22 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/21/2020

The state Duma Committee on budget and taxes recommended that the lower house of Parliament adopt in the first reading a bill providing for an increase in tariffs for 2022 and 2023 for mandatory pension insurance (OPS) and mandatory medical insurance (MHI) for individual entrepreneurs (IE) who do not make payments to individuals.

The amount of insurance premiums for OPS is determined by the income IP – if the income does not exceed 300 thousand rubles for the accounting period, then the payer shall pay the insurance fee only in fixed amount (for the period to 2020 – 32 448 thousand rubles.). If the income of the payer exceeds 300 thousand rubles, the amount of the insurance contributions is defined as the sum of the fixed size of insurance contributions, plus 1% of the total income of the taxpayer in excess of 300 thousand rubles for the accounting period. In 2021, the fixed amount of contributions will remain at the same level-it will amount to 32 thousand 448 rubles, in 2022. it will amount to 34 thousand 445 rubles, in 2023-36 thousand 723 rubles.

The internal clock of the brain was found to have a “second hand”

The fact that animals and humans have a “biological” or “internal clock” has been known for a long time. However, the ability to control motor skills, cognition and learning covers short time intervals, which are measured in seconds. Just this secret was revealed by scientists from the University of California.

The researchers found that the brain uses alternating activation of neurons to measure short time periods. The authors of the study emphasized that all the brain’s work on measuring short time intervals is similar to the Domino principle.

Possible cause of migraines identified

Japanese researchers were able to learn about the non-obvious cause of migraines. According to their version, this is due to an overstrain of neurons. In normal times, neurons in the brain are in constant contact with each other.

The bees were able to train

Scientists from Argentina were able to get a group of bees to pollinate only sunflowers, and thanks to this, they were able to increase the yield in the nearest fields by 29-57%. In order to train bees for sunflower, artificial flavor was added to the top dressing for bees. In the future, scientists plan to repeat a similar experiment with other cultures.

The immune system helps protect against depression

Immune cells play a huge role in maintaining mental health. This hypothesis was put forward by American scientists from Yale University, who studied the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy people

Engineers have developed the first flat fisheye lens

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology have created an ultra-wide-angle panoramic metal lens. Since its field of view exceeds 170 degrees, the lens can be classified as a “fish eye”, which was previously unattainable for a single-layer metasurface. The invention is designed for the mid-infrared range, but proves the practical possibility of creating single-layer metal lenses with a wide angle of view for other ranges. The article is published in ASC Nano.

WhatsApp messenger will support multiple devices

The creators of WhatsApp will introduce a feature where You can use a single account from multiple devices. According to today News Ufa, the development of the new feature is at the final stage. Next, the creators of WhatsApp will launch open beta testing. Now we only know that one WhatsApp account will work on four gadgets at once.

Lukashenko will no longer be President of Belarus

The European Parliament will no longer recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the Belarusian President. This will happen on the fifth of November. This date is indicated, since the term of office of President Lukashenko expires on November 5.

The resolution of the European Parliament also called Lukashenka an authoritarian leader. At the same time, the European Parliament calls it ” a temporary representative of the Belarusian people” Coordinating Council of the opposition of Belarus

Research has shown how people make assumptions

When a person sleeps, activity continues in their hippocampus. There, the brain’s neurons “knock out” the results of the past day, combine all the memories of a particular event, and also help to make decisions or make logically based assumptions based on the processed information. To prove this claim, the Department of brain network dynamics at the University of Oxford conducted a study involving volunteers.

Scientists from the United States were able to detect another state of water

The discovery was made by employees of the Pacific Northwest national laboratory. The new state of water was called stable two-phase liquid-liquid. It is caused by being in liquid form at a temperature less than minus 100 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it is emphasized that it is possible to observe this only with the help of infrared rays.

Scientists from the United States told how to recognize liars in WhatsApp

According to ToDay News Ufa, employees of Cornell University (USA) told how to identify liars in the WhatsApp messenger. It turned out that messages with untrue information contained about eight words, and messages with correct information contained seven words each. It can be concluded that the more the interlocutor embellished their statements in the messenger, the higher the probability that the interlocutor was telling a lie.

Experts from Cornell University stressed that it was much more difficult for men to detect lies in WhatsApp, because they usually Express their thoughts briefly in correspondence. Scientists also believe that by the words chosen by the interlocutor, you can tell if he is lying. For example, liars often use optional words in the text, such as” definitely “or”probably”.

In the North Pacific ocean found “sucking” shrimp parasite

Scientists have discovered a parasite in the North Pacific ocean that “sucks” shrimp. A specimen of the species Orthione griffenis was found near Calvert island in British Columbia.

A person can have more than five senses

Common human senses include sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. However, experts believe that this list should be expanded, because the body has other, not so obvious sense organs.

