23 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/22/2020

The Ministry of digital development proposes to prohibit the use of encryption protocols in Russia that allow you to hide the name (ID) of an Internet page or site, which prevents you from searching for and blocking information prohibited in the Russian Federation. The relevant draft law is published on the portal of projects-normative legal acts.

Scientists have learned to print personalized neuroprostheses

An international group has created a technology for three-dimensional printing of personalized neuroprostheses on a bioprinter. Their peculiarity is that they adapt to a specific organism. Neuroprostheses are devices that allow you to not just perform a function, they restore sensitivity. The most famous neuroprosthesis can be attributed to cochlear implants.

Physicists have discovered a new type of superconductor

All superconducting materials can be divided by which charge density waves pass through them. Until now, it was believed that there are only two types of such waves — s and d. In a new paper published in the journal Nature Physics, physicists have presented evidence for the existence of a third type, g — waves.

3D printing to create food and milk powder

Singapore has started using 3D printing technology to create food from their milk powder. Scientists used the method of cold extrusion instead of hot extrusion. They mixed the necessary proportions of water and milk powder. From the resulting paste on a 3D printer, they printed three-dimensional shapes that can remain stable at room temperature.

So, scientists have created a cube of milk powder, which can contain syrup. Using your imagination, you can create any unusual edible shape. For example, scientists added creativity and created a sofa made of milk paste with sides made of chocolate syrup.

Ancient tomb 2 thousand years old discovered in China

During the reconstruction of a slum in the city of Sanmenxia, scientists discovered a tomb whose age is 2 thousand years. It is known that the amazing find was discovered in may of this year. During the reconstruction of a slum in Henan province, an ancient tomb was accidentally found.

E. coli will help to improve the photosynthesis

Cornell University scientists synthesized a new plant protein and introduced it to the E. coli bacterium. As a result, the researchers created an experimental environment that will help accelerate plant photosynthesis. The work is published in the journal Nature Plants

Scientists explain the lack of speed limits in a superfluid medium

Employees of Lancaster University (UK) and the Kapitsa Institute of physical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences have found out why objects moving in a superfluid liquid isotope of helium-3 do not have speed limits. Scientific work on the topic was published in Nature Communications.

Turkey has started building the largest solar power plant

The first Turkish-made solar panels were installed at the Karapinar solar power plant in the Central Turkish province of Konya, Turkish energy and natural resources Minister Fatih Denmez said on September 17, the Daily Sabah newspaper writes.

In Australia, they proposed to process cigarette butts into bricks

The corresponding proposal was made by scientists who came up with a way to add crushed cigarette residues to the clay from which bricks are made. The results are published on the scientific portal Materials.

Experts said that adding 1% of cigarette butts in clay reduces energy consumption for firing bricks by 20 billion megajoules. These bricks will become lighter in weight, and their thermal conductivity will be lower. To prevent cigarette butts from giving bricks an unpleasant smell, as well as to destroy bacteria in them, they will be treated with ultraviolet and ozone.

Mathematicians from the United States have discovered a new proof of string theory

Mathematicians from the Institute of Utah in the United States have discovered a new proof of string theory. Scientists studied two-dimensional K3 surfaces, which provided an opportunity to better understand the symmetries of physical theories.

Scientists were able to reduce the MRI machine to the size of a backpack

Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles were able to reduce the magnetic resonance imaging device to the size that can fit in a backpack, according to the publication Cell. With the help of such an MRI device weighing only 4 kilograms, California scientists from the laboratory of neuromodulation and neuroimaging opened up the opportunity to study the brain not only at rest, but also during daily activity.

Physicists found traces of a dark boson in the spectra of ytterbium isotopes

Scientists found a deviation from the Standard model in extremely accurate measurements of the energy levels of two quadrupole States in five ytterbium isotopes. This result indicates the existence of an undiscovered interaction between neutrons and electrons in atoms, and the corresponding boson, if discovered, may be a candidate for dark matter. However, the journal Physical Review Letters, where the article was published, simultaneously published the work of another scientific group on a similar study of transitions in calcium isotopes, in which physicists found no discrepancies between the experiment and the theory.

