28 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/27/2019

14 for Beluga whales out of “whale jail»

14 Beluga whales, who since last year are kept in the “whale prison” in the Bay of Srednaya near the port of Nakhodka, will be released into the ocean on Saturday, September 28, according to information on the public procurement website.

The state all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) will order the delivery of animals to the place of their release to the companies “White whale”, “bottlenose Dolphin”, “Oceanarium DV” and “Sochi Dolphinarium”. They are in 2018 and caught Beluga whales for sale in foreign aquariums. Trapping companies will receive 38.5 million rubles for this operation. Earlier this year, these companies have already received from VNIRO about 70 million rubles for the release of the first batches of killer whales and Beluga whales.

All four companies were fined a total of 150.2 million rubles by local courts for violation of fishing rules when catching killer whales and Beluga whales. However, it is possible that the release of whalers will earn more than pay fines.

To release the “whale jail” in the Bay held an Average of 10 killer whales and Beluga whales 87. If the release into the ocean will continue to engage in all the same firms, then, based on the value of the contracts already concluded, they will earn a total of more than 360 million rubles

Russian military promised free tickets to the circus

The Russian state circus company (Rosgoscirk) is considering providing military personnel with the opportunity to visit the circus free of charge upon presentation of a military ID. This, writes RBC, said the General Director of rosgostsirka Vladimir Shemyakin at a meeting of the Board of the Ministry of culture of Russia.

The Ministry of defense, in turn, could help Rosgostsirk in the framework of the program of restoration of leisure centers, which is already being implemented.

“We have such a mutual movement,” Shemyakin said.

Facebook began to hide the number of likes under posts

Social network Facebook has started testing a new format of publications. Since September 27, Australian users of the platform do not see the number of likes under publications, writes TechCrunch. Changes suggest that the number of likes is available only to the authors of posts

In Russia allowed to build five-story schools

According to the Minister, the requirements for the number of storeys of schools were softened during the modernization of normative and technical documents. The work is carried out within the framework of the national project ” Housing and urban environment”

McDonald’s will start selling burgers with artificial meat

McDonald’s has announced the start of sales of a Burger called P. L. T. its cutlet is made from artificial plant-based meat. The name P. L. T. stands for Plant.

According to the company’s website, the Burger contains a vegetable cutlet Beyond Meat, which is produced by the McDonald’s chain itself and has “the same iconic taste that our customers love and know.”

Saudi Arabia will issue tourist visas for the first time

Saudi Arabia has announced the introduction of tourist visas for foreigners from 49 countries. A visa to the Kingdom can be purchased online for $80, access to Mecca and Medina, considered Holy cities by Muslims, for foreigners will be limited, Reuters points out.

Dissatisfied with salaries Perm doctors appealed to the Prosecutor General Chaika

Doctors in the Perm region recorded a video message addressed to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika and the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova. In it, they asked to pay attention to the deplorable state in the industry: low salaries of doctors, acute personnel shortage and poor condition of hospitals.

“The Ministry [of the Perm region], instead of increasing the salaries of doctors and attracting new employees, issues orders to optimize the departments. We demand to bring to justice officials who violate the law and sabotage the may decrees of the President [of Russia], solve the problem of shortage of personnel by closing departments and hospitals, ” the appeal says

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister called the CIS ” club of losers»

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba said that the CIS can not prevent the European integration of the country, and called the Union, out of which Kiev has not yet completed ,” a club of losers.” He made the corresponding statement in interview ” to the European truth»

Physical activity affects the brain

Scientists from France and the UK found that during physical training, not only muscles get tired, but also the area of the human brain that is responsible for decision-making. This is because the person is constantly in control of themselves, so as not to overwork and not to get injured, the researchers said. A description of their work was published by the scientific journal Current Biology.

The Central Bank has limited banks to issue loans to citizens

The Central Bank has established new requirements for banks when issuing loans, now they are required to calculate the debt burden index (PD) for each client, RIA Novosti reported. Those customers who already have loans will be able to get another one only in the case of low PD

Kazakhstan will supply oil and fuel to Belarus

Kazakhstan expects to sign an agreement with Belarus on the supply of oil and petroleum products by the end of 2019. This was stated by the Vice-Minister of energy of Kazakhstan asset Magauov, reports TASS.