Some experts distinguish the sense of balance as one of the basic ones. The vestibular apparatus in the inner ear is responsible for the fact that we constantly balance and do not fall. The fluid that flows into one of the three channels helps the brain calculate the position, orientation, and movement of the head. Another of the characteristic feelings of a person is a feeling of cold, which is determined by the hormone ghrelin.

A number of researchers also believe that people can feel magnetic fields. The presence of this feeling in a person has been determined recently. Scientists plan to better study cases of magnetoreception in humans.

Trees found in Australia with poison for new painkillers

Dendrocnide moroides and dendrocnide excels trees native to Australia produce toxins that can be used to create a new painkiller.

Spanish paleontologists have discovered a new species of extinct crocodile.

It lived about 70 million years ago, back in the age of the dinosaurs. These artifacts were first discovered in 2013, but then they were stolen. Some time later, police officers found the paleontological value.

The new species of reptile was named Ogresuchus furatus, which means “stolen crocodile-eater”. The study showed that it belonged to the family sebecidae, which does not exist in the modern world.

The crocodile led a land-based lifestyle and was no larger than a modern dog. The basis of its diet was made up of young dinosaurs. It is worth noting that the crocodile was the oldest representative of its family from the previously known.

Ancient stratified rocks on Venus are of volcanic origin

An international team of researchers has discovered that one of the most ancient types of terrain on the surface of Venus, known as tesserae, shows a stratification that is well consistent with volcanic activity. The study is published in the journal Geology.

The human brain remembers a new word in just two hours.

The human brain remembers a new word in just two hours. This was stated by the authors of the study from the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology in a publication for Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Scientists found a mouse at the highest altitude

American researchers from the University of Nebraska managed to find a mouse at an altitude of 6.7 kilometers. This is a record figure for mammals. Briefly about the opening writes the publication “high-Tech”.

Why is it difficult to learn languages with age

Jay Blandon of the Memphis Research hospital discovered in mice that the level of a chemical called adenosine in the thalamus increases with age. And the thalamus is a part of the brain that is involved in processing information coming from the senses. It is adenosine that activates a pathway that weakens learning in the auditory cortex, so when old mice are played two sounds that are similar in tone, they cannot distinguish them.

Microsoft released a second update for Windows 10 in 2020

The official name of the OS update is Windows 10 October 2020 Update. Currently, users of the Release Preview channel receive a support package that increases the build number by one and loads some new features on it

Windows 10 has a built-in analog Zoom for video calls

Developers are actively engaged in the Windows 10 operating system (OP). It will soon have a new Meet Now feature built in. With Meet Now, users can create video conferences directly from the taskbar. A new button will be built into the menu. Thanks to the innovation, the user can quickly create a new session and send a newsletter to the desired recipients. No additional accounts are required. The interlocutors will be able to get in touch at the address or code. Platforms for communication: Meet Now, even the web version is suitable.

A lawsuit against Facebook about the surveillance of users through the camera

A lawsuit was filed in the court of the American city of San Francisco. It claims that Instagram doesn’t just spy on users through phone cameras, but valuable and even intimate data about users is collected specifically for marketing research. Facebook instagram and Facebook even receive “extremely personal personal data, including about the privacy of the home,”the statement said. Facebook declined to comment on this information.

Best Comedy series at the Emmy awards

At the Emmy awards, “Shitts Creek” won The best Comedy series award. Shitts Creek actress Catherine O’hara also won the Best actress in a Comedy series award. Along with her, the statuette was awarded to her colleague Eugene levy as “Best actor in a Comedy series”.

Land of the nomads won the Toronto film festival

The film “nomad Land” (Nomadland) by a Chinese woman working in the United States, Chloe Zhao, won the Grand Prix at the 45th Toronto International Film festival (TIFF). This was announced on Sunday by the organizers of the film review.In the source

Ridley Scott’s series “Raised by wolves” renewed for a second season

After all, already released episodes look great. The streaming management does not announce all the viewing numbers, but notes that after the premiere of the first three episodes of the show, two of which were directed by Ridley Scott,the audience of the series almost doubled in the second week of the show.

The television critics Association of the United States selected the best series of 2020

“Outstanding drama series “was recognized as the project “Heirs”, created by Jesse Armstrong. The Association of American television critics talks twice a year about new series and other television projects. In 2020, the may tour was canceled due to the pandemic.

Yakutsk cinema will offer a massage service while watching a movie

The cinema-Center in Yakutsk will offer a new service-massage while watching a horror movie. This will help relieve the stress that accumulates from horror films, the organizers said.

Ozzy Osbourne released the music video for his classic hit “Crazy Train”

Rock musician Ozzy Osbourne released a video for the classic hit ” Crazy Train “from his solo album” Blizzard of Ozz”, which in 2020 turns 40 years old (in fact, the video is timed to this anniversary).

