28 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/26-27/2020

Crows were found to have the ability to experience subjective experiences

Neuroscientists from the University of tübingen (Germany) first discovered the ability of crows to experience subjective experiences. It turned out that birds perceive sensory information consciously, which was previously considered inherent only in primates. The work is published in the journal Science

Artificial intelligence was taught to determine the level of loneliness by speech

Researchers from the United States were able to develop an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI) that can determine the indicator of loneliness by speech. The neural network listens to elderly people, and then conducts an emotional analysis of their speech, thereby diagnosing the person’s condition.

The Egyptians in ancient times sacrificed birds to the gods

During the excavations, scientists found a large number of stuffed birds in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. It turned out that they were sacrificed to the gods. Archaeologists claim that millions of wild ibises were killed for this purpose

A solution for creating quantum memory in semiconductors is proposed

A group of scientists from the University of Chicago developed a theory and set up an experiment in which it was possible to create a controlled subatomic element of quantum memory. This element was created in a semiconductor such as silicon carbide. The atomic nuclei of the substance became the storage elements in the material, and the electron captured by the semiconductor took over the role of the control element. Then the same electron was entangled (linked) with quantum memory, which indicates the possibility of controlled creation and long-term retention of qubits.

Scientists tested the underwater Wi-Fi

The company Hydromea has developed a miniature optical modem that can work in the ocean at a depth of up to six thousand meters. It is sensitive enough to collect data from sources more than 50 meters away at a speed of 500 kilobits per second.

Self-erasing memory chips created

Experts at the University of Michigan have developed a new material that allows the chip to immediately erase all information under the influence of blue light or a sudden change in temperature. In other words, if someone else got access to the device to install, for example, wiretapping, the chip records that it was opened. So far, the chip can store data for seven days before erasing it. But experts are working to increase this period. Such chips can be used, for example, to protect against malicious interference in equipment.

Universal natural antibiotic discovered in Russia

Russian scientists have found a universal natural antibiotic that overcomes the resistance of pathogens to drugs, RIA Novosti reports, citing a publication in the scientific journal Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology

According to TSU specialists, emericillipsin A is promising both as an independent treatment and as an element of complex medications. Therapy can be carried out either through injections, or locally — by direct treatment of the affected tissues.

Scientists were able to create a replacement for plaster to treat fractures

Scientists have developed a method for printing living tissues on a 3D bioprinter, which uses stem cells and one of their most important properties-self — organization. As reported in the journal Nature Materials, placed in favorable conditions, stem cells from different tissues self-organized and formed tissues that looked and functioned like full-fledged living tissues.

According to the authors of the study, the laboratory creates bone tissue from human stem cells for a week. After it is transplanted into the defective area, which speeds up recovery. Such a bandage can be applied to the fracture like a plaster, and increase the natural ability of the bone to heal

The Black sea level has risen by almost four meters

In almost two and a half thousand years, the level of the Black sea has increased by 3.8 m. Managed to find a scientist studies the ruins of the city of Acre, which was located on the Kerch Peninsula in the IV century BC, reports TASS with reference to the researcher of the Institute of history of material culture of RAS, associate Professor at Sevastopol state University Victor Mahanaeva.

Scientists in the US have learned to influence the growth of human stem cells

Scientists from the University of California, Santa Cruz, have developed a promising bioelectronic device that can control the growth of human stem cells. This is stated in an article published on September 25 on the website of the Wyss Institute of bioengineering at Harvard University. The article says that with the help of machine learning, scientists were able to create and maintain a given level of membrane tension in the culture of human stem cells for a long time

Material for implants was synthesized from mussel shells

An international team of scientists has obtained material for reconstructive surgery from the shells of the edible mussel (Mytilus edulis). It is safe for the body and has high antibacterial properties. In the future, the material can be used in dentistry and implantology. The results of the study are published in the journal Ceramics International.

Scientists have discovered biomarkers of micro-stroke

American scientists have found biomarkers of micro-stroke in the blood, writes the publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study was conducted by experts from Case Western Reserve University (Ohio, USA).

Specialists of the scientific institution specialize in the study and identification of biomarkers based on blood tests. Such studies help to find and to determine the tissue damage of the brain. This is especially important for minor strokes, which often go unnoticed: they can only be detected by advanced clinical tests.