ExxonMobil sells assets in Norway for $4.5 billion

The largest private oil company in the world ExxonMobil announced the sale of assets in the field of exploration and oil production in Norway. The deal for $4.5 billion will be concluded with local Var Energy, Prime reports, citing a press release from the company.

Ukraine began to import petroleum products from Belarus

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” starts purchases of oil products from the Mozyr oil refinery (refinery) and is going to actively develop the direction of trading.

“In September, we will supply the Ukrainian market with 30 thousand tons of diesel fuel produced by the Mozyr refinery,” the company said in a Twitter microblog

Recall that in August, the supply of diesel fuel to Ukraine from Russia halved, and the country stated its desire to increase the import of “diesel” from Belarus and Europe.

Finland aims to become carbon neutral by 2035

The Finnish government has decided to raise the tax on motor fuel by the end of this year, measures will also be taken to increase the number of charging points for electric vehicles throughout the country. The authorities aim to make Finland carbon neutral by 2035.

The defense Ministry told about two Russian submarines in Syria

Two Russian submarines and two warships are currently stationed at the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus. On Thursday, September 26, reported in the defense Ministry

Nirvana and Queen have disappeared from the cultural norm of schoolchildren

The Ministry of culture explained the disappearance of the” cultural standard ” for schoolchildren, published in mid-September, reports TASS. Deputy Minister of culture Alla Manilova said that the list recommended for the study of works of art was preliminary, so it was decided to remove.

The US will send to Saudi Arabia patriot battery, radar and 200 military

The US will deploy a battery of Patriot missiles, four Sentinel radars and about 200 support personnel to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s defense after the attack on the Kingdom’s oil facilities, according to the Pentagon website.

Turkey refused to obey US sanctions against Iran

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara’s refusal to comply with U.S. sanctions on the acquisition of Iran’s gas and oil, according to Milliyet. The head of state stressed that Turkey will continue to buy Iranian energy resources despite the restrictive measures taken by Washington.

The administration of the capital of Kalmykia was headed by the former head of the DPR

Dmitry Trapeznikov, former acting head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR), was elected by deputies of the Elista city Assembly to the post of acting head of the capital of Kalmykia. This was reported on the website of the administration.

Stoltenberg and Zelensky discussed Ukraine’s accession to NATO

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that Zelensky raised the issue of Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance during their meeting in new York. However, the NATO Secretary General could not answer the question of possible terms. He only noted that ” the doors remain open.” Stoltenberg added that it is important for Ukraine and NATO at the moment to focus on reforms that will help modernize and strengthen Ukrainian institutions, as well as fight corruption and strengthen the rule of law….

The Russian defense Ministry ordered the development of a laser range

According to the TASS Agency, citing sources in the defense industry, this system will provide the Agency with a special laser training ground for the simultaneous training of two brigades with the use of laser firing simulators

The us Congress approved the sale of Poland 32 aircraft F-35

The us Congress has agreed to the sale of 32 new f-35 fighters to Poland, Polish national defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Twitter. Earlier, the Pentagon said that the US state Department approved the sale of 32 new f-35 military aircraft to Poland for $ 6.5 billion.

The U.S. Congress has agreed to the sale of Poland 32 modern aircraft F-35. This is one of the last steps before the Treaty, but it is not the end of our work. We will do our best to get the best possible price. – Mariusz Blaszczak, Polish politician

Agreement on U.S. bases in Greece will be indefinite

The agreement on defense cooperation between Greece and the United States, providing for the deployment of us military bases on Greek territory, will be indefinite, the newspaper “katimerini”. Now the agreement is extended annually

As a result of air strikes in Libya killed 8 Russian military

The official mission Of the government of national unity of Libya reported the death of eight Russian soldiers. It is known that they were participants in the attack on Tripoli (Libyan capital). They were killed by the Libyan air force

Japan said it was closely monitoring Russia’s military activity

Japan is closely watching the build-up of Russia’s military power and the intensification of its presence in the world and in the far East. This is stated in the White paper of Japan’s defense for 2019.