International film festival Shum Bola 2020 starts in Tashkent

A major event in the field of cinema will start working in Tashkent. The international film festival “Shum Bola 2020” will open its doors on the territory of the Humo arena sports complex. It is organized by the Uzbekkino National Agency together with the Goethe Institute and the Schlingel International film festival for children and teenagers.

According to the Uzbekkino information service, from September 21 to 25, Uzbek citizens will see German films for children and teenagers with translations into Russian and Uzbek. As well as short films of Uzbek cinematographers, in particular, new films of the zumrasha newsreel, made by order of Uzbekkino.

Kursk gallery opens exhibition of paintings from the Russian Museum

Exhibition ” Coming out of the shadows. Women in the history of Russian art of the XVIII-XX centuries”, opened in the Kursk state gallery named after Alexander Deineka. The exhibition includes 67 works by Russian artists from the collection of the State Russian Museum.

New equipment was brought to the Altai Youth theater from Austria

In August, new D. A. S. Audio subwoofers and speakers were installed in the large auditorium. The purchased Five eurolite Theatre spotlights have also been placed. Two new projection screens were brought to the Altai Youth theater from Austria, the press service of the regional administration reports. They will be used both on the small stage and on the big stage. The theater received funds for equipment as part of the project”culture of the small Motherland”.

Ava Max released her debut album Heaven & Hell

American singer Ava Max, known for her hits ” Kings & Queens “and” Who’s Laughing Now”, released her debut album titled”Heaven & Hell”. This “Afisha Daily” told the press service of the artist.

The Smashing Pumpkins announced a double album and showed a trailer for their cartoon

Alternative rock band the Smashing Pumpkins will release their eleventh Studio album, Cyr, on November 27. The album will be a double album with 20 new tracks. At the end of the summer, the Smashing Pumpkins unexpectedly released two songs and music videos at once

Brian Eno to release album with music from movies

British composer Brian Eno will release an album with music from movies and TV series, IM reports. The album will be released under the title “Film Music 1976-2020”. The album will include music written by eno throughout His 45-year career

A previously unpublished song by Prince appeared Online

Prince wrote the song “I Need A Man” in 1981. Initially, the singer created a track for the female group the Hookers, which was later renamed Vanity 6. Prince suggested Bonnie Raitt to perform this song, but the idea was never realized. The track will be included on the reissue of Prince’s 1987 ninth album, Sign O’ the Times. In total, there will be 63 previously unpublished songs of the musician, as well as a new concert film

The US is not going to withdraw nuclear weapons from Europe

The us President’s special envoy, Marshall Billingsley, told the Kommersant newspaper that Washington is ready to discuss any proposed topics with Moscow at the same time. He added that the United States does not require Russia to withdraw all its nuclear weapons from the Kaliningrad region.

“These are all ultimatums that reduce the possibility of concluding any agreement. We can’t talk in this genre, ” said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, commenting on the words of us President’s special envoy Marshall Billingsley that the start Treaty will not be extended if the parties do not agree on a “Memorandum on arms control by February.

Employees of the company in China face dismissal for using the iPhone

The dismissal of employees for violating the ban for using iPhone smartphones was announced by Jiangsu Capital Wine & Spirits Co. in China. About it on September 18 reports the portal ixbt.com.

According to the rules established by the company’s management, employees are prohibited from using the devices of the American Corporation Apple. If employees decide to replace the device with a Chinese smartphone from Huawei, the management will compensate them for 15% of the purchase.

Canada has suspended free trade talks with China.

This is reported by the Globe and Mail newspaper with reference to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada Francois-Philippe Champagne. In September 2016, the governments of Canada and China began negotiations to deepen bilateral economic ties

The us military has tested the latest sixth-generation fighter

In the United States, testing of a prototype fighter-bomber of the next generation has begun. Information about this was published in the electronic version of the weekly Defense News, reports TASS.

Will Roper, assistant Secretary of the US air force for procurement, technology and logistics, told the publication about the tests of the new fighter. He said that a full-scale demonstration model has already been created, which took to the air.

In China, an eco-friendly residential complex is empty due to mosquitoes

Homeowners do not want to settle in an eco-friendly housing complex (LC) due to design errors, September 19, according to the American news publication Curbed. The city’s Qiyi forest garden, an eight-tower residential complex, has been declared an “ecological Paradise”.

Twenty types of plants on the balconies of the residential complex were to turn the facades of buildings into a “vertical forest”, and the plants were to help in the fight against street noise and smog. The vegetation attracted mosquitoes, and because the residents did not move in and take care of the gardens, the vegetation began to engulf the balconies even more, which began to attract other insects.

