29 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/28/2020

The leader of the “Fair Russia” state Duma Deputy Sergei Mironov called the new method of calculating the minimum wage a cheat trick in order to legitimize the lack of a real fight against poverty in the country, reports IA REGNUM on September 28

Refusal to calculate the minimum wage based on the cost of the minimum consumer basket will lead to the final separation of power from the real picture of life in the country. According to him, as a result of applying this method in 2021, the minimum wage will rise by only 5.5% instead of the minimum required triple growth — slightly exceeding the forecast inflation, and the living wage will fall by 4.4%. At the same time, the parliamentarian considers the government’s references to international experience to be groundless.

As soon as we need to find an excuse to leave people without money, we immediately begin to nod to foreign practice. Of course, the consumer basket is not an ideal parameter. But this is a transparent and understandable way to assess what a person needs to maintain a decent standard of living, and build social policy accordingly. Instead, we are asked to proceed from the “average hospital temperature”, an abstract value that is neither hot nor cold. This method will not give any useful result in the socio-economic development of the country. All this will only allow officials to replace the real fight against poverty with manipulations with statistics, — Mironov is sure.

He is also outraged that the new methodology was created by the government, in fact, in secret mode, without discussion with the public, deputies — which is absolutely unacceptable when it comes to the basics of socio-economic policy.

It is not known where the officials got their methodology and who they consulted. It seems that with no one, all this is the result of some kind of internecine fight in the bowels of the government itself. But in addressing issues that affect the living standards of millions of Russians, this is a completely unacceptable approach, ” the parliamentarian said.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved changes to the minimum wage and living wage

The Russian government has approved draft amendments to the Federal laws on the subsistence minimum and minimum wage (minimum wage). Both of these values will grow from 2021, writes TASS. The bill suggests a new approach to changing the minimum wage and the subsistence minimum

Scientists have determined that cats can imitate people

The researchers said that cats mimic the actions of people who are often near them. Experts came to these conclusions after the experiment. As a result, experts found that Pets can repeat part of the movements of their owners in more than 80 percent of cases. Scientists recalled that animals such as dolphins, parrots, monkeys and killer whales also have the ability to contract a person.

Archaeologists from the Czech Republic discovered in Egypt the prediction of the collapse of the era

During the excavation of the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Queen Khentakavess II, archaeologists from the Czech Republic found a prediction of the collapse of the era. The information in the inscriptions led scientists to the similarity of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom and the modern world.

Scientist Miroslav Barta believes that the destruction of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom was significantly negatively affected by the consequences of nepotism, intrigues among the ruling elite and climate change.

Scientists have named the area on the human body with the largest number of microbes

Researchers at the University of North Carolina began their research back in 2012. From the navels of 60 volunteers, scientists extracted biological samples, in which they later found a huge number of microbes and bacteria. According to Professor Rob Dunn, the navel in this case was appropriate to compare with the rainforest.

Britain plans to study the genome of five million people

The UK plans to study the genome of 5 million people in the country by 2024, according to the new national health strategy, a message published on the website of the government of the country.

Scientists called forgetfulness a sign of high intelligence

In society, it is assumed that if a person remembers everything, then he has a high intelligence. Canadian scientists have proven that the opposite is true. Scientists from Toronto came to the conclusion that excellent memory is not an indicator of intelligence. For gray matter, it is more useful to remember events in General than to go into details. They are the ones that the brain of an intelligent person forgets in order to facilitate thought processes and help them make rational decisions.

US scientists have patented a new type of fuel for nuclear power plants

ANEEL (Advanced Nuclear Energy for Enriched Life) consists of a weakly radioactive metal, thorium, which requires a small fraction of uranium to work. The developers of the new fuel claim that it is safer than the currently used one. It will also reduce the amount of radioactive waste by 80%.

The patent for the technology has already been issued. The US is ready to switch nuclear power plants to a new type of fuel in countries that will be interested in it. However, each nuclear power plant will have to redesign the reactor and some units. These works will be handled by Clean Core Thorium Energy.

Arctic pollution has slowed the growth of Siberian taiga trees

An international team of scientists assessed the impact of emissions from local and remote sources of industrial pollution on tree growth in the Siberian Arctic. The researchers concluded that changes in tree growth rates observed since the 1970s are associated with atmospheric pollution and a concomitant decrease in light. The results are published in the journal Ecology Letters.

