30 Sep, 2020

News digest for 09/29/2020

Tattoos negatively affect the thermoregulation of the skin

Experts from southern Methodist University (USA) concluded that tattoos have a negative effect on the sweat glands and disrupt the thermoregulation of the skin.

Excessive illustrations prevented children from understanding what they read

The abundance of illustrations in children’s books distracts the child from the text and prevents him from understanding what he has read. This was found out by American scientists who wrote a small book about Frankie’s fish and provided it with pictures: either only related to what was written, or a large number and background. As shown by reading comprehension tests and Eyetracking data, children reading a book with abundant illustrations actually look at pictures more often, resulting in worse answers to questions about what they have just read, scientists write in npj Science of Learning.

Life on Earth was born without oxygen

Before oxygen appeared on Earth, living organisms “breathed” arsenic, according to an article by Peter T. Vischer from the University of Connecticut (USA), published in the scientific journal Nature.

At the bottom of the Pacific ocean, several microorganisms have been found that live in an oxygen-free environment and use arsenic for life. In addition, the purple bacterium Ectothiorhodospira sp., which does not need oxygen, was found in a hydrogen sulfide lake in Nevada (USA).

A super-saline lake in the Atacama desert was also found, where cyanobacteria have been living in an oxygen-free environment for thousands of years. These are the same bacteria whose relatives lived 3.5 billion years ago and have come down to us in the form of fossils — stromalites.

Biologists have found living organisms that feed on viruses

Recently, biologists published the first evidence that two groups of ecologically important marine protists are “eaters” of viruses, hunting them using phagocytosis — absorption.

Our research has shown that many eukaryotic cells — protists — carry the DNA of various non-infectious viruses, but not bacteria. This is strong evidence that they are eating viruses, not bacteria. This fact was a big surprise, since these results contradict the current ideas of the scientific community about the role of viruses and protists in marine food webs, ” said Dr. Ramunas Stepanauskas, who heads the center for single cell genomics at the Bigelow ocean science laboratory in East Boothbay (Maine, USA).

In the Netherlands, an anode was created for accelerated battery charging

Nanochannels helped scientists from the Netherlands create an anode for fast charging of lithium-ion batteries. Most often, lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries are used to power devices and electric vehicles today, which lose a lot of capacity during fast charging and can even fail.

Locusts are able to navigate by the sun

Science already knows that the purpose of migration of these insects is laid down genetically, but how they navigate in space during flight has remained a mystery until now. However, German scientists from the universities of Marburg and würzburg managed to find an answer to this question.

Behavioral experiments have shown that locusts perceive the angle of polarized light and thus Orient themselves in flight, explains one of the authors of the study, Uwe Homberg, a Professor of neuroscience from Marburg.

When the sun’s rays pass through the atmosphere, a pattern of polarized light appears in the sky that is not visible to the human eye. However, locusts perceive it and use it as a reference point.

Tomsk has developed an accelerator for air purification

Tomsk scientists have created a pulsed electronic accelerator for cleaning the air from harmful smoke emissions. It is assumed that the cleaning system will be used at the CHPP. Thanks to the pulse reproach, harmful substances are deposited on the filters, collected in a vessel as a secondary raw material and disposed of. And purified gas comes out of the pipes. According to scientists, the sediment from solid microparticles can be used as mineral fertilizers. It is currently undergoing testing in China

A meteorite crater about 100 million years old has been found in Australia

Gold miners accidentally stumbled upon a unique meteorite crater in the Australian Outback. It was named Ora Banda Crater by analogy with the nearby mining town. Experts have already confirmed that the crater, which is three miles in diameter, was formed as a result of “high-pressure and high-speed shock waves created by a large impact object.” Which in turn is a telltale sign of a meteorite falling.

So far, scientists estimate the age of the crater at 100 million years, although they do not exclude that it could have formed from 250 to 40 million years ago. A more accurate answer about the age Of the crater Ora Banda should give the ancient plant material that was discovered in the giant crater.

