1 Oct, 2020

News digest for 09/30/2020

The net financial result (total revenue minus total costs) of Russian companies decreased by 42% in January-July compared to the same period last year.

In the leaders of the fall: trade (-64%), transport (-62%), and real estate operations (-60%). If you look at the context of narrower industries, there are three areas where the total profit went into negative territory: coal mining, gas production and distribution, and passenger railway transport.

Only construction (+5.2%) and agriculture (an impressive +55%) showed growth.

Shoigu announced the complete destruction of is in Syria

Thanks to the Russian military operation, the international terrorist organization “Islamic state” (is, banned in Russia) in Syria has ceased to exist, said the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu.

Russia continues to single-handedly smash terrorists in Syria

In September, the Russian aerospace forces in Syria destroyed three large camps of the banned terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-sham in the Idlib de-escalation zone, where they trained militants. Details of the special operation, citing a military source, were given by the publication “Russian spring”.

News about the results of the Russian operation in Syria

September 30 marked the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the military operation to help Syria liberate the country from international terrorist groups.

Russian General Chvarkov, former head of the center for reconciliation in Syria, told RIA Novosti about the results of the Russian operation and the current situation:

  • Russia has restored the combat readiness of the Syrian army
  • if you make an effort, military bases in Syria can bring Russia and economic benefits
  • Russia is successfully cooperating with Iran on Syria, but it is not necessary to deepen this interaction – Iran relies on creating structures that are not subordinate to Damascus, and the involvement of the Iranian military in patrols can exacerbate the conflict
  • Turkey came to Syria forever and is now forming Pro-Turkish Autonomous regions in the North and North-West
  • The US pursues marginal interests and will remain in Syria for a long time. At the same time, the tactics of American aviation are comparable to the bombing of Dresden in world war II

It became known about the plans of the new Prime Minister of Japan in relation to Russia

The policy of the new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugi towards Russia remains the same as that of his predecessor Shinzo Abe. Suga said shortly after being elected Prime Minister that Japan needed to take stock of its post-war diplomacy. However, he did not mention the peace Treaty with the Russian Federation. However, later the new head of the Japanese government said that it is necessary to conduct a dialogue with Russia and “do not leave the problem of the Northern territories.”

Microsoft blamed Russia for most of the cyber attacks

Microsoft said that over the past year (from July 2019 to June 2020), most of the cyber attacks registered by the Corporation were related to the actions of Russia, as well as Iran, China and North Korea

Belarus has imposed retaliatory sanctions against Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

According to the Belarusian foreign Ministry, the restrictive measures were introduced in response to the sanctions imposed by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia against Belarus. Minsk has drawn up its own sanctions lists for all three Baltic countries, which include about 100 officials from each of the countries

The Belarusian opposition asked the court in the Hague to open a case against Lukashenko

The petition calls on the International criminal court and Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to open a criminal case against Lukashenka “for crimes against humanity”. The appeal was signed by more than 37 thousand people from 102 countries, according to a message published in the telegram channel of Tikhanovskaya’s associates “Country for life”.

On Taimyr in the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory a new spill

On Taimyr in the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory, a new oil spill – almost a ton of fuel got into the soil and the Khatanga river, the Prosecutor’s office is checking, an emergency mode is declared

Russian Budget -2021. Main parameters:

  • revenue 2021 18.76 trillion 2022 20.64 trillion 2023 22.26 trillion
  • spending 2021 21.52 trillion 2022 21.88 trillion 2023 23.67 trillion
  • deficit 2021 2.75 trillion 2022 1.25 trillion 2023 1.41 trillion
  • national projects. 2021 2.25 trillion 2022 2.62 trillion 2023 2.79 trillion
  • forecast for economic growth 2021 3,3%. 2022 3,4%. 2023 3%
  • inflation forecast no higher than 4%

Polish divers discovered the German steamer “Karlsruhe”

A group of Polish divers found the German steamer Karlsruhe at the bottom of the Baltic sea, which sank in April 1945 along with its cargo during the evacuation of the Germans from East Prussia, the Polish press Agency reported. According to Tomas Stakhura, a search participant, the wreckage of the ship is located at the bottom of the sea a few dozen kilometers from Ustka.