In the cells of the cancer genes discovered-cheats immunity

According to the results of laboratory studies conducted by scientists from Canada, 182 genes have been identified that can survive a collision with the human immune system. The data is published in the journal Nature.

An Australian student has proved the possibility of time travel

A student at the University of Queensland used physical and mathematical calculations in his work. He stated that the method mathematically described by him does not exclude time travel. In this case, the paradox is not violated and the principle of the physicist Novikov is fulfilled.

The achievement is described in a scientific article published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity by undergraduate student Germain Tobar and his supervisor Fabio Costa from the University of Queensland.

A device almost identical to a brain cell has been created

In the September issue of the journal Nature, scientists from Texas A&M University, Hewlett Packard Labs and Stanford University described a new device that acts almost identical to a brain cell. In addition, they showed that these synthetic brain cells can be combined into complex networks that can then solve problems in a similar way to the brain.

Scientists were able to “catch” light with a polymer quasicrystal

Researchers from the ITMO University have created a “trap” for the light. It is a polymer quasicrystal that traps light inside itself. The discovery can be used in the creation of lasers and sensors. His work is published in the journal Advanced Optical Materials.

Musk showed a photo of the Starship spacecraft with a tail

The founder of the aerospace company SpaceX and the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, posted on Twitter a photo of the SpaceX Starship, which is assembled with plumage for the first flight to an altitude of about 18 km.

“Starship SN8 rear flaps of the case,” reads the caption to the photo

UAE to send space mission to the moon

The United Arab Emirates plans to send the first space mission to the moon by 2024, the Mohammed bin Rashid space center said. These plans were included in the center’s 10-year development strategy, along with plans to build new satellites and a space simulation center for training astronauts. The 2031 plan includes three main areas of development: space missions, development and research, and sustainability.

The space missions specified in the strategy include the launch of the Hope probe, which was launched from Japan’s Tanegashima space center on July 20, 2020 and will reach Mars orbit in February 2021; the construction of nanometric satellites for environmental monitoring; the Emirates Moon Exploration Project, and the second launch of astronauts.

NASA has announced a plan for the moon in 2024

The national Aeronautics and space administration has announced a $28 billion plan to land the first woman and another man on the moon in 2024.

Google cuts free features of its Meet service

In April, Google said it would allow unlimited meetings on its Google Meet video chat platform for all users until September 30, and it looks like the company is sticking to that schedule. After September 30, the free versions of Meet will be limited to meetings of no more than 60 minutes.

Movie camera Cinema EOS C70

Canon has expanded its range of movie cameras with the cinema EOS C70, which belongs to the entry-level segment. The new product is characterized by an RF-mount bayonet, a Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor with a dynamic range of up to 16 stops, a form factor in the spirit of a Canon 1DX mark III DSLR, a DIGIC DV 7 processor, the ability to record to two XF-AVC SD cards in 4K up to 120 FPS in 4:2:2 format, 10 bits in XF-AVC (All-I or Long-GOP) and MP4 in HEVC (H. 265) or H. 264, Dual pixel CMOS AF and super 16 mode for 180 Frames per second. The Canon EF-EOS R 0.71 x speedbuster for Canon EF-mount full-frame lenses with autofocus was also introduced. The camera will be released in November at a price of $ 5,500, and the speedbuster in December at a price of $ 600.

Google returned to mobile Chrome working mode Incognito

Google has released an update to the Chrome browser for Android, which fixes an unpleasant problem that users have complained about in the last couple of months. The fact is that with the release of Chrome versions 84 and 85, users began to encounter unexpected browser freezes. This was mainly due to an attempt to close the last Tab in incognito mode. This made the” Incognito ” mode practically unsuitable for use. Google quickly recognized the problem and promised to release a fix. Apparently, this is what happened.

Microsoft has removed 18 Azure Active Directory applications

Microsoft representatives reported that the Chinese group of government hackers Gadolinium (AKA APT40 or Leviathan) created and used 18 Azure Active Directory applications to attack Microsoft Azure customers. All detected apps were removed from the Azure portal in April of this year.

