30 Sep, 2019

News digest for 09/28-29/2019

The state Duma of Russia will study media materials on interference in internal Affairs

The state Duma Commission on interference in internal Affairs decided to study the materials of several media for violations of Russian legislation, reports “Interfax”.

It is about the “Russian service BBC”, “MBH media”, “Voice of America”, “Radio Liberty”, ” Present time “(Current Time) and”Medusa”. What publications will be checked, is not specified.

At a meeting on Friday, the state Duma Commission also announced that it was established that the German broadcasting company Deutsche Welle called for participation in unauthorized actions in Moscow, thus violating several Russian laws. In addition, in the publications of Deutsche Welle, including the North Caucasus, the Commission found a violation of anti-extremist legislation.

Grumbled, spoiled the nerves of the powers that be and safely forgotten

In December last year, the small town of Klintsy in the Bryansk region became known throughout the country, when the head of the city Oleg Shkuratov and several officials sent their children to Turkey on vouchers intended for children from low-income families. The people seethed with rage and demanded to punish the officials to the fullest extent, but time passed and everything was forgotten. Oleg Shkuratov was re-elected head of the city

Business development strategy in Krasnoyarsk

As reported by Telegram-channel “Rossendale”, contractor of the city hall literally plowed a private area in front of the James Shark Pub bar: cut maples and poplars, demolished two of the porch, dug out and took away tons of new pavers on one million roubles!..

And then city hall officials said it was a mistake! And offered the businessman to restore everything at his own expense! Moreover, the tile he never returned… Because LOST!

The interior Ministry has proposed to fine for disrespectful posts about the police

The Ministry of internal Affairs has prepared a bill that will allow to block on the Internet posts expressing “clear disrespect for the bodies of internal Affairs”, as well as to fine them. The draft document has not yet been published

The reason for the introduction of new bans — ” the need to protect against attacks on the inviolability of honor and dignity of the police from the spread of information and communication networks, including the Internet, defamatory information, including those of a discrediting nature about the activities of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.”

US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker resigned

the special representative of the us state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker resigned. His name is mentioned in the complaint of an anonymous us intelligence officer on Donald trump, after which Congress launched the impeachment of the President.

Russian foreign Minister: it is indecent to Read other people’s letters

Sergey Lavrov believes it is “indecent” to release the transcript of the conversation between trump and Zelensky, and that transcripts of the presidents ‘ conversations should not be published. He said this at a press conference in new York.

Kudrin said the lack of poor pensioners in Russia

In Russia, pensioners are removed from the group of poor citizens, because the state always pays them to the subsistence minimum of the pensioner, Kudrin said, speaking in the state Duma.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance published a draft Federal budget for 2020 and for the planning period 2021-22. According to the document cited by Reuters, the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in Russia in 2020 will be 9,311 rubles. According to the budget for 2019, the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in Russia is set at 8,846 rubles.


The increase in the VAT rate from 18% to 20% brought further to the budget in the I half of 500 billion RUB At the end of 2019, the increase in the VAT collection exceeds $ 1 trillion. rub


In the village near Chelyabinsk resigned almost all emergency doctors.

In the village of October, Chelyabinsk region to resign paramedic ambulance. Physicians claim: they were compelled to work for one and a half or two rates, to replace nurses and dispatchers, and long ago forgot about full-fledged days off. Employees got used to such conditions, but since the beginning of the year their salary was reduced by a third, and they didn’t sustain. Now four have written a letter of resignation.

Too low income to save for retirement on your own

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko believes that Russians have too low incomes to save for retirement on their own. Therefore, Russia will not be able to work in full force the bill on the guaranteed pension product, which was developed by the Ministry of Finance.

“In my opinion, now a significant part of the population has income, of which they simply have nothing to allocate to increase pensions in the future,” — said Matvienko.

Iran began using improved centrifuges to enrich uranium

IAEA inspectors have recorded that as of September 25, Iran began to enrich uranium in several advanced centrifuges, thus violating the JCPOA relating to the Iranian nuclear program

The JCPOA agreement was signed in 2015 between Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France. Under this agreement, Tehran pledged to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 97%, to 300 kg, and for 15 years not to enrich it above the level of 3.67% (this will allow the use of uranium at nuclear power plants, but will make it unsuitable for the creation of nuclear weapons).