“In the holds, we found military vehicles, porcelain and many boxes with unknown contents,” the diver said and recalled that the ship left the port in Pillau (now Baltiysk, Kaliningrad region). According to Stakhura, the discovery of the wreckage “may provide crucial information about the disappearance of the legendary Amber room”

Putin ordered to impose a ban on the export of unprocessed timber

Charge from 1 January 2022 to implement a complete ban of export from Russia raw or rough, only for a kind of sawn timber softwood and valuable hardwoods — are the words of Putin on the Kremlin website.

Foreign countries refused to cooperate with Russia

Foreign suppliers of components for Russian aviation at the same time refused to cooperate with Russia, said Vasily Shpak, Director of the Department of radio-electronic industry of the Ministry of industry and trade.

Our foreign partners who supply ready-made systems for our aircraft, some publicly, some secretly, have informed our aircraft manufacturers that they will not continue relations with our aircraft manufacturers either under existing contracts or under new contracts, ” he explained.

New Emir of Kuwait Nawaf Al Sabah officially ascended the throne

According to the Constitution of Kuwait, the heir to the throne after the death of the ruler automatically becomes the Emir, but is given full power only after taking an oath before the National Assembly (Parliament) of the country

The Kremlin declined to comment on the verdict of the historian Dmitriev

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the toughening of the punishment of the historian, the head of the Karelian “Memorial” Yuri Dmitriev. He noted that the Kremlin traditionally does not comment on court decisions, but they will get acquainted with the case

The headquarters of the popular resistance Association are being searched

Law enforcement officers conduct searches in the case of calls to terrorism at the headquarters of the movement “Association of popular resistance” in Moscow. This was reported to TASS by a source in law enforcement agencies. A spokesman for the movement, Nikita Zaitsev, in an interview with TASS, confirmed that investigative actions were being carried out at the organization’s headquarters, but did not provide details.

In early may of this year, members of the movement were also searched in the case of illegal creation of a legal entity. Then the members of the organization were questioned as witnesses

Minsk group “Silent at home” released a video for the song “Not funny”

The video was shot by Belarusian Director Daria Zhuk. In the video, the musicians ride a tram through the night city, around them — only sleeping people who can not move independently. The band manages them like puppets — and leads them to their concert, where they try to Wake them up, but in the end the musicians themselves fall asleep right on the stage. Only one heroine can get out of this state.

In the center of Moscow, a minor was robbed by police officers

Ekaterina Velikina, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine’s website, told how her underage son was robbed by police officers. Right in the center of Moscow.

The teenager was walking down the street and Smoking, and when a police car stopped next to him, he got scared and ran. The police officers caught up with him, began to search him, and then offered to “pay some fine” and threatened to put him on the register. As a result, Velikina’s son gave the police money for Tutors. Employees of the internal security Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs started checking

There were no officials with foreign citizenship in the Russian government

The government does not have employees with foreign citizenship, residence permits or other documents that give the right to live abroad, the government’s office said at the request of state Duma Deputy from the Communist party Denis Parfenov. Interfax has a copy of the response.

In France, the Assembly of an artificial sun began

14 years have passed since receiving official permission, as French scientists began assembling a thermonuclear reactor. The unit, called the largest mosaic in the world, is planned to be assembled in 5 years. As soon as it is launched, it will recreate the processes occurring on the surface of the sun.

Swallows discovered for the first time in the North of Novaya Zemlya

Scientists of the national Park “Russian Arctic” during the summer expedition for the first time recorded the presence of swallows and warblers on Novaya Zemlya. Both species are typical for more southern areas, and previously they were not described in protected areas. This was reported to IA REGNUM in the press service of the national Park.

In addition to meeting with swallows, during the summer field season, it was possible to notice a Swan for the second time in 10 years of observations regularly conducted at Cape Desire since the creation of the Park. The expedition also captured for the first time the white — billed Loon, a species included in the new edition of the red book of the Russian Federation, and the black kazarka.

