24 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/23/2019

Iran demonstrated a new missile

In Iran, during the parade demonstrated a new missile “khorramshahr” with a new warhead. The missile is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 2 thousand km and carrying a warhead weighing up to 1.8 tons.

During the parades, the air force of the Islamic Republic guard Corps also demonstrated 18 ballistic missiles of various classes, including Qadr, Emad, Sejil and KIAM. In addition, the parades featured the Bavar-373 missile system (Tehran called it “close to the Russian S-400”), the Khordad-15 air defense system and other weapons.

Military parades held in Iranian cities are timed to the beginning of the Holy defense Week dedicated to the victims of the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988.

Donald Trump said he was ready to familiarize himself with Iran’s plan for security in the Persian Gulf – the White house pool.

Greenpeace called for a ban on the sale of gasoline cars in Russia for 10 years

Greenpeace experts suggest urgent measures that need to be taken to reduce CO2 emissions and thereby slow the pace of climate change. These are the introduction of apartment-by-apartment heat metering, the development of renewable energy, the cessation of exploration of new oil and gas fields, the ban on the use of cars with internal combustion engines by 2030. In addition, the “green” offer to encourage Russians to use rail instead of aviation.

Russian President “decided to ratify” Paris climate agreement

According to sources, the climate agreement of 2015 will be approved by the order of the government, and not by adoption of the relevant law in Parliament. According to experts, ratification bypassing the state Duma will not allow to challenge the position of the Kremlin deputies supporting opponents of the agreement, including in the field of energy and metallurgy.

Ratification-giving legal force to an international Treaty. According to the Federal law “on international treaties”, ratification is subject, in particular, to treaties, the execution of which requires changes in the current legislation

Donald Trump urged Europe to help Ukraine with money

European countries allocate not enough money to Ukraine in comparison with the United States, said the American leader Donald trump.

“I supported Ukraine from the very beginning, but I am very upset that other countries do not do this,” the US President said, adding that there are many problems in Ukraine.

According to trump, Germany, France and “the entire European Union” should allocate more money to support the country.

The Finance Ministry announced a large-scale reduction of civil servants

The work of civil servants in Russia is so inefficient that the only option to raise their salaries is to reduce the most useless. The reform in the sphere of public administration, which will significantly reduce the number of civil servants, will allow not to spend an additional 100 billion rubles a year to raise the salaries of civil servants to a competitive level, the Ministry of Finance said. It is indicated that the economy is not an end in itself reform.

“But the funds released in this case will be used to increase the wages of civil servants. If you do not carry out the planned reduction, the competitive level of remuneration in the civil service will not be achieved, ” first Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

She added that the reduction would take place in two stages. The first is automatic. The number of Central offices of Federal bodies of state power in 2020 will be reduced by 10%, territorial — by 5%. In 2021, the figure in the regions should reach 15%.

The second stage involves the structural improvement of the state apparatus. In particular, the territorial bodies of ministries and departments will be enlarged and transformed into branches without the status of a legal entity and divisions. It is reported that these methods will also lead to a reduction in the number of civil servants.

Russia ahead of Venezuela in oil supplies to the United States

There are no direct contracts between Russia and the United States for the supply of oil or petroleum products, Russian oil is sold to the States by international traders.

After the US imposed sanctions against PDVSA, American refineries needed to compensate for the fallen volumes of Venezuelan oil, they increased imports of varieties close to Venezuelan, including the Russian Urals.

In the exercises “Center-2019” dropped combat vehicles of the airborne forces

In the Network there were photos of airborne combat vehicles that crashed during the landing during the exercise “Center-2019”. The pictures were published in the public “aviation “in the social network”Vkontakte”. The photos show that both BMD received severe damage, one of them was almost completely destroyed.

The Russian defense Ministry received a batch of protected laptops

Deliveries are carried out by the holding “Roselectronics”, part of the state Corporation”rostec”. It is reported by the press service of the Corporation. The Russian military received the first batch of protected laptops manufactured to meet the requirements of the military.

China has sent two Beidou-3 satellites into orbit.