Abnormal heat prevented mice and hamsters from raising children

Periods of abnormally hot weather reduce the survival rate of baby rodents at the age when they feed on their mother’s milk, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. When the temperature is too high, females either produce much less milk (and their young grow worse), or they kill their offspring much more often. So far, this has only been shown in laboratory populations of house mice and Barabinsk hamsters, but if the results are confirmed in wild rodents, this may mean that “heat waves” for small mammals are more dangerous than an increase in the average annual air temperature.

2500-year-old group burial of Scythians found in Siberia

In Siberia, archaeologists have discovered a group burial ground of Scythians aged 2500 years. Inside were the remains of a man, a woman, a child, and a maid who died, experts believe, due to infection, since they could not be found with battle wounds.

DNA analysis showed that the Vikings were not what is commonly believed

The results of a six-year research project published in Nature today debunk some myths about the Vikings and state that the Vikings were not quite what is currently believed. Not all of them were blond or Scandinavian. Some of those who were called Vikings turned out to be local residents. This is the result of cutting-edge DNA sequencing of more than 400 Viking skeletons from archaeological sites scattered across Europe and Greenland.

The project was led by Professor Eske Willerslev, a fellow of St John’s College, University of Cambridge, and Director of the Lundbeck Foundation Geogenetics Center at the University of Copenhagen.

New version of the Titanic crash put forward in the United States

Mila Zinkova, a programmer and climate scientist from the United States, put forward a new version of the Titanic crash. She believes that the surge of electromagnetic radiation caused the Aurora, and could also cause interference in the radio equipment and affect the compass arrows. As a result, the ship’s crew made changes to navigation, directing the Titanic to the iceberg.

A three-day hunger strike will renew your immune system

The British edition of the Telegraph published the results of studies that claim that fasting for just three days allows you to completely restore and restart the immune system of the human body. Moreover, according to scientists, this effect is achieved regardless of age.

Roscosmos allowed a private company to participate in a competition to create a rocket

The Russian private company Kosmokurs will take part in a competition to create a methane launch vehicle Amur-LNG commissioned by Roscosmos, according to the documentation on the state procurement website. For the first time, a private company will compete with the state in a rocket project. In addition to Kosmokurs, applications were submitted by the Soyuz manufacturer, the Progress Rocket and space center, and the Khrunichev Center, the manufacturer of Protons and Angara

NASA has published a plan for flights to the moon

The US national Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has submitted an updated plan for its Artemis lunar program. According to the schedule, the first unmanned flight to the moon will take place in 2021

The first mission, known as Artemis 1, is scheduled for 2021 without astronauts, and Artemis 2 will fly with a crew in 2023, NASA said. The moon landing is scheduled for the third stage of the mission (Artemis 3) in 2024.

Astronomers have determined the maximum possible mass of a black hole

According to scientists, the mass of black holes can reach 100 billion from the sun or even more. Scientists agree that supermassive black holes are located in the center of the vast majority of galaxies. Their mass is millions or even billions more than that of the Sun, or even 332.9 thousand times more than the Earth. If such gigantic regions are discovered, it will be possible to better understand the nature of black matter. Currently, the largest black hole known to science is the quasar TON 618. Its mass exceeds 66 billion from the sun.

Australia has successfully tested new space technologies

Two small rockets, developed and launched by an Alliance of private companies, took off from a test site in South Australia one after the other for 100 km. On Board the vehicles were prototypes of equipment that would later be used by the Australian air force for conducting observations. The Minister of defense industry of the country called the launches the beginning of a new era of space exploration in Australia, and the experimental rocket itself — the technologies of the “new space”.

The Federal government is planning to invest $7 billion in Australia’s space industry over the next ten years. By 2030, the Australian space Agency is going to expand its staff to 30,000 employees.

Ukrainian-American Alpha missile passed fire tests

Firefly Aerospace, a company owned by Ukrainian entrepreneur Maxim Polyakov, conducted fire tests of the Alpha rocket. As part of the tests, all four first-stage Reaver engines ran for 35 seconds. Firefly engineers checked the thrust vector, power and stability of the power plant. This is an important step on the way to the first launch of the media. Now the Alpha rocket is located at the Vandenberg space center in California.

