25 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/24/2020

California has created the smallest refrigerator in the world

According to the scientists who created this refrigerator, it is not like those refrigerators that we are already familiar with, since the device uses thermoelectric elements, and not gas as a cooling reagent. Due to different temperatures, the elements of the device can create electric charges, heat or cool the device plate.

This technology was already known to scientists, but was rarely used. The device may be useful in the future for cooling chips and processors in data centers. The size of the refrigerator, which was developed by experts, is only 1 micrometer in a cube.

The homeland of chrome crucible steel was Persia

An international team of archaeologists from University College London, the Cyprus Institute, and the University of Cambridge analyzed finds from the 11th-century CE Chahak archaeological site in southern Iran and found evidence of deliberate and regular addition of chromite chromite to the mineral

Found a way to improve the thermonuclear reactor

Researchers at Princeton University have developed a method that predicts how tokamaks can respond to errors in the operation of electromagnets. This will help engineers create the first working fusion reactors.

The Turing model explained the origin of Australia’s “fairy circles”

“Fairy circles” are small plots of land around which grass grows. Often they are located close to each other, forming a grid. Such phenomena are typical for hot Namibia and the North-West of Australia.

German and Australian researchers decided to establish whether the model of Alan Turing is suitable for explaining the origin of “fairy circles”. Recall that a mathematician from England in 1952 presented a study in which he described the self-organization of matter. The essence of the method is as follows: the reaction-diffusion mechanism and random compensations contribute to the emergence of spontaneous complex structures. For example, the method explains the appearance of stripes on a Zebra or spots on the skin of a leopard. Thus, using the development of Turing and modern technologies, scientists conducted a field study, finding out how to grow herbs of the triodia family. The results were published in the Journal of Ecology.

A method for creating colloidal diamonds has been developed

Researchers have developed a new process for reliable self-Assembly of colloids into a diamond formation, which can lead to cheap and scalable manufacturing of such structures. The discovery, detailed in “Colloidal diamond” appearing in the September 24 issue of the journal Nature, could open the door to high-performance optical circuits leading to the development of optical computers and lasers, light filters that are more reliable and cheaper to produce than ever before, and more.

Premature death linked to dusty air

Scientists have linked 1.5-2.2 million annual premature deaths from 2000 to 2016 in China to prolonged inhalation of fine dust particles — PM2.5. In just 16 years, this pollutant has claimed the lives of about 30.8 million people. Data from direct, ubiquitous monitoring of air pollution has only been available since 2015, but scientists were able to model the PM2.5 content in the air in previous years from satellite images using machine learning. The article is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Animals lose their protective behavior after contact with humans

Domesticated animals lose their fear of predators. This is the conclusion of an international scientific group that studied the issue. It was found that with frequent communication with humans, many animals quickly lose the behavioral skills associated with self-defense. Such changes in the dynamics of protective reactions were observed already in the first generation of animals often in contact with humans.

Along the way, it was found that the loss of protective behavior in herbivores occurs faster than in predators. Such processes slow down in animals living in the group, writes Proceedings of the Royal Society.

In 2020, the permafrost thawed to a record depth

Over the course of nine years of observations, we have recorded significant interannual variability, but despite this, there is a tendency to increase the depth of the seasonally thawing permafrost layer. On fences with light soil — forming rocks, the depth of thawing can exceed ten centimeters per year — this is already a catastrophic indicator,” says Viktor Valdayskikh, head of the Botanical garden of the Ural Federal University.

A single-use medical bed made of cardboard was created

During various emergencies, medical workers deploying field hospitals often do not have enough beds to accommodate patients. This is the problem that a new disposable cardboard bed developed by a German scientist is designed to solve.

Chemists have found the best replacement for lithium-ion batteries

The authors of a new study published in the Journal of Power Sources suggest an adequate replacement for today’s lithium-ion technology. According to scientists, sodium-ion batteries can replace lithium-containing ones on the horizon in a couple of decades.

NASA urged to create commercial analogues of the ISS

NASA has called for the creation of commercial analogues of the International space station, so as not to cede primacy to China. This was stated during a hearing in the Senate appropriations Committee by the head of the US National Aeronautics and space administration, James Bridenstine. The expert recalled that China is creating an analog of the ISS. They are starting to advertise their own space station to all international partners of the United States.

