26 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/25/2019

The white House released a transcript of trump’s conversation with Zelensky. Basic moments:

  • Zelensky promised Trump that the new attorney General of Ukraine will consider Biden’s case.
  • According to Zelensky, all investigations in Ukraine will be conducted ” openly and frankly.”
  • Zelensky complained that Germany and France do not fully comply with the sanctions regime against Russia.
  • Zelensky declared Ukraine’s readiness to buy more Javeline anti-tank systems from the United States.
  • The topic of financial assistance to Ukraine from the United States in a telephone conversation was not raised.

Russians demand to reduce the working week while maintaining wages

By September 30, 2019, on behalf of Dmitry Medvedev, officials of the Ministry of labor should assess how the introduction of a four-day working week will affect the economy and social sphere of the country.

Up to 51.6 thousand Russians may lose their jobs by the end of September.

This follows from the data of Rosstat, which were reviewed by “Izvestia”. They are presented in the information of Rosstat for monitoring the socio-economic situation of the subjects in January-July 2019. Officially, the figure is called ” the number of employees scheduled for release in the next reporting period.”

We are talking about those who may lose their jobs due to staff cuts or the planned liquidation of the company. This information is provided by employers (with the exception of small businesses) to Rosstat in the framework of Federal statistical observation.

The interior Ministry supported the idea of reducing the non-punishable speed threshold

The non-punishable threshold of speeding can be changed in the new edition of the Code of administrative offences. The home office supports this idea. This was announced by the Deputy head of the traffic police of Russia Vladimir Kuzin.

“The interior Ministry supports the idea of lowering the threshold from 20 to 10 km / h,” he said on Autoradio.

And he added that the norm “can be implemented in the new code.” The government can submit it to The state Duma in early 2020.

Poland did not give Russia a banker because of membership in the ” Jehovah’s Witnesses»

Belsky district court (Poland) refused to extradite Russia’s former Vice-President of Probusinessbank Yaroslav Alekseev, writes TVP. The court ruled that Alexeyev’s extradition to Russia was “legally inadmissible” under Polish and international law.

Ukraine is ready for a stable passage of the heating season

Natural gas reserves in the underground storage of Ukraine reached 20 billion cubic meters, which was a record for the last 9 years. By the beginning of the heating season, which begins in mid-October, the operator of the Ukrainian GTS plans to pump about 0.5 billion cubic meters of gas. It is indicated that such gas reserves in UGS, as well as the volume of Ukrainian gas production and imports from the European Union allow us to say today: Ukraine is ready for a stable passage of the heating season 2019/2020. Ukraine with reserves of 20 billion cubic meters. the amount of gas in storage can cope without Russian gas, especially since gas consumption in this country has fallen dramatically.

EMERCOM of Russia eliminates 578 their institutions

EMERCOM of Russia in 2020 will move to a new organizational and staff structure, as part of the reorganization by the end of the year will be liquidated as a legal entity 578 institutions of the Department. TASS on Tuesday reported the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations.

“By the end of the year, 578 institutions of the EMERCOM of Russia – part of the fire and rescue units, centers of management in crisis situations, centers of the State inspection of small vessels and the center of logistics are subject to liquidation,” the EMERCOM reported.

In the Baltic States recorded the invasion of exotic insects, fish and animals

Found atypical for the Baltic climate insects, arthropods, gastropods, as well as animals and fish, according to the Russian-language public broadcaster LTV7

It is time to reform the UN Security Council

For the UN, which has come a long way in three quarters of a century since its formation, it is absolutely necessary structural reform, especially of the Security Council,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the UN General Assembly.

Russia is preparing a new service in case of disconnection from SWIFT

Rostelecom plans to launch an analogue of SWIFT (the Society of global interbank financial communication channels) for business payments, an alternative to the existing decision of the Central Bank. This “Izvestia” told several sources and confirmed the General Director of the organization Alexander Grishin.

The need to create alternative financial messaging systems in Russia appeared after the threat of sanctions in the form of disconnection of our country from the international SWIFT network. Then-in 2014-the Bank of Russia began to develop its own solution-SPFS.