Popular channels in TikTok advertise apps that attract money

Several TikTok and Instagram accounts with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers promoted several questionable apps, mostly unscrewing ads and taking money for nothing. Scammers could earn up to $500,000. Some of them are still available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Telegram will introduce comments to posts in channels

The Durov Code publication reported that the Telegram messenger team intends to introduce comments to posts in channels. In fact, channels and groups will be merged

Published a trailer for the relaunch of “Arsene Lupin” with Omar si

In the relaunch, the character of writer Maurice LeBlanc will commit his audacious art theft in our time. In the Netflix film, Lupin became interested in the Louvre exhibits. Modern gadgets will help him in the robbery. The new movie will be available on Netflix in January 2021. The trailer for the detective film “Arsene Lupin” is published below.

Artist Vasya Lozhkin opened a gallery of paintings in St. Petersburg

The artist himself wrote about the opening of the gallery on Instagram. Lozhkin’s paintings are located in the former Museum of Soviet life on the embankment of the Griboyedov canal. According to the artist, for his debut in the city on the Neva, he created a series of works with cats “cultural cat of St. Petersburg”.

A journalist who exposes psychics complained about occult propaganda

The author of the documentary “Going to hell”, which exposed TV magicians and psychics, Boris Sobolev, in a conversation with StarHit, complained about “occult propaganda”.

If on a variety of TV and Internet channels all day long people blow in the ears about the existence of magicians, psychics and sorcerers, then even a sane person will involuntarily begin to believe in this nonsense. This is a direct result, in fact, of occult propaganda, ” the journalist complained.

Sobolev added that participants in various TV projects of similar subjects then begin to sell themselves “on the magic market for a lot of money.” At the same time, their clients are often people who are experiencing great grief and are ready to give the last, hoping to get help.

Exhibition from Peterhof funds opened in Bogoroditsky Palace

In the Bogoroditsky Palace-Museum opened from the funds of the state Museum-reserve “Peterhof”. At the exhibition “Heir to the Russian throne. Peterhof education” presents 269 subjects. These are paintings, objects of decorative and applied art, edifying literature, writing materials, old sports equipment, exhibits from Peterhof palaces that belonged to the heirs of the Russian throne. The exhibition will run until December 14.

Deftones album released

California-based metal band Deftones has released a new album,” Ohms”, which is the band’s first Studio work since 2016. The musicians ‘ ninth album contains ten tracks, some of which have already been presented to the public in recent months.

The Metropolitan Opera canceled the season

The Metropolitan Opera issued an emergency message. The management of the theater listened to the opinion of doctors and scientists and decided to cancel the upcoming theater season 2020/21, according to the institution’s website.

In Armenia, imposed martial law and announced the mobilization

Armenia imposed martial law in the country and declared General mobilization in connection with the escalated conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. This was announced by the Prime Minister of the country Nikol Pashinyan, the message was posted on Facebook.

Currently, the government of Armenia has decided to declare martial law and General mobilization in the Republic. The decision will take effect from the moment of publication. I call on the personnel attached to the troops to report to the territorial military commissariats, in the name of the Motherland, in the name of victory.

Will Butler released a solo album, “Generations”

American musician and member of the band Arcade Fire will Butler released his second solo album called “Generations”. The album was released on Friday, September 25. The CD contains ten tracks, including the previously released singles “Bethlehem” and “Close My Eyes”.

Trailer for the Case of the Chicago seven, Aaron Sorkin

The story tells the real story of 1968, when peaceful protests in Chicago turned into violent clashes with the police. Viewers will be shown how tear gas was used against demonstrators. The film stars Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton, Yahya Abdul-mateen II, mark Rylance, Jeremy strong and Frank Langella. The film will be released on October 16 on Netflix.

Trump imposed sanctions on China’s largest chip manufacturer

The Commerce Department on Friday notified U.S. companies that they will need a special license to supply certain types of SMIC products,” the Washington Post writes.

The licensing regime will continue until the US presidential administration evaluates SMIC and its subsidiaries.

Best film at the San Sebastian festival

The official portal of the international film festival held in San Sebastian reported that the best picture was the drama “Beginning”, directed by Deya Kulumbegashvili, a Director from Georgia. This film was able to win the main prize of the event – the “Golden shell”.

The existence of James bond was confirmed by Polish archives

James albert bond was a British citizen and worked at the country’s Embassy in Poland from 1964 to 1965. The man worked as a Secretary-archivist for the military attache of the Consulate. Later, the diplomat became the object of surveillance by Polish counterintelligence

Watches in new York started off climate catastrophe

The famous clock in Union square in new York started off climate catastrophe — according to the authors of the project, it remained little more than seven years, reports The New York Times

Laptop manufacturers headed from China to Vietnam

A study conducted by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) States that Vietnam and Thailand will be the main migration destinations for laptop manufacturers from China. First, the level of wages in China has increased, and it is no longer so profitable for business owners to maintain local production. Second, the high degree of concentration of production capacity in one country gives rise to risks of a geopolitical nature.