Mining metals for green energy will cause environmental damage

Scientists at the University of Queensland looked at how the increase in the extraction of metals for renewable energy (platinum, cobalt, silver, copper, Nickel, aluminum, iron, lithium and other metals) will affect the ecology and well-being of The earth’s regions

The brain decides how many nerve cells will hear electrical signals

Researchers from University College London, the University of Milton Keynes (UK), the University of Bonn (Germany) and the University of Bordeaux (France) found that the brain is strictly regulated how many nerve cells hear electrical signals from other neurons

ESA astrophysicists found a network of salt lakes under the polar cap of Mars

Two years ago, European scientists reported the discovery of a large salt lake at the South pole of Mars. Now the press service of the European space Agency says that there were three more near the reservoir. They are located on an area of about 75 thousand square kilometers, making up about a fifth of the area of Germany. It is believed that water must have a high enough salt content to remain liquid in a rarefied atmosphere and a temperature of -123 degrees Celsius.

The first mission to a double asteroid

Specialists from Boulder University and the us military Corporation Lockheed Martin will lead a new space mission in which, for the first time in the history of science, a spacecraft will go on a long journey to see a new type of Solar system objects – double asteroids.

NASA is planning a mission to the Sun to observe the heliosphere

A contract to launch a mission to the Sun in 2024 to study the heliosphere boundary was signed between NASA and SpaceX, on September 29, the portal reports spaceflightnow.com. It is reported that the cost of the contract for launch services will be $109.4 million. As part of the contract, the Falcon 9 rocket will send an IMAP observation probe into space, which will head towards the Sun.

NASA is looking for ideas for new energy systems for lunar missions in the dark

The US national Aeronautics and space administration is asking outside engineers to help develop new energy systems to keep lunar missions running in the long absence of sunlight.

Italy to take part in us lunar program

Italy will participate in the American lunar program Artemis. This was announced during a video conference by the head of the US National Aeronautics and space administration, James Bridenstine.

Mathematician proved the theory of creation

American Mayer Humi used a limited set of equations to prove the assumption of the French physicist Pierre-Simon Laplace, representatives of the American Worcester Polytechnic Institute reported.

The hypothesis is true if certain conditions are met. Scientists have become more interested in this hypothesis, as astronomers were able to detect ring structures around the star HL Tau, which is located in the direction of the constellation Taurus

Earlier, Laplace said that the fundamental stage in the formation of star systems from a gas-dust cloud, including the Solar one, can be considered the formation of rings from condensed matter inside this cloud. scientific evidence has not yet been carried out.

LG’s scroll TV is coming out in October

The unique LG Signature OLED TV R, according to Business Korea, will go on sale next month, and before that, the manufacturer will hold a briefing on this event. The 65-inch version is priced at more than $ 85,000.

Google Maps will have a special interface for car mode

This special user interface allows users to check additional information while car mode is enabled. Google already has a car navigation interface in the form of Android Auto, as well as a future replacement in the form of driving Assistant mode, but it looks like a similar concept is implemented in Google Maps.

Melodiya released an album with Shostakovich’s music for cinema and theater

The record company” Melody ” released an album with music by Dmitry Shostakovich, created by him in different years for cinema and theater, the album is timed to coincide with the opening of the 42nd Moscow international film festival (MIFF). This was announced on Tuesday by the company’s press service.

Grand Prix of the Man and Nature film festival

According to the results of the expert jury of the Grand Prix named after V. G. Rasputin and 200 thousand rubles received the documentary “When tomatoes met Wagner” directed by Marianna Economou from Greece.

The prize “best documentary film named after M. I. Romm” was won by the Russian film “Sockeye salmon. The fish is red.” The authors of the work are Dmitry Shpilenok and Vladislav Grishin.

The best fiction film to them. L. I. Gaidai was the film “Ecolab” by Russian Director Dmitry Grigoryev.

The best animated film was recognized as the film “Oasis” by Daria Kashcheeva from the Czech Republic.

A special prize “Baikal” for the acuteness of the problem was awarded to the documentary “Without Baikal”.