They will enter the 47th and 48th in the navigation system Beidou, RIA “Novosti” with reference to the message of the Chinese Corporation for space science and technology (CASC). The satellites were launched Monday morning from the Xichang cosmodrome»

Russian hostels will continue to operate as apartments

Hostels and mini-hotels in Russia are not going to close, although from October 1 comes into force a bill on which it is impossible to arrange hotels in the housing stock. Most owners prefer to master the format of daily rent, noted in ” Izvestia”

Moscow authorities ordered the aggregators to share new data

The Moscow city hall obliged taxi aggregators to transmit to the city information system not only information about the location of cars, but also personal data of each driver and information about CTP policies. Proponents of regulation believe it will improve travel safety. Market participants expect additional costs and threaten to increase prices.

Only one ” Falcon Russia»

The administration of Izhevsk announced the adjustment of the performance program of the aerobatic team “Falcons of Russia” over the water area of the city pond. So, instead of four fighters residents of the capital of Udmurtia will see only one.

In connection with the storm front in the Perm region and the threat to the crews of SU-35 aircraft, it was decided to perform aerobatics over Izhevsk only 1 Board. The plane is controlled by the commander of the flight Sokolov of Russia, who decided to participate alone in the air show over Izhevsk, the press service of the municipality said.

Doctors called one-bedroom apartments dangerous to health

Experts say that living in a Studio apartment is dangerous for human health. They attribute this to the fact that such conditions contribute to the formation of disease mechanisms, weight gain and the appearance of various kinds of nervous disorders.

In Russia propose to introduce the “index of moonshine»

Experts of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation proposed to consider the production and consumption of moonshine indicator of the economic situation in the country, said “RG”. The so-called “moonshine index” will accurately predict the crisis

In Russia, mass resign surgeons

The country lacks 7.5 thousand surgeons, 765 doctors left the specialty in two years. This was announced by the chief freelance specialist surgeon of the Ministry of health of Russia, Director of NMITS surgery. A.V. Vishnevsky Amiran Revishvili September 20 at the “round table “”Surgery-zone of professional and legal risk”, which was organized and held by the state Duma Committee on health.

The state Duma proposed to create a working group on the legal protection of doctors

The Chairman of The state Duma Committee on health protection Dmitry Morozov stated the need to create a working group on the legal protection of doctors. In addition, he stated the need to strengthen the system of protection of the rights of doctors.

“We will continue to work on the issues. I will propose to support the creation of a working group on the legal protection of doctors in the state Duma Committee on health protection. We will take responsibility, we will gather all experts and in the shortest possible time we will come to the offer”, – Dmitry Morozov reported at a round table: “Surgery – a zone of professional and legal risk”.

Utility tariffs without commissions will be applied in 2021

The government decree on the exclusion of Bank fees from utility tariffs comes into force in September 2020. However, the updated calculations will be applied only in 2021. This” Russian newspaper “said the Deputy Director of the Association” housing and urban environment ” Dmitry Gordeev.

Saudi Arabia does not yet consider the attack on its oil plants an “act of war.”

Saudi Arabia believes that the blow to its oil plants, because of which it had to halve oil production, caused Iran, but it is not ready to unleash a war because of this. Saudi foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir explained on September 22 that an act of war is when a blow is struck from the territory of the aggressor, and his country can not yet prove that the missiles and drones that attacked the factories started from Iran

The 2019 Emmy awards ceremony was held in the United States.

  • Best drama series-Game of thrones»
  • Best miniseries — ” Chernobyl»
  • Best Comedy series – ” Trash»
  • Best TV movie — “Black mirror: bandersnatch»
  • Best Director in a mini-series or TV movie – ” Chernobyl»
  • Best actor in a drama series-Billy porter (“Pose»)
  • Best actress in a drama series-Jodi comer (“Killing eve»)

The Ministry of health of Russia accused of concealing the data of the examination of drugs

The Russian Academy of Sciences accused the Ministry of health of concealing studies of the effectiveness of drugs. On the eve of the RAS Commission on combating falsification of scientific research, no matter how hard it tried, could not find on the website of the Ministry of data on the effectiveness and safety of a number of medicines.

The Deputy Chairman of the HRC proposed to limit the mortgage to the poor

Deputy Chairman of the human rights Council (HRC) Evgeny Bobrov in a conversation with the Daily Storm said that low-income families need to limit access to mortgages.

“Lending to the poor should be limited the more the better. Let people suffer better in their small or rented housing than get into the long-term bondage of mortgages and two or three times overpay for an apartment. In addition, if a person loses his job, he will be on the street, and even with debts. This is just a state crime, ” Bobrov explained his position.