The US has introduced a new missile destroyer to the Navy

New missile destroyer “Delbert black” became part of the naval forces of the United States. The ship, which belongs to the Arleigh Burke class, became the 68th destroyer in the service of the us army.

A hydrogen-fueled plane made its first flight in Britain

The British company ZeroAvia has tested a hydrogen-fueled engine for light passenger aircraft. To conduct flight tests, a new hydrogen engine was installed on an American six-seat Piper Malibu aircraft

Charging for the latest electric aircraft

It is reported that the Institute of aerospace technologies of great Britain will Finance a unique project. Specialists will develop a special charging system that can be used to recharge aircraft with vertical take-off and landing. Approximately, the new development should be presented within two years. According to representatives of Vertical Aerospace, this technology will make it much safer to fly on the latest electric aircraft. So far, it is known that the approximate cost of the project was 2.3 million pounds. The first flight of the VA-1X electric plane is planned for 2024. It is on these machines that the new charging stations will be tested.

The United States announced a successful test of the F-X air fighter

In the United States, the sixth-generation fighter was successfully tested under the Next Generation Air Dominance program. The plane of the F-X aircraft was created with the active use of digital technology. If the program is approved by Congress, it is expected that the US air force will annually begin to replenish its fleet of 50 to 80 sixth-generation fighters, the Defense News publication wrote.

It is assumed that the f-X fighter will become completely invisible to high-frequency and low-frequency radars, and will be able to carry much more weapons than the current fifth-generation F-22 fighter. the F-X should also be equipped with laser weapons.

China has built 380 camps for Uighurs in the past three years

Since 2017, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region (Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region) has opened 380 camps, which are usually used by Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. Such data was published on its website in the form of an interactive map by the Australian strategic policy Institute (ASPI), which collected and analyzed satellite images of the territory of the XUAR and eyewitness accounts.

Among the existing camps, there are both regular correctional institutions of General regime and fortified prisons, which have become noticeably more numerous over the past year. Some camps are located in close proximity to large industrial zones, where experts believe that forced labor of prisoners may be used. The largest camp, according to ASPI, is Dabancheng, located near the district’s capital, Urumqi. There are already more than 100 different structures in this camp.

Cyprus police will begin interviewing witnesses in the case of Golden passports

The Legal service of the Republic of Cyprus instructed the police to conduct a survey of witnesses in the investigation of possible violations of the law when granting citizenship of Cyprus for investment in the island’s economy, the press service of the Department reports.

Electricity tariffs for Russian citizens

In 2021, electricity tariffs for citizens in the Russian Federation will increase by 5%. Such data follow from the forecast of the country’s socio-economic development for 2021 and for the planning period of 2022 and 2023 prepared by the Ministry of economic development of Russia.

The deficit of the Pension Fund was explained by maternity capital

The deficit Of the pension Fund of Russia is also due to the fact that the FIU provides payments not only to pensioners. This was stated at the online briefing of the NSN “anti-Record of the deficit of the FIU: what will pensioners be left with?» Valery Ryazansky, Chairman of the Union of pensioners of Russia, said.

The pension Fund pays the maternity capital. Almost 428 billion rubles this year. Is matkapital related to the pension Fund? No, it doesn’t. In addition, special payments were made from the Pension Fund during the pandemic. Additional payments to disabled pensioners 324 billion 43 billion for the care of disabled citizens. They also have nothing to do with the pension system. Why were these additional procedures assigned to the Foundation? Because for a long time only it had a system of personalized accounting of citizens. But it is impossible to talk about the deficit of the FIU. Because all these payments must be compensated by the state from the budget, – listed Ryazan.

On the decline of the middle class in Russia

The middle class in Russia has declined by 6.1% due to the coronavirus pandemic, researchers at The higher school of Economics (HSE) said on September 24 in their report “Russia in a new era: choosing priorities and goals for national development”. HSE economists performed model calculations based on Rosstat data.

Evaluation during the IPO of the manufacturer of “spy” software

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Palantir, which makes SOFTWARE used by the US intelligence services and their allies, may be valued at $22 billion during the upcoming IPO.