Sberbank introduced the SberPortal smart display and the SberBox TV set-top box

SberPortal is a multimedia smart display equipped with a virtual assistant with touch, voice and gesture control. The device provides users with access to viewing content in the Okko online cinema, games, music in the Sberbank Service, and other content. It is assumed that SberPortal will interact with other Sberbank devices. The device will be available at the end of 2020, its price is not yet called.

The SberBox multimedia set-top box also allows you to use Okko, watch TV and listen to music via Sberbank. Voice control of the set-top box is available to users. Pre-order for it is already available, the price before the official start of sales will be 2990 rubles. The cost of the device in retail is 3550 rubles.

Xbox Series memory expansion card

A pre-order of a 1 TB free space expansion card for Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles has opened on the Bestbuy website. The manufacturer of the external drive is Seagate. The price is 220 dollars (about 17 thousand rubles).

Western Digital introduced Red Pro and Purple hard drives

3.5 inch WD Red Pro hard drives with a capacity of 16 and 18 TB. The solutions are suitable for use in network storage (NAS) operating around the clock. In addition, these drives can form the basis of various RAID arrays

WD Purple is made in a 3.5-inch form factor, capable of storing 18 TB of information. The solution is intended for video surveillance and video Analytics systems

Wikipedia design update planned

Wikipedia’s web design update is scheduled for the first time in ten years, according to a blog post on September 24 MediaWiki.org. The project to make the resource more modern and user-friendly will be gradual and multi-year, as the developers intend to conduct extensive testing of all changes made. If all goes according to plan, the new design of the encyclopedia will be available to users by the end of 2021, when Wikipedia turns 20 years old.

Russia has changed its mind about providing officials with secure smartphones

The Ministry of digital development, information technologies and mass communications is not currently discussing a project to provide officials with secure smartphones, the head of the Ministry Maksut Shadaev told reporters on the sidelines of the TSI EXHIBITION in Nizhny Novgorod. This project was discussed in 2018, and a smartphone based on the Aurora OS was supposed to be developed by Rostelecom.

This (protected smartphone for officials – RNS) is one of the projects where we conducted a total audit. Why does an official need a protected smartphone – for the security of communications? We believe that these tasks can be solved in other, cheaper ways than giving each official a smartphone, ” Shadaev told reporters.

Plans to provide officials with protected tablets were reported by Kommersant in may 2018.

By the end of 2021, 7.9 million employees of state agencies, budget institutions and state-owned companies should gradually switch to new smartphones. The program will cost 160.2 billion rubles. Of these, 71.3 billion rubles should be allocated from the Federal budget, 78.2 billion rubles.— state-owned companies and another 10.7 billion rubles.— from local budgets, – the newspaper noted.

Visa spoke about creating an offline payment system based on cryptocurrencies

Visa is considering creating an offline payment system based on digital currency, the head of the company’s cryptocurrency division, Kai Sheffield, said in an interview with Forbes. He added that research in this area is continuing, and more details will be known within the next year.

Camera recognize the aggression of the citizens

IT company NtechLab announced testing of a new technology for detecting aggressive actions using cameras. They are going to bring it to the market next year. The development can be implemented, for example, in video monitoring systems of shopping centers or city surveillance cameras.

SberCloud launches new cloud storage for individuals

SberCloud, part of the SBER ecosystem, has launched a new cloud file storage service for individuals — Sberdisk, the company said.

Published the first trailer of the series Vandavision

A new series called Vandavision tells about the “family” life of some of the most powerful superheroes on Earth. The painting is miraculously resurrected vision, killed the Titan Thanos. Perhaps he was brought back to life by Wanda Maximov, who then created a happy family life for them in the American suburbs. It is not yet known when the first season of the series will premiere.

The sixth season of the show “Supergirl” about Superman’s sister will be the final

Recall that the series was released over the past 5 years. It originally aired on CBS, and the second season was moved to the CW. According to insiders, work on the script for the last season of “Supergirl” has already started

David Leitch to make a movie about stuntmen

David Leitch, author of a series of films about killer John Wick, will make a film about stuntmen. The main role in the film will be played by Ryan Gosling. Leitch told reporters that he treats the new project as a personal one. Before becoming a Director, he worked as a stuntman, including being a stand-in for brad pitt and Jean-Claude van Damme. The film will be produced by Universal studios. The film’s budget will be $ 125 million.