Israel called the culprit in the attacks on Saudi Arabia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran was responsible for attacks on Saudi oil facilities. It is reported by The Times of Israel.

Robot Fedor will be the father of a new generation of astronauts

In Russia, in the future, can create a detachment of different robot astronauts for use in space, taking into account the experience of tests in orbit of the robot “Fedora”, this was reported to RIA Novosti by the Executive Director of the company-developer of the robot Evgeny Dudorov.

On the new video Boston Dynamics robot Atlas

Russia has decided not to expand the list of gas suppliers to Ukraine

Russia has no plans to allow the export of pipeline gas to Ukraine to anyone other than Gazprom. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of energy Alexander Novak, reports TASS.
“We have a single exporter, there are no changes and there are no such plans,” Novak concluded

AliExpress will offer to earn users ” Vkontakte»

Chinese online retailer Alibaba Group is going to deduct a percentage of profits to users of the network “Vkontakte”. Those who install a special application AliExpress, will see a list of products on the review of which you can earn. Some claimed up to 90% of the purchase price.

The Ministry of culture proposed to limit the access of Chinese tourists to Tsarskoye Selo

For Chinese tourists who plan to visit the Museum-reserve “Tsarskoye Selo” in an organized manner, access may be limited. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alla Manilova, commenting on the situation in which the Russians can not always get to this tourist place because of the influx of guests from China.

“They go, let them go, well done, it strengthens relations between our countries. But we can not leave this access if it requires complete isolation of Russian tourists from “Tsarskoye Selo”, – said Manilova, quoted by RIA Novosti.

The official added that we can talk about the so-called regulation of tourist flows. In particular, it is proposed to introduce a schedule of visits for tourists from China.

American scientists have called a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.

According to experts from Stanford University, CAR T-cell therapy is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Moreover, scientists have found that the therapy is most effective in 60-93% of patients. Most often it is triggered in acute lymphoblastic leukemia B-cells, writes MedicalXpress.

Pope Francis urged journalists to tell the truth at all costs

Journalists must tell people the truth “at all costs,” Pope Francis said at a meeting with representatives of the Catholic media Union of Italy, reports Adnkronos.

The richest families are hastily stocking up on cash

Most experts predict a slide into recession for the global economy in 2020. DoubleLine Capital investment specialist Jeffrey Gundlack, for example, estimates a 75% probability that the us economy, the first economy of the planet, will occur before November 2020, the date of the presidential election, the time of the rollback

According to a survey of the 360 wealthiest clans conducted by UBS Global Family Office Report and Campden Research, almost half of respondents – 42% – are doing it now.

Lavrov “thanked” the United States for the fact that “in the end received a visa»

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov “expressed gratitude” to the United States for being able to obtain a visa to attend the UN General Assembly session.

I’m glad we have the opportunity to meet in new York. I am glad that I finally received a visa from the United States, unlike my delegation, which Washington kindly did. – Sergey Lavrov, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Banks increased the size of loans to pensioners by 20%

According to statistics of the United credit Bureau, in comparison with 2018, the average size of consumer credit increased most in the category of citizens over 60 years (by 15.4%, to 177.1 thousand rubles).

VTB launches virtual mobile operator

VTB is launching a pilot project of a virtual mobile operator on the Tele2 platform in Moscow from September 25, the Kommersant newspaper reports, citing the company’s CEO Maxim Sharkov.

The pilot who landed the A321 was awarded the Muslim order of merit»

The order of the Muslims of Russia “For merits” awarded to the pilot of civil aviation Damir Yusupov made an emergency landing Airbus A321 aircraft in a corn field, said the Chairman of Russia Muftis Council and the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia mufti Ravil Gainutdin on September 23 in the report at the VII Congress of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, reported the press service of the Council of Muftis of Russia.