In Italy, voting in the referendum began

In Italy, voting began in a national referendum on reducing the number of parliamentarians by a third, as well as in local government elections in 7 regions and almost a thousand cities in the country

In China, they showed how to incinerate the US air base on the island of GUAM

In China, they demonstrated how the country’s army can incinerate the US air base located on the island of GUAM. The corresponding video was published Online. We are talking about the Andersen air base deployed by the us military

Autopilot Tesla decided to get away from the police chase

In Canada, the Tesla electric car for the first time under autopilot control tried to escape from a police chase. The unsuspecting driver and passenger were asleep in their reclined seats. The incident, which occurred on July 9, was reported by the traffic police.

Siluanov explained the benefits of issuing a loan to Belarus

Of the $ 1.5 billion that Belarus will receive from Russia, about a quarter will go to pay Minsk’s debts to Gazprom. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said in an interview with Russia 1 TV channel that the transfer of $ 1.5 billion to Belarus in the form of a loan is beneficial to the Russian economy due to the close economic ties between the two countries.

In Russia, it will reduce the cost of purchasing medicines for rare diseases

From next year to 2023, the program of the Ministry of health will receive less than 19.5 billion rubles. The program’s annual budget will be reduced by an average of 12%. The program of the Ministry of health has been in effect since 2008.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation denied reports that the draft Federal budget of Russia for 2021 and the planning period 2022-2023 reduced the cost of medicines for people suffering from rare diseases

Reduction of coal production in Kuzbass

In January-August 2020, coal mining enterprises in the Kemerovo region reduced coal production by 10.7% to 144.6 million tons, the regional Department of the coal industry told Interfax.

Coking coal produced 49.3 million tons (a decrease of 1.4%), energy grades – 95.3 million tons (a decrease of 14.8%). Open-pit mining produced 89.7 million tons of coal (a decrease of 17.2%), underground – 54.9 million tons (an increase of 2.4%).

Import substitution of vegetables in Russia

The peak of construction of greenhouses has passed and will gradually decrease, the fruit and Vegetable Union (PS) said, on September 19, according to the publication Agroinvestor. Due to the coronavirus, the devaluation of the ruble, as well as lower wholesale prices for greenhouse vegetables, most investors do not plan to start new construction of greenhouses. Many greenhouses that have already taken out preferential state loans are in no hurry to use the funds, because they understand the inexpediency of construction.

Spending on the economy will exceed defense spending for the first time in seven years

In 2021, Federal budget expenditures under the “national defense” section will be lower than those under the “national economy” section for the first time in seven years. This is reported by RBC with reference to the draft budget for 2021-2023, approved by the government of the Russian Federation.

The number of poor Russians has increased over the past year

In the second quarter of 2020, 19.9 million Russians had incomes below the subsistence minimum (11,468 rubles), according to the operational report of the Federal state statistics service of the Russian Federation (Rosstat). Compared to the second quarter of 2019 their number increased by 1.3 million people or 7%

Sberbank will open a credit line to Lenta

Sberbank will open a credit line in the amount of 15 billion rubles to Lenta, the press service of the North-Western Bank of Sberbank said

POS lending declined in August

According to the United credit Bureau (OKB), banks issued 609,000 POS loans (loans for the purchase of specific goods) in August. This is 10% more than in the previous month, but 19% less than in August 2019. The volume of loans amounted to 24.7 billion rubles, which is 12% higher than in July, but 13% less than in August last year.

Russian citizens suspected of suspicious transactions through US banks

Some financial transactions of American banks in the interests of Russian businessmen were among the dubious ones that attracted the attention of the US financial intelligence (FinCEN). The international consortium of investigative journalism (ICIJ) reports on the relevant investigation on September 20 on its website. 110 media outlets from 88 countries, including ICIJ, BuzzFeed, and OCCRP, participate in the journalistic investigation.

Suspicious banking transactions are linked to the names of Russian citizens such as entrepreneurs Oleg Deripaska, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, former chief of staff of President Boris Yeltsin Valentin Yumashev, an acquaintance of President Vladimir Putin, cellist Sergei Roldugin.

Cleaver’s death was not a suicide

Lawyer Alexey Mikhalchik said that the examination of Maksim Martsinkevich’s (Tesak) injuries based on the photos excludes the version that he could have committed suicide. This is reported by RIA ” Novosti”

Since neither we nor his father have yet been shown the body of Martsinkevich and we have not been informed of the results of the examination conducted by the investigation, we turned to an independent specialist. She conducted an examination based on photos of Maxim’s body, he said.

Banks create alternative to payday loans

Alfa-Bank has launched an innovative product for the Russian banking market that allows employees to pay remuneration on a daily basis as part of a salary project. This service can become an alternative to “payday loans”, experts say. For the new option, the recipient of funds will have to pay up to 150 rubles per month, for the employer it is free.

You can receive money from your salary in advance an unlimited number of times and at any time, both during the day and during the month. To do this, the client only needs to transfer funds to their debit account in the mobile app. You can get up to 80% of your salary in this way within a month.