Private spaceport Rocket Lab in the United States is ready for launches

The Rocket Lab site in the United States is expected to be used for launching us military satellites. As previously reported by IA REGNUM, on July 4, Rocket Lab launched an Electron launch vehicle from the Launch Complex 1 cosmodrome in New Zealand

Airbus unveils concept of hydrogen-powered aircraft

The new family of aircraft was named “ZEROe”. On Tuesday, September 22, it became known that the Airbus Corporation has created a new concept of aircraft with hydrogen engines. Airbus CEO Guillaume Fori said this in an interview published on Monday by Le Parisien newspaper

Facebook has launched a tool to protect copyright on images

Facebook Facebook instagram and Facebook, a tool for copyright protection of images, started working on social networks, the press service of the company Facebook reported in its official blog on September 21.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablet will get Android

Network sources shared details about the protected Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablet, which has not yet been officially unveiled. So, the device will be protected according to the American standard MIL-STD 810, a proprietary eight-core Exynos 9810 platform, a pre-installed Android 10 operating system, 4 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of flash memory, a 13 MP rear camera, a 5 MP front camera, an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1920:1200 pixels, a 5050 mAh battery, a branded s Pen stylus, as well as versions with Wi-Fi and an LTE modem. The official presentation of the device is expected soon.

Asus VivoWatch SP smart watch available in Russia

Asus announces the entry into the Russian market of smart watches VivoWatch SP, which are equipped with electrocardiographic (ECG) and photoplethysmographic (FPG) sensors for round-the-clock tracking of heart rate and blood pressure.

The VivoWatch SP also allows you to measure sleep quality, physical activity, and stress levels, as well as track your menstrual cycle. The built-in GPS sensor allows you to track physical activity parameters (speed, distance, duration). In addition, the altimeter allows you to determine how high the user is.

The watch can be used in the rain or while swimming in the pool. In power-saving mode, the VivoWatch SP battery provides up to 14 days of battery life on a single charge. The Asus VivoWatch SP watch is available for order in the company’s online store at a price of 22,990 rubles.

Apple will release a MacBook with a mini-LED

All of the above means that about 40% of iPads and 30% of MacBooks that will be released in 2021 will be equipped with such displays. Now rumors continue to spread that the same technology can be implemented in other Apple devices

Collapsible screen for smartphones patented by Samsung

Samsung continues to work in the direction of flexible screens. Most recently, the Galaxy Z2 was introduced, and you can already find patent documentation on the Web with a description of another original gadget, the screen of which is rolled up into a tube and hidden inside the device case. Judging by the published diagrams, the device is a metal case with a longitudinal slot along its entire length. Inside the structure there is a roller on which the flexible display is wound.

Mozilla announced the closure of Firefox Send and Firefox Notes

As a result of the restructuring, Mozilla announced the closure of Firefox Send and Firefox Notes. In a recent post on its website, the company announced that both Firefox Send and Firefox Notes are being decommissioned and will no longer be part of our product family

WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram were completely unprotected

Employees of the German universities of würzburg and Darmstadt shared information about the data insecurity of popular applications. They made their conclusions based on the results of a recent study

So, experts accuse the developers that hackers can easily access the personal data of subscribers, using the option to search for phone contacts from the address book. The reason for this, experts say, is the need to provide the administration of the above-mentioned applications with a phone number.

Published trailer for the sequel to the cartoon “the Croods Family”

The network has released a trailer for the sequel to the cartoon “the Croods Family”, subtitled “Housewarming”.In the sequel to the cartoon “the Croods Family”, the characters are looking for a new home.

Lady Gaga released a video for the track 911

American singer Lady Gaga presented the video for the track “911”, which was included in the sixth album”Chromatica”. The video was posted on the singer’s YouTube channel. According to the video, Lady Gaga appears as the Queen of a mysterious country in the desert, where she participates in various rituals.

In the movie “the archers” will not be a single episode

The film “Streltsov” will not show the episode that caused the criminal case against the famous football player, said the film’s Director Ilya Uchitel, TASS reported on September 22. Recall that in 1958, the athlete was accused of rape. The court sentenced him to 10 years in prison. After serving five years, he returned to big-time football.

Israeli radio imposed sanctions against those who supported Lukashenka

The Israeli radio station “Best radio”, which plays Russian-language music, announced a boycott of artists who supported Alexander Lukashenko with the song”do not give your favorite”.