Hotel workers in Tunisia took guests hostage

Workers at Les Orangers beach resort resort Hammamet in Tunisia are not letting customers of British travel Agency Thomas Cook out of the building because they fear that the company on the verge of bankruptcy will not be able to pay the remaining debt.

Tourists claim that they were literally taken hostage-the guards blocked all the entrance doors, and the administration requires to pay for accommodation. Also on the territory of the hotel turned off the wireless Internet. Vacationers refuse to give money to the hotel staff, because they have already fully paid for their tours of the company.

Chubais proposes to use pension savings in startups

Chairman of LLC UK “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais at a lecture at MIPT made a proposal to lift restrictions on investment in the venture capital industry. They were imposed on non-state pension funds, which are forbidden to invest in this area

“Non-state pension funds have a huge mass of money, more than 3 billion rubles, which they in principle can not invest in the venture capital industry, as they are simply prohibited,” Chubais said.

The businessman stressed that this is currently the main reason that Russia can not rise in the ranking of competitiveness in the field of innovation.

Argentina has declared an emergency food situation

At the end of last week, the Argentine Parliament approved the law on the food emergency, which provides for an increase in the allocation of free meals by 50%.

Small business in Russia will support concessional lending

The relevant draft resolution of the Ministry of economic development was approved by the Russian government, according to the Agency’s website.

The loan at a reduced rate, that is, no more than 8.5%, is now available to entrepreneurs in the field of trade, restaurant business and rental property. Previously, only small and medium-sized enterprises in the retail and wholesale trade in the far East, the North Caucasus, Crimea and Sevastopol could get a preferential loan. In addition, the size of the loan for investment purposes is doubled – up to 2 billion rubles.

NPF investments in corporate bonds reached a historic high

Bonds account for 40.8% of pension reserves. The share of corporate bonds increased due to a decrease in investments in government securities. This could be affected by the continued growth of spreads between corporate and government bond yields, the Central Bank points out.

Deposit rates continue to fall

Traditionally, the yield is influenced by the policy of the Central Bank to reduce the key rate, but more recently, other factors have joined — the slowdown in retail lending and stagnation in the corporate lending segment. “Sberbank”, a leader in the market of deposits from the population, on the eve reported a drop in Deposit rates by 0, 3-0, 5 %.

Putin ordered to Finance the modernization of the army of Abkhazia

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to sign an agreement on financing the modernization of the armed forces of Abkhazia by the Russian side. The relevant document is published on the website of legal information of Russia.

The faster a person walks, the longer he will live, according to Japan

Japanese experts who study the aspects of human aging, concluded that almost 100 percent chance to live up to 80 years, there are those people who in 70 years of age kept an energetic pace of walking. The physical condition of people “over 60” is steadily improving, according to Japanese doctors.

The FSB used the Amnesty of capital against the business

FSB officers seized in the Central office of the Federal tax service the Declaration that the co-owner of the company “Ust-Luga” Valery Izrailit filed in 2016 as part of the Amnesty of capital, and used it as evidence in a criminal case. The court attached it to the case, which is a businessman. About it report “Vedomosti” with reference to case materials which Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg considers.

Experts call this a dangerous precedent, which poses a threat to anyone who decided to legalize their capital.

Vedomosti recalls that in January 2018, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that business can enjoy the Amnesty of capital and not be afraid that information about registered companies and accounts will get into the media, after which they will begin to “nightmare the law enforcement system.” Besides, the President Vladimir Putin noted that”if the person legalizes the means and property in Russia, he will receive firm legal guarantees that it won’t drag on various bodies, including law enforcement”.

Peskov asked to trust Putin’s words about the Amnesty of capital

Peskov recalled that Putin has repeatedly proved the validity of his words. In General, all the guarantees given to them must be fulfilled, he added. Speaking about the case of Izrailit, touched upon in the publication, Peskov noted that he does not have details, in addition, it is not a matter of the presidential administration. It is difficult to say whether the Declaration was actually withdrawn, and on what basis.

The web has revealed the details of the strategy in the U.S. amid sanctions

Development institution VEB.Russia attracted an influential Republican, former Congressman John Sweeney for the official lobbying in America, the disclosure of information in the database of the U.S. Department of justice, made by the VEB by law FARA (the foreign agents). The rate of the former Congressman is $62.5 thousand per month (almost 4 million rubles), the contract is designed for a year, by the end of July 2020.