In Russia, new tax laws will add to the budget

In particular, the authorities intend to increase the tax on mineral extraction, cancel the met benefits for developed deposits, and increase the excise tax on tobacco products by 20 percent.

Another significant measure to support the Russian economy, the authors of RT, call the bill to increase the personal income tax rate from January 1, 2021 from 13 to 15 percent for citizens earning more than 5 million rubles a year.

The Ministry of Finance intends to provide Rosneft with benefits

A bill providing for the granting of benefits to Rosneft’s Priobskoye field has been submitted to the Russian Government by the Ministry of Finance. The amount will be 46 billion rubles a year for ten years. The main difference from the previous versions of the document is the exclusion of the southern section of the Gazprom Neft field.

Uzbekistan joined the Bank of Russia system

The agreement on joining the National Bank for foreign economic Affairs of Uzbekistan (NBU) to the financial message transmission system (SPFS) of the Bank of Russia in mutual operations was signed by the Chairman of the state Corporation VEB.Igor Shuvalov and Alisher Mirzoatov, Chairman of the Board of the national Bank of Russia, the press service of VEB.RF reported on September 17.

Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover

The external trade turnover of Uzbekistan in January-August 2020 amounted to $24.54 billion, which is 12.7% less than in the same period in 2020. This was reported on August 21 in the state Committee of the Republic on statistics.

Smolny filed a lawsuit against Transstroy Corporation

The Committee for the construction of St. Petersburg filed a new claim for 1.1 billion rubles to the Corporation “Transstroy”, reports”Kommersant-SPb”. The document was registered by the Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. In addition, VTB Bank and Saint Petersburg state institution “capital construction and reconstruction Fund”are declared as third parties. Recall that the courts between Smolny and the ex-contractor for the construction of Gazprom Arena last since 2016.

Russia’s minimum wage by 2021

According to the publication ” Clerk.ru”, the minimum wage for the next year is set, based on the value of the subsistence minimum of the previous year. In other words, in 2021, the minimum wage in Russia cannot be less than 12,392 rubles. Now the minimum wage is 12,130 rubles, which means the minimum wage will increase by 262 rubles.

Rent one-room apartments in Moscow

The cost of long-term rental housing in Russian cities has started to grow again after the fall caused by quarantine and the crisis. In Moscow, over the past month, “odnushki” rose immediately by 5.5%. At the same time, people are increasingly choosing housing in residential areas, rather than in the center

Forbes ranked the 100 richest civil servants and deputies for 2020

According to analysts, the state of 100 Russian oligarchs exceeds the volume of all cash in the country by 2.2 times, and the entire budget of the Russian Federation by 1.5 times. Only 100 people have more money than is necessary for the maintenance of the entire Russian army, police, teachers, doctors, officials, roads, utilities, space.

On September 18, Rosstat reported that the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence minimum in the second quarter of 2020 (it was the main blow of the pandemic crisis) reached 19.9 million people — 13.5% of the total population. Compared to the first quarter, there were 1.3 million more poor people.

China increases crude oil production

In the first eight months of the year, China’s crude oil production rose 1.5% year-on-year to 130.15 billion tons, while refining added 3.2% to 440 million tons. In August, China imported 47.48 million tons of crude oil, which is 12.6% more than in the same month a year earlier.

Chinese authorities cut prices for gasoline and diesel fuel

The decrease was based on the current fuel price rule in China, according to which, if the price of crude oil on the world market changes by more than 50 yuan per ton and remains at this level for 10 business days, the price of gasoline and diesel fuel on the Chinese market changes accordingly

Prices for new buildings in Russia have increased in two months

The cost of housing in new buildings has increased over the past two months by 6.2%, according to “Gazeta” with reference to SberIndex.ru. According to experts, this growth was facilitated by the program of preferential mortgage lending, so with its reduction in the market, demand and prices are expected to fall.

Kazakhstan placed bonds for 40 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan placed ruble bonds worth 40 billion rubles, this was the first offer of the country’s securities in the Russian currency. According to Kommersant, which refers to the first Vice-President of Gazprombank Denis Shulakov, the demand for Kazakh bonds exceeded the supply

Zurich Insurance placed subordinated bonds

Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance Group has placed subordinated bonds in the amount of 200 million euros, the company said in a statement on Friday

Supporters of striking miner Belaruskali detained near Minsk

In the city of Soligorsk, Minsk region, about 20 supporters of the striking miner Belaruskali were detained. On Monday, September 21, reports Tut.by Oleg Kudelka, an Employee of the fourth mining Department, refused to come to the surface after a night shift.

Oleg Kudelka, an employee of the fourth mining Department, refused to come to the surface after a night shift. He handed over a note in which he listed his demands: the resignation of the General Director of Belaruskali, an end to ” lawlessness of the security forces, intimidation, detentions and beatings of the civilian population.”