According to the radio station’s website, songs by Russian musicians Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Buinov, Denis Maydanov, Anita Tsoi, Diana Gurtskaya, Natalia Moskvina, as well as Belarusian artists Ruslan Alekhno, Alexander Solodukha, Irina Dorofeeva, Alena Lanskaya, Vladimir Gromov, Anatoly Yarmolenko, Janet, the Aura and Belorusy groups, as well as the Gruzdev sisters will be excluded from the broadcast. This is reported by Rambler.

The head of health of the Czech Republic resigned because of the situation with coronavirus

The Minister of health of the Czech Republic Vojtech Adam announced his retirement on the background of aggravation of the situation with the coronavirus in the country. According to him, this decision was made after serious consideration.

In the Czech Republic, an epidemiologist was appointed Minister of health

On September 21, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis announced the appointment of the country’s leading epidemiologist Roman Prymula to the post of health Minister of the Czech Republic at a meeting with journalists

Belarus sent the first batch of upgraded su-25s to Bulgaria

Belarus has sent updated fighters to the deployment site at the Bezmer air base in Bulgaria. This is reported by ANNA News with reference to “Aero”. As it turned out, the aircraft repair plant signed a new contract to upgrade eight Bulgarian aircraft.

New York police officer charged with espionage

A new York police officer assigned to a precinct in Queens engaged in “spying” for the Chinese government, tracking down local supporters of the Tibetan independence movement and passing “intelligence” to Chinese authorities, Federal prosecutors said.

Shooting of the third film about “Fantastic beasts” resumed

Lead actor Eddie Redmayne told cinemablend’s Sean O’connell that the cast and crew involved in fantastic beasts and where they live have resumed work on the third installment of The franchise.

Poland against the ban on the import of Polish goods to Belarus

Lukashenka banned the import of Polish goods to Belarus, and now it is forbidden to import almost any goods from Poland: from coffee to toilet paper. Of course, this measure will affect Polish supermarkets, etc., but first of all Belarusians themselves will suffer, laments Andrzej Poczobut from the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

The author is convinced that Lukashenka’s decision is illegal, since Belarus is a member of the Customs Union with Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and therefore the ban on Polish goods can be introduced only after a collective decision and concern all external borders, and not just one Belarusian-Polish border

Japan intends to become a permanent member of the UN security Council

The United Nations security Council should be reformed. The proposal was made by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan, Toshimitsu Motegi. The Minister also noted that Tokyo is ready to become a permanent member of the organization.

Snowden will pay the US authorities from the sale of his book

Former national security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has agreed to pay more than $5 million earned from the sale of his book and speeches to the US government, CNN reported, citing court documents. According to the publication, as of September, Snowden earned $ 4.2 million from the sale of his book. In addition, he performed 56 times for a fee, which brought him about 1.03 million dollars, and the average fee for the performance was 18 thousand dollars.

In September 2019, the US government filed a lawsuit against former us intelligence officer Edward Snowden in connection with the publication of his memoirs. The reason given is the disclosure in the book of information that Snowden has committed in writing to keep secret. In a statement, the US Department of justice noted that the US does not seek to restrict the distribution of memoirs, but intends to deprive the former intelligence officer of ” monetary benefits from violating the trust placed in him.”

Pompeo reminded the world’s companies of the risks of violating sanctions against Iran

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo expects companies around the world to be aware of the risk of violating sanctions against Iran. He said this in an interview with the Media Line.

We will use all the tools in America’s diplomatic Arsenal to guarantee the implementation of those returned UN Security Council resolutions. To be honest, I am confident that companies around the world are aware of the risk of violating UN Security Council resolutions and will implement them,” Pompeo said.

Earlier, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that UN sanctions against Iran are taking effect, despite the fact that the organization does not agree with this.

In a referendum in Italy supported reducing the number of parliamentarians

On September 20 and 21, a referendum was held in Italy, which resulted in more than sixty percent of the country’s citizens voting in favor of reducing the number of parliamentarians by a third. This is reported by the ANSA Agency with reference to the exit poll data

Vladimir Putin will speak before the senators.