In connection with the reduction of oil and petroleum products from Venezuela, the Cuban government urged the population to switch to the use of animals for plowing, harvesting and transportation


Russians warned of rising prices for mineral water

The implementation of the draft government resolution on the experiment on the labeling of mineral and drinking water can lead to a sharp increase in product prices and the withdrawal of small and medium-sized players from the market, follows from the letter of the Union of producers of soft drinks and mineral waters to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (a copy of the document is available to RNS).

China has declared itself the world’s largest banking power

And Gan, who holds the position of Chairman of the Chinese Central Bank, said that the country’s financial sphere in terms of assets has already crossed the threshold of 300 trillion yuan or 42.4 trillion us dollars. According to the data, the people’s Republic of China now ranks first in the world in terms of assets. Gan said at a press conference.

“Today, there are about 4.5 thousand financial companies in the financial sector of our country. There are 130 investment banks and 230 insurance companies in China. The level of assets in the country has become higher than 300 trillion yuan, of this amount, 268 trillion fall on Chinese banks. Now China ranks first in the world in this indicator, ” the head of the People’s Bank of China said.

In the Samara region it is planned to increase contributions for the overhaul

The decision to increase the tariff is planned to be taken this year, Deputy Minister of energy and housing Irina Bulgakova announced a possible increase in contributions for major repairs, reports 63.ru Hm.

“The issue of raising the tariff is being worked out. We plan to solve it before the end of the year,” the Deputy Minister said at a meeting of the provincial Duma Committee on budget, Finance, taxes, economic and investment policy.

Medvedev spoke about the future of “Russian Post” after the reorganization

After the reorganization into a joint stock company “Russian Post” should become a self-sufficient enterprise with the preservation of its social function, according to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The state Duma introduced a bill to abolish Bank roaming

State Duma deputies from the “Fair Russia” introduced in the lower house of Parliament a bill that abolishes Bank roaming. This was reported to journalists by the head of the Duma faction Sergei Mironov.

Today, banks charge very high fees, for example, when transferring from one card to another, even one Bank. We are introducing an initiative that abolishes all these rules. – Sergey Mironov

The amount of funds in mutual Funds VTB Capital Investments exceeded 70 billion rubles

The amount of funds raised in mutual funds VTB Capital Investments exceeded 70 billion rubles. The increase in the value of net assets since the beginning of the year amounted to 70% – more than 30 billion rubles.

Korea Gas Corporation and BP sign 18-year LNG supply contract

Since 2016, the volume of energy trade between South Korea and the United States has increased seven times from $1.33 billion to $9.41 billion since 2018, South Korea tops the list of countries importing American LNG (5.22 million tons). It is followed by Mexico (3.84 million tons) and Japan (2.57 million tons).

“Naftogaz” almost doubled profits due to the growth of gas transit

Net profit of “Naftogaz” from January to June 2019 increased by 1.8 times compared to the same period last year. This was due to the growth of Russian gas transit, Interfax-Ukraine reports»

Coal production in China for 8 months increased by 4.5%

China’s coal production in January-August increased by 4.5% compared to the same period in 2018 and reached 2.41 billion tons, data from the State statistical office showed. Including last month, the figure increased in annual terms by 5% – to about 320 million tons.


Schoolchildren in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia (171st in the world by nominal GDP per capita in 2018 ), will be fed free of charge. And primary school students also give school uniforms and notebooks. Just learned!


Announced the beginning of the impeachment procedure Trump

The house of representatives of the United States began the impeachment of American President Donald Trump. This was reported by the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, reports the Associated Press

Lavrov held brief talks with Zelensky

Russian interior Minister Sergei Lavrov held brief talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at a reception hosted by US President Donald trump. It is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the source. It is clarified that Lavrov and Zelensky discussed the situation around Russian-Ukrainian relations

Trump exceeded the rules of speech at the UN and did not mention Russia

Us President Donald Trump during his speech at the UN General Assembly exceeded the rules. His speech lasted more than 36 minutes with a time limit of 15 minutes. The American leader also never mentioned Russia in his speech, reports Interfax.