Sarcophagi discovered in Egypt

In the ancient Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara, archaeologists found 27 sarcophagi at once, the age of which is more than 2.5 thousand years. Historians said that the finds were found 30 kilometers from Cairo. According to scientists, the burials were located at a sacred site in Saqqara in a well that was previously excavated. The researchers recalled that in Ancient Egypt, this area was used for burials.

They offer to build 5G networks on equipment that doesn’t exist

The state Commission on radio frequencies has drawn up a project according to which operators will be able to build a new generation of cellular networks only on domestic equipment included in the Unified register of Russian electronic products.

In Belarus, 442 people were detained at Sunday rallies

Police in Belarus detained 442 people at Sunday rallies for violations of the law on mass events. Most of them are in Minsk, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic Olga suitcase

Tikhanovskaya demanded the release of women detained in Minsk

According to the politician, as a result of the action held in Belarus, security forces detained more than 240 residents of the country. Moreover, law enforcement agencies arrested 16-year-old girls. Tikhanovskaya noted that the security forces who carried out the detentions did not have identification marks and acted rudely

Russians warned of a sharp rise in taxi prices

In Russia, the official employment of taxi drivers in the state of taxi companies or aggregators can lead to a sharp increase in travel prices by 22-23 percent. This is stated in a study by the Gaidar Institute, which is available to “Lenta.roo»

Russia has resumed air service with three other countries

International flights to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan resumed on September 21, the Russian Federation. In this regard, the program of export flights for Russians has been discontinued

In Thailand, foreign tourists face prison

The Thai government plans to resolve the issue with 150 thousand foreign tourists who want to stay at the resort as long as possible due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation at home. This is reported by “NGS”.

Representatives of the immigration service of the Kingdom of Pakpong SAI-Ubol forced tourists in Thailand to extend tourist visas, otherwise after September 26, their stay in the state will become illegal.

“Illegal stay in Thailand can result in both a fine and imprisonment,” the immigration service said.

Navalny reported on the progress of recovery after poisoning

The Russian opposition leader is being rehabilitated at the Charite clinic in Berlin.” He posted a statement on his own Instagram account that until recently he had difficulties with speech and recognizing people.

Let me tell you how my recovery is going. This is already a clear road, though not a long one. All the current problems like the fact that the phone in my hands is useless as a stone, and pour yourself a drink of water turns into a whole attraction, – sheer nonsense.

Explain. Not long ago, I didn’t recognize people and didn’t know how to talk. Every morning the doctor came to me and said: Alexey, I brought a Board, let’s figure out what word to write on it. This made me desperate, because even though I already understood what the doctor wanted in General, I didn’t know where to get the words. Where do they occur in the head? Where can I find a word and how can I make it mean something? All of it was absolutely incomprehensible. However, I didn’t know how to Express my despair either, so I just didn’t say anything. And this is what I describe as a late stage that I remember myself.

Now I’m a guy whose legs shake when he walks up the stairs, but he thinks: “Oh, it’s a ladder! They climb it. I think we should look for an Elevator.” Before, I would have just stood there and stared.

So many problems still have to be solved, but the amazing doctors of the University of Berlin clinic “Charite” solved the main one. They have transformed me from a “technically alive person” to one who has every chance of becoming a Higher Form again Creatures of Modern Society – a person who can quickly scroll through instagram and without thinking understands where to put likes.

The Russians have called the most inappropriate for the rest of the country

Afghanistan is the most unsuitable country for tourist trips, according to Russians. This was shown by a study of the travel planning service OneTwoTrip. Respondents also named Azerbaijan, India, Russia, and Iraq. Most often, a particular country does not attract tourists because of the threat to personal safety and the lack of something interesting

Sberbank and RussiaDiscovery will develop domestic tourism

Sberbank and the travel company RussiaDiscovery signed a cooperation agreement under which the companies will develop domestic tourism in Russia. This is reported by the Bank’s press service

The Supreme court liquidated Navalny’s “Russia of the future” party

The Supreme court granted the demands of the Ministry of justice to liquidate Alexey Navalny’s political party “Russia of the future”. This was reported by RIA Novosti on Monday, September 21. Last year, the Ministry of justice refused to register the party, arguing that this name has already been used by another political structure, the Chairman of which is Alexander Zorin. Previously, he headed the party of free citizens.

Previously, Navalny’s party was called the party of progress and the people’s Alliance. Navalny tried to register the political movement in 2013, but was refused by the Ministry of justice because of incorrectly executed documents. In June 2018, employees of the anti-corruption Foundation submitted documents for registration of the “Russia of the future”.

Tikhanovskaya threatened with annual protests

Protests in Belarus can take weeks, months or even years, if required so by the situation, said the former presidential candidate of the Republic Svetlana Tikhanovski. She noted that the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko hopes that the protests will gradually weaken.