The amendments include, among other things:

  • expanding the number of Federal senators,
  • the inclusion of several life senators in the house, including former presidents,
  • increase of senatorial term to 6 years,
  • the duty of the President to consult with the Federation Council when appointing power Ministers
  • and the transfer to the President of the Senate right to appoint the leadership of the Prosecutor’s office.

Us Navy carrier strike group enters the Persian Gulf

An aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy entered the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz. This was told by representatives of the Fifth operational fleet of the Navy. The Americans sent ships to implement the “Unwavering determination” program.

The carrier group includes the flagship-the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Nimitz (CVN 68), which is accompanied by the missile cruisers Princeton (CG 59) and Philippine sea (CG 58), as well as the destroyer Sterett (DDG-104), RIA Novosti reports

PGNiG to increase gas production in Norway by purchasing fields

PGNiG Upstream Norway (PUN), the Norwegian “daughter” of the Polish oil and gas concern PGNiG, will buy shares in two active fields in the North sea from Norske Shell, which will allow the group to increase gas production in Norway, the Polish company said in a press release.

Beijing is blacklisting American companies

Chinese authorities are blacklisting American technology companies, but no decision has yet been made on when the list may be published. This was reported on Monday by the Wall Street Journal with reference to informed persons

Gazprom resumes gas supply via Power of Siberia

Pumping through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, which supplies gas to Russian consumers in the far East and China, resumed on Tuesday after scheduled maintenance work, Gazprom said in a statement.

Russia to increase gas transit through Ukraine

Russia wanted to increase gas transit through Ukraine and ordered additional capacity for pumping fuel in October 2020. This is stated in the message of the Ukrainian company “Naftogaz»

In Omsk once again increased gas prices for residents

Subscribers of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Omsk received notifications about the next increase in gas prices from October 1. Now Omsk residents will pay 1.5% more for blue fuel. According to “ngs55”, this is due to the past indexation of wholesale gas prices for the population

Eastern Mediterranean countries signed an agreement on the establishment of a gas organization

The States of the Eastern Mediterranean region signed an agreement on the establishment of a regional gas organization with headquarters in Cairo. This was announced by the Ministry of oil and mineral resources of Egypt, where on Tuesday the signing ceremony of the Charter on the transformation of the existing gas forum of the Eastern Mediterranean countries into a full-fledged organization with the participation of representatives of seven participating countries took place.

Representatives of the energy Ministers of Egypt, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine and Italy worked on the Charter of the new regional structure

Turkey invests in construction of Uzbek thermal power plant

Turkish energy company Cengiz Enerji is investing up to $150 million to build a natural gas-fired thermal power plant in Uzbekistan, a company spokesman said on Monday.

In Russia, the outflow of foreign currency deposits from banks has resumed

In August, the Russians took more than $400 million from their accounts and deposits. Prior to this, the last outflow from foreign currency deposits was observed in the crisis in April

Profit of Russian banks in August 2020

Russian banks made a profit of 172 billion rubles in August, according to the information and analytical material of the Central Bank “on the development of the banking sector”. In July, banks earned 131 billion rubles, and in August 2019-176 billion rubles.

The Central Bank has accumulated foreign currency debt to save the ruble from collapse

Not only the government is increasing the national debt on a record, but also the Central Bank of Russia. A sharp deterioration in the currency balance and the devaluation of the ruble forced the Bank of Russia to enter foreign capital markets and borrow about $ 1.4 billion in August. This is the conclusion reached by the experts Of the center for development of the Higher school of Economics, having studied the balance of payments of Russia for a month.

Experts said the active recovery of world trade

The pace of global trade recovery this year is significantly higher than that recorded after the 2008 financial crisis, contributing to the recovery of a number of world economies. Growth in new export orders is seen in 14 of the 38 economies analyzed by research firm IHS Markit in August. In June, orders rose in only 4 out of 38 economies. In other economies, there is a tendency to recover the indicator, and growth may soon be recorded

Russians are not recommended to keep pensions on Bank cards

Mikhail Kogan, head of the analytical research Department at the Higher school of financial management, listed the reasons why you should not leave your pension on the card.

So, if the recipient of an insurance pension does not withdraw money from the card for six months, they may face suspension of its payments. Kogan explained that the law thus protects the state budget from “extra” expenses that may arise due to the lengthy procedure for transferring data to the Pension Fund.