VEB has been under us sectoral sanctions since 2014 and cannot attract debt financing from us entities for a period of more than 14 days.

Exports of Russian non-primary goods increased significantly

In the second quarter of 2019, exports of Russian goods for the first time in a long time decreased (-1.6% compared to last year). This is reported by experts CMASF in the new issue of monitoring “the Subjects of foreign trade.”

Exports of engineering products increased significantly, primarily due to large shipments of radar equipment to China and transceiver equipment to Iran.

Chinese authorities destroy mosques and minarets

Mosques and minarets in the Chinese provinces of Inner Mongolia, Henan, Ningxia and Gansu were destroyed by the decision of the Chinese authorities. It is reported by the British newspaper Independent.

In particular, according to the publication, the domes and minarets were blown up in a village near the city of Linxia, which is called the “little Mecca of China”, because it is home to the largest Muslim nation in China — Hui. In addition, the newspaper reports, the authorities closed three mosques in Yunnan province, and banned the use of Arabic writing throughout the country.

Microsoft will update the security system for free Windows 7

Microsoft promises a free security update for Windows 7 before the 2020 us presidential election to avoid external interference.

US authorities approved Apple’s requests for exemption from duties against China

The us trade mission approved Apple’s requests to exclude from the new duties on goods from China when purchasing parts for MacPro computers, despite the position of US President Donald trump, who opposes easing, Bloomberg reports, citing a statement by the Agency

Adopted 8K Ultra HD TV standard

The industry has made a move formalizing the arrival of the next generation of television resolution. A few days ago, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) published a definition of 8K Ultra HD TVs and a corresponding logo that TV manufacturers will be able to use

Maduro thanked Russia for supporting Venezuela’s sovereignty

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is grateful to Russia for supporting the sovereignty of the Latin American country and solidarity with its people. He said this in an interview with the TV channel “Russia-24”, a fragment of which was shown on Monday.

Russia, with its global leadership, has come out with strong support to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and its right to peace. And I thank Russia and the entire Russian people for their understanding and for their solidarity with the Venezuelan people. – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

Roskomnadzor is ready to create a list of distributors of fake news

Roskomnadzor is ready to create on its website a list of publications, Internet communities and individuals who distribute false information. This is stated in the materials available to TASS report of the head of the Department Alexander Zharov to the forum of the Union of journalists of Russia “All Russia”.

“At the moment, we are ready to create on the website of Roskomnadzor an appropriate open list of publications, online communities and individuals who regularly participate in the distribution of fakes,” the report says

Saudi Aramco attacked by Yemeni Houthi rebels

Yemeni Houthi rebels increased the radius of the missiles, so they were able to strike at oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. This was stated by Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. According to him, the rebels got the weapons from the former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh. As a senior diplomat explained in an interview with CBS, the Houthis have the technology to improve existing weapons.

In Chechnya, detained “in contact with the Djinn sorcerers»

In the house of suspects found the earth from a cemetery, water which washed corpses, animal fat, locks. All this-props with which “sorcerers” deceived people, according to chgtrk “terrible”. One of the women allegedly came into contact with Djinn to spell objects and make talismans and charms.

Published a new teaser for the film “breaking bad»

Streaming service Netflix has released the second teaser for the feature film “breaking bad” called El Campo. The film tells about the continuation of the events of the popular series of the same name.

In the halls of “Moschino” free show films of the era of perestroika

Moscow Department of culture will show in” moskino ” from October 1 to November 6 films made during the years of perestroika and later. The program is called “Cinematics: in a quiet pool,” said Monday on the portal of the mayor and the government of the capital.

Russian-Chinese art exhibition to be held in Sochi

Professor of the Chinese Academy of arts, artist Zhai Hengan explained that the goal of the exhibition is to show social life and the ideology of the Russian and Chinese peoples. The exhibition will last until October 5, the press service of the Sochi administration.

In Samara started the festival of street art “Plasticine rain»

The festival this year opened with the play “From the life of storks”. On the first day the St. Petersburg theater “Vokrug”appeared on the stage. Each male was able to become a part of the production, stretch the white cloth, which was involved in various scenes. After it was torn into hundreds of small particles that the townspeople were able to carry a memory of the festival.