Avril Lavigne will give the only concert of the year

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne will give the only concert in 2020 on October 26. She said this on Twitter. The performance will be held online, all proceeds will be transferred to organizations that fight Lyme disease (tick-borne borreliosis), which the singer herself suffered from

Rolling Stone magazine has updated its list of the 500 best music albums in history

Rolling Stone magazine has updated its list of the 500 best music albums in history. The original rating was published in 2003. More than 300 musicians, producers and journalists took part in compiling the list.

Marvin Gaye’s album “what’s Going On” won gold on the new list, shifting the leader of the previous version of the rating from the first line — the record “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles

Paul McCartney will give a gift to John Lennon fans

McCartney will play a previously unknown song by The Beatles – Just Fun for the first time. McCartney will also talk about his collaboration with Lennon – together they wrote about 180 songs that made them and The Beatles a unique cultural phenomenon.

Sweden reported violation of territorial waters by Russian ships

According to the Swedish defense Minister, the Russian-owned vessels stayed in territorial waters for eleven minutes. The Swedish defense Ministry noted that Sweden regards such actions as a violation of the order of access to territorial waters, since the ships did not have a permit.

The Chinese defense Ministry protested to the United States

The official representative of the Chinese defense Ministry, senior Colonel tan Kefei, on Thursday at a briefing protested to the United States in connection with the statement of the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, that China in the near future may begin to supply “other authoritarian governments” with digital surveillance technologies for citizens

Finland to expand military cooperation with Sweden and Norway

Finland is stepping up cooperation with Sweden and Norway in the military sphere, the Finnish Ministry of defense announced on September 23. It is specified that the heads of defense departments of the three countries have already signed agreements on this issue.

Tesla demands to cancel the duty on spare parts from China

The American company Tesla filed a lawsuit in which it demands to cancel duties of 25% on spare parts imported from China. This is reported by Bloomberg

Products not recommended for use in hotels in Turkey

According to ToDay News Ufa, tourists claim that one of the most important disadvantages of Turkish cuisine is a small selection of meat dishes, as well as the lack of fruit variety on the table, and the fruit itself is unsweetened and unripe.

Also, tourists are advised not to eat raw meat dishes or fish sushi, because you can not know for sure what conditions were stored seafood and meat.

In addition, often the meat that was not eaten the day before in hotels is again served in soups or in pots, and the meat that was left over from lunch is used to prepare salad, pizza or scrambled eggs for the next meal.

Desserts are served in the same way in Turkish hotels. For example, put more cream, fruit or jelly on an old cake to give the product a fresher look.

Tourists are not advised to take drinks with ice cubes because most of the time for them to use ordinary water from the tap. It is emphasized that the drinks themselves are actually made from various powders, so it is better to choose tea or water.

At Helsinki airport, dogs were involved in testing for coronavirus

A special group of dogs has started working at Helsinki airport, which were taught to recognize the COVID-19 coronavirus by smell. According to the airport management company, passengers who agree to take part in such testing will be offered to wipe their skin with a napkin, which is then taken to the dog in a special container. As noted, during testing, airport employees do not collect personal data. The experiment with the use of dogs will be conducted for four months. First of all, passengers of international flights will participate in it.

The size of the Nobel prize increased to one million dollars

In 2020, the size of the Nobel prize was increased to 10 million Swedish kronor (about 1 million dollars), according to the newspaper.ru”. The announcement of the award winners is scheduled for October 5. Awards will be given to outstanding representatives in the fields of medicine, chemistry, literature and physics. The award ceremony will be held on the day of the death of the founder of the Alfred Nobel prize on December 10

Kuban starts exporting wine to Finland

The authorities of the Krasnodar territory have reached an agreement to start supplying wine to Finland. The first export batch will be 2 thousand liters, regional Governor Veniamin Kondratiev told TASS

Poland announced the creation of a medicine for coronavirus

A loud statement was made on behalf of the Polish company Biomed. It is claimed that the world’s first effective medicine for COVID-19, produced on the basis of blood plasma of recovered people, has been developed, Onet reports.

“As of September 23, more than three thousand ampoules of anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunoglobulin have been manufactured, which after completing the necessary tests, including tests for product stability, will be transferred to clinical trials,” said Marcin Pirog, head of Biomed.

According to the head of the company, production started on August 18. In the near future, the drug will be sent for clinical trials to research centers in Lublin, Bytom, Bialystok and Warsaw, he added.

Dangerous mosquito species found in several cities in Turkey

According to ToDay News Ufa, experts from Turkey have recorded an extremely rapid spread of the Asian tiger mosquito in the country. It is emphasized that a very large number of dangerous insects were found in the largest areas of Istanbul.