The documentary “Salt” by Russian Director Vladimir Eisner received an honorary diploma from the Irkutsk regional branch of the “Union of cinematographers of Russia” for artistic understanding of a socially significant problem

The authors of Ghosts of the house on the hill told about the creation of the second season

The authors of Ghosts of the house on the hill told about the creation of the second season of the series, which will tell a new story called the ghosts of the Bligh estate. The second season will premiere on Netflix on October 9

A Russian icebreaker was sent to the Nord stream 2 base in Germany

The icebreaker supply vessel Vladislav Strizhov is heading to the German Mukran, where the Nord stream 2 logistics base is located. It is able to provide the work of the pipe-laying machine “Akademik Chersky” for the completion of the gas pipeline

US imposes restrictions on second Chinese tech company

We are talking about the company SMIC, which produces semiconductors. This information was shared by The Washington Post, referring to the US Department of Commerce.

On September twenty-fifth, the Agency informed the companies that they will now need to obtain a special license to supply certain types of products to the Chinese manufacturer. The regime will remain in effect until experts evaluate SMIC and its subsidiaries.

SMIC is the largest microelectronic company in China. Many American high-tech companies, including Broadcom and Qualcomm, work with it.

Foreign Ministers of Japan, the United States, India and Australia will hold talks in Tokyo

A quadripartite meeting of the foreign Ministers of Australia, India, the United States and Japan will be held in Tokyo on October 6. Japanese foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said this during a press conference on September 29.

Polish government to be cut by a third

The government of Poland is planning to reduce the number of ministries by almost a third, TOK FM radio station reports on September 28. Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said that only 14 ministries will remain in the government. In accordance with this, the number of Ministers and their deputies will be reduced.

Recall that on August 17, 2020, it became known that the Polish government plans to reduce the number of civil servants by 20%, as the coronavirus epidemic has shown that even in a crisis, you can manage the state with fewer officials.

In the Romanian elections, the deceased mayor was re-elected for a third term

Ion Aliman, the mayor of the Romanian village of Deveselu, who died of coronavirus complications two weeks ago, won a landslide victory in local elections — received 64% of the vote and was re-elected for a third term.

Yandex explained the closure of its office in Istanbul

The Yandex press service said that the closure of the company’s office in Istanbul will not affect the operation of services in Turkey. All services, including “Navigator” and “Search”, will still be available to users in Turkey. The company clarified that the changes will only affect the operational activities of the Turkish office. Some functions of the “daughter” in Istanbul will be transferred to other Yandex offices, the press service concluded.

Earlier, Turkish media reported that the closure of the Yandex representative office in Istanbul may allegedly be related to the adoption of a law in Turkey on strengthening control over foreign social networks.

The share of the domestic microelectronics industry in Russia

The share of domestic microelectronics in the Russian market is no more than 10%. Such data was provided by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko at the conference today.

Over the past 15 years, imported equipment has dominated our markets. Our share — Russian manufacturers — is around 10%, in some segments even lower, — TASS quotes the Deputy Chairman of the government

Polish PGNIG starts gas supplies to Ukraine

Polish oil and gas concern PGNiG will start delivering natural gas to Ukraine from October 1 under an agreement with Energy resources of Ukraine (ERU), the company said. This contract was the first in the framework of cooperation between GTS operator of Ukraine, separated from Naftogaz, and PGNiG. Under its terms, the fuel will be used for the technical needs of the Ukrainian company.

The Russian ruble fell by 30% against the Ukrainian hryvnia

Over the past three years, the ruble has fallen in price against the hryvnia by almost 30%. And this is despite the fact that official inflation in Russia is noticeably lower than in Ukraine. Experts explain this by lower geopolitical risks for the Ukrainian economy

Media reports on the rapid resumption of oil production in Libya

Oil production in Libya has increased significantly since its resumption began a week earlier, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The commander of the Libyan national army (LNA), Marshal Khalifa Haftar, on Friday, September 18, announced the resumption of oil production and exports from the ports of Libya, which have been closed since January due to military operations. The next day, the National Oil Corporation of Libya (NOC) announced that it was lifting the state of emergency in the fields and ports.

