21 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/20/2019

Actor Pavel Ustinov released from custody by the decision of the Moscow city court

The judge decided that the investigation he can not hide and consideration of the case will not interfere in any way. Not entered into force sentence, the judge said-not the basis to keep a person behind bars

With the petition to change a measure of restraint before the appeal on a sentence to the person involved “Moscow business” the Prosecutor’s office addressed to court. The Prosecutor in court explained why the Supervisory authority suddenly changed its position and asked to release from custody the defendant in the “Moscow case” Pavel Ustinov. It appears, it needs to be transferred on recognizance not to leave because ” active collection of proofs on criminal case is complete. There is no fear that Ustinov may abscond from the investigation or the court.” And Ustinov is registered in the Moscow region and served in the army — and this is also the arguments for releasing him from custody before the appeal against the sentence to send the actor to the colony for 3.5 years. In hundreds of other petitions for change of a measure of restraint in other cases to their persons involved all these arguments don’t help, the correspondent of “Open media” in a hall of the Moscow city court remembers.

Last week Ustinov was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison — according to investigators, he was resisting arrest during an unsanctioned rally and a dislocated shoulder resguardar.

Dmitry Peskov – how to change the position of the Prosecutor’s office in the case of Pavel Ustinov

Echo of Moscow: is the Kremlin surprised that the Prosecutor’s office has been expressing a position that contradicts itself [in the case of Pavel Ustinov] for several days? Publicly, officially in court.

Peskov: No, not surprising.

The US will allocate military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $250 million

The house of representatives approved a bill to temporarily Fund the Federal government until November 21. The bill provides for an extension for another year of funding for the “Initiative to support the security of Ukraine”, which expires after September 30. The document provides, in particular, the allocation of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $250 million.

The new draft budget was supported by 301 parliamentarians, 123 people spoke against it. The Senate is expected to approve the bill next week.

“Insulted the honor and dignity of the chief physician»

Russian doctor Pavel Apostol, who complained about the poor conditions in the rest room of the ambulance staff, said that he had written two statements to the police. The doctor told about it on the page in “Vkontakte”.

In conversation with “Ridus” the Apostle specified that one of complaints was directed by the husband of the chief physician who is the chief of economic part of hospital. According to the physician, the laid out photos of a rest room “offended honor and advantage of the chief physician”.

The second statement was written about the theft of the sofa, which “has not disappeared” and allegedly stands in one place for five years. The interlocutor of the edition also noted that to office there came it is investigative-task force and interrogated people on the first complaint, including him.

US corporations depend on China

The largest us corporations are very dependent on China. This is an important market. In 2018, China accounted for 19.6% of Apple’s revenue, Starbucks-20.2%, in the case of Boeing — 12.8%. The production chains of many technology companies are tied to China. Chipmakers may be under special attack. For example, more than 50% of revenues of Micron Technology and Qualcomm last year fell on the Chinese market.

The Ministry of natural resources 400 times raised the cost of all animals in Russia

The cost of all hunting resources in Russia-21 species of animals, from moose to mouflon-amounted to 267 billion rubles at the end of 2018, according to an updated assessment of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology. This is more than 400 times higher than the estimate of the same animals at the end of 2017 (only 0.6 billion rubles).

The CPS has supported a ban on the sale of alcohol in homes

The Federal service for supervision of consumer protection (Rospotrebnadzor) has approved a proposal to ban the sale of alcohol in catering facilities located in apartment buildings.

Earlier, the state Duma prepared a bill that gives the regions the right to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages in homes where there are small cafes, bars and restaurants.

Banks have dramatically stepped up the attraction of potential borrowers

As told” Kommersant ” bankers themselves and their customers, in August—September sharply intensified calls AND SMS messaging to citizens with an obsessive offer of loans, even to those who had not taken them. Experts believe that this is due to changes in regulatory requirements from 1 October.

Who has warned of a virus capable of killing tens of millions

The world health organization (who) has published a report highlighting the threat of a new pandemic of viral diseases. Its victims may be tens of millions of people around the world, write “Izvestia”. Experts report that among the threats of large – scale epidemics of viruses-reviving and re-emerging five types of influenza, Ebola, Nipah and zika.