Kerem Etera, an associate Professor at Istanbul University, shared the following information: “it is much more aggressive than other mosquitoes and can carry diseases such as yellow fever and zika virus.” In addition, the bite of the Asian tiger mosquito can cause an increased allergic reaction in people, thereby provoking a fairly long itching and severe redness.

A US Navy reconnaissance vessel entered the Baltic sea

A similar ship USNS “Maury” of the US Navy entered the waters Of the Baltic sea, the US Navy reconnaissance ship USNS Bruce Heezer. According to the international ship identification system AIS, after passing the Oresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, the ship turned off the transponder showing its coordinates.

Bruce Heezer is officially called an Oceanographic research vessel and has on Board modern intelligence and research equipment that allows you to conduct continuous mapping of the seabed in a fairly wide band, process the data obtained and immediately transmit them via satellite to the Pentagon

Milan fashion week kicks off

It will be held in a mixed format, with offline impressions being replaced by virtual presentations. And those who take the podium will have to follow strict security measures. 64 shows in seven days, a third of the shows in Milan will be held without an audience. Almost half of the participants of the fashion week is a star of the podium. The big four shows will end in Paris. More than 80 designers will tell the world about new spring trends. Whether the shows will be real or virtual again is an open question

The Central Bank of Turkey raised its key rate to 10.25%

The Central Bank of Turkey decided on Thursday to raise the key rate from 8.25% to 10.25%, according to the regulator. The decision to raise the key rate was made against the background of a significant fall in the Turkish Lira against the dollar over the past month — from 7.34 to 7.70.

The Federation Council will support the new procedure for calculating the minimum wage

Senators will support the methodology proposed by the Ministry of labor for calculating the minimum wage, as it is aimed at increasing payments to citizens, first Deputy head of the social Committee of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

From 2021, it is proposed to abandon the calculation of the subsistence minimum (PM) as the statistical value of the basket of consumption — and define it as a part (44.2%) of the average per capita income. The minimum wage until 2026, the Ministry of labor proposes to set at 42% of the median salary.

The cost of installing meters may be imposed on citizens

The government instructed the Federal Antimonopoly service, the Ministry of energy, the Ministry of economy and other relevant departments to work out the issue of including the cost of electricity meters in public utility payments, according to instructions from Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov on September 18 (Kommersant has read them).

Shvidler and Abramovich exited Highland Gold capital

Evgeny Shvidler and Roman Abramovich, as well as Matteson Overseas, owned by Valery OIF, have withdrawn from the capital of Highland Gold Mining, the company said. Shareholders sold 4.94%, 4.16% and 1.28% of their Highland Gold Mining shares, respectively.

In July, Fortiana closed a deal to buy 40.06% of Highland Gold Mining shares from Roman Abramovich, Evgeny Shvidler and their partners at a price of 3 pounds (approximately $ 3.89) per share.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to tighten the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia

The Ministry of Finance has prepared a new version of the draft laws regulating cryptocurrencies (available to RBC-Crypto). The amendments relate to amendments to the criminal and Criminal procedure codes, The code of administrative offences, the Tax code and the law on countering the legalization (laundering) of income. In the explanatory note to the document, it is proposed to recognize the digital currency as property for the purpose of introducing taxation.

Food prices in Russia rose three times faster than in the European Union

The increase in food prices in Russia in January-August 2020 was 3.9%, while in the EU food became more expensive by 1.3%, according to data published on Wednesday by the Federal statistics service (Rosstat).

Coca-Cola will start selling coffee in Russia

The manufacturer of carbonated drinks and juices Coca-Cola will soon start selling grain and ground coffee in Russia, the company said in a statement ( is available). The products will be sold under the Costa Coffee brand.

Russian consumer loan debt rises to two-year high

The share of loans for which payments were not made for more than 90 days increased to 12.1%, for the month the share increased by 0.4 p. p. According to the National Bureau of credit histories, the volume of unserved consumer loans in August reached 15.9%, an increase of 0.4 p. p. compared to July 2020. In August, the amount of overdue debt, according to the Central Bank, increased by 3%, or 26 billion rubles.

Mail.Ru Group announced plans to raise $600 million

Mail.Ru the Group announced that it will raise additional capital through the issuance of new global Depositary receipts (GDR) and the placement of convertible Eurobonds. This was announced by the Russian IT holding company in a message published on the website of the London stock exchange LSE.