Drug prices are rising in Russia

Prices for a number of medicinal products have increased in Russia. Thus, according to the Unified interagency information system (EMISS), the most significant increase in the price of iodine. The cost of a bottle with 10 ml of this antisecaptic in August increased by an average of 28.67%.

Packaging with 10 capsules of Linex rose by almost 28%, mercury medical thermometer — by 26.54%, writes TASS. The price increase for electronic thermometers in the last month of summer was 13.4%, for bandages — 19%. Motherwort tincture, levomekol and analgin increased in price by 18%, aspirin — by 16.4%, validol — 14%.

It is noted that the average price of medicines in August increased by 8.37%. In annual terms, this indicator amounted to 8.43 percent.

The accounting chamber said that the level of poverty in Russia has increased

The poverty rate in the second quarter of 2020 increased from 12.5% to 13.5% compared to the first quarter of 2020, which threatens the possibility of meeting the national goal of reducing poverty by half by 2030.

Major Turkish oil refinery refuses Russian oil

The major Turkish oil refinery star in Izmir has already said that it refuses Russian oil. It is worth noting that the refinery commissioned in 2018 provides up to a quarter of Turkey’s demand for petroleum products.

If in 2019 Star purchased 6.1 million tons of Russian oil, this year supplies fell several times. And in August and September, Russian Urals oil was not delivered here at all. Among the reasons for these changes are the rise in the price of the Urals grade and the reduction in sea oil exports from Western ports of Russia. Currently, the refinery buys Iraqi Basra oil and Norwegian Johan Sverdrup oil, which are close to the quality of Russian oil.

A new batch of Azerbaijani oil will be sent to Belarus in the next few days

SOCAR (state oil company of Azerbaijan, SOCAR) plans to send a new batch of Azerbaijani oil to Belarus in the coming days. Ibragim Akhmedov, Deputy head of the company’s public relations Department, told reporters on Thursday.

Komi consumers owe more than eight billion rubles for housing and utilities

During the government meeting, representatives of all four municipalities reported on the issue, they have no problems with the heating season, and acute issues are being resolved. Consumer debt to housing and utilities companies is 8.3 billion rubles.


Hackers broke into the websites of Belarusian TV channels and showed protests

Hackers broke into the websites of Belarusian TV channels and showed protests instead of news. This is reported by the Telegram channel Mash on Saturday, September 26. The online broadcast on the website of BT, which includes the Belarus 1 TV channel, became unavailable on Saturday evening.

Internet outages again in Minsk

All this is connected with another mass protest. The Belarusian Telecom operator A1, as before on such days, reported that the speed of mobile Internet was reduced at the request of the authorities.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia agreed to boycott electricity from Belaes

After long negotiations, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which previously agreed to boycott electricity from Belarus after the launch of the Belarusian NPP, managed to develop a common methodology for electricity trade – it includes a system for guaranteeing the origin of electricity

A resident of Moscow who walked in a t-shirt with a photo of Alexey Navalny

Police detained Moscow activist Boris Kazadaev. A man was walking on red square with an image of the politician Alexey Navalny. The police have not yet named the article that they are going to impute to the activist.

I asked the question: “Can’t I wear this shirt?» “No,” the employees reply. I ask again: “what if I was wearing a t-shirt with [President Vladimir] on it] Putin?» “You can’t either,” they say, ” Kazadaev shared.

15 countries to fly to this fall

The Turistas website will introduce you to the countries where you can fly this fall. Flights to three destinations were the first to open for Russian travelers: Turkey, great Britain, Tanzania, Abkhazia, Switzerland, Dubai, Maldives, Cairo (Egypt), Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Montenegro, South Korea, China, and Uzbekistan. Trips to Italy and Thailand this fall remain unclear.

Macron called on Lukashenko to leave the post of President

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko should leave his post, French President Emmanuel macron said in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche.

What is happening in Belarus is a crisis of power, of an authoritarian government that cannot accept the logic of democracy and clings by force. It is clear that Lukashenka must leave,” he said.

The French leader also noted that he was impressed by the courage of the Belarusian protesters, who, realizing the risk, continue to take to the streets in an effort to “revive democracy” in the Republic. Special respect is paid to Belarusian women who organize protest marches on Saturdays, macron added.