In addition, the capital’s visual theater “Alterum”performed before the Samaritans. Also in Strukovsky Park showed their performances theater “Main Characters”, “Light wings” from Almetyevsk. The Samaritans were able to see a giant ship on wheels, near which the action unfolded.

In addition to theatrical performances, various dance surprises were prepared for the citizens. Artists of folk dance ensemble “Volga patterns”, Togliatti “Variant”performed in the open air.

On the first day various master classes, competitions were traditionally held at various venues of “Plasticine rain”, musical groups performed, as well as interactive games for the little ones worked.

Released the final trailer of the fantastic action ” Coma»

The film was directed by Nikita Argunov and produced by Sarik Andreasyan. Previously, Argunov was engaged in the development of computer graphics for many domestic films, writes the publication “Filmpro”. The plot of the fantastic action “Coma” is the story of a young architect who got into a mysterious accident

The USA will consider the possibility of opening a representative office in Tatarstan

The American chamber of Commerce (ATP) is considering opening a representative office in Kazan. This “Izvestia” said the President of the Association in Russia Alexis Rodzianko

The winner of the festival series “Pilot” was the project ” Sleep with me»

This year, the program of the festival selected 17 pilot episodes of new TV series the Winner of the Russian festival of series “Pilot”, held in Ivanovo from 20 to 22 September, was the project” Sleep with me ” directed by Vladimir Raksha.

In New Zealand will remove the series “Lord of the rings»

According to the Minister of economic development of the country Phil Twyford, shooting “Lord of the rings” will be a new impetus for the development of the film industry in New Zealand. Clarifies that the plot of the series “the Lord of the rings” will not be associated with the events that are narrated in the books of Tolkien

Computer programs have become indistinguishable from humans

Scammers began to use fine-tuning behavior bots, making them quite indistinguishable from humans. This “Izvestia” told in “Kaspersky Lab”. If earlier computer programs were instructed to follow from point A to point B, the improved bots deviate from a straight line, shake the mouse and show the speed of movement of the cursor peculiar to people. With their help, you can massively buy tickets for sports tournaments or enrich themselves through loyalty programs online stores. With the advent of humanized bots, experts are forced to look for new ways to protect themselves from fraudulent schemes involving them.

Facebook bought a service to create chatbots

Facebook bought the Israeli service for creating chat bots Service Friend, writes the Israeli edition of The Market with reference to your investor. Four key Service Friend developers have indicated in their LinkedIn profiles that they will join the Calibra wallet team

Fraudsters learned how to fix smartphones using USB ports

Experts on cybersecurity urge not to use public USB-connectors and chargers of unknown persons or of unknown origin. With the help of a special technology in ordinary wires criminals have learned to introduce a malware transmitter

Fujifilm X-Pro3 will get a hidden display

Fujifilm at the event X Summit in Tokyo (Japan) lifted the veil of secrecy over the new camera, which will be released on the commercial market under the name X-Pro3. One of the features of the new item will be a hidden main display.

Facebook suspended thousands of apps

The reason for the application blocks was improper sharing of data received from Facebook, providing access to user data and other indicators. The social network continues to investigate the scandal with Cambridge Analytica, which used the data of Facebook users during the election campaigns

“The investigation has affected millions of apps, tens of thousands of which have been temporarily blocked for a number of reasons while the investigation is underway,” Facebook said in a statement.

Hao Li: after six months you can make the video fake of “5+»

According to Business Insider, according to Hao Li, the appearance of fake videos with famous people in the network, which are almost completely indistinguishable from the original, is a question of 6-12 months.

Bakkt platform has launched Bitcoin trading-futures

On 23 September at 03:00 Moscow time on platform Bakkt began serving the manufacturing supply Bitcoin futures market operator of the new York stock exchange ICE.

No one noticed, but Apple has also limited ad blockers

Many users were outraged when they learned that Google plans to limit the ability of ad blockers in the Chrome browser. However, few people noticed that similar measures have already been introduced in Safari, with Apple not even criticized.

Artificial intelligence has been developed to create anonymous images

In recent years, artificial intelligence has learned to recognize faces better than the people and create a new image, non-existent entities. Frane of Lindseth (Frank Lindseth) and his colleagues from Norway’s scientific and technological Institute have combined these abilities, developing the technology of Deep Privacy, the replacement of the person in the picture on the new, artificially generated.. About it they write in a paper presented at the online library of preprints ArXiv.Org.