The US has not given a visa to another Russian delegation

The United States has not issued visas to some participants in the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban Treaty (CTBT) conference, which is to be held in new York this week. This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia.

More than 50% of Russians called the price increase the most acute problem

More than half of citizens (59%) consider the most acute problem is the price increase, according to the survey “Levada center”, received by ” Interfax”

Iranian President Hassan criticized the US air defense, as well as its intelligence

Hassan Rouhani in an interview with Fox News said that he sees no point in investing in air defense and intelligence money, since they could not prevent the attack on the Saudi oil refineries. He also added that if the Iranian side suddenly admits its involvement in the attack on the refinery, it will be even more shameful for the United States, as they will have to explain how they failed to prevent it, or at least intercept the missiles.

In Russia began to produce a new analogue of the American ar-15 rifle

The Russian company ORSIS establish serial production of ORSIS rifles-AR15J, which is the equivalent of the American small arms semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. This was reported by the official representative of the company, RIA Novosti reported.

China launched the first universal landing ship

China’s first universal landing ship launched in Shanghai. On Wednesday, September 25, reports TASS with reference to the defense Ministry.

Russia is waiting for the us to confirm the rejection of nuclear war

The Russian authorities are waiting for the United States to respond to the proposal to confirm the renunciation of nuclear war. This writes TASS with reference to the statement of the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov

Erdogan urged to ban nuclear weapons or ” allow all»

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called it unfair that nuclear weapons are used as leverage. The Turkish leader said this on Monday, September 24, speaking at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in new York

Africa’s largest economies.

IMF ranked African countries by nominal GDP. Among the 11 countries the top three was headed by Nigeria and South Africa with more than $ 300 billion and Egypt with 200 billion in Trailing positions belong to Tanzania with 51 billion and Ghana with 47 billion.


In “Odnoklassniki” there was a function of blurring the background during video calls

Semantic segmentation of objects in the picture allows you to separate the caller. Thus, the neural network during the call blurs the background and hides unnecessary details. The new function can be enabled during a video call via a special button in the settings.

Resumes Qualcomm chip shipments Huawei

Because of the escalated trade war between China and the United States, Qualcomm was forced to suspend cooperation with Huawei. Now it has become known that Qualcomm has resumed the supply of chips for Huawei smartphones. This was announced by Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf (Steve Mollenkopf).

Robot dog Spot is available for order

Over the past few years, the Spot robot has attracted a lot of public attention thanks to videos. The developers specify that while Spot can not be found in the free market, but the robot dog is available for order to companies that have an idea about robotics and related technologies.

Australia plans to identify drivers distracted by social networks

Australia’s most populous state will be the first region in the country where drivers distracted by social media, text messages or phone calls will be tracked by special cameras.

The Swiss company will buy a Perm robots “Promobot»

In 2019-2024, the Swiss company Advanced Robotics will purchase about a thousand Russian service robots produced by the Perm company Promobot, and will receive exclusive rights to sell them throughout the European Union. The contract amount is 18.5 million euros, both sides told Vedomosti

For Huawei Mate Mate 30 and 30 Pro, you can install the Google services

Due to conflicts with the US, Huawei is forced to supply its newest smartphones line Mate 30 without built-in app store Google Play. The only way to install Google Play Services on the gadgets of the Chinese manufacturer is to unlock the bootloader.

Apple’s new iPad operating system is officially out

Apple has released the final version of iPadOS, an iOS version designed specifically for the company’s tablets. It differs from iOS in a number of ways. These are widgets on the home screen, on the iPhone they are in a separate menu, as well as advanced gestures for working with text and support for external drives.

Google introduced its own gaming service with a paid subscription

Google introduced its own game service Play Pass with a paid subscription. This was reported on September 23 in the company’s blog. A Google Play Pass subscription will cost $4.99 per month and provide access to more than 350 games and apps, with a first-year subscription costing $1.99 per month

The protection of lake Baikal will be engaged in artificial intelligence

En+ Group and Aerostate have signed an agreement to create a program that will improve the accuracy of long-term forecasts of the Baikal level based on big data and machine learning.