The US is beginning to strengthen its presence in the middle East.

Us Department of defense spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said that the us military intends to strengthen the defense of Saudi Arabia amid the recent drone attack on the facilities of the oil company Saudi Aramco.

“In light of the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia and at their request, defense Secretary mark Esper announced that the United States will deploy the following equipment in the Kingdom: one battery of patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, four Sentinel radars and about 200 troops»

The most democratic countries (the Economist Intelligence report, 2019):

The Duma questions the official Rosstat data on economic growth.

Data of the Ministry of economic development and Rosstat on a record 6 years of acceleration of the economy last year are not confirmed, said Friday at a meeting of the state Duma, the head of the Committee on taxes and budget Andrei Makarov. The area of manipulation, he said, can be statistics on income, primarily wages.

“We looked and suddenly saw the difference between the payroll according to Rosstat and the FTS. It turns out that the statistics that are taken as a basis in the Ministry of economic development, they are not taken from the actual data, but from a survey of entrepreneurs,” Makarov said.

If you use the actual figures from the tax office, “all of a sudden we get a completely different economic growth figures,” he added.

“This raises the question – continued Makarov. – How did we get this 2.3% growth at the end of 2018?»

According to him, the Duma asked the Ministry of economic development to provide a factor analysis of the final figure with its adjustment to the components. But the answer is still not received.

Owners of quadcopters are waiting in the Federal air transport Agency

From 27 September entered into force mandatory procedure for the registration of unmanned aerial vehicles weighing more than 250 g. the owners of the drones needs to obtain a license plate the Federal air transport Agency and apply it on the device at least in three places. You need to register a statement and photograph of the apparatus, but the room will have to mail in correspondence with the Federal air transport Agency, as announced by the officials of the specialized portal is not yet earned. Flights without a number face a fine of up to 2.5 thousand rubles, but departures need to be coordinated separately, even for registered drones in order to avoid even greater sanctions-up to 50 thousand rubles.

Data payers housing will gather in a single database

Russia plans to create an electronic database of personal data of utility payers. The Ministry of construction is working on this issue with state Duma deputies. They want to create a single electronic database by April 2020, Izvestia reports. The database will get the passport data of the subscriber, SNILS and INN. The new system will be used free of charge by management companies, operators of capital repairs and garbage collection in the regions.

The Ministry of culture refused to limit Chinese tourists in ” Tsarskoye Selo»

Russia is not going to limit the access of Chinese tourists to the Museum-reserve “Tsarskoye Selo” in St. Petersburg. At the same time for foreigners can set a separate time of visit. This was reported to Interfax by the press service of the Ministry.


President Naib Boucle of El Salvador took to the podium of the UN General Assembly to deliver a speech. But first he took a selfie-and it was very funny. However, then Boucle explained why he took the time of his respected colleagues: the world is changing, his selfie will see more people than hear his speech. And wouldn’t it be better to have a video conference than to spend millions of dollars gathering world leaders in one room?


Bars and clubs in Thailand will be open until 4 am

The current closing time is 2am, although time is often “flexible” in places such as Pattaya Pedestrian street, Bangla road in Phuket and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. Long-term “arrangements” with officials have left many major bars and Nightclubs open until 4am.

Medvedev instructed to bring the share of small businesses to 50%

The share of small business in Russia should reach 50% of the total number of employed people, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting with the President of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium enterprises “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin.

The main brake of development of small business in Russia is found

The Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Rifat Shaikhutdinov found the main culprit of non-implementation of the national project in support of small and medium-sized businesses.

“The main brake on the promotion of small businesses are banks that are not interested in lending to business, given that many enterprises have already been credited,” the official said.

The average mortgage term in Russia has increased significantly

If in 2018 the average term of a mortgage loan in Russia was 14 years, in 2019 it increased by three years to 17 years. The average amount of mortgage loans in August 2019 amounted to 2.5 million rubles. This is 10% more than in August 2018.