American woman’s blood turned blue because of dental painkillers

The blood of a 25-year-old new Yorker turned dark blue after she took medicine for a toothache, writes the Daily Mail. It is noted that the girl drank a whole jar of benzocaine, which is why she developed methemoglobinemia.

In Russia there is a shortage of working personnel

In most Russian regions, there is a shortage of working personnel — nine of the top 10 most scarce professions belong to the “blue collar”: welders, locksmiths, loaders, assemblers. But in the whole country, the rating of “deficit” is headed by doctors — they are not enough in 64 of the 75 analyzed regions. In the face of a declining labor force, low unemployment and weak economic growth, the introduction of a four-day workweek now being discussed can only further exacerbate the shortage of workers, experts warn.

Military enlistment offices will be able to call in the army without registration of citizens

The defense Ministry has developed new rules on which the military enlistment offices will start registration cards not only registered in their area of young people, but also on the actual living. Such amendments to the Regulations on military registration developed in the Ministry of defense (the document is at the disposal of “Izvestia”).

The growth of salaries of managers and ordinary workers in the United States over the past 40 years.

In 2018, CEOs managing 350 leading U.S. companies received an average of $ 17.2 million each, 278 times the salary of their average employee.

Since 1978, CEO salaries in the United States have risen by nearly 1,000%, while average employee wages have risen by just under 12%.

The Russians continued to save and fix the price increase

Russians feel that inflation is growing faster than they expect, and at a higher rate than official statistics claim. This is stated in the study of PwC consulting “Recent trends in the retail and consumer goods market” for the second quarter of 2019.

The observed inflation rate in the second quarter was 10.4%, which is 5.4 percentage points higher than the official 5% recorded by the Bank of Russia. The expected inflation rate in the second quarter is 9.4%. The forecast of the Central Bank does not exclude that inflation may slow down and fall below the target level of 4% by the end of 2019, previously stated the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

The Pentagon has a plan to overcome the air defense system in Kaliningrad

According to Breaking Defense, the commander of the US air force in Europe and Africa Jeffrey Lee Harrigian at a meeting with the media shared the Pentagon’s plan to strike at Kaliningrad. According to him, Washington is ready “very timely” to respond to possible “Russian aggression” in Europe.

“We are working on this scheme. We are always thinking through these plans, and if ever it is necessary, we will be ready to implement them, ” – said the military

Disclosed the details of the reform provide Russians with drugs

In the reform of the drug provision of the Russians, which prepares the Ministry of health, and which drugs should be free for all hospital patients in Russia can be set to the value of “years saved quality of life.” It will be from one million rubles in the case of treatment of common diseases to 22 million in the case of rare diseases, said in an interview with ” Tape.ru ” ideologist of the project, General Director Of the center of expertise and quality control of medical care “of the Ministry of health of Russia Vitaly omelyanovsky.

According to Omelyanovsky, the cost of” a year of quality life ” is the maximum amount of money the state can spend on medicines for one patient. This practice (QALY — quality-adjusted life years) is recognized as a reference throughout the world

New fraudulent scheme, because of which you can lose your home

The Bank of Russia and the onf noted the proliferation of scams pseudologue schemes in the market of lending secured on dwellings, similar to those used in pseudoline with cars, told journalists the head of Department of counteraction to unfair practices of the Central Bank Valery Lyakh and head of the onf project “For the rights of borrowers” Eugene Lazarev

“People come to get a loan. They are told that if you mortgage the apartment, the amount will be more, and the percentage of it is less. But in the process of registration, people sign not just a pledge agreement, but a repurchase agreement. That is, they ” sell “their homes for the amount of” loan”, which often does not exceed even a quarter of the value of the property and enter into a lease. They artificially create conditions for delay,” the press service of the project “For the rights of borrowers”noted.

Russian cosmonaut did not get a new position because of his American wife

The security service of Roscosmos denied the post to the first Deputy head of the cosmonaut training Center (CPC) cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko because of his American wife. This was reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to sources in the rocket and space industry.

Huawei introduced a smartphone with four cameras and without Google

Chinese company Huawei introduced smartphones from the flagship line of Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro on the Android operating system, but without licensed Google applications.

Hacker told why you can not use someone else’s charging

The head of the team of hackers who are hired to search for vulnerabilities in systems, Charles Henderson told, at the conference for hareks “DEF CON Hacking Conference” in Las Vegas, why you can not charge your smartphone with someone else’s charger wires. Charles explained this by the fact that he and his team have found a way to introduce viruses into the wires and through them to hack devices uninformed users.