Tikhanovskaya offered the European Parliament a list of Belarusian individuals for sanctions

The former candidate for presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski suggested the European Parliament the list of officials for the imposition of sanctions against them. This is reported by TASS with reference to the statement of the politician at an extraordinary meeting of the Committee on foreign Affairs of the European Parliament. According to Tikhanovskaya, they may be subject to sanctions in accordance with the European “Magnitsky act”.

Tikhanovskaya said that she does not position herself as the future President of the country.

I don’t ask you to see me as the future President of Belarus, because I don’t position myself that way. My election program consisted of three items, the most basic of which is repeated elections, fair, transparent and open. And already in these elections, the President will be chosen, ” she said in an interview with RBC.

Russian bombers flew into the us air defense zone

Tu-160 and su-35-Russian bombers hit the detection zone of the air defense of the United States of America. The information was published on Twitter by the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Russian aircraft entered the American air defense identification zone 3 times and were located fifty nautical miles or 80.5 kilometers from the island of Nunivak in Alaska

Politicians from different countries supported Assange

A letter to the British authorities in defense of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was signed by more than 160 former and current heads of state, Ministers, parliamentarians and lawyers, on September 21, RIA Novosti reports.

Tikhanovskaya called on Belarusian security forces to leave the service

Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya appealed to the security forces of the Republic and called on them to be together with the protesting people. Her words were published in his Telegram channel portal Tut.by.

Tikhanovskaya expressed confidence that the country will soon “become a thing of the past practices by which the system turns employees into slaves.” She promised that if the opposition wins, all those dismissed from the civil service for political reasons will be reinstated. She also called on them to leave the service

Zhirinovsky called for attacking Ukraine from the territory of Belarus

Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that the population of some regions of Ukraine is waiting for the arrival of Russian troops. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky supports the introduction of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. The politician said this on the YouTube channel Solovyov LIVE.

The developer of the Russian medicine explained the high cost of the drug

“This is a drug that saves lives, it costs as much as it costs. I can tell you for sure that “Replevin” is the world’s cheapest drug that saves lives,” said Peter White in the First channel.

The drug was delivered to Moscow pharmacies today. It costs 12,320 rubles per pack (40 tablets). “Replevin” is a Russian generic of favipiravir that the Ministry of health has approved for the treatment of coronavirus.

Favipiravir is developed by the Japanese company Fujifilm, it is produced under the name “Avigan”. In July, Japanese scientists concluded that the effectiveness of the drug has not been proven

A Thai Park will return discarded trash to tourists by mail.

The Minister of the environment of Thailand Warawut Silpa-Archa said that the staff of Khao Yai national Park will conduct such work in order to deal with the clogging, reports the BBC.

At the entrance, visitors will have to provide their address, if after they leave the Rangers find abandoned garbage in the Park, it will be Packed and sent to the ” Creator “with a note”you forgot these things in Khauyai national Park”. Data about violators will also be passed to the police. For littering the Park, vacationers will face up to five years in prison or a large fine.

At the Moscow marathon, police detained eight people with BCHB flags.

As reported by OVD-info, seven of them were taken to the Khamovniki police Department and released a few hours later with the obligation to appear on September 25 to draw up a Protocol under the article on violation of the rules of participation in the action. The press service of the capital’s Central Board of the “Rise” reported that they do not have information about detentions during the marathon

Festival in support of protesting Belarusians

Russian musicians organized a charity festival in support of protesting Belarusians. According to Novaya Gazeta, Andrey Makarevich, Alexey Kortnev, Dmitry Spirin (“Cockroaches!”), Romario and other artists will take part in the concert.

“Moscow musicians want the word” Russia “to be associated with the fraternal people not with biased journalists and security forces who are ready to restore” order ” on the streets of Minsk, but with solidarity, music and freedom. Therefore, on September 28, they will give a charity concert in support of the Belarusian protests.”

The organizers are going to transfer the proceeds to the Belarus Solidarity Foundation as “financial assistance to the families of the repressed”.

Russian and Belarusian artists sang a song in support of Alexander Lukashenko.

“The beloved is not given away” — a quote from the speech of Lukashenka, who addressed the Parliament and the people in the Palace of the Republic on August 4.

The video was recorded by Russian artists Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Buinov, Denis Maidanov, Anita Tsoi, Diana Gurtskaya and Natalia Moskvina, Belarusian musicians Ruslan Alekhno, Alexander Solodukha, Irina Dorofeeva, Alena Lanskaya, Vladimir Gromov, Anatoly Yarmolenko, Janet, the groups “Aura” and “Belarusians”, as well as the Gruzdev sisters.

Belarusian officials will fine the Nasha Niva newspaper for the fact that their journalist was shot with rubber bullets by local security forces. The publication wants to be punished for an “industrial Accident”.