According to experts, this growth is primarily due to the policy of banks and developers who are trying to sell to potential customers more expensive properties

At the plant in Chelyabinsk cut employees because of Chinese competitors

JSC ” EPM-Chelyabinsk electrode plant “(part of the EPM group) announced a halt in the production of anodes from October 1. According to the press service of the company, the decision is due to

“extremely unfavorable conditions on the world market of carbon graphite products, in particular, anode blocks, which are the main products of the plant.”

The manufacturer’s report clarifies that in less than a year the cost of EPM-CHAZ anodes fell by more than 30%. The company was unprofitable, and further production-unprofitable. This was due to the purchasing policy of consumers, focusing primarily on actively dumping Chinese manufacturers.

Shares of Chinese companies collapsed due to the threat on exchanges in the US

Bloomberg, citing sources reported that the national economic Council of the White house headed by Lawrence Cadlow and the us Treasury are discussing the possibility of excluding Chinese companies from the lists of private enterprises whose shares are traded on US stock exchanges

Us Treasury spokeswoman Monica Crowley said that at the moment, the Agency has no plans to close exchanges for companies from China.

“At the moment, the administration is not considering blocking Chinese companies from listing shares on U.S. stock exchanges,” the statement said.

The Finance Ministry denied the privatization of Russian Railways, Aeroflot and channel One

Russian Railways, channel One and Aeroflot were not included in the three-year privatization plan of the Ministry of Finance, said the head of the Department Anton Siluanov. There are no plans for a three-year period, – RIA Novosti quotes the official’s answer to the question about the intentions of the Ministry to include companies in the privatization program.


Moscow authorities have banned a picket in memory of the victims of repression at the monument to victims of repression. According to the Deputy of prefect TSAO of Moscow of Nikolay Marinichev, a picket of 50 people at a monument to victims of repression does not meet the safety requirements, as well as “restrict free access of Muscovites and guests of the capital to the monument will violate the rights of citizens not participating in a public event”.


Russia is going to introduce negative rates on foreign currency deposits

Deputies of The state Duma are engaged in the development of the bill. Most likely in October the state Duma will receive the necessary documents. This is reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the head of the state Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

In August, Bank customers “took out” $1 billion from foreign currency accounts

The five largest banks in Russia reported how much currency was withdrawn in August. Customers took almost $ 1 billion worth of currency from banks. At the same time, four of the five banks showed the inflow of the ruble to the Deposit accounts of Russians

Russia can invest in mining projects in Venezuela about $ 1 billion

For the Russian side, projects in the field of diamond and gold mining seem promising, according to the materials of the meeting of presidents Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro.

Gazprom Neft intends to turn gas into diamonds

“Gazprom Neft” ordered a scientific and technical study of the processes of transformation of gas into a solid product, follows from the materials of the company. According to the terms of reference, the study is planned to perform “simulation of a pilot plant for the production of solid synthetic material and electricity from hydrocarbon gas.” The use of such an installation is expected at the company’s new oil and gas assets. The customer of the relevant tender is the scientific and technical center of Gazprom Neft-Gazpromneft STC.

As a result of the implementation of the technology, Gazprom Neft expects to obtain, in particular, synthetic diamonds, solid synthetic hydrocarbons, structured carbon, synthesis gas and hydrogen. The company also plans to explore the possibility of obtaining, including solid synthetic and thermal insulation materials, fiber boards and mats and fillers for building materials.

Erdogan suggested Trump to buy from the US Patriot

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed to the us leader Donald Trump to buy American-made Patriot missile systems (SAMS) along with Russian s-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMS).

On sale cheap 4K TVs Xiaomi Mi TV Pro

On September 27, xiaomi’s super-cheap 4K TVs went on sale in the Chinese market. Model with screens 43.55 and 65 inches are able to play content 8K due to a good processor, writes the publication “Aster”. All models received a proprietary shell PatchWall 2.0, created on the basis of Android Pie. The most affordable TV got a price tag of $ 210, and models with 55 and 65-inch screen are priced at 337 and 477 dollars

The us Treasury has introduced a sanctions list on Iran five Chinese companies

The us Treasury Department included five citizens and five companies from China in the sanctions lists for Iran. This is stated in a statement published on the website of the Department

The restrictions will affect, in particular, Cosco Shipping Tanker (Dalian) Co and Ship Management Co Ltd, but will not apply to their parent company, the notice said. Washington’s sanctions will also be applied to China Concord Petroleum Co, Shipping Company Ltd Kunlun, Kunlun Holding Company Ltd and Pegasus 88 Limited.