“We send someone a cool iPhone wire in the mail. Maybe we sign it in some innocuous way, like the name of a supplier or a partner they’ve listed on their website. We send the wire and see if the person will use it, ” Henderson explains as he weans his customers from using other people’s charging wires.

Rostrud has identified six regions with the highest salaries in the country.

According to the press service of the Department, received by Interfax, it is Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk territory, Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi districts and Yakutia.

In Moscow, specify in Department, there are more than 8 thousand vacancies with a salary over 80 thousand rubles. More than 7 thousand high-paid jobs were placed by employers of the Krasnoyarsk territory. About 2.5 thousand jobs in Yakutia and around 1.5 thousand in KHMAO, YANAO and St. Petersburg.

Natives of the Caucasus and Central Asia began to buy housing in Moscow

In 2019, a quarter of transactions with three-and four-bedroom “secondary” apartments worth up to 15 million rubles is made by visitors from neighboring countries-mainly from the Caucasus and Central Asia

The head of the Council of Muftis of Russia called the number of Muslims in Moscow

Between three and four million Muslims currently live in Moscow. Ravil Gainutdin, Chairman of the Presidium of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia and head of the Council of Muftis of Russia, told Izvestia in an interview.

“In 1997, the mayor of Moscow said that 800 thousand Muslims live in the capital. Today I hear from the leadership of the capital that 3-4 million residents of the city — both permanent and temporary — profess Islam,” he said, pointing out that this growth is largely due to migration from Central and Central Asia.

Roscosmos must have “some kind of secret»

On the eve of Rogozin said that he knows where in the household compartment of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09” formed a “hole”, but will not disclose this information. According to Dmitry Peskov, Roscosmos must have “some kind of secret.”

On August 30, 2018, an air leak occurred on the International space station (ISS). In the manned compartment of the docked Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, a hole about 3 cm long was found. Experts believe that the hole was made by a drill. Versions of damage of the ship both on the Earth, and in space were considered.

Regions of Russia with the sickest children

In Russia, the highest rates of General morbidity among children under 14 years were recorded in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (343 297.1 diseases per 100 thousand children). This is followed by Karelia (339 633,9) and Arkhangelsk region (335 739). This is evidenced by data the Ministry of health for 2018, which examined News.ru.

Excommunicate the Director for the play ” the Ideal husband. Comedy»

The national conservative movement has published an open letter asking Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia to excommunicate the Director, husband of Ksenia Sobchak Konstantin Bogomolov, if he does not achieve the removal from the repertoire at the Moscow art theater named after Chekhov of his play “the Ideal husband. Comedy.»

“Tomorrow I will speak with representatives of the office, it is important for us to hear from them. The blasphemous sodomite play “the Ideal husband” continues at the Chekhov Moscow art theater. We decided to appeal to his Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia, he will decide whether the Church court will deal with this or it will be decided in some other way,” Bobrova told the Daily Storm.

In the Murmansk region began to create a wind farm

In the Murmansk region in the Kola district was laid the first stone of the “Kola WPP”, which will provide the region with wind energy. This is reported by the “Murmansk Herald”. As noted, the wind farm will start working at the end of 2021

The Japanese government has developed a pilot tour to Kunashir and Iturup

The Japanese government has developed a pilot tour route to Iturup and Kunashir as part of the two countries ‘ joint economic activities on the Islands, NHK reported Thursday. According to the channel, Japanese tourists and government officials will travel to Kunashir and Iturup from 11 to 16 October.

A group of about 50 people will go to Kunashir from the port of Nemuro in Hokkaido. They will visit the Russian Orthodox Church and the Museum. On Iturup they plan to visit the hot spring as well as the picturesque coast known for its white cliffs.

Physicists have built a microwave diode

Physicists from China and Canada have built a simple but effective “diode” for microwaves, which freely transmits waves in one direction and weakens the reverse waves a thousand times.

Russians are more likely to call through messengers than cellular

According to Deloitte research, messengers have become a leader in the level of demand for smartphone functions among Russians, Kommersant reports. 53% of respondents began to use such applications more often. The survey was attended by 1.6 thousand Russians over 16 years of age from more than 250 settlements.