In Russia, they found a way to save on garbage

The fee for garbage collection for Russians can significantly decrease by 10-15 percent from 2022. This will become possible after improving the concept Of extended producer responsibility (ROP), Izvestia writes, citing sources in the public organization Delovaya Rossiya.

The government is considering a new ROP concept that has found a way to save on waste disposal. It provides, among other things, for the obligation of manufacturers to dispose of 100 percent of their products. It is also planned to shift responsibility for packaging processing to its manufacturers.

Venezuela ships oil to Iranian tanker for sale in Asia

State oil company PDVSA has started loading a large tanker under the flag of Iran with Venezuelan oil for export.The tanker should transport up to 2 million barrels of Venezuelan Merey 16 oil. This was reported by Reuters. According to Refinitiv Eikon, the tanker belongs to the Iranian transport company National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC).

Gazprom bought additional transit capacity from Naftogaz

Naftogaz reported that Gazprom acquired additional capacity for gas transit at an auction held on the RBP (Hungary) and GSA (Poland) platforms on September 21 this year.

Three Iranian power plants will soon be mining bitcoin

Iranian power plants receive government incentives and subsidies for the supply of fuel, which in turn is used to generate electricity. And while they were previously banned from mining cryptocurrency, a new ruling in July allowed power plants to do this business, albeit after obtaining the necessary government approval, licenses, and compliance with the tariffs set for mining cryptocurrencies.

“The necessary equipment is installed at three power plants: Ramin, Neka and Shahid Montazeri, and in the near future the auction documents will be uploaded to the website SetadIran.ir”, – said the head of TPPH Mohsen Tarztalab.

Frequent tax innovations worsen the profitability of the oil industry

Frequent changes in tax legislation in the oil industry can worsen the marginality of the sector. This was stated by first Vice-President of LUKOIL Azat Shamsuarov at the Tyumen oil and gas forum. Shamsuarov also noted that decisions on taxes in Russia “are often made hastily and not always deliberately.”

The Belarusian police used special equipment and techniques to disperse the protesters

The Belarusian police confirmed the use of special means and equipment to disperse protesters after the inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko. This is reported by the Interfax news Agency with reference to the Ministry of internal Affairs. The Department says that they used special means to stop the violation of order by aggressive protesters. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs, after yesterday’s inauguration of Lukashenka, about 60 uncoordinated actions took place, where more than 360 people were detained.

Moscow still considers the situation in Belarus to be internal Affairs of the Republic, which should not be interfered with. This statement was made by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

A number of countries, including the United States, Germany, Lithuania, and Ukraine, have stated that they do not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the country’s legitimate President.

The government approved new rules for technical inspection

A government decree has been published approving new rules for technical inspection, which will come into force together with amendments to the law on technical inspection. These rules also prescribe the procedure for canceling issued diagnostic cards.

Recall that in accordance with the amendments to the law, during the technical inspection, two photos must be taken: before and after the diagnosis. These photos, together with the coordinates of the shooting location, are entered into the unified automated information system for technical inspection of the UAIS TO. The coordinates of the shooting location can not be further than 150 meters from the POINT to.

Salaries of Russian TV presenters revealed

Artem Sheinin receives the largest salary among TV presenters and journalists of the main Russian channels. During the year, he received 99.7 million rubles from channel One for working on the program “Time will show”. This information was published by The Insider

Next on the list are the editor — in-chief of RT and MIA Rossiya Segodnya, Margarita Simonyan, and her husband, TV presenter Tigran Keosayan. The couple earned 156 million for the year for two

In fourth place in the rating is TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, whose official annual income is 52.6 million rubles.

Also included in the list are TV presenters of “Russia-1” Olga Skabeeva and Evgeny Popov. For two, they receive 25.7 million rubles a year. The host of the program “Svaya Pravda” on NTV Roman Babayan earned 12.2 million rubles for the year, the journalist of REN TV Andrey Dobrov — 7 million, the TV presenter of “Russia-1” Naila Asker-Zade earned 6.5 million, and her colleague Dmitry Kiselyov — 4.6 million.

The FSB refused to check the information about the surveillance of Bulk

The FSB has found no reason to check data on surveillance of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who was allegedly poisoned with Novichok poison in Tomsk. Ilya Yashin, Chairman of the Council of deputies of the Krasnoselsky municipal district, sent a request for verification about a month ago, and he posted the service’s response on Twitter.