Maduro announced the arrival of Russian military experts in Venezuela

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro announced the arrival of two Russian aircraft with military technical personnel. He also thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin “for diplomatic and military support for Venezuela and the world.”

Germany will give Russia data on 500 thousand Soviet prisoners of war

Germany will give the Russian state military archive (RGVA) electronic copies of documents about half a million Soviet prisoners of world war II, said on Friday, September 27, “Kommersant”. An online archive will be formed on the basis of the obtained data.

US expanded sanctions against Russia

Washington has imposed restrictive measures against five Russian vessels, Moscow-based company Maitime Assistance LLC and three Russian citizens because of violations of the sanctions regime against Syria. This was reported by Reuters, citing the us financial Department

Ukraine and the IMF have not agreed on a new credit program

The international monetary Fund has not agreed with Kiev on a new lending program, reports ” TASS “with reference to the materials of”Ukrainian news”. The IMF mission spent two weeks in Kiev. The reasons were the situation with PrivatBank, the state budget and a possible change of leadership of the national Bank of Ukraine.

The US delegation left the UN General ASSEMBLY during the speech of Venezuela

Delegations from the United States, Colombia and several other Latin American countries left the United Nations General Assembly hall on Friday for a speech by Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

Ukraine does not intend to restore air links with Russia

Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Krikliy said that the restoration of air links with Russia in the near future is not expected. In his opinion, this may be perceived by the outside world as a signal of the absence of contradictions between countries. The Minister also believes that it is dangerous for Ukrainians
Lavrov announced the free supply of Russian weapons to the CAR

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia had supplied Russian weapons to the Central African Republic free of charge. The diplomat said this during a meeting of the UN security Council on peace and security in Africa, RIA Novosti writes.

Spider-man will return to the Marvel movie universe

Marvel Studios and its head Kevin Feigy will produce the third spider-Man film starring Tom Holland. Variety magazine reported, citing a joint statement from Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Walt Disney Studios (owned by Marvel Studios), that the parties had struck a deal.

The release of the new film about spider-Man is scheduled for July 16, 2021. According to the new arrangements, the superhero will also appear in another Marvel movie. Also producing the third picture will continue to engage Amy Pascal, who worked on the films “spider-Man: Away from home” (2019) and “spider-Man: Coming home” (2017).

According to Variety sources, under the new terms, Disney will receive approximately 25% of rental revenue. The Studio also retained the rights to the merchandise.

Sony Pictures adapts a comic about Madame Web

Recall that marvel studios and Sony Pictures could not agree on the terms of further sharing the image of spider-Man, so the character will no longer appear in the marvel movie universe, and Sony Studio will continue to make films about him, as well as a series of spin-offs.

“Moscow longevity” will hold a theater festival

“Moscow longevity” organizes a theater festival in November in honor of the year of the theater. On September 26, the head of the cultural center named after I. Astakhov Dmitry Bikbayev told journalists. According to him, the festival of theatrical art will be called “Silver Aster”.

The Mariinsky theatre will host the musical ” Chinese night»

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China and the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China, the Mariinsky theatre will host a “Chinese night” on October 7, at which musicians from China and the Mariinsky Orchestra will give a joint concert.

Sovereign Internet included in the Urals

Despite the fact that the installation of equipment took place quietly, this learned edition of RBC. According to their data, DPI equipment has already been installed in Yekaterinburg at the facilities of all Telecom operators: MegaFon, Beeline, Rostelecom and MTS, as well as smaller companies

By the end of this year, traffic filtering equipment will be installed and activated throughout the Ural Federal district, which includes the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Tyumen regions, as well as the Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous districts.

Huawei will launch its video service in Russia

In the coming months, the Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices and laptops Huawei will launch Huawei Video service in Russia and several other countries. Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President of mobile services at Huawei’s consumer products division in Europe, told RBC about this.