Without physical activity, the human heart loses its ” human features»

Robert Shave (Robert Shave) from the University of British Columbia and his colleagues compared the shape and performance of the heart in gorillas, chimpanzees, as well as representatives of four groups of people: long-distance runners; athletes playing American football; farmers engaged in “natural” economy, and ordinary citizens, leading a low-activity lifestyle. The scientists report the results of their observations in an article published in the journal PNAS.

Hearts of people who are not accustomed to physical activity, gradually lose many “human traits”, become more rounded and twist during the work is not as noticeable as in chimpanzees. Moreover, such effects were found in football players who trained explosive power performance for years: the muscle walls of their heart become thicker, but the adaptations associated with endurance are weaker.

Created an invisible device for the treatment of baldness

American scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison presented a miniature device for the treatment of baldness. This simple, inexpensive and completely non-invasive technology aims to treat the early stages of alopecia, writes Science Daily.

Development of mental disorders associated with air pollution

After completing the analysis, the scientists found that residents of areas with polluted air risk of the most massive mental disorders higher. Among such deviations: schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder.

The August flash on Jupiter called the asteroid zhelezorudnye

Calculations scientists presented at the European Congress of planetary Sciences (EPSC), showed that the flash, which was noticed on Jupiter in August, was the result of falling on the planet ironstone asteroid. The power of the explosion could be 240 kilotons in TNT equivalent, which is about half the power of the explosion of the Chelyabinsk meteorite

NASA is waiting for an explanation about the origin of the hole on the ISS

The leadership of the US National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) is puzzled by the statement of the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin that the reasons for the hole on the ISS are known to him, but he will not tell about them. At the same time, Roscosmos promised to keep its American colleagues informed and cooperate at the expert level. In his opinion, the head of NASA Jim Bridenstein, the hole in the ship could be either the result of marriage on earth before launch, or somehow made in orbit.

“The hole and its secret cause-is particularly problematic, since the Soyuz spacecraft became the only way to reach the ISS for astronauts after 2011, when the Shuttle program was closed,” writes the Houston Chronicle.

The Federal space Agency waives its most powerful rockets

Launch “Protons” can only be from Baikonur, and for the use of dimethylhydrazine fuel rocket criticized by environmentalists. Despite the fact that in some respects the first version of the Angara will be inferior to the existing Protons, Roscosmos intends to switch to a new rocket.

Venus 700 million years ago could be inhabited

Experts do not exclude the existence of liquid water on the planet 700 million years ago. Specialists of the Goddard Institute of space Sciences in their study used radar maps of Venus obtained by NASA space probes over the past four decades.

Taxi and carsharing for Muscovites were cheaper than a personal car

Movement by private car in Moscow becomes profitable if the driver passes it more than 20 thousand km per year. In other cases, according to a study conducted by Yandex.Taxi” and Datainsight, become the best taxi and car sharing

The number of registered marriages in Russia decreased by 32% in eight years – TASS

In 2011 the number of registered marriages was 1 million 316 thousand in 2018 – 893 039.

The most decreased number of brides who are married at the age of 18-24 years with 574,7 thousand to 285,6 thousand Number of brides of age 25 to 34 also declined from 386,6 514,3 thousand to thousand, but the number of brides 35+ remained approximately at the same level – 215,5 thousand in 2011 and 216,2 million in 2018.

The Central Bank of Russia wants to limit the ability of Russians to earn in the financial markets

The maximum amount of “risky” investments for specially protected investors will be 50 thousand rubles per year, follows from the latest version of the amendments to the bill of the Central Bank on the categorization of investors, which was reviewed by RBC. Earlier, the regulator discussed with the market the extension of this limit to 100 thousand rubles, it followed from the previous version of the document.

To move to the next category, for which a wider range of financial instruments is available, investors will need to accumulate 1.4 million rubles.the previous version of the document provided for a softer limit — 400 thousand rubles.

Fans of wapow

Scientists in the United States found that those who inhale more than two years of this smoke from electronic cigarettes, after a while get “indelible” oil layer in the lungs. Relatively speaking, the lungs of the student become like the lungs of an old man. No joke.


The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov spoke about the success of the Department in the fight against fake news


Internal rules of Cheboksary Electromechanical College

Students of Cheboksary Electromechanical College were obliged to sign a document on the internal rules of the institution.