The French tested a quiet landing gear for aircraft

The French company Safran, together with the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, tested a “quiet” chassis that creates less aerodynamic noise than the usual chassis of modern aircraft. According to Aviation Week, the tests were carried out on a Boeing 787-10 aircraft of Etihad Airways and were considered successful.

Scientists have warned about the onset of a mini ice age

British scientists believe that the earth will soon begin a mini-ice age. This statement contradicts the prevailing idea in scientific circles about global warming, but experts believe that low Solar activity will lead to cooling.

The way you talk may indicate brain disease

Neurons in the dense black substance located in the midbrain produce a certain type of neurotransmitter – dopamine, which is responsible for the motor process. When this hormone is produced in insufficient quantities, Parkinson’s disease begins to develop.

Experts from the American Parkinson’s disease Association (APDA) named four main motor signs of this condition: tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia (slow movement) and postural instability (problems with balance).

If we talk about bradykinesia, this is a common symptom of the disease, which also affects a person’s voice. Doctors warn that in this case, it can become quieter or louder, and then almost disappear completely, reports Express.

In addition, there may be changes in the tone and emotionality of the voice, which may make the speech sound monotonous. In the later stages of Parkinson’s disease, speech becomes fast and words merge with each other. Some patients have stuttering.

Also, bradykinesia can manifest itself in a decrease in facial expressions. In this case, it becomes difficult to understand what emotions a person is experiencing, since his face almost turns into a mask.

Chinese scientists continue to explore the Arctic

The Chinese icebreaker Xuelong-2 returned to the port of Shanghai on Monday after completing a 75-day research expedition to the Arctic, which was China’s 11th in a row. It is reported by local information resource “Penpal”

Became known, the accuracy of the Russian GLONASS

At the moment, GLONASS degrades the signal from the spacecraft at least twice, so the real accuracy of the system in open spaces is about 2.5 meters, and in large cities it can reach 5-10 meters. This is reported by Vedomosti. At the same time, the user can not know for sure whether he receives coordinates from GLONASS separately or GPS, Galileo, as well as the Chinese Beidou. Today, there are 27 GLONASS satellites in low-earth orbit.

Japan plans to build a hydrogen plant on the moon

The Japanese aerospace research Agency has announced its readiness to build a plant on the moon for the production of hydrogen fuel by 2035, the Kyodo news Agency writes. According to the plan, the company will be located at the South pole of the satellite.

Types of extraterrestrial civilizations in the Universe

Astrophysicists from the University of Nottingham (UK) calculated the probability of the existence of other intelligent life forms in our galaxy. There can be about 36 types of them, writes Ryb.ru.

Scientists relied on the nature of the chemical evolution of the Universe and the typical rate of development of more complex life forms. They based their calculations on the hypothesis that intelligent life on other planets in our galaxy could have formed in the same time and under similar conditions as on Earth. The nearest supposed intelligent civilization is several thousand light-years away.

Airbus designs three versions of the hydrogen plane

Airbus is developing three versions of a passenger plane with a hydrogen engine at once. The manufacturer hopes to make the first commercial flight of the newest aircraft in 2035. The engines for all three cars are converted to hydrogen fuel gas turbine units

HTC has unveiled the flexible smartphone antireklama

HTC is developing a smartphone with an unusual case design and a flexible display. The patent for the new device registered with the world intellectual property organization is reported by LetsGoDigital. The smartphone is very different from the flexible smartphones that are already available on the market. If they have a flexible screen that folds inwards, then the nameless HTC gadget opens outwards.

Mail.ru Group launches cloud gaming service

According to available data, users of the My.Games Cloud service will have access to more than 300 games, including Far Cry New Dawn, the assassin’s Creed series, and others. It is planned to introduce two tariff plans in advance. One of them will be free and will offer users average quality settings and advertising content. The second tariff will allow you to interact with games with 4K image quality for a fee.

One of the Agency’s interlocutors said that the process of testing the game service may begin as early as this year. The service will run on NVIDIA servers, and the basis of the software and hardware complex will be the solution of the Russian company Playkey.