Gazprom capital is preparing a bond program

Gazprom capital has approved a program of 001B series bonds with a volume of up to 150 billion rubles inclusive or the equivalent of this amount in foreign currency, the company said in a statement.

To complete gasification, which, according to the plan of Russian President Vladimir Putin, should be free for the population, Gazprom announced the possibility of the largest placement of ruble bonds in its history. According to analysts, the new bonds are likely to be accounted for in Gazprom’s financial statements as capital, rather than debt, and the impact on the company’s debt load will be insignificant. But gasification itself can be a difficult project – the monopoly is being shifted to the task of breeding gas in homes, which is now the responsibility of the regions.

Gazprom expects profit recovery in 2021

Gazprom expects profit to recover in 2021, and as a result, the net debt/EBITDA ratio will improve. This was announced by Anton Demchenko, head of Gazprom’s investor relations Department, during an online discussion on the prospects of the oil and gas sector organized by Aton.

The Bank of Russia announced new sales of foreign currency

The Bank of Russia will sell an additional 185.4 billion rubles of foreign currency on the domestic market by the end of the year. Operations will be carried out from October 1 to December 30, and the daily volume, taking into account the number of trading days, will amount to 2.9 billion rubles.

In Tajikistan, the Russian ruble falls sharply and the dollar becomes more expensive

According to the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Tajikistan, set for Tuesday, the dollar showed growth against the Tajik currency, while the Russian ruble, on the contrary, continues to fall daily. So, the Russian ruble in Tajikistan for a day fell from 134 to 130 somoni for one thousand

The Russian ruble is losing ground again

Since the beginning of the year, the Russian currency has fallen in price against the dollar by 21%. And this is the worst indicator among emerging market currencies. The weakening of the ruble, as the newspaper Kommersant writes, may continue in the coming days in the absence of internal growth reserves.

Rosneft stopped most wells in the Tomsk region

During a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on economy, member of the Federation Council from the Tomsk region Vladimir Kravchenko proposed to the head of the Ministry of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov to compensate the region for the loss of revenues due to a reduction in oil production in the region: Rosneft has stopped two-thirds of wells in the Tomsk region, that is, work, in fact, stopped”

Russia has reduced the volume of gas supplied to Turkey

The volume of Russian natural gas transported to Turkey decreased by 28.4% in July in annual terms, TASS writes. Turkey’s import of raw materials from Russia in June this year amounted to 843 million cubic meters of blue fuel

Belarus and Russia resume talks on deepening integration

Minsk and Moscow have resumed a dialogue on roadmaps for deepening integration within the Union state. This was stated by the Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko, RIA Novosti reports.

VKontakte added search by phone number and updated messages

Russian social network Vkontakte has announced that you can now search for people on the social network by phone number. If the user has an account in Vkontakte, you can send them a message. Basic information on the page, including name, avatar, and age, will not be available until the user agrees to start a conversation via the social network.

Cameras in Moscow began recording traffic through Parking spaces

Video cameras in Moscow began recording traffic through Parking spaces. This was announced on September 28 in a message from the Department of transport in its Telegram channel. The shooting is taking place only on Kosygin street.

MPs discuss new penalties for foreign Internet companies

The state Duma Committee on information policy, technology and communications is developing a bill that will toughen the responsibility of foreign Internet companies for non-compliance with Russian legislation regarding the storage of personal data, removal of illegal content and non-payment of taxes from activities in the country, a source told Kommersant.