Huawei began to produce 5g base stations without components from the United States

Ren Zhengfei noted that this year Huawei will release 600 thousand base stations 5G, and in 2020 plans to increase production to 1.5 million units. Recall that in may 2019, the US administration banned American companies to cooperate with Huawei, making the Chinese giant in the “black list”.

North Korea unveils new smartphone

The latest smartphone manufactured by the DPRK, “Purin Chanel” (“sky Blue”) presented to the public on the 15th Pyongyang international autumn exhibition of goods.

The gadget “Blue sky” has a six-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2160 pixels and is equipped with four cameras, including 16 megapixels. The phone’s memory capacity for data storage is 64 gigabytes. The smartphone is equipped with face recognition, unlock the device by fingerprint and gesture control applications.

During the exhibition, this device could be purchased the Device is allowed to sell only to residents of the DPRK at a price of $290. Before buying, the seller records the passport data of the citizen, after which the smartphone is personally assigned to the buyer.

Google said that they do not take money for promotion in the search

Google said that the search results are formed as incorruptibly as possible, that is, it is formed by sites with high-quality, not “paid” content.

Plants resist diseases with the help of soil bacteria

An international team of scientists in the study determined that soil bacteria can make plants more resistant to dangerous bacteria. It is known that the disease “brown rot” affects many plants of the Solanaceae family.

Astronomers have discovered a triple system of black holes

Scientists have found three supermassive black holes combined into one system. The unusual objects were observed using the Chandra space x-ray Observatory and other NASA telescopes.

Experiment on alternative to monetary penalties

Estonia experimentally introduced an alternative to monetary fines – instead, violators of the speed limit can choose a “soothing stop”, parked on the side of the road and standing there for a certain time.

For speeding at 10-20 km / h-on the side of the road it is necessary to spend 45 minutes for 21-40 km / h-hour

In the United States revealed the largest Scam in the history of health care

U.S. law enforcement raided genetic laboratories and filed charges against 35 people in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. According to representatives of the us Department of justice, they are investigating “one of the largest fraudulent schemes in the health sector”: criminals with the help of fake referrals to unnecessary tests received compensation from the Federal budget. The damage is estimated at two billion dollars.

Ukraine’s real GDP continues to grow.

After a huge decline in the period 2014-2016, the size of GDP began to grow every year and stopped at an average of 3.4. The decline has not been observed for more than 13 quarters and in the last quarter reached a new level at 4.6

Minister Maxim Oreshkin asked for the export of services 244.9 billion rubles.

Minister Maxim Oreshkin appealed to the first Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov with a request to allocate 244.9 billion rubles for the export of services until 2024, which is 42 times more than the amount they want to send for these purposes now.

He wants to use these funds to support the creation of audiovisual products by foreign companies in Russia, the adaptation of the results of intellectual labor of the population to the requirements of foreign markets and a program of subsidizing rates on export loans.

Syria has demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from its territory

Syrian foreign Minister Walid Muallem at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in new York called the violation of international law plans of the United States and Turkey to create a security zone in the North of the country. According to him, foreign forces operating in Syria without the permission of Damascus, should be immediately withdrawn.

“Any foreign forces operating in our territories without our permission are occupying forces and must be withdrawn immediately. If they refuse, we have the right to take any and all countermeasures permitted by international law,” the Syrian news Agency SANA quoted Mr. Muallem as saying.

Revival of the printed word in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop measures for the development in the regions of newsstands with printed materials, the press service of the Kremlin. The head of state is waiting for the report until the first of November 2019.

The instruction was given to Kambin following a meeting with the heads of Russian print media held on February 20, 2019. It will also consider expanding the range of related products: soft drinks, confectionery and selected groceries. The government needs to analyze the measures implemented by the regions to develop a network of non-stationary trade facilities.

Also, the government with the participation of the Union of enterprises of the printing industry (GIPP) will have to update the standards of minimum provision of the population with products of periodicals, including providing for an increase in the area of kiosks.

Students riot to go to school

150,000 people on March in Naples, demonstration was devoted to protection of environment, blocked streets for some hours, and it was generally youth (as the local put it – school students revolt not to go to school). The police only regulated the direction of the crowd and, of course, no one was arrested.