“The FSB responded to my parliamentary inquiry about illegal surveillance of Alexey Navalny in Siberia on the eve of the poisoning. They say that there is nothing to check, they will not react,” Mr. Yashin wrote.

Abyzov concealed the possession of the five Cyprus companies

It became known that the former Minister for “Open government” Mikhail Abyzov since 2012 hid the ownership of five Cypriot companies, through which he illegally managed JSC “Siberian energy company”. This is reported by RBC with reference to the claim of the Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation on the circulation of Abyzov’s property to the state revenue.
Aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi Superjet massively reduced employees

In “Regional planes” (produces SSJ 100 aircraft), at least 500 people were cut this year, Vedomosti writes. According to the newspaper’s sources, the task of optimizing the staff by about 900 people was set back in 2019. Previously, the SSJ 100 was produced by Sukhoi civil aircraft. at the end of 2019, it joined Irkut Corporation and became its Regional aircraft branch.

China’s richest man is a manufacturer of vaccines and drinking water

The owner of China’s largest manufacturer of bottled water and vaccines, Zhong Shanshan, has become China’s richest man thanks to a jump in the value of his company’s shares. According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, Shanshan’s net worth is $ 58.7 billion.

Russia has made changes to the rules for citizens coming from abroad

Russians arriving in the country from abroad by plane were required to observe a self-isolation regime at home until they receive the results of a PCR test for coronavirus, which citizens must do within three days of arrival

Bailiffs arrested Navalny’s apartment

Bailiffs have seized the apartment of the founder of the anti-corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexey Navalny, his press Secretary Kira Yarmysh said on Twitter. She noted that this is due to the claim of the company “Moscow schoolboy”. She was associated with the company of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin “Concord”.

In October, benefits and pensions will only be credited to Mir cards

From October 1, 2020, the accrual of child benefits and pensions to cards of foreign payment systems will stop. recipients of state payments need to issue a Mir card, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

In Greece, two sailors from Russia were sentenced to 300 years in prison

In Greece, two Russian citizens were sentenced by a court to 300 years in prison for transporting illegal migrants, RT reported on September 23, citing Ivan Melnikov, Vice-President of the Russian branch of the International Committee for the protection of human rights.

From residents of Bashkiria began to charge a Commission when paying for communal services

In Bashkiria, residents of the Republic were charged a Commission when paying for utilities. When paying for communal services through banks, Russian Post offices and payment agents, a Commission of up to 2% is removed, Glavufa writes. Payment rules have changed since September 13

Russian tourists complain about Bank fraud in Turkey

Russian tourists complain about the deception of DenizBanka in Turkey. ATM DenizBanka hang posters where it is stated that the holders of cards of Sberbank are served without a fee. In fact, this is a hoax, Alexey Kurochkin, an expert on cybersecurity at the CS NGO, told The public news service.

In turn, experienced travelers advise tourists who want to save money, buy currency at home and use exchange offices at resorts.

In Israel, built a road that charges electric cars while driving

In the Israeli capital, an unusual road was built that charges electric vehicles while driving. Currently, the pilot project is being tested on electric buses, but in the future it is planned to recharge other types of transport.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky canceled his visit to Belarus

This was reported by the Belarusian Embassy in Ukraine on its Facebook page. The diplomatic mission said that the visit to the regional development forum was canceled on the initiative of the Ukrainian side.

In the elections in the Kostroma region accidentally won the cleaner

As reported by the telegram channel “Rise”, a woman who cleaned the administration building, became the head of the Povalikhinsky rural settlement of the Chukhlomsky district, although she admitted that she was only a technical candidate.

I didn’t put myself forward. Nikolai Sergeyevich Loktev [the former head] asked me. It was just that there was no person and I was like a dummy. I wanted to help. Together with him and were. I didn’t think that they would vote for me, I didn’t expect such a turn. I didn’t do anything at all, and people came and voted. I had 84 votes, and Loktev had 46 somewhere.

They take office on October 1. I have no idea what my duties will include. I’ve been cleaning for four years, and this is my fifth. They said to work until the 30th, as you work. And what happens next, no one knows. I’m not ready inwardly. You need to take office, and then you need to somehow curtail your powers. It’s hard: I’ve never had anything to do with documents.”

Udgodskaya also admitted that she does not know the number of villages in the settlement, nor the number of inhabitants.