In addition, pension holders on the card may face fraud when transferring identification data to third parties.

Another reason the expert called the possibility of blocking the card by bailiffs in the presence of any debt for housing and utilities services or others. They can also withdraw money from it for debt.

The pension Fund denied RIA Novosti reports that the payment of pensions is suspended if the pensioner does not withdraw money from the card for six months

In the Krasnoyarsk territory, the founder of the “Church of the new Testament” Vissarion (Sergey Torop) was detained.

His house and the homes of his followers were searched, after the “Siberian Jesus” was put in a helicopter and taken to an unknown destination, reports ” Taiga.info».

Vissarion’s followers have been living in a commune for about 30 years and believe that the former district policeman is the “second coming of Christ” on Earth. His teaching consists of a mixture of postulates of the Abrahamic religions, Buddhism, Judaism, occult movements, etc., and is structured as a classical sect, where everyone worships the prophet Vissarion, pays tithes, and works for the benefit of the community in the city of the Sun.

The Investigative Committee of Russia reported that they were detained. Three leaders of the organization are planned to be charged with creating a religious Association whose activities involve violence

The ROC will help members of the “Church of the last Testament if necessary

The Krasnoyarsk diocese will provide moral and spiritual support to members of the “Church of the last Testament”, the leader of which, along with assistants, was detained on Tuesday in the Kuraginsky district of the Krasnoyarsk territory, the head of the press service of the Krasnoyarsk diocese Andrey Skvortsov told RIA Novosti

The Investigative Committee said that in the future they will be charged with creating a religious Association whose activities involve violence against citizens, causing serious harm to two or more persons, and arrest them.

The investigator again refused to disclose the essence of the charges against Ivan Safronov

Alexander Chaban, an investigator for particularly important cases of the FSB SU, refused the request of Ivan Safronov, an adviser to Roscosmos and a former special correspondent of Kommersant and Vedomosti, to familiarize him with the materials that he allegedly handed over to the Czech special services. The lawyer of the accused Ivan Pavlov told TASS about the investigator’s decision. According to him, the investigator refused to explain to Mr. Safronov the essence of the charge, because he “misunderstood” his request

Business family of the head of the FSB Investigation Department Vasily Petukhov

The family of the curator of the Safronov case turned out to be a co-owner of one of the largest tour operators in Russia with multibillion-dollar turnover, Open media found out.

The wife of the head of the FSB Investigation Department Vasily Petukhov owns several companies of the Biblio-Globus group of companies. One of the legal entities manages the largest hotel in Sochi, and also participates in an investment project in the Crimea — the construction of a car camp. Local authorities call the project “breakthrough”, its cost is 3.4 billion rubles, and the agreement is valid until the end of 2067.

In 2020, structures associated with the Petukhov family began to develop the Baltic sea coast in the Kaliningrad region, and last week registered a legal entity in the village of Arkhyz in Karachay-Cherkessia, where a profitable ski resort is located. The total revenue of legal entities of the General’s family for 2019 is about 4.1 billion rubles.

Furniture stores banned from being placed in residential buildings

Earlier, the Kommersant newspaper reported that the Association of furniture and woodworking industry enterprises in Russia is trying to lift the ban on placing furniture stores in residential buildings, and the new set of rules, which came into force on August 14, may lead to the closure of 17% of specialized stores and a 20% drop in sales. Furniture makers were unable to find new areas for placing retail outlets due to the lack of a transition period.

The Ministry of transport explained the new standards for tinting cars

The Ministry of transport told about the new standards for tinting car Windows. GOST is registered in a large-scale draft of amendments to traffic regulations, which was previously developed and submitted by the Department. According to current standards, glass must pass at least 75% of the light, and the new-70%

The richest people on the planet caused the climate crisis

The 60 million wealthiest people in the world pollute the planet twice as much as the 3 billion people on Earth who are at the other end of this list of financial affluence. This is stated in the report of the non-governmental organization Oxfam, which studies the problems of poverty. The rich consume a huge amount of goods and services, which threatens humanity with a climate catastrophe.

Unmanned vessels will be tested on Russian seas and rivers

Russian ministries supported the government’s idea to conduct an experiment on the operation of unmanned vessels in the rivers and seas of Russia. This is reported by RBC with reference to a letter from Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade Oleg Ryazantsev to the Ministry of justice.