Japan has set priorities in strengthening its defense

Space, cyberspace and protection from electromagnetic radiation are recognized as priority areas for strengthening the country’s defense capability. We are informed about this by the White paper of Japan’s defense for 2019

ViewSonic showed gaming monitors

ViewSonic has announced the immediate availability of new lines of monitors Elite XG27 and XG05. They belong to the gaming category and boast good characteristics. Model ViewSonic XG270QG Elite and Elite XG270 will appear on the market in November. Others, obviously, should be expected later, although the exact terms and prices of the manufacturer has not yet reported.

Huawei introduced the smart watch GT 2

Huawei introduced a new generation of smart watches Huawei Watch GT 2. Yesterday, the Chinese launch of Mate 30 took place, which caused a huge stir in the pre-order, while sales of the Watch GT 2 started, according to iXBT. The novelty is offered in a sporty design at a price of $ 209.

For iOS appeared the first alternative app store

Riley Testut, a developer of applications for iOS, has introduced a new application store – AltStore. Unlike its predecessors, it does not require a jailbreak (hacking the OS to access the file system). One of the first releases AltStore will become an emulator of the popular game consoles.

Google created dataset to combat dipakai

Google and Jigsaw (both companies belong to the holding Alphabet) decided to help in the development of algorithms for recognition diphenol, adding to an existing project FaceForensics++, in which European developers have created dataset, automated benchmark consisting of several algorithms for the substitution of individuals and determining their effectiveness through a variety of methods.

In Russia for the first time tested quantum encryption at 143 km

Scientists from Kazan quantum center managed to provide a quantum encryption length of 143 km. the Experiment was conducted on networks of “Rostelecom” and “Tattelekom”. Since single photons, which are used for encryption in quantum networks, change their state very easily, it is difficult to transmit information over a distance of more than 100 km.

Scientists have discovered a new way to transmit quantum information

American physicists have demonstrated a new method of transmitting information about the state of electrons without changing its actual position. The research brings scientists one step closer to creating fully functional quantum computers. The article is published in the journal Nature.

Stretching and bending battery created in Switzerland

A soft battery that can be bent, twisted and stretched has been created by scientists in Switzerland. The developers of the unique battery were specialists of the Federal technical University of Zurich (ETH Zurich). They wrote about their discovery in the scientific journal Advanced Materials

In America discovered a new kind of roundworms three sexes

Scientists from the California Institute of technology (CALTECH, USA) have discovered a new species of worms that thrive in the extreme conditions of salty, arsenic-saturated lake Mono. The new species, temporarily called Auanema sp., three different sexes. He carries his cubs in his own body, like a kangaroo, the press service of CALTECH. A description of the species appeared in the journal Current Biology.

Scientists have found out how protein makes chiral gold nanorods

Chemists in the US have found that bovine serum albumin (BSA) — the standard protein in nano – and bioexperiments — can turn gold nanorods into a right-handed form. An article about it was published in the journal Science.

The work shows that it is possible to measure the chirality of individual proteins and isolate them from the mixture. It could help the biotech industry. A molecule with the right chirality can save a life, and with the opposite chirality it can do a lot of harm.

One amino acid provides the strength of the spider thread

Scientists from Germany found that the amino acid methionine provides plasticity of the protein domain (element of the tertiary structure of the protein), which is part of spider silk. This plasticity significantly increases the strength of the connection between the individual domains, the press service of the University of würzburg. The scientists published their findings in the current issue of the journal Nature Communications.

In Japan, transplanted cornea from reprogrammed stem cells

Japanese scientists for the first time in the world transplanted a human cornea from reprogrammed stem cells. Previously, the biomaterial was taken only from dead donors. Now people have to wait years for a donor organ, in addition, there is a risk of rejection, according to the journal Nature.

In the Congo found particularly resistant to antibiotics microbe

The microorganism, scientists state, has resistance to the highest class-to azithromycin and Ceftriaxone and is insensitive to cephalosporin. This discovery was given the name “Supermicro”. According to infectious disease, the microbe appeared not so long ago-about 15 years ago. Now it is the habitat of several cities of the Congo. Scientists have found that these bacteria, found in 51 blood samples taken from patients in several cities in DR Congo, appeared in the early twenty-first century.