The Association of insurers refused to work with vessels for Nord Stream 2

The International Group of shipowners ‘ Mutual insurance clubs (IG P&I), which covers 90% of the world’s ships, has decided not to work with the Nord Stream 2 project vessels. This is stated in the organization’s circular published on its website.

The UK announced sanctions against the leadership of Belarus

The United Kingdom, in coordination with the United States and Canada, will independently prepare sanctions against the Belarusian authorities under the Magnitsky act against the background of the delay in the introduction of restrictions by the European Union. This was stated by British foreign Minister Dominic Raab, writes the National Post.

The US has imposed sanctions against eight Russian citizens and seven organizations

According to the website of the United States Treasury Department, the United States imposed sanctions on 8 Russians and immigrants from Russia, as well as 7 companies from three countries. The sanctions are aimed at the network of Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, “associated with the Kremlin”, as well as against companies and individuals engaged in “expanding Russia’s influence” in the CAR and Finland

The US did not recognize Lukashenko as the elected President of Belarus

Washington does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as the legally elected President of Belarus, a state Department official said on Wednesday, September 23. His words are reported by RIA Novosti. According to the American official, the elections in the Republic “were neither free nor fair.”

The Kremlin said that Putin did not congratulate Lukashenko on his inauguration

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not congratulate his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko on his inauguration and is unlikely to do so. The press Secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday, September 24. He noted that the head of state has already sent congratulatory telegrams to Lukashenka. This happened back in early August, when the Belarusians to the policy was re-elected for a sixth term.

The Belarusian opposition made a proposal for a dialogue with the authorities

The opposition is ready to negotiate, discuss and discuss with “legitimate and legitimate state authorities and officials” who were elected or appointed in accordance with the Constitution.

In Crimea, they demand to dismiss the Belarusian official who supported the protests in Minsk

An international political scandal is breaking out in Crimea. Local residents demanded the dismissal of Mikhail Zagortsev, a Belarusian citizen recently appointed to the post of Vice-mayor of Yalta, who a month ago publicly supported opposition protests in his country and threatened Russia with a new year in 1941. Law enforcement agencies are asked to check the official’s loud statements for extremism, as well as incitement to hatred and hostility. The authorities of Yalta refer to the stress of the Vice-mayor and promise to conduct an additional check.

Kazakhstan officially abolished the death penalty in the country

The Republic of Kazakhstan has officially abolished the death penalty. A moratorium on its use has been in effect in the country since 2003. As the portal reports Tengrinews.kz the permanent representative of the Republic to the UN, Kairat Umarov, signed the necessary document at the headquarters of the organization.

Lithuania intends to add to the list of sanctions against Minsk

Lithuania intends to add another 80 people to its national list of sanctions against Belarus, which includes 30 individuals, for falsifying the results of the August 9 presidential election and using violence against protesters. The resolution of this content was unanimously adopted on Thursday by the Seimas (Parliament) of the Baltic Republic.

Protesters formed a chain of solidarity around the Minskmetstroy plant

In the Belarusian capital, protesters lined up in a “solidarity chain” near the building of the Minskmetstroy reinforced concrete products factory. This is reported by telegram channels Nexta and Tut.by.

Bulgarian Prosecutor’s office accuses two Russian diplomats of spying

According to the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s office, their goal was to transfer the collected information, which was a state secret and official secret, to the Russian military intelligence service in Moscow. In addition, it is emphasized that the Russians have a diplomatic status.

During the pre ― trial investigation, it was established that in the period from 2016 to the present, two citizens of the Russian Federation carried out intelligence activities, trying to get information about plans to modernize the Bulgarian army and maintain the technical fitness of the country’s armed forces,” the report says.

Chinese foreign Ministry on Lukashenko’s inauguration

China supported the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko after the closed-door inauguration. A corresponding statement was made by Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, RIA Novosti reported.

“China respects the choice made by the people of Belarus, the presidential election is an internal matter of the country,” the Agency quotes the text of his statement.

Wenbin also stressed that the Chinese state supports the Belarusian authorities in their efforts to protect their sovereignty and “opposes external forces creating division and unrest in the Belarusian society”.

the Prosecutor General of Belarus said that active work is underway to identify bloggers involved in protest actions

Graffiti about the liberated Belarus was painted over in St. Petersburg.

This happened the day after the drawing appeared. As the press service of the administration Of the Central district of St. Petersburg told the newspaper” Rise”, the image in the garden of San Galli on Ligovsky Prospekt was illegally applied, so it was painted over.