Autocad drawings will be protected by Infowatch technology

Alexander Klevtsov – head Infowatch Traffic Monitor, notes that users want more protection, therefore, developed a new system to eliminate the theft of even a small fragment.

Google resumed the wiretapping users

The Google administration has again launched a wiretap of users using the voice assistant Google Assistant. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the new rules of the service, reports “Lenta.ru.» The company will notify users about the wiretapping if they choose the voice assistant feature.

ASUS introduced in Russia a laptop for professionals with two screens

ASUS introduced a laptop in Russia in a rather unusual form factor. So, in ZenBook Pro Duo in addition to the usual keyboard, there is another way to enter-an additional touch screen.

In Russia for five years will build 9 icebreakers


In Krasnoyarsk security guards “Magnet” beat the buyer

In Krasnoyarsk in the Magnit supermarket on Telman street security guards beat the buyer. Thus, they applied pepper gas, bludgeons and suffocating receptions. The man has already written a statement to the police on the guards who beat him.

British Prime Minister said that technology can lead to ” digital authoritarianism»

Johnson recalled the novels of the writer George Orwell, which describe the world of censorship, repression and control. The UK Minister stressed that everyone should strive to ensure that technology is developed in the name of freedom, openness and pluralism.

Trump called the main threats to democracy

Social networks, the establishment and bureaucratic systems of the West often only undermine democratic systems of government, undermine traditions and values, and try to rewrite history. This opinion was expressed by US President Donald Trump, speaking on Tuesday from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly in new York as part of the General political discussion at its 74th session. According to the President, he intends to oppose such activities, primarily by social networks.

“In the US, my administration has made it clear to the companies that own social media that we will defend freedom of speech. A free society cannot allow social media giants to drown out people’s voices. And free people should never be involved in drowning out the voices of their own neighbors or including them in blacklists,” Trump stressed.

The new largest airport in the world opened in Beijing

The new largest international airport Daxing opened in Beijing. According to the information portal “Sina”, the air Harbor on September 25 will take the first flights. It is noted that the project has become the most expensive in the history of Chinese civil aviation.

The US can offer Turkey new conditions for the supply of SAM Patriot and F-35

According to Haber Turk, the us and Turkish Authorities are preparing to sign a free trade agreement to increase the level of trade to one hundred billion dollars. In particular, within the framework of this agreement, Turkey will make a new proposal for the supply of f-35 fighters and patriot SAMS. In addition, duties on steel and aluminum will also be reduced for Turkey.

Rare particle decays could be a window into new physics

Scientists have discovered two extremely rare events that will help test the standard understanding of elementary particles and possibly go beyond known physics

NASA is developing a space suit for lunar exploration

Today it became known that in the development of NASA is a new suit designed for lunar exploration. According to the developers, the novelty will be ready for testing by 2023.

NASA develops new telescope to protect against asteroids

Earth will soon lose a key tool in the search for potentially dangerous asteroids and NASA has decided to Fund a replacement by building a space telescope to observe the sky in the infrared range, which is a much-needed incentive for its program to identify and track asteroids in the immediate vicinity of the Earth.

The search is a cornerstone of planetary defense and NASA’s science missions Directorate has created a separate basket in the $150 million budget for the current fiscal year for this project, the Agency reported on September 23.

Putin urged NATO countries to impose a moratorium on the deployment of medium-range missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a letter to the leaders of a number of countries proposing a moratorium on the deployment of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles (INF) in Europe and other regions. The message was read by Kommersant.

Putin’s letter says Russia has promised not to deploy INF in Europe or other regions until the US does, but the Americans have refused to make similar commitments. Putin called on other countries to support Russia’s initiative on a moratorium on the deployment of missiles.

A Kommersant source in one of the countries to which the letter was sent said that NATO was not considering Putin’s proposal seriously, as it believed that Russia had already deployed INF on its territory. At the same time, it follows from Putin’s message that Moscow is ready to discuss some “verification measures” for the sake of imposing a moratorium.