Mikhalkov called computer graphics protests in Belarus

Director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov exposed the popular protests in Minsk. In a new video on his YouTube channel “Besogontv”, he stated that photos taken during mass actions in Belarus were subjected to computer processing

The state Duma changes the punishment for calls to alienate the territories of Russia

The state Duma in the first reading adopted amendments designed to clarify the punishment for public calls to carry out actions aimed at violating territorial integrity, the correspondent of IA REGNUM on September 22

We hope that we will adopt these legislative acts in the autumn session… We believe that somewhere in late November or early December, these legislative acts will come into force,” said Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the state Duma Committee on state construction (United Russia).

About drug recipients from the Russian Embassy in Argentina

Part of the smuggled cocaine from the “Argentine case” could have been intended by state Duma deputies and members of the Federation Council, according to the investigation of the Dossier Center»

The authors of the report say that they have at their disposal the materials of official criminal cases of Russia and Argentina (including audio recordings of 402 hours of telephone conversations of the defendants). They concluded that the official version of the case (the Ministry of internal Affairs completed the investigation in may 2019) has numerous inconsistencies, and the investigators tried to hush up the case by all means, dealing only with intermediaries who are unlikely to have been the key organizers of drug trafficking.

The Kremlin did not finish reading the media publication about drugs in the Russian Embassy

The Kremlin did not find the media publication about cocaine at the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires interesting. This was stated by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

When asked about checking the presidential administration staff for drugs, Dmitry Peskov said :

“As far as I know, there are no checks. The law on civil service does not provide for them,” he said, answering the question whether any tests for drug use are provided for Kremlin officials.

According to him, this topic is regulated in accordance with Russian legislation.

Ukraine will block the Vkontakte mobile app

Ukraine will block the mobile app of the Russian social network Vkontakte, the national security and defense Council (NSDC) of the country reported on September 22.

Zelensky accused Russia of trying to divide the world into spheres of influence

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, during a speech on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the UN General Assembly, accused Russia of trying to return to dividing the world into spheres of influence. The video message was broadcast on the organization’s YouTube channel

According to the head of state, the creation of the UN has become a symbol of the fact that humanity has learned the tragic lesson of the Second world war. However, as Zelensky noted, the situation in the Donbas and the entry of Crimea into Russia prove that this lesson was not learned. “Let me remind you that this is not just a war in Ukraine. This is a war in Europe. And this is not just an encroachment on the sovereignty of an independent state, it looks like an attempt to return to the division of spheres of influence in the world,” the President said.

In Perm, the authorities have installed new bus stops “for the low”.

Citizens complained that it is impossible to pass under the roof of the stop without bending down, and it is even more difficult to straighten up inside. In social networks, the new pavilions were ridiculed and suggested that in winter they would just have to crawl under them.

The press service of the administration reported that in GOST and OST there are no fixed height standards for stopping structures, but when stops were ordered, the TK indicated a height of 210 cm.

Baikal, Altai, Primorye, Sakhalin and Kamchatka

Alexander Lukashenko is going to travel to Russia next year. He shared his plans at a meeting with the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako

Graffiti with “liberated” Belarus appeared in St. Petersburg.

Street art created in the style of Russian folk tales was placed in the garden of San Galli on Ligovsky by the art group “Yav”. A captive in a red Koshchei dress with a mustache is taken away by a white wolf, and behind is another chained girl, dressed in a dress in the colors of the Russian tricolor. In the official “Reveal” in “Vkontakte” photo accompanied by the caption, “Tale lie, Yes in it a hint…”. The authorities of the Central district has not yet commented on the emergence of graffiti in the garden.

Russian strategic missile carriers fly around the borders of Belarus

2 Russian Tu-160 supersonic strategic bombers flew along the Belarusian border with NATO and Ukraine during exercises in Belarus

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a package of bills banning the alienation of the territory of the Russian Federation.

“Any calls to separate a region or part of it from Russia are unacceptable and must be strictly suppressed. If the call to alienate the territories of the Russian Federation was made for the first time, then the responsibility will be administrative, you will have to pay a significant fine. If the offense is repeated, the responsibility will become criminal-up to four years in prison. If the calls are followed by actions, the punishment can be up to ten years in prison, ” said state Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin.