The amount of salary required for a normal life

More than a third of Russians (31.1%) believe that earning 50,000-70,000 rubles a month is enough for a normal life, according to the online financial platform Webbankir. 25% named the amount of 70,000-100,000 rubles. 22.6% of respondents will need 35,000-50,000 rubles for a normal life, 15.3% of Russians need 100,000 rubles, and 5.4% of respondents need 20-35,000 rubles a month for a normal life. 0.5% of Russians would need 20,000 rubles

In Moscow, restricted the work of “nalivaek” in residential buildings

Moscow authorities have set new standards for the sale of alcohol in residential buildings. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the press service of the mayor of the capital. Now it is allowed to sell alcohol only in public catering outlets with a service hall area of more than 20 sq.m. the corresponding decree was signed by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Two-thirds of Russians did not see help from the state for self-isolation

Two – thirds of Russians (75%) believe that it is the state and social services that should provide assistance in self-isolation. However, a little more than a third (34%) said that they really help.This follows from the results of a survey conducted by THE HSE center for research on civil society and the non-profit sector (RBC has the materials).

The first tourists will be able to arrive in Thailand in two weeks

The first foreign travelers will be able to start arriving in Thailand for a long time from October 8. However, they will need a special visa to do this. This was informed by the Deputy press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom Natapanu Nopakun.

The Kremlin commented on the meeting between Merkel and Navalny

The German Chancellor met with a former hospital patient, apparently wanting to either Express support or Express a wish for a speedy recovery. How else can you take it? – said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov to reporters, answering the question of how the Kremlin assesses the meeting between Merkel and Navalny.

Tikhanovski called to discuss the new election of the President of Belarus to the OSCE

Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovski has offered to hold talks on the organization of new presidential elections in the Republic on the platform of the OSCE. She said this to French President Emmanuel Macron at a meeting in Vilnius on September 29.

Macron promised Tikhanovski assist in negotiations to resolve the crisis

French President Emmanuel macron has promised former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya assistance in negotiations to resolve the political crisis in the Republic, Delfi reports

The Russian defense Ministry promised to protect the interests of Belarus in any conditions

The Russian defense Ministry promised to protect the interests of Belarus in any conditions and circumstances. This was stated by Deputy defense Minister Andrey Kartapolov at the plenary session of the VII forum of regions of Belarus and Russia

The EU approved the expansion of sanctions against Russia over the Crimean bridge

Representatives of the European Union spoke positively in favor of imposing sanctions against several people and a group of companies involved in the construction of the Kerch bridge. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the corresponding statement of the journalist of Jozwiak on his page in social networks.

The ROC publishing house decided not to publish the Orthodox encyclopedia in English

The recent idea of Patriarch Kirill to translate the Orthodox encyclopedia into English (the one where the article about Cyril himself takes up three times more space than about Christ) is no longer relevant: the ROC publishing house refused this project, its representative told Open media.

Just a year and a half ago, the Patriarch told Dmitry Medvedev that the English-language publication would be useful for Orthodox parishes, universities, and individuals and researchers abroad.

The state has achieved the nationalization of the .su domain

At the end of 2019, a criminal case was opened against one of the founders of Runet, Alexey Soldatov, on charges of fraud on a particularly large scale. As Medusa found out, yesterday Soldatov was unexpectedly released from house arrest, but before that, at the request of the presidential administration, he was forced to give the state the rights to manage the .su domain – the oldest domain zone on the Runet, which the Soldatov Foundation managed for the last 20 years.

Total profit of Russian companies continues to decline

The net financial result (total revenue minus total costs) of Russian companies decreased by 42% in January-July compared to the same period last year.

In the leaders of the fall: trade (-64%), transport (-62%), and real estate operations (-60%). If you look at the context of narrower industries, there are three areas where the total profit went into negative territory: coal mining, gas production and distribution, and passenger railway transport.

Only construction (+5.2%) and agriculture (an impressive +55%) showed growth.

On the coordinator of the Navalny headquarters in Arkhangelsk opened a case

The coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Arkhangelsk, Andrey Borovikov, became a person involved in a criminal case on the distribution of pornography. The case against the coordinator of the Arkhangelsk headquarters was opened because of the video of the Rammstein group in personal videos in Vkontakte.

They tell me that on January 19, 2014, six and a half years ago, I posted a video clip of Rammstein for the song “Pussy”in my personal videos. The clip is allegedly pornographic. Now I don’t have this clip in my videos, I don’t even remember when it was, ” the activist explained.