Yandex has launched a set of services for working with a common interface

The set of services includes “Mail”, “Disk”, “Calendar”, “Teleconference”, “Messenger” and “Notes”. You can use any of these services as before, but switching between them is now more convenient. So, the results of the meeting in the “Teleconference” can be immediately recorded in the “Notes”, and then sent to all participants — by mail or in a messenger,” the company’s press service said

Scientists have developed a hearing aid at a cost of one dollar

Inventors from the United States have developed a hearing aid, the cost of which is determined at just one dollar. In the composition of the hearing aid used cheap electronic filters that adjust the frequency parameters. The device is powered by an AA battery and can be assembled at home by anyone. It is reported that the average life of the device is six months. However, with a minimum price, it can be updated almost every month.

The programmer forced the coffee maker to mine cryptocurrency

IT expert Martin Hron conducted an experiment in which he was able to access the system of a remote coffee maker connected to the Internet. This he used to force the coffee maker to mine the Monero cryptocurrency

The Genesis Krypton 510 gaming mouse is optimized for right-handed users

Genesis this week introduced the Krypton 510 gaming mouse. Its advantages include an accurate sensor, the ability to program all six buttons, and a practical matte finish. The mouse is optimized for right-handed users and is decorated with PRISMA RGB lighting

Samsung to release galaxy W21 foldable smartphone with 5G support

It is expected that the model will be released on the market under the name W21 5G. Already from the name of the device, it follows that the new product will receive support for fifth-generation networks. In addition, the device passes under the code index SM-W2021 in the database.

James Cameron announced the completion of filming the second Avatar

He said this in an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which appeared on the actor’s YouTube channel. James Cameron said that about four months of film production were lost due to the coronavirus. Therefore, the premiere of “Avatar-2” has been postponed for a year and will take place in December 2022. The Director is on set in New Zealand. The second part is already ready, and the third part is 95% ready.

In the new films, Cameron will touch on ecology and generational conflict. Part of the action will unfold under water. The children of Jake and Neytiri will fight corporate earth villains. Sigourney weaver is also expected to appear

Urgant laughed at the rating of the best Russian actors of the decade

In the list posted on September 11, Danila Kozlovsky was in 1st place. Then there are Alexander Petrov and Peter Fedorov. Urgant was on the 4th line, which greatly surprised the host, since he, in fact, starred only in pictures from the series “Christmas trees”, without even reading the script.

Urgant noted that Burunov, Madyanov and Mironov should have Been added to the rating, but none of them were in it. The host jokingly added that in this case it could be placed in 2nd place. It should be noted that the comedian Sergey Svetlakov, who also starred in “Christmas trees”, was on the 9th line.

A new part of the Yakuza crime fighters will be announced at TGS 2020 Online

Leading Ayana Tsubaki (Ayana Tsubaki) in his microblog mentioned (tweet already deleted) about the announcement of the next part of the criminal fighters Yakuza from Sega in the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. According to Tsubaki, the announcement will be made as part of the upcoming Sega broadcast, which is scheduled for September 27.

The Mongolian actress starred in the Netflix series sister Ratched

Mongolian actress Khandsuren Byambadorj starred in a Hollywood TV series “Nurse Ratched”. Biambadorj currently lives and works in the United States, according to Centralasia.media. The girl in the film played the role of the wife of the hospital Manager, a Filipina.

Trump hasn’t paid income tax in ten years

President of the United States Donald trump ten of the last 15 years did not pay income tax, reported The New York Times (NYT), citing the tax returns of the head of the White house. According to the publication, the billionaire indicated multimillion-dollar losses of his company and debts as the basis for non-payment of tax.

I paid more income taxes than Donald trump” — stickers with such inscriptions appeared on the website of the election headquarters of Democrat Joe Biden a few hours after the publication of the investigation of the New York Times

MH17 crash hearing resumes in the Netherlands

A court in Amsterdam has resumed its hearings in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine in 2014. They are held in the specially protected complex “Schiphol”

Cleveland-Cliffs to acquire ArcelorMittal’s U.S. business for $1.4 billion

ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, has agreed to sell its business in the United States to the American company Cleveland-Cliffs, the buyer said in a statement. The asset value is approximately $ 1.4 billion.