In Russia, the list of documents for employment has changed

Since September 29, Russia has changed the list of mandatory documents for hiring new employees. Instead of the certificate of compulsory pension insurance (SNILS), the issuance of which has ceased, it includes a similar electronic document. Paper SNILS issued earlier remain valid, and their exchange is not required.

Der Spiegel: Vladimir Zelensky insulted the German government

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, supporting the point of view of US leader Donald trump regarding the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel does little for Ukraine, insulted the German government. This was written by the publication Der Spiegel.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine complained to Trump about Paris and Berlin, not complying with sanctions against Russia. The Ukrainian leader also noted that the United States of America supports Ukraine stronger than European countries.

Later, Vladimir Zelensky confirmed that he considers his criticisms of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron fair

Chinese ships surrounded the American aircraft carrier

According to published on the portal Sohu pictures in the South China sea, the us aircraft carrier USS “Ronald Reagan” surrounded by five Chinese warships.

The head of the FSB in Moscow wrote about the possible links of judges with raiding

Chief UFSB across Moscow and Moscow region, Colonel-General Alexei Dorofeev wrote a letter to the Prosecutor of the Moscow region Sergey Zabaturin about the presence of FSB of information about the possible promotion of Moscow judges and “certain leaders” of the Moscow city court the raids, in which the suspect was arrested on charges of attempted fraud (article 159 of the criminal code) the lawyer Kantemira Karamzin.

The IMF mission said the futility of the fight against corruption in Ukraine

“Despite the progress made in establishing new institutions to fight corruption, tangible results have not yet been achieved,” the statement said. The volume of direct investments coming to Ukraine is much lower than in other countries of the region.

In Slovakia crashed MiG-29

MiG-29 Slovak air force crashed on Saturday near the town zlaté-Moravce in Nitrianska region in the West of the country. About this informed the representative of the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Danka Capkova, words which led to Slovak radio.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Russia

An exhibition of archival documents to mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Russian relations opened on Sunday in the Chinese foreign Ministry. The ceremony was attended by Russian Ambassador to Beijing Andrey Denisov and Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi.

On October 2, 1949, the Soviet Union was the first to recognize the People’s Republic of China – the very next day after its formation.

China has expressed its readiness to accede to the arms trade Treaty

China will join the International arms trade Treaty (ATT), Xinhua news Agency reported. This was told by foreign Minister Wang Yi during the General debate of the UN General Assembly. According to him, the Chinese authorities have already initiated appropriate domestic legal procedures.

“As a responsible member of the international family, China is ready to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all parties, to work together with them to create an orderly and reasonable order in the arms trade and to make a positive contribution to the maintenance of international and regional peace and stability,” Geng Shuang said.

Kosovo Serbs: Russia refuses to talk to us

The leadership of the movement of Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija “Fatherland” sent an open letter to the Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botan-Kharchenko, in which he asked the head of the Russian diplomatic mission to clarify Moscow’s position in relation to the Kosovo settlement.

“Some Russian officials, including You in Your last interview, say that Russia supports the decision on the status of Kosovo and Metohija in accordance with the UN security Council Resolution. Immediately after this statement, You claim that Russia will support everything that Belgrade and Pristina agree on. Since the President of Serbia allows the delimitation of [Kosovo] with the Albanians, ie. the rejection of most of Kosovo and Metohija, which is contrary to UN security Council Resolution 1244, cannot simultaneously support the integrity of Serbia and the partition of Serbia,” the Fatherland movement said in a statement on September 26.

Ukraine will resume passenger service with Crimea

Ukrainian Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy said that the country will restore passenger transport links with the Crimean Peninsula. About it writes “Strenia” with reference to his interview. The Minister did not specify what kind of passenger transportation will be carried out between Ukraine and Crimea — bus or rail.

Mongolian President urged to increase funding for science 8 times

Mongolia has launched the first Congress of scientists, it is attended by more than 800 scientists and researchers. In the opening ceremony of the Congress was attended by the President of Mongolia Khaltmagiin Battulga and Prime Minister Ohnehin of Khurelsukh. In his speech, the Prime Minister admitted that the authorities have forgotten about the field of science, paying great attention to the mining industry.