There, in particular, were bans on Smoking in the premises of the College, the use of alcohol and drugs. And to participate in pickets, rallies and demonstrations. Violators promised to use “administrative measures including expulsion from the College.”

The US and India will hold joint military exercises in November this year

This was announced by us President Donald trump, speaking with Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi in Houston before the Americans of Indian origin.

“In November, the US and India will demonstrate significant progress in military cooperation and hold the first military exercises. In the United States, we created space forces. We are working closely with India to develop space cooperation»

The head of the medical unit threatened to put all cancer

In the Chelyabinsk region, the head of the medical unit in the Satka district threatened ambulance staff that will put all cancer after their complaints about low wages. This was told by the ambulance driver Sergey Pavlov, reports 74.ru.

«Manageress… screaming shamelessly, they say, what right do you have to write the doctor,” — said Pavlov.

As it is noted, on September 19 workers of ambulance wrote the complaint addressed to the chief physician with a request to explain the reasons for which they took away stimulating payments. Now their total salary is about 15 thousand rubles. The Ministry of health of the region confirmed this information.

Almost half of Russians drink tap water

About 44% of Russians use tap water and do not buy bottled water. In 2016, this figure was 39%, according to a survey of the all-Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM), available to TASS.

New rules for the transportation of children by buses have been approved

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the approval of new requirements for the organization of children’s sightseeing trips on buses, according to which all children must wear seat belts.

Developers will receive benefits in the construction of hotels

The city authorities have established preferential rental rates of 0.01 percent of the cadastral value for the construction of hotels and 0.1 percent — for the construction of rental houses, the lease term of such land will be 49 years

Turkey demanded hotels not to evict tourists Thomas Cook

The Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey issued a strict warning to the hotels of the country with the requirement not to expel tourists Thomas Cook, and not to demand money from them for unpaid tour operator rooms. The Ministry also promises financial assistance to hotels, albeit in the form of a “loan package”.

Elizaveta Golikova appointed senior Vice President of VTB

Elizaveta Golikova, former co-head of the joint editorial office of RBC, has been appointed head of the media relations Department — senior Vice President of VTB Bank. According to Kostin, Golikova will implement the Bank’s strategic objectives in the field of reputation management and communications.

“I am sure that Elizabeth’s many years of experience will allow the Bank to strengthen VTB’s position in this area,” Kostin said

CPRF proposes to increase the tax deduction for training

The bill increases the size of the tax deduction for children’s education, made to the state Duma deputies of the Communist party headed by Gennady Zyuganov, the correspondent of IA REGNUM September 23

The size of the tax base is proposed to increase from 50 thousand rubles to the amount of 80 thousand rubles from January 1, 2021. And from January 1, 2022 – up to 100 thousand rubles. The amount of funds is calculated for each child in the total amount for both parents (guardian or Trustee).

The largest crypto-exchanges falsify 90% of trade volumes

The top ten includes LBank, BW.com Bit-Z, Coinbene and OEX. The volume of fictitious transactions on them ranges from 96.9% to 99.7%. In the top 100 largest exchanges according to Coinmarketcap there are 73 platforms that falsify trading volumes by more than 90%.

Russia wants to increase the “pension” tax deduction

The Association of non-state pension funds (ANPF) proposed to make adjustments to the Russian tax legislation, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

Among the initiatives is an increase from 120 to 400 thousand rubles of the maximum base for calculating the tax deduction, which “is provided in connection with the payment of pension and insurance contributions under contracts of non-state pension provision.” As a result, the tax deduction will be 52 thousand rubles. Also, the Association proposed to exempt from personal income tax non-state pensions for family members.

In Petrozavodsk noted the transfer of the relics of Alexander Nevsky

Right in front of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky security forces showed the skills of neutralization of armed criminals, and local Cossacks – how to use checkers.

“This is our first time. Yes, there were dog handlers and masked men. Demonstration performance. Why is it now, can’t even explain. The congregation offered, that’s all. Not our side. As far as this experiment was successful, I can not say yet, ” – said the Bishop’s assistant, father Constantine.

The US began to abandon nuclear energy

The largest and oldest nuclear power plant in the United States is closing. This decision was made because of the high costs of its maintenance and the growing relevance of renewable energy sources. Three Mile island NPP unit 1 reactor to be shut down after 45 years of operation

“Whether we like it or not, the industry is moving on — the closure of the station is a symbol of this transition,” Exelon added.