A fuel cell without a membrane was created

Conventional fuel cells power modern electric vehicles and were used in computers when the Apollo program landed on the moon in 1969. These fuel cells lose voltage as they are used and eventually stop working. This is because the alcohol (methanol or ethanol) molecules in the fuel cell’s anode compartment cross the membrane that separates them from the cathode compartment. Oxygen molecules in the cathode compartment react with alcohol, causing a voltage drop.

Many scientists have tried unsuccessfully to create a membrane that would prevent alcohol molecules from passing into the cathode compartment. Employees of The National research Institute of the University of Quebec went the other way: they created a fuel cell without a membrane. The study is published in the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

One of the main problems of hydrogen energy has been solved

Scientists in Austria, great Britain, Turkey, Slovakia and Russia have come up with the idea of resorting to an amorphous structure that can be used as a hydrogen storage device. It was decided to replace expensive palladium, which is used as an energy source, with functional metal glass. Thus, the specialists managed to solve the problem of producing economically viable drives.

US scientists have created a robotic fabric

A unique robotic tissue has been created in the laboratory of Professor Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio at Yale University (USA). It has breathability, but it can change the stiffness and flexibility. The development has completely preserved all the useful functions of ordinary fabric.

Chimeric protein accelerated recycling of bottle plastic

Biologists studied and described the protein Mgetase from the two-enzyme system of cleavage of PET plastic of the bacterium Ideonella sakaiensis. It turned out that the main domain of this enzyme is similar to that of the second protein system — Patsy. The researchers also discovered the unique properties of both proteins, which allow them to catalyze different reactions — steps of PET cleavage. After studying the activity of two enzymes, scientists created a Chimera protein that processed plastic even better. The study is published in the journal PNAS.

Left-handers have special genes identified

It is likely that people become left-handed, right-handed and two-handed not because of their environment, but as a result of heredity, as evidenced by 41 discovered genes that are unique to left-handers. In total, the genome of more than 1.7 million people was studied.

ALROSA geologists started studying new kimberlite in Yakutia

The new kimberlite pipe is located under lake Mutnoye, 12 km from Aikhal. After confirming the diamond content of the kimberlite, geologists began to determine its boundaries, after which it will be possible to start calculating resources and reserves. This will allow us to assess the prospects for industrial development of a new ore occurrence.

Work. launched a service for evaluating employers

According to the developers, an open rating of employers will help applicants protect applicants from fraud, as well as increase the responsibility of Russian businesses to potential employees.

Disney will shoot the lion King prequel

“Moonlight” Director Barry Jenkins will direct Jon Favreau’s “lion King” prequel for Walt Disney Studios. This is reported by Deadline. The story tells the backstory of Lev Mufasa, Simba’s father, Sarabi’s husband, and Scar’s brother. The script for the prequel will be written by co-Creator of the 2019 film Jeff Nathanson. When the production of the picture will begin, it is not yet reported. On the date of the premiere is also not known.

Filming of the Lord of the rings series resumed in New Zealand

Local authorities allowed the filming process to resume after the number of infections decreased to minimum values.

The trailer for the final episodes of the series “supernatural” is Published

The CW showed a new trailer for the final episodes of the 15th season of the series “Supernatural”. The final part of the season will include seven episodes, the first of which will be released on October 8, the last — on November 19.

Steven Soderbergh has started shooting a new movie

This will be a crime Thriller “No sudden movements”, which will tell about the life of Detroit in the 50s, when there was a lot of crime, riots and mafia clans. The film stars Bencio Del Toro, David harbour, Julia Fox, Noah Joop, bill Duke and other famous actors of Hollywood. Filming is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

Neil Gaiman and Netflix announced the start of filming “Sandman”

Writer Neil Gaiman has announced the start of filming for the Netflix series based on his Sandman comic. The fact that the shooting starts in three weeks, he said on Twitter.

In Radischevskaya Museum opens the exhibition of the repressed artists

In Radischevskaya Museum opens the exhibition “Saratov artists. Returned names”, dedicated to authors who were subjected to political repression in the 1920s – 1950s.