“Over the past 30 years, we have talked a lot about the mining industry. But we forgot about the scientific industry, “said the Prime Minister of Mongolia.” I am Glad that this Congress is organized to hear the initiatives and plans of scientists and researchers. Spending on the scientific sector is only 0.12% of GDP, which shows that our country does not allocate money except for salaries of scientists. Let’s increase spending to at least 1% of GDP. It is time to pay special attention to the fact that the level of the scientific sector of our country is below the rest of the countries,” the President said.

There are about 4,300 employees and 65 research organizations in the scientific sector of Mongolia. The number of researchers per capita is 549, which is three times less than the world average.

Iran’s foreign Ministry has accused the US of unleashing cyberwarfare

The United States authorities have waged a war in cyberspace against Iran. Confidence in this in an interview with NBC expressed foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic Javad Zarif, not without reason, Recalling that Washington “can not end any war that begins.”

Houthis announced the capture of thousands of Saudi military

Yemeni Houthi rebels captured thousands of soldiers and officers of the Saudi army in a few months. This was announced by the representative of the armed forces of the Houthis General Yahya Sarii, RIA “Novosti”.

Turkey is not negotiating with Russia to buy su-35 fighters.

Despite the data published by “RIA Novosti” that Russia and Turkey continue to discuss the purchase of Russian su-35 fighters by Ankara, the Turkish foreign Minister said that in fact, Ankara is negotiating only with the United States, and they relate to the sale of f-35 fighters to Turkey.

In Saudi Arabia killed the personal bodyguard of the king

Personal bodyguard of the king of Saudi Arabia, Brigadier General Abdul Aziz al-Fagm killed in Saudi Arabia during a domestic conflict. While visiting friends, he had a fight with another guest. After that his opponent left, and then returned with the weapon and opened chaotic firing.

Greta Thunberg’s speech was made into a death metal song.

YouTube user John Mollusk created a death metal song from the performance of Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, who chastised world leaders for stolen childhood. Mollusk noted that the music and vocals belong to him, and the words — Grete Thunberg.

Jazz musicians are invited to participate in the forum-fest Jazz Across Borders

The VIII St. Petersburg international cultural forum on November 5 and 16 will host the third international forum-fest Jazz Across Borders (JAB). According to the press service of the forum, you can apply for participation in JAB Showcases until October 7 on the official website of the event.

Deborah Chow will direct the series about Obi-WAN Kenobi

Disney found a Director for the series about Obi-WAN Kenobi. The show will be directed by Deborah Chow. She has already worked with the Star wars franchise-directing two episodes for the first season of Mandalorian.

The last iPad was opened and found nothing new

Along with the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5, Apple recently introduced the seventh-generation iPad. Before he got the experts from iFixit, opened and made sure that inside the tablet there is almost nothing new, when compared with its predecessor.

the seventh-generation iPad got a bigger screen-10.2 inches instead of 9.7 — and a side connector for the keyboard. On this external differences end.

As for the internal ones, iFixit experts found 3 GB of RAM in the new iPad (one GB more than in the past). The battery of the tablet is no longer, unlike the battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It still has a capacity of 8827 mAh.

Chinese electric cars received support for AI applications

Chinese car manufacturer Xpeng Motors will equip its intelligent electric coupe P7 platform mini-applications Alibaba Group Holding, according to ENV

Outlook web access will prohibit the use of another 38 file extensions

Microsoft engineers said that soon significantly expand the list of extensions that can not be used in Outlook on the web (formerly Outlook Web Access, OWA). Previously, the list already included 104 extensions, and now it will add another 38.

In Russia, the number of scientists decreased

The trend was discovered by the staff of the Institute for statistical studies and Economics of knowledge of the National research University “Higher school of Economics”. According to them, in 2018 the number of Russians engaged in research and development amounted to 682.5 thousand people. Compared to 2017, their number decreased by 3.6%, but compared to 2010-by 7.3%.

Reductions apply to all categories of personnel, including laboratory technicians. The number of candidates and doctors of science decreased by almost 5 thousand people for the period from 2010 to 2018.