubles. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Forbes compared the awards of Russian top managers

Scientists have found the cause of the ice age

In St. Petersburg found traces of an asteroid that led the planet to mass extinction 500 million years ago. An article about the discovery published in the journal ScienceAdvances Professor, University of Chicago Philip hake

Scientists suggest that the so-called “parent body” collided with another asteroid, resulting in a huge cloud of dust. It obscured the sunlight, and as a result the temperature on Earth dropped.

Google will release Android TV adapters TV Stick

Google is reportedly working on a stick-like TV adapter running Android TV. Simply put, it is the same set-top box, only in the form of a flash drive, connected directly to the HDMI port on the TV.

Putin explained the main risk of investment in Russia

The actual lack of venture capital financing in Russia is due to the fact that for “eight failures” in it, when using budget money, you can get “a total of 20 years in prison.” This was at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) with the participation of President Vladimir Putin said his assistant Andrei Belousov, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

If the owner does not fulfill its obligations, the company will be nationalized

The city-forming enterprise “Crimean Titan” (Armyansk, the Republic of Crimea), owed 1.8 billion rubles to resource-supplying organizations, in August the owner of the plant changed, TASS reports. The head of the Crimea, said that the results of the work on the implementation of the roadmap of the authorities of the Republic and the new management of the plant will discuss on September 20.

“In August, a new owner appeared at the enterprise, who is preparing his proposals regarding the continuation of the road map. If the owner does not fulfill its obligations, the company will be nationalized. We hope that the new owner will fulfill its obligations, ” – said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, but did not specify which organization became the new owner of the enterprise

Denmark plans to buy gas from other countries

The Danish government is forced to temporarily stop gas production for the reconstruction of facilities. At this time, Copenhagen plans to buy fuel from other countries, Danish radio reported Wednesday, citing the Ministry of energy.

“During the suspension of operation is expected to import gas from Germany, originating initially from Norway, Russia or the Netherlands,” – quoted from the document on the radio.

The Finance Ministry decided to increase budget spending

Treasury spending in 2020 may be increased by 1.2 trillion rubles compared to the current year. This is stated in the draft Federal budget, which was reviewed by “Izvestia”. It is noted that in 2020, with revenues of 20.4 trillion rubles, 19.5 trillion rubles will be spent on the needs of the country.

Beijing has achieved privileges in strategic partnership with Iran

Chinese business will have advantages in doing business outside Iran, its interests will also be protected by 5 thousand Chinese military in the Islamic Republic. This is stated in the updated China-Iran comprehensive strategic partnership agreement.

The Ministry of Finance placed OFZ at 18.2 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia during the auction placed bonds of the Federal loan (OFZ) series 26225 on 18,161 billion rubles. This is stated in the message of the Department.

Demand for OFZ-PD issue 26225RMFS with a maturity date 10 may 2034 amounted to 28,566 billion. Proceeds from the offering — 18.68 billion rubles, yield at the cut-off price-7.31% per annum, weighted average yield-7.31% per annum.

Thailand cancels an entry form for foreigners

Thailand in the next three months will cancel and withdraw from circulation entry forms for foreigners, the so-called “white cards” or “Form TM6”, according to the online version of the newspaper “Khao SOT” with reference to the administration of the Prime Minister.

Mitsubishi announced the premiere of its new crossover

As part of the Tokyo motor show, Mitsubishi will present a conceptual crossover. Representatives of brands reporting that the new crossover will combine the expertise and hybrid technology, and a new electric all-wheel drive system. The concept car is described as an electrified crossover that will provide unparalleled driving pleasure as well as confidence on all sections of the road.


Equinox has discovered a gas field offshore in the Norwegian sea


Business Ombudsman announced plans to create a “black list” of judges

The Commissioner for the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov is going to create a “black list” of Russian judges. He said this on his page on Facebook. According to him, a special expert group will be created for this purpose, which will assess court decisions.

Russian cities with the most arrogant inhabitants

According to a study by Zoom market, the most arrogant Russians live in Voronezh, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Further in the list — Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. Moscow took the seventh place in the ranking, and the lowest were the residents of Ivanovo.

The state Duma adopted in the second reading the law on increasing excise taxes on wine.

The state Duma of Russia adopted in the second reading a bill to increase excise taxes on wines from 2020, as well as a bill providing for the possibility of providing subsidies to stimulate the production of grapes and wine products in Russia.

According to the draft law on increasing excise taxes on wines, from 2020 their rates for still wines will increase from 18 to 31 rubles per liter, for sparkling wines – from 36 to 40 rubles, while excise rates for wines produced in Russia and imported into it will be equalized. The document provides for a tax deduction for producers, provided the proper use of excisable raw materials.

The number of taxi cars in the regions may be limited

The number of taxi cars connected to one aggregator may be limited in each region of the Russian Federation. This initiative was introduced in the state Duma by the organization “Collective protection” and the social movement “Blue buckets”.

In the United States began construction of the first landing boat of the new generation

The American edition of Defense News said that, according to the General contractor of the U.S. Navy company Vigor Works, the military Department of the United States has moved to a completely new stage in the development and construction of a promising landing ship of the next generation. It is planned that the first prototype will be ready for use in the next 4 years.