The exhibition features 47 paintings and 80 graphic sheets by Yakov Weber, Franz Veseli, Yuri Zubov, Fyodor Korneev, Nikolai Mamontov, Boris Milovidov, Fyodor Rusetsky, Alexander Skvortsov, Konstantin Chastov, Ivan Shcheglov and Valentin Justitsky.

Serpukhov Museum will present an exhibition of works by avant-garde artists

Most of the exhibition “The world created anew” consists of works from the collections of Russian regional museums. So in the early twentieth century, the Serpukhov Museum turned out to be the reference paintings of the Queen of the Russian avant – garde-Natalia Goncharova.

The film by Armenian Director Jivan Avetisyan was removed from the Moscow film festival

According to Ekho Moskvy, Armenian Director Jivan Avetisyan’s film” gate to Paradise “was removed from the non-competitive program of the 42nd Moscow international film festival. According to the online publication “Mirror”, the Ministry of culture has taken appropriate measures for this purpose. The film is not even mentioned on the festival’s website, although as the Google archive shows, it used to be there. At the same time, the main program of the competition includes the film “the fisherman’s Daughter” by Azerbaijani Director Ismail Safarli.

Britain and Canada imposed sanctions against Lukashenka

The British foreign office has announced that sanctions have been imposed on President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, his son Viktor and members of the Belarusian government for human rights violations. In a statement, the British Foreign Ministry said that similar sanctions against these individuals were imposed by Canada. The sanctions include a ban on entry and freezing of their assets in the territories of these countries. The restrictions followed the political crisis in Belarus.

China’s pork reserves may run out completely within two to three months.

This was stated by Diana Choyleva, chief economist of the London-based consulting company Enodo Economics. According to her estimates, China’s meat reserves today amount to less than 100 thousand tons, which is about 0.2% of the country’s annual consumption. Against this background, the price of a kilogram of meat reached 47 yuan. This is about $6.9 or 532 rubles. Russian livestock breeders entered the fight for the Chinese market.

Turkmenistan remains the leader in natural gas supplies to China

The Republic increased gas supplies via the pipeline to 1.788 billion cubic meters or 78.3 million cubic meters per day. Turkmenistan ranks first in terms of pipeline gas exports to the people’s Republic of China. This is evidenced by data from the Chinese customs

A Dutch chip manufacturer has opened a factory in the United States

A factory for the production of chips based on gallium nitride (GaN) in the us state of Arizona was opened by Dutch NXP Semiconductors, the company’s press service reported on September 29. According to the company, the factory is the most advanced production of chips for 5G radio modules based on gallium nitride in the United States. The chips will be made on plates with a diameter of 150 mm. The factory should reach full capacity by the end of 2020.

Jaguar and Land Rover salons will be made from recycled garbage

Jaguar Land Rover in the new generation of its cars will start using nylon obtained after recycling plastic bottles and fishing nets. The automaker will use a special material called Econyl in the interior, which is made from plastic caught in the ocean and pieces of fabric that are recycled by the textile industry. Econyl will be used to create floor mats and some interior finishing elements. Now a special material is used for sewing bags and backpacks, as well as sportswear

In the British zoo parrots suspended from work

Almost extreme measures had to go to the staff of one of the British zoos in relation to two parrots. The birds were guilty of swearing and communicating obscenely with visitors.

US to adopt ground-based laser system

In the United States, tests of a mobile laser system ordered by the air force command and designed to detonate almost any ammunition and explosive devices found in the ground are being completed, C4ISRNET reports

VTB withdrew from the shareholders of channel One

Channel One’s shareholders are changing. VTB Bank, which received 20% of the broadcaster in the spring of 2019 from Roman Abramovich, got rid of its stake. Shares could return to Abramovich, RBC sources in the media market indicate

The controlling shareholder of channel One JSC is the state. Rosimushchestvo owns 38.1% of the broadcaster, another 9.1% belongs to FSUE ITAR-TASS, and 3% belongs to FSUE TV technical center Ostankino.