Rostec is ready to pay to become more efficient

Rostec is ready to pay 48.76 million rubles to consultants who will update the targets of the strategy of the state Corporation until 2025. Information on the competitive selection of performers of this task is published on the public procurement website.

The consultants will have to update the financial model of the state Corporation, offer Rostec new performance targets (KPI) and analyze the negative scenarios for the development of the state company, stated in the terms of reference. In addition, the consultants will analyze the structure of Rostec’s revenue for 2016-2018 from government and commercial customers, the domestic market and exports. Finally, the contractor will have to offer the company attractive new markets that Rostec could enter by 2030.

France can’t host all the immigrants who want to get there

“France cannot accept everyone if it wants to accept them properly,” French President Emmanuel macron said.

The President said that now the government in the migration sphere is guided by two priorities – as soon as possible to provide asylum to persons who have the right to the protection of the French state, as well as more intensively integrate these immigrants into French society, including through the provision of work.


FSB officers warned that if the shaman’s detachment is not liquidated and continues its way to Moscow, then tomorrow (Wednesday) by 7 o’clock in the morning they will be taken by storm and all the remaining members of the detachment will be prosecuted under article 205.4 Organization of a terrorist community and participation in it


The state Duma exempted from personal income tax all income of victims of emergency citizens

The state Duma adopted a law on exemption from income tax of all types of income of citizens affected by terrorist attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation, natural disasters or other extraordinary circumstances.

The law should come into force from the date of its official publication, and its provisions will apply to legal relations arising from January 1, 2019, that is, they will have retroactive effect.

India fully paid for the construction of two frigates project 11356

India has fully paid for the order for the construction of two frigates of the project 11 356 at the shipyards of the Baltic GCC Yantar, USC President Alexei Rakhmanov told reporters.


The Federation Council of Russia appointed 76-year-old Vyacheslav Lebedev head of the Supreme court. Lebedev has served as President of the Supreme court since 1989


The state Duma proposed to ban in Russia the American green card lottery

This step may be a response to the non-admission of the Russian delegation to the UN General Assembly (GA), said “Izvestia” in the international Committee of the lower house of Parliament.

“I think we can ban all sorts of events like the green card lottery, which the United States conducts on the basis of its image of the alleged “stronghold of democracy.” Our measures will be such that everyone will pay attention to it,” said Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa in a comment for Izvestia.

The Ministry of Finance announced the purchase of currency at 6.6 trillion rubles

Buying currency on the Moscow exchange in the next three years will be the largest “national project” for the Russian government in terms of budget spending. In the draft Treasury for 2020-22, the Ministry of Finance laid currency interventions totaling 6.6 trillion rubles, follows from the materials published by the Department. In dollars, euros and pounds will invest as much as in all national projects combined. Buy currency will be in debt – due to loans in the market OFZ. Earlier, Rosneft transferred almost all currency into dollars

The Finance Ministry supported the introduction of negative rates on foreign deposits

The Finance Ministry supports the proposal to introduce negative rates on deposits in foreign currency, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

“Yes, to be honest, I strongly support the Central Bank’s efforts to de — dollarize the banking system,” the Deputy Minister was quoted as saying.


Valentina Matvienko was elected Chairman of the Federation Council on an uncontested basis — other senators refused to nominate their candidates


Bailiffs may be allowed to break down the door to check the redevelopment

The Ministry of justice proposed to allow bailiffs to break down the door of the house if the residents resist checking the gas equipment or layout, reports “Interfax”.

To break down a door to bailiffs can allow at execution of the judgment issued according to the statement of employees of the state housing supervision and body of municipal housing control for the sake of safety of life and health of citizens. When hacking needs to be understood.

Authorities have acknowledged that wildfires in Siberia were a tool to cover up forest theft.

Supervisory authorities of regions where wildfires raged in the summer, hid crimes. Such facts are known to the Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation, said first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman.