The court in Bulgaria allowed the construction of ” Turkish stream»

The Supreme administrative court of Bulgaria has stopped the proceedings on the selection of a contractor for the construction of the pipeline, which will take gas from the “Turkish stream” — it will remain a consortium led by the Saudi company Arkad Engineering.

Putin criticized the work to eliminate the consequences of floods

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting at The crisis center of the Ministry of emergency situations criticized the work of regional authorities in the far East in the aftermath of floods.

Japan did not recognize handed Russia the remains of 600 prisoners of war

The remains of about 600 world war II prisoners of war transferred by Russia to Japan are not the remains of Japanese citizens. This is reported by Kyodo and Sanyo, citing the Ministry of health, labor and welfare of Japan

Estonia wanted to be an independent partner of Russia

Estonian President Kirsty Kaljulaid said her country should talk to Russia on its own. To be among those who discuss cooperation and moving forward with Moscow.

“We should remain among the countries that themselves speak with Russia and with which other allies and partners discuss issues of interaction with the Russians or Russia, how we move forward,” — quotes her portal ERR

Putin called for the introduction of a digital platform for business complaints

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the introduction of a digital platform through which representatives of the business community will be able to report on the pressure on entrepreneurs from law enforcement agencies, reports TASS.

The Ministry of economic development will work with civil society in the CIS

The Ministry of economic development will have a structure in charge of civil society and human rights projects in the CIS. It will be headed by the former Secretary of the HRC Yana Lantratova, moving to the Ministry from the Kremlin, said a source RBC, close to the Department, and confirmed another source close to the government.

The new structure will organize specialized forums and festivals and complement economic integration in the CIS and the EAEU with social and cultural direction. It is planned that the unit will oversee youth projects, work with NGOs, coordinate actions with human rights defenders, interacting with the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Ministry of culture, Ministry of Education and other agencies.

The number of new mortgages in August decreased by 20%

The number of new mortgage loans, the funds for which were transferred to the accounts of borrowers, in August 2019 decreased compared to the same month last year by 20%, to 96.5 thousand. the Volume of loans decreased by 15%, to 211.7 billion rubles, the press service of the United credit Bureau (OKB)

Canadian Prime Minister apologizes for his 18-year-old photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized Wednesday for being photographed with black makeup on his face in 2001, Reuters reported.

“Then I should have thought better of it, but I did not, and in the end did what I did, and I’m sorry,” the Agency quoted Trudeau as saying when he commented to journalists on the publication of the Times. “I put on the Aladdin costume and put on makeup. I shouldn’t have done it,” Trudeau said.

Released the trailer for ” Dark waters»

Mark Ruffalo plays corporate lawyer Robert Bilott, who learns that DuPont has been polluting water in the U.S. state of West Virginia with chemicals for several years. Hathaway plays the wife Bilotta Sara.

“Smart” showcase will adjust the range of the store for customers

The system of “smart” showcase, which personalizes the range of goods stores for each customer, will appear in Russia in 2021, the Agency “Prime” reported in the information Bureau of the National technological initiative. Development Vitrina Connect owned “Showcase A group”.

In Barnaul opened the all-Russian festival of performances on Shukshin

In Barnaul on the stage of the Altai regional drama theater opened the all-Russian festival of performances based on the works of V. M. Shukshin ” Hello, people !”

Prior to the ceremony, a street performance was held in the square in front of the theater, in which Barnaul artists, including students of AGIK, tried to create a world of Shukshin inhabited by his characters and texts.

The network got the scheme of surveillance of Russians via mobile phones

Nokia employees accidentally leaked the mechanism of surveillance of Russians via mobile phones. It is stated in the report of the company UpGuard dealing with cyber security issues.

According UpGuard, free was 1.7 terabytes of data, related to one of Russia’s largest telecommunications providers. Among them — photos of the equipment and instructions on SORM (system of technical means for ensuring functions of quickly-search actions). The system provides verification and interception of data by Russian law enforcement agencies. The published arrays included wiring diagrams and equipment installations by Nokia Siemens Networks in 2014-2016.

Sony showed the trailer for an alternative version of spider-Man

Studio Sony has published an unusual commercial for the film “spider-Man: Away from home.” The video is a trailer for a fictional film about a European superhero and alter ego of spider-Man named Night Monkey. The video consists of frames with spider-Man, dressed in a black suit

Celine Dion presented three songs from her new album “Courage»

51-year-old superstar unveiled three new songs from the upcoming album, including title track “Courage”, “Lying Down”, which was attended by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort and Sia, and the lead single, “Imperfections”, written by Ari Abbey, Michael Pollak, Nicholas of Perloff-Giles and Dallas Kelce.

Facebook has introduced a video chat console Portal TV

Facebook has introduced the console Portal TV, which connects to the TV, reports The Verge. The device will go on sale on November 5 and will cost $149. The device is designed for video calls via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Xiaomi introduced the 70-inch Mi TV 4A

Chinese company Xiaomi introduced Mi TV 4A with 70-inch 4K resolution screen with support for extended dynamic range. The device received a narrow frame and a thin body, which makes it similar to a giant picture.