Swiss in a referendum refused to restrict labor immigration

In Sunday’s referendum, Swiss citizens voted against a proposal put forward by the Swiss people’s party (SNP) to restrict immigration from EU countries. According to the results of the vote, which leads Swissinfo, voted against in the whole country about 62% of voters and the majority of 26 cantons. The majority of voters in only four cantons located near the Northern borders of Italy supported the restrictions.

Electric Volkswagen sets fifth speed record

R set a new lap record at the Blister Berg circuit in Germany. The car was driven by factory driver Dieter Depping (former German rally champion), who completed the 4.2-kilometer distance in 1 minute and 24.2 seconds. A video of the race was published on the YouTube channel Volkswagen Motorsport.

Turkey creates a new security service

The activities of the new structure will be aimed at creating conditions for effective counteraction to information and psychological attacks and slander against Turkey, as well as campaigns aimed at “various kinds of manipulation and disinformation”.

Saudi Arabia has imposed an embargo on goods from Turkey

The Saudi authorities announced an embargo on goods from Turkey. The restrictions will take effect on October 3, 2020, according to the Greek City Times. Turkish entrepreneurs supplied the Arab Kingdom with fruits, vegetables, other food products, furniture and equipment for hotels. Export volumes were estimated at $ 3.3 billion per year.

Uber in court returned the license to work in London

A British court has ordered Transport for London (TfL) to restore the Uber car service’s license to operate in the capital, according to Reuters.

In the UK, the sale of fur will be banned

The country will ban the sale of fur after Britain leaves the EU. British authorities have said they plan to ban the sale of fur when the country leaves the European Union. This is reported by The information portal The Times

Belarus offered to produce BelAZ dump trucks in Russia

The Belarusian side proposed to start production of BelAZ dump trucks in Russia. This was announced on September 28 by Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov at the VII Forum of regions of Russia and Belarus.

European countries with the cheapest mortgages

The countries in Europe with the lowest mortgage rates were Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. This is reported by RBC with reference to the interviewed experts. If we talk about the preferences of Russians, they choose cheap housing loans in Germany, Finland and Spain — here a borrower with a good history can count on one or two percent per annum. Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovenia are also named as popular countries — two to three percent. In Montenegro and Latvia, rates are already higher — four to six percent, experts say.

VTB will allocate funds for the construction of the iCity skyscraper in Moscow

VTB Bank will provide MR Group with project financing for 30 billion rubles for the construction of the ICity business center in Moscow city, the developer’s press service reported. This money will be provided for seven years. The company will use them to build a high-rise A-class office center

Sergey Tsivilev offers to modernize the TRANS-Siberian railway

The working group of the State Council on energy, which is headed by the Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev, put forward the idea of a large-scale reconstruction of the BAM and TRANS-Siberian railway. According to it, the system’s throughput should more than double.

The high court of London arrested the assets of banker Anatoly Motylev

The high court of London froze the assets of banker Anatoly Motylev at the request of his financial Manager and based on the decision of the creditors ‘ Committee, the Deposit insurance Agency (DIA) said in a statement)

Motylev became famous for the fact that, having brought Globex Bank to rehabilitation in 2008, he was able to return to the financial market, gaining control of a group of banks and non-state pension funds, which later lost their licenses. The group’s parent Bank was Russian credit, which ranked 46th in the Interfax-100 ranking in the first half of 2015. Currently, the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (TFR) is investigating two criminal cases of fraud on a particularly large scale against the former owner of the banking Empire.

New apartments have become more expensive in Russia

The average cost of new buildings in Russian cities with a population of one million in September was 84.7 thousand rubles per square meter, an increase of 2% compared to August and 13% compared to September last year. Such data is provided by CIAN analysts. Analysts noted price growth in 17 out of 19 Russian cities over the past month

The editor-in-chief of NEXTA announced his departure from the project

Roman Protasevich, editor-in-chief of the Belarusian opposition Telegram channel NEXTA and NEXTA Live, announced his retirement from the project. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. Protasevich noted that he made the decision independently and it is not spontaneous.