Bank customers will appreciate the loans of their relatives

Several credit institutions are considering a new approach to customer scoring. They are preparing to evaluate borrowers depending on how their relatives pay on loans. The developed model evaluates the risk of default of the borrower only on the basis of credit histories of his immediate environment, data about the client are not used,

The state Duma of Russia adopted the law on excise duties on electronic cigarettes and vapes

The state Duma adopted a law on the introduction of excise duties on electronic nicotine delivery devices (disposable and reusable electronic cigarettes and vapes), devices for heating tobacco and liquid containing nicotine, according to the website of the lower house of the Russian Parliament. Excise duties will be effective from 1 January 2020.

Supporting Pavel Ustinov actress threatened to be fired from the theater

Actress Perm academic theater” Theater-Theater ” Daria Egorova said in the social network Facebook, that she decided to fire because of the performance in support of the actor Pavel Ustinov, who was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

By the end of the year, Ukraine will earn more than $ 100 million on Nord stream

The decision of the court of justice on the restriction of the Opal gas pipeline will allow Ukraine to save the transit of Russian gas at last year’s level and get to the end of 2019 unplanned $ 110 million will be additional revenue of “Naftogaz Ukraine”, if “Gazprom” compensates for the reduction in the supply of “Nord stream” and its sequel, the Ukrainian direction.

The superhydrophobic material retained its properties after thousands of bends

Japanese scientists have created a durable and elastic superhydrophobic material, the structure resembles the skin of a fish-hedgehog. The microstructural material of star-shaped zinc oxide particles coated with a polymer retained hydrophobic properties even after 1000 cycles of friction and bending, and withstood twisting, scratching, and incisions. The study was published in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

The Ministry of natural resources almost doubled the assessment of oil reserves in Russia

The Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation increased the valuation of oil reserves in the country by the end of 2018 almost twice – from 39.58 trillion to 74.51 trillion rubles. It follows from the materials of the Ministry. At the same time, the assessment of gas reserves changed by about a quarter – from 11.31 trillion to 14.11 trillion rubles.

China’s CNPC began construction of a new oil pipeline in Africa for $5 billion

Construction of the new pipeline began China national petroleum Corporation (CNPC) on September 17 in Niger, according to the website Radio France Internationale.

Saudi Arabia is going to buy from Iraq 20 million barrels of oil

Saudi Arabia has requested 20 million barrels of oil from the Iraqi state Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) to supply its refineries (refineries). Saudi Aramco declined to comment.

Qatar Petroleum and Shell create joint venture

Yesterday, Wave LNG Solutions, a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum, and Shell Gas & Power Developments (Shell) signed a shareholder agreement to create a company that will provide global bunkering services with liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Named the premiere date of the first electric car Mazda

Mazda plans to present its first production electric car at the Tokyo motor show, which will be held in October. It is reported by Automotive news with reference to the official representative of the Japanese brand. The car will be on sale only next year. According to Automotive News, the novelty will receive a battery capacity of 35.5 kilowatt-hours and an electric motor capacity of 142 horsepower and 264 Nm of torque.

Arab coalition conducted military operation in Yemen after drone attack

The aim of the operation is “military targets”, the coalition asked civilians to avoid the objects targeted by the coalition. The coalition later announced that the operation had destroyed four sites where unmanned boats and sea mines were collected

The UN security Council rejected the resolution of Russia and China on Idlib

In the UN security Council, nine countries voted against the resolution of Russia and China on a ceasefire in Syrian Idlib while maintaining military operations against terrorists in the region. Approved the document only the authors of the initiative, four countries abstained, according to Reuters.

Putin raised salaries of civil servants

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to increase the salaries of employees of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, as well as other civil servants. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”. It is noted that the salaries of diplomatic workers will increase from October 1, 2019. So monthly payments will increase by 1,043 times.

Boeing has tested the first unmanned tanker aircraft

Boeing, in conjunction with the U.S. Navy, has successfully completed the first test flight of the unmanned aerial refueling aircraft deck-based MQ-25 Stingray, said in a statement posted on the company’s website.