In some cases, investigators without reason linked forest fires with thunderstorms, although experts gave a clear conclusion about the existence of the source of fire. Thus, in the Khabarovsk territory, 15 acts on signs of destruction or damage to forest plantations (article 261 of the criminal code) remained without further checks.

Buksman said that such facts the omission of the investigating authorities and the prosecutorial authorities. He called for urgent verification of materials and further initiation of criminal cases.

The Prosecutor General instructed to carry out inspections in the field of forest management throughout Russia

In Krasnoyarsk on Wednesday held a meeting with the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika on the state of law in the field of forestry. Large-scale forest fires in several regions of Siberia have become one of the most high-profile topics in the information space this summer.

The leadership of Roscosmos prays before each start

Before each launch of rockets at Baikonur, the leaders of Roscosmos come to the temple and pray to God. After the launch, they come again, thank God and light candles, said the rector of the Church of St. George the victorious on Baikonur Archpriest Sergei (Bychkov).

80 percent of Russians buy fake sneakers

The turnover of the market of counterfeit sports shoes for the year amounted to 77 billion rubles at the same rate for the legal market of 157 billion rubles, calculated in the company BrendMonitor. The bulk of counterfeit products (70 per cent) are sold in clothing markets. The remaining 30 percent of sneakers are sold through the Internet

As it turned out, buyers are not only not afraid of fakes, but also actively interested in them. 80 percent of buyers do not care about the authenticity of sports shoes.Generation ” Z ” in General intentionally buy counterfeit sneakers (36 percent of respondents admitted it).

Average monthly salary in Russia

The average salary in Russia in 2017 was 39331 rubles, in 2018 – 42337 rubles. In may 2019, the average salary was 48 510 rubles (+ 10% year – on-year) is 747 dollars. US (+6 %) and 668 euros (+12 %)

The accounts chamber is concerned about rising food prices in Russia

The rise in prices for a number of food products in Russia this year on the background of good results of the harvesting campaign is of some concern, said the auditor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation Alexei Kaulbars, speaking in the state Duma.

Putin spoke about humanitarian aid for Venezuela

President Vladimir Putin called the supply of Russian agricultural products to Venezuela humanitarian cooperation. He said this at a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

“We believe that this is important given the difficult situation in which Venezuela found itself due to external pressure. Therefore, we can consider this part of our interaction as a kind of humanitarian cooperation, since these products are directly related to the well – being of people, with the realization of their direct needs for food,” Putin said.

He added that Moscow plans to send 1.5 million doses of influenza vaccine to Caracas in the near future and could supply up to 5 million doses on a regular basis.

Unprecedented strengthening of the hryvnia

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) today, September 24, 2019, set the official rate at 24.32 hryvnia per dollar, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. Ukrainian media specify that below the dollar in the country was 3.5 years ago, in January 2016.


Shaman Alexander Gabyshev’s Lawyers are deprived of licenses. Security officials want to appoint him a state lawyer


The investigator in the case of Pavel Ustinov filed a report on resignation

Yaroslav Zavarzin dismissed from Tver of investigatory Department GSU SK across Moscow. His leadership Zavarzin explained his dismissal difficult situation in the TFR. As noted, the investigator in the case of Ustinov “just tired of being extreme.”

The head of the St. Petersburg “United Russia” interfered in municipal elections

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova said that the Commission has evidence of direct interference in the municipal elections in St. Petersburg, the speaker of the St. Petersburg Parliament and the head of the city branch of “United Russia” Vyacheslav Makarov. In addition, according to her, St. Petersburg state Duma deputies from United Russia Mikhail Romanov and Yevgeny Marchenko also interfered in the elections.

“Their actions have caused irreparable damage to the reputation of the party and the legitimacy of the elections,” Pamfilova said. She added that all the evidence will be transferred to the Federal leadership of “United Russia”, so they gave an assessment of the actions of its members.

At the same time, Ella Pamfilova said that in the gubernatorial elections, which were held simultaneously with the municipal elections, “there were at least some significant violations.” According to her, the CEC of Russia has no claims to the legitimacy of the election of the Governor.