Telegram channels NEXTA and NEXTA Live, in particular, actively cover the protests in Belarus that began after the presidential election. The project’s founder is 22-year-old Belarusian journalist Stepan Putilo. He now lives in Poland. In August, it was reported that a criminal case was opened against him in Belarus. Putilo faces up to 15 years in prison under the article on organizing mass riots and preparing people to participate in them.

The head of Russian Railways called the reason for the collapse of the old bridge near Murmansk

The flood caused the collapse of the railway bridge over the Kola river near Murmansk in June 2020. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the General Director of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov. According to him, experts conducted an investigation, which showed that the ferry collapsed because of the elements

The rate of air leakage on the ISS has increased five times

A small air leak on the ISS was recorded in September 2019. At the end of August 2020, after its speed doubled – from 270 to 540 grams per day. In September, the rate of leakage increased to 1.4 kilograms per day

A specialist at the Houston mission control center told the commander of the International space station, Christopher Cassidy, that no air leak was detected in the American part of the station

In October, the second stage of the Tourist cashback program begins

In Russia, the second stage of the program begins, where travelers can get cashback, according to the Federal tourism Agency. Unlike the first stage of the program, now the minimum cost of the service is not set. You can also use one card to pay for an unlimited number of tours. The program includes offers lasting until January 10, 2021

Conditions for receiving cashback:
The period of stay in the accommodation must be at least 2 nights
The cashback amount is 20% (but it can’t be more than 20,000 rubles per operation)
You must pay with a Mir payment system card

Erdogan accused Armenia of “occupation” of Azerbaijani territories

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has accused Armenia of “occupying” the territories of Azerbaijan, RIA Novosti reports. Commenting on the aggravation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will continue to support Azerbaijan in the conflict, NTV reports

Turkish F-16 fighter jets launched missile strikes on Armenia.

Turkey intervened in the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and launched air strikes on the territory of Armenia, using its F-16 fighter jets. According to preliminary data, the strikes of Turkish fighter jets were launched from the airspace of Azerbaijan, which means that the warplanes were transferred through the airspace of Georgia or neighboring Iran.

The Ministry of defense of Armenia confirmed the use of Turkish combat aircraft, which means that now, in addition to active monitoring of Azerbaijani airspace, air defense systems will monitor Turkish airspace at a distance of 50 kilometers from the border, since Turkish F-16s are not armed with longer-range missiles.

The Ambassador of Armenia announced about the transfer of troops by Turkey to Azerbaijan

Armenian Ambassador to Russia Vardan Toganyan said that Turkey has transferred about 4,000 fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“According to our information, Turkey has recently transferred about four thousand fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan,” Toganyan said.

The Azerbaijani foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti that there is no Turkish intervention in the conflict in Karabakh

German government confirms meeting between Merkel and Navalny

Recall that Der Spiegel originally wrote about the meeting. The German newspaper claims that Mrs Merkel’s visit was held “in complete secrecy.” Mr. Navalny confirmed the Chancellor’s visit, but also noted that the meeting was not secret, but personal.

Twitter imposed sanctions against RIA Novosti

The microblogging network Twitter imposed sanctions against RIA Novosti, removing the account of the Russian media from the search results. Users who were not subscribed to the Agency’s page will now be unable to find it in Russia or other countries.

The US has warned Iraq about the possible closure of the Embassy in Baghdad

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources, this will happen if Baghdad does not ensure the cessation of rocket attacks. It is claimed that us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has already notified the leadership of Iraq.

A group of American B-52H Stratofortress returned to the United States

A group of American B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers temporarily stationed at an advanced European air base in the United Kingdom has returned to the United States, the United States air force said.

Dozens of protest yards appeared in Minsk

In the capital of Belarus and on its outskirts, whole “protest courtyards” have appeared – neighbors there Express their disagreement with the authorities, draw opposition murals – and then, when they are painted over, draw them again, and then again and again – as well as organize flash mobs and arrange concerts

Did they really learn to recognize Belarusian security forces under masks?

Artificial intelligence removes masks from Riot police — this video about deanonymization of Belarusian security forces was watched by a million people. But it turned out to be almost fake: the algorithm shown in it does not work yet, there is not enough source data for it, and the video was shot to scare the security forces, the algorithm developer Andrey Maksimov admitted to Medusa