In Minsk, riot police erect barriers near the residence of Lukashenka

Belarusian riot police have blocked Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk and are erecting barriers at the Independence Palace, where President Alexander Lukashenko’s residence is located, RIA Novosti reports.

Bulgaria demands that Russia pay a penalty for MiG-29 fighters

Moscow is delaying the execution of the contract for the repair of MiG-29s belonging to Bulgaria. Thus, Russia forces Sofia to remind about the payment of the penalty to the Bulgarian side. The corresponding statement was made by Bulgarian defense Minister Kasimir Karakachanov

The speaker of the Turkish Parliament called Armenia as a terrorist state

Turkish Parliament speaker Mustafa Shentop said that Armenia is “a terrorist state that threatens peace in the region.” Following many Turkish politicians and officials, he promised to provide full support to Azerbaijan. According to Shentop, it was Yerevan that first activated the conflict in Karabakh, while Baku allegedly only defended itself. At the same time, Armenia adheres to the opposite version.

Aliyev congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the “liberation” of part of Karabakh

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting of the country’s security Council that the operation in Karabakh is going well

I can say that the operation is successful… I can say that as a result of a successful operation, a lot of damage was caused to the enemy’s armed forces,” Aliyev said haqqin.az.

EU urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to hold talks

The European Union called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to stop fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh and hold peaceful stages. This is reported in a statement by the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Josep Borrel

Georgian President calls on Baku and Yerevan for peace

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili expressed concern about the resumption of hostilities on the line of contact between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone in Azerbaijan

Erdogan expressed full support for Azerbaijan in the conflict with Armenia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed full support for Azerbaijan in connection with the escalation of the conflict with Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh. He said this in a conversation with Azerbaijani President Alham Aliyev, Interfax reports, citing local media.

Russian intelligence’s position on working in Belarus

Russian intelligence is not directly involved in the events taking place in neighboring Belarus, but is engaged in collecting information about the reaction to Belarusian events around the world. About this “Tape.” said major General of the foreign intelligence service (SVR) of Russia, retired Yuri Kobaladze

Former member of Lukashenka’s team

I know this as a former member of the Council of Ministers and as an Ambassador to five countries and two organizations. I can tell you for sure: 85% of civil servants want to replace Lukashenka… They just sit there waiting for the event to develop,” Pavel Latushko said.

The public Council of Tyumen was accused of LGBT propaganda because of the rainbow on the logo.

Charges could be initiated by the head of the Council Svetlana yaroslavova. As Board member Arkady Liberman told the newspaper “Rise”, yaroslavova decided to hold the first meeting in a year and a half and may have tried to attract attention to the organization.

“Recently, Svetlana Borisovna came up to me and said that I need to get ready. Maybe to remind people of herself, she decided to go this way.

In Khabarovsk, protesters start putting up tents.

A woman set up a tent in the square in protest. I watched the attack on the Van. Now there are 30 people on the square: they came, brought insulation and food. We’re going to spend the night with her

On Saturday, September 26, Khabarovsk residents traditionally gathered in the Central square of the city. They want to Express solidarity with Sergey Furgal. The weather in Khabarovsk is good. The square is almost completely filled. According to local media the protest March was attended by more than 20 thousand people

The first criminal case against protesters in support of Sergei Furgal!

In Khabarovsk, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Denis Pocketwhen. Posmetyukhin is suspected of using violence against a government official (article 318 of the criminal code). According to investigators, the man sprayed pepper spray in the direction of the security forces on September 25 during the “battle for the van”.

US Senate prepares sanctions for poisoning Alexey Navalny

A group of us senators has submitted to Congress a draft of sanctions against Russia for the poisoning of Alexey Navalny. This is stated in the release of the author of the initiative – Republican from Florida Mark Rubio.

The act to hold Russia accountable for hostile activities requires sanctions against Russian officials “involved in brazen violations of international law, including the attempted murder of Navalny,” Rubio said in a release.

Protesters gather at the stele in Minsk

The detentions began before the action began. According to journalists, security forces detained protesters on the way to the city center. How it transmits TUT.BY on the square near the stele, the song “Sanya will stay with us” sounds through the speakers, and the protesters jam it with drum beats and chants of “long live Belarus”. Mobile Internet is disabled in the city at the request of the authorities.

Today’s rally participants were detained in Hrodna. People are trying to fight off the detainees.