“Everything must be within the law, so all illegal graffiti must be painted over. Graffiti is regulated by the decree of the government of Saint Petersburg No. 961 of November 9, 2016.”

The art group “yav”, the creators of graffiti, has already stated that this is censorship.

“Fairy tale” has already been painted over, it took one day. This is censorship in its purest form, since the rest of the walls are untouched. They don’t fight prostitution ads like that. Maybe we are already just paranoid, but it seems that there would still be work if it were just a fairy tale, without references. The work itself is not very sorry, it’s a street, anything can happen.

Andrey Makarevich commented on the cancellation of the concert in support of Belarusians.

The Partizan-fest festival was scheduled to take place in a Moscow club early next week. However, according to the organizers, the venue refused to accept the festival, despite the fact that some of the tickets had already been sold. In an interview with the publication “Rise” Andrey Makarevich said that the concert will still take place, but in an online format.

“It’s true that the site was not given, Yes. I have nothing to do with organizing the festival. I was invited to speak there, and I agreed. Then I found out that the halls refused. It’s probably all going to be transferred to the Internet, I think.”

The concert will be attended by Andrey Makarevich, Alexey Kortnev, frontman of the band “Tarakany” Dmitry Spirin, Romario, groups “Yauza”, “Rabfak”, as well as poets, artists and Directors.

North Korea accused of killing a South Korean official

South Korea claims that an employee of its Ministry of marine and fisheries was shot dead in the territorial waters of the DPRK, and then the body was burned “on the orders of the high command”. Presumably, the official wanted to escape to North Korea.

Regardie buys crystal shoulder straps for its generals

Regardie plans to purchase 45 pairs of crystal shoulder straps for the highest command staff of the Department. The request for prices for such a delivery was announced by the Moscow logistics center of the Federal service of the National guard of the Russian Federation, Open media found on the public procurement website.

In total, the structure of the Regardie is preparing to purchase 5 pairs of crystal shoulder straps for Colonel-generals (with three stars) and 20 pairs each for major — generals (with one star) and Lieutenant-generals (with two stars). All these shoulder straps will be delivered by the future contractor of the service before November 1, 2020.

Collecting information may be equated to the activity of a foreign agent

Maria Butina, a member of The public chamber recognized as a foreign agent in the United States, welcomed the new initiative of the Federation Council to declare anyone who collects information for foreigners a foreign agent.

If you work for a foreign NGO and you collect information for a foreign media — if you are engaged in such activities on a paid basis, of course you are a foreign agent, “Butina explained to Open media.

Volodin urged deputies to come up with new taxes

Deputies who criticize the decision to raise taxes in the midst of the crisis should offer their own options for withdrawing income from the economy to the budget, speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said during a meeting of the State Duma.

Here we offer these solutions – to withdraw excess profits from tobacco companies, oil companies, and if you have another offer – offer it, – said Volodin.

Starting from 2021, the Russian government increases tobacco excise taxes by 20%, introduces a tax on income from Bank deposits, increases personal income tax for citizens earning more than 5 million rubles a year, increases the met for non-oil and gas producing companies by 3.5 times, and cancels tax benefits for the oil industry totaling about 400 billion rubles.

Excess income is withdrawn in a “difficult situation”. According to the Ministry of Finance, the budget deficit this year will be 4 trillion rubles, next year – 2.7 trillion, and in total for 2020-23, the “hole” in the Federal Treasury will reach 10 trillion rubles.

A national mining pool will be created in Venezuela.

The government also legalized cryptocurrency mining. The corresponding document was published By the office for cryptocurrency assets and related activities (SUNACRIP).

According to the new law, all companies and individuals engaged in mining will be required to apply for a corresponding license and enter it in the state register. This also applies to data centers and manufacturers of mining equipment.

Licensed companies will have to provide information about their activities to the authorities and keep records of the information for 10 years. At the same time, cryptocurrency mining is allowed only as part of the national mining pool. Work outside of it will be subject to fines.

Trump says he is imposing new restrictions against Cuba

Us President Donald Trump said that he is introducing new restrictions against Cuba. Cuban cigars and rum will be sanctioned, trump said during an event at the White house.

“The Treasury Department will also ban American travelers from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government. We are also extending restrictions on the import of alcohol and Cuban tobacco,” the President said.

According to the US Treasury Department, Cuban alcohol and tobacco were previously allowed to be imported for non-commercial purposes under certain conditions. Now a complete ban on the import of these goods is being introduced.