Everything happened during the hottest phase of the crackdown on protests — August 10. At that time, Natalia Lubnevskaya, a Nasha Niva journalist, together with her colleagues, covered the actions on Kalvariyskaya street in Minsk. Seeing the correspondents, one of the security officers stopped and for some reason shot a rubber bullet at a woman who was wearing a blue vest of a media employee

As a result, the authorities decided to issue a fine to the publication. According to the editor-in-chief Yegor Martinovich, officials justified this by the fact that Nasha Niva did not prevent an “industrial accident”, did not conduct its own investigation and did not report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

After the incident Lubnevsky filed to the Investigative Committee. Law enforcement officers did not start a criminal case against the shooter.

Russia has transferred a battalion tactical group of the Tula airborne division to Belarus

The Russian defense Ministry has transferred a battalion tactical group of the Tula airborne division to Belarus for the second stage of the Slavic brotherhood exercise, the Russian defense Ministry said.

“In total, more than 900 people and about 100 units of weapons and military equipment will take part in the exercise from the Russian side in the second stage of the Russian-Belarusian Slavic brotherhood-2020 exercise,” the Ministry said


Trump signed a decree on US sanctions for the supply of weapons to Iran by other countries


Armenia is preparing for a new war

This is not the first such statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Such messages are often heard from both sides, after the recent escalation of the situation on the border between the countries.

Belarus offered a visa-free regime with the EU

The presidents of Lithuania, Romania and Poland will address the EU leaders at the summit on September 24-25 with a request to offer a package of support to Belarus. It includes visa-free travel, access to financial institutions, and assistance in joining the world trade organization. – RBC

Maxim Znak, an employee of the Tikhanovskaya headquarters, went on a hunger strike in the pre-trial detention center

Maxim Znak, a member of the Presidium of the coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition, went on a hunger strike in a pre-trial detention center after being charged under an article about a threat to national security.

According to his lawyer, the Sign “came to the conclusion” that the mechanisms for protecting human rights do not work in Belarus, so a hunger strike in the pre-trial detention center is one of the ” few remaining ways to fight against lawlessness and injustice»


In Khabarovsk, today is the seventy-third day of popular protests under the slogan ” Freedom to Sergey Furgal! No to political repression!”


The editor-in-chief of the publication “Daptar” left Dagestan

Journalist Svetlana Anokhina left Dagestan because of threats. In July, she received a call from a man who said he had been ” instructed to deal with all feminists.” He threatened to kill her, but the police refused to investigate. Anokhina told the “Caucasian knot” that she left for a while for security reasons.

Daptar covers the negative and positive aspects of the situation of women in the North Caucasus. In particular, the publication writes about domestic violence, “honor killings”, and early marriages

Nexta telegram channel published data of thousands of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus

The opposition telegram channel Nexta published the names, titles and places of work of 1,003 employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus and threatened to publish more if the detentions of protesters continue

One of the creators of Novichok apologized to Navalny

Chemist Vil Mirzayanov, who calls himself one of the developers of Novichok, apologized to Navalny. Says full recovery from the poison will take about a year (and another chemist, who also calls himself the Creator of “Novichok”, calls the first chemist not involved in the development of the substance)

Security officer in Brest shoots into the air with a shotgun

Mediazona publishes a video where security forces shoot in the air with a shotgun. And there, protesters are dispersed with tear gas and stun grenades

Navalny’s associates got into His room with the permission of the hotel management

The administrator of the Tomsk hotel Xander said that Alexey Navalny’s associates got into his room with the permission of the hotel management. After it became known that traces of a substance from the Novichok group were found on a bottle found in the room, the hotel was checked by Rospotrebnadzor.

“We met them halfway and decided to show them. Maybe it’s food poisoning from something in the mini-bar. Everything happens in life, this has never happened. We showed in my presence.”

The state Duma introduced a bill on the withdrawal of any housing for demolition and renovation throughout Russia

A bill has been submitted to the state Duma that allows regional authorities and municipalities to adopt their own programs for the demolition and reconstruction of any, not just emergency housing, Kommersant reports. If the document is adopted, the subjects of the Russian Federation will be able to carry out renovations similar to Moscow.

Putin’s article about world war II is being purchased from libraries in Smolensk.

Smolensk libraries are buying fresh Putin — or rather, just published his book about the causes of the second world war, found “Open media”, after studying the site of public procurement. Actually, the President only wrote an article for an American magazine three months ago, but the Moscow publishing house Progress decided to publish it as a separate 48-page brochure, which can be purchased in online stores for about 150 rubles.

No one on top of Putin’s book was forced to buy, this is the decision of the employees of the municipal library system of Smolensk: they are guided by the demand from readers, explained OM Deputy Director of this organization