The European Parliament condemned Russia for trying to ” whitewash the Stalinist regime»

The official website of the European Parliament published a press release entitled “Europe must remember its past to build its future”, which calls on Russia to abandon its own assessment of the actions of the” Soviet totalitarian regime “at the end of the first half of the XX century, and to join the”common culture of memory”. As an example of the crimes of the Stalinist USSR in the European Parliament refer to the Molotov — Ribbentrop Pact.

“Members of the European Parliament Express concern about the efforts of the current Russian leadership to whitewash the crimes committed by the Soviet totalitarian regime, and consider them as a dangerous component of the information war against democratic Europe. They also condemn extremist and xenophobic political forces and organizations in Europe for distorting historical facts and using symbols and rhetoric of totalitarian propaganda, including racism, anti — Semitism and hatred of sexual and other minorities,” the document says.

In Rybinsk launched the fourth boat ” Grachonok»

The fourth anti-sabotage boat “Grachonok” for the Kerch brigade of Regardie was launched in Rybinsk in the Yaroslavl region, it is designed to protect the waters of the Kerch Strait, the Department reported.

Almost 2.7 million rubles from the budget of Tatarstan will pay the contractor for the development of the project of restoration of the temple-monument to the soldiers who fell at the capture of Kazan in 1552.

In Yalta police suspected of organizing illegal migration

In Yalta, the police are suspected of organizing a criminal group, which for bribes imported into Russia illegal migrants. As reported in the RF IC, last night in Yalta was carried out a special operation to suppress the activities of a criminal group.

Disney will make an adventure film ” Knights»

The script of the tape will act Matt Orton, known for “Operation ” Final”, according to Collider. As Executive producers Jessica Wirth and Chaz Salembier.

The plot of the film takes place in the Middle ages. About this era currently on Studio also go emki “Saga about Merlin” Ridley Scott and a remake of ” Sword in stone.” On the release date of the picture in wide release is not specified

The second trailer of the film “Robo” by Sarik Andreasyan appeared in the network

Central partnership has released the second trailer For Sarik Andreasyan’s Robo, which is scheduled to premiere on October 31. The protagonist of the film 12-year-old Mitya Privalov dreams of drawing comics, but his parents demand to follow in their footsteps and become a robotics engineer

Festival of dolls on the wrist in Tomsk

I international festival of dolls on Vladimir Zakharov’s wrist will be held in Tomsk from 20 to 29 September. This was reported edition tvtomsk.ru the Director of the theatre “2+ku”.

“This year, on September 30, Vladimir would have turned 65. We decided to fulfill his long-standing dream-to organize a festival of dolls on the wrist, and invited friends, colleagues, students of Vladimir Zakharov, who work with a doll on the wrist, to us in Tomsk in the theater 2+Ku!”,- said the Director of the theater Irina Naumova.

Cyprus launched the Russian theatre season

The audience will see three performances. One of them is a production based on Chekhov’s works “Proposal”, which won the theater festival in Avignon. The program of the season included a children’s puppet show “Three pigs”. It will be played in Russian and will be supplemented with Greek subtitles. The Comedy “Rubik’s Cube or geometry of love” based on the playwright Karine Khodikyan will be shown to the audience in Armenian with a Russian translation.

Released trailer Thriller ” the Rhythm Section»

The film is scheduled to premiere on January 3, 2020. Paramount Pictures has released a trailer for the action movie “the Rhythm Section” (Rhythm Section) with Blake lively and Jude law in the lead roles. The picture is based on the novel by writer Mark Burnell

For users with iOS 13 earned the game service Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade allows you to play games not only on your smartphone, but also on Apple TV, tablet and computers, but the latter will get access to the game service later. The game service on the iPad and Apple TV will start working on September 30, and you can start playing on the Mac next month.

Frequencies for 5G in Russia can be put up for auction

The issue of bidding for frequencies will be considered by the SCR on October 14, follows from the draft decision of the Commission, which was reviewed by Izvestia. This information was confirmed by a source familiar with the participants of the state Commission, an official of the relevant Department, as well as a representative of the Ministry of communications Yevgeny Novikov

11 frequency lots can be put up for auction – the winning companies will have the opportunity to deploy 5G in the corresponding range throughout Russia within 10 years, except for special sections. For example, in Moscow organized five of the five-kilometer forbidden zone for 5G, they will surround the future station of the Russian space Agency needed to obtain scientific data from satellites of remote sensing.