How many Russians transferred money through the Central Bank’s fast payment system

Less than 15% of Russians in the last six months made transfers through the fast payment system (SBP) launched by the Bank of Russia in 2019, according to a survey conducted by the NAFI analytical center (RBC has it)

More than a third of organizations have reduced employee salaries

The introduction of quarantine restrictions and self-isolation has hit the incomes of working Russians. A study conducted by OTKRITIE Bank showed that a third of Russian companies have reduced their employees ‘ salaries. According to experts, part of the earnings could go to the shadow zone

The state Duma refused to lift the moratorium on payments of Soviet deposits

The state Duma of Russia during the discussion in the first reading rejected the bill on payments on Soviet deposits in Sberbank, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. The total state debt on Soviet deposits in 2019 is estimated at almost 44 trillion rubles, the authors of the bill remind.

The state Duma approved tax deductions for Tatneft in the second reading

The state Duma in the second reading approved amendments to the bill on adjustment of the tax on additional income. They make it possible for Tatneft to receive a deduction for the mineral extraction tax in the amount of 36 billion rubles, TASS reports

Banks can independently withdraw money from the cards of Russians

Banking organizations have the right to withdraw funds from the client’s account only if the client has given their consent. The credit institution can withdraw money from the client’s account without notifying the client, if there is a corresponding court decision

Amount of overdue loans to Russians

In August 2020, the amount of overdue debt on loans issued to individuals increased by 51.5 billion rubles, or 5.4%, and for the first time since November 2016 exceeded 1 trillion rubles. This is evidenced by data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Gazprom got rid of the hotel in Krasnaya Polyana

Gazprom, which had been trying to sell its Peak Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana for three years, finally sold the facility for 1.3 billion rubles. The monopoly does not name the buyer, although, according to the company, 14 bidders took part in the auction.

Who owns the Samara metallurgical plant

The arbitration court of the Samara region has set a date for the hearing on the case of the owners of the Samara metallurgical plant. The process was initiated by the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia. According to the Agency, the company came under the control of companies of American investor Paul singer, namely — Elliott Associates, Elliott International Capital Advisors and Elliott International.

Contents of the mayor of Yekaterinburg

In 2018, after deputies appointed Alexander Vysokinsky mayor, he tried to raise the salary of himself and the administration staff, but after public outrage and a shout from the leaders of United Russia, the Duma refused to agree on his decision to sharply increase salaries in the administration.

Restaurants in Russia banned from including tips in the receipt

Starting from January 1, 2021, public catering establishments are not allowed to include additional payments, commissions or tips in the receipt, in addition to the cost of ordered dishes according to the menu. The relevant rules were approved by the Russian government.

The Russian authorities decided to turn unemployed Russians into businessmen

Unemployed Russians will be re-qualified as businessmen and taught how to run their own business. This follows from the passport of the Federal project “Involvement in entrepreneurship”. As a result, it is expected that by 2024, the former unemployed will open at least 1.2 thousand new businesses.

Belarusian basketball player Elena Levchenko was detained in Minsk

Belarusian basketball player Yelena Levchenko, winner of the bronze medal of the European championship, finalist of the women’s National basketball League (WNBA), was detained in Minsk. This was reported to TASS on Wednesday by the press Secretary of the Minsk police Department Natalia Ganusevich.

Levchenko was one of the first Belarusian athletes to advocate a repeat presidential election in the Republic. She signed a collective letter from athletes demanding that the country’s authorities stop violence against participants in unauthorized actions, and also participated in marches of opposition supporters.

Belarusian Agency TUT.WU was stripped of media status for three months

The Ministry of information of Belarus for three months deprived the publication of TUT.BY the status of the media, the press service of the Department reports. According to the Agency itself, the editorial office will continue to work as an online resource without the status of mass media. TUT.BY also recalled that it was registered as a media outlet only in January 2019, and since its Foundation in 2000, it has worked without registration.

Businesses will not survive the introduction of new restrictive measures

77 percent of Russian enterprises will not survive the introduction of new restrictive measures in connection with the second wave of coronavirus. This was announced live on the radio station “Echo of Moscow” by the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs under the President of the Russian Federation, Boris Titov.