The Wi-Fi Alliance launched the Wi-Fi standard 6

The non-profit organization Wi-Fi Alliance has officially launched the Wi-Fi 6 certification program (aka 802.11 ax). This means that the new devices will soon enter the market and provide growth in data rates.

Apple has created technology to control the characters of games look

Apple’s technology will allow them to get rid of controllers and control characters with a glance. Eye tracking system can be used not only in games, but also, for example, when watching TV.

IBM has updated the most powerful commercial quantum computer

IBM has upgraded its commercial quantum computing system, doubling its performance. The new computer now operates with 53 qubits, whereas previous models had no more than 20.

The disappearance of the Icelandic walrus was guilty Vikings

The extinction of Icelandic walruses has been linked to the emergence of Viking hunters on the island, according to a new study by Danish scientists. It is reported on 16 September Newscientst. On the territory of Iceland once lived a unique subspecies of walrus.

Some cancer cells show a tendency to ” cannibalism»

Researchers from the medical school at Tulane University (USA) found that some cancer cells survive chemotherapy by feeding on neighboring tumor cells. Understanding this mechanism, doctors will be able to better cope with cancer and prevent relapse after treatment, reports the portal EurekAlert!. An article describing the discovery was published in the Journal of Cell Biology.

Scientists have found cells that promote wound healing

Two groups of scientists conducted a study of MAIT cells-invariant T lymphocytes associated with the mucous membrane. It turned out that they play a very important role for human health. Researchers have proven that MAIT cells not only fight infections, but also promote wound healing. Scientists say MAIT cells can be activated by vitamin-like molecules to heal chronic skin ulcers, as well as to treat chronic colitis and Crohn’s disease.

As Naked Science notes, the study was supported by the Oxford biomedical research center.

In Kostroma shortage of teachers

Two weeks in gymnasium #28 have fifth graders not was lessons Russian language and literature. Because there was no one to teach them! One teacher resigned, and others are already working for three

The indignant parents of school students declared that are ready to employ the teacher from outside and to bill for his services of the city administration!

Only after that local officials interfered, the head of Department of education arrived to a gymnasium, teachers found in a day.

Speaker of the Moscow city Duma again became Alexei Shaposhnikov

Earlier he held this post as the Deputy from party “United Russia”, and now was elected as the independent candidate. 28 deputies from 45 voted for it. The self-nominated in the Moscow city Duma 25 seats. In his speech, Shaposhnikov urged not to “politicize too much” the work in the Moscow city Duma and not to use the podium for political statements.


In the Moscow city Duma of Russia did not run any candidate from the “United Russia”. But the faction will still be available


Director of Regardie said that Pavel Ustinov should appoint a suspended sentence

“The court makes a decision. For my part, I would give a maximum of a year conditionally [Ustinov]. But these 3.5 years would translate to [sentenced to five years for tweeting about the children of security forces blogger Vladislav] Tit. That’s my point of view, ” Zolotov said. He explained that Tit should not be reduced, and add the term “for calls to kill wives, children.” “I think he got off with a short sentence. And thank God we didn’t get him!”added gold.

Monitoring social networks of students – to monitor their “moral character”.

Freshman Ural state University of Economics in Yekaterinburg is under threat of expulsion because of the subscription to the LGBT community in “Vkontakte”. This was reported by local publications.

The University has confirmed that it is monitoring the social networks of students – to monitor their ” moral character.” The fact of participation of the student in group the rector and the Vice-rector consider gay propaganda, but thus declare that nobody planned to expel it.. The fact of participation of the student in group the rector and the Vice-rector consider gay propaganda, but thus declare that nobody planned to expel it.

Russia refused to transfer financial information to Britain in auto mode

FTS after the refusal of the UK from the auto exchange also stops transmitting information to her in this mode. Russians with accounts in Britain will not be able to use the benefits that are provided for the countries participating in the auto exchange from 2020

Arrested Deputy head of the Department of culture

In Moscow, law enforcement officers detained the Deputy Director of the Department of state protection of cultural heritage of the Ministry of culture Pavel Mosolov. It is reported by TASS. Also the former head of this Department Vladimir Tsvetnov and two businessmen who too are persons involved in business are detained. According to the Agency’s source, all of them have been charged.

It is noted that Mosolov P. O., Magdeeva T. S., Tsvetnov V. A. and Semikov S. B. pass under part 4 of Art. 159 of the criminal code, which concerns fraud on a large scale, committed by an organized group.

Workers will be able to recover unpaid wages without trial

Employees will be able to recover from the employer unpaid wages in a simplified manner, without going to court. This is the aim of the bill, which was approved by the state Duma Committee on security and anti-corruption. On September 24, deputies can adopt it in the first reading.

Drugs to fight cancer, the Russians are forced to buy at their own expense

In 2018, there were 624.7 thousand cases of cancer. This is 1.2% more than in 2017. Almost two-thirds of patients report difficulties in obtaining prescribed medications. This is reported by the weekly magazine “Profile”.