The court released from jail two defendants in the case of a fuel spill in Norilsk

We are talking about the Director of CHPP-3 Pavel Smirnov and chief engineer Alexey Stepanov. The investigation asked to extend their arrest

Borrel said he was ready to go to Minsk to resolve the crisis

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrel, said that he is ready to go to Minsk to help resolve the crisis in Belarus, but the President of the Republic, Alexander Lukashenko, refuses to interact with the EU.

I am ready to go to Minsk if it will contribute to progress. Until now, [Alexander] Lukashenko has refused to interact with the European Union at any level, ” Borrel said.

The Council of the opposition promised to present a plan for Belarus ‘ exit from the crisis

The coordinating Council of the Belarusian opposition intends to present a program for overcoming the internal political crisis in the country in the near future. This was stated by a member of the Presidium of the constitutional court and former Minister of culture of Belarus Pavel Latushko, speaking at an extraordinary meeting of the European Parliament via video link

Putin signed a decree on military and political work in Regardie

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the organization of military and political work in Regardie. The document is published on the official portal of legal acts. Changes are being made to the regulations on the Federal service of the national guard of the Russian Federation

US imposes sanctions on Venezuelan President

The United States is imposing new sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro over arms deals with Iran. This is reported on the website of the US state Department.

Pompeo said the us is ready to impose sanctions because of Navalny

The United States will respond to the alleged poisoning of FBK founder Alexey Navalny when all the facts of the incident are known, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in an interview with the German newspaper Bild

China has become a world leader in the pace of nuclear capacity building

Stockholm peace Institute (SIPRI) reports: China has become a leading country in terms of building up nuclear power. The fact is that Russia and the United States, although they “play with their muscles” in public, are actually gradually reducing their nuclear Arsenal.

Belarus to take part in construction of Vostochny cosmodrome

I would like to participate in the construction of this cosmodrome and show our capabilities, what Belarusian builders are capable of. I’m ready to move a trust there, maybe two. The main thing is that we agree on cooperation.

Putin raised the salary of judges

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on increasing the salaries of judges by 3%, the document is published on the legal information portal. Salaries of judges will be increased by 1.03 times from October 1.

EurAsian Times claims malfunction of s-400 SAMS delivered to Turkey

According to the EurAsian Times, the s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems that Russia sold to Turkey have malfunctions. According to the author of the article, the SAMS have not yet been put on combat duty in the Turkish air defense system

Hundreds of British paratroopers have landed in southern Ukraine

The United efforts 2020 military exercise, organized in response to the Russian Caucasus 2020 exercise, has begun in Ukraine. This is reported by the press service of the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

The first stage of the exercise began with the landing of British and Ukrainian paratroopers in the Mykolaiv region. According to the report, the British landed from military transport aircraft C-130 Hercules of the Royal air force, which took off from the territory of great Britain. Paratroopers of the 16th amphibious assault brigade of the British Armed forces landed with equipment that is not specified. After them, Ukrainian military aircraft Il-76MD and An-26 appeared in the sky, from which cargo and units of the airborne assault troops of the armed forces of Ukraine were landed.

Iran has promised to continue to take revenge on the US for the murder of General Suleimani

Recall that on the night of January 3 this year, the United States conducted a special operation in the area of the Baghdad airport and eliminated the commander of the special forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, General Suleimani. For this murder, Tehran responded with a missile attack on US military bases in Iraq.

Dozens of new military facilities to be opened in Iran

Dozens of new defense facilities will be opened during the Holy defense week in Iran, major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, chief of staff of the Iranian Armed forces, said on September 21, Tasnim news Agency reported.

Who called XI Jinping a clown was jailed

A Chinese businessman who called XI Jinping a clown has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. Ren Zhiqiang was found guilty of embezzlement, accepting bribes and other economic crimes worth at least 131 million yuan (about $ 19 million).

Fined for violation of the rules of the picket

In Barnaul, an activist was fined 10 thousand rubles after she came to the building of the world court in a protective mask with the inscription “Putin resign”.

The Protocol States that the activist “organized, participated in and held a public event [in the courthouse] in the form of a single picket.”