Mozilla wants to rid the Internet of advertising

Mozilla and Creative Commons said they have $100 million at their disposal to implement the program, dubbed Grant for the Web. According to the Grant for the Web plan, each year for five years, developers and sites working on the principle of Web Monetization, will be allocated $20 million

Scientists have learned how sea urchins can gnaw rocks

It is no secret that sea urchins can gnaw through even holes in rocks with their sharp teeth, because their teeth have not only special strength, but are always extremely sharp. A group of American scientists decided to unravel the secret of sea urchins and examined under a microscope the structure of their teeth. It turned out that the teeth of these marine animals sharp on only one side, external. The inner side of the tooth is built in such a way as to support the outer, giving it maximum elasticity and rigidity. The researchers also found that as the teeth of sea urchins are constantly growing and self-sharpening.

The data obtained in this study, scientists intend to use to create new materials and tools for use, for example, in drilling rigs

Sinaiticus drugs work effectively and influence people

According to experts, Sinaiticus drugs significantly reduce the burden on old people cells, eliminate aging cells and help remove them from the body, writes EBioMedicine. Previously, they were used only on mice, which life expectancy increased by 36%. Scientists believe that in the coming years, these drugs will appear in the arms of modern medicine. It remains only to test and implement drugs in

Junk food impairs long-term spatial memory

Scientists at the University of New South Wales investigated the effect of foods high in fat and sugar (such as cakes, cookies and chips) on the cognitive function of rats. The article with the results of the work was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

According to research data, depending on the frequency of access to junk food in animals in varying degrees deteriorated spatial memory. The more days in a row the rat ate unhealthy foods, the worse it reproduced spatial information.

In Russia there is not enough capacity for waste disposal

General Director of the Russian environmental operator Denis Butsaev said that the country does not have enough capacity for garbage disposal.

“The total capacity of the facilities that will be put into operation this year is 6.7 million tons per year for processing and 1.4 million tons for recycling. As for recycling facilities, we have a shortage of about 1 million tons, in connection with which additional work was carried out to identify objects that could replace the need. At the moment, we believe that achieving the recycling target is also possible,” he said.

According to the passport of the national project “Ecology”, the share of household waste, which should be sent for processing (sorting), should grow from 7% in 2018 to 12% by the end of 2019, and the part sent for disposal (recycling) — from 3% in 2018 to 7% by the end of 2019

UAC offered Turkish airlines to purchase MS-21 and Superjet 100 aircraft

The main advantages of the Superjet 100 Corporation called operational experience and availability of international certification. About shortcomings is silent.

“We have held meetings with a number of airlines to which we are ready to offer the MS-21 and Superjet 100, “said Yuri Slyusar, General Director of the UAC, adding that Turkey may show interest in” cooperation projects ” (it is not specified what this term means, but most likely it is a transfer of technology).

Mausoleums have not gone out of fashion

Recently deceased Mugabe, ousted in 2017, the dictator of Zimbabwe, began to build a mausoleum. After all 37 years the Prime Minister, then the President.

Mausoleums still safely stand in Russia, Vietnam, China, North Korea, in the 21st century began to build new ones. Turkmenbashi, for example, built a mausoleum during his lifetime. The mausoleum of Karimov, who ruled Uzbekistan for 26 years, was built in Samarkand after his death.

Pirates of the 21st century

In the first half of 2019, 78 incidents involving pirate attacks on ships were recorded at sea. They killed one person, took 38 crew members hostage and kidnapped 37 people for ransom.

Most pirate attacks in 2019 accounted for the Gulf of Guinea. The data show that 73% of all kidnappings at sea and 92% of hostage-taking occurred

Refused to disclose the source code of software developers will be deprived of government orders

From January 1, a number of it companies may lose the right to work with government agencies due to the complexity of the certification rules. The new requirements oblige them to provide the source code of the product, and this can be a problem for foreign players

In Kiev called the condition of lifting the blockade of Donbass

Kiev will not lift the blockade of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics until it regains control of the enterprises located in these territories. This was stated by the foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of “European truth”, published on September 20.

“We do not lift the blockade. The return of enterprises is a condition for its abolition, ” the Minister said

Lukashenka decided to simplify the visa regime with the European Union

Belarus will simplify the visa regime with the EU countries, the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of the Republic Anatoly Eye. The corresponding decision was made by President Alexander Lukashenko